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Sassy Go Go ~ Episode 4 Recap


“We should do nothing.
We don’t breathe.
We don’t smile or cry.
Let’s stay quiet as if we were dead.
The adults want us to do that.”


Mr. Joo from the Education Office has arrived due to the report he received about the spec-boosting activities. The students’ parents remained silent and the headmistress covered it up by saying it’s all about the school’s participation in a cheerleading competition! Soo Ah’s mother followed the headmistress’ laughter-lead and reassured Mr. Joo that everything’s flowing well! Mr. Joo insisted on featuring Sevit High School’s performance on the TV and he will be present himself along with the higher-ups of the Education Office! The cheerleading coach tried to leave since she was fired, but the parents and the headmistress started praising her and pretended it was just a joke!


The cheerleading coach had one condition and the headmistress hysteria exploded inside her office!! Coach Nam demands to be able to give demerit points to the students even if their parents are opposed to something like that. The headmistress could only fulfill her demand since the coach had arranged a meeting with the reporter Mr. Joo had brought with him!


Soo Ah’s mother along with others are having their manicure session and they are plotting in like-minded ways in order to protect their children’s specs. Of course, the cheerleading performance will be a necessary evil!


Coach Nam was reading comic books and she often burst into laughter while the Baek Ho members were trying to study and the Real King team was hanging in there until the “lesson” was over! Yeon Doo urged her to train them since they have to get ready for the competition, but the next lesson’s homework will be to get to know one another, especially their weaknesses!


While coach Nam was leaving, teachers Yang and Im were following her as they were being captivated by her charms, until she turned around! The headmistress wants teacher Yang to be the supervisor of the cheerleading team and he can’t do otherwise since she brought to the surface the contract renewal factor. All he has to do is to protect the Baek Ho club members at all costs until the overall team emerges victorious.

bscap0977bscap0975bscap0976 bscap0978

Despite his skills, Dong Jae was kicked out of the basketball team and Yeon Doo intends to help him reclaim his spot, but Dong Jae wants to take care of it on his own in time. Kim Yeol and Ha Joon are following them and Ha Joon was wondering if Kim Yeol was really interested in Yeon Doo! Since they cross paths so often he’s become interested in her! The mop wars ended in breaking the glass and Kim Yeol protected Yeon Doo with his back while Dong Jae was unable to do anything.

bscap0984bscap0982bscap0983 bscap0985

Later on he kept sweating at the thought of the recent events and the least he could do was to call Yeon Doo on the phone, but she didn’t answer his call. When he was a kid he pushed one girl at the playground and she ended at the hospital.


The doctor took care of Kim Yeol’s wounds and Yeon Doo eventually followed him as she was thankful for saving her! Returning the favor meant that she would buy him as much food as Kim Yeol wanted to eat! After not answering the teacher’s phone call they went to the market to find a dancing competition where the the grand prize was a stereo!


Yeon Doo became instantly interested and she raised her hand to compete right away! She started dancing to trot melodies and Kim Yeol was secretly enjoying her performance until he was called on stage! Leaving would never be an option, if they did a couple dance they’d automatically with the stereo! Of course, Kim Yeol didn’t know how to dance and he was moving to the rhythm trying to imitate Yeon Doo’s moves in a hilarious way as the ecstatic ahjummas were their most passionate audience!

bscap0999bscap1001 bscap1002

They won the 3rd prize and they entered the bus! Awkward moments are awkward and Yeon Doo gave him the rice cooker, but he kicked it away in order to provoke her and make her sit next to him, something he managed to achieve! Yeon Doo fell asleep on Kim Yeol’s shoulder while he was leaning his head on hers! Once he woke up he took the rice cooker on his hands to make it easier for her and kept enjoying his sleep by her side!

 bscap1004bscap1003 bscap1014 bscap1013bscap1011

Once they got out of the bus she was the one to carry the rice cooker until he took it in his hands! Teacher Yang was waiting for them and even though he was shouting he would really want them to inform him on their intentions so that he would pace with their flow! Their excuse will be that they just came back from the hospital!


