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Sassy Go Go ~ Episode 1 Recap


“You all became competitors rather than friends.”


Alright, it’s time to get my facts straight for honesty’s sake. I started Sassy Go Go strictly because of Jung Eun Ji. I religiously follow her around in her drama attempts like the soil craves for water! I loved her in Reply 1997, That Winter, The Wind Blows and Trot Lovers and the most logical thing to do in my Jung Eun Ji crescendo was to start watching Sassy Go Go and here i am with my eyes wide open as an owl during nighttime and my ears sharper than a squirrel’s teeth.


Sassy Go Go’s pilot episode started off pretty well dare i say and it had a wide variety of elements one could look forward to: from laughter and feels to food for thought at the same time! The school club aspect and part of its quirky aesthetic were breathing a Seonam Girls’ High School Investigators air while at the same time there was a School 2013 and School 2015 tempo playing shyly its tambourine, especially when it comes to the parents and the school’s headmistress. However, when you put all these dramas in the blender along with an unknown ingredient (Sassy Go Go) you get something that may not be that innovative, but it definitely feels highly promising and its first signals point towards the direction that it’s going to gradually captivate me. It already started doing so, but it’s too early to talk about that.

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Alright, everything takes place at Sevit High School which is one of these school environments that preserve their status when it comes to high grades and students that attend the elite universities. There’s the Baek Ho cheerleading club which isn’t really a club that lives up to its reason of existence. It consists of the school’s highest ranking students that keep studying and studying in a quest for the first place. However, not everything is flowing well since the Real King club is the school’s dismal song as it consists of the lowest ranking students who emphasize on street dancing! Both clubs are in a turmoil since the students of the first one want to maintain their grades, but the students of the second one prevent them with their loud practice!


A few of Baek Ho club’s standout figures have to be Kim Yeol (Lee Won Geun), Kwon Soo Ah (Chae Soo Bin who was recently in Bluebird House) and Seo Ha Joon (Ji Soo)! Just like it usually happens with elite students in high school dramas, all three come from high class families and even though they have everything life is not as easy as it appears to be for these students who will become tomorrow’s cream of the crop in the world of business. Kim Yeol avoids his father’s phone calls and it simply proves that their relationship isn’t at its finest while his attitude at school is quite argumentative without taking into consideration who’s the one standing in front of him. For some weird reason he likes to present three option for every occasion and i am really curious about that! It feels like a personal algorithm which makes him approach everything with a spherical view while imposing his strongest point with the third option which is always being accompanied by a third step forward!


Ji Soo was depicting a student in Angry Mom, well, now he’s being filtered through a like-minded prism but in reverse since he’s an exemplary student in terms of grades in Sassy Go Go. He remains turbulent as Ha Joon in his own way, but underneath the surface he has to face his own demons since his father abuses him physically for not living up to his utmost expectations. Soo Ah is the school’s number 2 student right behind Kim Yeol’s lead, but in terms of knowledge and temperament she can’t surpass him. Her private tutor doesn’t only partake in expanding her knowledge, she also tries to find illicit methods for her to claim the 1st position of the knowledge hierarchy while at the same time Soo Ah’s mother has great influence at school with the headmistress being her right hand.


Real King consists of Kang Yeon Doo (Jung Eun Ji), Min Hyo Sik (Kim Min Ho) and Park Da Mi (Kang Min Ah)! Well, we mainly witness Yeon Doo from the Real King club for the time being since she’s among the main figures of the drama, but Kim Min Ho whom i recently saw in My Love Eun Dong is a hilarious figure delivering brave amounts of laughter, as for Kang Min Ah whom i saw in Seonam Girls’ High School Investigators i personally have high expectations even though she’s a secondary figure! Everything was flowing well for the Real King club members, except for their grades of course! They are not students who come from high class families, but studying isn’t their strongest card either. Their only joy is to keep on dancing in their practice room which is also the club’s headquarters, but they usually disturb Baek Ho club’s studying harmony. It’s something that either gets answered by cutting off their electricity, listening to classical music as loud as possible or a face to face confrontation.

