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Sassy Go Go ~ Episode 3 Recap


It seems to be the most important thing to you,
But for me that friend is a lot more important.”


Yeon Doo tried to leave right away, but Kim Yeol wrist-grabbed and eventually let her go since nothing could be done for the time being. The headmistress informed Ha Joon on his father’s concern and Kim Yeol reassured her that nothing will go wrong.

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Kim Yeol was heading towards Yeon Doo’s direction, but Soo Ah was ahead of him and informed Yeon Doo and her friends that the members that left Real King entered Baek Ho. She urged Hyo Sik and Da Mi to join her ranks, but Hyo Sik’s reply was highly representative of the circumstances and they left right away.

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Kim Yeol asked Soo Ah on how she convinced the Real King members to join her, but it was easier than expected. They were going to get kicked out of their dorms, but by entering the cheerleading team they managed to overcome this obstacle.


Kim Yeol wants to talk to Yeon Doo for one more time but she doesn’t intend to cooperate and he surrendered after she tried to bite him! It didn’t last for long though, he kept staring at her inside the classroom, but the teacher’s speech concerning demerit points and volunteer work at school was quite insightful! He managed to reach the 15 demerit points needed to do volunteer work, but he wouldn’t go down alone and he “helped” Yeon Doo as well!

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They have to do some clean up by crushing milk cartons and it was the only way for Kim Yeol to spend some time with her in order to try to convince her within two hours! Yeon Doo wants him to be serious and present palpable reasons that could make her change her mind. Things don’t flow as expected and Yeon Doo would like to finish their volunteer work as soon as possible! Their teamwork is definitely a weird one and Yeon Doo urges him to use his “1, 2, 3” step-pattern in order for him to crush the milk cartons faster! Kim Yeol crushes them, Yeon Doo throws them away and since things were flowing well they got excited, but a high-five didn’t happen!

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Yeon Doo kept thinking that she won’t change her mind, but Hyo Sik with his luggage appeared. Yeon Doo was already aware that both him and Da Mi were kicked out of the dorms and she was apologetic for being unable to to help them, but Hyo Sik had already found a new room and he wouldn’t like Yeon Doo to worry about him!


Yeon Doo can’t hold back her tears and Kim Yeol reminded her that there was one thing she could actually do about her friends, if she had said yes to the headmistress’ proposal everything would had been fine, but Yeon Doo’s already aware of that. Seeing her friends suffering is something that kills her over and over again, but being used feels worse since it’s the last sub-level of her pride she can preserve.


Yeon Doo kept crying and Kim Yeol urged her to keep doing so, but while running since the dorms will close in 5 minutes! The doors had already been locked, but once Kim Yeol whistled Ha Joon threw them a rope! It would never be an option for Yeon Doo who called Soo Ah, but she never answered her call and Kim Yeol who had already started climbing upwards came back down and held out his hand for Yeon Doo!

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  1. Get caught and eventually get kicked out of the dorms.
  2. Spend the night out there.
  3. After grabbing his hand she will partake in the cheerleading program for being grateful!


She chose the 3rd option and they’re steadily climbing up while Dong Jae is worried about them since they haven’t appeared yet and the teacher is checking the dorms to see if everyone’s there! The moment Yeon Doo started entering the room from the window the teacher arrived and Dong Jae tried to earn some time! Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo were hiding under the blanket and Ha Joon informed the teacher that Kim Yeol was sick! Kim Yeol kept holding the blanket tightly and once the teacher started leaving he revealed himself to get hidden anew once the teacher stared back!

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Kim Yeol is apologetic towards Yeon Doo for using her friends and trying to persuade her, but his confession didn’t last long since Ha Joon took off the blanket and Yeon Doo rushed to her room before the female student dorms check took place. She received a message from Rude Kim Yeol on her cellphone who asked her to meet him at the laundry room.

