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Yong Pal ~ Episode 17 Recap [TriAngle]


“We all carry the weight of our own sins.”


∠ ~ Worlds apart.


Six months later Tae Hyun opened his own neighborhood clinic. He didn’t finish his residency and that’s the reason why he didn’t move on with his specialty. He’s finally living as a relaxed doctor in a quiet town where he can stare at the sky through his carefree life far away from gangster or high-class house calls. So Hyun has returned healthy from the US and both of them are living together with Sang Chul who hasn’t found a new job!

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Yeo Jin’s having lunch with Alexon’s chairman and his right hand, i presume, and they’re trying to arrange a meeting with the Prime Minister, but she’s thoughtful about it for the time being. Chairman Choi appeared and Yeo Jin decided to let him pass, he wants Yeo Jin to spare him this time even though he lost to her. Yeo Jin uses his own words when it comes to gnawing flesh and she asks him how did Do Joon’s flesh taste, but it’s time for chairman Choi to leave the room. Before leaving, he says that Do Joon who killed Sung Hoon was finally killed by himself, but at this point Yeo Jin is the one draining his life. While they were taking him out he wondered in laughter who will be the one to take Yeo Jin out of the picture! Yeo Jin’s thoughts declare the end of war and revenge and she continued eating!

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Tae Hyun examines a child, but since pediatrics wasn’t his forte he can’t possibly tell what’s wrong with the boy’s health! Doo Chul, who’s one of the clinic’s shareholders, questions his sanity since he can’t believe he said that in front of a patient! Tae Hyun made a phone call and mentioned the kid’s symptoms to find out it’s Kawasaki disease and the hospital will be the child’s next destination. Doo Chul was suffering from stomachache and diarrhea and it’s thanks to last night’s alcohol! He doesn’t need a prescription and Tae Hyun informs him that he’s a community leader of this town since everyone believes so!

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Tae Hyun takes care of the children’s immunization shots and during his break he simply wanted to play with them! Chae Young was already there bathing the kids and she’s in a playful mood! Tae Hyun finds her amazing for doing all that, especially since she never did manual labor before! Just like Chae Young doesn’t want him to call her Madame anymore, Tae Hyun doesn’t want her to call him brother-in-law and from now on Chae Young will be Tae Hyun’s noona! She asks him if he missed being the chairwoman’s husband and Tae Hyun’s answer is negative, but Chae Young missed her arch status. She takes the blame for her wrong decisions in the past and Tae Hyun tries to put the blame on himself, but Chae Young is definitive as she’s well aware that Tae Hyun really tried to save Do Joon who must be thankful for that in the afterlife. The moment Chae Young asked him whether he’s talking to Yeo Jin or not Tae Hyun put an end to their conversation and the sister appeared right on time! Chae Young keeps helping the clinic with its expenses in her own way, but what she’s really after is revenge.

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Yeo Jin’s back to the household where she got informed that chairman Choi attempted to end his life, but he wasn’t successful since his right hand found him on time. Secretary Min’s pleased with Yeo Jin’s discomfort and the moment she entered the mansion she almost fainted. She stared at her father’s portrait wondering how he was able to withstand the chairman’s position and the hardships that derive from it, but soon she started hallucinating and the moment she witnessed Do Joon smiling at the stairs she passed out.

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She woke up in her room with the housemaid by her side and Yeo Jin doesn’t want her to spread any rumors. Yeo Jin doesn’t want to see a doctor at this point and the housemaid told her that if someone had tried to take his own life because of her she would be in shock too, regardless of their friendly or hostile relationship. She lets Yeo Jin know that nobody will think of her being weak and it’s time for her to walk in the garden recalling Tae Hyun’s words on everything she will be missing from the household’s view. Her broken smile and black dress pace perfectly well with the “picnics” she already misses and seeing Tae Hyun feels essential.

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Tae Hyun, the emergency x-ray nurse, the head nurse, Doo Chul and his underling are enjoying their beers and Tae Hyun teaches them the art of relaxing! He’s finally happy with the life he’s leading and he’s glad his sister’s healthy again, but he’s also happy with all the little things in his daily routine. Just like Yeo Jin found herself outdoors for the first time after three years and she could treasure the breeze, Tae Hyun cherishes it too at the present and he can’t help it but think that the time for Yeo Jin to find him has finally arrived. She was nearby staring at him thinking how much she’d like to join him and his company, but Chae Young’s presence and playful attitude prevented her. Of course, Chae Young was well aware Yeo Jin was around and the only thing she could do was to leave in tears, but being glad after witnessing Tae Hyun’s happiness.

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∠ ~ Venomous stares.


Yeo Jin’s speech at the Hanshin Alexon Factory Completion Ceremony takes place, but she starts hallucinating again as she notices president Go in the crowd, she tries to maintain her calmness, but she eventually passes out after seeing Do Joon’s smiling face again. Tae Hyun was glad seeing Yeo Jin on the news, but he got concerned the moment he found out she had fainted.


Yeo Jin having a CT scan, but the doctor’s smirk was menacing. She got transferred in a room, but she didn’t let the nurse progress with a direct serum injection since it brings forth bleak memories. The doctor informed her that her CT scan was normal and that she fainted due to stress and fatigue. However, the stares he exchanged with secretary Min were highly representative of the fact that something’s going on in the background and now that he’s alone with Yeo Jin she urges the doctor to keep the doctor-patient confidentiality. Yeo Jin asks him if it’s possible to hallucinate because of anemia and stress and the doctor reassured her that it is. As for staying at the hospital to receive treatment and regain her strength it would never be an option for Yeo Jin, especially at that hospital; she’d rather die.

