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#1st Epi Glance/Review : The Memorandum of Kyoko Okitegami/Okitegami Kyoko No Biboroku (aka Sandcastles In The Sand)

The story follows Okitegami Kyoko, [Aragaki Yui] a private detective that is known for solving cases the same day she’s assigned to them- that is, because her memory gets erased after she falls asleep. Kakushidate Yakusuke [Okada Masaki] is an ordinary guy that Lady Luck has abandoned and through a work “misunderstanding” he is forced to hire Kyoko to work out a case involving him and rid him of the constant culprit sign that follows him around.

And thus the story begins.

Both the cases in the first episode, were well crafted and intelligently written. I like how it keeps the audience guessing, while Kyoko has it figured out almost from the beginning, haha.

Kyoko is obviously very smart, with a sharp eye that collects data from every little thing she comes across to- it’s kinda early to have a bigger picture of who she is, but from the very start it seems like her memory being reseted doesn’t bother her, in fact she uses that not only to solve cases within a single day like a boss, but to live each day without a regret as she states. It seems she treats her condition as a blessing in disguise and tries to function the best she can. And she is very successful on that for now.  Oh, she also never forgets to cash in without giving any discount!

Yakusuke on the other hand, well, the guy can’t catch a break and bad luck seems to hit him every corner he turns around to, as evidented by the colorful descriptions of his young unlucky days up until today! (even though, as Kyoko pointed out, the comet nearly falling on him and his bike might have forced him to miss his exams but he DID actually see a comet from up front- so is it really bad luck or is it a matter of perspective? Hum..) He is polite and gentle, and he has got a bit of a defeatist attitude (can’t blame him, 2 “culprit” cases within a day, and others will follow!) but I suspect that will change as episodes progress.

I liked the first episode; it was fun, intelligent, quirky, light-hearted with nice BGM and shifty directing, and it seems that it will head the comedy/mystery route along with a bit or romance that will obviously be really difficult to establish. Building things in the day, only to get collapsed during the sleepy night lol. Sort of like “Sandcastles in the Sand” as one Robin Sparkles would sing!

But yep, the main duo is really nice, they have good chemistry, [Okada and Aragaki sparkle like sparkling water together] so let us see how that will unfold between the cases they have to go through. We’ll also see how the secondary characters, Kyoko’s helpers and Yakusuke’s acquaintances will play in the story.

Onwards to episode 2 then!

p.s oh and to whoever is stealing our stuff, let me tell you all:

The Pirates are coming for you!

(Darn Macross Frontier was good, good ol’ 2008 anime days! Geass R2 still remains the king of that year though, my beautiful trainwreck!)

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  1. October 21, 2015 at 1:11 pm — Reply

    I really liked the first episode as well (although that scene with the slow motion while passing the road was a bit too much 😀 )
    Overall the episode went by so fast and was fun also I agree that the interaction between the leads is really good. But I am not sure if they will keep making Yasukuku the suspect in every episode? I am just afraid that it may get boring with time.

    • October 21, 2015 at 1:19 pm — Reply

      Haha, it was but I think it was meant to highlight Yasukuku’s fear of “okay, this is it, now imma die from a car!” His expression was priceless!

      Well, Yasukuku’s bad luck will keep on following him and meddle him with Kyoko’s cases- but that might not be a bad thing in the sense that it won’t take away from solving the mystery/ies, in fact they will obviously co-operate; so it’s not so much as Yasukuku being a suspect but rather how can he help Kyoko in this and that case.
      I guess we’ll have to wait and see! ; )

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