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“Bonfire! Your fiery youth and romance! Don’t you get it?”


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung for dramajjang.wordpress.com.
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Yeon Doo showed the video to Ha Joon and they have palpable proof that Kim Yeol didn’t steal the USB since teacher Im still had it in his possession almost one hour after Kim Yeol was supposed to have stolen it! Yeon Doo and Ha Joon intend to deliver the news to Kim Yeol in person!


Yeon Doo escaped from her room and so did Ha Joon! She wrist-grabbed him in order for them to avoid the teacher and even though Ha Joon fell on the floor they managed to hide! However, the teacher caught them!


Yeon Doo sent a picture of her with Ha Joon to Kim Yeol and informed him on their failed attempt to escape and the punishment that followed! Kim Yeol’s arch laughter was overshadowed by his jealousy! The teacher forced them to squat walk and even though it felt like a torture to Yeon Doo, Ha Joon was actually enjoying it and he even helped her by pushing her forward!

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Ha Joon’s back inside his room and he couldn’t stop staring at his picture with Yeon Doo. He put on his wound some of the medicine Yeon Doo had given him while recalling the recent moments they shared together!

 bscap3349bscap3348 bscap3352

In the meantime, Yeon Doo’s talking to Kim Yeol on the phone and he acknowledges that they will receive punishment points because of him, but these points are meaningless to Yeon Doo since she’s gotten used to them! She’s glad that Kim Yeol’s innocence will be proven, but it won’t be enough for Kim Yeol because even though she can prove that he didn’t steal it at 12:00 pm she can’t actually prove that he didn’t do so after 12:58pm. Yeon Doo’s glad that Kim Yeol’s detective spirit is coming back to the surface and the overall ambiance got playful once Kim Yeol’s self-praising attitude became the topic of the conversation. Kim Yeol was thankful towards Yeon Doo for believing in him and putting her trust on the casual Kim Yeol and not the one who owns the first place. Yeon Doo may not have found it difficult to believe in him, but according to Kim Yeol the hardest thing in the world is to always believe in someone. Even though the whole situation was devastating the overall burden was less heavy because Yeon Doo believed in him.

bscap3359bscap3354bscap3355 bscap3360

Kim Yeol’s back at school and he entered the headmistress’ office where she and teacher Im watched the video. Teacher Im insisted that Kim Yeol could have stolen it after 12:58 pm, but he became aware of the fact that his USB had been stolen around 1:55 pm. Kim Yeol led the investigation to prove that he couldn’t have stolen the USB until teacher Im left the classroom. Even when teacher Im left the classroom Kim Yeol had an ironclad alibi since he was with coach Nam inside the Baek Ho library and many of the cheerleader team members are witnesses of his physical presence. As for how the USB was found inside Kim Yeol’s schoolbag, he put his watch inside teacher Im’s shirt pocket as a demonstration of what actually happened. The headmistress couldn’t do otherwise but accept Kim Yeol back at school! Kim Yeol’s renowned smile is carved all over his face!

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Yeon Doo was concerned about Kim Yeol, but Ha Joon reassured her that Kim Yeol isn’t someone who would lose that battle. Ha Joon was wondering how can Yeon Doo worry so much about someone else’s problems as if they were her own, it’s something that made her wonder why does Ha Joon never expresses his own thoughts and utters the opposite of what he wants to say even though he’s fragile on the inside despite his tough shell! Ha Joon could only feel awkward! Kim Yeol appeared and even though teacher Im and the headmistress didn’t apologize he has to find out how to move on from now on.

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Kim Yeol’s back inside the classroom and once some students approached him with their “concerns” about him Kim Yeol unveiled his thoughts on the fact that the only thing they cared about was that there would be less competition! This time Kim Yeol doesn’t intend to give his notes to other classmates since they didn’t believe in him!

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The headmistress is concerned about the counter-attack and she wants teacher Im to step forward if they don’t want to suffer until Kim Yeol graduates.