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The board of directors have already been informed that Yeo Jin suffers from 2nd stage liver cancer and they’re aware of her hallucinations, but Chae Young thinks that it’s too early for them to be happy. She doesn’t want more shares for her “hard work,” all she wants is revenge for Do Joon. Tae Hyun was at the hospital and the moment Yeo Jin was leaving he appeared in front of her, but this wasn’t yet another hallucination! Tae Hyun pretended he was there to see a friend and Yeo Jin that she had a meeting with the hospital’s director. Their conversation is a formal one, just like two people who haven’t seen each other for a long time and once things started becoming more personal the board of directors arrived to express their fake concerns! The moment for Tae Hyun to leave had arrived, but before leaving Yeo Jin felt the urge to congratulate him on his clinic.

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After a long time he’s back at the 12th floor and he relaxes at a massage-chair inside Chief Surgeon Lee’s office! Chief Surgeon Lee has regained his good old self since he’s into surgeries again, but he envies Tae Hyun for being the director of a humble clinic! Soon their smiles surrender to Tae Hyun’s real reason for being there since he wants Chief Surgeon Lee to check Yeo Jin’s CT results, but he didn’t have access and Tae Hyun’s concerned about what’s going on.

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The housemaid who was loyal to Chae Young put some drops in Yeo Jin’s water and after she drank it she saw both Do Joon and president Go smiling right in front of her! The housemaid urged Yeo Jin to see a doctor and since she doesn’t want doctors in her life she wants her to see someone she can trust, implying Tae Hyun. Even though it would be a doctor-patient meeting Yeo Jin can’t afford to present her monstrous self in front of him at this point. The housemaid emphasized on the fact that Tae Hyun would never say no to a patient and right before leaving she urged everyone to keep it a secret. The moment Chae Young’s spy asked the housemaid about Yeo Jin’s destination she didn’t receive an answer, but the overall vibes were enough for Chae Young to find out.

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Once Yeo Jin arrived Chae Young appeared and they’re having a conversation. Yeo Jin’s glad Chae Young’s doing fine lately with her heartwarming activities and Chae Young strikes right on Yeo Jin’s weakness, Tae Hyun. She refers to their brother-sister relationship and the fact that he’s in the happiest era of his life. Chae Young would like Yeo Jin to leave him alone in order for him to remain happy. Yeo Jin informed her that she’s seeing Do Joon lately, but Chae Young let her know that she sees him every day during her daily activities and tears start falling. Yeo Jin’s apologetic as Chae Young acknowledges how mean she was when Do Joon was alive and she emphasized on the fact that all of them are carrying the weight of their own sins. Yeo Jin couldn’t hold back her tears as Chae Young mentioned that Tae Hyun would be able to carry the burden of Yeo Jin’s sins. It’s something that made Yeo Jin’s emotional collapse reach a climax.

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∠ ~ A soothing glade | A lurking nightmare.


Chae Young with the child never arrived and Tae Hyun’s on his way back home and the same applies to Yeo Jin who had already started thinking of coming down of the 13th floor. Inside her car, Do Joon’s voice started echoing again and she almost hit Tae Hyun, but her breaks worked right on time! After passing away, Tae Hyun took her to his house where he’s looking after her along with his sister.

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He took her at the terrace of the 1st Floor Clinic and Yeo Jin can easily notice that he named it this way because of her! Tae Hyun’s concerned about her, but she would never tell him that she’s having a hard time. He notices that she’s not at her finest and urges her to go with him for a checkup, but she reassured him that everything’s fine and that it’s all in her mind. He takes her in his embrace and tells her that whether it’s a disease of her mind or her body he intends to treat her. Yeo Jin could only be thankful towards Tae Hyun’s reassuring words!

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He keeps her in his embrace and caresses her gently, he’s apologetic for not being aware of her health issues, but she lets him know that she will come down from the 13th floor. Tae Hyun’s kiss on her forehead was more meaningful that words and he doesn’t have to accept her since he’s already back! Another beautiful kiss between our shining couple took place, an elegant one which brought Yeo Jin to tears. Tae Hyun wiped them away and the kiss progressed in its very own fragile way!

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Secretary Min’s already there, but Sang Chul informed him that he should wait a bit. The moment he arrived at the terrace he was too shy to stare at Yeo Jin and Tae Hyun! At first she didn’t intend to go back, but just for tonight she will head towards the household to take care of the load she carries deep within since she doesn’t want to share it with Tae Hyun. He wouldn’t have a problem to do so, but since Yeo Jin made up her mind nothing will change it! Before leaving, a gentle wrist-grab and eventually a back-hug were essential! However, Tae Hyun can’t be at ease.

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Yeo Jin wants secretary Min to call an emergency meeting of the board of directors for tomorrow, but she doesn’t invest on more information. Secretary Min was smirking while staring at the water and the housemaid noticed his reaction. Yeo Jin’s glad she listened to the housemaid who’s been in this household for 30 years. Yeo Jin’s well aware that she liked Do Joon more than her and that’s fine with her, but the housemaid informed her that it was because Yeo Jin was full of confidence while Do Joon was in need of sympathy. Yeo Jin’s thankful towards her for being by Do Joon’s side back then and when the housemaid left she went to meet secretary Min and the rest.

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She got informed that Yeo Jin has cancer and they let her know because the future of Hanshin Group depends on her. Given the circumstances, if Yeo Jin passes away Tae Hyun will become the heir and they intend to compose a new will. They shouldn’t let Yeo Jin meet Tae Hyun before she passes away and they want the housemaid’s cooperation and even though she’s loyal to her current master she acknowledges that masters change with the passing of time. She’s already made her guess on the future master and referred to the fact that people like them have no souls. Secretary Min informed her that a restraining order will be issued concerning Tae Hyun and that she should just focus on Yeo Jin.


