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Yong Pal ~ Episode 16 Recap [TriAngle]


“It was a tragedy created by the 12th floor,
By everyone’s desire for power,
But this is the 13th floor.
If i tear down the 12th floor,
This place will also fall apart.
I just want to climb down from here.
You can be comfortable and enjoy the nice view from here,
But there are people, streams and trails down there.
And there’s also the Hill of Wind.
Everything we need to be happy is there.
So, will you come with me?
Of course, it would be difficult, right?”


∠ ~ Flames of war.


Yeo Jin chose war over chairman Choi’s proposal and she’s heading towards her office while Tae Hyun’s concerned. Yeo Jin wants the board of directors to head towards her office as well, the preparations of the war room have began and Yeo Jin needs only elite members in the field in order to bombard Daejung Group successfully. Sang Chul informed Tae Hyun that Daejung Group is powerful as well, but as soon as he’s around he could take care of them on his own since he’s a martial arts specialist! His only disadvantage is the fact that he’s one year younger than Tae Hyun and he’s apologetic!

bscap2393bscap2392bscap2394bscap2588bscap2589 bscap2399bscap2590bscap2591

The directors think that Hanshin Group won’t emerge victorious from the forthcoming war since the company’s current dynamics don’t have the potential to withstand such circumstances. Yeo Jin enters her office and she repeats everything they were talking about with her combative attitude! She takes off her earrings and she’s getting ready and comfortable for the battle! Eventually, everyone pledges allegiance to her and she lets them know that if they lose ground here then it’s all over. If she had offered Do Joon as sacrifice then everyone would think that she obeyed Daejung’s orders and Hanshin Group would be ignored by everyone.

bscap2400 bscap2403bscap2408bscap2405

Tae Hyun’s inside the forlorn garden and once he went back to the mansion to have breakfast he noticed that everyone has taken the war preparations too seriously. It’s something that had its own effect on the breakfast menu as which was the 1/30 of the first breakfast they prepared for him! Tae Hyun’s got an idea and he needs their presence at the greenhouse! He wants the housemaid and the kitchen personnel to help him plant lavenders and make the garden full of life anew!


Yeo Jin wants everyone to wear comfortable clothes and she intends to let them do anything they wantto! However, if they won’t find Daejung Group’s weaknesses everything will be over for them! The main target will be Daejung Motors which is a core company of Daejung Group. Everyone’s relaxing and Yeo Jin would like to listen to some insightful proposals. One of the employees noticed through Daejung Group’s emails that they use a code word quite often; lavender. Yeo Jin could read through the lines and she’s aware that it must be a business that has to do with the secret Sung Hoon stole from Hanshin Group. The company related to Daejung Bio is Alexon Biotech and both of them are under investigation by Yeo Jin’s war unit!

bscap2409 bscap2410bscap2411

Once the market opened Alexon Biotech became the first target. They have to buy it at all costs and all the subsidiaries of Hanshin Group will have to invest their money into this deal in order to inflict major damage upon Daejung Group! The board of directors won’t be able to leave the building and their cellphones will be collected by secretary Min since the plan will proceed at all costs without any information leaking!

bscap2425bscap2426 bscap2427

A massage feels essential for a person like chairman Choi and he was at ease since they’ve got a traitor among Yeo Jin’s ranks, secretary Min. The phone call they were expecting was an ominous one and chairman Choi’s enraged with everything going on with Alexon Biotech! The war has officially began from both sides! Yeo Jin became aware that Daejung Group tries to find who they are and since they will eventually find out everything she wants to inform them in the first place and head towards a clean fight! Chairman Choi became aware that Hanshin Group is behind the Alexon Biotech incident and he can’t run away from this war even at the cost of losing everything! Hanshin Group raises the price by 30% and it’s only the beginning! The stakes have reached a higher point and Daejung Group raises the price without listing a selling price. It’s time for Yeo Jin to bid and chairman Choi doubles the bidding. While chairman Choi thought Hanshin Group had surrendered Yeo Jin’s team managed to acquire it and raise the call price by 10%! Chairman Choi took it back and raised it by 20%. Once it got raised by 40% Yeo Jin ordered everyone to cancel the order.

bscap2430bscap2432 bscap2435 bscap2439bscap2444

In the meantime, Do Joon was escaping and the security chief called secretary Min who informed chairman Choi’s right hand. Chairman Choi found out that Do Joon escaped and that Hanshin Group gave up at the same time! Chairman Choi wanted to cancel the order as well, but the deal was completed at their final offer! He may had lost the battle, but all the money he lost could be considered the price for Do Joon’s body. Daejung Group spent 2.5 trillion ₩ to buy the company and Yeo Jin thinks that she delivered a powerful lesson for now pointing out that chairman Choi will be quiet for a while!


∠ ~Avoiding fate isn’t possible.


Tae Hyun recalls Yeo Jin’s words that Do Joon has to die by her hands and he wants Sang Chul’s help. After reassuring him that it’s for the good of the company and the chairwoman and that Tae Hyun will take full responsibility Sang Chul decided to help him and Chief Surgeon Lee will be a part of the plan. Chief Surgeon Lee was conflicted, but he obeyed Tae Hyun’s request by preparing Do Joon’s awakening. Nurse Kang’s replacement couldn’t possibly tell what was going on and Chief Surgeon Lee had to take him to the operating room! On their way there Sang Chul dressed as a nurser took care of the security guards and Tae Hyun managed to take Do Joon with him.


