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“We’re told to pass up being happy today in order to become happy tomorrow.
Don’t forget that you will be happy tomorrow only if you’re happy today.”


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Teacher Yang and Yeon Doo entered the ambulance along with Kim Yeol while the cheerleading club members were irritated with Soo Ah’s actions. Dong Jae noticed that the vibes concerning Soo Ah were ominous while she was losing herself in fear.

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The headmistress’s concerns aren’t really about Kim Yeol’s health, she’s afraid that his father will move legally against them and it’s not like she’s enraged at Soo Ah, she just can’t believe how could she do such a thing. Of course, she put the blame on teacher Im for losing his USB in the first place!


Soo Ah’s mother got informed about everything by the headmistress and she erupted in front of the instructor for her incompetence.


Kim Yeol’s father was with Yeon Doo’s mother and their wedding plans were ruined once he got informed by teacher Yang that Kim Yeol was at the hospital. Teacher Yang wanted Yeon Doo to inform her mother as well, but since she reassured him that she’s fine she didn’t do so in order not to worry her. Teacher Yang tried to cheer her up by saying that everything will be fine.

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She sat by Kim Yeol’s side and her eyes were wet while she was expressing her fears even at the possibility of having been unable to see him again. Yeon Doo urged him to wake up in order to get her revenge for him being in danger in her place and worrying her! Kim Yeol smiled and asked her about her revenge plans! She tried to leave to inform teacher Yang, but Kim Yeol wrist-grabbed her since she’s always been avoiding his questions! Yeon Doo got her revenge with a kiss on Kim Yeol’s cheek and she tried to leave anew, but a wrist-grab and a kiss right where it should be took place the moment Ha Joon was about to enter Kim Yeol’s room!

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Yeon Doo’s mother decided not to see Kim Yeol since her presence would make him feel even more uncomfortable in his condition and Kim Yeol’s father went to see his son on his own. He found Kim Yeol with Yeon Doo by his side! Yeon Doo mentioned that he was cool with the lawyers by his side in the recent past, but Kim Yeol’s father was glad that Yeon Doo appears to be a good friend of Kim Yeol!

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Kim Yeol’s father called Yeon Doo’s mother and informed her that everything was fine while Yeon Doo was losing herself in the recent kiss’ memories; so awkwardly cute and blissful! She received a phone call from Dong Jae and she informed him that her heart is about to explode!

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There was awkwardness inside Kim Yeol’s room and both father and son were checking their cellphones. Kim Yeol urged his father to act like he normally does instead of pretending he cares in front of him. After recalling Yeon Doo’s mother’s words, Kim Yeol’s father was thankful towards his son for not having been hurt too much and being safe.


Soo Ah was losing her mind at the school’s backyard and Dong Jae appeared urging her to apologize to Yeon Doo since she wasn’t the one who uploaded the video and Kim Yeol for harming him. She evaded the Yeon Doo part of the story and kept the fact that she was the one to hurt Kim Yeol and she decided to leave school.

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Soo Ah’s mother was informed that Kim Yeol’s life wasn’t in danger and Soo Ah arrived right on time. Her mother decided that staying at Sevit High School would be meaningless at this point, but Soo Ah emphasized on that fact that she caused physical harm to Kim Yeol. Everything she did was because she was afraid of losing the first place and she admitted all of her recent crimes. Her mother emphasized on the fact that these incidents are meaningless since she can take care of everything and bury the whole truth in order to protect her credentials. All that matters is entering the Ivy League and her mother intends to accomplish it for her while Soo Ah couldn’t hold back her tears. Her mother urged her to keep following the road map well, but Soo Ah couldn’t help it but wonder if there’s an end to that road. Her mother’s reply was that at the end of the road lies the future both of them want to reach no matter how hard it feels.

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Soo Ah went to the hospital, but she couldn’t enter and she made a phone call to find out that Kim Yeol was fine. She couldn’t hold back her tears as she was thankful for the positive information.


Ha Joon was sitting all alone and the moment he witnessed Yeon Doo his heart was breaking apart. Once he felt better he went to see Kim Yeol who was eagerly waiting for him to appear! Kim Yeol informed Ha Joon that he told his father to go back home since the overall ambiance was way too awkward and he also told him that Yeon Doo was with him until very recently! As for Soo Ah, Kim Yeol urged Ha Joon not to deal with her until he’s back at school! Kim Yeol recalled their elementary school days and the promise they made. If one of them liked a girl he should inform the other one right away and Kim Yeol started his confession towards his friend, but Ha Joon promised to listen to the name of the girl Kim Yeol likes the next time since getting better should be his priority for now.

