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“I’m sure she sees him with her heart.
And if she can’t, that’s perfectly fine.”


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After urging Song Yi to make him crazy about her Tae Oh found himself once again in a torrent of self-praising while degrading Song Yi’s looks and trying to make her finally confess her feelings about him! After his monologue reached the end and since he kind of apologized in his very own way Tae Oh fell from his cloud the moment Song Yi told him that he’s not the one she likes!


In the meantime, Ji Ahn can’t forget about Song Yi choosing to stay close to Tae Oh and he acknowledged that the way he is with Song Yi right now isn’t actually that perfect. He simply doesn’t have the luxury to date and he doesn’t want Tae Oh to know about that even though they’re friends. Back at the restaurant, Ji Ahn’s father was already aware of the fact that his son had started cleaning the building at the cross section in order for the rent to remain stable. He wouldn’t like Ji Ahn to get involved in the grownups’ business and causing trouble to Tae Oh.


Tae Oh’s family’s wealth was something they gradually inherited from the previous generations. Since Ji Ahn doesn’t have that luxury the civil servant exam feels like the only option. But before that, they have to take care of the credit card his father used under his son’s name. Ji Ahn’s about to find himself in debt if they won’t pay for it by the end of the month and his father agreed to take care of everything.


Tae Oh was curious about the one Song Yi likes, but she didn’t invest in details! Tae Oh was curious about the reason why she likes that guy and urged her to date him openly! Song Yi likes him because he’s cool, smart and handsome making Tae Oh say that she’s talking about himself every time she unveiled a characteristic of her loved one! It was Song Yi’s turn to get close to him! Tae Oh felt awkward, especially the moment Song Yi told him that he would never be the one she likes, neither during this life nor in another one!

bscap0360 bscap0361bscap0363

Choi Hoon has occupied Ga In’s living room and he asked her to follow him in order to leave his personal notes at his house’s front door! His mother picked it up and the first part of his mission was successful!


Tae Oh kept following Song Yi at her part time jobs in order to find out who’s the guy she likes! Inside the library he found Ji Ahn and asked him if there’s a smart and handsome guy in there since he’s the one Song Yi likes! He didn’t receive an answer and the moment he left Song Yi became aware of what Tae Oh was after! Ji Ahn repeated the characteristics of Song Yi’s crush and he asked her if there’s someone else other than him inside the library who would live up to such standards! Of course, he didn’t receive an answer either!

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Later on that night, Choi Hoon, Tae Oh and Ji Ahn were at the BBQ restaurant where Song Yi works! Ji Ahn’s so drunk he keeps replying to the customers even time they ask for something while Song Yi was trying to remind him that he’s not working there! After he sobered up he let her know that she’s not the only one who has a crush!

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She was so happy inside her tent until Tae Oh arrived and put an end to her vibrant mood! He informed her that he doesn’t like her, but Song Yi countered his approach since she was pretty certain he’d go out with her if she liked him! After making fun of him and after she found herself in an awkward kiss-oriented position with Tae Oh’s help the only thing he wanted to know was why he’s not the one she likes! He didn’t receive a direct answer, but Song Yi emphasized on the fact that he stated she’s not the one either since he forced himself to like her because he felt sorry about her!

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Tae Oh’s thoughts tended to differ since he was a bit sincere and he went to his bed disappointed even though he’d wish she really liked him. Ji Ahn recalled his conversation with Tae Oh at the library, it’s something that made him wonder about the reason why he was in search of answers.

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Tae Oh appeared in front of Song Yi and bought her a beverage. Shortly after he left and Ji Ahn appeared to apologize for last night and she gave him her beverage! Ji Ahn entered the classroom and he was so happy with the fact that the girl he likes gave him a beverage in her very own shy approach! Tae Oh urged him to quit flirting and go out with her if he likes her that much! “Look who’s talking” would be the most natural reply to Tae Oh’s flow of thoughts and that’s what Ji Ahn actually said! The thing is, Tae Oh can’t move on since Song Yi doesn’t like him and he informed Ji Ahn that he rejected the girl he liked after telling her that he hated her!

