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“What do you think cheerleading is about?
Is it about standing in front of people to put on a show?
Cheerleading is about cheering.
And for those whom you truly want to cheer,
You’re saying “Cheer Up!” to them.”


Yeon Doo proceeded with the interview with the hope that she will be able to help teacher Yang and after she left Kim Yeol and Ha Joon appeared in front of the reporter. They forced him in their own way to properly protect Yeon Doo’s identity if he doesn’t want to find himself in trouble.

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Ha Joon was passing by and Yeon Doo urged him to sit with her. He was already aware she did the interview and Yeon Doo could read between the lines that Ha Joon also wanted to help the teacher even though he couldn’t proceed with the interview.

bscap2382bscap2383 bscap2384

Yeon Doo rushed to meet teacher Yang and he called the reporter right away to find out that the program was cancelled by the higher-ups. Teacher Im and the headmistress are ecstatic about the favorable turn of events! Since they can’t fire him right away they have to find a proper reason to justify their intentions.

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The high society mothers have gathered and they are glad they managed to prevent the earthquakes the program would cause. Soo Ah’s mother wasn’t pleased at all with the fact that teacher Yang was trying to ruin their children’s futures in order to protect his ideals and they’ll have to take extra measures.


Coach Nam appeared and teacher Yang rushed to her aid. Today’s the day they will pick the team leader and she’s so happy about it! Everyone’s ready except for Yeon Doo who was lost in her own thoughts. Kim Yeol thinks that things turned out this way for the best since she would have found herself in real trouble had the program been broadcasted, but she urged him to focus on dancing in order for them to win!

bscap2398 bscap2401bscap2402bscap2400

Soo Ah and Real King presented their own choreography and Yeon Doo cheered for her club members and friends, making Soo Ah smile! Then it was Yeon Doo and Baek Ho’s turn to present their own choreography and they were actually more lively than the previous team receiving the applause of the Real King members and Soo Ah’s smirk. Coach Nam indicated that Soo Ah’s team presented more demanding cheerleading figures whereas Yeon Doo’s team invested on originality and personal approach. The next step would be to combine the figures of both teams and forge a new choreography.

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However, coach Nam was curious why Dong Jae didn’t participate and Soo Ah replied on his behalf saying that he’s unable to partake in the choreography due to his trauma. Coach Nam insisted that there should be a way for him to participate since cheerleading feels complete when everyone is together. The mission’s winner was Yeon Doo and she will be the team leader!

bscap2424bscap2431 bscap2433 bscap2406bscap2432

Soo Ah was was feeling nauseous inside the restroom while her mother’s words about not being the leader of any club were echoing in her mind. Soo Ah’s minions aren’t pleased with Yeon Doo being favored by coach Nam and teacher Yang, but also with the fact that they got sweaty and their makeup got ruined! Once they started talking about teacher Yang being the one who filed the complaint about Sevit High School Soo Ah appeared right away and she was eager to find out more!


Soo Ah had a meeting with her instructor concerning a wide variety of forthcoming achievements she must accomplish in the near future. She has to acquire a perfect score and take a picture with the leading figure of the Education Office during the field day. The tutor urged Soo Ah not to worry about teacher Yang, but she is. He could affect her entrance at the Ivy League if he opened up his mouth. She reassured her that they will take care of him before he proceeds with anything that could harm Soo Ah.


Soo Ah followed teacher Yang and she overheard his conversation on the phone while he was searching for a reporter to cooperate with him and expose everything since he’s not willing to keep the stench flowing.


The training progresses and teacher Yang helped with one of the figures, but one of Soo Ah’s minions accused him of touching her breast even though she wasn’t sure if it really happened. Of course, Soo Ah intended to use this “incident” to move on with her own plans and they informed teacher Im right away with Soo Ah stating that it wasn’t the first time teacher Yang did something like that.

bscap2446 bscap2455bscap2456bscap2449

The parents arrived and in the presence of the headmistress and teacher Im they scolded teacher Yang who tried to defend himself, but the girl’s mother urged the headmistress to fire him. Coach Nam arrived to teacher Yang’s aid and with her own temperament she tried to infuse in their senseless brains that even if teacher Yang touched the student’s breast it was because it can happen by mistake while performing stunt cheerleading. Coach Nam can’t possibly say whether it was sexual harassment or not, but had teacher Yang not held the student she would have gotten injured. The headmistress decided to pay him back with the same coin and she intends to inform Education Office in order for the truth to shine.


