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“Doing what your heart tells you will give you peace.”


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung for Dramajjang.
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The members of the cheerleading club were wondering whether Soo Ah watched their videos or not since they didn’t have any news from her. In case she won’t be back it will be tough for them to partake in the competition without her as a flyer.


Soo Ah’s mother had taken care of everything and she was ready to send Soo Ah abroad. Soo Ah had decided to receive punishment for her actions even though her mother had a different opinion. She wanted to apologize for everything she did and her mother kept on trying to proceed with her own plan as if nothing happened in the recent past. Soo Ah emphasized on the fact that she reached that point after following her mother’s road map. It’s time for her to pave her own path in order to have no regrets in the future. She decided to enter the Ivy League by trying on her own without having to go abroad.

 bscap1644bscap1639 bscap1645

Yeon Doo noticed Soo Ah outside of the Baek Ho library and even though she was glad about it she formed a serious face and approached her! Since Soo Ah was hesitating to enter Yeon Doo took her suitcase and shortly after Soo Ah followed her!


Soo Ah informed everyone that their videos were of utter importance for her presence there and she was thankful. She was apologetic towards Kim Yeol and Dong Jae, but also to everyone for forcing them to partake in the cheerleading club in order for her to empower her specs. She apologized towards Yeon Doo who told her that hurting others in order to progress her own plans was pretty bad. Yeon Doo also mentioned that Soo Ah acted like a coward who made everyone worry about her and even though she decided to forgive her after keeping the club room clean for a whole month. Kim Yeol couldn’t forgive her easily either and he asked her to pack tons of snacks! The mood inside the club room became brighter and practice began anew!

bscap1674bscap1657bscap1658 bscap1673

Some students weren’t pleased with the fact that Soo Ah didn’t receive proper punishment and they had to leave once Yeon Doo arrived with Soo Ah who acknowledged that she should get punished. Yeon Doo informed her that she got around 248 punishment points! Soo Ah was thankful towards Yeon Doo because she never gave up on her and Yeon Doo acknowledged it even though she wanted to hit her at some point! Yeon Doo’s magic finger exploded on Soo Ah’s forehead and even though it hurt the overall ambiance was playful and Yeon Doo started chasing her around!

 bscap1686bscap1687 bscap1689

Soo Ah was sleeping like there was no tomorrow and Jae Young, Na Yeon and Yeon Doo were glad seeing her asleep like a proper human being after a very long time!


Kim Yeol was studying hard and Yeon Doo was trying even harden to catch his attention, but her attempts weren’t successful! She left after she placed a post-it sticker on his forehead asking him out for a movie after the exams and Kim Yeol was happy about it! Later on she witnessed him hanging out with Hyo Sik and she decided to help Ha Joon in cleaning up the classroom!

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She started talking to him about her late reply to Kim Yeol’s movie invitation and she was pretending that she was talking about one of her friends. Yeon Doo was worried because she hadn’t received an answer while she was afraid that she would look like one of these girls who get obsessed over a boy! Ha Joon said that he likes this type of girls and things became awkward both for Ha Joon and Yeon Doo who couldn’t really hide that she was talking about herself!


Kim Yeol asked Ha Joon to help him with his secret project! He didn’t invest in details, but Kim Yeol informed Ha Joon that he wanted to keep his promise to Yeon Doo who is the girl he likes and wants to date. Ha Joon tried to hide his own feelings and he couldn’t show his enthusiasm properly since he was hurting on the inside. On their way out they found Yeon Doo and it was Kim Yeol’s turn to strike back with a forehead post-it sticker asking her to watch a movie with him late at night!

bscap1722bscap1715bscap1716 bscap1723

Yeon Doo entered the room where everything was ready for them to watch a movie together! Yeon Doo decided to leave behind her renowned awkwardness and both of them were thankful towards one another while holding hands and her placing her head on his shoulder!