Dong Jae and some Real King members were waiting for Yeon Doo to arrive and she informed Dong Jae on the latest events! She’s enthusiastic about the prize while Dong Jae tries to overcome his trauma and touch her hand, but he was unable to do so.

bscap1020bscap1021 bscap1022

Yeon Doo’s inside her room and she recalls the moment Kim Yeol saved her along with their dance at the competition and she can’t stop laughing while Soo Ah and her friends try to study! She’s so happy, but she’s not the only one! Kim Yeol recalls her sleeping by his side and dancing on her own until Ha Joon interrupted the flowing magic. Ha Joon’s actually happy seeing his friend like that for the very first time.

bscap1023bscap1029bscap1025 bscap1031bscap1032

The ecstatic coach Nam arrived, but also Dong Jae who wanted to join the cheerleading team in order to protect Yeon Doo! However, nobody found any information about one another even though knowing each other is the basics of cheerleading! Teacher Nam’s relaxing while the members of both clubs are exercising since it was the easy way out instead of receiving demerit points!

bscap1038bscap1035bscap1036 bscap1041

The get to know each other session has began! Hyo Sik’s least favorite subjects have to be English, maths and… Korean! Tae Pyung’s favorite band is Apink! Da Mi’s ancestry remained a mystery, as for Kim Yeol’s promiscuous past he neither denied nor accepted it, he kept relying on his handsome looks! When he was asked about the girl he’s currently dating Yeon Doo raised her head, but also he stared at her while stating that there is a girl he would like to kiss making Yeo Doo blush and himself smile!

bscap0905 bscap1049bscap1048

The moment has arrived for them to learn their first figure and the duets have been forged! The other options didn’t seem interesting and they decided to give it a shot! Dong Jae and Soo Ah is the most interesting team and during nighttime Dong Jae tried to tame his trauma.

bscap1052bscap1053 bscap1057 bscap1055bscap1054

Teacher Im kept deleting Real King and Baek Ho oriented videos, but the one he left behind wasn’t as innocent as it appeared to be! Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo were reporting what happened to them during the broken glass incident and while she was at the restroom Kim Yeol saw the video to find out how Soo Ah used Ha Joon’s problem and got enraged.


He wrist-grabbed her and made her follow him to give some explanations about everything she did! She remained ironic and once Soo Ah thought that Kim Yeol was overreacting he pushed her against the wall and let her know that he hasn’t even started. She shouldn’t keep pushing his soft spots because he can’t even conceive what he might do. Soo Ah warned him to be careful since her target is Ha Joon and not Kim Yeol who warned her back that if Ha Joon finds out everything she might actually die.

bscap0914 bscap1065bscap1066bscap0919

Ha Joon was actually overhearing their conversation and once Kim Yeol left he demanded to know the whole truth. Since he was the one who wanted to know everything she eventually let him know and he went to the rooftop. The teacher had started checking the dorms, but Ha Joon was nowhere to be found and he wouldn’t even pick up his phone calls and he asked teacher Yang to say that he was with Ha Joon at that point.

bscap1070 bscap1069bscap1067 bscap1071

Kim Yeol kept searching all over the place and soon he rushed to the rooftop, but it was locked while Ha Joon was trying to jump off the rooftop, something he was unable to do eventually. Yeon Doo found Kim Yeol at the verge of crying and she reassured him that Ha Joon will be back since Kim Yeol’s lie was actually the truth.

bscap1075 bscap1076bscap1078 bscap1081

The next morning Kim Yeol got informed that Ha Joon was heading towards the headmistress’ office and he rushed to find him while Ha Joon started baking things inside the office! Teachers Yang and Im along with Kim Yeol held him back while he was demanding explanations and eventually ran away. Kim Yeol followed him in the rain, but Ha Joon wasn’t pleased with the decision Kim Yeol had to make since it made him feel even more miserable. Ha Joon urged Kim Yeol to stop acting this way if he doesn’t want him to end his life for real.

bscap1082 bscap1089bscap1086

Ha Joon entered the library and started throwing things all over the place since he was intending to quit the club and eventually a fight erupted! Teacher Yang tried to intervene, but teacher Nam urged him to stay out of it since she wanted them to release their tension naturally! On top of that, she intended to videotape them and punish them accordingly, like exercising in the mud and the rain! It’s something that made the headmistress go crazy but also unable to do anything!


