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Sassy Go Go ~ Episode 12 Recap ~ END ~


“Please remember the time when we were hurting passionately at 18.
With you, i became we.
Therefore, i was encouraged.
Because of you, i got a chance to look at myself.
Therefore, i was able to grow up a little bit more.
We will continue to fall down at hurdles in life.
We’ll make mistakes and get hurt because we’re inexperienced.
We will also cry, but i will never forget.
Because we tried our best to be happy today.”


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung for Dramajjang.
The original Sassy Go Go recaps can be found only here.


Kim Yeol thought that Ha Joon was being a coward making excuses when it comes to his grades and kept believing that he left the cheerleading club because of Yeon Doo. Even if it was because of her, Ha Joon emphasized that he had witnessed Kim Yeol putting his life on the line for Yeon Doo who was the first girl to make his best friend feel that way. Ha Joon didn’t know what to do and Kim Yeol thought that he should have told him immediately, but Ha Joon knew that nothing would change since Kim Yeol would be unable to progress his feelings for her. Ha Joon urged Kim Yeol to mind his own business whatever the occasion may be and shortly after he exploded inside the classroom.

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Yeon Doo wanted to find out why Ha Joon quit the cheerleading club, but soon enough she noticed that his hand was wounded. Ha Joon urged her to stand still and stop following him around. Neither Ha Joon nor Kim Yeol could sleep that night.

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The next morning there was still awkwardness in the air and the moment Ha Joon left Yeon Doo reminded Kim Yeol that it was one of these lunch days, but Kim Yeol had different plans. He met Ha Joon inside the gym and sat by his side. He acknowledged that Ha Joon was right that he couldn’t stop with Yeon Doo at this point, but he can’t afford to lose Ha Joon either. Ha Joon intended to arrange everything on his own, but Kim Yeol couldn’t set aside Ha Joon’s feelings and wanted some time for both of them to think.

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His father called Ha Joon on the phone while he was witnessing the playful vibes of Yeon Doo and her friends and he informed him that he’s no longer a member of the cheerleading club, but he reminded him to keep his promise and not disband it. His father told him that things are bound to get more tense at Sevit High School and asked him to keep a low profile for a while.


Ha Joon’s father was informed on the latest events and the fact that the investigation will progress means that someone must face the consequences and definitely not them. The cheerleading club will be at the center of this maelstrom.

Soo Ah’s mother arrived at Sevit High School and she wasn’t pleased with the fact that Soo Ah was mopping the corridor instead of being inside the classroom, but Soo Ah reassured her that everything was flowing well both with her friends and her studies and asked her to refrain from visiting the school too often. She wants everything to be fine until she graduates, but her mother’s already there because of the forthcoming investigation.


Soo Ah’s mother reminded the headmistress that they are on the same boat and the headmistress informed her that she took care of all the evidence concerning the spec-boosting activities. However, the biggest evidence has to be the cheerleading club itself and Soo Ah’s mother had already made the first move by informing the Baek Ho club’s members’ mothers in order to form a common story that won’t betray their secret in an attempt to get benefited by the investigation itself.


Things didn’t flow as expected since the mothers kept their distance from Soo Ah’s mother and the headmistress and they put all the blame on them while pretending to be innocent along with their children.


The practice goes on and everyone’s happy while staring at the first place! Through Hyo Sik, everyone got informed that there was a ruckus around the cheerleading club all over the internet. Shortly after Da Mi informed them on the announcement which was declaring the official disbandment of the cheerleading club. It was because of the spec-boosting investigation and teacher Yang asked them to calm down for the time being until he finds out more information.

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Soo Ah called her mother who told her not to worry since she won’t go down so easily and that she will take care of everything.


