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Sassy Go Go ~ Episode 2 Recap


“How can we live like that when we’re alive?”


Yeon Doo’s intentions to become an insuperable part of the Baek Ho club didn’t blossom even though she appeared dynamic in a hostile environment! She had to face Ha Joon’s omnipresent rage, but he got bitten by her and teacher Im took care of the rest, or at least he thought so since Yeon Doo’s mother appeared and all hell broke loose!

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Sun Young supported her daughter to the fullest and demanded the transfer papers immediately. She stood for her daughter’s rights and emphasized on the way students with lower grades are being treated. Criticizing this ongoing discrimination she pointed out that a school environment isn’t only about strictly infusing knowledge in students’ minds since teaching should also implement the values of friendship and solidarity.

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However, what she was unaware of was the fact that Yeon Doo didn’t intend to get transferred to another school anymore and she felt ashamed for exploding in front of all the teachers! However, we got to know that she truly loves her daughter and wants her to keep dancing since it’s what Yeon Do sincerely loves. She’s a mother who paces with her child’s dreams and the only thing she would be unable to withstand is to witness her beloved daughter suffering anew.


Since nobody intended to let her become a member of the Baek Ho club she started her own nerve-shaking campaign! At first she was “studying” inside a sleeping bag at the club’s library, but teacher Im dragged her out and then her more massive approach started taking place during lunch! She wasn’t alone though, the Real King members started supporting her one after the other and embraced punishment altogether! They enjoy the simple joys of high school life far away from the pressure and the concerns adults infuse upon their children and started playing with the hose throwing water all over the place shaking Ha Joon’s nerves and eventually teacher Im’s!


Escaping wasn’t as easy as it appeared to be since she fell on Kim Yeol and found themselves in one more of their renowned tête-à-têtes. Once Kim Yeol started counting anew Dong Jae appeared right on time with his milk and took her away! It’s something that intrigued Kim Yeol who bought the same milk, the more he interacts with Yeon Doo the more he wants to know her even if the detail he explores is ridiculously simple!


Dong Jae showed his affection towards her for one more time by trying to dry her hair and he believes that she will be able to emerge victorious in this Sevit high school struggle. Yeon Doo intends to reclaim the Real King club, but her basket skills had a different opinion. However, Dong Jae shot a basket for her delivering the message the importance of a friend during one’s attempts to surpass any obstacle in order to achieve her goal.

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So, Soo Ah qualifies in about 40 different professional fields, is she really an adolescent or a corporation on her own?! She didn’t pass the interview simply because she’s mechanically learning everything without pouring heart and soul into it. She doesn’t only lack the impact, but also the meaning on everything she does and the soulful testimony a task may require. Even though it’s something for which one has to work on a personal level, Soo Ah wants her tutor to infuse in her all the necessary impact that would help her pass future interviews.


Things remain tense between Yeon Doo and Soo Ah who thinks that she should keep her head low since she crawled back in instead of getting transferred. Yeon Doo’s combative spirit informed Soo Ah that she’s willing to see it to the very end until she fails in front of her very eyes. Apologizing and cleaning the room would never be an option and Soo Ah left to meet her tutor who had already given her card to Kim Yeol. Apparently, she’s interested in his skills since she’s a person dwelling in faceless professionalism’s corridors, but it could also be a part of her plan to send Soo Ah to Harvard at all costs. Now that the school’s in turmoil the tutor found the right moment to progress her own plans concerning Soo Ah and she wants the headmistress to stack on her more specs.

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Yeon Doo found herself in trouble the moment she urged Soo Ah and her friend to stop disturbing the most important things and while Soo Ah’s friends were bullying her the Real King members barged in and took care of them! Even though the revival of Real King is Yeon Doo’s current dream, Joon Soo decided to depart since he considers the club a lost case, especially now that the college isn’t that far away. Yeon Doo emphasized on the fact that high school years are the most vibrant years of their lives and if they won’t live the way they want to at the present there won’t be other chances in the future. She wanted to dance and she wanted to do it right now, at the present, along with her 18 years old friends by her side so that all of them would be happy. It’s the moment when reality opposes dreams and prevents them from blossoming, but it’s also the moment one can turned all these dreams into reality.

