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Yong Pal ~ Episode 10 Recap [TriAngle]


“I hope that you have a long time before your expiration date;
The date when you outlive your usefulness.”


∠ ~ Danger awareness.


The woman and the baby got transferred on the 12th floor inside Chae Young’s room. Tae Hyun was glad everything went fine, but he had to give fake identity information in order to protect the woman and he took her under his responsibility. At that point he found that Nurse Hwang and the director had passed away and that Chief Surgeon Lee had gone missing. In the meantime, Yeo Jin was praying at the church and she let Ali sleep on her feet. The sister comforts her by letting her know that God probably listened to her prayer and that Tae Hyun will return.

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Tae Hyun went to meet Doo Chul and his underling and both of them are feeling better. He urges them to get discharged as soon as possible and it felt like he was saying goodbye unless Yong Pal would pay them another visit. On his way out he noticed his father and shortly after he found out his sister had been transferred to the 12th floor. Tae Hyun got enraged and he strictly believes that going to the US and receive proper treatment is the best solution for his sister.

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A direct father-son confrontation took place with the father acting like the legal guardian and Tae Hyun talking back to support his point of view, it’s something that made his father hit him. After a short investigation Tae Hyun found out that his sister earned the support of the Han Shin Group welfare foundation when it comes to medical treatment. The new director wanted to see Tae Hyun who got informed that the welfare foundation was suddenly out of budget and his sister’s transfer to the US can’t progress. He urges Tae Hyu to meet Do Joon himself since he’s being favored by him and wants him to keep working on the 12th floor.

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In the meantime, Chief Surgeon Lee has disguised himself and acquired a new passport. Yeo Jin’s inside her room and this time there’s no “knock knock knocking on heaven’s door” from the other side of the wall, but she can recall these moments in her loneliness. Since she can’t sleep she decides to pray and lights the candles in front of the shrine, but once she finished praying one of the candles fell on the floor and the glass broke; bad omen. Nighttime isn’t easy for Tae Hyun either as time keeps passing by inside his office, but he can’t stand still. He wants his sister to take her passport and her wallet and follow him to the airport, but there’s no way out of the hospital. Once he reaches the parking lot he receives a message that his sister could get hurt anytime once he decides to leave.

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The Head Nurse wonders why Tae Hyun came back and she’s worried about Yeo Jin. He reassures her that she’s safe, but under any circumstance he was bound to come back because of his sister who’s the 12th floor’s hostage. He lets her know that after the director and Nurse Hwang he’s probably the next in line. Tae Hyun didn’t leave Yeo Jin alone and Ali will be the one to accompany her in her walks. Yeo Jin’s concern about Tae Hyun reigns supreme even though she tries to hide it. Chae Young arrived on the 12th floor and she was already aware of the patients inside her room. She’s enthralled by the newborn baby, she’s glad both the mother and the bay are doing fine and orders the personnel to take care of them in her own style!

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Chae Young reassured Tae Hyun that as long she’s around nothing will happen to him, but Tae Hyun warns her that the more she keeps caring for him the more Do Joon will want to kill him. She finds the world a funny place since nobody’s without a weakness, but Tae Hyun doesn’t find it fun and he intends to take care of his matters on his own. Chae Young informs him that without her there’s nothing he can do on his own, even if he runs away they will find him sooner or later.

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∠ ~ A brother’s essence.


Tae Hyun arrived at Do Joon’s household and knelt before him. All he wants from him is to spare his sister’s life and treat her and he will repay his “kindness” by taking his own life. Do Joon reassures him that nothing will happen to his sister, but he shouldn’t bother killing himself, it’s something Do Joon will take care of himself. All Tae Hyun has to do is to make it look like he secretly ran away so that Chae Young won’t become suspicious. At that point Tae Hyun reassured him that nothing’s going on between them, but it’s something that enraged Do Joon who pretends not to care about it. Tae Hyun’s not longer useful and that’s why he has to get silenced. The moment Yeo Jin died his fate had already been sealed.

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The secretary informs Tae Hyun that his sister will be sent to the US today, all he has to do is to make it seem as if he ran away from Chae Young. Tae Hyun can’t really trust the secretary, but he reassures him that he can promise that everything will be fine with his sister. He will convince Do Joon himself even though Tae Hyun provoked his pride. Tae Hyun will be taken out of the picture after Yeo Jin’s funeral since there are many eyes watching for the time being. Tae Hyun’s thankful concerning his sister, but he also warns the secretary that he should start taking into consideration his own expiration date since nobody’s irreplaceable in front of Do Joon.

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Tae Hyun decided to enter the restricted area after all this time and the ambiance is asphyxiating. He writes a letter to Yeo Jinah as he’s pretty certain she’d think he’s being rude for one more time by calling her this way! He lets her know that both the mother and the baby will be fine and she wants him to tell Ali that the baby is small and beautiful. Once his sister leaves for the US he will come back, but in the end he’s apologetic for all these lies as he may never be able to return in the end.


