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Siren Episode #2 Recap [aka so can you smell disaster?]

[can you feel it in your bones?]

                                                 [can you feel it in your bones?]

This is an article written by Kipzizz for dramajjang.wordpress.com.
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Our PoPo couple is seen hanging around in a cafe where Satomi is contemplating whether he should buy fresh juice, which wouldn’t be fresh according to his analyzation, or coffee whereas Yuki have her eyes set on a Nekotan pudding. Before they’re ready to decide the suspect they’re onto leaves and they have to leave too.


They both talk about how this is their first surveillance and they need to be careful when Chitose calls to see how they’re doing, since she dumped the tailing to them even though it is the Safety Department’s job. She says will treat them if they do well and after that the suspect is seen entering an Adult Shop.


Satomi follows him in there alone, saying Yuki would possibly stand out, but the target is soon leaving the shop too so Satomi changes clothes not to raise suspicion if he’s seen again by him; he asks Yuki about his new look to which she replies “You look irritating but in a good way.”


The suspect makes contact to exchange what is later revealed to be turtles and is soon arrested by Satomi after they stumble to each other revealing the hentai magazine Satomi had to buy earlier in the Adult Shop.


Back in the PD, the chief tells Yuki to join the turtle smuggling interrogation, telling her it is important if she wants to enter First Division and sends Satomi to the cosmetic clinic to collect Nohana’s records.


Tsukimoto, the director of the clinic, gives the records to Satomi telling him that Nohana used to come by often but she stopped- her last appointment there was the first after a while. Satomi asks if they have met before but Tsukimoto is negative. He tells Satomi if he has any other questions he should stop by, except Wednesdays when they’re closed.


Much to Yuki’s dismay who still has some job to do, the rest are being treated drinks by the Chief for having settled a case. The Chief is then giving Satomi “advice” on how to enter First Division.


They decide to go for another round and Satomi proposes a place he knows, the cabaret where Kara works. “I need to check up my girlfriend’s friends” he says, half drunkedly to Yuki who doesn’t think it’s that a good idea.


Kara immediately spots all of them and she makes her way there. She notices Satomi is drunk and she follows him to the bathroom where he has collapsed a bit, lifting him up with remarakble strength as Satomi thinks to himself. He then takes a couple photos of her with his cellphone.


Back to their apartment, Yuki carries a drunk Satomi to bed who asks her if Kara is doing any martial arts. She says she’s doing Jujitsu and after that Satomi declare his drunk love to her!


The next morning, Chitose asks the Chief to recommend Yuki for the First Division and he says he will think about it. Yuki is ecstatic and Satomi is thinking about their promise, that if any of them/whoever gets first in the First Division they will marry.


He’s contemplating that scenario and is happy about Yuki when he bumps in the hall into a co-worker which prompts him to remember that he saw both Kara and Tsukimoto in that karaoke night.


In the gym, Yuki thanks Kara because thanks to her suggestion she’s getting closer to her goal- Kara also thinks the same about her own goal.


Satomi decides to watch Tsukimoto clinic from a cafe close by but he doesn’t find out anything the first day. Yuki later asks him what he did in his off day and he says he went out to read a book to which she jokingly replies “Are you sure it”s a not an affair?” He thinks to himself “It’s a not an affair but a stake out.”


Which continues the next day, before Satomi realizes it’s a Wednesday and the clinic is closed; as he is ready to leave though, he sees both Kara and Tsukimoto in a luxurious red car getting inside.


The designer that is staying with Kara is seen posting in a message board asking advice on how he should proceed to court her as they’re still platonic. Someone warns him that “this girl sounds suspicious” but he dismisses it. Kara and Yuki are watching a Wrestling match.


After the match, Kara wonders if Yuki has a boyfriend and if it is that guy she saw once in the police car with her. Yuki quickly denies it. Satomi at the same time is seen trying to connect the dots between the murders and is concluding that Tsukimoto might be behind everything.


Kara asks Yuki why she joined the Police and Yuki says it might have been because it was the norm for her, with her family members also belonging to the Police department. She also recounts an incident from her youth days, when she used to help bullied kids, becoming a target herself and ultimately those kids went back to the group that harassed them, which made her feel isolated. Her dad is seen encouraging her as she should fight for what is right and that is called sense of justice. Yuki says it is one of the reasons she puts huge effort to be accepted to First Division so she can properly become what her dad told her at the time. Kara asks if that means she can detect criminals, even in the bar they’re in right now and Yuki responds “I’m sure there are criminals here- it’s our job to be suspicious of everything.”