Teacher Im was trying to help the headmistress pack her belongings, but he was actually glad that she was leaving since he will take over her office! That’s the moment she realized that he was the one who informed the Education Office! Teacher Yang and coach Nam arrived and demanded explanations on the cheerleading club’s disbandment but she started losing her mind because the cheerleading club was the one that ruined her! Even so, coach Nam asked her to act like a teacher for once and take responsibility for the students who practiced hard all this time and all of their efforts were lost in a blink of an eye. Teacher Im insisted that the headmistress can’t take responsibility now since she was fired and teacher Yang going out for some soju along with coach Nam felt like the only option at that point!

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He kept drinking and drinking, but the headmistress wasn’t the only one who got fired, coach Nam was fired too since her services were no longer needed. Teacher Yang was disheartened with the overall outcome, but there’s nothing coach Nam can do at this point. Teacher Yang was grateful towards her for the positive changes she kept nurturing among the students instead of points and specs. Even though they fought among themselves, their students also laughed and cried together, it was something that made teacher Yang feel so many emotions. Coach Nam insisted that the students worked on everything by themselves, but she’s worried about the forthcoming disappointment if they won’t find a way to partake in the competition.


Teacher Yang informed everyone that coach Nam won’t be with them anymore and Yeon Doo couldn’t accept this just a few days before the competition, but since it was a decision coming straight from the Education Office there was nothing they could do. Coach Nam urged everyone to forget all the difficult figures they learned from her, but they should keep remembering the happy times that were born while they were cheerleading. She will also keep the remembrance of all the beautiful moments she treasured with Sevit High School’s cheerleading club. She reminded them that cheerleading is all about encouraging people they’d like to see happy with all of their hearts and she urged everyone to encourage one another in the future. By the end of her speech the ambiance was emotionally fortified and teacher Yang along with the students followed her and all of them were thankful for everything.

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Ha Joon noticed the cheerleading club disbandment announcement and he became aware that the club members were devastated. He went to meet his father right away and he overheard his conversation on the phone which was pointing out that he was directly involved in the cheerleading club disbandment. He demanded further explanations since it was the only thing Ha Joon wanted to keep safe but his father informed him that things were bound to turn out this way since the very beginning. It’s not like Ha Joon trusted him, but he deeply believed that he would have been able to save the cheerleading club by simply quitting. Ha Joon emphasized on the fact that his father didn’t do it to protect his son, but to prevent his wrongdoings from coming to the surface. Once again, there was violence.

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Yeon Doo was wondering if being 18 was that hard for everyone and she wasn’t only referring to the cheerleading club, but also to their parents. Kim Yeol could only agree, especially since every time they pass an obstacle another one appears. Yeon Doo recalled Ha Joon’s words and thought that everything would be fine if she followed her heart. She thought that everything she wanted would turn out well if she did her best and that helping her friends whenever they were having a hard time everything would be fine if she did that with all of her heart, but she can’t find all of the answers to her questions. Kim Yeol was apologetic for being unable to offer her an answer at that point.

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Nothing can be done, but they don’t intend to step out of the competition. At this point the rich parents of the Baek Ho club members won’t be of any help since the Education Office was the one who disbanded the cheerleading club. Kim Yeol emphasized on the fact that if they take part in the competition it would look like they were guilty when it comes to spec-boosting and people will think that way even though the cheerleading club members were innocent. Yeon Doo stated that even though they didn’t start cheerleading because they wanted to, but in order to revive the Real King club, they eventually reached that point when they got to like cheerleading while having fun altogether. It was saddening that nobody asked them for their own opinion and she urged everyone to think a bit more before making a final decision.


Ha Joon was absent from school and teacher Yang urged everyone not to lose their main priorities in life even though the whole situation was chaotic at school right now. As for Ha Joon, his father informed teacher Yang that his son needed some rest for a few days. Ha Joon was locked inside his room and he simply couldn’t escape. His father took his cellphone and locked him inside the room until he finally sends him abroad. Once again, Kim Yeol went underneath his house but he didn’t receive the answer he wanted to and he went to meet Ha Joon’s father.