After the rain, sunshine arrived and the exercise was over while everyone was shivering! Kim Yeol let Ha Joon know that he didn’t know what else to do since he was afraid and couldn’t afford to lose him. The world of adults wants them to be lifeless and obedient, but the reason why Ha Joon’s hanging in there is because of Kim Yeol.


Everyone’s post-exercise condition is the worst since coach Nam had ordered them to not wash up and simply eat altogether, it’s something that made them the school’s hot topic! Yeon Doo’s laughter broke the awkwardness of the moment and everyone started laughing, even Soo Ah! Teacher Yang sent the other students away and he was glad seeing them happy together!


The moment for Ha Joon and Kim Yeol to take a shower have arrived and they started playing around with the water! Then they visited the headmistress where Kim Yeol knelt in front of her and urged Ha Joon to do the same. Kim Yeol asked her to forgive Ha Joon who was apologetic. The headmistress doesn’t intend to inform his father for now, but when the right moment arrives she intends to do so.

bscap1103 bscap1109bscap1110 bscap1111bscap1112bscap1114

Byung Jae helped Yeon Doo’s mother at the restaurant, but she was well aware he had something to say and urged him to do so! He revealed the ring and proposed to her, but the answer wasn’t the one he expected.


Teacher Nam’s method to make them do anything is to make them choose between her tasks, demerit points and physical penalty! They followed the map and found the house where a table full of food was waiting for them and they started eating like there’s no tomorrow! Da Mi brought some wine and they mistook it for grape juice! Only Kim Yeol and Ha Joon understood what was going on and they were actually happy about it! Everyone kept drinking and drinking until their brains go out of their bodies!

bscap0943 bscap1118bscap1123

Soo Ah was about to cry and she asked Ha Joon what was his problem with her. She exploded and kept saying that she will kill everyone. He pressed her head’s “button” and then tears started to fall making her wonder what did she do wrong and why everyone keeps blaming her while she’s having a hard time as well. Uttering that her brain is eating up her heart was a great truth and Ha Joon left after giving her his handkerchief.

bscap1129 bscap1133bscap1134 bscap1127

Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo were at the balcony and dizziness had started taking control of her body. She’s glad that Ha Joon is back and Kim Yeol’s worries have reached an end. She laid her head on the table and asked Kim Yeol to do the same. This time the option was only one, he was going to kiss her and let’s hope the kiss will reach completion during the next episode!

bscap1136 bscap1139bscap1138 bscap0953 bscap1141bscap1140 bscap0956

Thoughts: The ratings got slightly better for Sassy Go Go this time, it reached 3.8% and i deeply hope it will pass the 5% barrier during the next week. After all it deserves it and it left us with a major cliffhanger that will be playing tricks on our minds until the next Monday arrives to find out the outcome of that gracious tête-à-tête!


Lee Mi Do’s presence as coach Nam in the drama is utterly refreshing and actually educating in a multifaceted way. She was the wind everyone needed so that the drama’s storyline would start progressing according to plan. She doesn’t only aim to work on their physical strength and dancing maneuvers, she works in a way Soo Ah had never imagined and everything is gradually becoming a full of heart and soul experience. It’s exactly what Soo Ah misses from everything she does and mechanically accomplishes.


Coach Nam doesn’t only want to awaken their minds, she also wants to soothe their hearts and make them pound more lively and according to their age which should be filled with beautiful memories and with as less heartache as possible. She’s the awakening force everyone needed and most and above all, she wants to make them work as a team, not only because they have to, but also standing united and strong while getting to know each other better, starting from their weaknesses. It’s not only Kim Yeol using the method of three, she uses it as well and in a masterful way in order to forcefully but with love pave the steps upon which her students must walk! If it’s not her task, then it’s either punishment points or physical exercise! Soon enough, the first option felt the most reasonable to make them care, not only for their common goal, but for each other as well; step by step.