Ha Joon was left all alone in his own thoughts and he couldn’t stop staring at his picture with Yeon Doo while Kim Yeol’s words kept echoing in his mind. He decided to delete the picture, but he couldn’t do it.

 bscap1735bscap1734 bscap1737

The next morning everyone was happy packing their belongings except for Ha Joon who wasn’t in the brightest mood and urged everyone to leave first. Dong Jae invited Yeon Doo to eat hamburgers with him and Kim Yeol’s hilarious jealousy made its appearance anew!

bscap1740 bscap1741bscap1744

He was even jealous of them drinking strawberry milk together and Yeon Doo fought back by stating that he’s drinking banana milk! Dong Jae’s smiling face on the back was hilarious and things became even funnier once all of them sat together and Kim Yeol choked on his milk the moment Dong Jae made another proposal! Kim Yeol urged him to eat at home since his mother must have worked hard while cooking his food, but Dong Jae’s mother can’t cook! Yeon Doo was finding the overall ambiance amusing while Kim Yeol was overly jealous! Dong Jae asked Yeon Doo if he could eat her mother’s food and the jealousy vibes kept flowing!

bscap1748 bscap1747bscap1746  bscap1756bscap1751bscap1750

Ha Joon was concerned over his father’s violent attitude towards him when it comes to his grades and nighttime wasn’t flowing pleasantly, especially after he received a phone call from home.


Yeon Doo was under Kim Yeol and Dong Jae’s umbrellas and Kim Yeol was eagerly waiting for Dong Jae to leave them all alone! At the same time their parents were walking together as well and shortly after Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol bid Dong Jae farewell! After erupting a bit more, Kim Yeol grabbed Yeon Doo’s hand which was something he wanted to do all this time.

 bscap1765bscap1766 bscap1764 bscap1773bscap1772

Everything was flowing well until they crossed paths with their parents! All of them became aware of who is who and holding hands was no longer an option in the middle of this awkward rain!

bscap1777bscap1775bscap1778 bscap1779

Yeon Doo choked on water and she couldn’t digest what was revealed before her very eyes! Her mother tried to inform her that she was intending to say everything to her but she decided not to even though Yeon Doo demanded further information. Yeon Doo mentioned that they were holding hands and her mother kept trying to cover up everything, but she eventually said that they were seeing each other for a while without being too serious about it!


Kim Yeol’s father intended to say everything to him after the midterm exams, but Kim Yeol wondered why his opinion was so important to his father since he never took it into consideration. It’s something that kept going on after his parents got a divorce and Kim Yeol had to stay at his grandmother’s house for a while. Kim Yeol could only laugh the moment his father said that he was his first priority and urged his father to stop seeing Yeon Doo’s mother. Before leaving, Kim Yeol’s father wanted to know about his son’s relationship with Yeon Doo, but he never received an answer.


Even at the possibility of becoming siblings with Kim Yeol Yeon Doo found herself on the floor after imagining their renowned moments of crossing chopsticks while trying to eat and proceeding towards a near-kiss ramen experience that had to be disturbed!

bscap1793bscap1795 bscap1801 bscap1799bscap1798

Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo met at the laundry room and they didn’t inform their parents who also met and were worried about everything that happened! Even though they are in a relationship, Yeon Doo’s mother told her daughter that they aren’t and Kim Yeol informed Yeon Doo that he mother was lying. Kim Yeol wants to prevent them from proceeding any further since he doesn’t want himself and Yeon Doo to become siblings while their parents started wondering whether Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo are dating and to what extent! Both couples decided to form a plan with Kim Yeol and his father taking the lead while Yeon Doo and her mother were desperate!

bscap1803 bscap1806bscap1805bscap1804

Kim Yeol went to the dorms to find Ha Joon who was still there. He prefers being there since home was never a convenient environment for both of them and Kim Yeol informed Ha Joon that his father is dating Yeon Doo’s mother. In case they get married Kim Yeol will lose his mind since his love for Yeon Doo is limitless. Even though the news fell upon Ha Joon like a shock, the real shock stroke him the moment Kim Yeol was expressing his feelings for Yeon Doo.


On his way out Ha Joon found Yeon Doo who urged him to sit with her since her friend had another problem! Ha Joon pretended he didn’t know anything and he listened to Yeon Doo’s part of the story. Even though he acknowledged the hard time she may be going through, Ha Joon wondered why Yeon Doo keeps talking to him about things like that. The answer could be only one, she feels comfortable talking to him about her (friend’s) concerns. Ha Joon told Yeon Doo that her friend should simply follow her heart in order for her to find some peace of mind and she gladly received his advice! After she left Ha Joon could only refer to himself as a fool who can’t follow his heart’s voice while still urging others to do so.

