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Tantei no Tantei / Detective versus Detectives (or Rena the Warrior Princess with a Macgyver mind) Generic Mini-Review {spoiler free}


And yes she gets her own 4combo screencaps cause she’s pretty darn awesome that way.

But let us start from the description of the plot which is interesting right from the very start- Sasaki Rena’s sister was being stalked and ultimately murdered by a vicious stalker  who was watching her every move through the help of a detective- Rena joins the Anti-Detective department of Suma Research Agency in hopes of tracking down the detective (named “Death God”) that revealed the whereabouts of her sister to the stalker.

What is the Anti-Detective Department you ask?


It’s the department that deals with hunting down crooked private detectives that use dubious  methods to satisfy their clients’ needs. Rena is the head of that department and she likes to work alone- her boss, Suma, lets Kotoha Minemori  join to help her which doesn’t really go that well in the beginning. Rena doesn’t like others meddle in her business and Kotoha is out of the waters at first but they slowly come to a mutual understanding.


Their partnership is a focal point in the series; Kotoha is quite naïve but good hearted and that reminds Rena of her lost sister. She at first tries to keep her at arms’ length but soon opens up to her and they form a warm friendship.


See, Rena as ruthless and cold as she might seem, is like a vulnerable little puppy on the inside- after her sister’s murder she pushes others away, not only because she wants to focus on her mission but so that they are not hurt because of her dangerous endeavours. She is pretty tough as an anti-detective, pushing things too far at times but truly gets stuff done. She is also hella imaginative, using every little thing as a weapon to get out of a difficult situation- she’s truly a MacGyver on that front, intelligent and sufficient to the maximum level. But, she can also be reckless and here comes Kotoha to balance her out by having her back and acting as a caution sign- a very difficult task lol, but she’s up to it and is also getting stronger on her own right. Like I said, their relationship is important because they help each other through various ways, emotionally and business-like.


Apart from Kotoha, there are others having Rena’s back when she needs it- another important character is Yuma Kubozuka, an inspector assistant that even though doesn’t really like detectives as he works for the police, he sympathizes with Rena (who gives him the cold shoulder at the beginning, but like cold as ice lol) cause he has lost his wife and understands her pain and suffering. He also has the most beautiful daughter ever, I mean look at that cute pie right there, peeling potatoes too!

03 (1)

Suma, dah boss, and Kirishima the best detective in the agency also help Rena every way they can; Kirishima offers a few words of wisdom at times and he is also having really badass fighting scenes nearly equaling Rena’s.


In order to really get into the story, you need to watch a couple episodes but after episode 3 you won’t wanna stop- the plot flows smoothly, there are twists and turns every step of the way; but they make sense and it really goes to show that the (underworld) detective world is no easy place, with dangers creeping out from every corner.


Keiko Kitagawa does an excellent job potraying Rena; she has that crystal steel stare in her eyes that says “I’m not here for your s*it, so either fess up or meet my punch!”. She commands the tough and hard nature of the sister that is looking for revenge- and the other side, the vulnerable one that wants justice to be served and is at times tired of fighting a never ending battle. Kitagawa walks that fine line between the two and doesn’t let down not for a sec.


Kawaguchi Haruna is also pretty good on her role as the simple minded but loyal Kotoha that fights her own battle trying to break through and become stronger and independent.

The directing is very good, the fighting scenes like I said above, are very well choreographed; you really felt the punch and the kick going around lol.

The music is very good as well; the main theme, Beautiful Chaser fits like a glove and there are a few instrumental pieces that really stand out and accompany the scenes  very well.

All in all, a really good written crime-mystery series that is definitely worth watching. Sasaki is here to kick ass and take no names, why would you wanna miss that? You don’t, really.

Overall Grade – 8,88/10

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    Keiko is a goddess ♥_♥

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    I haven’t tried a Japanese series but your write-up makes me want to.

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      You mean, like, you’ve never seen a Japanese drama before at all? If not, it depends on the genre you want to watch- if that is a crime/mystery one, Tantei no Tantei is a pretty good start!

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