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Yong Pal ~ Episode 11 Recap [TriAngle]


“It hurt me so much when you said that you’d steal away the person i loved the most.
But at least you knew that the person i loved the most was you.”


∠ ~ Rejoicing of the wicked.


Yeo Jin’s dynamically back in the game surprising everyone while pretending to be Young Mi who suffers from aphasia and amnesia. The signs point towards the direction that she won’t be recalling anything soon. The company’s representative is more than pleased and she will be receiving treatment on the 12th floor until the shareholders’ meeting. In the meantime, she mustn’t get in touch with her family or labor unions. Tae Hyun will be in charge of her treatment process.


Once the nurse left the room Tae Hyun couldn’t believe she’s back in this hell on earth and expressed his concerns! Before finishing his flow of thoughts she hugged him like there’s no tomorrow and she let him know that she received the vibes of his letter. Even though it was a call for help Tae Hyun would never want her to come back at the hospital. She’s more than happy she saw him once again and her smile shines brighter than the sun as she urges him to say how happy he is if he really is happy! Tae Hyun can’t believe she’s actually smiling under these circumstances, but she lets him know that she has a weapon she could use against Do Joon. Yeo Jin’s well aware that they have nowhere to hide anymore and this means only one thing; fighting!

bscap5975 bscap5978bscap5977

President Go’s more than pleased he’s on Do Joon’s ship while the captain hopes they won’t become enemies because of this. The moment for the next step has arrived, taking out of the picture the rest of the pyramid’s workers and putting out Yeo Jin’s obituary notice is the pathway they will walk upon. The housemaid informed Chae Young on their intentions and she met Tae Hyun right away. She informed him that Yeo Jin’s obituary notice will be out soon and urgeed him to leave as soon as possible. Tae Hyun intends to take care of things on his own and she wonders whether he will pretend to have ran away in order to kill himself. Tae Hyun’s not obliged to stay by her side, all he has to do is to leave this place and Chae Young will help him. He wonders why she keeps helping him and she points out that it’s because she’s attracted to him; one way or another. Tae Hyun informs her that he can’t comply and she lets him know that he could contact her anytime in case he changes his mind before it’s too late.

bscap5984bscap5982bscap5983 bscap5986

Tae Hyun leads Yeo Jin towards the restricted area, it’s her current inheritance and in order to reclaim her status she will have to start anew from there. However, Do Joon appeared and the secretary wants Tae Hyun to be present at their meeting. In front of the doll Tae Hyun announced Yeo Jin’s hour of death. Do Joon and president Go shake hands over the doll and Do Joon asks Tae Hyun if his sister’s treatment is flowing well, but apparently there would be no answer. The funeral preparations have already began and they intend to make it as simple as possible in order not to draw attention. President Go tends to differ, it’s not just a funeral but a coronation ceremony with Do Joon becoming the owner of Hanshin Group. President Go will be in charge of the funeral preparations and the secretary will assist him.


Tae Hyun informed Yeo Jin that he just pronounced her dead and that the funeral preparations have began. Her identity will soon be revealed and Tae Hyun urges her to leave. She thinks that the whole situation could actually favor them and she wants Tae Hyun to inform her on everything. President Go was making a public announcement on the latest “events” and he tries to avoid any possible speculation. Yeo Jin was outside of the chamber where the announcement took place and she sent a message asking Do Joon to offer her a good funeral! Once the secretary read it he lost the world underneath his feet. They can’t trace it either since it’s Do Joon’s secure phone number, a number only a few family members know.

 bscap5999bscap5995bscap5996 bscap5998

Tae Hyun urges Tae Yong to operate Chief Surgeon Lee if he doesn’t want him to pass away but he’s not willing to comply because of the security’s orders. Tae Hyun plays his own card by presenting himself as a shallow materialist and Tae Yong as a real doctor. Even so, Tae Yong doesn’t intend to progress since he makes decisions on the whole surgery department’s benefit and Tae Hyun asks him right away if he reported him because he’s no longer a member of the surgery department. Tae Yong just lost the “real doctor” title in front of Tae Hyun’s eyes.