Teacher Yang informed the class that Kim Yeol was unjustly accused and that the school intends to find the real culprit. He acknowledged that there are moments in life for some people who can’t walk backwards the pathway they chose to walk upon, but it’s the only option. Teacher Yang emphasized on the fact that if one students holds his/her hand out he will always be there to grab it and offer his help hoping they will maintain their courage.


Kim Yeol, Ha Joon and Yeon Doo are having a beverage party and Kim Yeol started shaking his can recalling the scene that brought them close together for the first time! Yeon Doo sensed his intentions and started backing away from him and Ha Joon became her protective wall! Kim Yeol wants “revenge” for that incident and he wondered if Ha Joon had betrayed him, but of course, he chose Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo agreed! The ambiance became even more vibrant between Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol while Ha Joon was staring at them with a smile carved upon his face!

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Kim Yeol will probably sit for the midterm exam and the ranks of everyone will change. Kim Yeol’s renowned approach made Soo Ah feel quite awry! Soo Ah’s mother was worried about her daughter’s first place but the instructor urged her not to worry. Everyone had to take the same exam for fairness’ sake and Kim Yeol can’t sit for a different one. Soo Ah’s mother wants to make sure her daughter won’t lose the first place and the instructor will do the talking with all the proper connections.

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The headmistress informed Kim Yeol that sitting for the midterm exam is impossible even though he studied hard. Kim Yeol expressed his concerns that his mood won’t be the best one during the final exams if he hadn’t received a midterm exam grade and the headmistress played the card that it would be unfair towards all the other students who already sat for it. Kim Yeol fought back by stating that he was wrongly accused by the school and that’s the reason why he couldn’t sit for the exam.


Since a make-up exam was impossible Kim Yeol’s father along with his lawyers appeared! All he wants is for the school to make things right which is no other than letting Kim Yeol sit for the exam. Since the headmistress can’t do anything about it the time for legal actions has arrived. The lawyers want the incident to be taken off Kim Yeol’s school record as if nothing ever happened, but they will also ask for compensation due to his suspension along with the fact that he lost the chance to sit for the exam and the school will eventually get sued for defamation!


Kim Yeol acknowledged that his father did a good job and he wants to his father will strike with full force. Once Kim Yeol started leaving his father was apologetic and stated that he should have trusted his own son in the first place.


Shortly after he met Yeon Doo’s mother and she recognized how stressed he was and praised him for his efforts! Since he didn’t use to be apologetic or put his trust in his son he’s pretty much aware that he took Kim Yeol by surprise even though it didn’t have the desired outcome. Yeon Doo’s mother taught him three essential phrases for a child to grow up well which are no other than saying that the parent is sorry or thankful and directly expressing his love! Even though he thought that raising a child is a difficult task Yeon Doo’s mother had a different opinion and all he has to do is to work on the child’s heart. He urged her to rethink his proposal even though it won’t be easy for her to say it to Yeon Doo, but Kim Yeol’s father is certain that her daughter craves for a father’s presence!


Hyo Sik informed everyone on the latest events and they started worrying about Kim Yeol sitting for the exam since their ranks would go down! The teachers’ office was bombarded by phone calls of parents who wanted to know if the make-up exam would take place! Of course, the headmistress really turned into a flimsy squid filled with rage and ordered teacher Im to take responsibility and stop Kim Yeol’s plans!

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Kim Yeol entered the Baek Ho library and sat next to Soo Ah. He asked her how does it feel being in the first place and she changed the subject to the uproar the make-up exam possibility had caused. However, it wasn’t Kim Yeol’s fault that he didn’t sit for it and it’s something that must be done! Soo Ah’s worries were omnipresent and once Kim Yeol left with Yeon Doo she recalled that Yeon Doo was checking the CCTV footage. Soo Ah found that some of the cameras are being managed by a security company and her instructor took care of it! The danger hasn’t subsided yet since a student from Sevit High School has a copy of the CCTV footage. The instructor wanted to know the whole truth, but Soo Ah urged her to keep it a secret from her mother since she’ll take care of it on her own.