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Since he was worried, Ha Joon’s father reassured him that he was fine by now and urged him to go back to school. Kim Yeol was worried about Ha Joon being unable to partake in the cheerleading competition but his father informed him that Ha Joon had quit from the club who was disbanded and Kim Yeol found out that Ha Joon’s father was behind everything. After preparing his fist Kim Yeol urged Ha Joon’s father to stop hitting his son since he doesn’t have the right to do so and it’s not something that would ever resemble love.

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Soo Ah sat by Yeon Doo’s side and she was curious about why Yeon Doo didn’t try to convince the rest of the team to partake in the competition even though she wanted to so much. Soo Ah was missing the combative and passionate Yeon Doo she used to know. The problem right now was that Yeon Doo was afraid of seeing the rest of the team getting hurt since all of the cruelty deriving from society and the school environment would fall upon them. Soo Ah didn’t mind Yeon Doo taking her time to think, but she would never want her to give up.

 bscap1810bscap1806 bscap1812

We’re one day before the competition and Yeon Doo wanted anyone who’d like to follow her plan to meet her 30 minutes before the competition, but they would have to skip class and probably receive punishment from school later on. Yeon Doo’s point was that whoever didn’t want to partake the rest should respect their decision.


Kim Yeol informed her that even if one team member won’t come it will be difficult for them to go on stage and she was well aware of it, but this was the best decision she could make. Kim Yeol reassured her that he’ll make Ha Joon perform on stage!

bscap1825bscap1822bscap1823 bscap1826

Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo managed to escape from school and they were waiting for Ha Joon’s parents to leave. Yeon Doo pressed the emergency button and once the housemaid unlocked his door Ha Joon ran away with Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo! Of course, his father was informed of what happened and once Ha Joon noticed his father’s car he urged his friends to go on and he’d join them soon.

bscap1834 bscap1831bscap1830 bscap1836

The moment Yeon Doo found out that Ha Joon’s father was inside that car she wanted to help Ha Joon but Kim Yeol prevented her since it’s something Ha Joon has to resolve on his own. Even though he admires her passion in taking into consideration her friends’ problems as if they were her own he wants her to put her trust in Ha Joon for now.


Ha Joon informed him that he will partake in the competition along with his friends and the moment his father tried to hit him Ha Joon grabbed his hand and emphasized on the fact that he doesn’t intend to get hit anymore. He showed him the scars on his wrists which were the outcome of self-harm after he was getting hit by his father because Ha Joon really hated himself these moments since he was feeling useless. But he doesn’t intend to do so anymore and he wants to hold on to living with all of his strength against all odds. Ha Joon hated his father so much that he was hating himself as an act of revenge but he’s no longer an object that would receive his father’s anger. He doesn’t care about how violent his father may become at Ha Joon’s presence at the competition since he’s not afraid of him anymore.

 bscap1846bscap1845 bscap1849

Ha Joon, Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo arrived at the competition, but nobody else was there from their team. Even though Yeon Doo was disappointed she respected their decision, but soon enough all of them they arrived and the overall climate became playful! They were informed but their participation was cancelled by Sevit High School itself and no matter how hard they tried they couldn’t do anything until coach Nam arrived!

bscap1851bscap1854 bscap1858 bscap1856bscap1855

Even though she appeared bombastic as a member of the board of the cheerleading committee she ended pleading on her knees in order for the team to be able to compete and she was successful!


Ha Joon and Kim Yeol were practicing under Yeon Doo’s instructions and while the first was doing just fine the other one wasn’t that successful and the overall ambiance inside the room made Kim Yeol jealous anew!

bscap1864bscap1865 bscap1866

Last year’s champions were there and their figures were magnificent, causing fear and awe to the members of the cheerleading club! Yeon Doo encouraged them that they aren’t there only for the first place, but to have fun as well!


However, the moment they were about to start their performance everyone started talking about the spec-boosting scandal. Even so, our team joined hands and bowed in front of everyone! Teacher Yang shouted that no matter what others say they are the best and coach Nam followed his lead!

 bscap1874bscap1873bscap1875 bscap1878

Their performance was filled with beautiful dancing moves and cheerleading figures and maneuvers, they were strong even though they weren’t as professional as the previous team, but they had soul and they enjoyed these moments to the fullest! Their signs were declaring that they were cheering for who they were that day!

bscap1881 bscap1882bscap1884

“Please remember the time when we were hurting passionately at 18.