We got to know Dong Jae’s psychosomatic condition which started at such a fragile age and scarred him deeply. The moment he hurt the little girl by mistake he refused physical contact as a silent atonement for his harmful act and never looked back. It was a condition he kept nurturing with the passing of years and the outcome is what we witness at the present. It determines his life, his decisions and actions and it was more apparent when the person he treasures the most, Yeon Doo, was in danger, he couldn’t do anything even though he wanted to do everything. Trying to touch Yeon Doo after she returned to school was heartrending just like his nighttime every time he tries to leave behind the past.


That’s why he entered the cheerleading team in order to try to heal his trauma. He knew that many figures will probably require physical interaction and he became a part of the team willingly so that in the future he will be able to protect Yeon Doo. The fact that he found himself in a duet with Soo Ah is a highly intriguing collaboration. Dong Jae’s body is afraid of physical contact whereas Soo Ah’s soul shivers even at the thought of emotional strokes.


It’s not like we don’t know how Kim Yeol’s feelings progress with greater warmth towards Yeon Doo’s side, but the fact that he’s willing to put his life on the line for her without any second thought proves that what he’s nurturing deep within is powerful. Spending the whole day with her after the hospital was probably the most beautiful day of his life up to that moment. He eventually reacted to all of the environment stimuli Yeon Doo was infusing in the air he was breathing.


Everything happened gradually, but in an explosive way the moment he decided to “dance” in his very own way while trying to unsuccessfully imitate Yeon Doo’s figures. And he started enjoying it to the fullest the moment he let himself free in a foreign to him environment; dance! Learning how to dance wasn’t the lesson of that experience, but cherishing life during each and every moment. The bus scene was utter bliss, they looked so beautiful together and so happily peaceful while asleep, they are a puppy couple one should definitely ship!


Teacher Yang is a soulful person, he loves his students even though we haven’t witnessed his teaching methods. Sassy Go Go isn’t the high school drama to emphasize on that factor anyway, what these students need is a caring attitude and love and teacher Yang stands by their side in his very own discreet way! Just so you know, either zkpop, koreanengsub, koreanexpert or nextdrama will probably steal this article from dramajang, so i would like to humbly ask you to not visit, support, read or follow such sites, they just take away other people’s articles and present them as their own.


Yeon Doo being unable to hold back her happiness and laughing on her own while Kim Yeol kept smiling like Joker by the window was an utterly representative twofold scene of our main couple’s happiness and longing! Ha Joon noticing that magnificent gleam on Kim Yeol’s face for the first time made the moment more sincere since Ha Joon is a person who knows and truly cares about Kim Yeol.


Yeon Doo blushing during the get to know each other session and exchanging stares with Kim Yeol the moment before him saying that there’s a girl he wants to kiss was so cute. He gradually moves towards her, but in a faster pace after the beautiful experiences they shared together after the accident. However, adolescence is a turbulent world and Kim Yeol’s happiness transformed into fear, the fear of Ha Joon finding out everything.


Kim Yeol knows how fragile Ha Joon’s world is and how lethal things could get, but there was also rage towards Soo Ah’s inconsiderate and heartless methods. The moment he warned her that he’s willing to do anything for his friend’s well-being he wasn’t overreacting, he was being sincere to the utmost level whereas Soo Ah kept preserving her ironic attitude without losing her pace. Once again, she aims for the third party, the one dearest to the one she wants to harm. The usage of the number “3” throughout the drama is quite distinctive dare i say and i have to admit that i like it! We’re used to love triangles in the world of dramas when it comes to “3,” but Sassy Go Go makes it more intriguing and meaningful for a change.


Ha Joon finding out the whole truth was indeed traumatic. The moment he prevented himself from proceeding with the final and irreversible step his stare was empty, devoid of life while a shattered question on why he should keep on breathing was glimmering within his eyes. Kim Yeol on a rooftop with a vast view lying a head was depicting how the whole world wasn’t enough. Kim Yeol prevented himself from crying in front of Yeon Doo, his tears so far have always been Ha Joon oriented and it’s the most personal aspect of himself. However, Yeon Doo encouraging him by strengthening the essence of his most truthful lie meant a lot at that point.