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There are many figures i’ve seen before in this maelstrom of dramas and just like Ji Soo was in Angry Mom, Soo Ah’s mother in Sassy Go Go, Choi Hyun Mi, is being presented by Ko Su Hee, the anti-Disney hilarious yet heartfelt figure in Angry Mom, Han Gong Joo. She’s ruthless and cold and she wants her daughter to become the school’s highest ranking student and she supports her by any means necessary. Park Hae Mi who was School 2013‘s headmistress has a like-minded role in Sassy Go Go as well as Choi Gyung Ran, the school’s headmistress who cares only about the highest ranking students and the school’s status. In Gyo Jin as teacher Im Soo Yong is a grotesque figure, but he still remains the headmistress’ right hand whereas Kim Ji Seok of Angel Eyes and I Need Romance 2 is yet another hilarious teacher, Yang Tae Bum, but he leans towards the students’ direction and he moves around with his stick like a maestro! As opposed to the main vibes the drama’s parents seem to reflect, Yeon Doo’s mother, Park Sun Young (Kim Yeo Jin), appears to be the more down to earth mother who cares about her daughter, but time shall tell! Last but not least, Soo Ah’s tutor is being presented by no other than Kil Hae Yeon whom i recently witnessed in Heard It Through the Grapevine as secretary Yang!

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I kept my already condemned ship for the end, i have already started shipping Yeon Doo with her best friend, Ha Dong Jae (Cha Hak YeonN of VIXX), who likes basketball but he’s afraid of getting hit and plays carefully! His offense is his strong point whereas he’s not at all a defensive player, but he’s always by Yeon Doo’s side whenever she needs him and an one-sided love seems to be blossoming on his behalf. They just look so cute together and i have decided to ship them even though it’s already a lost case since there’s already electricity between Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol even though they are seemingly opposite characters. But you know what they say, opposites attract one another and while the drama will keep progressing we’ll witness all characters developing solely and through their interactions.

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There are many things going on already and the Real King club seems to have reached the end after Soo Ah’s plot to harm Kim Yeol’s grades with an indirect blow. This didn’t have the impact she desired and it mainly harmed her roommate, Yeon Doo who thought she was Soo Ah’s friend but she was nothing more than an implement to bring down Kim Yeol from the first place. After mourning the club’s closure and demonstrating for it to come back to the surface, Yeon Doo eventually exploded inside the music class after being unable to finish her heartfelt interpretation of a song. She wasn’t only focused on Soo Ah according to the value of friendship, she also pointed her arrows towards Kim Yeol and everyone who thinks he/she is someone just because their grades are far greater than hers while she’s at the bottom. Eun Ji simply shone throughout the episode with her quirky or heartfelt projections through Yeon Doo’s figure.

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The evening found her bursting in tears in front of her mother and losing herself in thoughts while she was trying to weigh the amount of happiness in her life which was none as opposed to her desire to be finally happy. Everything reached the end the moment Dong Jae with his finger-looking poking stick or whatever told her that she may have lost many points, but he also informed her on something that made her invade Baek Ho club’s library with an application to join them and her intentions are more than vibrant!

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I have already fallen for Sassy Go Go’s intentions since it appears to have a lot of things in its drama box, but judging from the first episode and the main cast its focus will be on students. This doesn’t mean that we won’t witness parent-student and teacher-student relationships and the way they affect their lives for better or for worse through pressure or love, indifference or ambitions, physical or mental violence etc. The sparkles of a forthcoming romance have shyly appeared, but Sassy Go go has already revealed a few of its cards which point towards essential aspects of a student’s life such as friendship and solidarity as opposed to faceless and strict competition and an attempt for their thoughts and opinions to actually start being taken into consideration and not being heard from afar while being carried away by the wind. The acting is really strong and many of our figures have already started showing their distinctive characteristics, the cinematography is representative of the drama’s demands in a school environment and i have to admit that i liked the manhwa stills which were freezing some scenes for a few seconds! I am already on board and i hope for the best for Sassy Go Go which didn’t start well at all in terms of ratings. It only reached 2.2% while Six Flying Dragons hit 12.3% and Glamorous Temptation 8.5% in their pilot episodes.