Tae Hyun’s on his way to the helipad where Chae Young keeps waiting for them in order to secure Do Joon’s escape root. Do Joon woke up and he’s freaking out due to the information overload about escaping abroad. Yeo Jin had already noticed that Tae Hyun must have helped Do Joon escape, but she’s also aware that Daejung Group must be after him. Yeo Jin knew that secretary Min was reporting to chairman Choi’s right hand and she points out that she just protected Hanshin Group and betrayed her husband.

bscap2455bscap2447bscap2448 bscap2456

Even though Tae Hyun informs Do Joon that things are more dangerous than they appear to be since Daejung Group’s after him, he still intends to cooperate with them and reveal valuable information by making a deal. Do Joon’s back to his ecstatic good old self while Yeo Jin’s about to lose herself in tears and wears her sunglasses.

bscap2449 bscap2453bscap2452 bscap2601

Right before reaching the helipad Do Joon started a fight and knocked down Tae Hyun and Sang Chul! He thinks that Daejung Group has no evidence about him killing Sung Hoon and he got out of the car to start waving full of happiness towards the cars of Daejung Group! One of the cars hit him while Chae Young was witnessing the whole scene! Do Joon’s on the ground and one of chairman Choi’s men put the chairman on video call to witness Do Joon’s final moments as the knife was putting an end to his life. The last person he saw was Chae Young’s agonizing face but he didn’t have the time to utter a single word while passing away in her arms.

bscap2473 bscap2463bscap2457 bscap2479 bscap2487bscap2485 bscap2498bscap2495bscap2496bscap2497

∠ ~The crown of leaving.


While Yeo Jin was eating Tae Hyun returned back to the household and all he wants to know is that it wasn’t her the one who murdered Do Joon, but Yeo Jin tends to differ and most and above all, she’s not lying. She was aware that he would help Do Joon escape and she also knew that secretary Min would inform Daejung Group, so she let everything flow accordingly, it felt like she ordered them to do so. Tae Hyun feels used, but Yeo Jin points out that rather than using him, she needed to create the illusion of someone handing Do Joon over to Daejung Group since she couldn’t do it by herself.


Tae Hyun as a naïve and idealistic humanist was perfect for this since nobody would doubt his good intentions. Daejung Group doesn’t know that she handed Do Joon over to them and Yeo Jin emphasizes on the fact that this is who she really is. She asks him if he regrets saving her from the 12th floor and the answer is positive. Yeo Jin had already found out that his mother had died because of her and she can acknowledge why he regrets saving her while Tae Hyun’s tears had already started flowing.

bscap2516 bscap2511bscap2510 bscap2518

Late at night Yeo Jin recalls Tae Hyun’s ongoing acts of kindness towards her and all the beautiful moments they shared. Everything feels so warm yet so distand and Tae Hyun is in a like-minded mood as as he recalls all the moments he saved her life. It’s a long flashback scene reminding us why we loved this couple and where they found themselves at the present.


The next morning Tae Hyun found Yeo Jin at the garden and both of them were calm at that point. But it was neither anger nor disappointment on Tae Hyun’s behalf, it was sorrow. Yeo Jin’s apologetic and she intends to help him feel better, but Tae Hyun points out that she’s the one looking sad while she urges him not to leave since she’ll be left in the darkness anew. Tae Hyun doesn’t blame her and he emphasizes on the fact that his mother didn’t die because of her, but he doesn’t blame himself either since his mother didn’t pass away because of his incompetence. It was a tragedy created by the 12th floor through everyone’s desire for power.

  bscap2528bscap2536bscap2526 bscap2523bscap2524

Tae Hyun intends to go back to his place, but Yeo Jin would like him to stay and tear down the 12th floor, restructure Hanshin Hospital and do anything he wants to. Tae Hyun is apologetic and he points out that this place is the 13th floor and if he brings down the 12th one this one will collapse as well. All he wants is to climb down from there while Yeo Jin will be enjoying her nice view. However, there are people, streams and trails down below, but also the Hill of Wind where happiness lies. Tae Hyun urges her to follow him, but suddenly it feels so difficult to leave behind everything she acquired as a chairwoman and she’s apologetic for intending to stay where she belongs to, the swamp where crocodiles live.

 bscap2547bscap2544bscap2545 bscap2546

The moment she pointed out that the picnic’s over Tae Hyun indicated that there will come a time when she will miss these picnics. But when the time comes she could go to him anytime since he’ll be waiting for her. Before leaving, Tae Hyun could only offer her a heartfelt hug and wish her well while tears started flowing.

bscap2551bscap2553 bscap2554 bscap2556bscap2558bscap2560

The moment Yeo Jin noticed the revived garden within the garden she could only shed her bitterest tears after she found out that Tae Hyun made it happen. It wasn’t easy for Tae Hyun to leave, but he had to do so and he left everything behind and Yeo Jin ordered Sang Chul to take care of him! Tae Hyun’s inside Sang Chul’s car and since Tae Hyun has a place to stay and Sang Chul doesn’t they could become roommates! Chae Young’s last farewell to Do Joon takes place and her tears keep burning her face; ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

 bscap2566bscap2565bscap2568 bscap2569 bscap2575bscap2574 bscap2571 bscap2579bscap2577 bscap2583

◎ ~ Circular view.


