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Yong Pal ~ Episode 12 Recap [TriAngle]


“If you can’t walk to the throne,
You can’t sit on the throne either.”


∠ ~ A web of many textures.


Secretary Min wants palpable proof in order to kneel in front of Yeo Jin and once she shows him the USB with the secret account book he obeys her arch order. In the meantime, at the airport Yeo Jin was nowhere to be found, but Tae Hyun had already sent Man Sik to take her passport. Secretary Min receives a phone call from the security chief and once Yeo Jin handed him over the USB the passport was given to Man Sik.


Man Sik gave Tae Hyun the passport and their arch assumption that nobody was following them was wrong. The fake plaster cast patient is after them! Man Sik asked Tae Hyun who’s the girl in the picture and he referred to Yeo Jin as his bride. Man Sik thinks that she’s a gold digger because of Tae Hyun’s doctor status! However, Tae Hyun informs him that she already knows that loan shark’s after him and the reason why they are together is love while Man Sik can’t hold back his laughter! Tae Hyun keeps recalling Yeo Jin’s marriage proposal which was sealed with a kiss, all that remains for Tae Hyun is to register their marriage so that Do Joon will no longer be her legal guardian. Even though it looks like a marriage of convenience Tae Hyun intends to come back as her legal guardian and his smile is all over the place!

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Yeo Jin informs secretary Min that she’ll be appearing at the funeral and she wants him to invite all of the important political figures who should become aware of the fact that she has the slush fund book in her possession. The secretary thinks that it’s going to be dangerous since Do Joon’s still her legal guardian, but she’s willing to proceed. Yeo Jin can only count on Tae Hyun’s appearance.

bscap6269 bscap6277bscap6278

Man Sik got informed that some gangsters got hurt and they need Yong Pal’s help, but Tae Hyun tries to avoid it at all costs. After hitting Tae Hyun’s humanitarian nerve and since the offer per stitch was promising he decided to make one final house call. Yeo Jin keeps watching her father’s video and she can finally be thankful towards Sung Hoon for helping her get rid of her nightmare after finding out the whole truth.

bscap6281bscap6282 bscap6285

President Go visited Do Joon since things have just gotten serious. He’s suspicious of secretary Min’s moves, but once he mentioned that Yeo Jin could actually be alive Do Joon could only laugh! President Go usually underestimates those who work for him and secretary Min had already given Do Joon the USB; Hanshin Empire’s royal seal. Even though his father left it for Yeo Jin it finally ended in Do Joon’s hands. As for Yeo Jin’s location, secretary Min pointed out that she run away. Do Joon will be expecting her at the funeral since she’s willing to try to beat him during a public event. Do Joon wants secretary Min to permit the entrance at the funeral only to those loyal to him in order to show Yeo Jin who the real king is. President Go got informed that his name was inside the USB as well and Do Joon thinks that they should negotiate while president Go begs for his mercy! Do Joon finally feels like a king in his domain and he intends to be merciful. Tae Hyun will be taken out of the picture and secretary Min proposed that Chae Young should be the next resident of the restricted area. Secretary Min can finally be satisfied in front of president Go who doesn’t feel at ease anymore!

bscap6299 bscap6304bscap6294 bscap6301

In the meantime, a nurser tried to silence Chief Surgeon Lee, but he woke up and the emergency x-ray nurse rushed to his aid, but he didn’t want her to call the security. The housemaid informed Chae Young that Yeo Jin is still alive and she received all the necessary information through the nurse. Chae Young appeared in front of Yeo Jin while she was losing herself in her own thoughts regarding her marriage with Tae Hyun. Chae Young urges Yeo Jin not to appear at the funeral since secretary Min betrayed her and the slush fund book is in Do Joon’s hands. Chae Young thinks that Yeo Jin has three options, she can leave, be locked up or die with Yeo Jin thinking that dying would be the best one out of the three. Even though Chae Young thinks that she should have contacted her in the first place Yeo Jin believes that nothing would have changed since she would have found herself in the restricted area or some mental institution.


Yeo Jin intends to appear at the funeral at all costs and if Chae Young doesn’t intend to be by her side she stop approaching her. In case she chooses to support her, Yeo Jin will free her from Do Joon’s chains and she will spare her family. Since she’s already here without letting Do Joon know points out that she leans towards the second path. Chae Young is curious about her relationship with Tae Hyun. Yeo Jin points out that he’s a prison guard she bought off and Chae Young decides to support her all along the way, but she will be the one to take Tae Hyun in the end. Yeo Jin went inside the bathroom and after staring at herself in the mirror she cut her long beautiful hair since the old Yeo Jin is dead.

 bscap6358bscap6359 bscap6365

∠ ~ Shades of Yong Pal.