Secretary Min arrived at the company and he informed everyone that he’ll be delivering Yeo Jin’s orders from now on. The war room has been dissolved and all of them will return to their original positions. Secretary Min cancelled all of Yeo Jin’s plans they were working on, now that the hunt is over the hunting dogs are no longer needed. Once they’re back to their original positions, he urged them to wear their ties properly. One of Yeo Jin’s most useful employees noticed that something’s not right since he doesn’t have access to anything. Yeo Jin woke up to witness Do Joon once again in front of her and her screams ruined the once peaceful awakening.

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◎ ~ Circular view.


The Wednesday-Thursday drama program has become more competitive with She Was Pretty gradually raising its ratings and Gaekju trying to establish itself during its second airing week. Yong Pal was affected by this twofold factor, but still, 18.4% is too powerful and nobody can argue about that. One episode before Yong Pal closes its curtains, i still think it will make the big bang and set a final lasting personal record during the 18th episode and i can’t wait to witness my precious Stephanie Lee on screen once again.


Tae Hyun found peace of mind, he’s free from all the burdens that were devastating him one after the other all along the way and most and above all, his beloved sister is healthy! She regained life and Tae Hyun found happiness at everything simple and daily. His routine is bliss even though it’s not as relaxing as he thought it would be. He keeps preserving his ideals to the fullest while still hoping that Yeo Jin will be by his side anew after leaving the 13th floor. She’s the last and most essential piece of the puzzle he’d been working on his heart for the past 17 episodes.


1st floor clinic, no matter how cheesy it may appear it reflects Tae Hyun’s course backwards along with his simplicity and strength of character. One after the other, he escaped the 12th and 13th floor respectively and while it may seem to some that he left heaven behind, he basically escaped hell to forge his own garden of Eden, a humble one and precise to everything that consists of Tae Hyun’s figure. It wasn’t lust for wealth and power in the first place and it didn’t become in the future either even though Yeo Jin was the perfect chance. Now that his sister is healthy the quest for money has ceased existing and life started blooming all over around him with the lavender still missing from his garden.


Yeo Jin’s vengeful path and the war have reached an end after officially cutting ties with Chairman Choi and their distant relationship. His empire’s collapse was as pompous as the echo of his words in the previous episodes and the fact that he attempted to end his own life proved how empty his life was despite the fact that he lost everything at the cost of fulfilling his own revenge. Yeo Jin enjoying her wine without taking into consideration his words and eventually tasting her medium-rare steak was yet another glimpse of her bloodstained triumph. However, chairman Choi’s words on the line of corpses and the way it was formed step by step were prophetic since nothing is as peaceful as it seems now that the war is over and the violent task of revenge seems to have reached completion. Yeo Jin looks like Caesar awaiting for her own Brutus to reveal himself.


Tae Hyun’s an essential part of the community, not only through the 1st Floor Clinic, but also with the help he offers at Doma’s House when it comes to the children and the elderly. Even when he can’t be of actual help he finds his own way to remain helpful and deliver all the necessary advice for a proper treatment. Chae Young isn’t as innocent as she appears to be and she’s definitely not on a self-cleansing task full of humble charities.


It’s a mask she had to wear to prevent Tae Hyun from suspecting her thoughts of revenge, but she also had to keep a close eye on him so that she’d suffocate at birth any forthcoming Tae Hyun-Yeo Jin meeting. Tae Hyun is the only one who would try to save Yeo Jin at all costs and if Chae Young’s plan has to flourish the distance between Yeo Jin and Tae Hyun must be maintained. However, she sincerely acknowledged that Tae Hyun tried to save Do Joon back in the days and the fact that she thanked him on Do Joon’s behalf proves it.


Do Joon, president Go and Chief Surgeon Lee were hallucinating in their own guilty thoughts after “murdering” Yeo Jin, the same applies to Yeo Jin at this very moment. One after the other, president Go and especially Do Joon parade in front of her very eyes smiling and ruining her peace of mind. It’s an ongoing face to face battle with her guilt and the bloodshed she had to cause in order to secure her throne. The fact that she stared at her father’s portrait asking him how he was able to withstand a chairman’s position and everything which derives from it was depicting her shattered internal world, but also the fact that she needed courage.


Yeo Jin doesn’t trust doctors, not anymore. After everything she went through she doesn’t intend to go back to a place which could potentially give birth to yet another nightmarish slumber. Her only comfort is the housemaid, especially now that she’s already started missing life’s precious picnics. Yeo Jin wearing a pitch black dress as if she was attending a funeral while nature was in full blood looked as if she was weeping everything she lost by choosing the 13th floor in Tae Hyun’s absence.


All roads lead to Rome and Yeo Jin could only head towards Tae Hyun’s direction where she witnessed his ever-growing happiness and relaxed spirit among loved ones. It’s just a glimpse of the two different worlds both of them chose and how each world affects Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin respectively. Yeo Jin leads a life in misery at the verge of collapse while being unaware of what’s going on in the background whereas Tae Hyun keeps redefining happiness while both of them miss one another. Chae Young’s presence was both devastating and deterring for Yeo Jin to approach Tae Hyun at that blissful moment for the relieving breeze to turn into mutual warmth.