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Kim Yeol had already failed twice to convince Yeon Doo to pace with Soo Ah’s flow, but he gave it a shot one more time since he can’t let Ha Joon get in real trouble. He’s not only a friend, but he sees him as a brother and family too and he has to be a part of the cheerleading project in order to protect him. He refers to pride which feels like Yeon Doo’s most important thing, but Ha Joon is much more important to Kim Yeol. He’s apologetic for his behavior, but he had to be honest even though he knows how Yeon Doo feels like at this point.

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The decision is left upon her shoulders and nighttime doesn’t seem to flow easily for her as Kim Yeol’s words keep echoing in her mind as she stares at Real King’s photo. Kim Yeol can’t sleep either as he’s concerned about both Ha Joon and Yeon Doo.


Yeon Doo called everyone outdoors, even the members who left Real King, and it feels so good seeing them altogether again! Yeon Doo doesn’t want those who left to be sorry about anything since she understands everything, all she wants to know is if they can live without Real King. Yeon Doo can live without dancing, but she can’t without her friends. She would like them to redefine Real King and become happy just like they used to be. She made the decision to partake in the cheerleading project and all that matters is that she’ll be able to do it with them by her side.

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All of them entered the headmistress’ office where Yeon Doo was enraged about her forceful methods. The headmistress said that it was because they violated the rules, but Yeon Doo emphasized on the fact that all of the students who were kicked out were only Real King members. Even though Yeon Doo doesn’t like it, Real King will take part in the cheerleading competition and she urges the headmistress to keep her promises concerning the dorm residency and reviving Real King. Yeo Doo recorded their conversation and the Real King members already brought with them their apology letters for the newly acquired demerit points! The Real King team is happy and the apology letters seem to have touched the headmistress!


Yeon Doo was shouting in order to encourage herself and Kim Yeol appeared! After teasing her he’s thankful towards her for changing her mind. Kim Yeol kept pretending that helping his friend was a life and he feels quite glad that he was so convincing while still being so handsome! After she asked him if he will be able to protect his friend, Kim Yeol’s turn had arrived to ask her if she will be able to protect her last shred of pride. Yeon Doo intends to do her best in order to reclaim Real King and protect her friends.


Troops of mothers appeared at Sevit High School and they’re not happy at all with the fact that the remaining Baek Ho members are being used for Soo Ah’s sake. They don’t believe the headmistress’ words and they intend to see it to the very end. Someone, probably teacher Yang, took a picture and filed a complaint concerning the school’s spec-oriented attempts to the Education Office.


Kim Yeol’s father and Yeon Doo’s mother are having lunch together and when the right moment for him to propose arrived everything was ruined since the high class Sevit High School mothers entered the restaurant and they managed to escape! Soo Ah’s mother has called all of them to convince them partake in the overall attempt. The tutor was well aware that they want something since they didn’t inform anyone and their attitude suddenly changed! Soo Ah’s mother also got informed that the headmistress might be trying to find something against her and finding the headmistress’ weak spot feels essential.

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The Baek Ho and Real King members are altogether and the cheerleading instructor, Nam Jung Ah (Lee Mi DoMr. Back, Fated to Love You), arrived after shaking teacher Yang’s world! She informs them that they will definitely win the cheerleading competition! The Real King members who know how to dance will take care of the shining figures at the center and the Baek Ho members will cover other areas with simple moves. Yeon Doo pointed out that Real King will do all the hard work while Baek Ho club will get all the credit and that’s actually true even though it’s unfair!

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Soo Ah is actually happy with everything going on and she shows her grandeur once again in front of Yeon Doo, it’s not up to them what role they will play, all they have to do is to follow the orders and make sure they win.


Ha Joon has become aware that something’s going on between Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol who informed him that he will keep up with the cheerleading competition while enjoying Real King getting into fights with Soo Ah! As for what’s going on between them, it just happens for some weird reason and he should pay her back since he got her involved in this story!


Soo Ah got her report card, but she didn’t acquire a perfect score this time. Under the burden of the circumstances she went to find her hidden cigarettes and Dong Jae was there once again! She “hid” the cigarette and ran away, but Dong Jae picked it up and ran after her to give it back, but she denied that she had it in her possession in the first place! Kim Yeol asked Dong Jae if he can return it to her since he wants to help Yeon Doo! He put it back in Soo Ah’s bag and asked for her collaboration for everyone’s well-being while Yeon Doo was passing by! Kim Yeol’s intentions are to make everyone work hard for the cheerleading competition just like Kim Yeol desired!