The funeral preparations have began and the Head Nurse points out that it looks more like a festival than a funeral while Tae Hyun thinks that he should take Yeo Jin out of this place as soon as possible. She urges him to start worrying about himself a bit more and have faith on Yeo Jin since she’s not as weak as she appears to be. Tae Hyun wants her to help him save Chief Surgeon Lee.


Do Joon and president Go have arrived at the funeral and Do Joon tries hard not to burst into laughter! He wants Yeo Jin to rest in heaven as he will gladly go to hell! The first incense he tried to place actually broke, but his second attempt was successful! One after the other everyone starts paying their “respect” towards Yeo Jin and president Go informed Do Joon that the ones loyal to him are wearing gray ties. Not a single tear was shed that day and Do Joon stares everybody at their ties. The small conversations with everyone flow accordingly depending on their tie color! Chae Young’s father was apologetic on his daughter’s behalf and Do Joon urged him to awaken her if she wants everything to flow well in her father’s career! Yeo Jin sent yet another message letting Do Joon know that once people find out she’s alive and well the whole world will turn upside down! The secretary couldn’t believe his eyes for one more time and he rushed to check the body which didn’t belong to Yeo Jin! The secretary and the security chief have exactly two days to find the real body before the funeral.

bscap6007 bscap6010bscap6009 bscap6012bscap6011 bscap6013

The security chief went right away to the Head Nurse and he wants further explanations on why she identified a random body as Yeo Jin. She feigns ignorance but things have become more threatening and she told them that she was following the lead of Chief Surgeon Lee who made it look like Yeo Jin passed away and took her somewhere else. The secretary wants Chief Surgeon Lee to undergo surgery and Tae Hyun is the right person to do it. Once his sister’s health popped up during the conversation he could only comply.

bscap6014 bscap6016bscap6017 bscap6018

∠ ~ “It’s more a case of haves against haven’ts.”


Do Joon gave it a rest for today and he found Chae Young who had already started drinking! She asks him if he was pleased to receive her father’s loyalty and she admits her defeat! All she wants from Do Joon is to finally let her go and she brings Tae Hyun on the table of the negotiations since she’s not the only hostage! Chae Young wants a divorce since Yeo Jin’s not alive anymore and her plans won’t work out. She will be more than pleased with the alimony she will receive, but Do Joon informs her that she will never be able to escape. Chae Young wonders why does he hold on to her even though she won’t even sleep with him and the answer is that he loves her! Chae Young could only laugh at such a statement and she points out that it’s not love, but obsession! Do Joon agrees that she may be right since everyone he ever loved abandoned him. His mother committed suicide when he was little, his father from a moment and on didn’t treat him like a son, his stepmother even though he loved her abandoned him too after having Yeo Jin and all he could do was to bury them with his own hands! It’s Yeo Jin’s turn and nobody can abandon him anymore, unless he abandons them first.

 bscap6021bscap6020bscap6019 bscap6022

Chae Young informs him that she was in love with a humble man before marrying him. He was a good person and she was pregnant to his baby, but the scenery had already been set for Do Joon to get married to her. Following Do Joon’s father’s orders, Chae Young’s father made that man’s family go bankrupt and later on he committed suicide. All he left behind was a note expressing how sorry he was for being unable to protect her. Chae Young had to abort the baby and she refers to Do Joon as an assailant and not a victim. Once she lets him know that she will never have his child he breaks his glass and throws her on the sofa. Even though he’s forceful she doesn’t reflect back everything he tries to enforce and she emphasizes on the fact that he can kill her, but he will never have her.

bscap6026 bscap6033bscap6034bscap6029

Do Joon keeps drinking and drinking and the secretary was the one who ran the background check on Chae Young back in the days. He never let Do Joon know the whole truth because it was his father’s decision. The fact that the secretary knew more than Do Joon sounded more threatening, but the real menacing part of the story was when president Go’s words started echoing anew in the secretary’s mind since he’s just a worker of the pyramid. Do Joon’s inferiority complex stroke back, but the secretary’s head was safe from his glass this time!