Alright, it’s official, we’re one week before Yong Pal closes its curtains and i am not ready to say goodbye. The 16th episode reached 20.2% and Yong Pal shows that it established itself above 20% as it walks towards its final airing week. Could it be possible that it will break yet another personal record during the 17th and/or 18th episodes? It’s almost certain dare i say, it’s Yong Pal after all!


Whether it was definitive or temporary, the 16th episode brought twofold closure to many aspects of the storyline leaving us lying in utter uncertainty of what could possibly happen during the last forthcoming episodes in a week’s time. It’s this very specific type of a cliffhanger that lessens your patience and intrigues your drama survival instincts.


Yeo Jin would never pace with chairman Choi’s flow, war was the only option and it was a major challenge for her to test her leadership capabilities as a combative chairwoman. Daejung Group was stronger at that point and everyone knew it, but arrogance is never a wise consultant. Yeo Jin was aware of it and she entered the chessboard willing to play the opponent’s game and defeat him in his own territory by using his most powerful card as his one and only weakness.


She became comfortable for the fight in order for everyone to be at ease so that everyone would pour their minds without further stress into the higher cause which was no other than emerging victorious. The threat was there that if the battle was lost it would be over for everyone, but as a chairwoman she was there for everyone to witness her during every step of the battle in order to make the crucial decisions while always being at the front line.


Yeo Jin was mocking Daejung Group’s grandeur and kept on bluffing up to the very end to the extent of surrendering the right moment. Exiting the game didn’t mean defeat simply because the opponent found himself in a raging torrent that devoured tremendous amounts of money while Yeo Jin was proving her worth by securing her present for an even more productive future when it comes to Hanshin Group. Now that Daejung Group’s out of the picture Yeo Jin’s temperament will be able to shine in the world of business amid important political and economical circles.


Tae Hyun had to save Do Joon at all costs, he could foresee that things wouldn’t flow well for him, but what he wouldn’t witness was the fact that Yeo Jin would shamelessly use him for her own cause. Having Sang Chul and Chief Surgeon Lee by his side he managed to take Do Joon out of the 12th floor while he had arranged everything with Chae Young. Everything was flowing well until Do Joon woke up. Now that he was finally free he could set aside all of his recent fears and emotional concerns, but also the sense of clarity that had overran him temporarily.


Capturing a beast will only make it reveal its most humane side since the world it knew had collapsed and it should acclimate itself after finding itself in a hostile and foreign environment. Once the beast returned back to the jungle it knew its real nature will reveal itself anew. This is what happened with Do Joon. However, i still think that Do Joon’s rare heartfelt moments we had the chance to treasure were sincere regardless of the outcome.


Once he found out that he would escape abroad his plans to reclaim everything would automatically vanish overnight. He couldn’t surrender to Yeo Jin, his ego wouldn’t let him even though Tae Hyun had warned him that things have changed to the point of no return. His arrogance along with his ambitions wouldn’t let him read through the lines even though everything was crystal clear before his very eyes. What he saw as the vehicle that would enthrone him anew by revealing valuable information was the implement that would knock him down and drain all life out of his body.


Seeing the cars approaching in such ecstasy was Do Joon’s real nature which was proving how blinded he was by all this negativity running through his veins. He was only finding happiness through the void that was harming everyone around him and that void was the one that silenced him once and for all. In a manner of speaking, he paid for his crimes through an irony of fate while bringing gruesome pleasure to the eyes of his executioner through a video call.


Chae Young had to go through the same scene twice in such a limited period of time, but the last one was fatal. At least Do Joon departed from this world in the arms of the only person he ever loved after reconciling with her and the fact that he didn’t have the chance to say anything before passing away was encapsulated in his final lasting tear which is what i will keep from Do Joon’s shameful course. Chae Young’s arms would be the one and only proper hearse for him and it was the most cleansing closure for someone like Do Joon, even though it was a lethal one. Yeo Jin’s tears while knowing what would happen to Do Joon were highly representative of her internal struggle. Instead of making the right choice she decided to use her sunglasses as the veil that would hide the sincerity of her eyes and her soul eventually.


Tae Hyun didn’t want to believe that Yeo Jin had ordered Do Joon’s murder and he needed to believe that she was lying, but Yeo Jin was disarming and sincerely sharp. She was aware of each and every step taking place behind her back and her fake ignorance served her purpose well. Tae Hyun’s humanitarian nature was the most ideal illusion she could create in order to conceal any aspect of her crucial participation in this violent plan. She was the mastermind of two successful missions at the same time, she won the war and she also took Do Joon out of the picture, bu the cost was more than she could bear.


She didn’t only betray Tae Hyun whom she dearly loved, she also made his character’s purity look like a puppet on her bloodstained hands. It’s something that made him regret saving her in the first place and he did save her life quite a few times to be honest. Tae Hyun never truly regretted saving her life and that’s why his eyes were closed when he gave voice to these words. He’s not the person that would regret saving one’s life, it’s one of the parts that define him. What he really regretted was his inability to tame and eventually silence Yeo Jin’s vengeful beast with love. Tae Hyun’s tears at the end of the scene were falling like razors from the shattered mirrors of his eyes simply because Yeo Jin’s reflection wasn’t the one that was originally carved upon the retina of his eyes.