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Ha Joon found Yeon Doo and he tried to leave. Yeon Doo had noticed that Ha Joon would have arrived at the hospital as fast as possible but oddly enough something like that didn’t happen. The reason why was because he was “busy.” He witnessed that her hand was wounded as well and he’d like her to stay at the hospital, but she reassured him that she’s fine.


Yeon Doo met Dong Jae who informed her that everyone’s against Soo Ah and emphasized on the fact that she doesn’t have any friends. Yeon Doo who used to be her friend in the past doesn’t care about the fact that she got hurt, what irritates her the most is that Kim Yeol got hurt too. Yeon Doo made her decision and she doesn’t intend to give Soo Ah another chance.


Soo Ah became aware of everyone’s thoughts about her and the pressure around her was escalating geometrically. Soo Ah was wandering in the streets alone and she wouldn’t even recognize her reflection as a flashback of everything she did passed before her very eyes. She went to So Young’s memorial and wondered if she’s not allowed to be happy anymore.


Yeon Doo couldn’t fall asleep and oddly enough Soo Ah’s absence from their room was having its own impact upon her. Teacher Yang tried to call Soo Ah but he couldn’t reach her. However, he noticed that Yeon Doo was secretly trying to leave and he sent her a message informing her that if she returns before lunch he will turn a blind eye!


Yeon Doo brought some food to Kim Yeol against the hospital’s rules and the worries of either of them getting caught was changing sides! Yeon Doo made fun of him by stating that she informed the whole neighborhood that she was going to see him and Kim yeol started taking pictures of her! He finally has his chance to be able to her every time he wants to, but since she’s there right now he can see her in person!

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Soo Ah went at the hospital to find out that all of her classmates were inside Kim Yeol’s room and she left a message by the door. On her way out she found Dong Jae who got informed that she was there to apologize towards Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo. Soo Ah asked him a favor which was no other than having fun before “leaving.”

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Playing video games, hanging out with Dong Jae and having so much fun was a brand new experience for Soo Ah! No studying today, just doing everything she’d want to without being afraid of getting scolded by her mother! Soo Ah enjoyed bicycling at the park and Dong Jae brought ice-creams for both of them.

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Everything she did today was a first time for her and she wondered why she didn’t get to experience such things more often. Dong Jae’s answer was definitive, it’s because she was studying all the time. Soo Ah recalled that Yeon Doo had asked her to follow her at the park in the past and she regrets she didn’t do so. Dong Jae urged her to start having fun from this point and on and Soo Ah was apologetic towards him for using his physical contact trauma. She found out that apologizing isn’t that difficult after all.


Inside Kim Yeol’s room everyone was having fun until Yeon Doo found Soo Ah’s letter on her way out and the horizon suddenly darkened.


Soo Ah was thankful towards Dong Jae for all the happy memories before “leaving.” As for his physical contact trauma, Soo Ah hoped that he will be able to overcome it and she was thankful once again.


Dong Jae talked to Yeon Doo on the phone and she informed him on the ominous vibes they received from her letter. Dong Jae told her that Soo Ah was fine, but once he realized what was about to happen he ran to find her.


Soo Ah’s mother was at the headmistress’ office and she wanted to bury all of the incidents. She emphasized on the gifts she had offered the headmistress all this time and threatened her that she’d reveal everything if she wouldn’t comply to her “request.” The headmistress told her that both mother and daughter have crossed the line and that she couldn’t protect them anymore. Soo Ah’s mother got informed that her daughter disappeared. In the meantime, all of her classmates were on the run to find her.

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In her letter, Soo Ah was wondering why being apologetic or thankful and reaching out for help when she needed it felt so difficult all this time. Denying everything and studying hard felt like the only way for her to be happy and even though she was feeling low throughout the day she thought that tomorrow would be a brighter day. Instead, her mood was getting darker as time was passing by and wondered why breathing was so difficult for her. She acknowledged that she turned into a monster and that she was unable to go on while despising herself. She urged Yeon Doo to never believe the adults’ lies on sacrificing today’s happiness for tomorrow’s brighter future and never forget that being happy today is essential for being happy tomorrow as well. She was apologetic towards Kim Yeol, Yeon Doo, teacher Yang and the rest of her classmates while hoping that her apology wasn’t belated and that everyone won’t go through hardships because of her in the future.