The house call won’t be as simple and fast as it appeared to be and Tae Hyun roams all over the place from stitches to makeshift leg splints. While taking a break Tae Hyun could only be thankful towards Man Sik for helping him with the passport and he wants him to take all of today’s money. The fake patient was about to make his move, but president Go urged him not to proceed for the time being.


Time passes by and Tae Hyun keeps treating the gangsters. At some point Man Sik informed him that he should run away since the police force will be there soon. He also let him that he had tattled for him in order to receive a more favorable treatment and he wants to cleanse his guilt at this very moment. While president Go was leaving from Do Hoon’s household he ordered Tae Hyun’s immediate assassination.


The 12th floor fake patient stabbed and knocked down Man Sik and started chasing Tae Hyun all over the place. After a hit and run close combat Tae Hyun found himself on a roof deck while Man Sik was informing detective Lee that someone was trying to kill Yong Pal. Detective Lee appeared right on time and after firing a bullet he got closer to the 12th floor fake patient. His ecstasy at Yong Pal’s presence didn’t last since Do Joon’s underling disarmed him and a fight erupted. Tae Hyun started escaping, but detective Lee found himself wounded on the ground. Since Do Joon’s underling left, Tae Hyun couldn’t escape before providing detective Lee medical assistance.

bscap6314bscap6316bscap6323 bscap6324bscap6325 bscap6333bscap6337bscap6335

Tae Hyun eventually got arrested before registering the marriage and even if he begged detective Lee to let him do at least that much there wasn’t any positive answer. However, detective Lee received a phone call from Doo Chul who thinks that he’s being too harsh on his own savior! On top of that he’s got a present for him in case he lets Yong Pal register his marriage! Inside his car trunk lies the dangerous man who almost killed detective Lee. Doo Chul already has his confession and all detective Lee has to do is to let Yong Pal register the marriage, something he eventually did.


∠ ~ “Without you, i’m nothing.”


Do Joon’s security preparations have began and he’s heading towards the funeral while in the meantime Chae Young prepares Yeo Jin’s makeover! Tae Hyun’s about to register his marriage with Yeo Jin, but at the funeral everyone Do Joon wasn’t expecting actually started appearing one after the other. Suddenly, president Go feels so insignificant in front of them! He called secretary Min who didn’t reply because he wanted the surprise to strike Do Joon at the entrance of the funeral and so it happened!


The political figures aren’t pleased at Do Joon’s presence either and Chae Young’s on her way with Yeo Jin who looks like a model for a funeral! The security will let Chae Young pass, but not Yeo Jin and the guards! After Chae Young’s slap the security chief appeared and let them in! Yeo Jin’s finally at her funeral and Chae Young lets her know that she will bet on the winning team. It’s the time for her to walk towards the throne in order to acquire it. The moment Do Joon and president Go noticed her one could witness the fear carved upon their faces, a fear that turned to life the moment she revealed herself in a more palpable way surprising everyone inside the room while a bus from Hanshin Electric’s on its way.

bscap6407 bscap6396bscap6397 bscap6408

Do Joon appears to be surprised at her very presence and she wonders why he’s so surprised seeing someone he killed coming back to life! He tries to convince everyone that she started all this, but Yeo Jin thinks otherwise! President Go says that Tae Hyun pronounced Yeo Jin’s death and Do Joon points out that they should take her back to the hospital. Yeo Jin requests protective custody for herself by the commissioner since Do Joon kept her illegally confined for the past 3 years. The commissioner informs her that she should file a restraining order at the court and Do Joon insists on her hospitalization. Then she can meet everyone she wants to.


Do Joon tries to present her as a physically and mentally unstable person and Yeo Jin requests her mental checkup and protection from any other hospital except for the Hanshin one. The commissioner receives the medical report of a psychiatrist from Hanshin Hospital and Do Joon refers on the frequency of her delusions, seizures and suicidal attempts along with the fact that she requires seclusion, protection and treatment. Do Joon emphasizes on the fact that he’s her legal guardian and that he intends to follow the doctor’s opinion. He also refers to his later father’s friendship with the commissioner himself. Do Joon can finally offer Yeo Jin a devil’s smile while she hopes for Tae Hyun’s immediate presence!


◎ ~ Circular view.


The 12th episode reached 19.1% in terms of ratings and Scholar Who Walks The Night’s final episode wasn’t enough to bring it down. Story-wise, it’s always about timing when it comes to dramas and everything went so very wrong during this episode; in a great way! And that’s why we’re left behind with a major cliffhanger waiting to find out what will happen during the next episode in a goddamn week’s time!


