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Siren Episode #3 Recap [aka I’ve Got You to Make me Feel Stronger]

popocouple0401“when the nights are long they’ll be easier together.”

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siren03001Satomi decides to follow around Tsukimoto as he thinks he is the mastermind behind everything. He sees him enter in a place with tight security.

siren03002Yuki is letting off some steam wrestling with Chitose and thinking to herself she has to get stronger. Kara heading to her work recounts the slasher incident and thinks how she wants the sense of justice that Yuki is equipped with.

siren03003In the police station, Chibideka overhears the Chief proposing Yuki and Satomi to enter the First Division. He then gives Satomi an expensive watch, that Satomi asked him to, so he “can look more elegant.”  Chibideka questions him what was he doing in his day off being close to Tsukimoto clinic but before Satomi replies Chitose takes him in the conference room to discuss “about that matter.”

Chitose tells Satomi what he found out about the place he asked her to- apparently they have been marking it too. A private club, Full Moon, that is only for VIPs and might be a prostitute club. Satomi asks her to get him inside as a VIP to investigate further and tells Chitose not to tell Yuki. (he also has to pay her dinner for that favor) Chibideka has bugged the watch Satomi is wearing and he is listening to the whole conversation.

siren03004Back in his apartment Satomi is looking at the receipt and how expensive the outfit he had to buy himself was, since he’s going undercover solo in the private club mission; he looks at his board and he’s trying to reconnect the dots in his mind concerning Tsukimoto, Kara and the dead girls. He hides the board as soon as he hears the door bell. It’s Yuki who says she was nearby jogging and Satomi says he will join her.

siren03005Yuki says it’s unusual to be jogging together but Satomi replies that he has to work out once in a while too. She apologizes to him about the other day- Satomi says he’s sorry as well and he only tried to cheer her up but didn’t find the right words. He’s only worried for her and Yuki understands that. They officially reconcile when she’s positive after he asks her to spend the night together.

siren03006The following morning, Satomi enters the club, having been rec’d by Chitose’s informant. He orders randomly and ends up with two girls, when he thought that he had merely picked a double room.siren03007

In the gym, Yuki and Kara are playing squash racquets and Yuki loses again. After the game, she tells Kara she needs to apologize to her about the slash incident as her lack of understanding the situation led to her being nearly stabbed. Kara tells her she appreciates her sense of justice and if she feels like making up she can treat her to a meal. Yuki seeing her understanding like that thinks to herself that Satomi was probably wrong about her, while Kara has her own thoughts of trying “Yuki’s justice” upon a criminal.

siren03008In the club, Satomi is having trouble finding out anything with the girls being all over him, trying to resist them at the same time- Chibideka is listening to everything that’s happening.

Satomi has to send one of the girls away, supposedly to buy him taiyaki, and then after a while the other girl accidentally reveals that there are young ones in the club too and Tsukimoto is the owner both of the clinic and the club.

siren03009He returns home after having find out what he thinks will be the basis to open up a proper investigation case. Yuki asks him where he was and he says he was at the theater and that’s why he hung up the phone to her. He quickly gets to his room to hide the clothing, but not before Yuki pick up the perfume smell from the girls.

siren030010In the police station, Satomi is looking for Chitose to give her what he found out but she’s not there at the moment and he has to leave with Yuki to return some files to Tsukimoto. Chibideka says he will give the file to her when he will see her later, and Satomi gives him his report along with the watch Chibideka let him borrow from him.

In Tsukimoto clinic, Satomi asks persistently Tsukimoto about where he was the night  that both of the girls that were treated to his clinic commited suicide and Tsukimoto is bothered when he realizes he’s trying to accuse him of something. Yuki asks Satomi why he came strong to Tsukimoto and Satomi tells her he thinks that he has definitely to do something with that happened and he’s pretty sure he saw him in the karaoke that night. Yuki argues he can’t just accuse him like that without proof.

In the meantime, Kara has been monitoring their moves, and knows they have been in Tsukimoto’s clinic.

siren030011She later goes there herself and  brings a young girl to the clinic, who wants to be under Tsukimoto’s care; the girl tells Tsukimoto she heard he doesn’t need permission from parents to perform a surgery.