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Inside the classroom, Kim Yeol pretended to have lost his wallet and the teacher asked everyone to empty their bags! Soo Ah is being overran by fear and once it was her turn Yeon Doo informed the teacher that Kim Yeol found his wallet in order to save Soo Ah.


Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo are having a conversation and she’s not pleased with the way he dealt with the overall matter even though she doesn’t like Soo Ah either. She was overhearing their conversation and Soo Ah appeared right away to slap Yeon Doo even though it wasn’t her own idea! Soo Ah informed them that the more they provoke her the dirtier the tricks she will use will be.

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On her way out she threw away her cigarettes after recalling that Yeon Doo was trying to prevent her from smoking in the past and that she was there for her after her middle school friend committed suicide. Her mother had told Soo Ah that everyone learned about it because she was the first student of her class and that nobody remembers second place, a place Soo Ah had earned at that point. Even though Yeon Doo’s mother arrived and she was mad at her grades, they were still playful together and it left an impact on Soo Ah back then.

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Soo Ah went to meet her mother right away and she wasn’t pleased with the fact that she didn’t get a perfect score at the test. Soo Ah noticed Yeon Doo and her friends who were having fun, but it was a disgusting and inconceivable sight for Soo Ah’s mother who informed her daughter that a class they will never reach lies ahead for her as long as she focuses on studies and acquires the first place.


The cheerleading training has began and the coach warms them up and it’s some sort of torture for most of them! During the break everyone was having fun, except for Soo Ah and the Baek Ho members who were exhausted! Yeon Doo remembered that smoking was a painful memory to Soo Ah and that’s why she did that and not out of pity. Soo Ah pointed out that they shouldn’t care about one another in order not to get hurt over such things. Even though Soo Ah belongs to a higher class, Yeon Doo couldn’t help it but feel sorry for her. It’s something that made Soo Ah threaten Yeon That that she will indirectly harm her where it hurts the most.

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Soo Ah gave a practice exam to some basketball students in order for them to raise their grades, all they have to do is to take care of Dong Jae while Kim Yeol noticed their meeting. The girls and Yeon Doo are cheering for Dong Jae, but the students who had a conversation with Soo Ah started pressuring him. Soo Ah appeared and pointed out that he lasted longer than she expected and she re-warned Yeon Doo to stop provoking her. One of the students grabbed Dong Jae and he collapsed.


Of course, Soo Ah ran away, but Kim Yeol went after her. Soo Ah thinks it’s Yeon Doo’s fault since she believes she was the one who told Dong Jae to give him the cigarette in order to make fun of her. Kim Yeol thinks that Soo Ah is at fault since she’s well aware of what really happened while he’s still unable to conceive why she’s doing all that to Yeon Doo.


Dong Jae and Yeon Doo are inside the school’s treatment room where he reassures her that he’s already feeling better even though she’s still worried about him and apologizes for what happened to him because of her.


Soo Ah recalls her friend’s suicide and wonders if So Young’s happy by now while she’s unhappy among the living. Even though she’s not happy she can’t stop at that point, she has to become stronger and more determined in order to achieve her goals that will bring her happiness, a happiness that still makes her sad even at the thought of it.


She found Yeon Doo and Dong Jae and she just passed them by, but this time Yeon Doo wouldn’t stand still and hit her with the basketball! Soo Ah tried to hit her, but Yeon Doo grabbed her hand and pointed out that the worst aspect of her is that she uses others’ pain. All Soo Ah cares about is going after Yeon Doo’s weak spots whether it is others’ pain or not. In case Yeon Doo comes after what’s important to Soo Ah then she should get prepared for the worst. The moment she said that she doesn’t care whether Dong Jae lives or dies Yeon Doo emphasized on the fact that she should live as a human being despite being the way she is.