Yeo Jin sent another message urging the secretary to bring her passport to Incheon airport if he doesn’t want to end up dead alongside Do Joon! The security chief will be in charge of the whole operation after informing everyone, including the hospital’s security, except for the army! After Tae Hyun saved Chief Surgeon Lee’s life he went to find Yeo Jin who sent a message to Chae Young from Tae Hyun’s phone pretending to be him and asking her to get him out of there! It’s the perfect chance for him to escape since all the security guards are heading towards the airport, but he can’t leave without her. Yeo Jin insists that she must keep up the fight and she’s got a task for Tae Hyun since he’s the only one she trusts. She wants him to marry her, then he will become her heir and legal guardian and he’ll be able to protect her from Do Joon! Tae Hyun agrees in a blink of an eye, but she wants him to be more thoughtful and before finishing her sentence there’s a kiss! It was his answer which was the outcome of his deep thoughts!

bscap6041bscap6042 bscap6043 bscap6049bscap6048 bscap6053bscap6051bscap6052 bscap6057

Everyone’s at the airport while Yeo Jin’s words keep echoing in Tae Hyun’s mind! There was one man left behind to prevent him from leaving, but the couple from the elevator was Chae Young’s people and took care of him! Tae Hyun has escaped from the hospital and he wants her to take him to the airport while Yeo Jin’s heading towards the restricted area. Chae Young thinks that Tae Hyun contacted her willingly and he’s thankful for her saving him! He keeps repeating how thankful he is while she thinks he will be going abroad and that she’s willing to follow him after her divorce. He lets her know that he loves someone else, but she thinks that he’s lying since she’s done her own investigation.

bscap6060 bscap6063bscap6059bscap6062

∠ ~ Enthroned righteousness.


Yeo Jin sends another message urging the secretary come to her room now that everyone’s at the airport. He checks the CCTV to find out she’s inside the restricted area again since her fingerprints are the key to the room! She recalls her comatose self and the vicious people that were visiting her, but she also remembers Tae Hyun’s encouraging words. Her fingerprints activated the Hanshin Group panel and the bed which was keeping her in deep slumber has actually become her throne. She’s being scanned and her father’s video starts playing. Yeo Jin watching the video means that she’s qualified to become the owner of Hanshin Group, but it also means that her father is no longer among the living.

bscap6071bscap6073 bscap6075

He’s relieved she won’t have to try to kill herself again and Yeo Jin can’t hold back her tears. He doesn’t want her to harm herself anew and he’s apologetic, but the restricted area was the only way to save her. Even though it hurt him the moment she said she would take away the person he loved the most, he was thankful with the fact that she knew who that person was. He was well aware that Do Joon wouldn’t wake her up, but he couldn’t do anything about it and he was apologetic for being unable to protect her to the very end. He knew Yeo Jin was dating Sung Hoon from Daejung Group, but he decided to trust her. Before the accident he became aware of a variety suspicious activities and he found out that Sung Hoon was secretly communicating with Do Joon. He had approached her on purpose and he had received information on a project Hanshin Group had invested lots of money. He intended to set her up on false charges in order for Do Joon to kick her out once and for all, but Sung Hoon wanted both Yeo Jin and the secret information and ended up dying. Yeo Jin was lucky enough to survive even though she was Do Joon’s second target and her emotional collapse was omnipresent inside the restricted area, but shortly after tears of relief start falling.

bscap6077 bscap6080bscap6081 bscap6084

This room was the most her father could do for her and she has to use it wisely while she will be getting stronger. Yeo Jin found a USB with information on Hanshin Group’s slush fund and how it was used in political circles. If everyone finds out she wields that USB nobody will dare to harm her. Only the one with such information can become the real owner of Hanshin Group and she must protect it at all costs. His last words were that even though people were doubtful towards him up to the very end he truly loved her mother and that’s how he was able to protect Hanshin Group. He let her know how much he loved her and urged her to protect Hanshin Group. The secretary couldn’t enter the restricted area until Yeo Jin permitted his entrance. At that point he witnessed both the chairman’s face on the video and Yeo Jin. He thinks she’s a mouse in a trap, but Yeo Jin wants him on his knees!

bscap6089bscap6090 bscap6093bscap6096bscap6097bscap6100

◎ ~ Circular view.