Tae Hyun informed the priest that the mother and the baby are gradually getting better, but he won’t be following him back to the church since he has some unfinished business. He handed him over the letter and asked him to give it to Yeo Jin. Once the mother and the child are fine the priest will receive a phone call to pick them up and even though Tae Hyun knows it won’t be possible to return them himself he gives some fake hope to the priest. The Head Nurse was eavesdropping their conversation and the fear carved upon her face was representative.

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Tae Hyun and his sister are on their way to the airport and she notices that he’s quite thoughtful. He says that he’s concerned about her and if she’ll be able to eat and call for help when she will be in pain and he won’t be around. She reassures him that her English skills will make everything flow well and Tae Hyun urges her to live well. She promises that she will stay alive and come back, but she neither wants him to keep worrying nor cry.

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The time for her to depart has arrived and she’s thankful for everything, but Tae Hyun would never wanther to thank him for something he had to do. Tae Hyun emphasizes on the fact that she doesn’t live for him or their father, but for herself. She doesn’t quite understand what he wants to convey, but he tells her that no matter how hard and lonely things may get she has to hang in there for herself. He can’t hold back his tears and says it was because he was very concerned about the flow of her therapy. Tae Hyun’s apologetic for being unable to follow her, but So Hyun reassured him that she will endure everything. No matter how far they may be he will always be by her side, but she shouldn’t call him once she arrives since it would cost a lot.

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∠ ~ Masks of betrayal.


The chief of the lower floor’s surgery department had a private talk with Tae Hyun before he left for the airport and Tae Yong was eavesdropping. He doesn’t approve of the internal medicine department reigning supreme on the 12th floor and wants Tae Hyun to promote the surgery department. The Chief Surgeon reassures Tae Hyun that he will be safe by his side and that all this time he never forgot about him as the most fitting candidate for the one and only available position in the surgery department. Tae Hyun lets him know that he will inform Do Joon when he gets the chance to see him. Tae Yong was boiling all this time and he called detective Lee who’s back in his renowned ecstatic mode!

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Tae Hyun had already bade farewell his sister and Chief Surgeon fell on him the moment he noticed the 12th floor fake patients! They start chasing him with Tae Hyun following closely while the detectives had already arrived! Chief Surgeon Lee took off his jacket and entered a group of tourists, but it wasn’t enough since he got stabbed. Tae Hyun rushed to his aid and that’s the moment detective Lee noticed him. Chief Surgeon Lee got transferred to the airport emergency center and Tae Hyun stopped the bleeding for the time being. An ambulance arrived and Tae Hyun reassured Chief Surgeon Lee that he won’t get transferred to the Han Shin Hospital. Detective Lee who referred to Tae Hyun as Yong Pal took him to the police station after Tae Hyun informed the ambulance nurser on Chief Surgeon Lee’s condition. On his way to the hospital the coordinates changed and the new direction is Han Shin Hospital, Chief Surgeon Lee tried to resist but it was in vain!

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The priest gave Yeo Jin the letter in which Tae Hyun informs her that he has to wake up from this dream. She will cherish a happy future once she forgets the painful past, but his own painful past is ongoing at the present and this won’t help her move on. He lets her know that he can only be a doctor and to achieve that he worked hard, its not something he could give up for her since the reason why he became a doctor in the first place was of utter importance. He’s apologetic for not coming back and he’s certain she will live a beautiful life filled with Tae Hyun’s best wishes.


Yeo Jin was devastated but the Head Nurse went to see her. She informed her that she’s on Tae Hyun’s side and that she shouldn’t worry. She was the one who took care of her father before passing away, six months after her accident. His condition was getting worse and he denied any further treatment, but while he was unconscious the board of directors voted for the surgery to proceed. Do Joon made his father’s room a restricted area, but she could enter since she was her father’s surgical nurse and she stood by his deathbed. Before passing away he regained consciouness and he mistook her for Yeo Jin. The Head Nurse was the one to receive his last words and embrace on her behalf. Her father loved her and he was apologetic at the same time and the Head Nurse was there to return both the words and the hug to their rightful owner. Yeo Jin cried her heart out in the nurse’s embrace while being apologetic within a truly heartrending scene and after she was left all alone she was convinced that God refused to listen to her prayers.

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President Go got informed that Tae Hyun was at the police station and Do Joon became worried with the sudden turn of events as he thought Tae Hyun turned himself in willingly after his sister left for the US. President Go calmed him down and the secretary was ordered to move on accordingly. Detective Lee interrogates Tae Hyun who supports to the fullest the fact that he’s a doctor. Saving one’s life is his duty no matter what, but what is also his duty is the fact that he must keep a patient’s confidentiality, it’s the law! Detective Lee asks him if he knows Man Sik and Tae Hyun replies positively as he’s his loan shark. He had to borrow money to save his sister’s life but detective Lee doesn’t seem to be taking seriously and thinks he sold off his own sister! At that point a police officer arrived and informed them that the interrogation has reached the end since Tae Hun must drink tea with the chief of the police force! The team leader considers themselves dead and Tae Hyun informs the police officer that he will drink tea with him at his wife’s room at the hospital.


