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Sassy Go Go ~ Episode 5 Recap


“Do what you would like to do right now,
Not something your mind wants, but your heart.
If you do what you like to do now,
One day you might want to become something.”


Coach Nam appeared and she found everyone in a whatever state of mind and body. She filmed them to use the material accordingly and she decided to take them back home with a minivan. Yeon Doo was between Kim Yeol who was happy and Ha Joon who was pushing her away! However, while they were on the move again after a short rest Dong Jae noticed that Soo Ah wasn’t with them anymore.

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She was wandering alone and they went back to find her. Teacher Yang also got informed and even though he wouldn’t like to find himself in trouble he eventually arrived to their aid. Soo Ah’s so-called friends actually cared only about themselves, but Yeon Doo brought them back to their place even though they didn’t help to find Soo Ah! Ha Joon, after recalling Soo Ah’s devastating monologue, had already started searching for her by the time the teachers and some of the students formed two teams in order to find Soo Ah.

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He found her in front of a lake(?) where Soo Ah was wondering if it would be cold if she fell inside the water, but she was also aware that it wouldn’t be as cold as she was. She started entering the water but Ha Joon urged her to stop while in the meantime Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol were searching for her! At some point her leg started hurting and it was Kim Yeol’s moment to piggyback her!

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Soo Ah pointed out that she needed time to think and headed towards Ha Joon’s direction and he gave her his jacket. Eventually they returned back to the minivan and once teacher Yang started worrying about Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo they arrived right on time! Yeon Doo was amused to find out that Soo Ah’s friends who were willing to leave would actually wear their caring mask at that point!


The next morning teacher Yang, coach Nam and the students were back at school, but they had to find a way to enter without being noticed! Coach Nam distracted the headmistress and teacher Im with an improvised choreography and everyone entered the school without being noticed! Yeon Doo’s leg could potentially betray them, but Kim Yeol was there for her once again!

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The students were thankful towards coach Nam who was resting by teacher Yang’s side in their own playful attitude after the mission was completed! However, the reporter was already there and he had filmed everything going on. On top of that, teacher Yang became concerned once he found out that the reporter knew that the informant was among the school personnel. The headmistress became aware of it as well and she ordered teacher Im to find the traitor!


Inside the classroom Yeon Doo recalled as much as she could from the “kiss” scene and once she stared at Kim Yeol she noticed that he was touching his lips and she freaked out. Of course, she wanted to talk to Kim Yeol in private.

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She couldn’t even stare at him face to face and Kim Yeol kept teasing her by being all over the place for her! She couldn’t stop staring at his lips and she tried to ask him if they kissed, but Kim Yeol left her wondering about what really happened. Yeon Doo tried to recall and even though the scenarios in her mind were pointing towards the non-kissing direction she couldn’t help it but keep wondering about what really happened!

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Everyone’s gathered and coach Nam announces the beginning of the official training in the reporter’s presence! While she was talking Yeon Doo couldn’t get out of her mind the “kiss” incident! The leader of Real King will have to be Yeon Doo and Soo Ah was picked as the Baek Ho leader. Yeon Doo didn’t want to partake in this leadership aspect and urged coach Nam to make Soo Ah the overall leader, but it wasn’t something that could be done since coach Nam wanted one leader from every side. Things are not as easy as they appear to be, Soo Ah will lead the Real King club and Yeon Doo will work with Baek Ho and all they have to do is to choreograph the forthcoming cheerleading performance! The moment Yeon Doo found on the internet that a man who’s drunk will 100% kiss a woman she lost the world underneath her feet!

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Kim Yeol’s at one of the school’s balcony’s and he’s so happy recalling the moments they shared and we actually found out that Yeon Doo passed out before the crucial moment! Nevertheless, he was still glad he was by her side at that point even though they didn’t kiss!

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Teacher Yang and coach Nam pretended to be drunk in front of the reporter and teacher Nam took the lead. She pretended to be crying and started shouting that the reporter had a video that could ruin her life as a woman and soon the restaurant’s customers took her side. Some gangsters forced the reporter to giver her the video and that’s what he did, but the original copy was already in his computer! It was teacher Yang’s turn and he’s found himself in a difficult position, but the reporter will be waiting for his call in case he wants to cooperate.