Yeo Jin wields the royal seal of Hanshin Empire and it was the scepter to make her a chairwoman in front of secretary Min’s eyes. He didn’t even know how to refer to Do Joon in front of her. Calling him chairman wasn’t the right choice and he decided referring to him as her brother! Even though she gave him the royal seal so easily, i can’t help it but think that there’s something more behind her move, she would never part with such a precious item without giving it any further thought. Yeo Jin wanted to make a grandiose entrance at her funeral and knock down all of her opponents in one blow in front of important figures of political prestige. However, being a battering ram isn’t enough, you always need some people to wield you and bring down the gates by following your lead in the first place.


Yeo Jin knew that the only person she can utterly trust is Tae Hyun, that’s why she never mentioned him in front of secretary Min simply because there was always the chance of betrayal. There are two options, the first one is that Yeo Jin knew that secretary Min would betray her and she wanted to make everyone believe they have the upper hand that will bring her down once and for all in her own playground. That’s why Yeo Jin was counting on Tae Hyun’s appearance in order to make the echo of the impact even greater by surprising everyone to the extent of forging a new measure; heart attacks per second.


The second option is that Yeo Jin worked on an imaginary betrayal behind the scenes with secretary Min. Truth be told, secretary Min didn’t utterly convince me, but there were moments that his smile and actions were twofold. In one hand he was betraying Yeo Jin by mentioning almost everything to Do Joon, on the other hand he was betraying Do Joon by not revealing everything. He’s almost loyal to both of them to the extent of being loyal to none other than himself in order to stay alive.


He either remains loyal to one of them or he acts within the boundaries of two opposing playgrounds in order to feel secure, especially from Do Joon who could erase him from the surface of the earth anytime. The fact that he keeps crucial secrets to himself, like Do Joon’s marriage’s background, makes me believe that he was loyal to their father, but he couldn’t do otherwise but become Do Joon’s underling in the process in order to survive. Following the late chairman’s royal bloodline which is no other than Yeo Jin is what he’s probably doing by now since he has all the proof he needed.


All that remains is for Tae Hyun to register the marriage, but Yong Pal’s sudden call of duty couldn’t wait. Tae Hyun couldn’t deny it because during his house call absence people had died, his humanitarian side as a doctor is always present even though it perplexed things quite a lot at this point. Becoming Yeo Jin’s legal guardian will make him her strongest card along with the slush fund book and Yeo Jin will start planning on how to turn the world upside down in a more palpable way.


It’s true that this marriage is a convenience for both of them, Yeo Jin will protect Tae Hyun and he will do the same for her. It’s like a lifesaving contract adorned with blooming love which perfumes to a wider extent around them as time passes by. Yeo Jin was sincere on how this marriage looks like and Tae Hyun accepted her proposal willingly. The fact that Tae Hyun couldn’t hide his smile even at the thought of it, but also Yeo Jin feeling overburdened by making it look like a contract proves that their feelings only grow stronger. Especially now that Sung Hoon’s chapter closed its curtains once and for all and along with it, hopefully, the car accident flashback.


President Go’s in fear since he doesn’t have the upper hand anymore. He could only beg for forgiveness and Do Joon was merciful. It’s not like he was being overran by rivers of magnanimity, president Go may not be essential anymore, but he’s still needed. It was secretary Min’s first victory while Do Joon was being ecstatic thinking himself as the one and only king of the Hanshin Empire. He also believes that he has secretary Min’s full loyalty which isn’t true, but it makes him believe he will dethrone Yeo Jin effortlessly once and for all in the plan she weaved on her own and made his life much easier. At least he thinks so as he’s drunk in a desert of success and his own hallucinations make everything look like an oasis. At this point Chief Surgeon Lee and Tae Hyun are no longer needed since the truth has been revealed and their pyramid contract has been terminated, but both murder attempts failed. I am looking forward to Chief Surgeon Lee’s collaboration with Tae Hyun by leaving behind the turmoil of the past and building a more friendly relationship.


Even though Chae Young pretended that she would had been capable to keep Yeo Jin safe if she had asked for her help, Yeo Jin’s not out of her mind. Chae Young wouldn’t let her do everything she wanted to and Yeo Jin would either remain inside the restricted area or she’d find a new home inside a mental institution so that Chae Young would have the upper hand. Yeo Jin would never choose leaving or being locked up. Both options don’t resemble life at all since with the first one it would feel like escaping from everything bringing her down without resolving anything and with the second one she would enter yet another nightmare. When compared to the first two options, dying would bring some sort of release, but she can’t go back anymore. She’s willing to move forward at all costs in order to reclaim her life or die trying. Going down without a fight is not an option.


Referring to Tae Hyun as a prison guard she bought off was to protect Tae Hyun and her plan at the same time. She’s always protective towards him even when she mentions him in front of others, her real thoughts about Tae Hyun are for the moments she’s with him or whenever he occupies her mind. Yeo Jin can use Chae Young for as long as she’s needed while still keeping her promise to free her from Do Joon’s chains and spare her family. As for Ta Hyun, Yeo Jin knows that Chae Young will never have him simply because he would never comply to her feelings and desires. The old Yeo Jin is dead and what was progressing her awakening and readjustment up to the previous episode it could only lead to her rebirth during the 12th one.