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Another classmate arrived and Tae Oh was so excited about Se Hyun who appeared right away, but he couldn’t follow her! The stories Tae Oh was talking about weren’t pacing with the ones his classmate had heard from the girl who was supposed to be Tae Oh’s blind date! Ji Ahn informed everyone that the girl Tae Oh was talking about wasn’t the blind date girl, but Tae Oh took the lead and described Se Hyun who was sitting close to Song Yi inside the classroom!

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A new story was in the making with Se Hyun being Tae Oh’s stalker who kept sending him presents at his birthday, Valentine’s Day and Xmas! It’s the moment Ga In revealed the whole truth, she was the one behind the presents and she invited everyone for dinner! Everyone had lost the world underneath their feet and the smileys they used were not representative of their actual facial expressions except for Ga In’s!

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After the classroom was over Song Yi followed Se Hyun and she reminded her of the recent events at the cafeteria! She didn’t tell Tae Oh that she wasn’t his blind date because she finds him interesting! She’s the PR manager of the movie club and she’s 3 years older than Song Yi!


Ga In’s preparing the food while the rest were trying to find a way on how Tae Oh should proceed, but that’s when she appeared and urged them to talk in front of her and not behind her back! She admitted she liked Tae Oh since elementary school and that she was his stalker, but she doesn’t recall the reason why she started liking him since lots of time has passed since then! Awkward moments are awkward, but Tae Oh told Ga In that he likes someone else and informed Song Yi that she shouldn’t delude herself that he was talking about her! Everyone was trying to prevent Tae Oh from being straight forward in front of Ga In who took the lead and mentioned that she intends to keep liking him until she starts hating him!


Ga In invited Choi Hoon to sleep with his father and gave him further instructions on her father’s sleeping habits! Song Yi emphasized on the fact that they should make Ga In face reality instead of holding on to the belief that her father is still alive while he isn’t. Choi Hoon couldn’t hold back his tears while staring at her father’s picture as he kept thinking that Ga In has forgotten that he has passed away. Song Yi was wondering why do they keep pretending that her father is still alive and thought that they should finally approach her like real friends and make her face the truth.

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Song Yi found a video in which Ga In was expressing her feelings towards Tae Oh while Choi Hoon was keeping an eye on her at the park. Tae Oh arrived shortly after. Ga In was “staring” at her father working out and Tae Oh was pretty certain she could still see her father with her heart and if she can’t then she’s perfectly fine. Choi Hoon urged Tae Oh to forget Ga In’s confession since the one she really likes is no other than Choi Hoon!


The reasons why she won’t confess her feelings is because:

  • she’s afraid that she could overburden Choi Hoon with her feelings.
  • she’s afraid he might be concerned.
  • she’s too shy to unveil her emotions in front of him.


Tae Oh went back to the rooftop and he informed Song Yi that he was working out with Ga In’s father. He informed her that everyone except for her believes in Ga In’s strength and the fact that she will eventually accept the facts. Song Yi intends to take Ga In to her father’s grave on his death’s first anniversary in order to make her face the truth.


Tae Oh was enraged with Song Yi using his washer and touching his underwear, but he surrendered the moment she showed him Se Hyun’s phone number and started chasing her in order to acquire it! Song Yi doesn’t want to pay for the water and electric bills and she also needs the house’s keys! Tae Oh could only accept her rules in order to get Se Hyun’s number!


Tae Oh skipped his class and Ji Ahn pretended that he was inside the classroom! Tae Oh’s at the media lecture in order to meet Se Hyun and everyone found out! Choi Hoon noticed that Ga In’s facial expression wasn’t pacing with her bright message, but shortly after his mother arrived to talk to him! His parents read all the proof he handed them over and even though they don’t necessarily agree they decided to help him out by arranging a meeting with a producer! Choi Hoon was thankful, but his mother wasn’t pleased with the fact that he was staying with Ga In. Not because she’s a girl, but because the neighborhood thinks she’s lost her mind since she can’t accept the fact that her father passed away. Choi Hoon took Ga In’s side by stating that he’s crazy too since he runs around in his underwear and kept supporting her until she appeared and accompanied her to buy her father some fruit.