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The headmistress kept staring at the school personnel’s pictures while swearing that she will find the informant, but teacher Im arrived and told her that the informant is an elder named Park Hyang Ja. A further investigation will take place.


The Real King members want to find out whether Soo Ah can cheerlead or not, they don’t intend to listen to her since it would be the ultimate betrayal. Of course, Soo Ah brought Korea’s cheerleading team and they’re showing just a glimpse of their capabilities with cheerleading figures and acrobatics! Soo Ah doesn’t want Dong Jae in her team unless he overcomes his trauma since she wants to be successful at all costs.

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Ha Joon and the rest are studying, Kim Yeol is checking his cellphone and it’s time for Yeon Doo to take charge of the situation but things didn’t work out as expected. Teacher Im went to the hospital and found out that Park Hyang Ja’s guardian is someone who works at Sevit High School!


Yeon Doo wants Ha Joon to bite her just like she did in the recent past in order for him to help her with the cheerleading training and Kim Yeol appeared! He was a bit jealous, but they overheard teacher Im and the headmistress’ conversation on the latest events and the fact that she wants to fire teacher Yang.

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As soon as teacher Im noticed them the headmistress made them understand that they should keep their mouth shut at all costs and Kim Yeol restrained Ha Joon by replying positively on his behalf. Yeon Doo is worried about teacher Yang and what may happen to him, but Kim Yeol and Ha Joon try to restrain her from doing anything rush since all of them would find themselves in trouble.

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However, Yeon Doo was waiting for teacher Yang and informed him on the headmistress’ serious intentions, but even though he was thankful he didn’t want her to get involved and urged her to invest in the forthcoming math test. Since things are about to get awry, teacher Yang called the reporter and handed over all the necessary files about building up specs, fabrication of grades, etc. The reporter knew that teacher Yang was the informant because they were the ones to cover the case at the Education Office, but all teacher Yang wants from him is to delete the video of his students being out of school without permission. Now that things are progressing fast the reporter wanted the students to proceed with the interview, but teacher Yang disagreed since he wanted to protect his students at all costs. He will be the one to do the interview.

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The headmistress banned the students from doing the interview and if they do so, they should be favorable towards the school and report to her before proceeding with anything. Yeon Doo was curious concerning why they don’t have to do the interview and the headmistress told them that by revealing fake information they will face suspension or even expulsion. As for saying the truth, the headmistress had to repeat her threats.


Yeon Doo decided to do the interview at all costs and while the headmistress was staring at her from the school’s CCTV she ordered teacher Im to collect all of Yeon Doo’s punishment points and keep an eye on her misbehavior file. The moment she proceeds with the interview they will expel her right away.


Teacher Yang had already started packing his belongings and it was too much of a burden for Yeon Doo to witness. She proceeded with the interview right away, but Kim Yeol dragged her out of the room! He doesn’t want her to get hurt, but even though she’s afraid of what may happen she can’t ignore what’s going on. Kim Yeol doesn’t want her to trust adults, but she wants to believe in teacher Yang since it was the school that committed wrongdoings and not him. On the contrary, he was the only one to raise his voice.

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Kim Yeol wouldn’t like her to start something she can’t resolve or run away after she starts it. Yeon Doo emphasized on the fact that she may run away once she starts it, but she wouldn’t be afraid to do so in the first place just like Kim Yeol. Even though she may get hurt it doesn’t concern her and she’s well aware of everything going on and what may happen, but she doesn’t make excuses like Kim Yeol who resembles the world of adults he hates so much in her eyes.


Yeon Doo called her mother who tried to discourage her from doing the interview. She eventually surrendered since everyone kept telling her to step back. Kim Yeol’s father was jealous of the relationship between Yeon Doo and her mother since he can’t even meet his own son, but he acknowledged that it was his own fault. Kim Yeol’s father was wondering if she will keep resisting the proposal he kept nurturing for two years, but Yeon Doo’s mother can’t move on at this point since she’s everything Yeon Doo has in her life, it’s something that put Kim Yeol’s father in deep thought because he couldn’t think in a like-minded way in the past.