Tae Hyun could never run away from saving people’s lives and it basically hurt him on the inside having to leave Man Sik behind without treating his wound, but the circumstances weren’t helpful. If Tae Hyun is still alive he owes it to detective Lee’s presence and if detective Lee is alive he owes it to Tae Hyun. Even though Tae Hyun got arrested before registering the marriage, Doo Chul had a backup plan! He’s not only hilarious but he’s also a deus ex machina and an underworld Santa Claus delivering presents any time of the year! Do Joon’s underling who got caught could be of great help towards Tae Hyun since he knows quite a lot when it comes to Do Joon’s wrongdoings. Detective Lee and Yong Pal could actually start working together on Do Joon’s case, it’s something that would benefit both of them as it would skyrocket detective Lee’s career and it would cleanse Yong Pal’s criminal record while preserving Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin’s plans. It’s a multiple win-win situation and there are many allegiances that could get forged, Chief Surgeon Lee and detective Lee and all things Lee by Tae Hyun’s side are the ones i’m rooting for.


Thanks to Doo Chul’s divine intervention and detective Lee’s lenient and silently thankful attitude Tae Hyun was able to register the marriage. All that remains is for detective Lee to either let him go to the funeral or at least escort him there before something unwelcome happens to Yeo Jin. The Hanshin Electric bus made me curious, it could be transporting the part of the board of directions which is supportive towards Yeo Jin as the rightful heiress to her father’s throne. If that’s the case, then Chae Young’s father must have taken the lead since this is the perfect opportunity he was looking for.


Kim Tae Hee looked so beautiful through Yeo Jin’s makeover! She was elegant, classy and sharp and most and above all she was wearing a high-class mourning outfit! Yeo Jin was a funeral diva on a dreadful catwalk! However, everything Yeo Jin was saying Do Joon was replying back with the opposite meaning as the one and only truth and he masterfully used her medical background. Her diagnosis, especially the delusional factor, was pointing towards the direction that she could say or do just anything.


Yeo Jin’s dynamic approach transformed itself into uncertainty and fear since Do Joon could progress his own plans through his connections and as her legal guardian. Revealing her medical records in front of everyone and offering that devoid of life smile towards Yeo Jin was yet another piece of Do Joon’s gruesome puzzle. All that remains is for Tae Hyun to appear as the black night on a white horse and take her out of there safe and sound as her one and only legal guardian in order for both of them to start deconstructing Do Joon’s imaginary empire.


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Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. September 11, 2015 at 5:07 am — Reply

    Dear Kwon, I am very impressed at your dedication and speed. This recap is amazing.

    An episode without the OTP but I like the way the writer spin around the k-drama fake marriage contract. My guess is that while they loved each other, there’s a possibility they will not go beyond sharing a room. That is until they are properly “married” by the priest coz YJ may be feeling guilty for burdening him with the “contract” marriage just like you. So we are gonna have two celibate couples in the same house? Hmmm….

    Now it will be very interesting coz Tae Hyun will be one of the owners of Hanshin Hospital. So let’s see how Tae Yong is gonna swallow that. And how will Chae young react?

    • September 11, 2015 at 9:07 pm — Reply

      Thank you once again dear Shuerei! I go commando mode! The program of Wednesday and Thursday was studying~all-nighter recap~sleep!
      So spot on, our OTP members were apart, but the drama was still progressing so fine! But even though they were apart we could sense their longing to be together again at the most crucial moment!
      I so agree, “That is until they are properly “married” by the priest” they will keep everything for the real marriage!
      “So we are gonna have two celibate couples in the same house? ” It’s gonna be pure lunacy, Chae Young will be going after Tae Hyun, Do Joon will be jealous, Tae Hyun will be trying to run away from Chae Young and go after Yeo Jin while Yeo Jin will be probably keeping her distance to help her plan progress in order not to enrage Chae Young with the promise she made to her? Something like that! XD
      Tae Yong will have a heart attack or he will suffer from a stroke, or from both of them lol Chae Young is probably the greatest mystery along with the secretary for now in the way they will progress as characters.

  2. September 11, 2015 at 5:25 am — Reply

    I totally agree with your analysis about the secretary. He could be following YJ’s instruction and copied some info into another USB just to fool DJ. And YJ wouldn’t have given him the USB unless there’s certain things that she could only access with her fingerprint or password. Perhaps the chairman also revealed a few things which we as viewers won’t get to see until subsequent episodes.

    At any rate, he would also want to see DJ dethroned otherwise he might be killed off eventually. Probably it’s YJ’s tactic to keep him by DJ’s side to inform her of any moves. However, its quite strange to see President Go meek and nervous, departing from his usual calm and conniving persona. I wonder which side he would now turn to and whether it’s worth keeping such a crocodile.