The mothers and the headmistress are having a meeting and she reassured them that a proper punishment will take place, but Soo Ah’s mother thought this was the perfect chance for them to get rid of teacher Yang.


Teacher Yang’s picture, but with his face hidden, is at the Education Office’s homepage and nighttime doesn’t flow pleasantly for him. Yeon Doo became aware of the article and shortly after the whole school found out about it.

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Even inside the classroom, the students were talking about it behind his back and the situation started getting even worse through group communication. Yeon Doo couldn’t stand it anymore and she raised her voice, but Kim Yeol urged her to sit down so that he would take the lead. He asked everyone if they personally saw teacher Yang touching Jae Young and he stated the 3 common things Soo Ah, Jae Young and Na Yeon share:


  1. They are the main figures in this spec-boosting parody teacher Yang reported to the Education Office.
  2. They lied about sexual harassment.
  3. In order to shut teacher Yang’s mouth.


Soo Ah got pissed off and urged Kim Yeol not to talk carelessly about things like that, but he stated that her plans are always too obvious for him to not notice!


Yeon Doo followed Kim Yeol and she was positively surprised with his reaction inside the classroom! Even though he wasn’t really interested on whether teacher Yang would get fired or not, if Kim Yeol hadn’t talked in front of the classroom Yeon Doo would have done so. He wanted to prevent her from getting harmed, it’s something he didn’t want to see happening. As for what he meant, it will be Yeon Doo’s homework to find out the answers!


Teacher Yang was lost in his thoughts again and Yeon Doo approached him anew and urged him not to worry about anything since there are many students who trust him. He didn’t want her to get involved in the first place, but she acknowledges that teacher Yang has no one to turn to in his hour of need and she wanted to help him just like he helped her all this time. Teacher Yang could only be thankful, but he asked her to put an end to her crusade!


The decision concerning teacher Yang was put on the announcement board, but nothing’s over for Yeon Doo. At the school’s restaurant everyone was avoiding teacher Yang and nobody wanted to be close to him, but Yeon Doo and Dong Jae sat with him! Shortly after Kim Yeol and Ha Joon followed their lead and the table was full of life again! Later on, Yeon Doo and Dong Jae started a petition for teacher Yang to get rehired!

 bscap2493bscap2496bscap2489 bscap2499bscap2498

The headmistress received a phone call from president Lee who informed her on the petition. She called teacher Im to gather the names of the students who signed the petition! Yeon Doo received a phone call to find out that the petition they filed wasn’t registered and Dong Jae informed them on the forthcoming storm!

bscap2503 bscap2509bscap2508bscap2507

The mothers and the higher-ups from the Education Office arrived at the same time and the ambiance was threatening! The mothers caused a ruckus on the “sexual harassment” incident. Jae Young appeared and she tried to leave, but her mother kept her inside the office while the mothers were urging her to say the “truth.” Teacher Yang was prepared for the worst and Jae Young said that teacher Yang touched her breast. He apologized for scarring her since it wasn’t his intention. As a teacher and an adult, he took responsibility in front of everyone for having been unable to protect his students and he decided to resign from his position.

bscap2516 bscap2511bscap2510 bscap2518

Yeon Doo, Dong Jae, Ha Joon and Kim Yeol were waiting for teacher Yang whose only desire was to see them becoming seniors, something he won’t be able to see. Jae Young confessed to her mother that teacher Yang never touched her and she wondered if she could go back and tell the truth, but her mother insisted on sticking to the arch story whether he touched her or not in order to protect her family’s background.

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Na Yeon’s in distress as she’s worried about teacher Yang’s condition, but Soo Ah’s apathy, as if nothing happened, reigns supreme. Jae Young appeared and she was furious about the fact that teacher Yang got fired because of them and she acknowledged that they went too far, but Soo Ah stated that they should have expected this outcome since they proceeded all along the way. All they need are their specs and not teacher Yang.


Soo Ah’s apathy surrendered the moment she found herself on her own, but Dong Jae appeared and he wanted to practice on his own! Soo Ah thinks that Dong Jae’s taking revenge on her because she played her own part for him to get kicked out of the basketball team and get ridiculed inside in a cheerleading club. Once she became hysteric Dong Jae wondered if that was her way of saying sorry, but she denied it!