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The next morning the reporter approached Yeon Doo anew, but she decided to not proceed with the interview once she recalled her mother’s words. Closing her eyes and blocking her ears was too much of a burden and she couldn’t help but think that she didn’t deserve Dong Jae’s milky present.


The headmistress met Ha Joon’s father and she reassured him that he shouldn’t worry about his son’s matter, but he wasn’t pleased with the fact that it’s difficult for his son to enter the college he chose for him. He was beating Ha Joon up at the parking and once Yeon Doo noticed what was going on she pretended that the teacher was looking for him. Ha Joon run away, but Yeon Doo followed him and tried to approach him. Even though he was negative and tried to leave Yeon Doo gave him medicine to help him cope with pain. She told him that she’s more loyal than he thinks and reassured him that she will keep it a secret.

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Yeon Doo’s disheartened since the Baek Ho members won’t help her anyway and Ha Joon took the lead and joined Yeon Doo’s cheerleading ranks! Later on and while it was raining Ha Joon witnessed Yeon Doo running in the rain and shortly after she met teacher Yang who was leaving. She was apologetic for being unable to help him, but he urged her to stay away from the interview and keep studying maths if she really wants to help him! There are two things she should find while being a student, a friend with whom she can do everything and an adult who will be on her side no matter what. That’s how she will be able to cope with a heartless’ school’s world and soon their attitude became playful!

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Kim Yeol kept recalling Ha Joon and Yeon Doo’s words and his concerns were carved upon his face. Yeon Doo practices on her own while Ha Joon was walking smiling in the rain! Yeon Doo found the protest paper she was working on with Dong Jae and recent flashbacks of teacher Yang embraced her mind. Kim Yeol appeared with his umbrella and he’s not there to shield her from the rain, he wanted to apologize, but she had already started taking into consideration his words.

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Even though everyone believes that she’s happy all the time she actually feels sorry towards her mother and she doesn’t feel enough in front of the teachers. She was different in the past, but this school turned her into a coward and future feels so uncertain. Kim Yeol urged her to do everything she wants since her heart always comes first and if she does what she wants at the present then she may want to become something in the future. Kim Yeol brought a wide smile on her face and she decided to keep living the way she wants to! He gave her his umbrella, but he would be unable to be with her under it since things could get “troublesome!”

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The next morning Yeon Doo was lost in her own thoughts inside the classroom. By the end of teacher Yang’s teaching process the headmistress was already waiting for him and Yeon Doo ran after them. She told teacher Yang that she has already found the friends he was referring to, but teacher Yang is the adult who would always be by her side and thanked him. Yeon Doo left and she could barely hold back her tears. She informed the reporter that she will proceed with the interview as Kim Yeol and Ha Joon were witnessing the moment.


Thoughts: Even though we entered Sassy Go Go’s third airing week the ratings don’t intend to pave a hopeful way. The drama’s 5th episode barely reached 2.9% and at this point i will have to admit that i have compromised with the fact that the ratings won’t live up to the drama’s expectations. However, even though the ratings aren’t representative of the drama’s captivating aura, Sassy Go Go progresses in a remarkable and very promising way as the pieces of the puzzle come together and fall apart depending on the circumstances.  


Teacher Nam’s approach wasn’t exactly what she expected since she found everyone floating upwards or diving d(r)ownwards, depending on their current mood and the impact the wine left upon their emotions. However, one way or another, she did bring the students together regardless of the circumstances.


Something one could notice in the beginning of the episode was Dong Jae and Ha Joon’s interest towards Soo Ah. Dong Jae was the only one who was keeping an eye on Soo Ah’s condition inside the car, but he was also the only one to witness that she was missing from a point and on. He had also witnessed some of her internal struggles in the recent past, but Ha Joon was in front of her greatest emotional explosion at the party.


Ha Joon was the only one who could imagine how things could turn out for Soo Ah. Personal experience had made him capable of reading between the lines and he could only rush to find her before others started searching for her. It was a great contrast as it presented two people who didn’t get along with Soo Ah actually caring about her whereas her supposed to be friends looked after themselves once things got awry.