    Thanks for pointing out the bus could have been arranged by CY’s dad. Or it could be a timely protest which will disrupt the funeral.

    • September 11, 2015 at 9:14 pm — Reply

      I’m pretty certain on this too, there are things we still don’t know when it comes to the past with the late chairman and his relationship with the secretary to be more precise. His loyalty can be questioned anytime, but there are moments that prove his loyalty too, he’s like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde lol, you don’t know which one to believe XD But something tells me he works fully for Yeo Jin, but the drama tries to full us for the time being and it does it successfully since it makes us doubtful. The funny thing is that he was a secretary in My Beautiful Bride too! XD
      Do Joon will definitely want to kill him at some point, probably the moment he will find out everything he knows because the secretary is like the backup drive of his late father. Most of the things his father knew, the secretary knows them too. Everyone who’s still useful will remain alive for the time being. “Probably it’s YJ’s tactic to keep him by DJ’s side to inform her of any moves. ” That’s what i believe too, keep your friends close but your enemies closer and since she can’t keep Do Joon closer to her, she does it in an indirect way with the secretary.
      “I wonder which side he would now turn to and whether it’s worth keeping such a crocodile. ” Whichever side he may choose, he will always be looking forward to the moment he will use the circumstances to his favor to have the upper hand again, he only cares about himself and he has proven it.
      “Thanks for pointing out the bus could have been arranged by CY’s dad. Or it could be a timely protest which will disrupt the funeral.” You’re welcome, it’s either Chae Young’s dad or a protest based on the girl’s suicide, thanks for pointing this option too!

      • September 15, 2015 at 5:54 pm — Reply

        I am glad the show keeps us guessing all the time. Lots of plot twists: so frustrating and so exciting at the same time. It’s not easy to follow coz we need to power up the brain while watching. Is it logical – many asked on other sites. I guess if I wanna watch something perfectly logical I would watch a documentary…

        What is so special about this show? I’ve watched lots of kdrama shows. And I really dig this one coz there’s something really awesome about a down-to-earth hero. And to watch someone broken and desperate saving someone else is really amazing. And to follow him falling so fast without any hesitation or questions is simply remarkable. How do I put it, yongpal is an ordinary guy with extraordinary values. So this is why we just can’t help cheering him. Week after week.

        • September 16, 2015 at 12:01 pm — Reply

          “I guess if I wanna watch something perfectly logical I would watch a documentary” XD So true! If we watched dramas for logic and had dramas always applied to logic then it wouldn’t differ than much from reality we’re trying to escape while watching dramas. Yong Pal is too dark and too magical at the same time, it has its fair shares of reality and fairytale and at times the fairytale factor blossoms and at other times the reality factor takes over. “yongpal is an ordinary guy with extraordinary values” & “there’s something really awesome about a down-to-earth hero. And to watch someone broken and desperate saving someone else is really amazing. ” so much truth in these lines Shuerei chingu! All of the figures are broken for their own background whether they are villains or not, but Yong Pal is a certain type of a good guy who had to invest into darkness without neglecting his humane side, he was still saving people even though they were criminals and he was trying to pay back his debt in order to save his sister! Had “villains” been like him the world of dramas would had been a better place!

        • September 16, 2015 at 12:02 pm — Reply

          And the plot twists! They are definitely unpredictable and even if you predict a few things there’s always something else taking place, something you could never imagine! Even though Yong Pal seems predictable, it always manages to escape from the pathway it was walking upon, if there’s no crossroad to run away, it makes one through the bushes! XD

  3. Ming
    September 11, 2015 at 6:24 am — Reply

    Chanced upon your recap since a few episodes ago, and how i love your recaps!!! They are so insightful and it gives me different opinions of the happenings in the drama. I really like how you broke down each character so detailed within each ep and they make so much sense.

    About the Hanshin electric bus, i was thinking if it was actually Detective Lee and his team with all of Dojoon’s underlyings, ready to appear at the funeral to capture Dojoon, since his underlyings are all the witnesses they need. But what you analysed about Chaeyoung’s father did make a lot of sense!