Everyone’s on a journey to take Yeo Jin out of the picture, most of them for their own benefits in the everlasting quest for wealth and power, except for Chae Young. Taking revenge for Do Joon’s death will be enough for her and her housemaid spy inside the household through the poisonous drops progresses Yeo Jin’s liver cancer. The board of directors is celebrating, secretary Min is nearly ecstatic and Chae Young’s restrained happiness along with the doctor’s silence reflect Yeo Jin’s danger unawareness and shattered world. One shouldn’t only be able to walk towards the throne in order to acquire it, one should also be able to maintain it and Yeo Jin didn’t take that aspect into consideration.


Tae Hyun was aware that something was so wrong concerning Yeo Jin’s health the moment he witnessed her collapsing on the television and that’s why he rushed to see her at the hospital. He didn’t reveal his real intentions for his presence there, but Yeo Jin didn’t want to overburden him with her own problems either. Their conversation was a formal one, they were talking just like two people who hadn’t met one another for a long time, but both of them were restraining themselves from getting closer together through words. However, a hidden sense of mutual affection was there. The moment Yeo Jin saw him after all this time her eyes were shining, it was highly representative of her longing while Tae Hyun was observant in order to read through the lines. The fact that Chief Surgeon Lee didn’t have access to Yeo Jin’s CT results was a more mind-awakening moment for Tae Hyun and his protective reflexes started becoming more vibrant.


The housemaid could see that Yeo Jin needs to see a doctor and her caring attitude could only point towards Tae Hyun’s direction. He would never say no to a patient and if Yeo Jin appeared as one then he would preserve to the fullest a doctor-patient approach no matter how monstrous Yeo Jin sees her reflection in the mirror. Chae Young arranged things that way so that Yeo Jin and Tae Hyun wouldn’t meet and that’s why she sent Tae Hyun at Doma’s House waiting for her while Chae Young was waiting for Yeo Jin out of the 1st Floor clinic.


Chae Young didn’t only attempt to earn Yeo Jin’s trust, she also wanted to dishearten her from approaching Tae Hyun anew and this meeting was also an indirect warning on her forthcoming end; the nemesis to her hubris. Expressing Tae Hyun’s ultimate happiness and urging Yeo Jin to close that chapter once and for all if she wants him to remain happy was the first blow. Chae Young’s temperament earned Yeo Jin’s trust and she told her about her hallucinations, it’s something nobody was supposed to know. Chae Young emphasizing on the fact that all of them carry the weight of their own sins and paralleling it to Tae Hyun’s shoulders which would be willing to carry it for her anytime meant only one thing, that Tae Hyun’s happiness would lessen day by day and it would be Yeo Jin’s fault. It was the moment that climaxed Yeo Jin’s emotional collapse, but it was a moment of clarity as well since after Chae Young left Yeo Jin had already started thinking of leaving the 13th floor in order to embrace life by Tae Hyun’s side without embedding on his shoulders her own burden.


Chae Young thought they would never meet, but if a couple is fated there’s no Chae Young in the world that would block the pathway upon which they’d meet. She was relieved to wake up and see Tae Hyun by her side. Just like after she found herself out of the 12th floor’s glass prison he took her to the hospital’s outdoor area, now that she found herself out of the 13th floor’s self-inflicted prison she was out there again at Tae Hyun’s terrace. The 1st Floor Clinic signboard was highly representative of the change in the making, but now it was feeling definitive.


Yeo Jin was trying to hide everything that concerned her along with the fact that her health isn’t at its finest, but Tae Hyun’s instinct and experience could read through the lines of her face concerning both her physical and emotional mirror. His hugs were highly soothing and the promise to heal her whether it’s about her body or her soul was yet another soulful testimony on his behalf.


Kissing her on her forehead was another sign of his insatiable affection. Tae Hyun doesn’t have to accept her back, she’s already there where she should be. All Tae Hyun ever needed was her presence out of anything related to the Hanshin Group to make him believe in her pure intentions. The kiss scene was fragile and heartfelt, there was something gentle and elegant. It was a kiss devoid of tension but filled with so much passion quenching all this silent and mutual longing.


Tae Hyun knew that something very wrong was taking place in the background, that’s why he didn’t want her to go back to the household, but Yeo Jin wanted to take care of everything in order to not inflict her own burden upon him. Once again their mutual caring was shining in times like these and one of the softest wrist-grabs ever followed by yet another majestic back-hug the Tae Hyun way completed the scene.


Yeo Jin could only be thankful towards the housemaid for her insightful proposal, but she was also thankful for her favoring Do Joon in his time of need when they were children. Yeo Jin’s confidence and temperament had secured her reign, but Do Joon was the scapegoat for everything wrong happening inside the household. There had to be someone to soothe his darkness and the housemaid was the one to do so. However, what Do Joon needed was love, not sympathy, but at least that much must had been an isle of comfort back then.


The housemaid uttered one of the truest phrases in the drama, people like them have no soul, including herself. It’s all about being loyal to the puppeteer until he’s no longer needed since a new one will be in charge. The lair of wolves is in a turmoil since everyone wants to be the new chairman and they need her to progress their own plans. Yeo Jin must never meet Tae Hyun since Yeo Jin and Tae Hyun together could ultimately ruin their plans, but they also need to make a new will so that Tae Hyun won’t become the rightful heir after she passes away. The restraining order concerning Tae Hyun will be issued, the housemaid will focus on Yeo Jin and secretary Min will dawn the new era at the company. However, something tells me that the housemaid was acting and she will be by Yeo Jin and Tae Hyun’s side, after all he saved her life by diagnosing her illness before becoming fatal.