With you, i became we.


Therefore, i was encouraged.


Because of you, i got a chance to look at myself.


Therefore, i was able to grow up a little bit more.


We will continue to fall down at hurdles in life.


We’ll make mistakes and get hurt because we’re inexperienced.


We will also cry, but i will never forget.


Because we tried our best to be happy today.”


Back at school everyone was excited and Kim Yeol could praise himself and Ha Joon once again, but the truth was that they acquired the last position at the competition! Ha Joon was eating gummy bears and Yeon Doo joined him and she noticed that he had started eating the green ones too! He presented himself as the red bear who didn’t like Yeon Doo, the green one, for being loud and sticking her nose in others’ business, but she started getting closer and helped him treat his wounds. That was how he started having feelings for her. Ha Joon learned how to love even though it hurt and he wanted Yeon Doo to know that he was grateful.

bscap1899 bscap1906bscap1904 bscap1907

Kim Yeol laid back by Ha Joon’s side and even though they’ll get locked inside the gym Ha Joon’s not afraid of freezing to death since Kim Yeol’s will hug him and keep him warm!

bscap1908 bscap1694bscap1693

Ha Joon’s father would never hit his son again since a restraining order was filed against him for child abuse and he started receiving treatment at the hospital. Soo Ah’s mother was being investigated for her spec-boosting activities, but Soo Ah didn’t give up on her and was trying to cheer her up in any way she could! Teacher Im became the school’s headmaster but soon enough he lost his position!

bscap1911bscap1912 bscap1695

The Baek Ho club members remained the 5% of Sevit High School’s most privileged students and Real King club members remained at the bottom! However, they don’t fight anymore and they’ve become a great company altogether! Teacher Yang’s contract had been renewed and he pretended to have become stricter!

bscap1919bscap1914bscap1915 bscap1918

Dong Jae was back at the basketball team and Soo Ah was cheering for him and started taking Yeon Doo’s strawberry milk! Yeon Doo’s mother and Kim Yeol’s father have become a couple after Kim Yeol changed his mind. His father told him that growing old doesn’t mean that one matures as a person and he admitted that both himself and his ex-wife were immature when they were got a divorce. Back then, he wasn’t certain if he could raise Kim Yeol on his own and that’s why he hurt his son so much. It’s something he doesn’t want to do anymore.

bscap1921 bscap1924bscap1926bscap1923

Kim Yeol had found inside the car the wedding ring Yeon Doo’s mother had returned and inside the card was written how happy she was even though it didn’t last for long and that she respected his decision to give up marriage for Kim Yeol’s happiness and that she loved him.

bscap1928bscap1929 bscap1696

Kim Yeol was intending to change his family register to her mother’s in the US or at least find a way now that his father’s getting remarried! As for Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol, they are together in love and in case Kim Yeol cheats on her the faithful Ha Joon will be there for her!


~ Thoughts ~


I expressed my opinion in the 11th episode’s recap in the way Kim Yeol and Ha Joon were needlessly used during the end of the previous episode just to over-dramatize an already emotionally fortified scene. I am glad things got resolved quite fast between them even though Kim Yeol’s arch eruption was followed by Ha Joon’s very own explosive temperament which was inflicted upon the mirror and eventually his hand. Ha Joon urging Kim Yeol to mind his own business was simply a sign that he wanted to resolve everything on his own in order not to harm the people he loved the most, Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo.


Most and above all, he was trying not to appear between them, but to be with them and the way the writer used Kim Yeol wasn’t really needed especially when we’re talking about Kim Yeol who knows Ha Joon, a brother-like figure, like the palm of his hand. Witnessing Yeon Doo after the gym and classroom scenes the fact that he didn’t want her to be close to him in this fragile moment was highly representative of the internal struggle partaking in Ha Joon’s heart.