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The headmistress progresses the tutor’s plans and she arranged a meeting where both members of Real King and Baek Ho clubs would be present. She wants the Baek Ho and Real King members to cooperate so that they will emerge victorious in an upcoming cheerleading competition with Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol being responsible for the creation of the winning team. If they win she intends to revive the Real King club, but Kim Yeol read through the lines and found in front of everyone that it was Soo Ah’s tutor’s order to partake in the competition so that Soo Ah would be able to stack on more specs. Even though Yeon Doo intended to pace with the headmistress’ flow, the moment the whole truth got revealed she declared that she’s not willing to become Soo Ah’s puppet no matter how hard the circumstances may get. It was one of these cases when someone’s asphyxiating dreams are being used for another one’s ambitions to turn to life and Yeon Doo would never pace with that flow no matter how much she wanted to revive the Real King club.

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Yeon Doo wanted Soo Ah to apologize for her overall attitude, but she was too proud to do so because of the class she belongs to. All this attitude of superiority over others and the fact that she tried to prevent her tears from flowing were reflecting her inferiority complex while she was living in her own crystal castle waiting for others to create the roads she would walk upon. All these great mood swings from being hysterical towards the tutor and seconds later obedient to her own mother prove how shattered her internal world is as she’s leading a life without a purpose and it’s always related to her mother’s orders.

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The opinions vary inside the Real King fellowship concerning the revival of the club, some of them would like to pace with the headmistress’ flow while others would never support Soo Ah’s ambitions, especially after everything Yeon Doo went through because of her. The dance festival felt like a ray of light through the clouds and they could only head towards that direction!


Kim Yeol’s father and Yeon Doo’s mother are pacing really well together, but we became aware that Kim Yeol went to Sevit high school in order not to live with his father anymore, there must be a sad story behind this decision and something tells me that it could be related to Ha Joon’s condition. Dong Jae found him bleeding on the bathroom floor, but he was unable to help him since he was losing the world underneath his feet. All this heavy breathing in dire situations or moments that require physical force reflect a possible psychosomatic condition that has its own impact upon him. We have yet to find out what’s going on with his health issues and the reasons behind them.

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As for Kim Yeol, he was the one to take Ha Joon to the hospital and he’s devastated at his friend’s sight who tried to take his own life for one more time. Ha Joon had been there before and there he is anew at the present under his own burden. The bromance is truly strong and Kim Yeol who appears like a person who would never cry unleashed his own tears for his friend’s condition.

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Real King made their grandiose entrance at the dancing competition and the drama shyly started progressing its dancing vibes! Yeon Doo sprained her ankle, but she didn’t give and kept dancing for the sake of the whole team. They may not have won the competition, but they congratulated themselves in their own cheerful way for the popularity award they earned! Two more members decided to leave the club while the rest intend to keep hanging in there until the Real King club has been restored.

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Yeon Doo went to the hospital where she found Kim Yeol and witnessed Ha Joon’s condition, something that should remain a secret. The quirky teacher Yang was there and the moment Yeon Doo noticed him hid right away and warned Kim Yeol and Ha Joon as well! There’s definitely electricity between them every time Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol are so close together! Yeon Doo feels majorly awkward in a cute way whereas Kim Yeol appears to be enjoying all these close encounters and something tells me he secretly craves for more!

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Since Soo Ah had found Ha Joon’s bloodstained towel earlier and the nurse shouted Ha Joon’s name both the headmistress and teacher Yang became aware of Ha Joon’s condition. Ha Joon begged the teacher to keep it a secret from his father, in case his father found out about it he would have probably sent him to a mental institution. All the threnody and fear was carved on Ji Soo’s face who’s self-traumatizing himself in order to get rid of the emotional tension within, but sometimes he goes too far.