Out of all their solitary yet always connected nighttime presentations this one was the most heartrending of all. It was in the wake of both our figures’ emotional devastation and the fact that they were reminiscing only beautiful moments was making the warmth of all these heartfelt scenes even more distant, like an unattainable dream. The whole flashback scene reminded us of the reasons why we loved this couple, but it was also reminding us the dreadful present under the sleepless stare of the uncertain future.


Last night’s tension and emotional collapse had surrendered and both of them could be emotionally sincere. Yeo Jin’s beast left this world behind along with Do Joon and she was rushing to walk the pathway upon which she met Tae Hyun. But it was too late and the ongoing present would never be enough to counter everything that happened recently. Tae Hyun was neither angry nor disappointed, he referred to sadness. Of course he was sad, but the real sadness he was referring to was the one which was breathing through Yeo Jin. Even at that point he was still thinking of her in his renowned selfless and always caring way.


He could see how devastated she was since she wasn’t being herself while she was being overran by vengeful thoughts which led to sickening actions even though she was trying to convince everyone that this is who she really was. At the end of the day, she failed to convince the most important person except for Tae Hyun, herself. She was always in conflict with herself even though she was trying to hide and eventually consume it and even if she did, she could never digest it.


Even though Tae Hyun can’t have Yeo Jin by his side, this violent ride was cleansing for him. He doesn’t blame Yeo Jin for his mother’s death, but the most important part of the story is that he finally had the chance to reconcile with himself and embrace the fact that she didn’t pass away because of his incompetence. It was the 12th floor’s wrongdoing which was being fueled by everyone’s desire for wealth and power. Tearing down the 12th floor and restructuring Hanshin Hospital were two aspects that Tae Hyun was looking forward to, but it was an option before these crimes took place. The 12th floor’s sickening essence had emerged victorious and if he had to tear it apart at the present it would make the 13th floor collapse as well and it’s Yeo Jin’s last vanguard of her world’s remains. Being surrounded by so much green and so many flowers was a great contrast to their personal blight.


Tae Hyun values the simple joys of life and he wants to climb down from the 13th floor. Tae Hyun held out his hand in order for Yeo Jin to follow him there where beauty lies and fulfill the promise they sealed at the Hill of Wind. However, she can’t leave behind the new world she built with all these cruel methods. The 13th floor is the deepest pit in reverse, it may be seemingly up high, but it’s only the reflection of a place where life perishes. I hope that Yeo Jin’s escapism won’t blossom anew in Tae Hyun’s absence and i hope that the lavender garden Tae Hyun brought to life with love for her will progress its healing process and it won’t turn into another ghastly memory for the second time. It was the most beautiful part of that “war” and Tae Hyun made it happen even though Yeo Jin’s fragrance was losing itself in the mud.


All these beautiful memories Yeo Jin forged with Tae Hyun could only appear like a blissful picnic to her at this very moment. However, Tae Hyun was well aware that there will come a day when she will miss the very soul and essence of such enchanting picnics and he will be there, waiting for her. Tae Hyun could only depart with one of his renowned heartfelt hugs while Yeo Jin would cry her bitterest tears inside the lavender garden. The lavender didn’t bloom in Provence, it bloomed somewhere much closer than she would ever expect and being there in black clothing felt like she was mourning the loss of something far too great, but through loss comes rebirth.


Tae Hyun indicating that he will leave after washing his face was a powerful yet simplistic metaphor that he wanted to leave that place as pure as possible, that’s why he didn’t take anything with him. He will have Sang Chul by his side so that Yeo Jin will make sure Tae Hyun will be fine and i foresee either a drama time jump or a sudden turn of events deriving from Chae Young’s decisive mourning stare at the very end of the episode. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, along with Do Joon’s body Chae Young bid farewell herself, the one she formed the moment she married him, the one she lost the moment his body got engulfed by flames. As for Chae Young, were they flames of renewal or flames of a forthcoming desperate act of revenge?


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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

elles viennent
autres et pareilles
avec chacune c'est autre et c'est pareille
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est autre
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
-Samuel Beckett-


  1. September 25, 2015 at 5:25 am — Reply

    It’s really disturbing how YJ could have done what she did. To use TH. Yet if she had not, she would risk losing Hanshin group and perhaps her own life.

    The dinner confrontation was illuminating. She was “honest” with her motivations and craftiness – she could have lied but she chose not to. Yes she did “hand over” DJ but there is a chance DJ could have escaped with CY however his greed destroyed him.

    TH regretted that he released and saved a beast a few times but if he had not, more lives would have been lost too. YJ, TH, sec min, chief lee …will never find peace as long as DJ lives. What other choices she could have made?

    • September 25, 2015 at 7:59 pm — Reply

      It was indeed disturbing using Tae Hyun, but even then she was SO loving him and the conflict was there for one more time. No matter what happens, no matter how awry things may get for one another, they always maintain their love for each other to the fullest even though they have to be apart :3 What a couple!
      Yup, she could have easily lied and Tae Hyun wouldn’t be able to prove anything and he would have believed it, but she remained sharply honest because she was talking to Tae Hyun. Their sincerity, even when it hurts, is immense!
      His greed ruined Do Joon all along the way and he took it to his grave.
      The only choice would be to hand him over to the police force but with PALPABLE evidence so that he wouldn’t come out for what he did or keep him in the restricted area and after three years she wouldn’t probably have to kill him, just let him in his nightmare XD

      • September 26, 2015 at 5:07 pm — Reply

        You are right. There’s not much that YJ could do to ensure justice and to prevent DJ from commiting more crimes. She has no evidence of his murderous intents and orders so it’s gonna be hard for the prosecutors to prove his wrongdoings.