Gladly enough, Kim Yeol’s character was presented in the way he deserved after the recent events. He knew that he couldn’t stop progressing his own feelings for Yeon Doo while at the same time he would never want to lose Ha Joon. Taking into consideration Ha Joon’s feelings was essential for someone like Kim Yeol, but also showing him that things have calmed down deep within was of utter importance for Ha Joon’s turbulent world. Before Kim Yeol’s appearance inside the gym Ha Joon’s solitary and heartrending task was all over the place.


Soo Ah wanting to live her own school life without neglecting her studies but treasuring still her friends far away from her mother’s presence and actions at Sevit High School was a powerful presentation of the fact that she had understood the mistakes she would never want to repeat. It was a great progress in the way she had started seeing things as a lively adolescent driven by sincerity, emotion and proper sense of duty and not like a shameless adult trapped inside the body of a young girl.


Soo Ah’s mother’s defeat and the headmistress’ dethronement by their own pawns were followed by the cheerleading club’s disbandment no matter how hard Ha Joon tried to protect it behind the scenes with his own departure. Just a few days before the competition the boiling enthusiasm turned into the whole team’s devastation. The saddest part of the story for teacher Yang and coach Nam was the fact that they couldn’t do anything to change the flow of events to their students’ benefits, but they had set powerful foundations in their hearts and souls that would indirectly make them take the situation in their own hands since it was the only way out.


Even though teacher Yang left his own impact in his students’ lives, it was coach Nam’s appearance that started nurturing the changes within each one of them. If teacher Yang was the vehicle, coach Nam was the fuel and he was thankful for that. By challenging their personalities in her own way, especially through interaction, she elicited the emotional grandeur that was gradually being forged between them through tears and laughter; as a team. Even though coach Nam is highly expressive and passionate, she’s also humble and even though she helped the students become a team she acknowledged that it was their own will and efforts that led to the most welcome outcome.


Even when she had been fired she was still caring about her students just like teacher Yang did back in the days. She was still preparing them to forget about the competition in case they wouldn’t find a way to participate and she wanted them to keep all the beautiful moments alive in their minds and hearts. Just like it wasn’t all too painful, it was also blissful and what she wanted them to recall was the very soul and essence of cheerleading itself, something they should preserve in the future by encouraging one another.


Ha Joon revealing his father’s real intentions behind the disbandment was the first thin red line Ha Joon crossed, the second one would follow later on and it would be a definitive one. Succumbing to violence was the easy way out for his father and putting Ha Joon in a house arrest condition was sickening to the fullest.


Everything was becoming too bright and the cheerleading club disbandment hid the sun from the club members’ horizon. Being 18 suddenly became too hard to handle since obstacles kept appearing in front of them even though everything seemed to be flowing well. It was the first time Yeon Doo realized in a more palpable way that simply following her heart’s whispers and pouring her soul in everything she wanted to achieve wasn’t enough in a world filled with too much reality. In times like these Kim Yeol was always her insightful shelter, but this was the first time he couldn’t offer an answer that would put at ease her heartrending concerns. Being apologetic about it was yet another glimpse of his love towards her.


Starting cheerleading because they were forced to do so in order to save the Real King club and eventually loving it and becoming a proper team with the dream reaching the end before its completion was an irony of fate which traumatized the team as a whole. Kim Yeol could only rush to Ha Joon’s aid and once again his agony was all over his face while Ha Joon’s desperate craving for freedom was there two. Even though Kim Yeol was always by Ha Joon’s side, he deeply believed that if he wanted to free himself from his chains he should resolve things on his own, but meeting his father at that point was essential in order to deliver a message that what he was doing all this time wasn’t just a sickening family secret but also an abhorrent truth that should reach the end.