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The headmistress didn’t call Ha Joon’s father, but in order to keep it a secret and let Kim Yeol and Ha Joon graduate Kim Yeol will have to pace with her flow and form a cheerleading team consisting of 10 members from Baek Ho and Real King in order to win the competition. He progresses the plans of her connection by any means necessary against morals and the very essence of teaching.


The two members that left Real King are under Soo Ah’s influence now in order to help her accomplish her own goal. Profit was stronger than friendship under these circumstances and Yeon Doo was betrayed even though she kept dancing for the team’s well-being during the competition despite being in pain.


Dong Jae and Yeon Doo were staring at the stars even though they can’t see any of them. It’s like their lives, they are reaching for the stars even though they are nowhere to be found as they keep on dreaming against reality’s sharpened contours. In the meantime, Kim Yeol and Ha Joon’s emotional burdens solely and together had been soothed while eating together. It was great seeing them laughing again during a heartfelt scene. Real friendship is the cure to many hardships one may be going through, solitude was hardly ever a wise adviser when things get awry.


Kim Yeol approached Yeon Doo in order to help him with the cheerleading competition. It was the first time he appeared sincere and devastated in front of her and he was delivering all the vibes that he was doing it solely for Ha Joon. Even though he’s an exemplary student there are times he gives you the impression that he couldn’t care any less about his personal status even though he appears strong-willed and arrogant. Yeon Doo couldn’t believe her sudden change of heart and it was her turn to count to three with every sentence she uttered being accompanied by one step forward. She would like him to live up to his words, she would never do anything related to Soo Ah and for that reason she doesn’t intend to help him. The opposition of Yeon Doo’s definitive stare and Kim Yeol’s emptiness were omnipresent.

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Thoughts: The ratings got better for all the dramas that started yesterday, Six Flying Dragons raised them by 0.1% and reached 12.4% and Glamorous Temptation appeared stronger with 9.7% whereas Sassy Go Go shyly raised its dynamics 3.2% since yesterday’s 2.2%. Let’s hope this is only the beginning of a better course when it comes to ratings, they are not the ones that make a drama worth watching, but they are essential for the drama’s consistency and everyone directly involved in it.


We had witnessed before the presence of suicide in high school dramas, but Sassy Go Go works on it a bit more and takes it to a wider extent. Ha Joon self-harming himself is his way out from his abusive father’s ambitions and actions, the way which soothes his internal tension. Ji Soo was exceptional in presenting Ha Joon’s shattered world and the fact that he’s neurotic and ready to hit someone anytime isn’t only the outcome of his father’s physical abuse, it’s also the reflection of all the tension without recipient lurking underneath the surface.


The fact that he can sincerely smile when he’s with Kim Yeol proves the importance of friendship in one’s life, not a circumstantial one but a friendship willing to chase the clouds away. It was also an episode in which Lee Won Geun presented more aspects of his acting through Kim Yeol’s devastation and caring attitude far away from his unyielding and sarcastic character. We have yet to find out what causes Dong Jae’s seemingly psychosomatic reactions under certain circumstances.


Chae Soo Bin masterfully reflects Soo Ah’s two-fold world, the one of the relentless student willing to do just anything to achieve her goals, but also the one which unveils how insignificant her own personality feels simply because she’s not really after her own dreams but her mother’s ambitions. Eun Ji was multifaceted in her various interactions since her feelings and reactions vary according to the person and the circumstances. Upstanding, combative, concerned or hopeful, she always managed to deliver Yeon Doo’s brighter or dimming aspects.


Alright, the 2nd episode of Sassy Go Go devoured me even more in this drama’s world and the pilot week was pretty strong, at least for me! During the 2nd episode the humorous factor surrendered a bit more to the serious aspects of the storyline when it comes to the students’ lives. We got to know them and their burdens a bit more while the drama is preparing us for the main story that will start gradually unfolding its wings during the next episodes.