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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

elles viennent
autres et pareilles
avec chacune c'est autre et c'est pareille
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est autre
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
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  1. October 6, 2015 at 4:23 am — Reply

    Psyched you recapped this! “French Kiss or deep kiss. Do Whatever. Come on.” great lines. And Kim Yeol’s counting thing. When’s the last time we saw that sort of nuance. And this cast! Love it! I’m on board too. lets go! 😀

    • October 6, 2015 at 4:42 am — Reply

      Great lines indeed! They were playing tricks on poor fanboy Kwon >.> XD That counting thing was truly something, with every option of the 3 he makes one step and once he reaches the 3rd option he’s so ecstatic! I am really curious about his relationship with his father, it will reveal a lot of things about Kim Yeol. Kajaaaaaa, we’re on board and we’re already enjoying the ride! Can’t wait for the second one!

  2. October 6, 2015 at 4:31 am — Reply

    do you sleep? ;O

  3. pogo
    October 6, 2015 at 6:18 pm — Reply

    I feel so bad this drama got low ratings, because it has so much heart. Jung Eunji isn’t a perfect actress, but she is excellent at embodying that heart, and love her line deliveries. (and she matches really well with Lee Won-geun, I really enjoyed all their ‘3 options’ scenes).

    I think the characters are interesting, even Soo-ah has more nuance than that kind of figure usually does. Chae Soo-bin is quite a good actress! And I like that Kim Yeol is seemingly a nice boy but a total flirt (only with Yeon-doo though, you don’t see him being that way with any other girl). Also omg Soo-ah’s tutor is Grapevine’s Secretary Yang?!!! I never recognised her, she looks totally different with the change in hair and makeup!

    • October 6, 2015 at 6:25 pm — Reply

      Same here, 2.2% would never do justice to such an intriguing first episode :/ But it isn’t easy to fight SBS’s drama machine at this point, especially after Yong Pal and Mrs Cop’s raitings and Six Flying Dragons is the new SBS weapon. Hopefully enough the ratings will rise and they won’t have to cut a number of episodes from Sassy Go Go, it has a lot of things it could portray.
      She’s definitely not perfect, but she reflects all these vibes, she’s a source of positive energy whereas at the same time she can deliver all these feels that will make you as partner in “crime”! 😀
      Kim Yeol’s 3-option parts are intriguing and he’s indeed a major flirt-machine, but only with Yeon Doo when they are alone!
      I had watched Chae Soo Bin in the first episodes of Bluebird House and she left me with a very good impression, she’s got strong potential, so i am glad to find her here as well even though i didn’t watch BBH as a whole. Her character won’t be one-dimensional, something tells me and i’ll be more than glad to witness it. Haha, yup! The almighty and hideous secretary Yang is here as the loony tutor!

  4. Peeps
    October 6, 2015 at 7:58 pm — Reply

    Cool! Thanks for the review.

    I really like the cast though for some reason Lee WonGeun comes of as a bit green in some of his scenes for me. But he shows flashes of absolute brilliance in others. Well, nothing more experience can’t fix.

    On the other hand, I’m not sure if it’s done on purpose or not… but Ha DongJae looks like he has a disability? He just looks so out of it all the time… but then he shows how insightful he is (and he even acts out. Hurr, that milk!).

