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#2nd Epi Review : The Memorandum of Kyoko Okitegami/Okitegami Kyoko No Biboroku (aka even the best fall down sometimes)

“I finally found your clothes and mine collide!”

It seems our forgetful yet fastest detective got a bit of a crush in this episode. And no, it’s not Yakusuke (come on, did you think it would be that easy? We’re talking about Yakusuke here!) ..well yet anyway! At least we had a co-ordination of same color clothing as seen above, hey, baby steps right?

So this episode’s case involves Kujirai Ruka, who went to an old friend’s apartment only to find him in his bathtub electrocuted from a hairdryer. He looks for Kyoko not to hire her, but to confirm his alibi, that at the time of murder, they were both at a café talking for 2 hours and having a good time and so on. Of course, Yakusuke having been let of his previous work, gets a pesticide job and argues with the victim a little before his death, and so is also considered a murder suspect. Just his luck. (or lack of)

And here we go again, examining, deducing and solving!

This episode focused on the down parts of the memory reset, as opposed to the first episode that was more on the advantageous side. It let us know that Kyoko does indeed have her melancholic moments; it’s no easy thing to bond and the next day, poof that goes! But, it also let us know that sometimes, even if you forget something like Kyoko does, if it is powerful enough it somehow lingers deep within your soul/heart/memories and might just resurface. You know, like old songs, or familiar faces that we might have not seen/heard in ages and have basically truly forgotten about them, and yet when we encounter them again, it all comes back in a way.

Kudos to Yakusuke for doing the noble thing and drive Kyoko to see Ruka  to get closure, both on the case and emotionally, as it was obvious that Kyoko did connect with him- and while she initially forgot their novel-talking meeting, still the next day when she saw him again, something clicked anew.

That is obviously a hint to the future episodes too, as her odd partnership with Yakusuke will be growing day by day, even if her memory resets, their bond will somehow keep growing stronger ; I wonder if this is how it’s going to be played out, or if Kyoko will somehow later on the series fully recovers her memories and get over that reset. We’ll see how it’s gonna go.

The twists on this case were interesting too- the outcome was no easy to predict. I suppose the message of it, is, be very careful what your choice of action is; even a small gesture might somehow ruin’s someone life.

It was also good to see the crew of Sandglass getting more screentime (and hey, it’s not only a café! It is an apartments/private detective intermediary service/café as Horo very clearly states!) and participate on the story by advising or funnily-mock Yakusuke. Loved their reaction in the end of the episode when Yakusuke asks Kyoko if he can call her Kyoko-san and she reciprocates by calling him Yakusuke-san. (it’s starting, OTP train on the beginning rails!)

Oh by the way, did anyone notice that in the ending of the intro theme, Yakusuke makes a (fail) move to semi-hug her but immediately pulls back, while in the first episode he only looks at her quickly. I love those kind of changing intros and there are not many around so looking forward to the next one!

Onwards to episode 3!

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  2. bluelysia
    May 24, 2016 at 1:19 pm — Reply

    thanks for the insight of intro theme! I will notice it from now on hehe

  3. bluelysia
    May 24, 2016 at 1:19 pm — Reply

    thanks for the insight of intro theme! I will notice it from now on hehe
    and I always love Okada’s expression.. always right on point LOL

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