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Bubblegum Episode #3 Recap [aka It’s Friday I’m In Love]

bubbl03angelito       “How stupid does love make one feel that so many “Stupid” songs exist?”

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Seok Joon asks Ri Hwan if the favor he is asking of him, is for his sake or for Haeng Ah- afterall she might not really want to break up with him. He then proceeds to enter the building.


Ri Hwan is seen driving away, narrating “There are nights where everything is ready to fall apart; even if nothing happens, the small things are awake on those nights.” Seok Joon, didn’t go to Haeng Ah’s apartment afterall and has returned to his own where he is having a flashback memory.bubbl0303

He and Haeng Ah are in a restaurant and she has wrapped both her hands in a tape demanding he feeds her. He tells her that is silly and people are looking at them but her pouting gets to him and he does feed her in the end, smiling at her silliness.bubbl0304

Ri Hwan is having his own flashback, back to a bar where there is a gathering between Haeng Ah, Tae Hee and Ji Hoon. He asks Haeng Ah what she will be doing tomorrow since it is her birthday and she says she will probably be working while texting non-stop. She suddenly gets up and readies herself to leave all happy leaving Ri Hwan dumbfoundedbubbl0305

The next morning, Ri Hwan tells Ji Hoon he will go to the bar he drinks and asks that they don’t give more drinks to him since he is suffering from alcoholism. Ji Hoon says that’s not right because it is his decision to drink but he understands why he wants to meddle.bubbl0306

Haeng Ah has been summoned to the hospital by her aunt but is reluctant to enter- her Aunt explains to her colleague, that Haeng Ah has a phobia of hospitals since she was a kid and that started when she saw someone bleed out in a hospital hall. She says Haeng Ah avoids examinations which is not good since both her parents died before their 40s because of stomach cancer.bubbl0307

Ri Hwan is treating one of his patients but she tells him to send her back because she wants to return to her farm. She is only able to stay in the town only because of the effort her daughter is putting towards her well being.bubbl0308

Ri Hwan calls Haeng Ah but she doesn’t pick up because she went to throw away a beer can- she then calls him back but he has left his office.

Haeng Ah is thinking to herself if she’s just gonna lay there all day while Ri Hwan is treating a girl that hurt her leg.


Yi Seul meets with her brother and her mother who is asking her “Are you gonna eat again?”. Yi Seul tells her “Eating in the morning wasn’t my lunch.” Jeong Woo is surprised that his sister has bought new clothes and shoes and teases her about her date. Her mother says that Ri Hwan is not the best catch since he won’t inherit the hospital but since he and his family won’t cause any problems cause of her prior engagement it’s fine- she urges Yi Seul not to call him first but Yi Seul goes ahead and calls him telling him she wants to see him today if that’s okay.


Ri Hwan tells her he is gonna be at the Secret Garden and they should meet there too- Haeng Ah’s gets a message that the Uncle wants to see her in the Secret Garden and is finally leaving the hospital to head there.


Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah meet for the first time after their fight and he asks her if she ate lots of cake last night- she tells him she doesn’t know what he’s talking about and he figures out that Seok Joon didn’t visit her. He then blurts out “I’m sorry I spoke to you harshly, I didn’t consider your feelings” before she has a chance to apologize first- she is amused slightly and tells him this is why she doesn’t want to tell him anything. She was more in the wrong, he shouldn’t be the one apologizing.


Auntie tells Haeng Ah she should stay for a bit more to see the woman Ri Hwan met the other day- Haeng Ah says she knows her brother since they attended the same highschool and how he was popular among the girls.


Yi Seul appears and is introduced to Haeng Ah as “Ri Hwan’s little sister”- she recalls having met before at the dentist office when Yi Seul requested Haeng Ah to leave because she was carrying Se Yeong’s dog. Ri Hwan says Haeng Ah is having a hospital phobia and is good she got kicked out early otherwise she would faint.


Haeng Ah is ready to leave but Ri Hwan notices her face is read- Haeng Ah tells him it’s because she drank beer and he scolds her telling him that’s dangerous when there is vaccination involved. He threatens her she’s gonna call his mom and let her know.bubbl03016

Yi Seul, looks at the pictures inside Secret Garden and Auntie explains how close Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah have been since childhood- Haeng Ah’s father practically raised them up as Ri Hwan’s mother was really busy in the hospital.


Yi Seul tells Ri Hwan that Haeng Ah is more like a friend rather than a sister to him and he replies “You’re probably right; she’s the first friend I ever had.” He asks her if she wants ice-cream and she turns it down saying she will gain weight. He tells her “that’s not gonna happen because of one ice-cream” but she says she doesn’t want to.


Ri Hwan notices she has different shoes but she is embarassed and tells him not to look at them- a bike then appears and forces her to fall down. Ri Hwan jokingly says “You always fall down when you’re with me.” He wants to examine her but she says it’s okay- he insists and he says it’s good her ankles are strong otherwise it would hurt more.