Yong Pal managed to achieve its third best ratings to date by reaching 19.3%. I am really curious if it will be able to surpass 20.5% and set yet another personal record. To be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me after today’s great episode, an episode which possessed pretty much everything. Promises, hugs, kisses, suspense, proposals, divorces, a modern throne which used to be a prison and various shapes of fear, a fear which starts changing sides.


Yong Pal’s 11th episode was some sort of bliss to my eyes and most and above all, it was unpredictable, story-progressing and insightful! It could only make me more eager for time to flow faster so that i will be able to watch the 12th one, but then again, i don’t know how i will be able to cope with a week’s time before the next episodes start airing. Well, i know since my last exams are at the very beginning of the next week, but that’s another sad part of the story. Let’s talk about Yong Pal now.


Tae Hyun’s heart had turned into a jackhammer from the moment he witnessed Yeo Jin back at the hospital. In one hand he was more than happy seeing her, on the other hand he was too concerned to show it! Yeo Jin didn’t only offer a helping hand for him to reveal how glad he was seeing her anew, but a healing hug too in order for both of them to let the moment blossom by diminishing the distance between them! I still can’t believe how beautiful Tae Hee’s smile is even through bandages!


Chae Young becoming aware that Tae Hyun was next in line as Do Joon intended to finalize the pyramid worker cleansing after the funeral could mean only one thing. She rushed to his aid, but now that Yeo Jin was back at the wolves’ lair he would never leave her alone in order to escape.


Do Joon and president Go shaking hands over the doll which was supposed to present Yeo Jin’s lifeless body was twice as a mockery towards her face, especially since they were considering dead. Shameless and disgusting is the polite way to describe them, subhumans and sickening excuses of wasting oxygen is the least impolite way since i don’t want to pass the thin red line i have already crossed in my mind. President Go wanted the funeral to become Do Joon’s grand declaration of his profound monarchy under the veil of their heartless collaboration and it was bound to turn into a dreary business trip.


Yeo Jin in villain outfit with the black hat and mask was irresistibly adorable even if we could only see her eyes, but they are enough to do the talking, right? The message technique was intriguing since they couldn’t track her down and she would set the flames of fear alight among their ranks. She succeeded in it with one message appearing right after the other throughout the episode even though the first ones didn’t reach their arch recipient, Do Joon. However, the secretary will make things even more interesting!


Tae Hyun knows who he is, he loves money, but his conscience and skills as a doctor are highly representative of his humane side. Tae Yong isn’t any different from Tae Hyun when it comes to ambition, but he would never be on the same level as Tae Hyun neither in terms of skills nor in terms of achieving his own ambitions. Tae Hyun fought back face to face with words, not through a coward phone call to the police force. He’s always straight forward even when he tries to keep a few things to himself so that his plans will blossom. Tae Yong is hideous, secretly ambitious even though he pretends to be reflecting a team spirit and Tae Hyun’s very presence makes him feel so below the surface. With such negativity and attitude he would never go half as far as Tae Hyun will ever be.


The funeral was neither a coronation nor a ceremony, it was a parody of a blinded by his own complexes and ambitions “man,” a parody orchestrated by president Go with Do Joon being the frail maestro. The incense breaking was symbolizing that his plans aren’t going to succeed, at least not at this point, but it was also delivering the vibes that Yeo Jin could actually be somewhere out there; alive. Not a single tear was shed that day as it was pure business under the veil of non-existent mourning and pledging allegiance through gray ties.


Gray wasn’t randomly chosen, it’s the color of deprivation, a lifeless color representing the very “soul” and essence of such people willing to sacrifice anything and anyone for more wealth and power. It’s the color after all white of happiness has surrendered and the black curtain of mourning has subsided. It’s as stagnant, neutral and depersonalized as it can get and the fact that Do Joon was only staring at the ties before the person wearing them was utterly representative of life’s ongoing humiliation.


The Head Nurse found herself in danger, but her mind was sharp and fast enough to save Chief Surgeon Lee and conceal all suspicion at the same time since he can’t talk for now. At this point, the way i see it is that she didn’t tell Yeo Jin her father’s last words, but she mentioned the way to listen to these last words inside the restricted area.


