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Riders : Catch Tomorrow Episode#1 First Glance/Review (aka The Search for Something More]


The story follows three childhood friends, Cha Ki Joon (Kim Dong Wook), Kang Yoon Jae (Choi Min Sung), Kim Joon Wook (Yoon Jong Hoon) who decide to start a rickshaw business. Yoon So Dam (Lee Chung Ah), who recently resigned from her part time job and Go Tae Ra (Choi Yeo Jin) a former cycling athele will join them in this unusual endeavor.

What initially drawn my attention to this drama, was the rickshaw part. It’s not everyday you hear that word and it’s not often that you see a rickshaw in the streets anymore. So that uncommon concept mixed with a “let’s do something on our own instead of become unhappy with our lives the way they are now!” sealed the deal for me. And I’m so glad the first episode was better than I expected.


The premiere focused on the dissatisfaction the main characters feel with their lives, each one on different levels.


Ki Joon works in a company he dislikes, constantly worrying that he’s gonna become just another brick in the company wall. His mother is smothering him with her “affection” giving him no room to breathe.


Joon Wook, works a part time job at small restaurant trying to make ends meet and save the debt his house is in, since his parents died when he was a teen. He applies to the company Ki Joon works for, in hopes that will give him a steady salary so he can salvage his home.


Yoon Jae is a dog caretaker, that is usually fired by the dog owners because of his temper concerning the dogs when they don’t listen to him.


So Dam works at a cafe where her boss is constantly annoyed with her and she ends up resigning wondering what’s next for her.


Tae Ra is a national cycling athlete- she is apparently investigated for a drug test.

Ups and downs occur in each one’s life and “chosen” profession that will soon lead to the establishment of the rickshaw business that will involve everyone.


I loved the vibrant colors and the locations picked for the outdoors scenes especially- it gave off a lively feeling. The intro scene made me wanna ride my own bike. (..if it wasn’t broke and I wasn’t such a lazy bum I probably would!) The image effects were also nice to see. (Joon Wook’s head picture when he was calculating the costs of his upcoming marriage was hilarious)


The music was great, with a couple old songs used to highlight the current situations and carefully picked to give a nostalgia echo. The scene where Ki Joon recounts his birth and the song lyrics surrounding that, was really clever and to the point. Can we really become everything we want, and what happens if we don’t? Do we take a chance to do something unusual but self fulfilling and go the hard way or we settle in a mundane yet easy, regular route?


If the first episode was indicative of what will follow, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride but there has to be a reward in the end. I mean, only good things come out if you take a chance to do something that you want, along with a little help of your friends, right?

I’m looking forward to see the journey of the five “Riders”, and what they will discover along the way. The first episode definitely won me over and I can only wait for the next ones to come!


I’m probably gonna recap it, if I have the time; in all likehood I think I will.


Onwards to episode 2!

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  1. bmore
    November 9, 2015 at 5:59 pm — Reply

    I put this in my Q just because of the rickshaw reference also! I’m going to wait though until I finish off a couple of my currently watching dramas and so there are at least 4-6 episodes up…continuity helps so much when one is old and senile….(where the heck are my glasses…both pair on top of my head!!!) ugh

    So I will check in and join up later. Even if you don’t recap, I love the impressions/insights. So if you don’t have time, I,for one, am content with just that much.

    • November 9, 2015 at 6:12 pm — Reply

      Hahaha, age has nothing to do with forgetfulness, heck I can’t remember what I ate yesterday since my head is full at the moment!

      Thank you for the kind words, and yep if you find the time after having finished your on going ones, do watch it! First episode was great, hopefully the rest continue like this. : )

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