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“Age is nothing but a number.
Someone who buys his own house and his own food with the money he earned;
That’s a real adult.”


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung for
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Song Yi was trying to convince the police officers that she didn’t intend to end her own life and that they should just let her go since none of her parents will be able to appear as legal guardians! The police officers are no other than the beyond the realms of life and death bromance duo of Cruel City, Jung Kyung Ho and Yoon Hyun Min, who insist on the presence of a friend of hers in order to let her go!


The moment she checked her phone Song Yi noticed her friends’ concerns and her cheeks turned into strawberries of love the moment Ji Ahn told her that he missed her! The cops are willing to hand her over to a friend while all of her friends are waiting for her reply.


In the meantime, Choi Hoon unveils his dream which is no other than becoming a musical actor and the overall ambiance becomes supportive and playful! Everything was flowing well until Se Hyun passed by with her bicycle and Tae Oh ran after her under a gigantic full moon!

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The moment he was trying to clean the misunderstanding Song Yi called him on the phone and he willingly gave Se Hyun further information in order not to make things more difficult for him! He referred to Song Yi as a childhood friend he had to help her and since she kept asking him to go to the police station Se Hyun gave him the okay! All Se Hyun has to do is to pick up Tae Oh’s future phone call in order for them to meet again! He’s definitely a complimenting machine!

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The things at the police station have become more hilarious, the officers are eating and once Song Yi reassured them that Tae Oh will arrive they started thinking that he’s the one she likes! Song Yi started singing and dancing in order to prove that she would never end her own life and they took a videotaped her! After one more song, an SNSD one most preferably, they let her go and that’s when Tae Oh arrived to find out she had just left! However, he also found out that Song Yi likes him and he became aware of her reactions while she was reading… Ji Ahn’s messages!


Tae Oh’s back home and the more he thinks that Song Yi likes him the more the officers appear in his mind to empower his mood and he’s actually so glad about it! Song Yi called him on the phone and unveiled all of her recent concerns and once he started hallucinating in love-oriented things Song Yi informed him on the house she bought, a tent at the rooftop! She asked him if he wants to live with her and the face to face phone call conversation reached the end!

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Tae Oh completed the tent-house and Song Yi was thankful, but she also promised that she won’t cause any problems! On top of that, she intends to help everyone at the rooftop, but Tae Oh’s mind was trying to uncover the reason why Song Yi would like him! As for why he was the one she called to pick her up, he’s the first person that comes to mind every time she’s in trouble! Once Tae Oh’s romantic delirium reached an end he urged Song Yi to pay him monthly rent and bills. It’s something that enraged Song Yi, but she had to comply!


Even though Choi Hoon has been absent from home for five days his parent’s haven’ called him yet. Ga In tried to reassure him that they must be thinking that he’s with his friends and he decided to not go back if they won’t try to find him! Breakfast time had arrived and the breakfast Tae Oh prepared was actually for himself and he started eating in full grandeur in front of Song Yi! He intends to remain strong in order to make Song Yi give up on her feelings!

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We get to know Tae Oh’s father who’s not the most pleasant person on earth and he’s not happy with the fact that he hasn’t raised Ji Ahn’s father’s rent all this time and the fight over money goes on! Tae Oh, Ji Ahn and Choi Hoon are playing basketball, but soon enough Choi Hoon surrendered since Tae Oh and Ji Ahn’s fathers’ problems became a part of the game with Ji Ahn trying to emerge victorious. Even though Tae Oh wanted to let him win he can’t forget that he and his father are two different persons.


Ji Ahn intends to do just anything in order to help his father so that the rent won’t get raised and he’ll start cleaning right away. The day they entered college Ji Ahn had told Song Yi that someone becomes an adult the moment he’s able to buy his own house and food and that he dreams of becoming a real adult someday. At the present, Tae Oh acknowledges that Ji Ahn had always been more of an adult than him.

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He didn’t leave Ji Ahn alone, he helped him clean but soon the overall ambiance became playful! Tae Oh’s father accepted Ji Ahn in the cleaning business, but he also decreased his son’s allowance! Tae Oh acknowledged that they didn’t choose to be their fathers’ sons, but Ji Ahn emphasized on the fact that Tae Oh is lucky enough to the extent that he won’t even have to work if he wants to. Tae Oh was sorry about it and that’s why he tries to redeem himself as his father’s son. However, there’s a difference between them, Ji Ahn is proud of his father.

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And then there’s always Song Yi who was apologetic for her attitude towards Tae Oh who kept thinking that she was hurting because of him! Even though she wanted to, she didn’t contact Ji Ahn because she knew he was already hurt. Song Yi may like him, but she can’t be of any help when these specific days of the year arrive.