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Physical strength day has arrived and everyone’s exercising! Baek Ho members can’t stand it, but the moment they looked down on the teacher she urged Soo Ah and everyone who can’t do it to get out!


The army of mothers arrived once again and someone informed the Education Office that the parents and the headmistress work together on specs! Everyone’s on the run and the parents want the cheerleading teacher to get fired, but she decided to quit! Mr. Joo from the Education Office arrived and almost everyone’s feeling quite uneasy, but some of our figures are actually enjoying it!

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Thoughts: Sassy Go Go’s ratings didn’t drastically change as it reached only 3.3% during its 3rd episode while 9 more are waiting for us before the journey reaches completion. Truth be told, the only reason why i want the ratings to get better is for the drama itself and its crew since Sassy Go Go has a captivating aura of its own and that’s all that matters to me.


Among other aspects, what i really like about this drama is the sense of distance between Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo. Their tête-à-têtes are always eventful and every time the distance between them lessens it evokes something shyly blissful that wants to progress but restrains itself for now.


The chemistry between Eun Ji and Lee Won Geun is majestic, it simply shines every time they are together and even the slightest sparkle is always enough to make the flames within grow higher as the electric storm between them develops to a wider extent as episodes pass by. The first half of the episode was mainly focused in paving the way upon which Yeon Doo would walk upon in order to make her final decision on the cheerleading competition’s participation.


Kim Yeol masterfully elicited the desired outcome. Was he selfish by demanding too much? In a manner of speaking, yes. The fact that he pretended to be lying was to hide Ha Joon’s secret while still being aware that Yeon Doo would read through the lines and appreciate his indirect sincerity, but it was also for one more reason. Kim Yeol’s overall attitude is a facade which fits his straight forward temperament pretty well, but when it comes to his own feelings he usually tries to uncover them when he’s on his own, otherwise he keeps them deep within, something that is bound to change with Yeon Doo’s entrance in his life.


Was he heartless? No way, he didn’t want to partake in this spec-parody in the first place, but the pressure when it comes to Ha Joon’s well-being was the crucial factor that progressed his change of mind and made him work on Yeon Doo’s change of heart. In addition, he didn’t neglect Yeon Doo’s emotional world, he witnessed her devastation in front of his very eyes and he was deeply thankful towards her after the storm had passed.


It was also mind-awakening when it comes to Yeon Doo and the fact that her friends were getting kicked out of their dorms strangled her soul. She may not be an exemplary student, but she’s a magnificent young lady and there isn’t only pride left deep within, but also love. She would sacrifice her greatest passion, dance, in order to be happy with her friends. She deeply treasures their company and setting aside everything which keeps her apart from Soo Ah in order for all of them to be together anew like they used to was a brave decision. Just so you know, either zkpop, koreanexpert or nextdrama will probably steal this article from dramajang, so i would like to humbly ask you to not visit, support, read or follow such sites, they just take away other people’s articles and present them as their own.


I would like the drama to invest more in the relationship between Kim Yeol’s father and Yeon Doo’s mother, i want to see their background story up to an extent in order to find out how we reached this point when he wants to propose to her and how this will affect Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol’s lessening distance. I want to find out the reason why the headmistress behaves this way even though the apology letters of the students had an impact on her, she has definitely shown that she’s not that corrupted, not as much as the high class students’ mothers and the tutor who would shake the nation’s for Soo Ah’s and their children’s bloodstained well-being.


I was so happy to see Lee Mi Do as the cheerleading teacher! I love her quirky approach and even though she’s well aware that her decisions are not fair for the Real King members she acknowledges it since she cares about the whole team’s success. Even though she’s being paid by the elite to fulfill Soo Ah’s desires she’s rightful and she doesn’t want anyone to look down on her if this would oppose the whole team’s well-being and her own dignity. If they were willing to fire her for asking their children to work on their physical strength in order to be able to bring to the foreground their simple but necessary figures she was willing to resign on her own to maintain everything she stands for.