Do Joon is a parasitic organism with the host being life itself. He’s ravenous, loveless and obsessed with people and things he never had and never will. I do admit that his past was traumatic, but instead of healing himself and embrace the light he drowned in utter darkness to find himself in a gray zone at the present. All the people he ever loved abandoned him one after the other. The urge to live surrendered to acquiring everything he never had, wealth and power as a form of revenge, but he had to sacrifice something far too great, everything that was once human deep within.


Nothing satisfying happens inside this gray zone and no color dares to enter either. He only laughs at others’ demise and when he finds himself in a devastating situation which keeps nurturing his current internal condition he refuses to cry. His laughter is the camouflage of his fears and the cracked shield of his ambition. He was used to burying loved ones, loved ones that had put him in a corner. Now he buries people without remorse, if they’re loved ones or not it doesn’t really make a difference as long as their absence keeps preserving his own ambitions.


Chae Young’s past was heartrending as well and she proved that she never was an overambitious woman even though her father’s position was a strong one and his connections even stronger. These connections ruined a life filled with happiness and love as Do Joon was craving for her presence in his life at all costs. His father enforced his son’s desires upon Chae Young’s father who played his own part in making Do Joon’s “dream” and Chae Young’s nightmare start breathing. The man she loved took his own life and their child never got to see the light of dawn. Chae Jung Ahn was simply and effortlessly astonishing.


Do Joon and Chae Young’s fathers’ sins are being reflected on them as they had a severe impact upon them. Both Do Joon and Chae Young became overambitious with Do Joon surrendering even further to the dark side and Chae Young trying to acquire as much as she could in the maelstrom of emptiness she found herself in. Do Joon became a hostage of his own sickening desires and Chae Young a hostage of Do Joon. Sexually harassing her to have something he never had and never will was just more palpable proof of what a nasty piece of work he is and that the only thing he will ever take from her is her life. Until then he will have her everlasting pity. The secretary knowing all that and never saying a word was yet another blow on his ego’s portrait.


Yeo Jin wanting to marry Tae Hyun in order to become her heir and legal guardian, but also both of them being able to protect one another, may have seemed like a contract. Well, it kind of was, but it was heartfelt and real at the same time! The reflexive kiss was the most representative way to seal this contract with both mind and heart and i have to admit that i love their immediate “decisions!” At first it was Yeo Jin’s hug inside her room to ease Tae Hyun’s concerns, then it was Tae Hyun’s kiss to ease her own! Yeo Jin informing Chae Young to save him through his own cellphone was the only way to get Tae Hyun out of the hospital since her plan was progressing. Saving him and assigning him with a task she couldn’t accomplish on her own was essential at this very moment. Tae Hyun probably has to get her passport from the security chief at the airport and i am really curious how he’s going to make it happen if that’s the case here and the secretary doesn’t have it!


Chae Young was more than glad that Tae Hyun accepted her help, but she was unaware of the fact that Yeo Jin was the one to send the message. Being attracted to him and intending to follow Tae Hyun abroad after her divorce was pointing towards the direction that she finally found another person she could love after the man she lost back in the days. Her decisions prove that she could set aside the ambitions that started coming to the surface the moment she lost her loved one and their unborn child and start her life anew.


It’s the life she was dreaming of, but it was so violently stolen from her, a life she found in Tae Hyun’s face and she progresses it in an one-sided way with her very own temperament. Tae Hyun could see what was going on and he was trying to discourage her in his own way without mentioning Yeo Jin. No matter how hard he tried she was dedicated to everything she wanted to say without listening to Tae Hyun’s warnings who kept on being thankful, but there was always a “but” factor among his sentences.


Yeo Jin watching the video her father left for her was an emotionally fortified lengthy scene that did justice to Kim Tae Hee’s acting capabilities. You could see the art of tears through her gradually changing facial expressions as the video was progressing. Since she woke up from slumber and watching this video it could only mean that she’s willing to live anew and become the rightful owner of Hanshin Group. It was a video full of love, caring, regret and relief. It was a heartfelt confession of a dying man and it was also insightful concerning the past since the remains of Yeo Jin’s feelings towards Sung Hoon needed a final lasting closure that wouldn’t leave behind any emotional traces.