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At the school’s rooftop Kim Yeol kept praising himself in his own renowned way and Yeon Doo could only find it amusing! Even though she was happy that everything turned out well nothing’s over until it’s over for Kim Yeol!


Kim Yeol found teacher Im who wouldn’t acknowledge the fact that he wrongly accused him! Kim Yeol told him that if he had put his memories in order nothing like that would have happened and that’s the reason why a petition at the Education Office feels essential! Of course, teacher Im could only reconsider!


Kim Yeol ordered food for the boys to eat with him, it’s something that breaks the school’s regulations, but once teacher Im appeared Kim Yeol took care of everything without saying anything! Not giving unfair punishment points to his friends was a part of the deal!

 bscap3443bscap3441 bscap3444

If the headmistress will do a favor to Kim Yeol he intends to drop the lawsuit and forget about sitting for the make-up exam. All he wants from her is to renew teacher Yang’s contract!


Soo Ah found a USB along with a post-it inside her locker asking her if this is what she wanted. It was the very specific part of the CCTV footage showing her stealing teacher Im’s USB. Her hysterical attitude resurfaced and she went to the school’s backyard to destroy it. As expected, Dong Jae appeared and Soo Ah lost her temper anew since he is the one to witness her when something goes very wrong! He urged her to say anything that keeps bothering her if it won’t cease tormenting her, but all she wanted to find out was whether he was at the Baek Ho library or not; affirmative.

bscap3451 bscap3453bscap3454

Even though Kim Yeol won’t sit for the exam Soo Ah is still in a difficult position because of the way she dealt with the sexual harassment incident. All they have to do is to infuse more positive vibes inside the team, but it mustn’t be way too obvious and a celebration for Soo Ah’s first place feels like a good option.


Now that the recent hardships are over everyone’s practicing in duets, except for Dong Jae who’s practicing with his imaginary partner! Coach Nam and teacher Yang have to find a way to help him! Even though teacher Yang thought the headmistress wouldn’t give them permission she agreed all along the way for the cheerleading team’s camping excursion and Soo Ah’s mother will pay for everything!

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Dong Jae helped Yeon Doo with the luggage and she acknowledged that she didn’t pay that much attention to him lately! He gave her strawberry milk anew and once teacher Yang arrived they could finally start their journey! The rest of the team will join them with teacher Im and even though he acted cool his real motive was to give punishment points! However, Kim Yeol prevented him and the journey began! Both Kim Yeol and Ha Joon being jealous about Dong Jae accompanying Yeon Doo and giving her strawberry milk was hilarious!

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They have finally arrived and while they’ll be staying there they will be devoid of modern technology! Teacher Yang gathered their cellphones and after everyone picked a tent a conversation about Kim Yeol’s incident began. Only Soo Ah was sitting all alone and kept silently boiling as she started suspecting them one after the other!

bscap3475 bscap3479bscap3481bscap3477

The moment Yeon Doo was leaving their tent Soo Ah entered and found inside her bag another post-it warning her that confessing during the bonfire will be her last chance. Kim Yeol was with Yeon Doo and she mentioned her father who had quite a number of titles back in the days and that’s an attribute she inherited. Even though she doesn’t talk about him there are times she wants to do so, but she changed the subject and mentioned how awesome Kim Yeol’s father is. Yeon Doo became aware that his parents were never around when he needed them and she was proud of him for growing up so well on his own!