Yeon Doo’s concerns were deriving from her realizations after her conversation with Kim Yeol and the fact that Soo Ah approached her in such awry moments was yet another proof of the change within. While Soo Ah was missing the old Yeon Doo she strengthened her to make a decision after putting in line her flow of thoughts which were protective towards the other club members by setting aside her passionate side and putting her mind before her heart for everyone’s well-being. Leaving the final decision to everyone, a decision that would be equally respected regardless of the path everyone would choose, was powerful enough to strengthen the flames of the team.


After Ha Joon’s hilarious and vibrant escape from a place he never felt like home the confrontation with his father to put an end to his violent acts once and for all was of utter importance. Stopping the hand that was abusing his soul through physical violence required lots of strength; not physical. A father hurting his own son was being reflected through Ha Joon’s self-harming incantations to cleanse the hate he was feeling for himself. Friendship and love, but also the cheerleading team, made Ha Joon embrace life and himself eventually and in order to keep moving on he had to make things clear in front of his father without fear but with insuperable passion for life.

bscap1829 bscap1828bscap1827 bscap1833

The participation in the competition was against all odds and it was the outcome of everyone’s efforts from coach Nam’s registration of the team to teacher Yang’s encouragement in a hostile environment which the team turned into a celebration by cheering for themselves by themselves regardless of the outcome.

bscap1871 bscap1876bscap1877 bscap1880

Gummy bears never possessed so many feels before, they were the tiny emotional heroes of Ha Joon’s heartfelt confession and a proper closure to his one-sided feelings. Kim Yeol thought it was fun in the beginning, then he was overran by Yeon Doo’s very existence and he was gradually able to trust again. Ha Joon was being disturbed by Yeon Doo’s passionate loudness and selfless caring attitude, but it was that attitude that treated his wounds with love and eventually love blossomed. He could only be thankful for getting to know how it feels to be in love even though he was hurt in the process. The scene inside the gym with Ha Joon and Kim Yeol laughing their lungs out was the epitome of bromance!


I was ecstatic with the fact that Ha Joon’s father would never lay his hands on his son again, if i could i would fill the sky with fireworks like the ones on New Years Eve! I was also pleased with the fact that Soo Ah’s mother would undergo investigation for her corrupted world, but i was also glad that Soo Ah never gave up on her no matter how much her mother’s road map ruined her daughter’s life. I hope that the smile on Soo Ah’s mother’s face will pave the way towards motherhood at some point. The headmistress paid for her wrongdoings by losing her position. Despite being delirious as the headmaster, teacher Im’s blinders of success could only lead him to the end of the road sooner than soon!


The team remained a team, teacher Yang renewed his contract and coach Nam probably got her position again! Dong Jae found himself back in the basketball team and my most secret ship in Sassy Go Go will probably set sail in the future with Soo Ah by his side! Kim Yeol could finally see his father as a paternal figure and i could finally sense the vibes that he was becoming a proper father since he was the one to turn down the marriage option for his own son’s happiness.


However, the fact that the parents are together while their children are together as well was too idealist and felt like a parody even though it was supposed to seem open-minded. Kim Yeol’s intentions to change his family register under his mother’s name was probably pointing towards the direction that he was paving the way to get married to Yeon Doo in the future, but it was the aforementioned parody’s continuation to my eyes if that was the case. At the end of the day, i was really glad that the whole team remained together and that Yeon Doo, Kim Yeol and Ha Joon forged such tight bonds!


Sassy Go Go’s swansong managed to achieve the drama’s second best ratings to date, 4.2%. As for the whole ride, i enjoyed it, the feels were far too great to be neglected. My personal experience with Sassy Go Go began in a sea of greatness and for most of its episodes i was pleasantly swimming in its dreadful and highly emotional but also hilarious waters. Then it turned into some sort of a high school makjang torture device to end in a highly idealist crescendo which was kind of pleasing one way or another! I would never regret starting watching it in the first place, it would be a lie if i did. Truth be told, i never wanted it to turn into a drama filled with dance and excessive happiness and i am glad it chose its own dark pathways despite the fact that i didn’t like a few of its alleyways in between!