It proved for one more time that what they share isn’t friendship, they are a clique infused by their parents’ ambitions reflecting how personal benefit can be over someone else’s urgent condition. It’s not like Soo Ah sees them as friends either, but they could show the slightest concern about her. One could also notice how much Kim Yeol admires Yeon Doo’s combative and righteous spirit the moment she tried to awaken Soo Ah’s minions’ minds.


Soo Ah was aware of the coldness within. She wasn’t only referring to her emotionless attitude towards others, it was also about the fact that she doesn’t have passion for anything. Her interactions with people are as mechanical and lifeless as her achievements are. If people around her won’t help her accomplish her own goals they are pointless, to say the least, and in the worst case scenario they are obstacles she must overstep by any means necessary.


However, the fact that at least one person, Ha Joon, cared about her in her hour of need was enough for her to return back to the shore. Soo Ah lacks love and she could only embrace Ha Joon’s caring attitude at that very moment without this meaning that she became a better person in a blink of an eye.


Lee Mi Do is a goddess and she always manages to attract one’s interest every time she appears on screen as coach Nam! Her cheerleading improvisation was hilarious as she was exploding all over the place with her skills and admirable body! She’s a match made in heaven with teacher Yang, they are the absolute partners in “crime” in Sassy Go Go’s world and they never fail to prove it. Their interactions are pure bliss and they are one more couple to ship in this drama alongside Kim Yeol-Yeon Doo and secretly Ha Joon-Soo Ah.


Yeon Doo’s quest to uncover the truth behind the party’s “kiss” incident was priceless. The closeups on Yeon Doo’s eyes and Kim Yeol’s lips were making me burst in tears of laughter! Yeon Doo’s unawareness and fear along with Kim Yeol’s playful attitude leaving her in the darkness just for the mystery’s sake had enslaved me! Even though her possible scenarios were pointing towards the direction that they didn’t kiss, Yeon Doo kept losing herself in the same theme over and over again throughout coach Nam’s speech and the internet-fact that a man will kiss 100% while being drunk was a small apocalypse to her eyes!


Coach Nam’s quest to bring the students closer together appeared more multifaceted at this point. She’s well aware that Soo Ah will attempt to enter a cheerleader’s world in a more palpable way if she’s in the lead of her own plan and coach Nam put her in charge of Yeon Doo’s friends who can actually dance! She won’t only be a leader and chances are high she will learn something too and this was coach Nam’s goal. Soo Ah has her own methods on her overall approach and she brought Korea’s national cheerleading team to pave the way for her and she was successful in intriguing the Real King club’s members’ minds!


However, as a heartless strategist of her own achievements under her mother’s ambitious command, if someone doesn’t fit her successful course he isn’t essential and she had to part ways with Dong Jae since he won’t be capable of being a part of the team due to his physical contact trauma. It was the drama’s indirect approach on social isolation when it comes to people who don’t fit the norm. Even though Soo Ah did it in order to emerge victorious, i hope it will have a positive impact on Dong Jae who will probably try to heal his internal wounds in order to overcome his trauma and become an essential part of the team.


On the other hand, coach Nam knew that only a strong-willed and determined, but also passionate about dance, person would be able to convince the Baek Ho members to start practicing in Soo Ah’s absence, Yeon Doo. Nobody said it would be easy, but it would be easier with Kim Yeol in the same team even though the help arrived from a different source as the episode was progressing while Yeon Doo was being disheartened by everyone’s indifference.


Kim Yeol recalling the moments he shared with Yeon Doo was making him float on insuperable heights. Of course, he’d wish they had kissed, but the fact that he was by her side at that very moment was a strong enough reason to make him happy and it was carved all over his face with a smile resembling the equator and a stare losing itself so far away! And shortly after, he was actually so jealous seeing Ha Joon and Yeon Doo together while still being unaware of the fact that Yeon Doo was desperately trying to convert him to the dancing team she was trying to bring to reality!


Teacher Im is disgusting, he doesn’t have a personality and he never acts on his own, he’s just the headmistress’ right hand and acts accordingly. The good part of the story is that he is hilarious sometimes as a source of laughter! But setting the parents aside, the most sickening aspect of the story has to be the headmistress since she’s devoid of education’s very soul and essence.