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Hyo Sik caught them once again, but teacher Yang sent Kim Yeol and Hyo Sik to gather some firewood for the evening’s bonfire! Yeon Doo’s task will be to buy drinks and coal! Soo Ah joined her and as soon as they reached the store Soo Ah asked her about the CCTV footage. The moment Soo Ah noticed the pink post-it everything became more apparent in her mind. Soo Ah took everything they bought and Yeon Doo’s bag while she’d be at the restroom, but she left Yeon Doo all alone and told the driver that the teacher would come to pick her up.

bscap3504 bscap3505bscap3507 bscap3509

Being unable to inform anyone Yeon Doo started walking while Kim Yeol was already worried about her. Once Soo Ah arrived she said that she had gone for a walk, but her face couldn’t hide that she did something wrong. Inside her tent Soo Ah found yet another pink post-it urging her to do the right thing within 30 minutes instead of running away and she finally realized that someone else was behind this.

 bscap3512bscap3513 bscap3514

Teacher Yang was preparing the barbecue and once he got informed that Yeon Doo was missing he left the barbecue task to teacher Im and started searching with Kim Yeol and Ha Joon. On her way back Yeon Doo fell and got hurt. Ha Joon took a bicycle to keep searching and teacher Yang tried to call her on the phone but there was no signal. They entered the small room and Kim Yeol called the driver to find out what had happened.

bscap3517 bscap3527bscap3526bscap3520

He left right away to meet Soo Ah and started pressuring her to tell him where Yeon Doo was. Once Ha Joon found her she could finally cry her heart out and fell in Ha Joon’s embrace.

bscap3533 bscap3548bscap3551 bscap3544bscap3537bscap3536 bscap3545bscap3546bscap3543

~ Thoughts ~


Sassy Go Go’s ratings fell once again after a slightly better “peak” and it reached 3.6% with its 8th episode. Two weeks before the curtains fall the overall ambiance was filled tension, either a pompous or a lurking one. We got to dwell in a world filled with uncertainty, misunderstandings, fear and tension, but there were also hope, sincerity, caring and a sense of justice along with a varied and liked-minded emotional portrayal of the characters. Gradually and from the 9th episode everything will start falling into place!


Yeon Do and Ha Joon had palpable proof and delivering such important news in person was essential in order to treasure the emotional magnificence of the moment and crack in the most vibrant way Kim Yeol’s uncertainty. It’s not like finding out through a phone call would be faceless, it’s Kim Yeol, Yeon Doo and Ha Joon we’re talking about, but for the exact same reason they had to meet him against all odds. Even if their attempt didn’t blossom they still made Kim Yeol smile again! Although instant jealousy was the other side of the coin!


The punishment they received was the most enjoyable one for Ha Joon simply because he was with Yeon Doo and he helped her despite having been hurt! Inside his room everything was still so alive before his very eyes, their picture and his memories which were all over the place could prove it. Just like he uses the painkiller cream Yeon Doo gave him every time he gets hurt, Yeon Doo herself is the painkiller for his soul with her lively spirit. The purity of his smile could prove it.


The smiles of Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol while talking on the phone were highly representative of the tension and uncertainty which had started subsiding as they could humbly explode in a cloud of bliss. Yeon Doo’s trust in Kim Yeol had a greater impact upon him than Yeon Doo would ever expect. What felt heartfelt yet natural for her was a brand new horizon unveiling itself in front a person whose dictionary is devoid of the word “trust.”


At school, Kim Yeol didn’t only set the chessboard, he also performed the moves of both sides on his own to prove himself innocent in a way nobody would be able to doubt him. On top of that, he knew that even though he had won a battle he hadn’t won the war, but he had set the right foundations for his next strategic moves that would follow. He caused confusion among the ranks of the headmistress and teacher Im and later on he would play the card of how unjustly he was treated in order to accomplish his own selfless goals.


Ha Joon is astonished by Yeon Doo’s very soul and essence. He’s always amazed seeing her unconditionally caring in such a combative way about others as if she was trying to surpass her own obstacles. Setting aside other feelings that seem to be hiding underneath the surface, she’s an inspiration for him and her overall approach helps him manage his tension and address it towards a righteous cause, but also unveil the heartfelt person within which was never asleep but in pain.