Tae Oh confessed to Ji Ahn that there’s a girl who likes him but he didn’t invest in more details and left the mystery floating! Ji Ahn referred to a girl who likes him as well and he mentioned that she works at the library, but he didn’t invest in details either! Nevertheless, both of them were so happy, especially Ji Ahn whose internal references were more specific and actually cute as opposed to Tae Oh’s presentation of Song Yi as an ugly, rough and with a nasty personality girl!

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Both of them like Song Yi, but Ji Ahn thinks that the way they are at the present is perfect. Even though they go out together and it feels like a date it’s not really a date, but he loves being with her. As for the reasons why Tae Oh won’t go out with the girl he likes is because she’s weird, her breasts don’t fit his standards, she’s ugly and there’s definitely someone prettier than her in the whole world! The moment Ji Ahn found out that Song Yi asked Tae Oh to live with him and she’s staying in a tent at the rooftop the world became blurrier for him.

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Ga In and Choi Hoon are out of his house, if he won’t come out in ten minutes she should call 911 and report his family for domestic violence! Choi Hoon found his parents and his two brothers and the fact that he had ran away from home hadn’t bothered them at all. Now he knows the reason why they won’t look for him and why they won’t ask him about his dreams. It’s because he’s different from his brothers and hopeless compared to them as a shameful son who hasn’t graduated from college. His father tried to hit him with a golf club but Choi Hoon’s brothers held him back. The moment he said that he doesn’t envy his brothers who are like pawns without personality he got hit by his father. Ga In wanted to call 911, but he appeared with his luggage and tried to convince her that things weren’t as awry as she thought they would be.

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Nighttime has arrived and Tae Oh’s food too, but Song Yi’s not back yet since she works hard. It’s something that made Tae Oh think that everyone’s working except for him! Ji Ahn’s work shift is about to end and Song Yi arrived! The timing was right since both of them wanted to give something to one another and the beautifully awkward exchange reached completion with both of them being happy!

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Tae Oh couldn’t eat his pizza because he was waiting for Song Yi to appear and there she was dancing around with the beverage Ji Ahn gave to her! In order not to notice that he was waiting for her Tae Oh ran inside inside the house to appear in front of her with a piece of pizza! She invaded his house and she’ll eat her ramen since Tae Oh would share his pizza with her! However, she managed to get his soda and offer a nuclear burp making him think that she’s definitely not his type!

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Eventually she invaded the pizza to find out that Tae Oh was making fun of her and that he intended to let her eat in the first place! Tae Oh referred to the rumor he heard, the one of Song Yi liking someone and she agreed even though she’s not dating the one she likes. Tae Oh urged her to keep her feelings to herself in order not to ruin a good friendship! Even so, Tae Oh still thinks that loving someone is a great aspect in life and Song Yi referred to the one she likes as the oasis of happiness she was craving for! Tae Oh thought she was talking about him and he kept praising that guy! Of course, Tae Oh had lied! She’s pretty, her breasts fit his standards and she’s definitely his type. In fact, she’s the one and only for him!

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It was a moment for Tae Oh to hate himself while he was comparing himself to his friends. Choi Hoon always knows what he wants, Ga In doesn’t reject anyone and she can overcome life’s struggles anytime and Ji Ahn is leaning towards a responsible adult’s direction whereas Tae Oh doesn’t have a dream and he’s always dependent to his father. He doesn’t really know a lot about himself and he’s currently trying to run away from the girl he likes! He told Song Yi that he’d wish something would happen in his life and since he doesn’t know what to do he’d wish someone would enter his life and make it vibrant. He approached Song Yi and asked her to make him totally crazy about her!

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~ Thoughts ~


I don’t know from where to start and where to end! There are so many things going on in this drama in a shorter amount of time per episode and they’re actually presented pretty well! In addition, the acting paces in a like-minded way with the drama’s emotional demands both storywise and characterwise! I am really curious on how the writer will work on everything going on, especially when it comes to the love triangle’s bonds and the way they will affect a sacred state of heart; friendship. The cameo of Jung Kyung Ho and Yoon Hyun Min was super awesome and ultra hilarious, they never fail to amaze together! If you haven’t seen them in Cruel City i dare you to do so!


More light was shed on Choi Hoon’s background and we found out that he wants to become a musical actor. It’s all about a young man placing his own dreams over his parents’ ambitions and the state of success his older siblings have forged. They will neither blink an eye nor search for him every time he runs away from home since they have taken his attitude for granted and they don’t intend to pay attention to him unless he starts walking upon the trail they have already set for him. They consider him an embarrassment to the family and they won’t even look down on him, they ignore him as if he was some sort of a human pest. However, once he raised his voice he couldn’t get ignored anymore and violence was the most “logical” reaction for his “father.”