Ha Joon’s mental condition was sold to the highest bidder, Soo Ah’s demand under the headmistress’ command, he could only erupt inside her office. Kim Yeol’s caring was misinterpreted under his blurry mind’s point of view and we all know that his internal tension is immense. When it can’t get soothed by harming himself, instead of taking his own life he can only get into a fight as his blood keeps boiling and that’s what happened. Kim Yeol’s words were simplistic and spot on, they were in direct opposition to the adults’ ambitions that keep devastating their adolescent souls in an attempt to turn them into lifeless and obedient machines.


We also got to know that the only person who keeps Ha Joon alive is Kim Yeol, it’s not like we hadn’t conceived it, but listening to it made the confession more powerful and their friendship pure to the utmost level. The shower scene was needed for both of them as their playful attitude could cleanse their internal world for a while before entering the headmistress’ office where dreams get strangled in strict cooperation with the students’ parents.


Once again, coach Nam let them get rid of their internal tension as a team and not solely since each and every one of them carries his/her own burdens and she used the fight to her own benefit in order to help them get closer together through her own teaching methods! She tames them one step at a time and it works. Making them look alike, all muddy and exhausted, made them a distinctive team with common characteristics in front of everyone else’s eyes. Yeon Doo’s laughter was healing, it made everyone follow her heartfelt lead and turned the awkwardness into a temporary safe haven where even Soo Ah could smile.


I have to admit that the story of Kim Yeol’s father(?) and Yeon Doo’s mother has turned into some sort of a parody, they appear just for a little while during every episode and we never get to see enough of what’s going on. I definitely need to see their background story in order to forge an opinion, sparse moments will never be enough.


In vino veritas – in wine there is truth! Only Kim Yeol and Ha Joon noticed it was wine the moment they tasted it, the others thought it was grape juice, me and my liver laughed like there was no tomorrow! Except for those two, everyone got dizzy and lightheaded, it’s something all of them needed in order for the mind to surrender for a while to the heart’s tempo.


Soo Ah had one of her most insightful moments, a rare moment of clarity. She sure has her own problems and it’s omnipresent in the way her mother imposes herself upon her daughter’s very existence, but the moment she tried to think what she was doing wrong she was unable to do so and her whole world got stuck in the easy way out, the fact that she wants to kill all of them. She kept uttering this ravenous phrase until Ha Joon “pressed” her head’s button in order to prevent her from nurturing this ill-natured continuity of violence.


Soo Ah is a person whose mind eats her heart day by day, Ha Joon as someone whose heart keeps eating his mind in a like-minded way could only understand her at that point. I look forward to Soo Ah’s interactions with both Ha Joon and Dong Jae, but i am also eager to find out how her relationship with her mother and Yeon Doo will progress. Most and above all, the relationship with herself is the most essential of all if she wants to move on and i hope she will reconcile with the other Soo Ah, the one she lost in the process.


The scene at the balcony was filled with love and mutual understanding when it comes to one another and their feelings even though dizziness had started taking control of her body. I was so glad that this one time Kim Yeol didn’t proceed with three options and he was definitive on the fact that the only thing he wanted to do at that point was to kiss Yeon Doo. Even though someone may interrupt their kiss, i am grateful for the ending of the 4th episode. It left us with the minimum distance which defines the glowing passion when time feels like standing still for a while until emotion reaches a new climax.


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  1. bmore
    October 14, 2015 at 5:43 am — Reply

    breezed through all 4 episodes today. Very much enjoying this drama, there is far more to it that I expected. It’s much deeper, and addresses so many of the issues we have seen in previous dramas in a straight forward, non-cliche, and un-manipulative way. I like the way it is written very much. There are a lot of emotional performances and the chemistry between the 2 leads is wonderful. I’m a fan of Jung Eun Ji and am still hoping against hope she will belt out a song. Love her voice! Cha Hak Yeon and Ji Soo are breaking this mom’s heart. I’ve laughed and cried already, so I’m very much looking forward to the few episodes left to us.