Secretary Min appeared like an executioner at the full of slaves Coliseum and he put an end to the environment Yeo Jin had set for her employees all this time. In order for the board of directors’ plans to progress he had to cancel all of Yeo Jin’s tasks in the making and he made sure to deliver the message that everyone should return to a Do Joon oriented state of working fear until the change has been completed. Urging them to wear their ties properly wasn’t only to restrain their liberties, it was also an allusion to the gray-black tie which made the difference at Yeo Jin’s funeral. Yeo Jin’s morning hallucination was just the beginning of a living nightmare that’s about to unfold while Do Joon was welcoming her to this cruel reality anew.


Hand positioning was of utter importance during the 17th episode. Just like Chae Young’s hand’s fake friendly tone was the extension of her lethal stare while she was with Yeo Jin, the fragile wrist-grab, but also Tae Hyun placing his hands around her waist with Yeo Jin sealing them on her own were proving the remaining main figures’ intentions that will reach full bloom or decay during the last episode.


Judging from the preview, everyone’s looking forward to the announcement of the new chairman, the housemaid probably informed Tae Hyun on everything going on, secretary Min’s in ecstasy and Yeo Jin’s last operating hopes have to be Tae Hyun and Chief Surgeon Lee since the rest of the doctors turned their backs on her as they were following the orders they received. Tae Hyun’s devastation is immense as he kneels in front of Chief Surgeon Lee urging him to save her life. As for her last wish, something tells me that she wants Tae Hyun to take her to the Hill of Wind to seal their arch promise for all eternity. Will the prince be able to heal the princess against all odds in this dreadful fairytale?

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Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. KiTa N.
    October 1, 2015 at 7:49 am — Reply

    Love your recap !! Great work!! Lot of things is going to happen in the last ep. I can only hope for a happy ending after all the tears, vengeance and heartache.

    • October 5, 2015 at 7:13 pm — Reply

      Thank you so much for your words! 🙂 Lots of things did happen and i hope you enjoyed the last episode! 😀 I felt rewarded!

  2. October 1, 2015 at 8:32 am — Reply

    This was such a beautiful review for such a beautiful episode. Gorgeous photos. I loved your reference to Tae Hyun creating his own garden of Eden, but all that’s missing is his lavender. I cried watching this episode. I even got chills with Yeo Jin’s hallucinations. I have to admit that it was nice to see Jo Hyun Jae appear again, looking sweet. I also believed he looks fantastic alongside Kim Tae Hee (Like a romantic partner) and I’d love to see them in a new drama together. I know they made one years ago about 9 tailed foxes. I’ve been meaning to watch at some point.

    Did you see that sparkling white sweaters Tae Hyun wore in the earlier portion? Joo Won looked gorgeous, absolutely cherubic in it. ☺️ Later when Yeo Jin creeps back into his life, his clothing darkens. But at the First floor clinic, she’s wearing white.

    I also believe the head maid will be on Yeo Jin and Tae Hyun’s side. Yeo Jin made a serious error in judgement by keeping secretary Min on board when she knew he wasn’t trustworthy. But I get a sneaking feeling she knows exactly what he’s up to. At least part of the way. Your reference about Brutus to her Caesar was right on. I guess she felt he’d be loyal to her now that he’s out from Do Joon’s controlling grasp.

    Did you catch when he grabbed her waist he paused concerned as his hand passed over her belly? I think he felt a swelling in her abdomen. That’s a sign of liver cancer, or at least that something’s seriously wrong.

    I want to just paste my comment from Facebook here –

    My heart hurts watching. I think the drama is flowing right along the way it should and didn’t go off the rails at all. I believe the writer knows what he’s doing.

    I know by now many do, but I just can’t hate Yeo Jin. Six months have passed. I saw the sadness and guilt in her all along, very nuanced. There’s a proverb in the book of Ecclesiastes 7:7 that says, “But oppression can drive the wise one into madness, and a bribe corrupts the heart.”

    Those words are proven true in this drama again and again. I’m not saying she should be excused for her wrongdoing. And I don’t think she will be. But Yeo Jin was crazy with revenge after her oppression-being kept in a trance-like coma for 3 years. In fact, she was crazy with depression, feeling oppressed by her father when she believed her fiancee loved her.

    Everyone around her and Hanshin group were taking bribes left and right and corrupting themselves. And they were also oppressed by the also corrupted and life-long oppressed Do Joon. So they wound up doing crazy things, like his assistant, Dr. Lee, Nurse Hwang, perhaps even Cynthia felt under the gun working for President Go.

    I’m glad Tae Hyun is happy, it’s as good as I imagined it! (And I had many scenarios in my head.) And it was a big surprise to see his sister back and well. It’s so cute that now she has 2 brother figures in her life with Sang Chul. And i love how Tae Hyun can just kick back with his real friends from the Hospital. And we have to love Gangster Ahjussi!

    But I’m also happy he’s looking into her condition because he still cares. I loved that little reunion and kiss.

    I always felt Chae Young was sneaky from the outset. And since crocodiles are a theme here, I don’t buy her crocodile tears for Do Joon. They’re not tears of love, but guilt. She’s turned out to be just as reprehensible as everyone else with her revenge and desire for power.

    I can’t wait for the conclusion. Whether it’s happy, sad, bittersweet, i can live with it. This is one of the best dramas I’ve ever seen.

    • October 1, 2015 at 5:22 pm — Reply

      Very good analysis lady G

      Love your scriptural reference, this show has lots of biblical values and I must applaud the writer for doing that. I wanna see more shows doing that. And look how they are rewarded – high ratings! Amen!

      Oh truly, it hurts to see her suffering this way. Gosh KTH made me cry. Why did ppl complain about her acting? She is so so good here.