A wide variety of tears paraded in front of our very eyes as they were ranging from grief to devastation, relief to determination and eventually internal strength in the making. The restricted area was the only way to save her. Even though he was seemingly harming her by taking away her freedom it was the only way to keep her alive after her ongoing suicidal attempts. In addition, her father was well aware of Do Joon’s intentions to keep her comatose once and for all and he formed a prison that could turn itself into a luxurious hi-tech lifeboat.


The USB will be her most powerful weapon since she will be able to move mountains both in offensive and defensive terms. Yeo Jin wields more power than she would ever imagine and the secretary will be her first puppet, but Yeo Jin will also be his one and only chance to remain alive. Her father’s last words commemorating his everlasting love both for her mother and herself was the most representative expression of familial love under these circumstances. The glass prison transformed itself into a crystal palace and the bed that kept nurturing her nightmares has become the throne where dreams can start breathing at the starting point of the princess’ proper awakening.


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Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. September 10, 2015 at 9:27 am — Reply

    Loved this episode and loved this recap. Thanks once again. I watched without the English subtitles but still, I was blown away by their acting. I think kim tae hee is very good at alternating her emotions – anger, despair, hopeful, loving… She is a true heiress after all.

    Will check in here again

    • September 10, 2015 at 1:48 pm — Reply

      Shuerei! 🙂 You couldn’t resist and went inside the raw jungle! Their acting is powerful and their chemistry even stronger! Yup, she’s really good at that, she’s some sort of a fast forward chameleon during such scenes transforming herself from one emotion to the other! “She is a true heiress after all. ” She is! 😀 Check in as many times as you want to, you’re always welcome! 🙂

  2. September 10, 2015 at 12:56 pm — Reply

    I also liked the spontaneity in this show. The proposal. The kiss.
    While many argued it’s too soon, I think people would do the same under such circumstances.
    I like the way Yeo Jin initiated the proposal, as the marriage will buffer against their common enemies. It will give a rightful place to tae hyun to protect her and for her to preserve his life.
    I like the tie color references in this show. In real life there is no black and white area, which people often presume would be so. That’s what defines President go – his plans would differ had Yeo Jin been alive – which may indicate he might have an idea about a possible slush fund…. So he may have wanted to use Yeo Jin to gain greater power or access to the politicians. Now we can use Yeo Jin’s plight had been a blessing in disguise coz now she could utilize and leverage on the company secrets for her:others own good. Now we can also see that yongpal is perhaps more fortunate than he thought so – if he had not been desperate for money he would not have crossed path with Yeo Jin. Well it’s destiny..,

    • September 10, 2015 at 1:52 pm — Reply

      Nothing is too soon in this drama for me, it keeps everything flowing for a reason, not only story-wise, but about the way the feelings progress under a wide variety of circumstances as well.
      I didn’t expect the marriage proposal, but i was really glad it came up as an option, they will be able to help one another in a more palpable way in order to fight fire with fire! President Go probably knows more than we expect, but he definitely knows much more than Do Joon does and he reveals one piece at a time as soon as it fits his plans. A blessing in disguise indeed, she’s well aware of everything in Hanshin Group and that gives her utter power if used wisely! Yong Pal was more fortunate that he would ever imagine, from the pits of hell and uncertainty he found the outskirts of heaven! It’s his choices that defined him, but it’s destiny that weaves its way! 😀

      • September 10, 2015 at 4:31 pm — Reply

        Yong Pal was more fortunate that he would ever imagine, from the pits of hell and uncertainty he found the outskirts of heaven!

        It’s his choices that defined him, but it’s destiny that weaves its way!

        Two fantastic phrases you made, kwon. It described the essence of this whole show, about Yong pal. Our boy deserves it!

  3. September 10, 2015 at 1:29 pm — Reply

    I always wonder why you write ‘Triangle’ in some of your recaps??