After everything Kim Yeol went through he could have easily surrendered to his most selflish aspect, a side he kept for those who deserved it in the way he treated him the moment he was wrongly accused of stealing teacher Im’s USB. Even though he was the school’s model student he was sharing his personal notes, but all the fake concerns now that his image was restored mean nothing to him for the time being. While others were talking behind his back in the recent past he chose to talk face to face at the present just like a sincere person like Kim Yeol would do at all costs. It wasn’t revenge for not believing in him, it was the outcome of their words and actions.


Teacher Yang’s speech was a call for the culprit who framed Kim Yeol to come to the foreground, not alone, not without support. There’s a wide variety of paths in life and even though the wrong choice may appear irreversible the only way out is the way back to the starting point. Teacher Yang has already proven countless times how important his students are to him and he’s willing to be there for them even though they did something that caused major harm. Even though there will be punishment by the school’s rules and regulations he will conduct the educative and supportive part.


The scene with Kim Yeol, Yeon Doo and Ha Joon at the rooftop wasn’t only a playful one. I presume it was depicting the writer’s intentions in the love triangle’s forthcoming course. Ha Joon choosing Kim Yeol over Yeon Doo was depicting how powerful their friendship is, but also staring at them with his sincere and devoid of discontent smile was also proving his purity of character despite his growing feelings for Yeon Doo.


The 8th episode was quite a ride for Soo Ah and everyone backing her up. Soo Ah and especially her mother would never let her slide back to the second place now that she finally reached the first one. The injustice Kim Yeol had to go through would never be of any importance in order for Soo Ah to emerge victorious and her mother along with the instructor would work on all the necessary methods and connections. One of them was the parents’ phone calls at school to express their discomfort for Kim Yeol’s make-up exam’s possibility, the other one surfaced later on and it was covered by charity’s veil to ease Soo Ah’s self-imposed outcast status.


Even though her mother was unaware of how she reached the first place (not that she’d disapprove), Soo Ah managed to keep it a secret but what seemed like the easy way out is bound to strike back like a boomerang. What goes around comes around and it was in the form of pink post-its trespassing Soo Ah’s fake harmony. The student who wields the CCTV footage is out there and everyone could be a suspect. Finding herself at the verge of losing everything now that she acquired the top position evoked a hysterical approach at first and eventually a delusional one.


Soo Ah has reached the point of no return and she didn’t take into consideration teacher Yang’s words on walking backwards the ill-natured path she chose to walk upon. Neither Kim Yeol’s words on how does it feel now that she finally reached the first place nor Dong Jae’s approach on her to let it all out if she can’t cope with it anymore worked. She chose to keep moving forward and it’s not a road adorned with roses, the problem is that the thorns keep harming others, but her demise isn’t that far way.


In case there will be one, I am curious on how the writer will work on her redemption process, but i hope it won’t be very nerve-shaking and devoid of consequences. I have to admit that i like Chae Soo Bin’s concerned face after she does something wrong, she tries to portray someone innocent who’s not even aware of what happened. The concern that is carved all over her face isn’t really about the one Soo Ah harmed, but for her on whether she will get caught or not and it always has the opposite outcome!


After Kim Yeol was unable to convey his own message in being able to sit for the midterm exam he used heavy weaponry. His father and his lawyers did the talking and he would sit for it eventually. However, he chose a different pathway after he made his intentions clear. At first he tightened the noose around teacher Im’s neck in a humorous yet palpable way in order for him to let his friends finally breathe and shatter his ecstatic and relentless attitude. After taking him out of the picture the next target was the headmistress and instead of himself sitting for the midterm exam he progressed with yet another selfless act. He sacrificed his right to sit for the exam in order for teacher Yang’s contract’s renewal. Kim Yeol became a better and more caring person through his confrontation with injustice. He could take the whole situation to the edge, but he chose balance over ruckus and his mindfulness reigned supreme for people he cared about.