Soo Ah’s world gets more complicated as episodes pass by. It’s not that i support everything she says or does, but this episode was quite insightful when it comes to what’s going on in her mind, but most and above all her soul. It’s always about the first and the second place simply because her mother infused in her the belief that, even in death, those who pave the way are the ones to be remembered whereas the second position has no meaning since it follows the lead, it doesn’t forge it. It was a vulgar aspect she had to learn through her friend’s suicide and her mother didn’t even respect the loss of an innocent child who was probably undergoing the same pressure Soo Ah is going through. The forthcoming happiness her mother has promised her, even at the thought of it, doesn’t feel like happiness at all.


Setting aside her maniacal and delusional explosions, the episode emphasized on the fact that she severely misses two things she can’t have. The first one has to be the relationship Yeon Do has with her mother since her mother only approaches Soo Ah with personal ambition and not with familial love. The second one has to be friendship, it’s something she was shyly approaching with Yeon Doo by her side, but for one more time her mother and her tutor delivered the orders that she should either stay away from her or use her. Seeing Yeon Doo and the Real King members being so playful and happy together while Soo Ah constantly struggles to reach the first place keeps shattering her internally.


Talking about passion in everything she does, there is none, everything’s a peak she has to reach in a mechanical way. Talking about love, she doesn’t receive any and her ultimately restrained world won’t let her reflect back love. If she can’t have everything she truly craves for, she’s willing to ruin it for others, especially Yeon Doo and not in a straight forward way, always indirectly. That’s why she chose Dong Jae as her target in order to harm Yeon Doo where it hurts the most, because sometimes the wound of a loved one may grow deeper in the soul of the one indirectly affected.


The lack of emotional intelligence has forged a negative shell which prevents everything positive from invading through the cracks. Even though Yeon Doo helped her inside the classroom, Soo Ah kept accusing her all along the way even though she knew that the only one capable of conceiving and executing that plan was no other than Kim Yeol. Yeon Doo is the person Soo Ah would like to become, but being her mother’s daughter is something that will always keep preventing her from doing so, unless drastic events and changes start taking place one after the other in her life. Soo Ah’s greatest enemy is no other than herself and the murky waters she’s found herself in are too thick to let her go out of her infused but also self-inflicted everglade.


The reason why Dong Jae is afraid of physical contact, especially when it incorporates physical strength, still remains a mystery and i am highly looking forward to. But i am also eager to find out why teacher Yang opposes the school’s ongoing corruption with complaints if it’s not only about reviving schooling and teaching’s very soul and essence.


The 4th episode will be even better, that’s what the preview tells me! Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo will get even closer and we will witness Kim Yeol’s more lively self while dancing by Yeon Doo’s side! He may appear as an explosive extrovert, but the real Kim Yeol hides underneath the skin. The cheerleading teacher wants to bring the team members closer and that’s why she’s asking them to find something about the others, or at least i think so. Soo Ah doesn’t intend to surrender from her crusade against Yeon Doo, it’s something that will enrage Kim Yeol, but Ha Joon’s explosion probably proves that he found out the reason why Kim Yeol agreed to partake in the cheerleading competition. The fact that Soo Ah said that she wants to kill Yeon Doo proves that her emptiness can only reach higher levels. The event that shocked everyone at the end of the preview, but only Kim Yeol ran, could it mean that Ha Joon would attempt to end his own life? Questions, questions, but the answers are not that far away, so hang in there Sassy Go Go addicts! All the feels and all the cheer are near!


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  1. October 13, 2015 at 5:00 am — Reply