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Neither Kim Yeol nor Ha Joon are in the mood for anything and Ha Joon informed him that he saw Yeon Doo crying. Kim Yeol had warned her, but she didn’t listen to him and now she’s hurt. Even though he stated that he doesn’t care Ha Joon was truly aware of how much Kim Yeol cares about her. Ha Joon’s glad he was able to help her even though things didn’t turn out as expected.


Ha Joon went to meet his father since he’s the head of the school’s operation committee and he asked him to rehire teacher Yang. In exchange, he’s willing to study harder and meet his father’s goals. However, Ha Joon’s intentions were misinterpreted and his “father” thought that Ha Joon doesn’t do well at school because he spends his time carelessly and cares about a teacher who was accused of sexual harassment. His father was the one who covered up their petition and he would never help someone like teacher Yang whom he considers dangerous for his son’s future. Ha Joon’s tension is back and he could only shout at the mirror.


Yeon Doo’s mother’s at school and Yeon Doo was happy to see her even though she called her an ugly girl! Like mother like daughter, they decide and react in like-minded ways! Even though her mother got hurt a lot in the past and regretted many things because of her temper she would never stand still in front of her heart’s will! No regrets, just playful attitude! On their way out Yeon Doo’s mother saw Kim Yeol. She was impressed by his looks and urged Yeon Doo to go out with someone like him! Shortly after, she met Kim Yeol’s father and after informing him on a bit of everything she urged him to meet his son.

 bscap2556bscap2555 bscap2557

The training progresses, but Yeon Doo’s lost in her own thoughts and someone could get injured. Coach Nam emphasized on the fact that cheerleading should feel like cheering up your loved ones and not just something that has to be done in front of an audience.

bscap2566 bscap2569bscap2568

Teacher Yang was leaving and Yeon Doo gave him a handmade invitation for tomorrow’s performance! After he left, Yeon Doo noticed Na Yeon and Jae Young who were nearby and she understood that they wanted to see him before leaving. Yeon Doo wanted to ask them a favor and even though Jae Young was acting like Soo Ah the 2nd Yeon Doo could understand that both of them are not feeling well about what happened. Even though it’s the adults’ fault, it’s theirs too, but it’s not too late for them to make things right.

 bscap2577bscap2578bscap2575 bscap2584bscap2585

The 6th Sevit high Field Day has arrived and the events have already began! The cheerleading team has their brand new costumes and Kim Yeol went to see Yeon Doo before the performance. It was his turn to bring her milk and it’s vanilla flavor this time! With his temperament he made her laugh again and he let her know that she was just funny in the beginning, but gradually he started getting mad and feeling afraid; because of her.

bscap2588bscap2365bscap2367 bscap2591

Awkward moments are awkward and Yeon Doo tried to leave, but an instant wrist-grab and an immediate hug did the talking while he was asking her to cheer up! Hyo Sik ran to inform Yeon Doo that teacher Yang had arrived and the beautiful moment reached an end!

bscap2593bscap2596 bscap2597

Teacher Yang has arrived and he’s dressed in the typical villain outfit, but Yeon Doo, Kim Yeol and Ha Joon are happy to see him! The rest of the students witnessed him in shock, but coach Nam urged him to sit next to her! Even though he doesn’t think he’s still their teacher, coach Nam stated that if he was their teacher once, then he’s forever! The headmistress arrived and she wasn’t pleased to see teacher Yang in the crowd! Before doing anything the cheerleading performance began and there was something in the making!


The performance was magnificent and there was a place for everyone, event Dong Jae! Soo Ah’s mother was pleased to see her at the center and teacher Yang alongside coach Nam were so happy seeing them performing!

bscap2611 bscap2614bscap2615 bscap2616

After raising their placards which were cheering for their school, they turned them around and the message was clear, that they had lied and that teacher Yang didn’t do anything to Jae Young. Yeon Doo’s message was that teacher Yang should get rehired because he was wrongly accused, leaving everyone speechless in a different way! The cheering and applause which followed was vividly depicted in teacher Yang’s stare while Soo Ah was the only one from the cheerleading team who didn’t partake in this revelation of truth.

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Thoughts: The 6th episode reached 3.5% in terms of ratings, but it was a multifaceted one with a wide variety of feels ranging from one edge to the other. Sassy Go Go is a balanced emotional roller coaster roaming all over the place from devastation to restoration, peace of mind to distress, selflessness to danger unawareness, greed to caring, ambition to purity, heart and soul to emptiness and vice versa depending on the character, the interactions and the circumstances.


