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Oh Ship! My Ship! vol.1 : Lee Joon Hee + Sophia Jung | Star in My Heart / Wish Upon A Star

oshmsh0011“I’m sorry that you were asleep when I wrote these words down.”

For a while now, I’ve wanted to do a bi-weekly “column” where I would talk about my favorite ships- be it canon/didn’t work out/wishful thinking/etc (and actually after Sassy Go Go ended, I was ready to write about Ha Joon&Yeon Doo, but that will be probably next-next week) Someone asked me the other day, “who was that Sophia” in that picture I used in one of my Bubblegum recaps and I just couldn’t pass the opportunity to talk about one of my favorite couples from a classic drama: Star In My Heart. (I did a generic review about it a long time ago)

[these sort of posts will/might contain spoilers somewhere near the end part so proceed with caution if you don’t wanna know the whole outcome!]

this article was written originally by kipzizz for dramajjang.co 

Introduction : Joon Hee is a designer in a lead fashion house while Sophia is a fashion photographer. He is calm and quiet focused mostly on his work while she’s impulsive and hasty to leave one place and travel to the other.


[you can obviously see the similarities right? hint- they’re two!]

How they met : We are to assume they met in some fashion event, since their story is not taking place in the present, but rather through flashbacks. Very early (like in the first 10 mins of the show lol) we see Sophia abandoning him after giving him one last (betrayal) kiss before departing in her amazing car to leave behind his amazing villa.

Joon Hee keeps having flashbacks, throughout the course of the series, of their time together and we get to see how they were in love, drinking in picnics, or working out together or feeding the pigeons (my personal favorite!). So why would they break up huh? Hum, we are to assume that too but there is an explanation on the present narrative when they meet again.

[i still wonder where that intro scene of them in the picnic went! why did you cut it guys? picnics are the best!)

[i still wonder where that particular far away-shot intro scene of them in the picnic went! why did you cut it guys? picnics are the best!)

Why they meet again : Sophia travels to Korea because she has business there to write about the biggest fashion houses for the magazine she works to. She needs Joon Hee’s help who basically needs a tranquilizer after not having seen her for so long when she non-chalantly enters his office and basically trolls him. (seriously, their dialogue in his office, that’s some quality trolling she does!)

[poor guy, his face screams

[poor guy, his face screams “still in love” from miles away!]

Sophia invites Joon Hee in the hotel she’s staying to give her the info she needs to write her article (which he ends up writing in the end for her lol) and when she tries to sorta-seduce him, he’s so slow to get the clue (actually he’s petrified when she approaches him!) she ends up getting pissed-hurt and orders him to get out. And you have never seen a bigger pause before someone gets outta the door. Their intense staring at each other, before he enters the room and before he leaves the room are remarkable!

[the contest of who shall blink first!]

[the contest of who shall blink first!]

But seriously, those stares evoke all those feelings of hurt, fear, rejection, dejection, whatever feeling gives you the silent shivers, you name it, it’s in those stares. I adore this scene, along with the background music, the camera angles, the moody hotel lightning, everything about that scene is what I will always cherish in this couple.

After the inevitable happens a bit later [I mean those stares had to burst out into action at some point!] when Sophia goes a bit drunk to find Joon Hee (he’s drinking as well, they’re both syncronized in everything if you haven’t noticed yet!) in his own apartment, you’d think that they might have a fresh start or something but she calls him the following morning to tell him to forget what they did and not to call her again. (just dandy)

Joon Hee doesn’t back down when she doesn’t return his calls and he seems to know something is fishy and here comes the possible explanation of why they might have broken up before. Apparently Sophia has substance abuse issues and refuses any help when Joon Hee tries to help her.

[real life superman joon hee in action bringing milk and sushi!]

[real life superman joon hee in action bringing milk and sushi!]

Things get worse when he goes at his grandpa’s house and asks the permission to marry the woman he loves and she hears about it in the phone voicemail while she’s staying at his place trying to recuperate. That prompts her to blow up at his face and ask him why he’s so good to her- is it love or pity? (poor sushi got caught up in the explosion as well..)

[the only time they're not syncronized- where are your glasses Sophia?)

[the only time they’re not syncronized- where are your glasses Sophia?)

The following morning, Sophia packs her bags and leaves Joon Hee’s apartment (and the country) seconds after he arrives, along with a ring to propose to her.

He tries to track her down through her old number(s) but to no avail; in the end, Joon Hee is seen in the airport with a ticket heading possibly to Italy.

Aftermath Reflection ::

I’ve gotta say, even if it was a short-lived couple, even if it lasted no more than 3-4 episodes (combining their scenes together from the flashbacks and such) it has stayed with me and will continue to do so.

Even after all the time they spent anew together, trying to mend things, Sophia did what she has always done the best in the end; escape.

I think that scene when she listens to the voicemail, tells us how she doesn’t feel worthy of Joon Hee’s feelings since she abandoned him once but he keeps caring about her trying to help her through her alcohol and pills addiction. Her explosive scene declares all those feelings she kept bottled up and how she couldn’t stand it if it was pity that forced Joon Hee to come to her aid. (silly girl, his house is full of your pictures, sure it’s pity!)

It’s unfortunate that they didn’t work out, as it was clear she has feelings for him (not gonna point out the obvious about Joon Hee, the guy kept her memoirs all over his houses, both in Korea and Italy to touch them and reminiscing about the old times!) but I’d like to believe, from Joon Hee’s hopeful expression in the last scene we see him in the series, that they found each other and ended up happily ever after.

What I will always remember about them besides being two kind souls feeding pigeons every chance they got, is their instrumental theme; I mean, Star In My Heart had a main theme that was remixed 3-4 times, but that particular version that played in their scenes was my absolute favorite. Amazing, brilliant theme in general.

Whenever I hear that track, I will be thinking about a vehement gaze that took place a long, long time ago..in  a hotel far far away.


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  1. November 13, 2015 at 1:45 am — Reply

    Interesting! When I ship, I ship hard, so I always enjoys reading about how other people live their own ship and how it sails 😀

    • November 13, 2015 at 9:34 am — Reply

      Oh I agree; the (funny, trolling) notion of “shipping is serious business!!11” actually always turns up true for most people!
      I agree with you, you go down with your ship or you don’t get aboard in the first place! ; p

  2. Mohammed
    November 13, 2015 at 11:42 am — Reply

    The way your recap sounds about their relationship, history it sounds much different from the drama synopsis in dramawiki. So their thing was from the start of the drama to the end? Was the drama melodrama romance story it sounds like from the start to the end?

    I knew the male lead Cha in Pyo from many recent dramas as he plays good looking older guy these days like in D-Day, Endless Love etc

    Shame the actress who had many hit films, dramas and was loved killed herself because cyper-insulting that eventually lead to a new law called her name to prevent that kind of abuse.

    • November 13, 2015 at 12:33 pm — Reply

      Sophia isn’t the main character- she’s played by Choi Jin Shil (yes, it was really sad that she committed suicide because of those rumors, I can’t imagine the pressure that forced her to do that) who also plays the main heroine of the story- they’re supposed to look alike a lot.

      It is a romantic story, but there’s not really a love triangle as the plot suggests- one of the main male leads is in love with Yun Hee and the other (Joon Hee) is still in love with his old girlfriend (that’s Sophia) who looks like Yun Hee.

      And yep, Cha In Pyo has such a composured and calming presence; his role in this drama is one of my favorite ones. Apart from that, he’s obviously very handsome and well-built. Even right now, I’m sure he’s melting hearts all around the world!

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