bscap1818bscap1819 bscap1823

Kim Yeol met Yeon Doo’s mother and Yeon Doo went to see Kim Yeol’s father while both of them were expecting their own children! Kim Yeol brought her flowers and he entered the game in a bombastic way by saying that he’s properly meeting his girlfriend’s mother for the first time! Yeon Doo also informed Kim Yeol’s father that she’s Kim Yeol’s girlfriend and that his son got injured while trying to save her. Kim Yeol’s father couldn’t believe that right away but Yeon Doo informed him on the positive impact Kim Yeol left upon her in calming down and becoming more considerate of herself instead of thoughtlessly entering the flames of battle all the time. Kim Yeol informed Yeon Doo’s mother that he doesn’t only like her daughter because it’s fun being with her like it was in the beginning, he’s thankful towards her for trusting him under any circumstances. In her own way, Yeon Doo helps him in trusting others, step by step.

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Kim Yeol’s father was kind of shocked whereas Yeon Doo’s mother was glad that her daughter is dating properly! Even though Kim Yeol was concerned about the fact that her mother didn’t mention his father he doesn’t consider their parents’ marriage an option. Even though things turned out well for Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo she’s not at her finest.


Kim Yeol’s father informed Yeon Doo’s mother that her daughter was like her and he acknowledged that she opened Kim Yeol’s heart, something he couldn’t accomplish. As for what they should do, even though they were laughing at times the atmosphere was overburdened.


Spec-boosting has become an issue and Ha Joon’s father got advised that his son should leave the cheerleading club as a precautionary measure. It’s a move that would protect Ha Joon’s father’s reputation either way.


Teacher Im informed Ha Joon that his father was waiting for him at the parking lot and even though Kim Yeol wanted to go with him Ha Joon went all alone. His father wanted Ha Joon out of the cheerleading club at all costs. The moment Ha Joon told him that he intends to quit in two weeks after the competition is over his father tried to hit him but some passing students changed his mind. The scene continued at his father’s office where Ha Joon asked his father to let him remain in the club for two more weeks. His father hit him and forced him to lay down and continued his violent task.

bscap1855 bscap1857bscap1859 bscap1862

Coach Nam informed everyone that Ha Joon wouldn’t practice with them since he was with his father and Kim Yeol rushed to his aid. He went to his house but he wasn’t there. Kim Yeol tried to call him but he couldn’t reach him on the phone either.


Yeon Doo found Ha Joon at the stairs and she was shocked to find out that he was hit again. Ha Joon tried to keep his distance from her, but he was too hurt. Even though he urged her to leave and pretend she didn’t notice anything he ran after her to back-hug her after Yeon Doo told him not to be in pain anymore. He couldn’t hold back his tears as he was asking her to stay for a while as his pain couldn’t get soothed.

bscap1880bscap1872bscap1873 bscap1882

There was awkwardness in the air and Yeon Doo informed him that Kim Yeol was worried about him. Speak of the devil, there he is! Kim Yeol found the medicine Yeon Doo couldn’t find and Kim Yeol urged her to go to sleep while he’ll be taking care of Ha Joon’s wounds. Ha Joon was apologetic, but he didn’t invest in details.

bscap1891bscap1884bscap1885 bscap1890

Yeon Doo was forcing herself to believe that Ha Joon back-hugged because he was in pain whereas Kim Yeol had witnessed that scene and he couldn’t get it out of his mind.

bscap1894bscap1892bscap1893 bscap1895

Kim Yeol was praising himself for having been able to make Yeon Doo embrace the 195th place with his tutoring! Yeon Doo would never say no to his help again. In exchange, Kim Yeol wanted to eat lunch with her three days a week in order to help her! It’s a deal!


Coach Nam noticed that Ha Joon had trouble practicing but he reassured her that everything was fine. It was the headmistress’ turn to see Ha Joon in order for him to leave the cheerleading club since his father was insisting that it doesn’t have a good impact on his studies. If he won’t quit teacher Yang and coach Nam would find themselves in trouble. The headmistress informed teacher Im that an investigation will probably take place at Sevit High School concerning the spec-boosting activities. Ha Joon tried to enter the practice room but he recalled the power his father possesses and didn’t proceed.

bscap1907 bscap1915bscap1914 bscap1919

Ha Joon informed coach Nam that he intends to quit the cheerleading club and she was unable to convince him to do otherwise. Coach Nam informed everyone that the choreography and the positioning will change since Ha Joon had to quit because of an accident.