She didn’t only threaten Ha Joon, Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo indirectly after they overheard her intentions to fire teacher Yang, she also threatened everyone in a direct way inside the library the moment she said that she’d even expel anyone willing to move on with the interview without her giving her permission after supervising everything beforehand. She wants total control of everything going on inside the school in order for the name of Sevit High School to maintain its status regardless of the fact that it’s a prison. It’s a place where truth should remain hidden at all costs as long as it’s harmful for the facade she preserves.


In strict opposition to her “beliefs,” teacher Yang, accompanied by coach Nam, has only one priority in his life, his students’ well-being, especially inside a hostile for education and an adolescent’s soul environment. His interactions were either hilarious or meaningful; or both. Coach Nam was the means to help him acquire the video with his students, but even though he wasn’t successful he managed to deliver tremendous amounts of laughter while he was encouraging coach Nam to preserve her mourning mask!


The most important and soulful interaction of teacher Yang had to be the one with Yeon Doo, an interaction neither Kim Yeol nor the forthcoming troubles could prevent. She was the first one to approach him and inform him on everything going on, but he was the one to push her away in the first place since he didn’t want her to get harmed. Keeping Yeon Doo close as his student while still pushing her away for the exact same reason without betraying his ongoing concerns and devastation required tons of soul and Kim Ji Suk was there to deliver it through his acting. All he ever wanted was the video to remain a secret once and for all and protect his students far away from the interview factor that could severely harm them even though it would be the only way for him to have some palpable support.


Kim Yeol wanted to protect Yeon Doo at all costs, that’s why he tried to make her maintain a neutral approach on everything going on. If she knows that she can’t finish something she shouldn’t start it in the first place, but life isn’t that certain anyway and Yeon Doo isn’t the person to remain silent when injustice parades shamelessly in front of her very eyes. The moment she witnessed teacher Yang’s devastation while he was packing his belongings was one of the heart-awakening signals she received during the second half of the episode.


We also got to know to a wider extent the impact Kim Yeol’s father’s distant approach left upon him. He’s reached a point where he doesn’t trust adults just a few steps before becoming an adult himself. Even though he’s an exemplary student when it comes to maintaining the first position he finds the world of adults a sickening place to be and the non-existent relationship with his father has made him generalize and place all adults in the same category. Yeon Doo’s opposing approach was insightful, she acknowledges that teacher Yang was the only person inside the school who actually cared about his students and as episodes were passing by his efforts were becoming more apparent in her eyes. Telling Kim Yeol that he resembles the adults he hates so much wasn’t to make him look hesitant. She wanted to remind him that if the world of adults doesn’t trust an adolescent’s dreams this doesn’t mean that all adults are the same way and generalizing in such a thoughtless way could only make him look like one of them.


However, even though Yeon Doo is a brilliant adolescent female lead it doesn’t mean that she’s made of iron even though she’s not afraid of getting hurt if she wants to preserve her ideals. Her mother is her tower of strength and she had to call her in order to get more courage and secure her decision, even though the reply she received wasn’t the desired one. Yeon Doo’s mother is well aware that she’s everything in Yeon Doo’s life and tried to protect her, but at the same time she also understands Kim Yeol’s father’s situation. Their short conversation was an intriguing one, but we have yet to find out more about everything that happened in the past between Kim Yeol and his father. Things have just started becoming slightly more insightful and i am curious about what was tough for Kim Yeol’s father that forged a chasm between them and the absence of a mother points towards that very specific direction.


We “knew” Ha Joon’s father through the scars he was leaving on Ha Joon’s body after beating him up, that monster has a face on the 5th episode! Under the respectable high class mask he wears the stench of a forceful father pollutes the environment and his son’s fragile soul. Beating up his own son because he’s not enough of fulfilling his father’s ambitions was a sickening sight to witness, but it was shocking as well for Yeon Doo’s kindhearted soul as well. She didn’t only help his torture to reach an end faster, she also stood by his side and let him know that she cares about him. She was well aware that Ha Joon is going through his own hardships in life, but she could finally see through his tension in a more specific way.