    • September 10, 2015 at 2:04 pm — Reply

      Snowchingu! At least during the first 6-8 episodes it helps me making the recap part smaller as i cut the recap part in three periods that preserve a like-minded meaning the way i see it and that’s why i put 1 title for each angle of the 3! 😀

      • September 11, 2015 at 2:45 pm — Reply

        Ohk! Now I understood 😛

  4. September 10, 2015 at 1:44 pm — Reply

    Sorry kwon, cant help inserting more comments. It’s lovely and heartfelt how YJ instinctively read his true intent. Their brief time together was all it needed to know Yong pal well enough that he is not abandoning her due to his own “ambition” as a doctor but rather to keep her away and safe.

    Yeo Jin approaches love with such childlike gestures, she initiated the kiss on the hill, the hug, the questions “say you happy to see me..and the proposal… And yongpal totally melted in her presence. I don’t know why some viewers can’t see what is so obvious that they are really so in love.

    And throughout all these, they didn’t profess love to each other (I am glad as I detest corny stuff like that). The way they interacted felt perfectly natural.

    I do feel sad for char young. After such a terrible experience, she deserves a really nice guy to love her. Too bad it isn’t Yong pal..but I hope dearly that she will find love in the future.

    • September 10, 2015 at 1:57 pm — Reply

      There’s nothing to be sorry about, just express yourself freely! 🙂
      They got to know so much about one another in such a short period of time simply because the circumstances made them infuse both meaning and emotion in their interactions, meaning to survive, emotion… because you don’t choose when it will enter your life! 😀
      She’s an initiative machine whenever she chooses to express her feelings through a kiss, a hug, or simply by appearing to ease Tae Hyun’s burden. Childlike approach indeed, like the princess she is!
      There’s something fresh and natural about this couple, you can’t help it but ultimately ship them! *still misses Stephanie Lee* XD
      Chae Young deserves so much love after everything she went through! It’s sad that Tae Hyun won’t be the one to stand by her side, but i won’t she won’t end up dead by Do Joon’s hands and lovelorn by her one one-sided feelings, she deserves a rewarding and cleansing ending!

      • September 10, 2015 at 2:53 pm — Reply

        Fresh and natural. That’s it. They both take in everything with no agenda for pr

      • September 10, 2015 at 4:29 pm — Reply

        Fresh and natural. That’s it. They both take in everything with no agenda for profit or for self. She even knew he would be happy to see her… And he knew he couldn’t lie to her or act stern to drive her away (again).

        I am very excited about the fact that he made strategic moves and decisions to save sister and her when she was incapacitated. And now she is doing the same. She is making plans and maneuvering situations to keep then both alive. For better or worse they are meant for each other.

  5. September 10, 2015 at 1:56 pm — Reply

    Sorry sorry I am back again! I was a bit lost in the translation… Did so hoon loved her? Even if he had, would she forgive him for trying to ruin her and yet not coming clean with that before eloping. Or was he planning to confess before the “marriage”….
    If anything at all, with this new info, she would appreciate tae hyun more because he is noble and has no ulterior motives. Although he stands to inherit everything but it’s clear she sees her dad in him. Who truly loved her mother and not the wealth.

    • September 10, 2015 at 2:02 pm — Reply

      Your sorry isn’t acceptable because there’s nothing to be sorry about! XD
      As for Sung Hoon, he didn’t love her in the first place and then he either fell for her and wanted both the treasure box and the princess OR he wanted the treasure box and Yeo Jin in order something good would pop up in the future again.
      Tae Hyun is definitely someone she would appreciate to a wider extent, especially now that she knows the truth about the past. Definitely agree, Tae Hyun’s ulterior motive had always been saving his sister, that’s why he found himself in debt and that’s why he invented Yong Pal to take off this burden and save his sister, especially the second one. But right now there’s no other motive than protecting Yeo Jin and himself in order to preserve their love. Becoming her heir is just fate’s blessing in the name of love for his trust and feelings. Great insight Shuerei, he must definitely remind her of his father when it comes to his feelings for her mother! Because everyone knows that Tae Hyun was after money and they will believe that he’s after her fortune, but it is love! 😀

      • September 10, 2015 at 3:07 pm — Reply

        Hi kwon, my typo up there..
        Fresh and natural. That’s it. They both take in everything with no agenda for profit or for self. She even knew he would be happy to see her… And he knew he couldn’t lie to her or act stern to drive her away (again). I am excited about the fact that he made strategic moves and decisions to save sister and her when she was incapacitated. And now it’s her turn. She is making plans and maneuvering situations to keep then both alive. For better or worse they are meant for each other.