      I really hope the head housemaid is only putting up a front and playing house politics. Perhaps 30 years of being discreet has taught her to hide her feelings.

      I wanna strangle sec kim. Forgive me…but he is so evil. Why would he wanna kill or betray YJ who spared him? Now I don’t feel bad for all these crocodiles anymore. Yes some people are really not human!!!!

      Chae young… Just when I was feeling sorry for her character she turned into a hypocritical witch. Maybe she still wants TH but she is playing it smart this time. Trying to win his affections without being too blatant. Calling herself noona…I suspect YJ is also older than TH which is why TH refrained from revealing his age in earlier episodes.

      Yes CY probably loved her status more than DJ. She is grieving her lost opportunity. She may learned to like DJ, but it’s different as in the church YJ clearly chose TH over her status and revenge.

      So glad TH chose the right girl. YJ is not perfect but she truly loves TH. Willing to walk away from everything to be with him so I hope she lives on. And surely TH is so deserving of a good life and wife!

      • October 5, 2015 at 7:38 pm — Reply

        “Why did ppl complain about her acting? She is so so good here.” It’s one mystery that will accompany all of us forever, it’s like the Bermuda Triangle! XD
        “Chae young… Just when I was feeling sorry for her character she turned into a hypocritical witch. ” Totally agree, same here, the moment Do Joon died, along with him died the chance to become the chairman’s wife anew, she mourned for her lost status and her revenge wasn’t truly to avenge Do Joon’s death, it was to secretly acquire the master’s status while hiding it under a vengeful veil.
        “So glad TH chose the right girl. YJ is not perfect but she truly loves TH.” The right man chose the right girl and vice versa! 😀

    • October 5, 2015 at 7:27 pm — Reply

      Thank you for one more time LadyG and i’m sorry for the late reply!
      I personally didn’t see Do Joon’s airy reappearance as something sweet, i conceived him more as a pain in the ass and the fact that he was smiling was making these vibes even worse! XD I couldn’t help but laugh despite poor Yeo Jin losing her mind during all these hallucinations! XD
      Oh, they were a romantic couple in a drama before? :O Wasn’t aware of that! But given Yong Pal’s storyline i can’t imagine them together in a drama plot at this very moment >.< But then again, it would be very interesting for me to watch it!
      Yup, they have done a fantastic work with the clothing color factor in Yong Pal, it's either there as a personification of one's feelings or in reverse to what's going on the inside, or simply a reference to the change of environment and the way it affects one's character.
      Secretary Min was such a sly fox XD Loyal to nobody except for his own ambitions, not even to himself, because on his own he wouldn't be able to achieve anything!
      "Did you catch when he grabbed her waist he paused concerned as his hand passed over her belly? I think he felt a swelling in her abdomen. That’s a sign of liver cancer, or at least that something’s seriously wrong."
      I should have thought of that, but didn't and thanks a lot for the insight! It makes perfect sense, after all Tae Hyun is the docmeister!
      "I think the drama is flowing right along the way it should and didn’t go off the rails at all. I believe the writer knows what he’s doing." You know we're on the same camp, i think the haters keep talking and talking, that's why they appear more, but i deeply think there are people like us who loved the drama for what it was but they don't come to the surface, i am quite certain they are out there and they loved Yong Pal! 😀
      “But oppression can drive the wise one into madness, and a bribe corrupts the heart.” So true!
      "Those words are proven true in this drama again and again. I’m not saying she should be excused for her wrongdoing. And I don’t think she will be." I think she probably got excused since there was no direct evidence as others were doing everything she wanted as an invisible mastermind, but the fact that she almost died was enough paying for her sins, at least i think so.
      Truth be told, at this very moment, i really can't think Yeo Jin and Tae Hyun would have remained alive had Yeo Jin not progressed methodically with her revenge. The other ones, altogether were ultimately more powerful even though she had the royal seal.
      Tae Hyun's presentation in his surrounding environment was the way it deserved to be! I was so glad to see him like that, but still caring about Yeo Jin! Chae Young was fishy from the very first moment we witnessed her bathing children, she would never do that! XD But there was a 1% hope somewhere out there but it got carried away by the wind! XD

      • October 6, 2015 at 5:36 pm — Reply

        Spot on Kwon on your phrase “Truth be told, at this very moment, i really can’t think Yeo Jin and Tae Hyun would have remained alive had Yeo Jin not progressed methodically with her revenge. ”

        Her revenge kept them both alive since their return from the church. It’s definitely a dark territory, with so many characters plunging into the evil lair. Her crocodile sense may have kept her from returning to DJ for the past six months. But now that she thought revenge is at the end and it’s safe for both of them, she willingly leave her lair not knowing that she was sinking deeper from the vicious maneuvers and sinister but silent attacks.

        • October 6, 2015 at 5:46 pm — Reply

          Except for Do Joon’s fake plaster cast patient underling who was buried alive or something for which i can’t be certain whether it was Yeo Jin’s final order or secretary Min’s choice, she didn’t directly murder president Go and Do Joon. She wasn’t innocent, but she wasn’t to be blamed to the fullest. President Go took his own life after he read his son’s plea for help, he was forced to do so in a manner of speaking, but he did so on his own. And Do Joon could have fled safe and sound, at least for a welcome amount of time far away from chairman Choi, but he chose to go straight forward to get back everything and lost his life within a few minutes. It kind of feels as if she wanted them dead in one hand, but she also gave them the opportunity to make a decision on their own even though the opportunities of survival were narrow. President Go… i think she wouldn’t directly kill him, he would have probably gone to jail since Do Joon would be unable to save him at that point. One of the architects of the pyramid and a proud person like him would never choose jail and the note from his son made his decision more definitive.
          Being on a vengeful mode, it also felt like some sort of justice, a dark one, but definitely not as vulgar as it was supposed to be given the fact that Yeo Jin was locked up in comatose condition for 3 years against her will and she almost got murdered. She was on the thin red line between good and evil with one foot stepping on one side and the other one the other side.
          After everything was reaching the end she could openly embrace Tae Hyun again. In a manner of speaking and while knowing that he wouldn’t stay by her side while proceeding with her own plan, she kind of kept him safe since nobody knew what could possibly happen in the near future.