        I don’t get DJ – but your description fits the bill. The awakened beast only knows how to feed or fight for survival according to instincts.

        Although it’s tragic for CY but I don’t think she could handle DJ. He is a wild and wounded animal. And nothing can tame him except power.

        • September 27, 2015 at 11:10 pm — Reply

          Only if she had kept president Go alive she would had been able to prove Do Joon’s wrongdoings, but then again, she would have had to find ways to make him talk in front of prosecutors and judges.
          Yup, Chae Young keeps getting hurt more and more as episodes pass by, but i definitely agree with you, she would also be unable to handle Do Joon. Once he would had been able to stand on his feet anew he would have started plotting his counter-revenge. Some “people” just can’t be saved! XD

  2. September 25, 2015 at 8:48 am — Reply

    “Tae Hyun’s tears at the end of the scene were falling like razors from the shattered mirrors of his eyes simply because Yeo Jin’s reflection wasn’t the one that was originally carved upon the retina of his eyes.”

    Yes Kwon. Very articulate. I find it rather odd that YJ was blunt with TH but I realize she needed him to see her dual nature. The sweet and earthly YJ vs the cunning and cold YJ.

    Some netizens find it hard to accept the “helpless and love struck” TH versus the “action oriented” and “quick thinking” TH. But I think he is consistent. He never wavered in his love for her but he also couldn’t reject his humanistic nature.

    On the other hand, YJ is a realist and she is not completely wrong either. While I don’t endorse her quest for revenge, I can see that her methods are necessary to vanquish her enemies’ wicked plans even if it’s not for vengeance.

    The overnight reflection allows him to find peace within himself and the turmoil he was struggling with subsided. At the end of the day, YJ had never created any illusion for him. She was the same person he saved and loved. And her parting words confirmed how much stronger she is compared to the fragile vision he had of her….

    • September 25, 2015 at 8:11 pm — Reply

      Yeo Jin was occasionally talking to him about her crocodile nature, but he didn’t believe her until she sat on the throne again. That’s when he started bearing witness of her crocodile nature, step by step. The 16th episode was the peak of it and she was sincere to the fullest, loving him and hurting him with brave amounts of truth at the same time.
      “Some netizens find it hard to accept the “helpless and love struck” TH versus the “action oriented” and “quick thinking” TH. But I think he is consistent. He never wavered in his love for her but he also couldn’t reject his humanistic nature. ”
      I find nothing hard to accept about Tae Hyun, from an anti-hero he turned into a saint, but he still was saint-like in his beliefs even when he was Yong Pal. The circumstances were the ones that formed his Yong Pal identity, he even paid for it and once the circumstances subsided and even though he found himself into a rich environment he didn’t take advantage of it, he remained pure to who he was, is and will be, i don’t see anything odd about Tae Hyun in the way he appeared before us for the first time, the way he progressed and the way he was during the 16th episode. He feels like someone i’d known for years by now, lol!
      The only illusion Yeo Jin created was when she used Tae Hyun’s nature, other than that she was still the same person she loved while still being the Yeo Jin she had to be, vengeful and definitive even though i don’t necessarily agree with her vengeful attitude. They are SO sincere it hurts! But aren’t relationships based on trust and sincerity? ^-^ I so hope for a happy ending Shuerei chinguyah!

      • September 26, 2015 at 5:16 pm — Reply

        I thought it’s strange they never brought up the fact that DJ would attempt to kill both of them to secure back the throne.

        This episode is kind of depressing so I am a bit lost on what to comment.

        • September 27, 2015 at 11:13 pm — Reply

          Hm, now that yo bring it to conversation, yes, it’s kind of odd, but i guess it didn’t matter to them anymore after the way things progressed to a definitive edge for Do Joon and the fact that he can’t affect their lives anymore. The only way he affected their lives at that point is that Yeo Jin played her own part in getting him out of the picture, making her an accomplish to murder and the hidden mastermind behind it.

  3. September 25, 2015 at 5:56 pm — Reply

    The farewell scene of ep 16 must be the world’s saddest parting ever, well at least for our OTPs. Both letting go and yet not. YJ in the garden and in the house appear to be two different persons.

    With life blooming around her, she is full of warmth. TH knows it’s the position that brought her to a place of darkness and coldness. Thus, he can only hope she leaves the cold manor behind to a place called home.

    She chose to stay back and yet, she couldn’t let him leave without protection and care. By this time, the security personnel or bodyguard has built sufficient rapport with TH to become buddies. I don’t think she meant to stalk him or possess him like the way DJ did with CY.

    So sending the bodyguard to care for TH is something very much YJ. The part that cares for him as her only family, as her only love and as her only heir. The part that calls him a guardian but in truth, the moment she ascended her throne she became his protector though the methods were ruthless. The part of her that grieves for his departure and the part of her longing to be with him even from a far distance.