The cinematography was wonderful and was pacing perfectly well with the drama’s overall ambiance. Brighter whenever the atmosphere was vibrant and gloomier once the horizon was darkening, director Lee Eun Jin’s lenses were highly representative of the circumstances throughout the drama’s flow. All the necessary closeups that would intensify the characters’ internal world or happiness were there, but i loved the sense of distance between the characters and the way it was changing depending on the circumstances. The few but spot on manhwa stills were a humble part of the drama’s salt and pepper.


I can’t say i’m totally pleased with writer Yoon Soo Jung’s overall approach, but for the most part of the drama i enjoyed the writing flow. Sassy Go Go had an exemplary presentation in the way adults’ decisions and ambitions can suffocate an adolescent’s life and the impact it leaves upon others in the way each and every student interacts or drowns in silence with everything which derives from it. What i didn’t enjoy that much was the excessive ‘all bright and we are alright’ flow of events as we were gradually reaching the end and i don’t mean that the drama should have ended in utter depression, on the contrary! There were just a few times when noble idiocy revealed its face and there were times when fluffy idealism was exploding all over the place as if happiness was established on planet earth once and for all, but i am glad for some aspects of that idealism that made their appearance and delivered justice where i personally wanted to be reflected the most.


The strongest card of the drama has to be its acting; literally! Our main cast, but also the distinctive secondary figures, carried Sassy Go Go on their shoulders in the most representative way despite the low ratings and they never gave up. Jung Eun Ji was simply wonderful through Yeon Doo’s combative, passionate and caring nature, such cheering roles no matter how awry things may get suit her perfectly well since happiness is the synonym of her and her precious voice. The way she was depicting her character’s development while maneuvering amid a wide variety of emotions was breathing life to the fullest in Yeon Doo’s world in the middle of a battlefield between reality and dreams. However, i think that Jung Eun Ji’s character was being overshadowed a bit by other main characters even though she was supposed to be the drama’s central figure and it wasn’t her fault something like that happened because she poured heart and soul in her role.


Lee Won Geun was an eruptive apocalypse in his role as Kim Yeol. The way he brought to life Kim Yeol’s definitive points of view in combination with the character’s emotional progress and his unforgettable facial expressions were bound to make his role an unforgettable one. Both in terms of romance and bromance, but as an interacting figure with everyone, he was exceptional.


Even though Ha Joon wasn’t that present during Sassy Go Go‘s first half, the way the character progressed during its second half made us witness Ji Soo’s stellar acting for one more time. Ji Soo wore the drama’s crown and from an unsung hero became a king in his domain through his emotional explosions adorning his fragile core. If the main couple was Sassy Go Go‘s sun, Ji Soo was its blue moon leaving his unerring impact through his multifaceted character.


I was disappointed with myself i didn’t watch Bluebird House to the very end and i was craving for Chae Soo Bin’s acting in Sassy Go Go. She was astonishing in her presentation of a villainous yet shattered figure, Soo Ah. Her dangerous tranquility along with her vibrant anxiety and explosive outbursts, but also through the way she presented the other Soo Ah during the last episodes, were hints of a bright future.


I think that Cha Hak Yeon was interesting in his role as the tranquil yet traumatized Dong Jae and during the last episodes he was both hilarious and emotionally fortified. Two of the greatest surprises that were boosting Sassy Go Go to a wider extent had to be Lee Mi Do as coach Nam and Kim Ji Suk as teacher Yang, the first one with her highly humorous temperament but emotional projections whenever they were needed and the second one for the same reasons but leaning towards the second direction!


I wanted the production team to use Kang Min Ah more since she was exemplary in Seonam Girls’ High School Investigators, Ko Su Hee was frightening and sharper than a razor as Soo Ah’s mother, Kim Yeo Jin was exemplary as Yeon Doo’s mother, In Gyo Jin was laughter-evoking and nerve-shaking at the same time as teacher Im, Park Hae Mi did what she knows best as the headmistress and all of the rest secondary figures were evoking their own vibes through the actors and actresses behind them!