    • September 10, 2015 at 2:20 pm — Reply

      BTW, in the absence of Yong Pal and in a few days i watched 18 eps of Bridal Mask! XD

      • September 10, 2015 at 7:40 pm — Reply

        Wow how’s that possible? How do u find joo won in Gaksital and here?
        Any differences you noted?

        • September 11, 2015 at 8:56 pm — Reply

          Joo Won owns in Gaksital! Only the last ep remains, but i will watch it after the exams! XD His role in Gaksital is more multifaceted and he fully projects his talent!

  6. September 10, 2015 at 10:25 pm — Reply

    […] Episode 11  Episode 10  Episode 09  Episode 08  Episode 07  Episode 06  Episode 05  Episode 04  Episode 03  Episode 02  Episode 01 […]

  7. September 11, 2015 at 12:53 am — Reply

    Thanks for a very nice recap. Just want to mention that I don’t think the second incense stick was a success. Even though it didn’t break it looked like the fire went out shortly after it was lit. Just wanted to note that the bad omens kept on coming.

    • September 11, 2015 at 8:57 pm — Reply

      You’re very welcome and thanks a lot for pointing it out, yup, the second incense wasn’t that successful either and now we’re left with a cliffhanger after the 12th ep!!

  8. September 11, 2015 at 2:12 am — Reply

    The scene between Do Joon and Chae Young was my favourite part of the episode. I know I’m suppose to hate him, but I like how the writers have fleshed out Do Joon and made him somewhat real. He does awful things, but I feel more pity than hate, which probably makes him annoyed lol.

    • September 11, 2015 at 8:59 pm — Reply

      It was such an awesome scene, loved my noona so much during these moments! At times i hate him, but there are times i pity him, haven’t made up my mind, but my hate is alive for him! “but I feel more pity than hate, which probably makes him annoyed lol.” So true! XD

  9. rozie
    September 11, 2015 at 3:33 am — Reply

    hi kwon & shuerei…I love reading your reply back and forth with each other. 🙂 Me too Kwon, I watch Gaksital as well while waiting for the next episode. As well as 2 days 1 night 2nd season & even 7th grade civil servant!…I think I’am becoming Joo Won addict….
    Both Joo Won & Kim Tae Hee has a great chemistry. I just love the flow of the story…& how the director pull us back from the adrenaline rush & feed us with the romantic journey & push us back on the adrenaline & track that full with suspense….to wait for next week ep 13 is quite a hell for me….

    • September 11, 2015 at 9:01 pm — Reply

      Heya rozie, thanks a lot for your words and for your comment! Haha, Joo Won has occupied a big part of your brain it seems! I am on the 27th episode of Gaksital, all that remains is to watch the last one, but during next week after the exams! XD
      I love their chemistry, Tae Hee and Joo Won are so great together! We get a bit of everything during teams of episodes, adrenaline then romance, then adrenaline again and now cliffhanger! >.<

      • rozie
        September 12, 2015 at 12:17 am — Reply

        Ya kwon…same here. I am on ep 7 of gaksital. His acting is awesome. He looks like a baby in 1d2n but totally transform in gaksital n yongpal. Joo won chemistry and kim tae hee is the best. I just watch his recent V last nite. This time tae hee noona join him. Both of them are so sweet. He is ever the affectionate joo won. 😍😍😍

        • September 13, 2015 at 11:11 pm — Reply

          Haven’t watched 1d2n, but he’s doing an awesome work in both Gaksital and Yong Pal indeed! He sacrifices himself for his first female leads! 😀 Joo Won and Tae Hee are shippable together ^-^ And her new look owns! Can’t wait for exams to end to watch the last ep of Gaksital and write a review! XD

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