Kim Yeol’s father surely apologized and expressed his trust towards his son, it was one step forward to be honest, but it wouldn’t change the past overnight. Even though his intentions are sincere and they are convincing up to an extent, they are not convincing enough as he doesn’t seem to have understood the real amount of harm he caused to his son throughout the years even though Kim Yeol grew up to become a responsible individual. Yeon Doo’s mother was once again rather insightful on the way a parent should build his/her relationship with his/her child. Sincerity through short yet utterly meaningful and important phrases such as “i love you,” “thank you” and “i am sorry” would be enough to set the foundations and further acts would progress the relationship. Kim Yeol’s father has lost many years with his son and even though he wants to re-approach him he gives me the impression that he misses more a woman by his side rather than Kim Yeol. I mean, come on! You can’t be a father to your own son and you will be a proper paternal figure to Yeon Doo?


I like how Kim Yeol and Ha Joon are learning jealousy together in its healthiest form. Being together jealous of Dong Jae for Yeon Doo was a personal favorite, not everyone can achieve it in such a hilarious and natural way as if nothing happened between them but something was going on with the girl they like even though nothing was really going on!


The camping field trip began well for everyone, except for Soo Ah who was sitting all alone like the most hateful a 100 years old grandmother suspecting everyone who could potentially steal her fortune in case she fell asleep. Yeon Doo’s father still remains a mystery on what happened to him and the fact that she doesn’t want to talk about him is probably due to two reasons. He either passed away and she never truly recovered from his loss or he wasn’t the best person on earth and he had to part ways with his family. The fact that she rarely talks about him could be for any of those reasons, but the reason why there are times she wants to do so is because she misses either him or a paternal figure depending on the reason why. The only thing we know about him is that he loved titles, a legacy Yeon Doo continues as the cheerleading team’s captain.


The pink post-its kept coming and Soo Ah’s delusional state of mind made her believe that Yeon Doo was behind them and she left her behind. Kim Yeol, Ha Joon and teacher Yang were the most appropriate people to search around for her without evoking chaos at the camping, especially now that teacher Im was there as well. Kim Yeol found out that it was Soo Ah’s wrongdoing that Yeon Doo was missing and he erupted in front of her while the bicycle was already marching towards Yeon Doo who was devastated. Once she noticed a friendly figure she could finally let her tears flow. Ha Joon’s embrace was the safest place on earth at that very moment. Had Kim Yeol appeared instead of him it would be the same and she’d find safety and comfort in his embrace, the distinctive difference would be the fact that they share a mutual emotional background unlike Ha Joon’s one-sided feelings.


I can’t wait for the next week’s episodes since i am very curious about who could be the pink post-it avenger! I lean towards teacher Yang’s direction since he was the only one who knew about the bonfire before he informed the rest of the students and Soo Ah’s deadline was the bonfire of course! It could also be coach Nam whose absence was distinctive, she may had pretended to arrive later on while she’d still be there and work on her own plan to make Soo Ah tell the whole truth not only for justice to be served, but also for the team to eventually feel like a team as a whole. However, Kim Yeol’s “it’s over until it’s over” could point towards his direction along with his locked stare at Soo Ah the moment she left her seat at the camping while she thought he hadn’t noticed that she was staring at him.


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung for dramajjang.wordpress.com.
The original Sassy Go Go recaps can be found only here:


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  1. bmore
    October 28, 2015 at 5:30 am — Reply

    I too am curious and looking forward to the reveal of our pink note person. Since the security people were willing to delete the incriminating evidence, but would not reveal who already had a copy of it, it points to someone with the power to stop their mouths, one would think. A WHOLE WEEK to go!

