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#1st Epi Glance/Review : Siren [aka Every Breath You Take]

[every couch you will make out with your boyfriend i’ll be watching you]

And that beautiful lady with the death stare right there is Kara Tachibana [Arai Nanao] who is basically doing what the popular Police song says- watching every move of Inokuma Yuki [Kimura Fumino] and by default her beau Satomi Shinobu [Matsuzaka Tori]. But make no mistake, she could care less about Satomi, she’s fixated with Yuki for some odd unknown reason. It’s only the first episode and I’ve gotta say I’m fascinated with Kara’s character; it’s been a long time since I was excited about a villain. (probably since Harry Borrison, which is quite a long time ago.)

But let us take things from the beginning and the apparent suicide of a woman in a cabaret.

Yuki and Satomi are partners working under the Mobile Investigation Unit of Tokyo PD which conducts initial search at the crime scenes. They’re also long time lovers but are keeping it a secret in fear of being transferred to a different division.

The story begins with an alleged suicide of a young woman in a cabaret and that’s when the main couple meets Kara for the first time.  From that point on, other murders of young women take place, involving a serial killer that Kara gets rid of (like that guy stood a chance against her, please) and things are getting interestingly entangled when Kara finds various ways to approach Yuki and insert herself in her life.

Kara (if that is even her real name lol) reminds me of those good ol’ villains. A cold steel stare, high intelligence, calculating to the very last detail, she’s a compelling character that forces you to wonder why she does what she does; it’s very early to guess her motives but she doesn’t seem like she is just pulling threads. She is set out to make Yuki her prey and proceeds with her plan getting rid of everyone that might stand in her way, as she states near the end of the episode. It makes you wonder that there is something more there, some sort of explanation behind her obsession with Yuki rather than just a sociopath’s future random victim only. I really, really want to find out her true motive, I hope it’s something good.

Yuki and Satomi are a mundane yet charming couple; both of them really fit together, as Satomi is more of a serious guy, having a second question about everything and reading books to absorb info like a sponge; while Yuki is more funny and whimsical and there is a nice balance between them. I like the fact that they seem natural [fireworks chemistry between Tori and Fumino] and not oversugary or overshy. It’s a good dynamic, both on the relationship front and on the partnership one, where they both kick ass, literally.

There were some nice action scenes in the episode, especially in the first sequence and from the premise of the show, it seems we will see a lot more of those so that is neat.

The music was awesome; both the intro and ED song  get stuck in your head but what sticks more are a couple creepy instrumental pieces that I now associate with teddy bears. (you’ll get what I mean if you watch the episode!)

It was a very good first episode, with steady pace, establishing the main characters in a cohesive way so let us see what other ace Kara has up her sleeve to terrorize whoever gets in her way.

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  1. bluelysia
    July 24, 2016 at 3:15 pm — Reply

    I know Tori is cool but not this cool! When he do all the action moves <3

    • July 24, 2016 at 7:47 pm — Reply

      Tori is just ugh perfection

      • bluelysia
        July 25, 2016 at 5:31 am — Reply

        and I have this love hate relationship with Kara lol
        I hate her when she is bugging Yuki, but as sadist as I may seem, I’m pretty satisfied when she killed that serial killer

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