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Bangkok traffic love story ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers one of the weekends I found some free time. I decided to watch the Thai movie “Bangkok Traffic Love Story”

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It’s a movie about a product promotion employee Li, who is 30 years old and still lives with her parents. She has no love life and is becoming lonelier as her friends one by one are getting married. One night after she gets back from her friend’s wedding, crying and feeling devastated she has an accident at a site where a team of engineers are having a break. She meets for the first time Lung, an engineer who only works at night and although it seems like someone, she would never see in her life again, it happens he reappears.

The story might seem, like a story that has been told before, but this one has its own charms. It worths being seen because it is realistic and tells the feelings of the main leads in a simply and understanding way. This movie is simple, cute, realistic that doesn’t lose the romantic sense.

spoilers alert

Things that I loved about this movie
Li’s and Pet’s friendship. I mean Pet even slept on the sofa in the first night of her weeding, because her drunk friend took her bed.

Li’s stalking side. She was so cute when she stalked Lung at the dvd store and at the train. I can totally see girls doing that in real life including my self. Maybe she took it too far when she adapt the film that caused the scandal in Lung’s life, but it was cute when he seemed understanding.

The director’s clever adaption of the soap opera story to the real story. It was so clever how things that were happening in real life, happened in the soap opera the grandma and mother where watching.

Li claiming her man from easy girl Plern (btw I loved Pattie as Kwan in Hormones and here she did it a totally different character she is a good actress)

Last but not least Li’s and Lung’s relationship they way they met and fell for each other.

How two people, that are lonely and alone can be a great couple, not only to feel the emptiness but because they love spending time with each other.

Even when Lung didn’t tell her, he was going overseas he then explained to her that it wasn’t in his plans to fall in love, that is why in the beginning he was the one to keep more distance but then he could not help it, but have feelings for Li.

And although there could be the story that we have seen before, where the girl follows the boyfriend or finds him in the airport at the last minute and stay together. Here there are two mature people who decide to part for the time being, because having a relationship from distance can’t be called a relationship.

And that is not the only problem Lung only works during night and Li during daytime if they can not meet how can they be lovers. That is why the time Lung is away Li starts working at a night job. Even when she knows he might not come back and not see him in her life. She wants to get in his place. A very mature move, that she took her time a distance to make.

The last scene is very meaningful because it shows love is not about fancy things but things like having someone to call when they electricity goes out. Of course you could call an engineer, but if that engineer happens to be your ex boyfriend that comes back and wants to be with you that’s even better.

The only thing about the movie that I didn’t love is that, it felt like we didn’t get to really know about Lung’s character but maybe that was because it was more concentrated in Li’s life.

Have you guys watched “Bangkok Traffic Love Story”?

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  1. November 17, 2015 at 12:47 am — Reply

    You took me a few years back with this movie, in the earliest steps of my drama journey. I think it was summer when I first watched this one and it is one of the very first asian movies I watched. It was the time I only watched movies that I found on youtube. I didn’t even know dramas existed at that point! Hahah.. Sorry for the rumbling.
    I remember really liking the movie. Had some funny moments and an intersting storyline.
    Side note I still believe that Cris Horwang, who played Li, is one the most beautiful actresses and that the name of the movie is still among my favourites for some reason! 🙂

    • November 18, 2015 at 9:24 pm — Reply

      Now it’s ok sweet memories like them are the best thing. I still remember my first drama and movies too. It was a nice movie with a typical storyline, but given very realistic and that was her beauty. Cris Horwang is very charming, I have only seen her in this movie but I was mesmerized by her looks.

      • November 18, 2015 at 10:17 pm — Reply

        Well yes it has a more typical storyline but it always matters how they choose to present things and situations. And as I you said the more realistic aspect of the story gave it, I think, its charm.. 🙂

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