    • pogo
      October 14, 2015 at 6:52 pm — Reply

      I think this drama wants us to believe that Yeon-doo is only an average singer and needs “help” from Soo-ah to do well in a music class……I’m quite impressed that Jung Eunji managed to sing like a very average singer and even lose her tune altogether before she started fighting her tears, that must be hard to do especially since everyone knows she has one of the most amazing voices in kpop.

      • October 15, 2015 at 10:54 pm — Reply

        I loved that aspect of Eun Ji! We all know how difficult it must had been for her awesome voice to sound not that awesome! 😀 Her voice is truly enchanting and she’s a source of infinite positive energy! <3

    • October 15, 2015 at 10:38 pm — Reply

      Yuei yuei, Bernie’s here again! I am so glad you’re enjoying this drama so much! Highly agree, the presentation of some issues in high school dramas is usually cliche and specific, but this one does a different work in an intriguing and insightful way. I long for a song by Eun Ji and i love her in general, i am a religious follower of hers! 😀 Dong Jae and Ha Joon are indeed heartrending along with their stories! This drama has both edges of feels and i am so glad! We’re closer to Monday!

      • bmore
        October 15, 2015 at 11:01 pm — Reply

        You’re so funny! I don’t follow the kpop scene much (Love the MV’s and some of the songs) so I had no idea who Eun Ji was until Trot Lovers. She opened her mouth and I was floored…. got goosebumps from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. Still do. Must have replayed that song a dozen times. Off to YT I went for an hour or so of videos. What a powerful voice.

        • October 15, 2015 at 11:14 pm — Reply

          I occasionally follow kpop, but mainly 80s and 90s k-music, to find all these songs with sincere amounts of melancholy! 😀 Eun Ji’s voice is truly something and i am glad she earned your trust the moment she started singing!

      • bmore
        October 15, 2015 at 11:07 pm — Reply

        on another note, I don’t know if you watched School 2015? We had a more straight forward evil girl there…seriously, that girl was mental. Here we have a much more complex portrayal with Chae Soo Bin, who is doing a great job. I loved her to death in Bluebird House. She is quite a good actress. Anyway, someone posted this remark on Sassy: I “also want a spin-off crossover between this and School 2015 where Soo-ah and So-young meet and become enemies then friends then enemies again, at the end a yeti shows up completely unrelated to anything and beats both Soo-ah and So-young to death thus saving the earth from satan.” LMAO

        • October 15, 2015 at 11:13 pm — Reply

          I have recapped School 2015 and we had our conversations there too! 😀 Yup, So Young was made from greater evil and i do agree, Soo Ah is more complex and Chae Soo Bin is doing a great job, just like Jo Soo Hyang did, each one to her villainous high school character!
          LOL that comment was so AWESOME! XD XD It’s never too late for a Jo Soo Hyang cameo! XD

  2. October 14, 2015 at 4:05 pm — Reply

    This is not related to the drama but congratulations on the end of the fall exam! My very embarrassingly belated response to your Sunshine Award nomination is finally out: https://aphilosopherchair.wordpress.com/awards/the-sunshine-award-long-live-perry-park/

    I’ve nominated you back for the award 😛 but I definitely don’t expect to see answers to the questions before the next award season or the last exam, whichever will be later. All the best for the remaining journey!!

    • October 15, 2015 at 10:52 pm — Reply

      Thank you so much!! 😀 It’s never too late and it wasn’t meant to infuse pressure in the first place!! 😀
      I will reply back as soon as we have dealt with the recap/review/article-stealing site since award answers are always more personal than reviews/recaps and i don’t want them posted elsewhere as stolen material. They have taken our 46 latest articles! XD

      • October 16, 2015 at 9:23 am — Reply

        46??? I so want to get a voodoo doll on you guys’ behalf!

        • October 16, 2015 at 1:49 pm — Reply

          That would be magnificent! XD They even stole the fake review of a non-existent drama i wrote to see if they will steal it! XD So, 1 site has stolen 46 articles, another one has stolen 1 Sassy Go Go recap and another one has stolen a few Yong Pal and Sassy Go Go recaps. One thief at a time depending on the number of stolen articles and on which server they are.