    • September 25, 2015 at 8:24 pm — Reply

      “Both letting go and yet not.” So true! Tae Hyun wanted to follow him, Yeo Jin wanted him to stay there! There was a distance between them that even their heartfelt hug couldn’t diminish, it was the clash of the love-titans as they were coming from two different worlds. I hope Yeo Jinah will eventually follow him after she starts missing these full of life “picnics” 🙂
      Tae Hyun and Sang Chul are almost in a bromance relationship! XD I knew there was something going on about this character from the first moment he tried to find out if his vision is fine! I knew it! XD But what followed was beyond my expectations, these two never fail to make me laugh so hard, they are nuts together! Yup, Yeo Jin wants him to be by Tae Hyun side so that he’ll be safe and well, not in a Do Joon – Chae Young oriented way. “The part that cares for him as her only family, as her only love and as her only heir. The part that calls him a guardian but in truth, the moment she ascended her throne she became his protector though the methods were ruthless. The part of her that grieves for his departure and the part of her longing to be with him even from a far distance. ” These lines possessed so many feels! It was like a Yong Pal mini scene! Thank you so much for sharing your more than insightful thoughts Shuerei! 🙂

      • September 26, 2015 at 5:28 pm — Reply

        …. it was the clash of the love-titans as they were coming from two different worlds….

        I totally agree with you, kwon-chingu. They are both strong willed in their stance and beliefs. Let’s hope they can meet halfway on some part of universe called the Hill of Winds.

        The ending of the episode was the highlight. I really love the part that YJ watches after him. Like a queen who protect her loved one, she sent her best solider to accompany TH. I think her character will be much loved by people after the show is over. Although devastated by his leaving, she was still looking after his welfare.

        He saved her twice. But she did save him too by coming back to the hospital risking her life. And a couple who willing to die for each other deserves a happy life together.

        TH is like a bright yellow star, always sunny and full of warmth and love. YJ is a purple star, royal and dark. And I hope both star-crossed lovers will find their way to each other once again.

        If the writer killed either one of them, I will never watch his show again! Ha!

        • September 27, 2015 at 11:17 pm — Reply

          Yup, both of them are standing on the edges on one another’s beliefs when it comes to their place in the societal pyramid. Tae Hyun would never sell his integrity even though he loved Yeo Jin and she would never give up what she could accomplish through many sacrificial crimes to reach her goal. Both of them worked hard all along the way to keep their status and at this point they couldn’t be together since Yeo Jin would like her to stay with her at the household and Tae Hyun would want her to follow him there were life blossoms. “Let’s hope they can meet halfway on some part of universe called the Hill of Winds. ” I will kiss my screen if that happens! XD
          Definitely agree with you, the queen will protect her beloved knight at all costs by keeping her distance from his life! Her character is already loved by us and others like us for now and i agree with you, more will love her at the end of the drama. Saving one another’s lives were an essential part of them.
          “TH is like a bright yellow star, always sunny and full of warmth and love. YJ is a purple star, royal and dark. And I hope both star-crossed lovers will find their way to each other once again.” Couldn’t have agreed more! You said it perfectly well and in a colorful tone which resembles our characters! 🙂
          I deeply hope none of them will die in the end, even though it looks like an option for Yeo Jinah >.<

  4. September 26, 2015 at 4:02 am — Reply

    “Do Joon’s back to his ecstatic good old self while Yeo Jin’s about to lose herself in tears and wears her sunglasses.”

    This sentence made me laugh, despite the seriousness of this entire episode. Do Joon did get what he deserved, and yes, she handed him over, but Yeo Jin also knew that if anyone can save him, Tae Hyun could. Do Joon acted like an animal released from a cage, he wouldn’t listen to reason and was ready to go back and claim what he felt was his rightful territory. He was so close to escaping. Then again, there was the chance that even if he went ‘abroad’ – wherever that may be – Someone would find him. But I have a feeling Yeo Jin would’ve let him go. And would only deal with him if he dared to return. I felt sad for his death scene. This makes me want to go watch a Jo Hyun Jae drama. lol.

    Chae Young’s vengeful glare says a lot. But she’s really powerless, unless her father finally stops cowering and steps up to help her. The only type of revenge I can see her trying to accomplish is assassination, hiring some hitman to get Yeo Jin.

    I sense a time skip coming! This time I wouldn’t mind one. It just feels right now. I love that Sang Chul calls Tae Hyun, Hyung. I knew they’d become friends! I can see Sang Chul helping Tae Hyun do some Yong Paling. LOL But I’m on pins and needles with the outcome!

    Wow, Kwon, you outdone yourself recapping this episode and bringing all the themes of love, loss, and revenge to life. I believe you nailed every one. 😀

    • September 27, 2015 at 10:57 pm — Reply

      He had his chance of escaping and eventually becoming a proper human being, but he got what he deserved which was no other than the echo of his actions. Once he reclaimed his freedom the first thing he thought was to reclaim “his” empire without taking into consideration any warning signal! His ending was sad, but righteous since he didn’t grab that one last chance even though someone would be able to find him even abroad. My poor Chae Young, MY NOONA! </3 She probably regretted helping Yeo Jin reach her memorial ceremony and i agree, only an assassination could work for her since she doesn't have the power she used to possess by Do Joon's side.
      Yup, something like 30 mins or a whole ep at the present and then the last one being after a time skip! If there's no time skip i will feel so wrong XD It's one of these times you can clearly see it coming, so if it will never come i will feel blind lol XD
      I like Tae Hyun and Sang Chul's bromance, i always laugh so hard they are together in the same scene! Sang Chul will take care of everything while Tae Hyun won't want him to do so! XD
      Thank you so much for one more time LadyG both for your words and for sharing your thoughts in your own passionate and insightful way!! 😀

  5. September 26, 2015 at 6:52 am — Reply

    The couple is a mismatch and would not have have a happy marriage. Tae Hyun will always be a person at the bottom of the heap, drinking cheap soju and eating carb laden teokbokki at some roadside stalls. He is one unable to change and climb the social ladder, instead, depend on handouts for emergencies (like saving his sister’s life).
    I would be happy to see him out of Yeo Jin’s life.

