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Teddy Go! ~ Episode 1 Review ~ Dramajjang


“I wouldn’t have thought someone your age would kiss a teddy bear.”


Teddy Go! must be my current drama equivalent of the phrase “i needed a beer and it just arrived!” It’s only 20 minutes per episode and the fact that Morikawa Aoi is the drama’s main figure makes things more enjoyable, much more enjoyable and definitely prettier and irresistibly cute.

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She’s not alone in this quirky and humorous journey through which a sense of seriousness keeps shyly lurking in the background; very shyly. The veteran actor Aikawa Sho accompanies her and whether it’s with his reflective physical presence or through the eyes of a cyan teddy bear he leaves his own impact in the drama’s ambiance!

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Teddy Go! is based on Miaki Kato‘s Are You Teddy? novel and it presents the story of two intertwined figures in the twilight zone between life and death! Yamase Kazuko (Morikawa Aoi) is leading a dangerous life! She wasn’t only dumped by her boyfriend, he also paraded in front of her very eyes with his brand new “gifted” girlfriend! Her outburst was the reason why she had to leave behind her bear costume career. Inevitably, she became an unemployed young lady unable to pay her part of the rent to her mother!


However, she won a teddy bear which became her confession box and some sort of a comforting figure in her hour of need! Everything was flowing well until she found out that the ghost of a murdered detective had occupied the tiny body of Teddy! Her first meeting with Amano Yasuo (Aikawa Sho) was an episodic one and since she was the only person who could see and hear him Kazuko was left with three options:


  • She could become a chef under her uncle’s lead in order for her to make her own money.


  • She could follow her mother at the hospital since she started suspecting that Kazuko was losing her mind after she witnessed her talking to Teddy.


  • She could accompany Yasuo on his quest for self-justice and eventually acquire his hidden money after the adventure is over.


After an explosive delirium in order to find out what’s real and what’s an illusion, Yasuo’s temperament made Kazuko embrace the third option and they headed towards the office where his murderer works as a teacher! Kazuko had one simple task, she should utter everything Yasuo was telling her, but the fact that she didn’t have the time to acclimate herself to this new reality was making her look like a loony or someone who knew way too much and had to get silenced, but still a loony!


The moment Kazuko noticed Yasuo through Teddy’s reflection in the mirror was their first direct interaction, but their fates had crossed paths again in the past. The day Kazuko’s boyfriend left her it was the day Yasuo was murdered while investigating the murder of a couple which was presented as a suicide. The most crucial moment, the handkerchief Kazuko’s boyfriend left for her to wipe her tears and eventually her nose ended on Yasuo’s face and the culprit found his chance to end Yasuo’s life! Teddy was the teddy bear the murdered couple’s son cherished and along with the handkerchief they fell by Yasuo’s side the moment of his death.

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Kazuko would like to step back from the overall investigation, but it’s too late to do so. She has already appeared in front of the murderer(s) and there’s a fourth person who was spying on her and started following her around until he finally caught her!

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Teddy Go! flows pleasantly! It’s neither innovative nor it will change the world of dramas. It’s here to make you laugh through Morikawa Aoi‘s adorable explosions and desperate hilariousness and Aikawa Sho‘s satyr yet delicate figure! Save your deeper thoughts for another drama and just laugh through the quirky mystery of Teddy Go! as it steadily makes its web quiver!

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