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  1. October 7, 2015 at 3:44 am — Reply

    SO glad you’re recapping this 🙂 I enjoyed the episode lots but am hoping they get to the actual cheer / dance squad business soon. It will be more fun to watch them in that group environment, and now everyones basically framed out. Favorite bits today for me today were: Yeon Doo’s mom taking a stand in the office; the continued serious electricity between the leads…he’s a bit very sexy isnt he? (thankfully hes way older than the character he plays haha)….the dance competition….the strawberry milk sequence. Ha Joon’s backstory is extremely serious and I am not certain how they will resolve it but i’m hoping they do it well.
    Its going to be a long week!!

    • October 7, 2015 at 3:53 am — Reply

      Thank you so much!! 🙂 I don’t have many thoughts to put in the thoughts part since during the first episodes i embed most of them in the recap part of the article! 😀 Once Kim Yeol convinces Yeon Doo to cooperate with him everything will start flowing towards the dance direction! It’s going to be hilarious! Disney did something bad to me, every freaking time everything was flowing well, suddenly, everyone and everything started dancing and singing with a Joker smile! This had its own traumatic impact and i hope the way they will infuse the dance part in the drama will be in a way that won’t be a shot through the heart XD
      Yeon Doo’s mother was awesome, she didn’t only stand for her daughter, she also has faith in her and believes in her dreams, she knows that her weakness is studying, hence she’s not pressuring her, but she also knows her greatest love is dance, hence she encourages but she doesn’t want to see her being hurt!
      The electricity between them owns! Every time he laughs when they’re close together he’s got something pervy, like “gotcha! again!!” XD
      DING! that ball on her head was hilarious, i hope it was mind-awakening, but i doubt it, at least for now! 😀
      Yup, Ha Joon is in an ongoing state of emotional turbulence, that’s why he’s neurotic all the time, but that’s why he tries to soothe the tension by traumatizing himself. But i also want to find out what’s going on with Dong Jae’s character, he must have had a very bad experience causing these non-reflexes under specific circumstances.
      It’s definitely going to be a long week! Let’s hang in there! XD

      • October 7, 2015 at 3:58 am — Reply

        haha….i can’t say for certain but I am pretty sure they wont break into song & dance like a disney flick! 🙂 i cant wait to see the underdogs shine in front of the snobs …and which of the snobs can dance. onwards!

        • October 7, 2015 at 4:05 am — Reply

          Yup, i have faith in that too and i will be a good personal test for me as well! 😀 Same here, the underdogs will definitely shine and they will make fun of the snobs before teaching them, every time i imagine Kim Yeol, Ha Joon and Soo Ah dancing i can’t help it but laugh! It’s will be a brand new world for all the snobs and in fact, it will be for the best of them and their mental world!

  2. October 7, 2015 at 6:25 am — Reply

    I just looked at the screencaps (because i’m catching up on other stuff first)… Is Jisoo the tortured/sick boy of the drama? The one with the giant “I might die” message behind him every time he appears on the screen?

    • October 7, 2015 at 12:34 pm — Reply

      He’s got his dark issues! He definitely has the “i might die” message carved on him, but let’s hope that won’t be the occasion here!

  3. pogo
    October 7, 2015 at 5:22 pm — Reply

    I like how this drama is moving, episode 2 gives us a good sense of the students all being under pressure from different sources that make their lives harder, even for those who seem to live without any pressure. Whether it’s the Real King kids feeling the pressure of college entrance hanging over their heads, or Ha-joon and Soo-ah being forced into corners by the pressure to have perfect grades which makes them act out in different ways, or Yeol and Yeon-doo (who at least don’t have parental pressure acting on them) getting pressured by the principal to fall in line with Kwon Soo-ah’s spec improvement plan so they can each preserve what they love – their self-harming best friend and beloved dance club/only breathing space in this school.

    I also find it interesting that both our hero and heroine are driven by motives to do with their best friend/former best friend. Yeol out of a desperate desire to protect Ha-joon and keep him close, and Yeon-doo by her anger and hurt at Soo-ah’s betrayal and how easily she threw thir friendship away.