    Oh and how I love Doochul. This drama is kinda serious at times but Doochul really adds that little bit of humour required. Santa Claus indeed! 😀 Can’t believe i would have to wait for a whole week to know what happened to YJ and TH. Thanks for your recaps, will definitely be checking it out all the way to the end. 🙂

    • September 11, 2015 at 9:18 pm — Reply

      Thank you so much for your words Ming, they are very much appreciated! 🙂 About the bus, except for Chae Young’s father, Shurei commented here that it could also be a group of Hanshin workers going there to protest there, probably for the girl’s suicide, the girl Yeo Jin was pretending to be while wearing her bandage! 😀
      Doo Chul is awesome, i always laugh when he makes his appearance with his underling! XD Doo Chul truly makes the drama more humorous and takes away seriousness whenever needed, but he also progresses the story in his own quirky way! XD Can’t wait for the 13th episode either, this cliffhanger is killing me!! You’re very welcome once again and thanks a lot for one more time! 🙂

  4. jihyo
    September 11, 2015 at 6:42 am — Reply

    hoping that Secretary min didn’t betray yeojin.. I watched 2 times to understand the whole character especially Secretary min

    • September 11, 2015 at 9:19 pm — Reply

      Secretary Min is a difficult character at this point in the drama, we can’t possibly know which side he has chosen, if he did choose one. He could also be working for both of them in order to save his life, but my instinct tells me that he works for Yeo Jin and he makes it look like he’s betraying her in order for Do Joon to keep him close and know more of his future intentions for Yeo Jin’s safety.

  5. clien
    September 11, 2015 at 8:31 am — Reply

    i need the next episode. i need YongPal to stomp him and F dojoon

    • September 11, 2015 at 9:20 pm — Reply

      Hahaha, i need the next episode so badly too! I want Do Joon’s smile breaking to pieces the moment Yong Pal will appear at the funeral stating that he’s Yeo Jin’s husband and legal guardian! XD

  6. September 11, 2015 at 8:33 am — Reply

    Sorry to be mean, but I am very annoyed at the loan shark’s greed. Nevertheless, he had tried to stop the assassin, and alerted the detective to Yong pal’s plight. Loved doo Chul for stepping in to help. Perhaps all the gangsters will return to help yongpal at a showdown coz meanest (dearest) DJ oppa is not gonna accept defeat easily.

    I sure hope the secretary has fully transferred his loyalty to YJ. On one hand, he looked like a shallow guy who only kneels to the heir. But reflecting on his fear in dealing with DJ, he is calculating the risks. One wrong move or allegiance, he would end up dead. I dunno why he was exuberant when YJ passed him the USB. Maybe it proved that she fully entrusted him to deal with the matter and also he is gleeful at having something to guard his backside. I like the way the writer crafted the minor roles, fleshing out their desires and motives in a complicated and sympathetic manner.

    • September 11, 2015 at 9:26 pm — Reply

      Yup, the loan shark mainly thinks about himself and how he will get his money back, that’s his “job”, but apart from that, he’s quite self-centered as a person trying to have a more favorable treatment for what he’s doing. That’s why he indirectly betrayed Tae Hyun in an earlier episode, but he did save his life this time trying to pay him back for his wrongdoing.
      “Perhaps all the gangsters will return to help yongpal at a showdown coz meanest (dearest) DJ oppa is not gonna accept defeat easily. ” Hahahaha! I can already imagine a battlefield with Do Joon and all the gangsters Yong Pal has healed all this time against Do Joon’s minions! XD
      “I sure hope the secretary has fully transferred his loyalty to YJ.” Same here, that’s what i think and (i want to) believe! He calculates the risks every time, one mistake and he’s gone, especially when it comes to Do Joon. Yeo Jin growing stronger is his only chance to remain alive, but this loyalty will have its own risks too since Do Joon will get angered at him. When he got the USB he looked like he went to heaven! XD That smile! XD
      ” I like the way the writer crafted the minor roles, fleshing out their desires and motives in a complicated and sympathetic manner.” I can only agree with you, the secretary is a small apocalypse as episodes pass by, but the real treasure is Doo Chul! XD Even the quirky (anti)nurses are fun to watch lol.

      • September 15, 2015 at 6:09 pm — Reply

        “When he got the USB he looked like he went to heaven!”
        Loved the way you said that. I think that’s what convinced me that he is gonna kick do Joon’s butt for his mistreatment. I don’t blame Yeo Jin for making him kneel. He should since he was an accomplice to her murder though a very very reluctant one.

        I also like the way you pointed out that one scene portrays something to make us believe or question what is exactly going on and then a week later, we get to find out the hidden or missing frame of the previous episode. The agonizing wait is almost unbearable yet we don’t want it to end right?

        • September 16, 2015 at 12:05 pm — Reply

          Definitely, he’s one of the workers of the pyramid, he had to kneel in front of her as the first sign of his allegiance to her! I don’t want Yong Pal to end in 6 episodes, i had already convinced myself on the 24 episode ride so i am curious of on how the storyline will unfold within 6 episodes that don’t surpass 1 hour’s time. Even though it’s more recap friendly, when other drama episodes last 1 hour and 5-7 minutes, these minutes always have their own reason, so Yong Pal in shorter amounts of time it works on everything it works to convey without pressuring it. On the contrary, it takes its time step by step and i think it’s quite masterful dare i say.