  3. pogo
    October 14, 2015 at 7:02 pm — Reply

    ah, this couple, they have amazing chemistry. Yeol just looking at Yeon-doo after saying there’s a girl he wants to kiss, and then her blushing, is as powerful a scene as all the skinship they had earlier.

    And finally Ha-joon knows the truth about why Yeol broke down and agreed to go cheerleading, poor boy hates himself so much for being his friend’s Achilles heel but at the same time their friendship is the only thing that lets them breathe in that school, it’s not even as if they have a group of friends, it’s just the two of them.

    Poor Soo-ah is a pitiable young monster, if she was more certain of herself she would grow up to be like a junior female version of Han Jung-ho from Heard It Through the Grapevine. But awful as she can be, she is still at least capable of feeling remorse when she knows she went too far, even if she feels like she has to pretend she doesn’t feel at all. Rather than have a love line for her, I hope the drama works through her issues with all the pressure and her inability to be sincere with other people. Like I said on db, she’s like a puppy that was raised in an abusive home, it’s not going to behave like a puppy that was raised by loving owners from Day 1 even if you take it away and give it to loving owners. That puppy will probably distrust even kindness, and will probably react to a lot of things by snapping and biting…..it takes time for it to realise its situation is not like before.

    • October 15, 2015 at 11:00 pm — Reply

      Thank you so much pogo for passing by the recaps and unveiling your insightful thoughts, it’s pretty much appreciated! 🙂
      Their chemistry sends shivers down the spine! They look so naturally fine together! Yeon Doo blushing and Kim Yeol smiling in his renowned way was super awesome! 😀
      It’s a tragic story about Ha Joon, in one hand he doesn’t want to overburden Kim Yeol, on the other hand he’s the only reason Ha Joon wants to keep up fighting and stay alive, the friendship feels so real!
      ” if she was more certain of herself she would grow up to be like a junior female version of Han Jung-ho from Heard It Through the Grapevine. ”
      HAHAHAHA, so true, the young female version of attorney Han! XD I can almost imagine her! XD Thanks for the imaginary visuals!
      “I hope the drama works through her issues with all the pressure and her inability to be sincere with other people.” I have faith in her, even though she’s become the person she is, i still believe she will progress in a better way! Or at least i want to believe so!
      Perfect description of her as a puppy and everything which derives from how she was raised! 🙂

  4. October 14, 2015 at 8:57 pm — Reply

    […] Episode 04  Episode 03  Episode 02  Episode 01 […]

  5. October 15, 2015 at 10:38 am — Reply

    The two days it took for me to manage to watch this episode with subtitles was annoying! Haha…well & truly hooked. Episode 4 was the best yet! I agree with all of your observations and want to add that I was pleased with how N handled the trauma symptoms with the shaking etc…he will surely go through much if he wants to stay in the squad though. I find myself rooting for him both as an actor and as a character lol
    I don’t get the parents scenes either….how / why / what exactly is going on there between Yeon Doo & (whomever’s) dad…surely this will be some type of surprise and twist otherwise this mystery will remain as such?!
    The scenes with the leads were super satisfying…just awesome. These two fly off the screen, begging the gods of drama to forego any ridiculous estrangement devices, especially the looming parents thing. Crossing fingers.
    The development of the team and the evolution of the subplots were also fab in E4. Soo Ah’s ‘kill you all’ scene ranks in top creepiest moments in a school drama perhaps ever. Ha Joon’s scenes were also excellent.
    Lastly, I am going to predict that unfortunately for us all, Yeon Doo passes out on Yeol just before the kiss. haha!
    Really look forward to your recaps after each episode! Thank you so much!! 🙂

    • October 15, 2015 at 11:24 pm — Reply

      But you eventually managed to watch it and that’s all that matters! 😀
      Yup, the 4th ep was so intense, but also so overran with feels! It was grabbing your attention with everything going on!
      I am looking forward to how Dong Jae will try to cope with his trauma in an attempt to get over it, or at least lessen the impact it has on him.
      If there won’t be a surprise to the parents’ presence i will be disappointed on that aspect since they took away precious time from the events going on at Sevit high school 😀 But i trust that writernim will do justice to it at some point.
      If our adorable OTP’s relationship doesn’t progress because of the parents it will be the utmost makjang the OLD SCHOOL drama way! I will break my old screen which recently died and left me in the darkness for a while lol! (well, i won’t break it, but i will do so with my imagination) 😛
      I don’t know why, but i ship Ha Joon with Soo Ah in case she becomes a better person! XD
      Hahaha, that’s most likely to happen or Ha Joon to appear! XD
      You are very welcome and thank you so much as well for your words and for sharing your thoughts!!! 🙂 Sorry for the late reply!