    • September 26, 2015 at 3:04 pm — Reply

      You just gave me a vivid picture of Tae Hyun in the next 15-25 years, middle aged, unshaven, loose tie, shaky hands that are not able to operate as well as they used to. Awwww. 😞 I’m still hoping for things to turn around. But I feel like this is a morality tale, a merry go round of revenge and there may be a tragic ending.

      • September 27, 2015 at 11:05 pm — Reply

        Hahaha, i can imagine him like that, but not with shaky hands since he will always be trying to save people’s lives through his scalpel skills! 😀 “But I feel like this is a morality tale, a merry go round of revenge and there may be a tragic ending.” Sounds logical, but i surely hope the tables will turn upside down again! 😀

        • September 28, 2015 at 12:39 pm — Reply

          True, he would always put others first, even if his own life is a mess. And at that food stand, he’s sad cuz he just returned from the gangster’s funeral. They all bowed to Tae Hyun and made him like an honorary hyungnim. Lol. Great I’m writing the time skip sequel 20 or so years in the future.. 😝

          • September 28, 2015 at 12:47 pm

            Honorary hyungnim in Doo Chul’s funeral! XD Doo Chul would look hilarious and swag even in his hearse! XD We’re currently and secretly working on Yong Pal season 4 LadyG! XD We’re secret agents!

    • mrdimples
      September 26, 2015 at 4:31 pm — Reply

      Hmmm…he might die earlier from drinking cheap soju and eating junk food like you said but at least he won’t end up in hell for killing people. And before he dies, at least he can sleep peacefully at night.

      What is it for a man to gain the whole world but loses his own soul.

      • September 27, 2015 at 11:08 pm — Reply

        I think that saving people will be his priority, especially people who don’t have the money to get treated with the emergency x-ray nurse always by his side! Leading a humble life filled with cheap soju and junk food is an option, but he will be finding bliss in saving people’s lives regardless of his daily life’s routines. He will be definitely sleeping peacefully at nights for maintaining his integrity to the fullest. He’s a moral hero regardless of the way things will end for him, he’s proven it how selfless he is! 😀

    • WH
      September 26, 2015 at 5:53 pm — Reply

      He’s a doctor. TH in fifteen to twenty years he will open a small clinic to treat patient at low cost with his friends. He isn’t untidy, but practical. He is simply middle class and enjoy being middle class without having to live off the wealth of others.

      • September 27, 2015 at 11:23 pm — Reply

        Definitely agree, he will keep saving lives by any means necessary! Especially when it comes to people who can’t pay for their treatment.

    • September 27, 2015 at 11:03 pm — Reply

      To be honest, the way Tae Hyun is right now and by preserving to the fullest his humanitarian self i can only imagine him as someone trying to cure patients! He doesn’t want to climb the social ladder now that his sister has been saved, he only did so in order to save his sister and get rid of his debt which was deriving from his attempts to save his sister. If Yeo Jin doesn’t choose to leave behind her throne i don’t see them being back together and indeed he would be better off on his own. I am curious about how the last 2 episodes will be!

      • September 28, 2015 at 12:02 pm — Reply

        The producers will probably have them get back together on the silly notion of them being in love which I find very frustrating. They should get real.

  6. September 26, 2015 at 8:18 am — Reply

    […] Episode 16  Episode 15  Episode 14  Episode 13  Episode 12  Episode 11  Episode 10  Episode 09  Episode 08  Episode 07  Episode 06  Episode 05  Episode 04  Episode 03  Episode 02  Episode 01 […]

  7. September 26, 2015 at 5:43 pm — Reply

    Social wise and ideology wise they are not a match. But love knows no boundaries. And what they had felt and done for each other surpass all these obstacles.

    I think the reason YJ could not let go yet is that there are still some crocodiles and whales that she need to take care of. But maybe she couldn’t explain all these to TH coz it’s her own legacy to fulfill. And she owes it to all the Hanshin staff working for her….

    But I can also understand TH – he is caught in the swamp and the only way he could breathe is to get out.

    It’s clear that in order for them to be together, YJ needs to leave the dark and murky world behind her…I don’t know how but I have faith the writer would resolve this.