Just like Yeon Doo earned his trust in a humane way, Ha Joon couldn’t let her feel disheartened anymore and approached her to proceed with her cheerleading plans. Our figures’ nighttime was a meaningful presentation of their solitude as they interacted with each other in their own way. Ha Joon witnessing Yeon Doo running in the rain could only make him return in order to leave his umbrella for her just like she gave him medicine for the pain. I conceived the smile carved upon his face as another sincere ray of hope that entered his life and not as a love triangle in the making.


Yeon Doo could only be apologetic towards teacher Yang, but even when the world was collapsing underneath his feet he kept encouraging her and urging her in his own way to step aside from this battlefield. His approach was rather insightful as he encapsulated everything an adolescent truly needs, pure friends that would accompany one another in everything and at least one adult that would be by her side no matter what. The world of the Sevit High School they live in is a cruel one, but if she has at least that much in her life then she has everything. Making her smile even when his horizon was darkening was proving the humble grandeur of his soul.


After Yeon Doo finished her practice and reminisced the recent past and Kim Yeol fought back his concerns they could only meet. He wanted to apologize for imposing his beliefs on her combative nature, but Yeon Doo could understand that he tried to protect her in his own way. I love the contrast of how strong yet so fragile Yeon Doo is. Just because smiling is one of her major external characteristics it doesn’t mean that she’s bulletproof. She may had been at some point, but the school’s ill-natured environment left its own impact upon her. What was herself eventually forged a shell that would protect her from further harm in the uncertain future’s sleepless stare.


But that was the moment when Kim Yeol, while deeply understanding everything Yeon Doo stands for, urged her to do everything she wants to in order for her to be happy. Adults often forget that a child should follow his/her own path if he/she wants to become something he/she would enjoy in the future. They tend to shatter a child’s dreams for their own, usually unfulfilled on a personal level, ambitions the child should accomplish on their behalf. However, i would like to see them together under the same umbrella because i want things to get blissfully “troublesome” between them, but i do understand that it would set aside the real meaning of that evening and in a manner of speaking i am glad that Kim Yeol took that brave decision.


Teacher Yang’s silent farewell by hiding the fact that he wouldn’t possibly teach them again in the future was heartrending. Even during his last class, the presence of the headmistress and her right hand was making the darkening ambiance even more pompous of what would follow. But they didn’t take into consideration Yeon Doo’s fully awakened spirit which wouldn’t let the adult figure that was by her side no matter what go to waste in the headmistress’ ruthless empire. Both teacher Yang and Yeon Doo holding back their tears while she was unveiling her thoughts was an emotionally fortified moment, a moment when teacher Im and the headmistress’ presence didn’t matter.


The preview indicates that both teams will start working on their own goals until the winner gets revealed whereas teacher Yang doesn’t intend to step back from revealing the stench that hides underneath the school’s surface. No matter how much she understands the instability of her world, Soo Ah doesn’t intend to surrender and more problems will arise as the vibes prove that the headmistress will try to expel Yeon Doo and Ha Joon will probably try to protect her through his father’s influence in exchange for finally studying hard in order to achieve his father’s ambitions. I love it how perplexed the previews appear since they reveal a lot while revealing almost nothing at the same time. Sassy Go Go only gets better and i like how it balances on the thin red line between high school gloom and feels/laughter, the good thing is that we’re only a few hours away from the 6th episode!


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  1. bmore
    October 20, 2015 at 9:56 am — Reply

    A lot happened in this episode. It is disappointing that more people have not picked up on this gem of a show. The cast is wonderful, and one would think the audience would be drawn to it for them alone, and the script so well done that it’s even more unfortunate that others are not climbing on our bandwagon for this series.