Soo Ah’s mother received a message from her daughter who was apologetic for always being incompetent, but even though she didn’t deserve it she managed to become her first place daughter. It’s something she wanted to achieve at least once for her mother.


Her classmates were searching around for her and gradually everyone started being overran by regrets. Yeon Doo couldn’t hold back her tears and Kim Yeol stated that he’s responsible as well for what’s going on at this point.


Soo Ah started crossing the street and the moment she was about to get hit by a car Dong Jae grabbed her and pushed her in his embrace.

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Nobody was able to meet Soo Ah who was receiving medical help. Even though Yeon Doo was sad, she was also relieved that Dong Jae was able to overcome his physical contact trauma. Dong Jae couldn’t actually recall what he was thinking at that moment and Yeon Doo was wondering when and if they will be able to meet Soo Ah.

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Soo Ah’s mother intends to send her daughter to study abroad and she reassured Soo Ah that everything will be fine since she took care of everything.


Some students were talking about Soo Ah being mentally ill and that things will get better for them in the school’s ranking, but Da Mi and her classmates asked them if they have palpable proof of what actually happened. They emphasized on the fact that people can make mistakes, but also that life can be bright and asking out for help whenever needed is important. As for taking Soo Ah’s side, it was because all of them are a part of the same team as friends.

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The headmistress took care of Soo Ah’s transfer since her expectations were met, but continuing with the cheerleading team could become a nuisance now that Soo Ah’s gone. Teacher Im mentioned the Education Office and that backing out now would cause them even more problems.


Everyone’s practicing and Soo Ah’s sub-team was actually missing her while working on their figures. Teacher Yang informed them that Soo Ah will go studying abroad since remaining at Sevit High School wouldn’t be easy for her.

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Soo Ah received a video message from Jae Young and Na Yeon who were urging her to come back. Then another one arrived with Dong Jae letting her know that he overcame his trauma and asked her to come back since the team was waiting for her! Ha Joon’s video was minimal as expected and even though he tried to get emotional he failed at it, but he was hilarious! Da Mi and Hyu Sik’s apology was priceless as well and Kim Yeol urged her to come back since he intends to give her his personal notes and he was also apologetic.

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The last message was from Yeon Doo and the video began with collages of pictures of Yeon Doo and Soo Ah together. She told her that the hardest thing for her was that even though she hated her she couldn’t hate her 100% because of the memories they shared. Yeon Doo told her that she’s not alone and that she has friends who would do anything for her along with coach Nam and teacher Yang who would always be by her side! Since she’s the one who formed the cheerleading club everyone’s waiting for her! Soo Ah’s smile and tears of relief were apparent throughout the whole scene!

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~ Thoughts ~


Sassy Go Go’s 10th episode reached 3.5% and even though it feels pointless to keep talking about the drama’s ratings i thought it was important to write it down. Even though the 10th episode left me conflicted during its second half i have to admit that i loved it since it was filled with tremendous amounts of feels. It may be because i was always keeping an eye on Soo Ah and the reasons why she became the person she is today. It’s neither that i overly sympathize with her nor that i have forgiven her for everything she did, but a part of the overall presentation of the redemption process was intriguing and emotionally fortified.


The moment the ambulance arrived everyone had lost the world underneath their feet, but most of the burden had fallen upon three figures. Teacher Yang who dearly loves all of his students, Ha Joon who witnessed his best friend lying unconscious on the floor and Yeon Doo who was emotionally fortified by the fact that she was deeply caring about Kim Yeol who was hurt in her place. The beginning of the end for Soo Ah was progressing rapidly and everyone’s opinions about her had already become overly negative. The only one who was concerned about her was Dong Jae who had witnessed her turbulent waves more than anyone else throughout the drama at the school’s backyard. He truly kept an eye on her, but not in the way Soo Ah had conceived it in the first place.