After Yeon Doo’s internal struggle on following her heart or listening to her mind she eventually decided to proceed with the interview in order to protect teacher Yang and she revealed the wrongdoings that were plaguing Sevit High School. But teacher Yang wasn’t the only one who needed protection and Kim Yeol and Ha Joon were well aware of it. Their simple trick to find out whether the reporter would be able to secure Yeon Doo’s anonymity prove that he couldn’t be trusted, but they made sure he would abide to rules and regulations by bringing to the surface possible consequences in case her name was revealed.


Ha Joon gradually opens up to Yeon Doo who keeps trespassing his tough shell in search of his core; step by step. She knew that Ha Joon also wanted to help teacher Yang, but she was well aware of the reasons why he couldn’t proceed right away in fear of his father’s violent reactions. Except for Kim Yeol, Yeon Doo is his second refuge in the making, without this meaning that she would ever surpass Kim Yeol in his eyes, everything happening between them is sincere and gradual.


Just like it was eventually easy for Yeon Doo to follow her heart and stand by teacher Yang’s side, it was much easier for the high society mothers, the headmistress and the ecstatic teacher Im to cancel everything in a blink of an eye through their connections. It was enough to bring smiles upon some of the executioners’ faces, but it also brought concerns since nothing was over yet. One thing was certain, Yeon Doo’s happiness for having been helpful had already started deteriorating and teacher Yang’s world had started crumbling.


Soo Ah and Yeon Doo’s different universes were presented during the current mission’s final stage which was no other for coach Nam to pick the leader of the overall team for the forthcoming event. The differences were distinctive and it’s not like we weren’t aware of them, they’re always present, but they were leaving a different impact through cheerleading and a sense of fair play and personal promotion.


Yeon Doo never saw Soo Ah’s team as an enemy she must vanquish, she cheered for them and applauded their efforts, after all most of them were her friends, except for Soo Ah who was happy about her figures and the overall outcome. Her team used technique whereas Yeon Doo’s team possessed soul even though they weren’t masterful and they couldn’t be, after all most of them had recently started learning how to dance. However, both teams’ parameters and approaches were essential for the overall team that would partake in the event and the competition later on.


Soo Ah didn’t wholeheartedly cheer for the enemy team, she smirked and she thought victory was at at hand. Where she failed wasn’t on the technical part, but on succeeding to bring the whole team together. She ostracized Dong Jae instead of embracing his weakness and making him a valuable member of the team in a way he could participate. Dong Jae’s disheartened face while his team was performing on stage was depicting how out of place he was feeling even though he was willing to partake despite his trauma.


Soo Ah not letting him speak his heart out and talking on his behalf was yet another mistake and an act of selfishness. Even then she wasn’t willing to see Dong Jae as a member of her team and coach Nam knew that a united team needs both soul and technique, but most and above all a leader who cares about everyone and not only about herself. That’s why Soo Ah would never make it and Yeon Doo was the most suitable person for this role, because she embraces weaknesses with caring and she doesn’t abolish them with pity.


After every failure, her mother’s presence is always there reminding her of what she should have accomplished. Soo Ah has to be the 1st one in everything, but due to all this pressure and the absence of heart and soul in everything she does she will always find herself on the 2nd place and nausea always lurks in the corner as a psychosomatic effect of stress and pressure.


Teacher Yang wasn’t only a scapegoat, but also a means to progress her own plans without feeling threatened. She grabbed Jae Young’s thoughtless moment as the opportunity everyone who was routing for teacher Yang’s demise was waiting for. Inside the teachers’ office everyone was sculpturing the wreckage of teacher Yang’s wrongly accused, humble and humiliated figure who couldn’t defend himself under the power of the mass and the burden of the severe and false accusations concerning sexual harassment.


Coach Nam was the only one who could openly take his side and she defended him to the fullest by stating that things like that can actually happen while performing stunt cheerleading since it incorporates physical contact. Instead of sexually harassing Jae Young, teacher Yang saved her from getting injured and even that wasn’t enough since everyone wanted him out of the picture. But they didn’t want blood on their hands directly, that’s why the headmistress wanted to deal with the incident through the Education Office in order to strike back in a teacher Yang oriented way and pay him back with the same coin.