He gets her new shoes to walk on- the ones that people walk when they go ice fishing and tells her to stop by after her work to examine her properly. Back in the station, Seok Joon asks Jo Dong if the radio team is gonna have a dinner outing tonight and if Haeng Ah is gonna be there. Jo Dong says they will indeed have a dinner, but he shouldn’t come cause that would cause trouble.


In the radio room, the radio team is wondering how they should approach their guests, and what guests they should invite for the next period. They funnily suggest they should invite ordinary people and Tae Hee tells she would like to ask Se Yeong’s mother about the hardships she faced raising her up. Se Yeong says they should find out more about Seok Joon cause the rumours say he’s like a robot but also a gangster that killed a dog with his bare hands! They decide to go drink but Haeng Ah says she will stay behind to check the tracks one last time.


Tae Hee tells Haeng Ah she should forget altogether Seok Joon- Haeng Ah says that he told her he can’t live without her and she would be stupid to believe that, afterall she was useless to him when they were together. Tae Hee tells her not to drink when they go out and Haeng  Ah agrees.


In Ri Hwan’s clinic, Yi Seul asks him if he likes to travel; he says he loves to but hasn’t really traveled. That surprises Yi Seul and he explains that he has read all the books and maps and “when the time comes, I will close my eyes, throw a dart there and will travel to the place the dart lands!” Yi Seul asks “when will be that time?” but before has a chance to reply, Ji Hoon calls him and tricks him into going to the dinner outing where everyone else is.bubbl03023

Ri Hwan gives “credit” to Ji Hoon for tricking him with his crying to go there and Tae Hee wonders “why are dogs allowed here?”


Ji Hoon offers her a chicken leg as peace offering which Tae Hee turns down and Jo Dong is happy to devour. Haeng Ah tries to drinks some beet but Tae Hee prevents her from doing so.


Se Yeong asks Yi Seul about the discounts she gets in the stores  and is astonished to know that there are 200 Sunny Places in Seoul when she doesn’t even have 200 straws in her house! At the same time everyone else is having fun, Haeng Ah is thinking about what Seok Joon told her in the rooftop.


In Secret Garden, the Noh family is checking the CCTV and they notice that Yi Seul was staring at Haeng Ah’s picture.


After the drink night ends, everyone is getting at a taxi half-drunk or completely drunk. Tae Hee tells Haeng Ah to go straight home.


Ri Hwan is ready to leave, carrying Ji Hoon but is concerned about Haeng Ah- Yi Seul says she will take him home. Ri Hwan urges Haeng Ah to take a taxi immediately before he departs.


Haeng Ah finds the chance now that is alone to go and drink; she gets drunk and ends up calling Yi Seul complaining about a frapuccino she took from one of her stores. Yi Seul rushes to where she is and tells her she also called Ri Hwan. Haeng Ah doesn’t want to see him in that state and enters the nearby store.


There she makes fun of a customer, causing a small ruckus before Ri Hwan carries her in his back and head out. She puts her in his car, apologizing to Yi Seul but Haeng Ah manages to get out.


She takes a taxi to go back to the radio station to do some editing, and leaves some sort of tiny sea creature in Yi Seul’s bag as a goonight gift. Ri Hwan apologizes on her behalf after he takes a photo of the taxi plate.


In the radio station, Seok Joon is ready to leave before he hears music coming out from the radio studio and gets inside to see Haeng Ah sleeping in there. Ri Hwan is calling Haeng Ah but Seok Joon replies in her place and tells him “You should talk later, she is sleeping next to me.”


Ri Hwan enters the station to go find Haeng Ah but security stops him- when he finds a slight chance he rushes to the elevator.bubbl03034

He finally finds Haeng Ah’s floor and sees both Seok Joon and Haeng Ah being close to each other. Seok Joon sees him and doesn’t tell anything to Haeng Ah; he manages to close the door without her taking any notice what is happening.bubbl03035

Ri Hwan is seen hitting the doors and the soundproof glass to no avail and decides to press the fire alarm.bubbl03036

That forces both Seok Joon and Haeng Ah to come out and Ri Hwan says “Old brother or not, doesn’t matter; it just can’t be you bastard!” before he punches him in the face.bubbl03037

In the usual flashback in the end, we see a young Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan making fun of an old man and his bald head before Haeng Ah’s father tells them to apologize otherwise he will cook their golfish. Later both kids argue on how to raise the golfish, when Ri Hwan is doing all the job while Haeng Ah is out playing. Her dad tells them to “wait four weeks” and they wonder what that means.

Reflection Corner :

First of all, from now in the reflection corner (not in the recap part because ok, gotta stay objective there lol) I will refer to Ri Hwan as “angelito” (yes I did watch Mexican soap operas as a kid, and I’m damn proud of it [Soraya ftw!]- it’s one of the words I picked up!) because really, like really; look at his angelito face when he realizes that Haeng Ah is probably going on a date.


This is the face of a happy shy puppy at first, and then the expression of what happens when the puppy is being left behind. This episode confirmed that Ri Hwan-angelito is in love with her (duh) and is either suppressing it or hasn’t realized it yet- facial expressions don’t lie though. (as you have probably picked up, I appreciate Lee Dong Wook’s face a lot so you will be seeing a lot of it in the header posts of Bubblegum!)