    Soo Ah to me is very disturbing on many levels, much more so than the self harming subplot with Ha Joon. I think she’s a sociopath, she holds no feelings for anyone she hurts at all. It’s super dark and to be honest, I hope the writers don’t overwhelm the fun parts and other characters by focusing on her to the exclusion of other interesting characters. I know she will act to some degree as a foil for the brighter elements, also being something of a catalyst for Kim Yeol as happened in this episode where he wants to protect Yeon Doo from what she is doing. He’s obviously become much more aware of Yeon Doo’s environment, friendships, passions & pain…which is lovely and I look forward to this growing between them. I read elsewhere some criticism of N’s portrayal of Dong Jae, but to be honest I don’t see the problem. I think he is doing fine and acting according to his character’s traits and personality. I’m also very interested in his backstory, more so than Soo Ah’s, in all honesty.
    I am really loving the OTP and think thats one very talented guy; he’s bringing out the best in Eunji. The nuance in the writing and direction with all of their scenes is very intense and really informs the whole drama. I can’t wait for the actual dancing cheer part to start still, hurry up! haha.
    The mothers of the brats are beyond annoying and ridiculous, which is the point i know….but where’s the logic in undermining the program they wanted so badly? Does Soo Ah’s mother really agree that she shouldnt have to work for the award to the point of even getting fit? Stupid…I do sort of wish they would make the brats’ idiot mothers a bit more intelligent. Also, since when is it a bad thing to encourage extracurriculars for students? Yes it adds ‘specs’ but so does an AP class in Poetry or whatever. Isn’t that what college prep is about? Bah lol
    Aside from my annoyances at the brats and the sociopath, the actual Real Kings and White Tigers scenario is by far the best part and I really look forward to episode 4!!! And the subplots of Ha Joon, the stories of the parents, the complexities of Dong Jae; those are welcome too. Less of Soo Ah would be good, though. My two cents…oh and i agree with you on the ratings; I wish they had moved it to a romcom night. Its worth the proper attention, it’s a real diamond 🙂

    • October 13, 2015 at 5:44 pm — Reply

      Soo Ah is very disturbing to me as well, i just decided to try to understand her, i hope she will start changing with the passing of episodes and she won’t turn into a makjang tornado, she kind of dances on the thin red line, but the references to her past, the meaning of the first position, the loss of a friend, the way her mother analyzed the “deeper” aspects of her death, the absence of maternal love and friendship, these are strong parameters for me to understand her, but not support or excuse her at all! 🙂
      “He’s obviously become much more aware of Yeon Doo’s environment, friendships, passions” I definitely agree on Kim Yeol, he’s exactly the opposite from Soo Ah who also becomes aware of Yeon Doo’s world too, but since she can’t have it, she wants to destroy it, starting from the people Yeon Doo loves.
      As episodes pass by, N’s acting feels suitable for this type of role, he’s tranquil and shyly enthusiastic when he’s around Yeon Doo, the world would be so different without her around Dong Jae. It’s not like he’s flawless and great, he still has things to learn, but he’s interesting in this role, i would like to see more facial expression variety when things get awry though!! I am really looking forward to his backstory, i certainly want to know what made his physical contact condition emerge!
      Soo Ah’s mother wants utter success for her daughter by any means necessary, it doesn’t matter if she’ll work hard or not as soon as she achieves everything. She’s the typical rich lady who oppresses her daughter and her daughter turns into a monster.
      The 4th episode is going to be great, i think, judging from the preview! 😀 “And the subplots of Ha Joon, the stories of the parents, the complexities of Dong Jae; those are welcome too. ” Highly agree, i crave for answers to my/our questions!!! 😀 Thank you SO much for unveiling your thoughts!!! 🙂

      • October 14, 2015 at 12:31 pm — Reply

        ‘makjang tornado” …haha! your insight into soo ah is spot on, i think. i watched ep 4 without subs quickly as i have family visiting for a wedding and dtime has become stolen….but from what i saw the soo ah character is heading in the correct direction plotwise. totally agree with her motivations regarding yeon doo as well. i’m glad you haven’t jumped on the n bandwagon. i know that its easy to deride idols when they segue into acting, but i don’t have a problem with performers who are trained young talents doing this, and always give them time to develop. n is doing fine and will be getting better, i think. his character, as you said; has a quiet, subtle personality…an accomplished actor would be more expressive certainly; but its a good role for a new talent and i think he will grow with the role. onwards! 🙂

        • October 15, 2015 at 10:48 pm — Reply

          Sorry for the late reply, there’s a recap/review/article-stealing storm raging on and i am gathering everything necessary to do some justice to our blog!
          Hope the family visit was a good one and that you had fun even though you had to push back your drama schedule! 😀
          I still keep believing that it’s N’s character, he’s as calm as the sea on a windless day, but when his trauma surfaces he loses the world underneath his feet and a restrained storm takes place without exaggerating.