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After the class was over Tae Oh appeared in front of Se Hyun and he was well informed about her! Once again Tae Oh was so full of himself and Se Hyun wanted him to talk to her with due respect since she’s older than him! He told her that he doesn’t talk formally to the woman he likes and informed her that he’ll be seeing her tonight! And there he is at the freshman interview two days before the actual date! Se Hyun was irritated but the guys of the club took Tae Oh’s side and proceeded with the interview! Considering his presence at the club as something fated, showing his camera even though he’s still a beginner and presenting some ideas on his screenwriting attempts made him get accepted by the guys and Se Hyun couldn’t do anything about it!


Se Hyun was taking pictures around the neighborhood and Tae Oh kept following her. The reason why he entered the club was because she’s a part of it and she couldn’t stop thinking that he’s a player, but Tae Oh emphasized on the fact that he’s not while trying not to feel awkward in front of her. He doesn’t want to refer to her as noona since their future wouldn’t look so bright and Se Hyun immediately became aware of the fact that Tae Oh hasn’t dated a girl before!


Being together at the moment was considered a date by Tae Oh and the second time he tried to put his hand on her shoulder he received a phone call from Song Yi who informed him that she’s going to confess to the one she loves! She wanted him to encourage her, but Tae Oh had already lost the consistency of his thoughts and urged her to do whatever she wants to! He kept following Se Hyun but his mood wasn’t at its finest as he kept recalling the way Song Yi thinks of the one she loves. Se Hyun took a picture of him and she guessed correctly that it was Song Yi on the phone. She figured out that he likes her, but Tae Oh insisted that she’s one of his four neighborhood friends and definitely not his first love.

bscap0465 bscap0468bscap0466

Song Yi was crying as she called Tae Oh on the phone once again asking him to go to her. Se Hyun gave him the okay to leave and she took a picture of him leaving as she was certain that he likes Song Yi!

bscap0475 bscap0479bscap0478bscap0476

Song Yi was crying because she got rejected and it was tough for Tae Oh witnessing her crying because of someone else and not him. He didn’t have a tissue or a handkerchief to give her to wipe her tears away so he gave her his t-shirt! At that point Se Hyun appeared and witnessed Song Yi and the shirtless Tae Oh in front of her house trying to convince her that she wasn’t crying because of him!

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~ Thoughts ~


Tae Oh asked Song Yi to make him crazy about her, but he wasn’t even close to directly expressing his feelings. I have to admit that he tried, but he was performing circular moves and he didn’t manage to reach his destination since he was detracting himself from his main purpose and emphasized on his self-praising aspects while degrading Song Yi. Even his apology was transmitting like-minded vibes and he received the rejection he required in order for the cogwheels inside his mouth to stop rotating for a while.


Tae Oh needed to listen to the fact that Song Yi likes someone else since his delusional state of heart and ecstatic state of mind wouldn’t let him read between the lines or at least offer a proper confession instead of this unstable emotional pandemonium! In the meantime, there was another emotional turbulence unveiling its fears throughout the neighborhood. Ji Ahn was concerned about the fact that Song Yi was living close to Tae Oh, but the real face of the problem was deriving from the fact that he doesn’t have the luxury to date. Neither time nor money are on his side and it’s a burden he keeps locked deep inside even though he’d like to get closer to Song Yi.


He’s not satisfied with the fact that are just very good friends, she’s so much more to him and he’d like to treasure everything with her to the fullest, but real life keeps him enchained. On top of that, he has to face his daily struggles in a straight forward way since the civil servant exam is the only option for him. Studying won’t be enough because his father has to settle first the debt he put upon his son’s shoulders by excessively using his credit card. However, not only did Ji Ahn notice from peripheral information that he’s the one Song Yi likes, he also informed her that the girl he likes isn’t just a crush, but so much more than that.