Tsukimoto is satisfied with yet another young girl, as they’re the cure to his immense desolation and loneliness. He has to keep doing that, there’s no other way as he says. Kara says she understands that feeling and Tsukimoto enraged tells her that can’t happen. He then goes into a monologue of what true beauty is and the answer is the simplest of all- it’s simply youth. “The world is too filthy for a chosen one like me” he declares something that clicks with Kara.

siren030012Chitose tells Satomi that his report was sufficient in opening up a proper investigation as they can’t dismiss this club’s doings anymore. She tells him he’s in as well, and should work well together. Satomi thinks he can kill two birds with one stone, as he can look both into the club and the clinic and Tsukimoto’s connection with Kara.

Yuki later tells Satomi she was requested to join the investigation too, as there will be easier with another woman in there. Satomi is startled and asks her if she heard about any more details and she tells him that she didn’t really. Satomi is relieved but Yuki seems to suspects something is up.

siren030013Chibideka shows the Chief a CCTV footage of, apparently a higher up in the HeadQuarters, that “forces” him to withdraw the operation.

siren030014Satomi demands to know why the operation was dropped and the Chief explains him that if details were to get out, it would derail the image of the Police. He also thanks Chibideka for preventing like this to happen. Satomi is frustrated that he missed his chance and Yuki suspects that someone must have interfered in the way.

siren030015Kara visits Tsukimoto in his hidden room, where another one of the girls he taks advantage of has left, and ties him up. Tsukimoto wonders if this is a game, but quickly realizes that Kara is serious.


He tries to reason with her that they have known each other for a long time (it’s revealed that Kara witnessed him killing one woman in the past and since then they’ve formed their partnership, him giving her free surgeries and she bringing young women there) but Kara is not having it. She kills him with a syringe but realizes it the girl who brought earlier had witnessed it.

siren030017She calmly makes her way to get rid of her as well. The girl pleads to her to spare her but Kara ruthlessy injects her too. She then proceeds to remove her files from the clinic and after she leaves she thinks to herself that she doesn’t feel any thrill at all despite having punished Tsukimoto and killed another.

siren030018The following morning the Mobile Investigation Unit is called upon the clinic; on the way to the stairs Satomi recalls that familiar scent but his thought is interrupted when Yuki calls him onto the hidden room where the girl Kara killed, is found on the bed.

siren030019Tsukimoto is nowhere to be found and is the first suspect of the girl’s “murder”; the police suspects he fled the scene. Satomi tells the Chief how Nohana had visited the clinic and the Chief says it is indeed bizarre how everything is connected. Satomi can’t find Kara’s record in the files.

siren030020Yuki rushes to where Satomi is and tells him that the girl is still alive afterall. They both get in the car to drive to the hospital while Kara is burning her files, ridding of anything that connects her to Tsukimoto.

Reflection corner :

First of all- Satomi why you lyyyying, why you always lyyyying. (okay okay, he’s not always lying and he actually does it out of love but he’s still lying lol. Come next epi Yuki will be thinking that he’s cheating on her with his escapades smelling of perfume!)

Clean and simple, he should tell Yuki the truth; it’s only gonna be trouble for him when she finds out and she will be pissed and very much rightfully so. The fact his intuition is right doesn’t exempt him from the crap he’s gonna get from her a) because  she’s supposed to trust her b) he’s endangering himself all alone. I will be surprised if Yuki finds out and let him off the hook like that.  Satomi trust your girl dude,  even if she’s besties with Kara don’t be going behind her back doing stuff like this and don’t be going only for night “work out” sessions with her. [he’s smooth though, inviting her to spend the night together at the exact best time!) That was a nice scene though, PoPo couple is strong together and I liked how Yuki went to find him on her own and Satomi pretended he wanted to run a bit (Yuki picked that up, that’s how you soften a woman’s heart Satomi, solid!) so they could spend time together and patch things up; I like that subtle understanding and calmness that surrounds them.


Ugh, Satomi why would you jeopardize that amigo? I get that he wants to protect Yuki and the way Yuki is now she probably will dismiss his suspicions, but still. Crap, I don’t want a sad ending for those two. Anyways, let’s enjoy the calm before the storm. PoPo couple at its best! (hopefully the PoPo bliss will last long!)


Kara, darn, there’s cold ice running through her veins instead of blood. When she realized she was being watched after she killed Tsukimoto, she just went about on her killing business like she exterminated a cockroach or something. The slow way she was walking reminded me of Halloween’s Michael Myers way, the one that oozes of “Well, you ain’t getting away once you’re in my lawn.”