Sassy Go Go was bleak and hopeful, youthful and passionate, pleasing and captivating, but not unerring and sometimes nerve-shaking. It had the potential to be a great high school drama, but it ended up a pleasant and intriguing ride with its gloomy contours and soulful core.


“I’m cheering for who i am today.”


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung for Dramajjang.
The original Sassy Go Go recaps can be found only here.


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-Samuel Beckett-


  1. November 11, 2015 at 1:35 pm — Reply

    Ahh it’s over! Thanks for all the recaps, it was a really fun ride 🙂

  2. Clbn16
    November 11, 2015 at 4:36 pm — Reply

    Ohhh it’s over gonna miss it so hard it was so fresh and different, it was weird that I shipped yeon doo with all the 3 guys (unlike school 2015 in which I suffered a severe heartache) ohh my god iam gonna miss all of them……. 😂

  3. November 11, 2015 at 8:08 pm — Reply

    […] Episode 12 (finale)  Episode 11  Episode 10   Episode 09   Episode 08   Episode 07  Episode 06  Episode 05  Episode 04  Episode 03  Episode 02  Episode 01 […]

  4. November 12, 2015 at 12:59 pm — Reply

    Thank you so much for recapping the series! although i got super annoyed with the writer mid-stream, there was alot i really enjoyed about SGG too. In the end it was all that i enjoyed I will take away from it….and to be able to see JiSoo, Eunji & LGW was worth it. I also enjoyed the parent’s acting and it’s refreshing to see real parent roles as opposed to makjang overblown ones which is far more typical in kdrama, especially ones focusing on young leads.
    I watched episodes 10-12 slowly, but made it through. Loved the gummy bear scene as well and was pleased we got to see them perform.
    Really looking forward to the next work of those three! 🙂

  5. November 12, 2015 at 1:02 pm — Reply

    oops, got his initials backwards haha…LWG. loved him in wild chives but its going to take me some time to stop thinking of him as kim yeol 🙂

  6. November 17, 2015 at 2:42 am — Reply

    “Gummy bears never possessed so many feels before”. Speaking from my own experience, I beg to differ 😀 but that’s a long memory that shall not be shared.

    Back to the review, I honestly admire your ability to always see the glass half-full. You do voice out what didn’t work for you, but you do it in such a nice way that you almost manage to make me let go of the complaints I have about a drama. Almost. Too manythings didn’t work for me here, I can’t let go BUT I will spare you my usual essay.

    Things to remember: Jisoo has nice eyebrows. And my Teacher Nam/Teacher Yang ship sailed. That is all.

    • November 17, 2015 at 4:00 am — Reply

      Huehue, Sunny Lady Lady Sun has her own gummy bear memory, food memory again ^-^
      Thank you so much, i loved this drama, but not as much as i wanted to, it had all the great potential to be a daebak high school drama, but it was just good with all the things i loved and made it even better to my eyes. If you can’t keep in your mind that essay feel free to unveil it anytime XD
      Coach Nam and teacher Yang were awesome together, their scene at the competition where teacher Yang was cheering for them at the end and he caused an earthquake on coach Nam and when he noticed what he was doing and stopped was so hilarious XD

  7. November 17, 2015 at 2:04 pm — Reply

    “If you can’t keep in your mind that essay feel free to unveil it anytime” xD I would need to find motivation first. I’m recapping a daily French show for the next 2 months or so, so working on other reviews will be difficult.

    Jung Ah and Tae Bong were just so adorable and dedicated to the kids. The teacher figure i n Korean dramas always stands out to me because French shows have a complete different take on the teacher-student relationship. French culture really separates home space from school space. They never get entangled. Or at least not in high school. Maybe you can have this kind of friendly relationship when you’re doing your master degree or your ph.D… sometimes. But the way they do it in k-dramas? Neverrrrr.

    Question: where is Ha Dong Jae in the last drama image where they walk toward the camera?

  8. priya
    September 20, 2018 at 10:35 am — Reply

    if kang yoo and kim yeol’s parents get married, would’nt they become brother and sister?????

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