bscap1929bscap1923bscap1924 bscap1930

Ha Joon was all alone in the gym and Kim Yeol arrived and asked him the real reason why he quit the cheerleading club since he didn’t believe that he simply wanted to focus on studying. Kim Yeol asked him directly while shouting if he quit because of Yeon Doo.

bscap1940bscap1934bscap1936 bscap1939

~ Thoughts ~


Sassy Go Go’s penultimate episode managed to reach 3.4% in terms of ratings and things don’t seem to be changing even though it’s reaching the end. In one hand, it was an episode which was more insightful on a few details that were missing before the puzzle will reach completion on the 12th episode. On the other hand, it was giving me the impression that the writer intended to work on a full scale attack on everything that had been lurking in the shadows for a few episodes now but eventually made a few things feel forced, not rushed, just to complicate the overall ambiance bit more.


Even so, i enjoyed the 11th episode because it had its fair share of feels that were essential for a drama like Sassy Go Go and it was thanks to Eun Ji, Ji Soo and Lee Won Geun that kept constantly performing CPR every time something was feeling out of place. It was also fun and relieving sometimes, but it was nerve-shaking as well as it was facile on a few aspects that turned the drama for a while into a high school makjang torture device.


Soo Ah’s confrontation with her mother was of utter importance for the character’s progress, especially now that her mother was intending to send her abroad and continue her life as if nothing happened. Even though both Ko Su Hee and Chae Soo Bin did a good work in depicting their characters’ opposing worlds at the present and even though Soo Ah’s lines were highly representative of her internal changes the whole scene felt like a necessary evil that lacked the dynamics it should possess.


It could be the fact that Soo Ah’s mother’s lines were lacking the sparkle that would make it look like a mind-awakening moment up to an extent for such a ruthless person. However, i loved the fact that Soo Ah took into consideration teacher Yang’s words and walked the path backwards since her mother’s road map was leading her towards her own demise. It’s not her mother’s future that lies ahead, it’s her own and it should be adorned with artifacts she made on her own for herself without stepping on others.


Everything that began with Dong Jae by her side as a humble journey in which she learned how to cherish the simple joys of life while learning to say how thankful and apologetic she was, Soo Ah was able to stand in front of her classmates with Yeon Doo’s help. She admitted she was wrong and she apologized for a past drowning in multifaceted forms of violence. Even though the scene was an idealist one to the fullest it was pacing perfectly well with the strength through unity vibes of the drama as it was pointing out that the cheerleading club was finally working things out as a team without being Soo Ah’s spec-boosting circus.


Soo Ah didn’t receive the punishment she deserved, but the amount of punishment points she inherited from her actions was a brand new starting point for her. The crystal tower she had forged had collapsed and life had started spreading its wings in front of her. Setting aside her gruesome actions, Soo Ah was raised that way and she was forced to blindly follow her mother’s lead. The fact that Yeon Doo never gave up on her was of utter importance for Soo Ah and it was utterly representative of Yeon Doo’s character, teacher Yang’s approach and coach Nam’s attempts to forge a team united as a fist. Sometimes the realization of someone’s faults and the atoning process, especially at such a young age, is more important than the punishment itself even though it was a light one.


The most important part is that she put her life on the line for her actions and she sought and received forgiveness for everything she did. Like i said in the previous recap, all Soo Ah ever needed was love and understanding and after breaking the blinders her mother forced her to wear through this violent journey she could finally feel embraced. Had Soo Ah not changed i can’t even imagine what she would do in the near or far future and thirty years from now she could easily appear as a mother twice as atrocious as her own in a high school drama, School 2045 for example. Needless to say that i loved the scene where she was sleeping, she was lying on the bed like the most carefree maharajah! She had found some peace of mind and she could finally rest.


After the hospital kiss it was more than apparent that Yeon Doo had started leaving behind her awkwardness and she was gradually craving for more attention from Kim Yeol! It’s not like she didn’t have it, but her previous awkwardness and the fact that she had entered a brand new world in which she didn’t know how to react and what to expect made her even more eager to find out how things were progressing!


And that’s when Ha Joon became a part of the game! He’s not only Kim Yeol’s best friend, he was gradually becoming an essential friendly figure to Yeon Doo as well and the fact that he could see things from a man’s perspective would help her find some answers. Ha Joon pretended to have believed that Yeon Doo was talking about a friend of hers, but it was more than apparent that she was talking about herself while referring to Kim Yeol. Ha Joon liking girls that appear obsessive over the guy they like could be his most silent and indirect confession towards her while taking into consideration the overall love and friendship background of Sassy Go Go!