The next morning Satomi is asking questions about what can’t be altered through cosmetic surgery, since criminals might have used that method to cover their tracks. He then, says he has an acquaintance, Kara, that works in a cabaret nearby and shows Tsukimoto a picture of her and asks if he knows her/has visited the clinic but Tsukimoto is positive he doesn’t know her. Satomi’s suspicions are raised anew about why Tsukimoto would lie.


A random man is seen slashing people randomly near Kara’s cabaret who is seen watching in her cellphone if Yuki’s police car is heading there; when she confirms that is, she steps outside and stalls the man before she heads into a store when she sees police cars arriving, followed by him. She tells the man “Continue what you’re doing, there’s something I want to see.”


Yuki and Satomi are heading to the store where Kara is being “held hostage” – Satomi is seen going outside to bring reinforcements while Yuki is trying to pause the situation till the rest of the police arrives. She negotiates with the slasher, asking to be held captive instead and he should let Kara go something that surprises Kara thinking to herself “Is that all?”

Chibideka then appears and orders the slasher not to move which startles him, and he’s readying himself to stabs Kara; she stops him herself before the police is onto him.


Yuki grabs him and tells him “Atone for your sins” something that catches Kara’s attention before she is taken away.

Back in the station, Yuki is giving her tastement telling to herself how she saw something good today. The case is being televised and they make it seem like Chibideka’s achievement as Chitose says; she tells Satomi that she spoke to Yuki earlier and she looks a bit down despite having captured the slasher.


Satomi realizes quickly that Yuki is indeed moody and tries to initiate a conversation by saying that it’s good they both earned points today; Yuki says she doesn’t care about that as Kara could have been stabbed due to her not approaching the situation carefully. Satomi tells it’s good that she didn’t but Yuki is not having it.


In Tsukimoto’s clinic we see Kara getting a shot from him; he tells her she’s beautiful and different from the others and how her charm is of use to him. He proposes a side job for her and she says she will consider it. Kara is thinking about what happened with the slasher and Yuki’s anger towards him.


Satomi tells Yuki she shouldn’t commit herself more than she should, just because she has gotten closer with Kara and Yuki says he doesn’t have to tell her that, she knows already; it’s a risky profession but she still can’t forgive herself. She then leaves to return to her dorm cause she needs to be alone leaving Satomi behind.

Reflection Corner :

Rule number 1 of Siren- Don’t mess with Kara.

Rule number 2 of Siren- Don’t mess with Kara.

I am much more intrigued with her; her delaying the slasher when she could have taken him down in a second, only to potentially risk her life (I mean, she does know how to handle herself obviously, but still when you’re being held captive it’s a disadvantage) so she could see Yuki’s reaction and what she will do, that’s some serious commitment there. I am not sure what her ultimate goal is, does she really want to hurt Yuki? She seems fascinated by her, borderline infatuated (not romantically, you get what I mean) but then again, that doesn’t mean she is not planning to lure her and wound her or I don’t know what. The preview shows her repeating what Yuki said to the slasher, so that’s interesting to see why that is, and what setting will that take place.

Yuki earned my respect this episode; I was wondering if her being gloomy in the end had to do with the fact that Chibideka took the credit but she’s not petty (even if that would be rightfully so), she was concerned on how she did not operate as she should; even though, I think she’s putting too much burden on herself, since it wasn’t really her fault the slasher snapped, she is righteous and honorable; she knows she could do better and it’s understandable why she blames herself.

I liked how they talked it over with Satomi; they’re a good couple, talking their issues and trying to understand each other; even though Satomi didn’t approach this situation from Yuki’s perspective, he worries about her and tried to do things better. I am sure they will patch things up really soon, even though technically there’s nothing to patch up, sometimes if you feel like you screwed up you need to take a breather on your own, which is what Yuki did. I enjoy their natural moments, such as the drunken incident or how they were co operating in the beginning with the turtle smuggler.

About Tsukimoto and Kara, what the heck?? What is their relationship truly about, it seems to me it is more than just Kara picking insecure women and persuading them to be treated in his clinic. Are they partners in crime for some odd reason, Kara seems more of a lonewolf type. Interesting.