Soon and as expected, the news spread throughout the school and teacher Yang became an outcast, an abomination nobody wanted nearby. Hypocrisy and discrimination were reigning supreme even though he was neither proven guilty nor innocent because society always rushes to condemn people. Even inside the classroom, almost everyone was talking behind teacher Yang’s back, making his already deafening silence even more devastating.


Yeon Doo couldn’t stand this ongoing parody of a trial and she decided to be by teacher Yang’s side, but Kim Yeol wanted to protect her and revealed everything that was going on throughout the episodes. He openly talked in front of everyone about the spec-boosting expedition, the sickening lies about teacher Yang sexually harassing Jae Young and the reason why which was no other than Soo Ah and her minions’ attempt to shut teacher Yang’s mouth once and for all.


Kim Yeol revealed for one more time how caring he is towards Yeon Doo because he already knows what kind of person she is. She would run into the battlefield in order to preserve her ideals even when she was being unaware of the dangers and unjust consequences that would lie ahead for her. Helping teacher Yang was essential for Yeon Doo, but keeping her safe from harm was also essential for Kim Yeol and he tried to achieve both aspects for Yeon Do’s sake.


Like Yeon Doo has her mother and her own friends, she also had teacher Yang when she needed him, now that he doesn’t have anyone to turn to she was willing to be there for him and he was thankful for that. But he knew that the dreadful mist around him was thickening and he didn’t want her to be a part of the executioners’ definitive report. However, while everyone else was pushing him away, Yeon Doo, Dong Jae, Kim Yeol and Ha Joon embraced him and sat on the same table with him while the perimeter was like a restricted area. They even filed a petition, but once again, the wind was stronger.


Inside the office where teacher Yang’s trial took place everyone was thirsty for blood and their civilized fangs were waiting for the lamb to be slain. Jae Young had become fully aware of the burden of her actions and she could have told the truth despite the pressure she was going through after consenting to become an innocent man’s murderous implement. She chose the easy way out for her, but also the harsh way out for teacher Yang who silently urged her to proceed since the vibes were leaning towards that direction.


That’s what she did and injustice was served while teacher Yang took full responsibility for the crime he didn’t commit in order to protect Jae Young and her story, he couldn’t do anything else at that point anyway since he was framed from any possible direction. Jae Young was still his student and like we all know he always puts his students above himself no matter what. Jae Young was yet another victim of her family’s background that should be preserved at all costs without this meaning that she’s not guilty, of course she is. If she stated that teacher Yang had sexually harassed her then it was the utmost truth even though it wasn’t. People like teacher Yang are disposable pawns in high society’s chessboard, especially when they mess with their plans. Even so, his greatest fear had turned to life, he would be unable to see his beloved students becoming seniors. Even then, his thoughts were always related to them.


Na Yeon and Jae Young started showing remorse, but Soo Ah was preserving her apathy in front of them. It’s true, she didn’t do it on her own even though she was the mastermind. Once she was left all alone, deep within the slightest sense of guilt had already started boiling after condemning an innocent man. It’s not because she was repenting, she goes through the gradual phases of her monstrous transformation since as time passes by her vilest thoughts turn into more vulgar actions.


Dong Jae usually appears when things get awry for her and whether it’s Dong Jae or Ha Joon she always has her chance to erupt and she always unveils everything she has to say, either directly or through the opposing prism. Dong Jae could understand how awful she was feeling at the moment, but she referred to her wrongdoings towards him instead of the web she had weaved for teacher Yang. Even if she was feeling sorry, she would never say it and that’s why Dong Jae stated if that’s what she actually wanted to say. Even if it’s just a 5-lettered word it’s too much for Soo Ah to handle at this point and Dong Jae tried to elicit it unsuccessfully.


Kim Yeol and Ha Joon are Yeon Doo’s guardian angels. Ha Joon knows Kim Yeol more than anyone else and there’s no way he wouldn’t care about Yeon Doo being in tears. Helping Yeon Doo, but also Kim Yeol in order for him to see her happy, he attempted to finally appear helpful towards teacher Yang and he did something he would never do.


He went to see his “father” and plea for his “divine” intervention in teacher Yang’s case. What he found out was that his “father” was yet another aspect of this crime in motion and he would only misunderstand his son’s motives even though he appeared with the purest intentions. Ji Soo’s explosions are masterful and him shouting in front of the mirror was yet another emotionally powerful presentation of his character.