Referring to his brothers as soulless beings was highly descriptive of how empty and mechanical they were while following their father’s lead and they ended up becoming successful, but at the cost of losing their own personalities. As opposed to them, Choi Hoon is young and soulful, filled with all the necessary energy and passion he wants to embed in his own dreams and not in a college class which wouldn’t only be the shipwreck of his youth, but also a great burden to himself the moment he’d become a “proper” adult. At this point, i am really curious about Ga In’s background, but we already know that she’s a determined young lady who likes to help others and herself in overcoming obstacles!


Ya, Tae Oh, your heart cries out Song Yi’s name, why are you after Se Hyun if you’re not willing to give up on Song Yi? Tae Oh’s conflicted emotions and the omnipresent phobia to express his real feelings, something he keeps to himself whenever he’s alone, derives from the direct dependence on his father. It negatively affects him on his quest to define himself and pave his own pathway. His emotional state becomes less blurry when he compares himself to his friends who have taken their lives in their own hands one way or another.


Tae Oh’s father is a coldblooded bourgeois who thinks he’s someone just because he’s making more money than others without being rich to the moon and back. He’s just rich enough so that his son will never have to work since he’ll keep gathering money from rents. His father’s attitude leaves its own impact in Tae Oh’s friendship with Ji Ahn; indirectly. The conflict of the grownups is being transferred in their children with Ji Ahn trying to win the rematch for his father’s sake against Tae Oh’s father even though it’s only Tae Oh standing in front him. At the same time, Tae Oh tries to separate himself from his father as a distinctive yet dependent individual.


Tae Oh’s romantic hallucinations, self-praising attitude and the fact that he has eyes for all these beautiful women in this world even though he loves only one are hilarious! However, every time he jokes about Song Yi paying him the rent or not giving her food, even though it ends up being a joke it certainly derives from his father’s overall attitude and it starts sounding like unintended black humor which could possibly be misunderstood.


Ji Ahn is a responsible young man on his way towards adulthood, a young man who was forced to mature way too early due to everything he’s experienced in life. Unlike Tae Oh who’s not really proud of his father, Ji Ahn is even though his own father doesn’t make much money and they have economical problems. Even so, he’s hardworking and he tries to do his best for his family. Such people can only be admired even when they can’t surpass many obstacles due to the circumstances. Except for going to college and working at the convenience store, Ji Ahn was willing to sacrifice more of his time in order to help his father so that the rent would remain stable. It was an instant and unconditional decision without any further thinking.


Tae Oh could only help Ji Ahn as he acknowledges the hardships he’s going through even it had its own impact on his allowance, but it’s not like he won’t be able to survive! The conflict between their fathers makes the two young men look like considerate rivals for a while, but friendship always prevails. The real problem between them will occur in a more empowered way when Song Yi will find herself between them and it was more than apparent the moment Ji Ahn found out that Song Yi asked Tae Oh to live with him!


It’s in the distinctive way both of them talk about Song Yi and it’s always according to their own personalities. As i said above, Tae Oh keeps his real feelings to himself and in front of others he tries to look cool while usually contrasting his real emotions with his words. He doesn’t know how to sincerely express his feelings because he doesn’t know himself. He’s like a remote greenhouse only he visits. On the contrary, Ji Ahn is true to his feelings and he always reflects back the love Song Yi’s presence infuses in his life. He talks about her with due respect and caring, but he’s also aware of the fact that they are friends. Since he’s unaware of her mutual feelings he finds it perfect that they can hang out together, it’s something he deeply treasures and so does see. It’s omnipresent even in the slightest details such as Song Yi seeing the beverage Ji Ahn gave her as the most valuable trophy!


After the sudden realization that all of his friends are working except for himself, Tae Oh was craving for Song Yi’s arrival. And after their renowned and playful “collisions” the romantic vibes started floating in the air in a hilarious tone as well! Tae Oh realized that he was running away from the girl he loves while Song Yi was referring to the one she loves, Ji Ahn, as the oasis in this desert of a life she’s found herself in and that’s when the heart talks.


Tae Oh is the first person she thinks of when she’s in trouble, he makes her feel secure and that’s when the mind talks. He decided to take a brave step forward and asked Song Yi to make him crazy about her in a straight forward way. The fact that he doesn’t know himself fueled the urge for something extraordinary to take place in his life and Song Yi’s temperament would be the craziest thing he’d ever crave for! I’m on my way to the third episode as things have just started becoming even more serious!


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung for
The original Because It’s the First Time recaps can be found only here:


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Kwon Sang Seung

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    Loved the cameo! And not just Cruel City, Falling for Innocence too. See the cuteness:
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