    Eun Ji may have been the one to bring me to this show, but I am discovering/re-discovering more of the amazing young talent Kdrama’s pockets seem to be so deep with. I first saw Lee Won Geun in the melo Passionate Love as a (young) version of a lead and he was impressive and unforgettable in a very passionate and heartfelt role. Chae Soo Bin won my heart with her beautiful and loving portrayal of a girl in the throes of her first love in Bluebird House. She is killing it here. And, while the camera loves the exotic features of Ji Soo here and in Angry Mom, he is showing that ubiquitous ability so unique to Kdrama actors: the less is more facial expressions and emotions technique. This ability to express thoughts and feelings with subtle facial and eye movements is something that, on a continuing basis, just amazes me. As does the fact that so many of these young actors have mastered the technique so early in their careers. The scene of that monster, who does not deserve the name Father, inflicting such violence on that young boy made me want to leap through the screen.

    I’m happily watching for the next episode to pop up, but, at the same time, am aware that we will already be at the halfway point in this short drama. So I’m also already preparing myself to start the downhill ride to the end of my time with this story. 🙁 Thanks again for sharing your thoughts on this drama. I’m glad to have like minded, intelligent souls with whom to enjoy this show! 🙂

    • October 20, 2015 at 2:33 pm — Reply

      Yup, it’s truly sad, this drama deserves much more attention!! Instead, they jumped on the bandwagon for yet another makjang story, Glamorous Temptation, which i’m not watching, but i presume it’s makjang! XD Sassy Go Go has the script, the actors and the overall ambiance, it simply feels so refreshing to watch it!
      Same here, came for Eun Ji’s multi-talented persona, but there are many wonderful actors and actresses in here! It’s my first time seeing Lee Won Geun, but he’s just exemplary in here, some of his facial expressions have a pervert vibe, but that’s what makes him even more hilarious! XD I had only watched Bluebird House’s first episodes, but Chae Soo Bin had instantly caught my attention, so i am glad i found her here doing such a great job!
      “the less is more facial expressions and emotions technique.” Highly agree about Ji Soo! I wanted to enter the screen as well the moment that monster was beating him up, i have a screen that died very recently, maybe, just maybe, i will keep it for a special drama occasion since i can’t harm my new screen! XD
      Yup, later on today we’ll be halfway through, there are only 3 weeks lying ahead of us 🙁
      You are very very welcome and thank you for one more time for unveiling your thoughts, i had missed uri conversations to that extent!!! 🙂

  2. October 20, 2015 at 12:00 pm — Reply

    Awesome episode! It revealed alot as far as the individual characters were concerned. I have a pet theory about Yeon Doo’s mother & her boyfriend; who I am not yet convinced is Kim Yeol’s father. I am wondering whether or not he is actually Ha Joon’s real father. It would fit all of the scenarios if so: 1- Ha Joon’s stepfather’s abusiveness, 2- Ha Joon’s real father’s inability to connect with his son as obviously the stepfather wouldn’t allow it and Ha Joon would be under threat if he did see him. This could be easily mistaken as Ha Joons choice 3-Ha Joon could have taken his stepfather’s name….obviously the man is rich & powerful so that all makes sense within the culture of that social strata. 4- The real father has repeatedly expressed remorse to Yeon Doo’s mom, intimating he let things slide/ go by / drop … which lost him his son. Lastly, 5- Yeon Doo’s evolving relationship with Ha Joon could grow into something sisterly which would of course work very well in the storyline. That is regardless of new Ha Joon – Yeon Doo ships which, if comments on Viki are anything to go by; have now exploded after this episode. haha.
    I am gutted about the ratings for this show and hope the cast and crew know how well this is playing overseas. It surely deserves so much more.
    I am really looking forward to todays episode! One last thing….totally adore the actor playing teacher yang, as well as his character. Fabulous actor playing/ interpreting a wonderful character. He & the coach really form the center now; understanding the kids and grounding the plotlines. Thanks for the recap!!!