Like mother like daughter, both Yeon Doo and her mother have always been following their hearts’ whispers instead of their minds’ signals. Once the heart paved the way they could only walk upon it regardless of the consequences. As for regrets? There are none and once the wounds have been healed the choice’s journey remains instead of the possibly unwelcome destination. The meeting of Kim Yeol and his father feels near, but what was really remarkable was Kim Yeol’s enigmatic stare the moment Yeon Do was leaving with her mother.


Yeon Doo would be unable to partake in the competition, especially as the leader of the team, if she wouldn’t set aside her concerns. That’s why coach Nam tried to make her understand the real reason behind cheerleading which was no other than making her loved ones happy by cheering for them through a maneuvering pandemonium. If she didn’t pave the way nobody would and she needed that sparkle that would awaken her in these shady times.


One of her loved ones is teacher Yang and even though it would be difficult for him to be present at the event, Yeon Doo wanted him there not only to see the outcome of the whole team’s hard work, but also to cheer him up and progress her own plan which started taking flesh and blood right away. She managed to crack Jae Young and Na Yeon’s Soo Ah oriented masks and she shed some light in their concerned but full of pride minds making them cooperate for everyone’s well-being.


If Dong Jae was bringing Yeon Doo strawberry milk, Kim Yeol wouldn’t do the same and vanilla did the talking! He was well aware that Yeon Doo needed someone to cheer her up before the event in order for her to pour heart and soul into it and his temperament made her smile again. It was also a moment of some sort of confession where he let her know that if she was funny to his eyes in the beginning, the way their interactions progressed and by getting to know her better he started getting mad and feeling afraid. Mad, because there were times she wouldn’t listen to him and she would find herself in danger. Afraid, because of the consequences that were waiting in the corner for her first palpable slip.


Kim Yeol’s most sincere and direct confessions always make Yeon Doo swim in oceans of awkwardness, but this time he wouldn’t let her go without a thunder strike of a hug to cheer her up. Once teacher Yang arrived everything was set for the grandiose attempt. Everyone had a very distinctive place on stage and Yeon Doo along with the Real King members were in charge of the most difficult figures while assisting the Baek Ho members whose figures were more simplistic, but spot on. Dong Jae had finally found his place in the team and he was able to perform on stage! The reactions of everyone in the audience were varying, Soo Ah’s mother was glad to see her daughter grandstanding on heights at the center of the stage while teacher Yang and coach Nam were losing themselves in horizons of bliss for the team’s first successful cheerleading journey.


The festive ambiance was bound to crack for some, but it was also bound to become even more explosive for others. Na Yeon and Jae Young had overcome their restrains and the truth shone all over the place overshadowing the unjust and cleansing the condemned. It was a heartfelt demonstration on everyone’s behalf, except for Soo Ah who was caught off guard along with her mother and everyone belonging in the same sphere of influence.


Concluding, i would like to make a special reference to some of our figures’ distinctive clothing. The moment Dong Jae entered Baek Ho’s library to find Soo Ah the writing on his shirt was “don’t worry, be happy.” When Yeon Doo was lost in her own thoughts while practicing there was a “do well to do something” writing on her shirt whereas Kim Yeol’s jacket was writing on its back “stuck on you” on his way to cheer Yeon Doo before the cheerleading event!  The 6th episode left us with teacher Yang’s redemption at its birth pangs after his arch demise and i am really curious how the next week’s episodes will greet us as we’re already midway through the drama’s course.


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    Thanks for recapping this. ^^ Such a little gem of a show.

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    isn’t it banana milk? … xD I won’t even comment on what… No, I won’t comment on that. Red gummy bears are the best for me, so I agree the green ones don’t have the greatest taste. When I saw that big bag of Gummy bears, I felt like crying. And my Coach Nam/Teacher Yang has sailed. If this ship goes down, I will go down with it. My favorite scene was at the cafeteria when the students sit with Teacher Yang

    The moms… I was secretly hoping Show will go for comedy and really makes them practice with their kids to have a cgeerleading routine. They stay messy and infuriating.And I’m sitting here waiting for Show to let Yeon Doo and Yeol meet their parents… It’s still a mystery to me why Yeon Doo must attend Sevit High. Maybe I read too much into the previous episode with her mom telling her to stay out of trouble as if it had happened before. I’m too lazy to go back, but the hospital Ha Joon got treatment can’t possibly be the one where his father works at??? Tell me Show isn’t going down “the entire hospital staff covers child abuse” path. That would be sooo wrong, not unrealistic, but so wrong.