    I continue to be really impressed by the cast (except for N, his acting in the scene where he finds Ha-joon is a bit…..too much obviously acting, if you know what I mean?), Lee Won-geun and Jung Eunji have perfect chemistry and are really natural as actors. Ji-soo has not got much screentime but he really works with what he gets, especially in scenes with LWG. I love the scene of them laughing together while eating ramen, just like two regular teenage boys. And Chae Soo-bin ….. I’ve seen her before in Spy, and for such a rookie, she has really solid acting abilities – looks like she’s out to be the exception to the pattern that ’94-born actresses and idol actresses are notoriously poor/severely lacking actors (looking at Suzy, Hyeri, Jin Se-yeon, Krystal in any role that is not a comedy and even Eunji’s own groupmate, Son Na-eun).

    • October 7, 2015 at 6:02 pm — Reply

      Me too and i don’t mind at all the darker aspects it brings to the surface! On the contrary, if gloomier scenes are well-presented they are more than welcome! Yup, the pressure is there from a wide variety of parameters and when it’s not the parents, it’s the circumstances. Yeon Doo could have easily said that she accepts the headmistress’ conditions, but she would never betray her beliefs, Kim Yeol would never pace with the headmistress’ flow either, but he was obliged due to his sincere friendship towards Ha Joon. Something tells me that he will have to tell Yeon Doo the deeper reason why he changed his mind and asked her to work together for the cheerleading competition and Yeon Doo will understand him. Both of them will have their own “profit” for people or things they love and i believe that Soo Ah will change in the process through interactions and dancing 🙂
      In such scenes when his own trauma strikes he’s got a certain face, it was the same he had while playing basketball, while Ji Soo offers a more multifaceted presentation of Ha Joon’s suffering. I had seen Chae Soo Bin in the first eps of Bluebird House and she impressed me with her lively character even though i didn’t continue the drama (50 eps is kind of harsh sometimes). A bright career lies ahead of her, or at least i hope so!! 😀

      • pogo
        October 7, 2015 at 7:19 pm — Reply

        “In such scenes when his own trauma strikes he’s got a certain face, it was the same he had while playing basketball”

        lol this is too accurate. I think he just can’t do emotional scenes well, he’s ok playing a character who doesn’t show much emotion but the minute he needs to, the struggle to act becomes evident.

        I agree that Yeon-doo will probably need to be given a good reason before she agrees to Yeol’s plan to do the cheerleading (but why was Baekho claiming to be a cheerleading club in the first place? They could have been a book/literature club and that would have had the same effect of letting them study in silence all the time).

        i watched a few episodes of Bluebird’s House but it really felt like too much. Some long dramas can pass so easily you don’t even know where the time went. I watched 30 episodes of Grapevine and enjoyed every single scene, and What’s With This Family was a warm, sweet 50-episode family drama that was very easy to watch, but BBH I just couldn’t watch it even though I liked its cast.

        • October 11, 2015 at 7:39 pm — Reply

          Let’s hope he will work on more emotional presentations of his character in the forthcoming episodes!!
          Yup, especially since she’s willing to not participate even at the cost of losing the club forever. Kim Yeol will have to be sincere and humane with her in order for her to believe in his words and motive so that even though both of them will be forced to participate it’s going to be a win-win situation.
          Hm, as for Baek Ho, it could had been a cheerleading club in the past, but as years progressed it must had gradually started being occupied by strong students who eventually never bothered about the dancing aspect of the club which is a cheerleading one only in the papers now. Or they’re in a cheerleading club to “prove” the world that they don’t only study, they also do other creative thingies (while they don’t), but the time has arrived to give means to the clubs existence! 😀
          Yup, if the long drama doesn’t catch your interest early then it’s a lost case, but some of them flow like water, like HITTG or Bridal Mask. I liked the cast on BBH too, but… but. 😛

  4. October 7, 2015 at 10:49 pm — Reply

    […] Episode 02  Episode 01 […]

  5. October 8, 2015 at 1:14 pm — Reply

    Kim Yeol’s and Ha Joon’s friendship is precious already. The only plot hole of this episode, was that when kids in high school go to hospital, the common thing for doctors, is to call the parents. Especially when it comes to suicide attempt. I wonder what Dong Jae’s (if that is the right name of N’s character) story is.