  2. October 28, 2015 at 7:05 am — Reply

    I’m glad that it isn’t only me who thinks that YD will most likely not get together (or form a “mutual” loveline) with HJ. Hopefully next week’s episodes will clear up this situation as I don’t want the YDxKY couple, the bromance between KY & HJ and the friendship between KY, YD, and HJ to be destroyed. I also hope that the parents’ relationship won’t impact YDxKY’s budding relationship… Can’t wait for next week to come… But since there’s only 2 weeks left before this drama ends therefore this would mean we would have to get ready for more angst T.T hopefully not too bad or just at the same level as it is now. and having more closing regarding some of the issues currently present in the drama, such as the parents’ relationship issue, DJ’s problem (which thankfully was brought up as a passing in episode 8), the possible love triangle (although it’s pretty much 1 sided in HJ’s case and mutual in YD’s and KY’s case), and SA’s redemption (which should happen asap!).

  3. Hakyeonica
    October 28, 2015 at 7:18 am — Reply

    I’m a fan of VIXX and N@Cha Hakyeon is my bias in this drama. Even though he’s one of the main actors in this drama, there’s only a few part of him and that makes me really dissappointed. I’m realllllllly hoping to see more of him in the next episode cause I NEED TO SEE MORE OF HA DONG’S CUTENESS!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  4. October 28, 2015 at 10:46 am — Reply

    You know, about that pink note person, I have someone in my mind, but I don’t know if it would be the same person as I was thinking it would be. It must be someone who always found her in a despicable side. In my mind, it’s a male. I don’t think it’s Yeol, neither it’s Ha Joon, it’s someone who doesn’t appeared to be smart or not knowing anything but they actually really know, and I am sure this person is a person who’s always beside Kang Yeon Doo. But I don’t know if this person is the same person that I am thinking it would be. Of course, everyone on both sides/teams/clubs ALL know Soo Ah is the culprit of all this, you could see they were all looking at her after she walked pass them when they were all discussing about Yeol’s accusation as if nothing happened, Soo Ah eventually thought they didn’t noticed she was staring at them, but once she passed them, they all looked back at her.

    And about Yeol and Ha Joon being jealous together of Dong Jae for Yeon Doo was seriously funny hahaha But I love how all of this brings them closer and tighter than ever, even Ha Joon and Yeon Doo has become closer with each other, that it brings them wanting to protect one another through anything 🙂

    It’s great to see how caring and loyal Yeol has become in this episode, for his friends. It’s also great to see the process of the Baekho kids are all acting like 17-18 year olds, unlike before, when they all just so focused on their studies and had no fun, until the Real King team come together with them hahah Everyone, except for Soo Ah, of course haha

    • October 28, 2015 at 11:04 am — Reply

      I also wonder what happened to her dad as well. It’s either he passed away when she was little or he wasn’t the best person so they parted ways, like you said hahah It would be good if we get to know some details about her dad, since we already know what happened to Kim Yeol in the past, now please show us what happened to Yeon Doo’s dad, why does she feel uncomfortable talking about him. It could be the second choice, because of her expression.

  5. October 28, 2015 at 11:58 am — Reply

    great recap, and i totally agree with your assessment! one thing i’d like to add is that the witch keeps wearing shirts with statements appropriate to the scene, which ive found really funny. i think the one she was wearing when they were trying to catch the usb culprit was ‘find me.’ haha….a bit of insight into the writers i think! also, i really hope they dont make this love triangle a sad new pain for ha joon. i loathed yeol’s father after ep 7 and that was lessened in 8, but he’s still nowhere good enough for YD’s mom. nope nope. go away. 🙂 and. last but not least….noooo redemption for soo ah, ever. shes so past the point of humanity and is an absolute cretin. NO redemption, dramaland!!

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  7. October 28, 2015 at 10:19 pm — Reply

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  8. November 6, 2015 at 2:22 pm — Reply

    so much feels “I presume it was depicting the writer’s intentions in the love triangle’s forthcoming course”. ikrrrrrrrrrrrr? *le sigh *

    when ji soo smiles, i smile. that is all i wanted to say

  9. […] Ha-joon sees the quirky sides of Yeon-doo and gets to know her as well. I have to agree with one review of the latest episode that just as Yeon-doo is the one who gave Ha-joon painkillers to treat his wound, she is also […]

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