  7. Jvlovesk
    September 11, 2015 at 4:53 pm — Reply

    Thank you thank you thank you so much for the fast and really detailed recap! I just finished watching it and I definitely needed some fresh POVs, because I’m going to be so sad if it turns out that why YJ has to go back to be a prisoner in a hospital. I don’t know, maybe because I just watched episode 14 the show Last, but I think something bad is going to happen. It is just too early for a happy ending and only episode 12 not to mention her brother looked way too confident exploiting the Chairman’s old connections. And I really don’t know what to think about secretary Min. I just can’t figure out what side. Did he really betray her or is it part of her plan? Because she did ask him to call those people and invite them to the funeral and he did. Also he didn’t let the brother know in advance. So I’m thinking he’s on Team YJ but I don’t know. I just can’t believe they would give us a nice happy ending so early in episode 12 🙁 I think a twist is coming. And I’m afraid there is going to be alot more sadness before we get to a happy ending.

    …..and yes I am still in shock what happened on Last. I thought there was a rule about all Dramas having a happy ending! There is wayyyyyyyy too much pain and loss in real life, I need kdramas to be my happy little escape from it all.

    • September 11, 2015 at 9:33 pm — Reply

      And you’re very very very welcome and i deeply appreciate your words! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! 🙂
      I won’t be able to withstand Yeo Jin being taken in the restricted area again unless it’s her own decision. It’s a palace if she goes there on her own, if others put her in there it’s a prison. Haven’t watched the 14th ep of Last yet, but i have watched the 13th one and i have to write a recap for it too, but the forthcoming exams granted me only all-nighter recap time for Yong Pal >.< The only reason i didn't watch the 14th ep was because i don't know what will happen before finishing the writing about the 13th one lol.
      Yup, the happy ending will be like happy endings happen, at the very end. And bad things are about to happen for sure, it won't be so easy for our OTP :/ But the good part of the story is that we receive islands of bliss along the way with cute scenes between them! 😀
      I don't know either about secretary Min, he either works for both of them in order to remain alive and pretending to be loyal to both of them OR he's loyal to Yeo Jin and he pretends to be loyal to Do Joon in order to know all the information Yeo Jin will be needing in the near or far future. I believe that he's fully loyal to Yeo Jin and that there are dialogue parts we didn't get to see yet. Time shall tell! 😀
      "I think a twist is coming. " I agree, Yong Pal doesn't intend to flow in a flat way, there are definitely going to be twists in the forthcoming episodes and i'm looking forward to them!
      I hope that the sadness won't be the outcome of noble idiocy, but pure feels through events and circumstances that will be taking place! 😀 And then we can get rewarded with the happiest ending! XD "There is wayyyyyyyy too much pain and loss in real life, I need kdramas to be my happy little escape from it all." I can't agree enough, kdramas help us escape from the shit-uations of reality ^-^

  8. mrdimples
    September 12, 2015 at 1:30 am — Reply

    I really want to commend you on the speed and quality of your recaps. Even pulling all nighters does not fully explain how you achieve this. I really enjoy your insights, something that’s missing from most recaps for this drama. Actually there aren’t many recaps for this drama at the moment. I am surprised because i thought this is an excellent drama where recapper and reader can share a lot of views and discuss.
    My go to blog is sadly missing the fun and the recappers arent offering as much insights or adding to the drama as i expected. Worse, there are people set on spoiling the party.
    So your blog is an oasis.
    Thank you for doing an awesome job 😀
    I will keep your blog as a must read for my future drama watching.

    • September 12, 2015 at 11:34 am — Reply

      You are absolutely right mrdimples
      Just a few recap sites on yongpal for a highly rated drama…maybe ppl are too bz watching. So again a million thanks to kwon for all the amazing recaps and replies…

      • September 13, 2015 at 11:17 pm — Reply

        Thanks a lot for the n-th time (n -> +oo) XD I noticed that Yong Pal will be 16? 18? episodes? At first it was 20 eps, then it got an extension to 24 and now i don’t know what to expect when it comes to numbers!

      • September 15, 2015 at 4:48 pm — Reply

        Hi kwon it was supposed to be 16..the rumors were going around on extensions but they only confirmed on 18 now
        So I hope you can preservere with more recaps

        • September 16, 2015 at 11:56 am — Reply

          Ah, so then we fell victims or rumors and not utterly true information until recently with the 18 eps? -.- Tonight a friend will be celebrating his birthday, it will be a challenge for me to work on a post-beer all-nighter recap that will start after 2-3 am XD Either i will succeed or i will fall asleep lol

    • September 13, 2015 at 11:15 pm — Reply

      I enter commando mode at night, when i recap during the day and i’m not in a rush i take my time and the recap feels like taking forever, but during an all nighter, because sleep is the enemy, i focus like there’s no tomorrow lol You are very welcome and most and above all thanks a lot for one more time, your words are truly appreciated! 🙂 I simply can’t wait for Wednesday’s episode, i am curious what this cliffhanger will bring (dunno if there is a preview out there, when i am absorbed too much by a drama i hide from them to keep the suspense alive) XD