    • September 27, 2015 at 11:22 pm — Reply

      Love knows no boundaries indeed, it can be pretty blind and love can find you before finding it yourself.
      Yeo Jin managed to reclaim her throne and prevail quite recently and she did have to commit crimes in order to achieve it. She wouldn’t easily leave behind everything she started constructing and isn’t finalized yet. “And she owes it to all the Hanshin staff working for her” It’s a part of her oath to the girl that committed suicide and in her own way she helped her remain alive inside the hospital.
      There was no way Tae Hyun would stay there after everything that happened, he would have to sacrifice his ideals.
      “It’s clear that in order for them to be together, YJ needs to leave the dark and murky world behind her…I don’t know how but I have faith the writer would resolve this.” The only way them being together again is Yeo Jin going to Tae Hyun. But something tells me one day Tae Hyun will decide to visit the Hill of Wind and suddenly Yeo Jin will appear *crosses fingers* and the rest will be history! 😀

  8. Qy
    September 27, 2015 at 1:46 pm — Reply

    Thank you so much again for writing this again Kwon! Such a pleasure to read your thoghts 🙂 I was literally bawling watching their separation scene and when I read your review, I cried (again). I’m such an easy person to cry lol.

    Beautiful directing both in HDJ death scene and TH & YJ separation scene. I think I have no hard feelings how DJ died. It was tragic but how he died in CY arms was ironic at the same time. Maybe it’s for the best of DJ & CY love story. It began with bad encounter and restraint after that and so the ending is tragic one. But maybe it will be different for TH & YJ love story. When their first meeting is full of hope and saving each other then bloosoming into happiness for both of them. Their conflict and difference are their obstacle I think for reaching their happy ending. Even their OST reflect their hope and beautiful future. I’m not sure how writernim will doing it but I can hope right? 😀

    • September 27, 2015 at 11:33 pm — Reply

      You are very welcome and thanks a lot for your beautiful words and thoughts Qy!! 🙂
      The first and second part of their separation were devastating as they were depicting why they can’t be together at the present. I hope your eyes won’t have to cry that much at the end of the drama! 😀 I have already thought of the idealist ending, after a time jump Tae Hyun decides to visit the Hill of Wind one day. It is the day Yeo Jin will feel the same urge and they will meet there to seal their promise once and for all. I’ve said it in other comments, but i will say it to you too, i will kiss my screen if that happens! XD
      Do Joon’s end was a tragic one, but he made his decisions… And his greed is what eventually ended his life at that point. He had one single chance of escaping and he threw it away along with his own life. “It began with bad encounter and restraint after that and so the ending is tragic one. ” It would had been difficult to be together even if they had escaped, both of them would have to work hard on their feelings, Chae Young trying to love him even more and Do Joon trying to get rid of his counter-vengeance plans.
      “But maybe it will be different for TH and YJ love story. When their first meeting is full of hope and saving each other then bloosoming into happiness for both of them.” Definitely agree, both couples had different starting points, one ended tragically, the second one deserves to breathe and bloom in a like-minded way like their enchanting beginning.
      *crosses fingers for a happy ending* writernim please spare us! XD

      • Maina
        September 28, 2015 at 7:03 pm — Reply

        Hi King’s of the Reviews chingu 🙂
        Happy ending? You mean hand in hand, eyes in eyes, walking to the horizon side by side, watchting in the same direction, married, with a lot of children and happy until the end of the Earth, Universe disapearing in a black hole? Something like that? 😉
        Wooooow… we say you are a “fleur bleue” in French or you have a “coeur d’artichaut”… 🙂 You know that fairies do not exist yes ? 😀 😀 😀
        You have a little flower on your heart dear chingu, you relind me the Little Prince on his planet… Keep it!!! Love is the motor of Life, isn’t it? 😉
        How are you? I read you’ve “recieved” the sun from Paris? 😉
        Hope you are fine 🙂

        • October 5, 2015 at 6:53 pm — Reply

          Ya! Maina chingu!!! I’m far from being the king of reviews! XD
          Aye, that would be an ideal type of ending for this type of drama! ;D But i do know that fairies do not exist, however, a little bit of magic in life and its rawness is always welcome, right? ^-^
          Aye, the sun from Paris arrived in Greece right on time and i greeted it!!

          • Maina
            October 6, 2015 at 4:22 pm

            In Greece? Oh! I thought you were in England, I don’t know why! 😀
            My God, poor Greece! Rough time for this country! 🙁
            …yes it was a joke of course, we need magic in our life of course, if not… it is time is to jump in Han River… ;D
            Yong Pal is ended now, you must be a little “lost” now? hahaha… but I saw you have begin others… I am also watching “She is Pretty” too, and I remember Road 1 (I have to watch it) like Comrads, but pffft! time runs and runs and runs… 🙂
            And I began “The Merchant: Gaekju 2015” with Jan Jyuk (again!) 😀

          • October 6, 2015 at 4:44 pm

            Yup, if there’s a next life i want to be born somewhere else, not here, i kind of regret being born here but it wasn’t my choice anyway 🙂
            Hahaha, Han River always welcomes those with no more magic in their lives 😛 I wish i had the money to go to Korea, i would definitely visit Jeju island and other islands like that that around the Korean peninsula ^-^
            Yup, i was lost after Yong Pal ended, but with all this hate-wave going on i rushed to write a review about it in order to support it with my sincere thoughts and the way i watched the drama. I started Sassy Go Go because of Eun Ji <3 Do you like She Was Pretty? I haven't started it! Comrades is one of my favorite dramas! But i have to agree, time flies flies and runs 😀 Especially when you watch dramas! Ah, i started Gaekju too, i have yet to watch the 4th ep! I don't like it so much so far since it's too cliche sageuk and Jang Hyuk hasn't appeared yet up to the 3rd ep, but the great acting of the background story is really good! 😀

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