Even though the headmistress had one rare epiphany many episodes ago, the way she progressed as a character was the one i expected. She doesn’t care about the students, all she cares about is the school’s prestige and her very own status. If these two parameters can remain strong then everything will be fine for her regardless of the circumstances and the flow of events. Her actual concerns were two and the first one had to be the fact that Kim Yeol’s father could appear anew with his lawyers causing an even greater ruckus at the almighty Sevit High School. The second one was deriving from the first one and it was pointing towards Soo Ah’s mother who would do just anything to drown all of the recent events in silence. Having to fight with two strong figures with opposing points of view could easily ruin everything she was building all these years, a glorious facade. It’s always someone else’s fault and the easiest target at that point was teacher Im who had lost the USB with the midterm exam questions.


Yeon Doo was devastated in front of Kim Yeol who was still asleep. Before finding out that his condition was getting better she was being overran by the fear of losing him once and for all. Survivor’s guilt had already started occupying her mind since Kim Yeol was in that condition because he tried to save her, but soon enough her worries transformed themselves into utter loveliness the moment she witnessed Kim Yeol’s smiling face and his voice echoed inside the room!


We all know that drama characters are greedy for more love one way or another and Kim Yeol would never be satisfied with a kiss on his cheek now that everything started progressing way faster than expected. Even if he was on his deathbed he’d still wrist-grab Yeon Doo in order to feel her lips for the first time! Later on, Kim Yeol’s hunger for love was reaching insuperable heights after the kisses, he wanted pictures of Yeon Doo in order to be able to see her every time she wasn’t around! He’s fallen for her to the point of no return and it’s more than welcome along with the fact that he gradually elicits Yeon Doo’s feelings!


As i’ve already stated, Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo is my main ship, but Ha Joon and Yeon Doo is my boat which eventually transformed itself into a bicycle for obvious reasons. No matter how beautiful the kiss scene was it left me with a bittersweet impression since Ha Joon was the one to witness it out of all these people inside the hospital. Even though he deeply wanted to see his best friend who was hurt he neither wanted to ruin his happiness nor could he appear with his current mood in front of Kim Yeol and he surrendered until the moment was right.


I didn’t like the meeting between Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol’s father, she neither introduced herself nor he was curious to know the name of his son’s friend even though he was thankful for her presence by his side. I also didn’t like the fact that Yeon Doo’s mother was nearby yet she didn’t meet her daughter. We all know that the sense of timing is an essential factor in dramas, but i don’t like where this is going to since it will be the writer’s last card that will either explode our nerve system or it will mean almost nothing at the end of the day. And i still don’t feel Kim Yeol’s father’s concerns about his son and even though he ran at the hospital due to his son’s condition he didn’t acknowledge it.


Come on, if you want to start looking like a father show your concern in front of your son! I was getting the impression that he was more concerned about the altogether lunch having been cancelled for now rather than being there for his son. It’s true that Yeon Doo’s mother had awakened his paternal instinct, but i just don’t feel it and i didn’t sense it even when he was thankful towards his son for being safe. I acknowledge that they can’t have a father-son relationship overnight, but Kim Yeol’s reactions were way more realistic on what’s gong on between them than his father who looks like an indifferent person having eyes only for Yeon Doo’s mother. Except for Kim Yeol’s approach, the other good thing of the overall scene was Yeon Doo’s cuteness overload swimming in oceans of honey after her first kiss!


Soo Ah’s mother didn’t care about anything else except for her daughter maintaining everything she had achieved so far. She’s the type of a “mother” who listens to everything her daughter has to say only if it paces with her own ambitions and Soo Ah’s cry for help was outrageously ignored as a moment of weakness that should get outflanked in order for her to keep walking upon her road of success regardless of the fact that she had stepped upon a line of victims. Her mother had the power to erase everything as if nothing happened. Everything that would blur Soo Ah’s image would be taken out of the picture and she would start anew in a new environment abroad. It’s all about the road map she forged the moment Soo Ah was born and she was raised that way in order to lead a life devoid of happiness far away from the simple joys of life.


Puppets can do wonders in the hands of a masterful puppeteer, but humans can become atrocious and/or get shattered in a like-minded condition. Since things turned out this way Soo Ah hoped that, at least for once, her mother would listen to her and she would let her take the burden of her actions on her shoulders, but the end of the road in the deep future couldn’t wait for fragile moments of atonement. Her tears in front of her mother and outside of the hospital after finding out that Kim Yeol was better were sincere and it was the most logical outcome of everything that had happened even though they looked like unwelcome moments of weakness to her mother’s eyes.