    • October 11, 2015 at 7:43 pm — Reply

      Yup, the friendship is strong! Hahaha, true that, they just went there, they took care of Ha Joon and then they escaped 😛 But one could say that they took care of him as an emergency case and then the teacher reassured them that he will inform Ha Joon’s parents. Yup, Dong Jae it is, i think his condition is psychosomatic, something that had a mental impact upon him and the physical signs appear when “something” happens. Really curious about him!

      • October 11, 2015 at 9:53 pm — Reply

        Next weekend you are coming home, remind me in case I forget.

  6. October 12, 2015 at 12:24 pm — Reply

    This drama confuses me… I think episode 1 was unecessary to the plot. Episode 2 is a better introduction and, while I’m no fan of flashbacks, I think using a few scenes of Episode 1 as flashbacks in Episode 2 to present he different connections between the characters would have had more impact. The impression I had after two episodes is that the writer makes things happen just for the sake of making them happen without building up the universe rules first. For instance, and it was probably explained but at this point I’m so confused that I feel like I don’t pick up the info. You don’t have to answer, I’m just keeping track of my confusion.

    Which time of the school year is it? They talk about studying, but we don’t know if it’s for midterms, final exams or something.
    Since it’s a boarding school, who is roommate with whom because I don’t get how Dong Jae is clueless about Ha Joon’s previous suicide attempts?
    How come, just because they were roommates, Yeon Doo believed she had a real friendship with Soo Ah but was weary of Soo Ah’s friends?
    When did Ha Joon go home to get a beating from his father and just exactly how “bad” his grades are… Is he in the same situation as Soo Ah with his dad wanting him to be number one over Yeol whom he’s friend with? I mean, regardless of that, his story is tragic, but he still is a good student if he belongs to White Tigers, so why does Show make it more about grades for him and more about ranking for Soo Ah?
    How come Yeol and Yeon Doo don’t sound like they know each other when their parents seem to have a close relationship?
    How did Dong Jae follow Yeon Doo to this school? “Who are you?” taught us that one could transfer to a new school very easily wherever they wanted to go, but still…how?
    Just how many suicide attempts did Ha Joon do and where? And has he ever gotten real help? I really hope someone is going to step up to the plate because I can ride along the whole “cheerleading saves his life”, but one teacher at least and the principal know fully what’s going on. The former doesn’t look like he takes action to help Ha Joon and the latter uses Ha Joon to blackmail Yeol to create this cheerleading squad… when Soo Ah already took matter in her hands to create her own squad? I do not understand the logic… Anyway, back to Ha Joon. If he went several times to the hospital, is there any doctor who cares enough about his other injuries? Unless the father is paying everyone to keep their mouth shut, so what makes Ha Joon thinks this attempt wouldn’t be reported to his father? * sigh * Show is going to make it really hard for me to understand its logic. I know it sounds like I’m nipticking, but self-harm/suicide are important issues that you can’t just use for dramatic effect. I mean, yes you can, but considering how SK is known too for a high suicide rate among teenagers, you would think it’s an issue wgich representarion would go deeper. That reminds me of So Hyang in “Who Are You?” who ends up suffering from anorexia, but it was presented as a punishement and mentioned like once, so what was the point? Dramatic effect, I know.

    Three things this drama makes very clear for me so far: the students can’t count on their teachers to protect them, all women but Yeon Doo’s mom are evil, and men who get screen time are passive.
    Anyway, my theories so far about the characters’ trauma:

    -Yeol: his mom is dead and he blames his father for it.
    – Dong Jae: he got into an accident when he was young, maybe witnessed someone’s suicide? Or at least blood was involved. That’s why he can’t touch no one and doesn’t want to be touched.
    – Yeon Doo: so far, she looks like the one with the less complicated life. Maybe there will be something about her dad? The real mystery for me is why she is attending Sevit High instead of going to an high school of arts or something like that… Why is she in this specific school when her mom isn’t even forcing her to?