His overprotectiveness reached new heights this episode, and in one hand I can understand it; heck, if Haeng Ah is being like this when she’s drunk, then oh boy. Seok Joon’s gesture in the radio room felt a bit off from what his character has shown off until now; maybe he was being fed up by Ri Hwan’s meddling all the time and decided to screw him over a bit? It was a bit unexpected what he pulled. I really want to see his reaction after the punch he got in the next episode.

I liked how Yi Seul did call Angelito when she figured out Haeng Ah was drunk out of her mind; honestly, I was afraid that she would just “hide” that from him, seeing as she is slowly but surely falling for him but she keeps on being honest and that’s great to see. It’s unfortunate that her mother’s continuous horrible remarks are getting to her, but maybe with the help of Ri Hwan-angelito, she will learn to appreciate herself and will fully ignore her. Her brother is also nice to her, supportive and encouraging.

It was funny to see how when Haeng Ah and Yi Seul met, Ri Hwan couldn’t stop talking about Haeng Ah and her phobia and this and that; likewise Haeng Ah would babble about Ri Hwan. They do sure seem like lovers from an outsider’s perspective, don’t they? Their vaccination fight was hilarious, they revert to their kid selves when they’re alone, and that is always refreshing to see.


Well, onwards for the next episode!

btw, this is my new favorite “what the ffff” picture. I mean, the customer’s expression is UNREAL.


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  1. Shuerei
    November 3, 2015 at 6:37 pm — Reply

    I am totally in love with this show and both OTPs. I mean this is so so frustrating and exciting to see these two cluelessly and helplessly in love with each other.

    I am so grateful that you recap this show. Thank you. I have so many questions:
    1 – when the cute family discovered YS staring at HA’s pic, what did they conclude?
    2 – Do you think HA loves SJ more than RW now?
    3 – I think SJ is a bizman – seeing RW makes him competitive so I am not sure whether he truly loves HA…
    4 – why is he entertaining YS as his potential wife when he is in love with HA? Or is it he really clueless because he’s been in love with her forever?

    I love your take on Angelito. I like LDW in this role, he’s like a real puppy in love.

    • November 3, 2015 at 7:10 pm — Reply

      You’re welcome!

      1- They didn’t really conclude anything, more like a funny “omg, is she gonna go after our Haeng Ah?” They were surprised she stared at the picture though.
      2- She loves Seok Joon romantically, that’s for sure; but, if she lets herself dive into romantic feelings towards Angelito, then no doubt her love for him will be that much stronger. They have a very strong foundation.
      3- Maybe yes, maybe no; I’m not sure either, I was surprised by his reaction. Maybe he does feel fed up with Angelito being up on his face all time, maybe he does miss Haeng Ah, maybe many maybes, we will see.
      4- I don’t think he knows that Yi Seul is slowly starting to like him, he wouldn’t lead her on if he knew that. He just did what his mother asked him to, and he likes her as friend for now, they’ve met only twice anyway, so.

  2. November 4, 2015 at 1:47 pm — Reply

    Show gives me the feels. So many things that I find great and refreshing. for a rom-com. I’m like “yaaaas, Show, yaaaas”. I wondered why RH’s mom didn’t check on Haeng Ah twice, especially since she knows about Haeng Ah’s phobia and wants her to get a physical check-up to see if she won’t get cancer like her parents. At least we know she cares, but is it out of duty because she was friends with Haeng Ah’s parents, because she’s a doctor and just treats like another patient, or is it because she genuinely loves her… as long as Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah don’t date? K-Drama cliché would be for us to think that, MAYBE, Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah are blood-related and this would explain the whole mystery of Ri Hwan’s father’s absence… However, I trust Show not to go down that cliché road, though. Those feels don’t lie.

    PS: that bar code thing. I hadn’t laughed so much in a while. and I’m still laughing.

    • November 4, 2015 at 3:30 pm — Reply

      It is like a warm tiny teddybear show, if that makes sense. It’s not something extraordinary but it is enough to make you feel all warm inside!
      I actually wondered about that on my episode 4 recap, is there a family secret? God I hope not, but it is weird how adamant she is against them, isn’t it? Hum.

      Lol, the bar code scene was hilarious!

      • Seljy
        November 5, 2015 at 3:58 pm — Reply

        Actually, I read on soompi forums that Ri Hwan’s mum just wants him to have a complete family, even if it’s via his in-laws I guess, because she is a single mom and I did read somewhere that her husband passed away. But since Haeng Ah’s parents both passed away, she is essentially alone. So to Ri Hwan’s mom, Haeng Ah is not someone she wants for her son. I am not sure if I got it right, but it’s in bubblegum’s character description. Hope this helps. ^ ^.

        • November 5, 2015 at 4:42 pm — Reply

          That makes sense; it would be far-fetched if they were somehow related. So yeah, thanks for sharing that info from the character description! ; )

  3. November 11, 2015 at 8:31 am — Reply

    […] 05  Episode 04  Episode 03  Episode 02  Episode […]

  4. November 23, 2015 at 12:04 am — Reply

    Haha. You’re right. The customer’s face is hilarious.

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