Tae Oh isn’t the type of person who would easily surrender and prevent himself from hallucinating or step back until he finds out who’s the one Song Yi loves. We all know that he likes her and his feelings are sincere, but the way he tries to present them after losing his course a thousand times made Song Yi believe that he was neither serious nor specific about everything he wanted to convey. Even if Tae Oh had confessed properly and in a straight forward way nothing would have changed, not in a blink of an eye. At least she’d know what was going on in his heart and he’d be sincere to her as well, not only to himself every time he’s all alone with his thoughts and feelings.


Tae Oh’s love life was more complicated than expected! Se Hyun wasn’t the one he was supposed to meet during the blind date, but she didn’t ruin his expectations since she was intrigued by his enthusiasm! Tae Oh had been Ga In’s person of interest since their elementary school days and she’s been his stalker ever since while filling him with presents in very specific occasions.


What started as something innocent has turned into something obsessive just for the sake of it and she intends to keep liking him until she will start hating him since he only sees her as a friend. The love life of the rooftop fellowship gradually becomes more complicated as episodes pass by with Tae Oh and Ji Ahn liking Song Yi who likes Ji Ahn while Tae Oh is interested still in Se Hyun and Choi Hoon liking Ga In who likes Tae Oh. All of them carry their own crosses at the dawn of their 20s and one way or another love finds its way in their lives in its very own way no matter how much heartache it may cause.


No matter how strong and helpful Ga In may appear she’s been unable to bid farewell her deceased father almost one year after he passed away. It’s one of the drama’s many fragile aspects and most of her friends deeply believe that she will be able to accept reality after some time has passed. They pace with her flow and act as if her father is still around. Deep within i think that they are well aware that the healing process they chose won’t benefit Ga In, but they are afraid of awakening her from her heartfelt slumber because they don’t want to see her in pain. The only one who tends to differ is Song Yi who’s given everyone a deadline until Ga In’s father’s first death anniversary. Just like Ga In was shocked with her father’s death and denied the fact that he passed away Song Yi intends to make her embrace reality anew with yet another shock by taking her to her father’s grave. It’s an ill-natured shelter that must get cracked even if reality will hurt her in the beginning.


Ga In isn’t only Choi Hoon’s dearest friend and support in his hour of need, she’s someone close to his heart and even though the whole neighborhood thinks she’s lost her mind he’s always by her side unaffected by what others think. He was finally able to convince his parents about the pathway he wants to walk upon in life. It’s not like they embraced his decision, they figured out that there was no other way but to pace with his flow with the hope that he will become successful. It was a humble victory, all that remains is for him to prove himself worth of his desires and his parents’ restrained approval.


Of course Tae Oh would become a member of Se Hyun’s movie club to get closer to her! The way i see it, even though she’s kind of attracted to him, Se Hyun will eventually become the vehicle that will help Tae Oh realize and eventually unfold his feelings towards Song Yi properly. As for now, he’s definitely enamored by Se Hyun’s presence, but she can understand that his heart leans towards Song Yi for whom he’s always there any time she needs someone; Tae Oh. Her more experienced eye has also noticed that no matter how cool and outgoing he appears to be it’s actually his defense mechanism in order not to reveal too much and leave a good impression while still not having figured out who he really is.


Song Yi took the brave decision to openly express her feelings in front of Ji Ahn, but the outcome wasn’t the one both of them desired. Something tells me that Ji Ahn wanted to complete her confession, but first he wants to take life in his own hands in order to be able to stand by her side without feeling overburdened by his own struggles and imposing then upon her shoulders as well. Noble idiocy? Maybe. Real life? Certainly. Ji Ahn’s proud of his feelings and if he can’t support them in a more pragmatic way as well he doesn’t want to push Song Yi downwards with him. That’s the way i see it for now, but more answers will appear in the process.


Se Hyun lives at the place which used to be Song Yi’s house before her father passed away and her mother left her and her sister all alone. Among the many things i loved throughout the episode the one that intrigued me was the way their actual facial expressions differed from the smileys the rooftop fellowship used in their message conversations which were reflecting the opposite of what was going on the inside. Alright, i am ready for the 4th episode, Because It’s the First Time is unexpectedly captivating and heartwarming!


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung for
The original Because It’s the First Time recaps can be found only here:


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