    Let me say, though. I really rrrrreally like Jisoo’s hairstyle. useless comment is useless, but I had to share it.

  4. October 23, 2015 at 10:35 am — Reply

    I love how this episode shows the progress of friendships between most of the Baek Ho members (including Jae Young and Na Yeon near the end of the episode) and Yeon Doo slowly and gradually began to develop.

    I also love that besides Yeol, Yeon Doo slowly and gradually becomes Ha Joon’s second refuge. Aside from Yeol (to Yeon Doo), this is surprisingly the first time I see Ha Joon did something he has never done for someone. I’m seeing Ha Joon began to consider Yeon Doo as his second friend, besides Kim Yeol after all 🙂

    Same thing goes with Yeol as well, Yeon Doo is the second person that he’s willing to do something or maybe anything for, and began to show his sincere and honest care for her. It’s like a process of him began to show his trusts towards her, whether as a friend or one of his most important people in his life, besides Ha Joon. In this process, Yeon Doo gradually earns his and Ha Joon’s trusts and care for her. And yes, Ha Joon knows Yeol more than anyone else and like you said, there’s no way he wouldn’t care about Yeon Doo being in tears.

    Yeon Doo, as well, gradually trusts Yeol enough to show her fragile side and her weakness to him, which this side of her, I think, only Dong Jae sees it, or Yeol is the first person to see this side of her, because she is usually a brave, strong-willed, and sassy girl on the exterior. She doesn’t quite openly her weakness or fragile side to anyone, so I guess, she became to have her trusts in Yeol enough to show and tells her worries to him. I think Ha Joon also became to see this side of her as well. So, out of all the people, I think, maybe Yeol, Dong Jae (maybe), and Ha Joon, sees this side of her, although her mom may as well be the one who sees her weaknesses as well, but Yeon Doo doesn’t always shows it.

    Also, other than Ha Joon, I think Yeon Doo is the only person that get to see Yeol’s weakness and real side of him as the episodes progress 🙂 Same goes with Ha Joon as well, Yeon Doo is the second person for him to show his weaknesses to, and is the second refuge/person he became to consider as a friend.

    • October 23, 2015 at 10:48 am — Reply

      But I’m also curious as to how and why did Yeon Doo came to this school, that’s sort of still kind of a mystery, as she didn’t explain in the first episode either about why must she come to Sevit High School. Was it a force or a willing from herself… it’s still a mystery. How did Yeon Doo’s mother and Kim Yeol’s father know each other… Also, I’m still waiting for Yeon Doo and Yeol to meet their parents. Yeol’s dad said in this episode that he will visit his son “next time”, which means, “it might be soon”? And the last thing I’m curious about is Kim Yeol.

  5. October 23, 2015 at 11:04 am — Reply

    there were many parts again, in this episode, that i really loved! the soo ah and associated makjang slash sociopathic – slash perhaps redemption later storyline continues to infuriate and or disgust me though! i cant get into her character at all tbh…no feelings there except disgust both at the character and the writers who created her! the otp and the kids (besides her) i still adore, along with coach and teacher yang. i wish they would have shown us the team practicing and working out that routine instead of the majority being soo ah’s endless plane crash.
    im also worried where its all going with yeon doo’s mom and that scenario! if they mess with the otp, the best thing in this series, i will throw pebbles/stones/boulders!
    haha….going to stick with it till the end though i think the writers have gone way ott with the makjang and really muddied up a delightful premise and great cast. i hope next ep gives out kids more time and soo ah’s minions defect entirely to yeon doo. 🙂

    • October 23, 2015 at 1:55 pm — Reply

      Don’t jump into conclusion yet lol The OTP’s parents are not married to each other, also Yeon Doo’s mom rejected Yeol’s dad’s proposal. What I’m really waiting for is when are Yeon Doo and Yeol going to meet their parents… And I mean by, both of them meeting each other’s parents together. So Yeol already met Yeon Doo’s mother, now I just want both to meet their parents together.

      I’m actually excited for the next episode, because both clubs seems to be getting along with each other now in the preview, I just watched. Also, Yeol and Yeon Doo also are getting quite close with each other more, and I bet there will be sweet moments too :)))

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