    • October 7, 2015 at 3:22 am — Reply

      You are very welcome and thank you so much for your words and for sharing your thoughts!
      He appeared stronger in the second episode as his character got more multifaceted! “Well, nothing more experience can’t fix.” This was so right!
      I think it’s psychosomatic when it comes to Dong Jae due to something that had a mental impact upon him which has its own physical impact at the present. We have yet to find out what’s going on with him! That milk was priceless XD

  5. October 6, 2015 at 9:34 pm — Reply

    […] Episode 01 […]

  6. Kimberly
    October 7, 2015 at 9:14 am — Reply

    Does anyone know the song that the members of real king danced to?? ^^

  7. October 8, 2015 at 1:06 pm — Reply

    Do I smell “School” series concept? I hope so. First episode was a bit slow, but the second one makes the drama promising, going to post a comment on hte second episode’s review.

    • October 11, 2015 at 7:40 pm — Reply

      Yup, there are vibes from School 2013/2015 and Seonam! You smell well! 😀

  8. October 8, 2015 at 1:07 pm — Reply


  9. October 12, 2015 at 11:28 am — Reply

    So I gave it a try. I think Show starts off with promising storylines here and there, but I’m afraid we’re in for plot holes and unecessary twists instead of focusing on the real issues. Like I understand Show wanted to start off with the rivalry between the two clubs, but I’m failing to see what this rivalry is based on. Is it just because Real Kings disturb the White Tigers studying atmosphere with their music? In that case, why didn’t Real Kings use wireless speakers connected to their phones (no need for power use) or use wireless headphones (no one but them hear the music) or just train in the gym or in any other available room such a big school probably has? How did they manage to get the principal to open this club when there’s no sign that there are other clubs in this school and if there are indeed other clubs, how come the principal didn’t think beforehand to make sure no one becomes involuntarily a nuisance to the others? This setting in which both clubs have no reason no to co-exist peacefully, in which they are no threat to the existence of each other (it’s not a fight over RK needing a bigger room, or WT needing something RK has over them) just comes off very weird to me when the South Korean educational system (even in college) usually supports clubs like this.

    I think I am confused about which direction the Show wants to take : comedy or angst? Maybe it’s a bit of both, but teen angst about serious issues like physical abuse from a parent shouldn’t be taken lightly… Hopefully, I will like the characters enough to dismiss all the other aspects and keep going. (see, I am optimistic) 😀

    • October 13, 2015 at 5:02 pm — Reply

      The first episode for me was a quirky one with hints of serious issues which gradually start appearing from the 2nd ep and became more apparent during the 3rd one and judging from the preview, they will reach another climax on the 4th one! But i do agree that the show is somewhere between comedy and teenage angst and it has gradually started leaning towards the second aspect, without neglecting the first one, but the second one feels more powerful at this point. I think they intend to present a healing process through dance we’ll witness in the forthcoming episodes and that’s why they started emphasizing on teenage angst now in order for the sassy aspect to be more visible later on. That’s a personal assumption! But woah, you invested too much in the two clubs’ hostile relationship! :O I just conceived it as a hilarious high school “dystopia” between two clubs consisting of members coming from different classes and with different grades, two literally opposite clubs which everything which derives from it 😀

      • October 13, 2015 at 6:55 pm — Reply

        “you invested too much in the two clubs’ hostile relationship! :O ” looool The thing is when I was in boarding school, there was just one room with mirrors that students could book if they wanted to rehearse a choreography. Each Monday, we established the schedule with people who wanted to use the room that week. First come, first serve. That’s why it made little sense to me that Real Kings had their own room (as small as it was), but they were willing to lose it just over electricity in a time and age of wireless connection, bluetooth … especially in Korea? I mean, this is a very 90’s setting for me, although if it was in the 90’s-early 2000’s, they would have probably used a hi-fi system with batteries, so still no need for electricity. ;D I am just saying~~ I understand the need to show them fight, so Yeon Doo can go on her cruisade to save Real Kings and we can see how brave and passionate she is… XD XD I agree.with that

        • October 15, 2015 at 10:34 pm — Reply

          Same here, one room as well where everything was taking place and you have to arrange when you will be there to do what you were supposed to do! I have to agree that it is too old to be true the whole presentation, but i just took it as a hilarious presentation for humor’s sake or something! 😀

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