  9. September 12, 2015 at 11:17 pm — Reply

    […] Episode 12  Episode 11  Episode 10  Episode 09  Episode 08  Episode 07  Episode 06  Episode 05  Episode 04  Episode 03  Episode 02  Episode 01 […]

  10. mrdimples
    September 14, 2015 at 1:12 am — Reply

    Dear Kwon and people reading here, do you think this show has more than its fair share of loopholes? I keep reading that it is riddled with them and according to another blog can be enjoyed if one dials down one’s brain.
    It makes this drama sound stupid or badly written albeit an entertaining one.
    I have watch dramas which fit the above description and gladly confess enjoying them but I don’t think this drama is it!
    Am I over analysing the drama? Those plot holes which some stated, I have so far explanations to most of them, derived from the drama details these people missed, common sense applied and simple deductions. Some were things that weren’t revealed yet.
    So now I am wondering if I have gone so wrong?
    If like they say one needs to dial down the brain 20% to skip logic then it means 20% of my brain is off the track? Logic is quite objective so it’s strange i can see logic where people don’t. It’s as if i make up logic where there isn’t

    • September 16, 2015 at 11:41 am — Reply

      To be honest, i don’t think of Yong Pal as a drama with loopholes, it just works one everything one step at a time with the most crucial event being always the first in line. For example, taking Yeo Jin out of the hospital, spending one beautiful day with her, returning to the hospital to save two lives, then taking his sister abroad and so on. One step at a time doesn’t mean the show has loopholes since it doesn’t neglect anything. Instead of loopholes, there are some aspects that don’t apply that much to reality, Yeo Jin being dead for a welcome amount of time and Tae Hyun reviving her at the verge of collapsing himself, but then again, such things don’t bother me since i have already made a deal with myself to watch Yong Pal as a modern fairytale, so i’m overly enjoying it! I don’t think Yong Pal requires to shut our brain down since it has enough background when it comes to its characters to make thoughts popping up one after the other solely for every character and in crossroads when it comes to interactions with others. If this drama requires to shut down our brain and then we’re on the same boat, but i don’t see it that way so we’re on another boat getting absorbed by the drama! 😀

  11. September 15, 2015 at 4:28 am — Reply

    Hi! Just a heads up that some jerk has copied your post and pasted on their blog at http://www.dramarecap.xyz/2015/09/drama-recap-yong-pal-episode-12.html#.VfebgFUViko I found out today that my own content has been copied by them thanks to one of my reader. Anyhow, I was really glad that someone notified me and thought you would want to know too.

    • September 15, 2015 at 9:09 am — Reply

      Hello there and thanks SO MUCH for informing us! Aish! After zkpop yet another shameless site has appeared? XD They never get tired, don’t they? Have you contacted them or done anything with the whole situation?

      • September 15, 2015 at 4:29 pm — Reply

        At first I naively thought they just copied one of my post and simply told them to remove it… which they did. But then I found another one of my post and now I am afraid I might have to go through their whole site just to figure out which ones are mine. Out of curiosity I start looking around to see if they are also copying other blogs as well and of course they are. (I have at least found two of yours posts there but I am assuming there are probably many more.)They have also copied Dramabeans’ posts but I haven’t had time to hop over to Dramabeans and drop them a line as well. Anyhow, since the site is on blogger it wouldn’t be too hard to submit a complaint to blogger and have them take individual pages down. I am assuming once blogger has to that a few times with this site they might just decide to shut it down for good. Still, at this point in time I haven’t contacted google yet but have just contacted the site itself. Since this is my first time encountering this, is there any point trying to stop them or is it like killing flies on a hot summer day?

        • September 16, 2015 at 11:53 am — Reply

          You contacted them through the form they have at the bottom of their site? Yup, the best option in such occasions is to gather all of the duplicated articles and ask them to take them down in one take. Sadly enough, yup, you will have to check their articles to find out how many articles of your they took and ask them to remove them.. Thanks a lot once again for informing us, they have quite a few articles of mine and some of my co-author Hana Kimi and i haven’t even checked all of their posts! XD There was another site that was taking articles/reviews/recaps, but not on blogger, and the DMCA complaints worked just fine! But yes, with blogger it will be less tough to work on a complaint. It depends on the site, the other site i had contacted, i never received a reply and they kept taking articles, but the DMCA complaints from many blogs did the talking. In this occasion since that site cooperates i think that we could just ask them to take down everything they took from us and if they don’t a blogger complaint would be just fine i guess. Time shall tell if we’ll be killing flies on a hot summer day or not! XD

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