Ha Joon was waiting for Yeon Doo to leave in order to be able to see Kim Yeol. He was still in pain, but he kept everything on the inside for his friend’s sake. He couldn’t afford to listen to the name of Yeon Doo coming out of Kim Yeol’s mouth as a profound declaration of her being his loved one. It wasn’t a selfish reaction towards his friend’s happiness, i personally conceived it in a way that Ha Joon needed some time to work on his feelings. Now that Kim Yeol is out of the hospital i hope that once they’ll talk about it again Ha Joon will confess to his friend that he had feelings for the same girl as well. I have faith in their friendship, it’s one of the drama’s strongest cards and i want it to prevail up to the very end without misunderstandings, only with deep sincerity.


The moment Ha Joon met Yeon Doo one could witness that he was trying to avoid her, it wasn’t only a moment of awkwardness. He was still emotionally devastated, but it was truly beautiful that he was still caring about her and took into consideration her wounded hand. Ha Joon has found himself among two storms and i hope he will find the calm he deserves.


Soo Ah found herself on the same spot Kim Yeol was recently, the one of being accused by everyone without a “trial.” The difference is that Kim Yeol was innocent whereas Soo Ah wasn’t. Everyone’s negative opinions were getting back at her and the cost was more than she could bear. Her reflection on the store’s glass was so bleak as everything was already lying shattered on the inside in a flashback parade of her violent achievements. Her safe haven where she could willingly collapse was So Young’s memorial as history was repeating itself. No matter how Soo Ah acquired the first place she was still there and she was preparing for her departure just like her friend did. Wondering if she’s not allowed to be happy anymore was heartrending. The delusional world she was living in was supposed to make her happy, but the realization that she was living in a lie within a lie vanished all the “happiness” she was treasuring.


She couldn’t face everyone inside Kim Yeol’s room and that’s why she chose the letter way even if it was the easy way out and it was bound to infuse guilt in her classmates’ hearts. People who intend to take their own life usually leave signs of their forthcoming departure, Soo Ah was talking about “leaving” quite often. Right before the end there’s usually a period of a sudden and inexplicable to others euphoria and that’s what she treasured by Dong Jae’s side.


She also wanted to take with her some beautiful memories she didn’t get to cherish all these years since she never lived like a child and an adolescent because all of her years were drowning in school notebooks. We witnessed a different and determined Soo Ah, a carefree and blissful one in the shadow of the recent events that were overburdening her still. It wasn’t easy for her to be apologetic and thankful towards Dong Jae, but she didn’t want to leave behind unfulfilled remains of a life lived in emptiness and shame. She was as sincere as Soo Ah and someone repenting for his/her sins would be before the last departure.


Her letter was well-conceived and well-expressed as it was clearly depicting her fears and delusions along with her sincere apology. After reaching out her hand to her mother for the last time she was well aware that the end of the road would never arrive unless she skipped all of the intermediate steps. As opposed to School 2015’s Kang So Young, even though Soo Ah kept transmitting like-minded signals and having been raised in a similar way she tried to make things right in her own desolate yet sincere way. She acknowledged the importance of being thankful and apologetic, but she also understood how important it is to reach out for help during difficult times, a help she was ignoring all along the way every time someone was willing to be there for her.


Is she a victim of her mother? Of course she is. But did she create a line of victims herself? The answer remains the same, but under a state of constant fear and excessive pressure since she was forced to be very specific and accurate. Does that make her crimes less painful? Nope, but understanding the reasons why is essential and her “mother” has to be the real criminal behind Soo Ah’s monstrous actions. The sudden realization that what she was living in wasn’t happiness but an ill-natured craving or plea for it led her to the light at the end of the tunnel: “we’re told to pass up being happy today in order to become happy tomorrow, don’t forget that you will be happy tomorrow only if you’re happy today.”


Even though she was gradually reaching the end she didn’t accuse her mother for all these emotional crimes against her own daughter and for sacrificing her youth and very soul to the altar of her personal ambitions. Setting aside the way she acquired the first place, she was still glad she managed to achieve it at least once for her mother. Referring to herself as an incompetent daughter along with leaving before her mother’s actual plans had began would be the greatest wound she could inflict upon her mother along with that message.