  3. rozie
    October 1, 2015 at 9:07 am — Reply

    I really..really do hope it is not a sad ending…it will be to pitiful for Tae Hyun. Please let it be a happy ending with them back the the hill of Wind & kiss, after that got married at the church & for them to have kids.

    • October 5, 2015 at 7:27 pm — Reply

      Hello rozie and thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts! I guess you were satisfied with the ending, personally, it had everything i wanted to see 🙂

  4. October 1, 2015 at 9:47 am — Reply

    Wait wait…
    1. Does YJ really have stage 2 liver cancer?
    2. If yes, What are her chances at recovering?
    3. Please don’t die on me, I won’t ever ever watch the writer’s show again

    This episode has made me love YJ again…

    • rozie
      October 1, 2015 at 10:53 am — Reply

      thats why…huhu…please nobody dies….I do hope Yongpal will work his magic & save his wife and they live happily ever after….

      • October 1, 2015 at 2:19 pm — Reply

        Rozie…..sob sob
        So sad. Is it possible to save Yeo Jin?
        I dunno the medical jargons but I hope her case is not as serious as it should be.

      • October 5, 2015 at 7:29 pm — Reply

        And it wasn’t only 1 Yong Pal, but 2! XD + Chief Surgeon Lee in a miraculous surgery that made our Yeo Jin alive and happy again! 😀

    • October 1, 2015 at 12:14 pm — Reply

      “This episode has made me love YJ again…”

      It’s interesting you feel this way. Because a lot of other viewers are mad and feel manipulated, they believe the writer has forgotten all about the evil deeds Yeo Jin committed and have white washed her so Yeo Jin can have her happy ending. They believe she doesn’t deserve that happiness. Tough crowd, right? :-/

      I love happy endings. And all I along I believed that Yeo Jin is feeling the weight of her sins toward her brother and the others. Not because i just want the OTP to be together in the end. If they’re not together I’ll still love this drama. Because it fits the flow of everything. She’s a depressed soul and was crushed by revenge. She never got mastery over that desire until it was too late.

      I sense a pattern, that the ringleaders in this whole evil enterprise all died. Now it may be Yeo Jin’s turn. 🙁

      I think Jang Hyeok-Rin, the writer, is brilliant with his story. I definitely want to see another drama written by him! He wrote Reset. That drama’s been on my watch list but it got lost in the shuffle of all the others. I’m going to have to go back watch it. And I look forward to his future work.

      • October 1, 2015 at 4:57 pm — Reply

        Yes lady G…. Thanks for highlighting the differing expectations and opinions on YJ. They like her evil, they like her not. They don’t like her sleeping but they don’t like her moving too much either….can’t please everyone all the time…

        Although I was very very concerned about her methods of silencing her enemies, I really connect with her in this episode. There’s something about Kim Tae Hee in this role that one can’t help rooting for her. This show is really about Yong Pal but having YJ brings out the best in him. I wish other viewers would feel the same way…

        And I am so grateful that Kwon is so dedicated to the recaps. And to all the rest of you for participating so enthusiastically.

        A good ending please please please …

        • October 1, 2015 at 5:01 pm — Reply

          Heya Shurei chingu and everyone, sorry for not having replied to the comments yet, i have an exam tomorrow and the signs tell me that i won’t be able to be fast on the last ep recap 🙁 But after the afternoon exam i will work on it and will reply to all the comments! 🙂

          • October 2, 2015 at 9:09 am

            Hi Kwon, I hope the test went well and you passed as high as possible. I really don’t want to watch 18 because that means it’s over. 😞😩😭 Traveling today, first time on a plane in 23 years. (Yeah, I’m really intrepid in my mind only!) But I hope to watch on the plane to take my mind off.

            I’m looking forward toward you’re summation of it all. Take your time to consider your deepest feelings of this drama, maybe put your personal pros and cons. 🙂

          • October 5, 2015 at 7:43 pm

            I didn’t pass it for a little while and i SO regret not pulling a Yong Pal all-nighter on Thursday >.> Have you watched the last ep or you’re still unable to say goodbye? 🙂 Hope the journey was fine!!!
            I didn’t only write an 18th ep recap, but also a review because i didn’t want to leave Yong Pal all alone struggling among negative views! XD

          • October 6, 2015 at 6:02 am

            Hi Kwon, I’m still in Florida so I’m not online as much. I did watch Ep. 18 and I thought it was a fine episode. I read your review but I want to read it again eventually so I can comment and share more thoughts. I wish the show was stretched out a bit more, but everyone got their comeuppance.

          • October 6, 2015 at 4:16 pm

            Hope you’re having fan there!!! 😀 I will be looking forward to your ultimate comment!! 🙂 It could easily be 20 eps, like we’ve already said 18 is not a favorable number, but i was satisfied in the end 🙂

        • October 5, 2015 at 7:35 pm — Reply

          ” They like her evil, they like her not. They don’t like her sleeping but they don’t like her moving too much either….”
          The hate-wave of Yong Pal was a paradox Shuerei chingu! I tried to understand it, really, but i couldn’t and eventually gave up!

