She was pretty ep 9 ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers

Unfortunately not only they have been stealing our articles, but this week there was only one episode of “She was pretty”

Kim Hye Jin’s make over, gets explained. She wants to change so that she can be more “Most Like”. It’s her way of showing she gets the job seriously. Everyone is wowed and treat her better. I respect Hye Jin’s decision, but the message of inner beauty in this episode, gets lots in translation.

Min Ha Ri decides she is a good person, that only loves her friend. She still doesn’t say a thing and tries to get away with it, by writing a lette for Sung Joon where she explains everything. Her coward part stays strong. She even gets a ride for Shin Hyuk, to feel better.

The “Most” magazine holds an event to celebrate the 20th anniversary, something like that. In this event Uee becomes Suy, Hye Jin is worried because Sung Joon doesn’t show up. Her worries get worse, when it’s raining. Indeed Sung Joon shows up late because, his trauma gets back because of the rain. That held me in the car trying to relax and not being able to give his speech, crazy Ra Ra gives it in his place.

Sung Joon and Kim Hye Jin, get closer, the chief editor wants to spend more time with her. He waits for her bus with the excuse of wanting to stay out for a while. They are talking about the god of opportunity and his exposed parts. Sung Joon is a sophisticated person since his young age. We have learnt many things from him.

Kim Hye Jin has to use Joo Young’s car to go somewhere far for a project. She accidentally takes Soo Jin’s broken car. When everybody realises it they get worried for her. Sung Joon listens everything over the phone and reading some news for an accident he rushes to Hye Jin, leaving Min Ha Ri with her lletter yelling his name muahahahahaha.

Shin Hyuk too runs to Hye Jin. Sung Joon drives in the rain. His worry for Hye Jin makes him forget his fear for the rain. He gets first to the accident area. Looking for Hye Jin, he finds her safe. He can’t hold his self back and tightly hugs her. Shin Hyuk witnesses everything.

And there we have the official love triangle and still the truth is not out. 

Let’s wait for next episodes my precious Dramajjangers.

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