Ha Joon wasn’t only trying to keep his feelings hidden in front of Yeon Doo, he was struggling to appear enthusiastic in front of Kim Yeol the moment he openly unveiled his feelings for Yeon Doo. It was a grandiose internal collision that was brought to life through Ji Soo’s unerring interpretation finding himself in the middle of a chasm, somewhere between friendship and love while his own problems hadn’t only surrendered, they were bound to reach another climax in the near future. Being unable to delete his picture with Yeon Doo was highly representative of the fact that love isn’t something one can easily erase as if nothing ever sparkled like an eloquent flame.


After the beauteous movie scene where Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol were together alone with time standing still just for the two of them Kim Yeol’s jealousy started reaching higher peaks the next day! Cha Hak Yeon’s presence as Dong Jae was hilarious and he had an answer for every Kim Yeol’s attempt to be alone with Yeon Doo! Cha Hak Yeon’s natural calmness and Lee Won Geun’s camouflaged explosions were laughter evoking! Strawberry milk and umbrellas were never so threatening before!


I can’t possibly tell what the writer tries to accomplish with Yeon Doo’s mother and Kim Yeol’s father, but one thing is for certain; like mother like daughter and like father like son! These vibes were all over the place in the back to back presentations of both couples and in a manner of speaking, it was hilarious! While talking to her daughter, Yeon Doo’s mother was depicting the awkwardness we have witnessed in Yeon Doo! Just like Kim Yeol’s father can’t lessen the distance between himself and his son, Kim Yeol was bitter towards his father and distant.


Everything he went through in the past because of his parents’ absence was coming to the surface and the fact that his opinion was suddenly of utter importance could only be depicted through a bitter smile. Throughout the drama i never really felt that Kim Yeol had become his father’s first priority even though he said so. However, at this point he appeared as if he was taking into consideration his son’s words.


The near-kiss ramen experience and the chopstick wars were hilarious and were declaring the whatever aesthetic had Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo become siblings! I can’t be certain on whether Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo’s love will last “forever” or not, but i want them to be together by the end of the drama and that’s a personal axiom. I can’t say that i liked Kim Yeol meeting Yeon Doo’s mother and Yeon Doo meeting Kim Yeol’s father, both scenes felt like parallel marriage proposals of both youngsters asking for permission to get married to their loved ones! However, it was a grand declaration of love against all odds and even though life lies ahead of Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol they want to cherish their feelings at the present. One could accuse them of selfishness, but love can be a very selfish feeling sometimes and a love before the sunset of adolescence is precious.


Despite the fact that i didn’t quite enjoy these scenes, i loved their meaning. Kim Yeol’s father became aware of what kind of person Kim Yeol became and not only to the extent of how much he has progressed throughout the years, but also to the point of how positively he influenced Yeon Doo’s life. Kim Yeol is the voice of logic in Yeon Doo’s emotionally fortified and combative nature. Yeon Doo’s mother never failed to amaze me and once again she put her daughter’s happiness above herself and she became aware of the way their feelings keep blooming. Yeon Doo is the chord of emotion that makes Kim Yeol’s world gradually pound with trust.


However, I can’t hide the fact that Yeon Doo being thoughtful after everything was over frightened me a bit since not everything was truly over yet. I have to admit though that i felt sympathy towards their parents for the emotional sacrifice they have to make for their children to be happy and their shattered laughter was evoking pain and uncertainty.


The scene at the dorms before Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo met one another’s parents was emotionally fortified. They say that there’s no place like home, but home was never where the heart was for Ha Joon and Kim Yeol. That’s the reason why Ha Joon stayed there instead of leaving like the others did and that’s why Kim Yeol returned after his first confrontation with his father. Even though Ha Joon was truly shocked the moment he found out what was going on between their parents the real pain started emerging once Kim Yeol started breaking apart in front of him while depicting his feelings for Yeon Doo.