So her goal for killing Tsukimoto was to experience the feeling of justice that is embedded on Yuki’s system except she couldn’t quite feel it because she hasn’t properly adapt into Yuki’s persona. Is that it, or there is more to her deranged ways? What is this perfection she strives for?


Tsukimoto turned out to be a pedophile, a pimp and a murderer. I didn’t expect that his “reason for living” as he mentioned last episode would be that. Kara’s extraction of justice, if she wasn’t a cold blooded murderer herself, would be poetic if her first victim was a disgusting being like Tsukimoto was. But why did she choose to kill him at this point and where did she dispose his body?  Ah, Kara’s motives leave me dumbfounded, she’s painted as a very intriguing riddle but we need answers soon!

Next episode seems like Kara will try to get rid of the girl in the hospital and that designer she’s staying with, but she’s caught by surprise when he seems to suspect her or something.

Most interesting part of the preview : (come on admit it, we all watch for the PoPo couple deep down inside lol, no jk jk..no I’m not! : p  )


I mean we all know the most interesting part was this :


Blonde Satomi ftw!

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  1. Mohammed
    November 7, 2015 at 2:56 pm — Reply

    Im actually with Satomi on this, he must lie to protect the woman he plans to marry.

    Yuki shows a big flaw in not supsecting Kara at all. She thinks Satomi is wrong about her because she doesnt have other female friend, Kara is good with sqaush? She buys everything she hears from Kara. She will be crushed, chocked into better cop when learns she was toyed with by a killer…..

    She also told Satomi she needs More than theory.

    • November 7, 2015 at 3:07 pm — Reply

      I understand why he is lying, I just don’t agree with it- I believe it would be far better to sit her down and explain his reasoning rather than go behind her back and hide things from her.
      If Yuki dismissed all his reasoning and all that, then I could agree with him being secretive; his saving grace is that he’s actually right, but still it bothers me a bit because I know there will be a friction when she finds out.

      • Mohammed
        November 8, 2015 at 3:20 pm — Reply

        Yeah it is not good that it will read to friction but when he has only his instincts, his half done proof, theories he doesnt have enough to convince her yet. I think he can live with fighting with her, her becoming angry for him lying to protect but i can understand why he is doing something not good to save her life in the end. If she gets killed as a victim by Kara and he didnt do anything he cant ever get her back. Friction is nothing compared to that.

        Looks in the preview that Kara is getting between them to separate them and make Yuki easier to pick off. I heard her saying the Japanese words for him stalking Kara because he likes in the longer season preview. Yuki getting jealous seems silly but she has confidence issues to be used against her.

        • November 8, 2015 at 3:40 pm — Reply

          I guess I would have preferred Satomi explaining exactly, even his half theories to Yuki, rather than going behind her back, and let her hang around with Kara when he’s already suspicious about her. I mean, he suspects Kara is onto something, but he lets Yuki hang around her while he does secretly stuff to expose Kara?
          You ask me, they’re both at fault a bit- Yuki for not questioning how Kara is always around her cases and Satomi for doing things in the dark and lying to her.

  2. aiko
    November 10, 2015 at 5:24 pm — Reply

    Kara is so cunning and very scary .i think she has some psychiatric problems lol.i hope Yuki will start to suspect something soon. Not just blindly trusting her. And Hayami is getting on my nerve really.hes so annoying haha.

    • November 10, 2015 at 5:46 pm — Reply

      Well, she is a cold blooded murderer so there’s that!
      Chibideka is a tool, he gets on my nerves too. I hope he fails to get into the First Division and Yuki&Satomi laugh at his face for that.

  3. Liera
    November 12, 2015 at 1:25 am — Reply

    With all respect, is Kara a transgender or lesbian?. her interest to Yuki is different to a frenemy.

    I like this drama. I am into j-drama recently. Is there any good drama that you can recommend to watch?.

    • November 12, 2015 at 8:43 am — Reply

      I don’t think her liking is of romantic nature but for some odd reason she’s obsessed with her for her sense of justice or something like that. She’s obviously planning to kill her in the end, but she wants to get to know her and insert herself into her life in order to enjoy the killing more, I guess.

      Um, what kind of genre would you look for?

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