      • October 18, 2015 at 1:51 pm — Reply

        just a quick stopby as still crazy around here! i think the ship between ha joon and soo ah makes sense as i find alot of parallels in their circumstances. they are in very similiar situations regarding parental pressure & abuse, although the methods are different and ha joon beats himself up whereas she beats everyone else up (figuratively speaking) ….that said, she doesn’t deserve him…haha

        • October 20, 2015 at 2:36 pm — Reply

          Highly agree, Ha Joon and /Soo Ah live like-minded lives, it’s just that Ha Joon inflicts his pain upon himself whereas Soo Ah upon others. Hahaha, of course she doesn’t deserve him! XD But these drama ships are a mysterious thing and once they sail… we get on board! >.>

  6. October 16, 2015 at 2:06 pm — Reply

    the feel-o-meter is heating up. I agree with everything you say. I’m still struggling a little with the pace/editing. It’s all cute and fluff, then the mood shift in one second to teen angst x 10000.

    And then there are random scenes like the storyline with Yeon Doo’s mom and Yeol’s dad… They’re serious enough to be at the proposal stage and their kids don’t even know they could form a new family? How… Why? I don’t get it.

    Anyway, I couldn’t not cringe when Soo Ah drank indirectly from Yeon Doo’s drink. I must say, though. I was confused by her “drunk” cry of despair to Ha Joon. Was she crying because she feels lonely and doesn’t have real friends?… No one tourments her. She isn’t a full outcast… OR maybe it’s her again projecting her pain onto others?? She transforms reality in order to rationalize her own actions she feels guilty for?

    I’m usually defending Kim Ji Suk, out of loyalty to his character in I Need Romance 2… But I still can’t decide if I like his character or not here. I can’t say why, but there’s just something. And the way Lee Mi Do’s character is sexualized makes me… I don’t know. There’s just something about it. You know what’s funny? Although the drama is written and directed mainly by women (I think), the overall focus is still more favorable to men, and the story is told a lot through the gaze of the male characters, despite the fact that the lead character is actually a girl.

    I see there are only 12 episodes and not 16? I’m ready for the feel-o-meter to go higher. The drama is hitting all the right notes in term of teen romance for me.

    • October 20, 2015 at 3:25 pm — Reply

      And as episodes pass by the feel-o-meter gets heated up more and more!!! “It’s all cute and fluff, then the mood shift in one second to teen angst x 10000. ” YUP! It has that! In one scene caresses your face, on the next one it slaps you! XD
      The parent story became slightly more apparent during the 5th episode, but i need to see more for it to become specific, still lost, but less lost! XD
      “Was she crying because she feels lonely and doesn’t have real friends?… No one tourments her. She isn’t a full outcast… OR maybe it’s her again projecting her pain onto others?? She transforms reality in order to rationalize her own actions she feels guilty for?”
      I think it was a bit of everything, the solitude, the absence of passion on everything she does and the tries to justify everything she does to others at the shadow of her mother.
      Things will become more specific for teacher Yang in episode 5 for ya, you will laugh a lot, but there will be feels too!
      “Although the drama is written and directed mainly by women (I think), the overall focus is still more favorable to men, and the story is told a lot through the gaze of the male characters, despite the fact that the lead character is actually a girl.”
      I agree on that, they emphasize more on the male figures, especially Kim Yeol even though Yeon Doo is a strong female character, part of her combative spirit is getting “lost” a bit in the male-typhoon.
      Yup, 12 eps and after today’s ep there will be only 6 more left for us! “I’m ready for the feel-o-meter to go higher. The drama is hitting all the right notes in term of teen romance for me.” *claps hands and shakes head positively*

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