    • October 20, 2015 at 2:25 pm — Reply

      That is a very intriguing scenario about Ha Joon and Yeo Doo’s mother’s man! Could it be that his wife got a divorce from him and married that rich piece of $hit and she eventually died leaving Ha Joon alone with the stepfather while his real father was coping with losing his wife as his wife at first and then from this world which eventually led him to be far away from Ha Joon? That’s how i can interpret this aspect of the story! 😀 If that’s not the case, then he’s just Kim Yeol’s father whose relationship with Kim Yeol had been set aside after the loss of his wife and Kim Yeol’s mother or something. But yep, i can only see the Yeon Doo and Ha Joon relationship as a friendly one, or sisterly-brotherly given the lurking caring attitude.
      Yup, the actor does a great job and he depicted perfectly well all the feelings of his character, hidden and surfaced ones in an exemplary way! He’ssuch a combo with coach Nam, i can’t get enough of them! In a few hours we’ll have the subs for the new ep, so let’s be slightly patient and the episode will rewards us!!! 😀 You are very welcome and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts once again! 🙂

      • October 21, 2015 at 9:54 am — Reply

        I actually thought the character of Kim Byung Jae (Choi Duk Moon) was Dong Jae’s father at first because of Yeon Doo and Dong Jae’s relationship and it didn’t make sense to me that Yeon Doo and Yeol truly didn’t know each other if their parents were dating. Interesting fact, though. Can someone point out the scene where it’s clearly established Choi Duk Moon is Yeol’s father? The only time I read about his role being Yeol’s father is in the casting news about the parents. Even the movie daum cast database doesn’t state “Yeol’s father”, we just know why his son doesn’t want to see him…. Meh. My point is is Show making it a mystery on purpose or is it just that Show didn’t realize the confusion about that?

        That theory with Ha Joon’s dad was more interesting, though. 😀

  3. October 21, 2015 at 10:38 am — Reply

    Aaaah I want to niptick so bad, can I niptick? Can I? Okay, I can’t help it. I wished so hard we just focused on the teens. Teen romance, teen angst, teen ftiendship… For a show sold with cheeleading as an original setting, there’s really not much cheeleading going on. I understand you don’t pick up cheerleading after just a month or two of practice, but all the actors needed was to learn one routine for close-ups and you leave the rest to professional cheerleaders. And besides, if the actors don’t actually know how to do the cheerleading moves, scenes where we see them practice wouldn’t be acting at all; I just find it sad we focus on cliché storylines with adults, school illegal activities instead of following more closely each teen subplot. For instance, we just see Yeol’s dad lamenting, Yeol’s scenes aren’t linked to his dad, except that one when he avoids the phone call? As viewers, we kinda know what happened to Dong Jae, but it’s like no one on the team really cares to ask him what happened and get a clear answer to help him out. Soo Ah had a breakdown, but Show just brushed it off the next morning as if nothing happened, like Ha Joon shows concern and finds her and brings her back, but the next day, we focus on Yeon Doo’s obsessing over her non-kiss and Yeol being all suave and teasing while there’s nothing on Soo Ah and Ha Joon or Soo Ah and Dong Jae… Surely, she would have been embarrassed to confront them, especially Dong Jae who seems to always be by her side in her moments of weakness.

    Okay, I always have questions of logic: it’s a normal thing in the Korean school system to go on a 1 night 2 day trip to encourage unity and help students to get to know each other. So I don’t get the whole “OMG! They went out without permission and stayed out all night”. Like… I really thought it was a planned trip and the school knew about it. they all missed the nigh roll call, was it explained why no one worried over 10 students missing at night? I understand Show wanted us to see how dedicated the teachers were to help them out and wanted to make good use of Lee Mi Do’s acting and have a soju PPL scene, but… 😀 Nipticking over.

    “Lee Mi Do is a goddess and she always manages to attract one’s interest every time she appears on screen as coach Nam!” No lie detected. 100% true. She nails this role. ” She’s a match made in heaven with teacher Yang, they are the absolute partners in “crime” in Sassy Go Go’s world and they never fail to prove it. Their interactions are pure bliss and they are one more couple to ship in this drama alongside Kim Yeol-Yeon Doo and secretly Ha Joon-Soo Ah”. You know I don’t ship much, but when I ship, I ship hard. I really like there’s no flirting vibe between Teacher Yang and Coach Nam because their focus is only their students, which makes me want to ship harder so they have this “omg! we should totally get together” moment in the end. Yeol-Yeon Doo, obvious ship is obvious… Soo Ah, Dong Jae and Ha Joon all seem to need a hug… I want a group hug at the end too.

  4. October 21, 2015 at 6:19 pm — Reply

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