      • October 2, 2015 at 9:56 am — Reply

        Shuerei, thanks for your thoughts on my comments. I’m trying to avoid spoilers but I already see the steam and heat of anger building up. For me, this drama was a thrill ride, and a fantastic journey into the hearts of both a revenge scarred soul, and a pure one that loves her, Tae Young is the balsam to Yeo Jin’s wounds.

        This is high drama, Yeo Jin lives in a world that doesn’t okay well by societies rules or laws. We saw how that went down during the funeral scenes. This is a world where anyone can be bought for a price, even the law. The wheels of justice don’t spin accordingly. Which is why the cops were so furious in the early part of the drama.

        I have to wonder would the hate be as severe if the roles were reversed. People seem to be more accepting of a man exacting his revenge. All of a sudden he becomes the angry tortured soul who needs a gentle woman’s love to heal him and guide him away from his murderous path. Awwwwww…….

        (Scratch the record)

        But a powerful woman like Yeo Jin, however, is deemed the wicked witch of the east and she is unforgiveable and doesn’t deserve Tae Hyun’s pure love and she should die a thousand deaths and be fed to the jackals. She’s considered selfish, heartless, and cruel and wind up left cold and alone on the destructive path she chose.

        I’m seeing a bit of a double standard in others’ remarks. And as for Tae Hyun, he plainly made his choice and he chose the power of love. We like to consider him “pure” but he’s no innocent, and he rightly admitted it to her. He operated on gangsters who thus lived to see another day and bully, torment and sometimes kill innocent people. All to save one girl, his sister. Where’s the scorn and outrage over that?

        Love heals all things, hopes all things, believes all things, love never fails. He somewhat embodied The scriptures on Love in 1st Corinthians 13 1-8. He doesn’t rejoice over unrighteousness. He left her dark path. But he held onto hope.

        I refuse to believe that Yeo Jin is the same as Do Joon. She did not have 30+ years of bitter insecurities hardening her heart to the point of no return, and she has a love by her side. She still had a very strong conscience despite her revenge spiral. She took out the truly wicked players, but actually, 2 of them took out themselves.

        I’m hearing on the wind it’s a happy ending and I’m glad.

    • October 1, 2015 at 12:33 pm — Reply

      I was so into the episode i thought she really did. But someone just said that it’s false. :/

      • rozie
        October 1, 2015 at 12:40 pm — Reply

        Oh..i do hope so….let it be a gimmick n let her be safe n all the bad guys especially manager Min pay for their sin. I believe she is too smart to be fooled like that.

      • October 5, 2015 at 7:33 pm — Reply

        I never believed it was false, i could only see it as the one and only truth given the circumstances.

    • October 5, 2015 at 7:28 pm — Reply

      Yeo Jin definitely deserved so much love during this episode, she was so fragile and overburdened! 🙂 And she’s out there now happy with Tae Hyun! 😀

  5. kim tae hee fan
    October 1, 2015 at 5:53 pm — Reply

    Brilliantly and well written recap and review. Thanks so much.

    • October 5, 2015 at 7:38 pm — Reply

      You are very welcome and thank you for one more time!! 🙂

  6. October 1, 2015 at 6:29 pm — Reply

    Dear kwon…
    All the best in your exam! Just endure one more day without yongpal and us. We will be praying for you.

    • October 5, 2015 at 7:39 pm — Reply

      Still waiting for the grades to come out on the 1st exam, but Friday’s exam didn’t flow as expected, failed it for a tiny bit. And that’s what makes me regret more than most pulling an all-nighter on Thursday! I wish there was a way to know beforehand that i wouldn’t pass it! XD But thanks a lot for wishing the best for me, all these wishes aren’t lost, i will keep them and in a more powerful vibe for January when i will sit for it again ^-^ Thank you SO much Shuerei chingu!!

  7. rozie
    October 2, 2015 at 2:10 am — Reply

    kwon, good luck on ur exam. All the best. Cant wait for your next recap on the 18th episode….
    If only they can have a special episode after the 18th episode to tie up all the loose end…:)

    • October 5, 2015 at 7:41 pm — Reply

      Thank you so much rozie, although i didn’t pass the exam for a tiny bit, i am not that disheartened (even though i still am) lol I will sit for it again in a few months and i will emerge victorious! 🙂 You can’t imagine how much i crave for a special episode, or even better… Yong Pal 2! 😀 But i guess you can imagine because you’re in a like-minded flow of thoughts 8D

  8. October 2, 2015 at 7:58 pm — Reply

    Have a great, safe flight and trip lady G,

    1) YJ – I really connect with her after this yongpal journey. After seeing how people are trying to kill her (again and again), I really wanna get rid of them myself. I think netizens are hard to please. And internet trolls are everywhere lurking to kill people with words. Generally, the society marginalize women so I am not surprised some picked on KTH or YJ’s character.

    2) TH loves and saves without condition. Yet he never see himself as benevolent. You are right that he even views himself poorly. His charm for being naive is also his blind spot.

    3) 1 corinthians 13 – one of my favorite verses. So simple and yet so hard to follow.

    4) The writer is consistent with his mission and message. He writes in a guy who is down and desperate. Against all odds, he did the right things. The Sewol tragedy is probably still fresh on people’s minds. So I think people wanna see heroic deeds and they tune in for this theme.

    At the same time, the writer highlights the evils that lurk in the society at all levels. The whole picture of the message:
    Redemption vs revenge.
    Courage vs fear.
    Love vs hate.

  9. October 2, 2015 at 9:50 pm — Reply

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