In addition, he was there for Yeon Doo as well and he had to pretend anew in his very own twofold way. He had to make her believe that he was listening to her friend’s problem and he had to bury his feelings once again. There are people who can be good listeners and offer proper advice and that’s what Ha Joon did by urging Yeon Doo to follow her heart’s whispers in order for her to find some peace of mind and not to be at war with herself. It’s something Ha Joon can’t do for himself as he always drowns everything his heart has to say given the circumstances.

bscap1820bscap1821 bscap1822

I was trying to avoid these signals, but they were becoming more intense with every passing episode and they reached a climax during the 11th one. If the drama wanted to depict a martyr of love and a tortured figure who deserves the world but gets nothing in return it managed to achieve it. Ha Joon is yet another Kong Tae Gwang (School 2015) in such a short period of time and it’s too much for me to handle, but with his own characteristics thanks to Ji Soo’s distinctive and exemplary acting. He wasn’t only physically abused by his father for one more time, he was also trying to keep his distance from Yeon Doo, but he broke apart as he was desperately craving for love in one of his many darkest hours. Back-hugging her and pleading her to stand still for a while as the pain was overrunning both body and soul was devastating.


On top of that, Kim Yeol had witnessed the back-hug but he kept it a secret while taking care of Ha Joon’s wounds who keep bleeding since he has to step aside from the cheerleading club for coach Nam and teacher Yang’s well-being if he doesn’t want to put the whole team in danger as well. He put everyone else above himself because he’s well aware of his father’s connections and if he’s merciless towards his own son he could imagine what he could do to others who are easily replaceable in the world he lives in. And i am pretty certain his father hit him that way inside his office in order to make him incapable of partaking in the competition.


The writer simply shouldn’t have played the jealousy card in Sassy Go Go, not between this friendship. Kim Yeol’s jealousy was growing in numbers as episodes were passing by, but this wouldn’t justify his explosion in front of such a heart-wrenched friend. Neither Kim Yeol needed these lines as a figure nor Ha Joon deserved this outburst while everything was breaking apart on the inside as he was trying to save everything that could be saved. Kim Yeol knew everything that Ha Joon was going through and he could easily imagine that Ha Joon’s father was behind his departure from the cheerleading club. This type of noble idiocy just to over-dramatize an already overburdened scene to a wider extent was not welcome, not at all, but it made me curious on how things will progress during the last episode.


Judging from the preview, teacher Im has fallen in love with the headmistress’ chair and he’s probably looking forward to the forthcoming investigation in order to use it accordingly! Soo Ah’s mother is still concerned about the spec-boosting activities and even though the headmistress thinks she took care of all the evidence the most apparent of all is still there and it’s no other than the cheerleading club!


Kim Yeol will meet Ha Joon’s father in order to ask him to stop abusing his own son and the fact that his fist is getting ready will probably make things a bit more tense since logic and emotion don’t appear to be a part of Ha Joon’s father’s world. The army of parents may have lost Soo Ah’s mother, the queen on the chessboard, but the king is still around and he’s no other than Ha Joon’s father!  I am curious about Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol’s plan and what will be the outcome of Ha Joon’s explosion. The cheerleading club may be dissolved, but this doesn’t mean that our team will give up! 12th episode, please, be a great one!


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung for Dramajjang.
The original Sassy Go Go recaps can be found only here.


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    Couldn’t agree more with your assessment of the writers’ decision to burden Ha Joon with an attack/lack of understanding from Yeol at such a critical time. It smacks of poor writing, a device to ratchet up a situation already more than devastating to watch and, really, a deviation from the kind of person Yeol is and has been throughout this drama. It cheapens the entire production when they use cliche scenes like this for the soul purpose of manipulating the audience’s emotions and, frankly, really pisses me off! I’ve not been overly happy with the entire tone of the drama these last couple episodes. It’s been uncomfortably saccharine, most especially the video scenario which made me cringe while watching. I expected something a bit more….mature? from this drama. That looked straight out of Disney. The situation with Ha Joon also has me angry. This has been going on for how many years now? What kind of friend, especially one as confident as Yeol is, allows this to continue? There are ways he could have handled this. Even if he is still a child, there is more than one adult in his life he could have turned to. even his father, if only for his friend’s sake. Even if it meant recording while that monster hit his son and sending a copy of the video to him as a warning…do this again and it will be posted publicly. Yeol is brave enough and strong enough…he would have done something. That they are letting this situation continue throughout the drama is frustrating. It is too big of an issue to wrap up in 10 minutes at the end of the show. And I better not see that dad begging his son’s forgiveness nor receiving it, or this show will go down as an enormous disappointment.

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