    • October 14, 2015 at 10:55 am — Reply

      You said every thing I wanted to say. “The mothers of the brats are beyond annoying and ridiculous, which is the point i know….but where’s the logic in undermining the program they wanted so badly? Does Soo Ah’s mother really agree that she shouldnt have to work for the award to the point of even getting fit? Stupid…I do sort of wish they would make the brats’ idiot mothers a bit more intelligent. Also, since when is it a bad thing to encourage extracurriculars for students? Yes it adds ‘specs’ but so does an AP class in Poetry or whatever. Isn’t that what college prep is about?” <— +10000 it's like they're demanding an invitation to a free event. That's why I think, maybe, the cheerleading project could be a problem because of "private" financing or financial donations from parents considered illegal here? Otherwise, I really don't get where the problem is from the White Tigers' moms perspective and I'd even say I'm surprised no other mom thought about making their kids do at least one extracurricular group activity like being in a band/orchestra or a science team.

      My two cents on the ratings. I think KBS hesitates to make its Friday night slot a "teen" oriented time slot because while this would help to reach a potential bigger younger audience (= those with no school and/or extra activities on Saturday), it was proven in the past year that this kind of drama on Friday night failed whereas the 2 last "School" installements had good results on the Mon-Tues time slot… However, the difference here is that "School" is an established franchise with the "these are the issues teens have to deal with nowadays" concept which means that any drama under this franchise would have to be verrrry bad or against verrry popular dramas to fail. The other teen-oriented dramas struggle when it comes to comedy. It's hard to write comedy and writers probably wonder how to make it realistic when the life of the average Korean student is so centered around studying. There's not that much fun in studying ;D Going for a light approach of youth in a school setting is difficult… Although this drama really tries to and has the potential to. I want less Soo Ah's suffering and mothers' interferences in the plot, more dancing, more flirrrting and more backstories for the other supportive characters to make them something else than the nameless faces in the cheerleading team;

      • October 14, 2015 at 12:35 pm — Reply

        thanks for the insight into ratings! i feel bad for this cast….it certainly shouldn’t be a barometer for quality! wouldnt it have been nice for tvn to have made this instead? *sigh*
        totally agree with you re the school/extracurrics issue. perhaps my observations are more western-based; but i dont get it….lol
        it looks like your last observation is underway, by the looks of ep. 4! hooray….hope that continues.
        **sorry about the lack of caps, am in a hyper-hurry but wanted to feedback with you guys**

        • October 15, 2015 at 10:49 pm — Reply

          It would do wonders as a tvN drama since it has many works with such vibes! Monday-Tuesday was a bad choice, given the circumstances and the “opponents.”
          No need to be sorry about anything!!! 😀

      • October 15, 2015 at 10:42 pm — Reply

        I think she does agree that Soo Ah must achieve everything by any means necessary even if she doesn’t have to do anything! That’s why she misses having her own impact in the interviews, because she does everything without heart and soul. It’s a mechanical process that must be done, just this. I wish the mothers were more intelligent as well, i think they made them this way in order to emphasize on how choking the life of the students may get when it comes to parents’ ambitions.
        “Also, since when is it a bad thing to encourage extracurriculars for students?” Really can’t say! XD I think it was about the way and reasons why the parents and the headmistress were working on it or something.

  2. October 13, 2015 at 8:42 pm — Reply

    […] Episode 03  Episode 02  Episode 01 […]

  3. October 14, 2015 at 10:56 am — Reply

    Kwon Soo Ah seems to go crazy and I really mean in the litteral way. She’s so confused about what she wants, about what her mom wants and how to get what they both want that she’s going crazy and she projects all her pain on Yeon Doo to make her as miserable as she feels?

    • October 15, 2015 at 10:43 pm — Reply

      I still haven’t lost hope on Soo Ah, she has many enemies so far and it’s understandable 😀 But i hope she will have a change of heart and mind in the process! 8D

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