At that point Soo Ah was more than ready to depart and i am more than glad she didn’t since she would cause so much pain to so many people except for the guilt she infused despite her sincerity, realizations and intentions. And no, i don’t care about her mother, i am referring to her classmates. After all she prove that she’s beyond repair or redemption since she covered up everything and all she cares about is how her daughter will keep walking upon that shameful road. I am really curious about how the writer will work on Soo Ah and her mother during the last two episodes since nothing has been solved yet.


Even though it felt rushed, i think the way the writer dealt with Dong Jae’s trauma was intriguing. It entered his life and it left through an emotional shock. One could see it as the divine intervention of the moment when one of the figures surpasses his own struggle in order to save someone else’s life. He was the only person who didn’t leave her alone in her hour of need and he was the most appropriate one to hold her in the realm of the living. While Soo Ah was unveiling her tears in his embrace he was fighting back his trauma in order to keep her safe in a place she hadn’t found herself in for years; a hug.


The cheerleading club members presented strength through unity and they tried to protect Soo Ah from many things some of them went through while redefining themselves and keeping everything important and humane they learned throughout the whole storyline. Both this scene and the one with the parade of hilarious and/or heartfelt messages possessed brave amounts of feels i deeply treasured in order to show Soo Ah another road she could walk upon, the one of love, caring and sincerity. However, no matter how much i loved these scenes along with the ones prior to them i didn’t like the massive responsibility the cheerleading club members took upon their shoulders. It felt like the were atoning for sins they never committed even though they slightly pushed Soo Ah towards the edge.


It was her own decisions under her mother’s heartless lead that brought her where she found herself, one step before the end after causing harm to so many people. Kim Yeol, Yeon Doo, Ha Joon and indirectly Dong Jae who was understanding more than he was expressing tried to keep it a secret while believing that she would do the right thing. But the amount of her crimes was overweight and nothing could remain hidden forever. At the end of the day, all Soo Ah needed was love and just like she was devoid of it she could neither accept nor reflect it back.


I wanted her to receive some sort of punishment and her mother to face justice, but Soo Ah apologized for everything she did and her tears and apologies would never be an easy option for someone like her. Nothing’s over yet and i am looking forward to the way the writer will work on Soo Ah and her mother during the last two episodes, but i have to admit that my greatest fear remains Kim Yeol’s father’s unquenchable thirst to get married to Yeon Doo’s mother.


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung for dramajjang.wordpress.com.
The original Sassy Go Go recaps can be found only here:


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  1. bmore
    November 4, 2015 at 4:52 am — Reply

    Quite an emotional 2 episodes. I have to say nothing was un-predictable in them though. For some time it’s been pretty apparent Soo Ah was headed for suicide unless something drastic happened to save her. All the necessary factors were there. But,of course, we knew in this type of show, no such thing would be allowed. So I think they handled it the best they could under the circumstances. As a good example to kids watching the show, it shows them a way to try to at least try to remedy a situation like this and how important it is to NOT stay silent. To do the hard thing and step out and face the fact that they have a classmate in trouble and to say out loud the supportive words that just may save their lives. Better to do that than to live with a life of regrets about what they should have done and didn’t. It’s a sweet show, I’ve enjoyed it.

  2. November 4, 2015 at 9:23 pm — Reply

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  3. November 6, 2015 at 9:42 pm — Reply

    You know what? One way or another, no matter how wrong Soo Ah have done to them, we still have to thanks her. Why? Because she IS mainly the one who actually bring these two clubs together and made them become a strong knot like this, also she was the one behind Yeol and Yeon Doo meeting each other the first time. If she didn’t create the Cheerleading Club, even if it was through specs, the two clubs wouldn’t even come together to bond with another. So I can see why this episode is mainly about her, she’s like the important role of bringing the two clubs together, even if it comes from her wrongdoings, but she’s really the highlight of tying Baekho and Real Kings together to become one, Yeon Doo is just the one who keeps them together and get along, but Soo Ah’s the one who brought these two teams together, that’s why without her, the team wouldn’t be complete. She’s the final stitch to them becoming the inseparable team, that’s why the team are so desperate of wanting her to come back, not that she is fully forgiven by them, it’s just that the team won’t be complete without her so they’re willing to give her a chance to go back. Now it’s the need of both sides, Soo Ah needs the forgiveness, and the team need her to come back so they can give her the chance to prove herself.

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