Onwards to episode 3 then!

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  1. Aiko
    October 31, 2015 at 3:37 pm — Reply

    I’m loving this so far.i don’t usually watch japanese detective doramas but this one has romance in it.satomi and yuki are adorable too.i’m shipping them hard lol looking forward to ep 3!^^

    • October 31, 2015 at 4:12 pm — Reply

      Oh you bet I ship it hard too, they have electrifying chemistry together! PoPo couple for the win! ; p

    • Mohammed
      November 1, 2015 at 10:36 am — Reply

      I like them very much as a couple too that i was little sad about their litte fight in the ending. Yuki could have explained her POV before avoiding Satomi. Just like Kipzizz mentioned in the recap Yuki i think is more ambitious, hardcore about her career, personal view of justice because she comes from a family of cops. Satomi as the more talented detective dont have that career drive, father to follow. I hope to see more of their different view on their career, what they see their job as.

  2. November 1, 2015 at 4:34 am — Reply

    I ship this pair so hard too lol They feel real and lovely. According to an interview with Fumino, Satomi and Inokuma have been dating for 2 years so they’re trying to make the relationship more stable and calm. I guess that’s why I like how their interaction translates through, they seem natural and comfy with each other, with no signs of awkwardness we often see in new couples in J-dramas.
    Btw, great recap and analysis ^^ Coming from someone who has read the manga, I’m glad they didn’t tone down Kara’s character so far and delivers almost exactly what the manga offers. She’s definitely ruthless. On Tsukimoto and Kara’s relationship, there’s definitely more to it and ep3 should reveal it judging from the trailer. Satomi’s personal undercover missions are quite funny too. I just kept thinking “What a nice and protective boyfriend Satomi is!” the entire time during the manga.
    Oh hey, are you the one who asked about whether Kara targeting Yuki being personal or not a while ago at my blog? All I can say, without spoiling too much is that it’s not personal. It has to do with the ‘sense of justice’ Yuki has in her. If you want more details or potentially major spoilers, we can talk through another method without putting them out in the open hehe XD

    • November 1, 2015 at 11:18 am — Reply

      Yeah, that is what I like the most about them- they’re natural and at ease with each other and you can totally buy that they have been together for some time. They complement each other really well too- both as partners and lovers.

      Darn, I am this close asking you what is Kara’s true goal, lol. Ugh, but I don’t wanna get spoiled so early in the game so I will put my patience wall forth for now!

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Mohammed
    November 1, 2015 at 10:30 am — Reply

    I started watching this drama because of the first ep recap by Kipizz and i must say its really good, very different japanese drama. Usually they are dry detective stories or romantic melodramas the J-dramas i have seen recent years. This one is a nice mix. Its very interesting,smart detective series with two impressive cop heroes. They also happen to really good couple that have very nice chemistry, they get each other. Its also important that they are good partners as cops. I root for them as a couple because they are very real couple.

    Kara is fascinating villain but its clear just like serial killer book Satomi is reading she wants to understand, solve the inner mystery of who Yuki is before she can become her victim. She thinks she is closer to her goal. Yuki is being stalked, groomed by Kara for the kill.
    Kara is like Dexter but without the goal of killing other killers. Her ultimate goal is not being just a stalker fangirl of Yuki. She has i think the need to kill but needs to understand her victim first.

    • November 1, 2015 at 11:22 am — Reply

      It seems like everyone agress they are a great, believable couple so it’s nice to see more people rooting for them!

      Kara is indeed a very fascinating villain- it’s interesting to see how her mind works and how she can operate in short time, getting the results she wants.

      I am also glad you watched the drama because of my recap, that is always a nice thing to hear, so thanks for that and your comment altogether! ; )

      • Mohammed
        November 1, 2015 at 9:48 pm — Reply

        Thank you for the well written recaps that drew me to this new fav drama of mine 🙂 I read the recap directly after the eps now too, its fun to read your POV, thoughts about this fascinating drama.

        Kara is a great character, a villain that is so smart, strong, gets the result she wants that im impressed by her as a character but i fear her because i worry what she might do our wonderful heroine Yuki. Its funny though how everyone is blinded her best weapon, her beauty that tricks everyone from seeing how dangerous she is. Only the fine tuned instinct, intellect of Satomi can see there is something wrong with her.

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