    Clearly, I don’t share everyone’s enthusiam, but I’m still optimistic I’m still on board (no ship for me, at least for now) to see where this goes. As Real Kings would say, “GO GO”

    • October 13, 2015 at 5:15 pm — Reply

      I found the episode 1 as an introduction or something with more funny vibes, whereas the 2nd one started getting things more serious. “Better introduction” kind of yes, since things became a bit more apparent about everyone’s characteristics.
      I think they’re on the penultimate year and they have only 1 more lying ahead of them until college, if i remember correctly. As for Dong Jae, i am not really sure who is his roommate to be honest 😀 But the third episode made me believe that he could be living with Ha Joon and Kim Yeol? I am really not sure about this!
      Concerning Ha Joon’s condition, i think this one was his second suicidal attempt and the other times were self-harming that didn’t go too far. As for his father, we only know him through the abusive wounds on Ha Joon’s body and the fear he inflicts upon his own son. Maybe, the 4th episode will shed a bit more light.
      “the students can’t count on their teachers to protect them, all women but Yeon Doo’s mom are evil, and men who get screen time are passive.” This one is so true! XD I think you’re going to love a new teacher in the 3rd episode 😀
      This could be the point about Kim Yeol and his relationship with his father! Hadn’t thought about that aspect!
      Dong Jae still remains a mystery to me, there was either blood involved or not, but something really traumatic happened and he can’t withstand physical contact, as you mentioned suicide, maybe someone of his parents committed suicide and he/she was the last person Dong Jae touched? Maybe.
      But i really don’t know why Yeon Doo went to that school, could there be a reason behind this decision? Maybe yes, maybe no, i really dunno!
      I am glad to know that you remain optimistic and i hope that Sassy Go Go will reward both of us!! 🙂

      • October 13, 2015 at 7:02 pm — Reply

        “But i really don’t know why Yeon Doo went to that school, could there be a reason behind this decision?” The mysteryyyyy. I will catch up tomorrow or Thursday. Although I made a long comment and it looked like I only criticized the drama, I usually wait the 5th episode to decide if I like it or not. Right now, I’m learning toward the “I like it”. The dance scenes will probably seal the deal for me.

        • October 15, 2015 at 10:36 pm — Reply

          Nah, even if it looked like criticizing the drama, they were still your thoughts and they are always more than welcome! 🙂 There are dramas that captivate you from the very first episode, but there are dramas in which things start working out from the 4th/5th one! I think the dance scenes will be hilarious, especially when Baek Ho will trying to learn their figures XD

      • pogo
        October 16, 2015 at 8:19 pm — Reply

        regarding Ha Joon’s condition, I don’t think he actually tried to commit suicide either this time or the last time he ended up in hospital, it was self-harm gone wrong that resulted in him losing too much blood. The cuts on his wrists are cut across and all over his arms, they don’t look consistent with a suicide attempt (where he would have to cut open a vein along his arm instead of across). It’s much more likely that Ha Joon accidentally cut a vein while cutting himself. And if he had previously attempted to commit suicide, we don’t see old scars that look like that (they would still have been showing up, wrist scars take a long time to heal I think)

        He’s definitely self-harming and mentally in great turmoil, and may even feel suicidal sometimes. But in these particular instances, it wasn’t suicide. He would not be walking out of the hospital chatting happily with Yeol after getting bandages, if his mental state was that serious.

        • October 20, 2015 at 3:00 pm — Reply

          I am sure he didn’t want to end his life the moment Dong Jae found him inside the bathroom, it was just tension that went too far through self-harm, but the second time at the rooftop, i think he was 50/50, balancing between doing it or not while weighting what’s worth living in this world. BUT it can get interpreted as a form of self-harm by pushing himself a bit at towards the edge without jumping to get rid of the tension within for a while, writernim has turned Ha Joon’s character into a humble piece of art. Sorry for the late reply, i was gathering stolen articles and writing complaints throughout these days so my brain was in turmoil! XD

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