Nurse Soo met Tae Hyun and he headed towards Chief Surgeon Lee’s direction. Nobody wants to operate him and she thinks it’s time for an “emergency x-ray.” Tae Yong noticed Tae Hyun and he couldn’t believe his eyes! The patient with the gauze appeared, but she was neither Yeon Mi nor nurse Song, Yeo Jin’s back at the hospital!

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Dramaland has a new superhero, the female version of Mumm-Ra; the Gauze Woman!


◎ ~ Circular view.


The 10th episode of Yong Pal reached 17.4% in terms of ratings and it maintains the devoid of competition throne. It was an episode in which the sense of sacrifice but also the lonely and cryptic art of farewell maintained their own dynamics. It was also an episode in which the past came to haunt or enlighten our main figures and determine the pathway they’d walk upon.


Here’s something I wanted to mention at the previous recap but my brain betrayed me because I finished it early in the morning and it skipped my flow of thoughts the last moment. It’s about Tae Hyun’s enthusiasm to play with the children, he wanted so badly to play with them he even “bribed” them with ice-cream and eventually rewarded them with food! It supports the fact that he never had friends as a child or an adult, it’s something which was missing from his life before he met Yeo Jin who didn’t have friends either. Having her by his side at this very moment he wanted her to partake in these games in any way she could and in any way he could help her participate in order for both of them to cherish another aspect of the joys of living in their temporary heaven, especially her.


Just because they don’t have papers it doesn’t make them any less human and Tae Hyun didn’t only save two lives, he also preserved their safety by taking full responsibility and covering the whole incident in his own way. Tae Hyun’s humane side was never under question and he proves it every time the occasion asks for it.


Tae Hyun didn’t only find out that Do Joon’s murderous plan had already began, he also became aware that his sister was the 12th floor’s hostage under the veil of charity. Their father felt at ease now that she was in better hands unaware of Tae Hyun’s medical experience and deeper knowledge of what was going on in the background. Years later, their father decided to act like a proper guardian without taking into consideration the fact that Tae Hyun would only want the best for his sister. Hitting him was the “reward” for the loyalty and love towards his sister and for keeping a family of two people alive all these years on his own. Just because he appeared out of the blue again it doesn’t make him a father in a blink of an eye.


The first night after Tae Hyun left both of them were drowning in loneliness. Even if Tae Hyun was there he would still be in a separate room, but even the knock on the wall would be a sign that he was safe. Yeo Jin couldn’t possibly know how he was or what he was doing and sleep wasn’t an option. The same applies to Tae Hyun, he may had been missing Yeo Jin, but his mind was pointing towards his sister’s direction, especially now that things had gotten more dangerous.


The only plan he could come up with was to escape with her from the hospital and send her to the US, but the instructions were very specific, Tae Hyun should never leave the hospital and whenever the security wasn’t enough the cameras did the talking. Reaching the parking lot was instant bliss, but the moment the message arrived he couldn’t act otherwise but surrender.


Yeo Jin in her dress looks like a princess in exile, ostracized by both the people wanting her dead and herself for herself in order to remain safe. All she can do is pray for Tae Hyun’s safety and the fact that the candle fell and its glass broke was a symbolism that something wasn’t going well. The timing was right since Tae Hyun’s plan to escape was viciously cancelled.


Even in his absence, Tae Hyun would never leave Yeo Jin alone. He made sure she would have someone by her side in case something happened to her. He’s well aware she’s still too weak to walk around on her own and Ali would become that person to keep an eye on her. The Head Nurse is a person Tae Hyun trusts and that’s why he let her know that he’s probably next in line, even if she didn’t know Yeo Jin’s location there had to be someone knowing that she’s safe and what could happen to him.


Chae Young let Tae Hyun know that she’s his one and only bulletproof vest and it’s the truth. She’s the only one holding within the palm of her hand Do Joon’s most sickening secrets and she could turn these amounts of truth against him anytime. However, Tae Hyun wants to proceed on his own without any backup. It isn’t noble idiocy this time, it’s just unconditional love for his sister, he doesn’t want to involve her anymore in this violent playground since he made his decision by putting an end to his part once and for all.


Is it just me or did he look like a priest in that black suit when he went to Do Joon’s household? Tae Hyun knelt in front of a ruthless and devoid of values and feelings “man” and begged for his sister’s life. He even put his life on the line by willing to put an end to it on his own, but it was something Do Joon intended to do himself to make sure his mouth would remain shut once and for all. Letting him know that nothing’s going on between him and Chae Young was a last attempt to save his life.


Even though Do Joon pretended not to care whether something’s going on between them or not he burns with fear that something might had actually happened. He doesn’t trust his wife and he would never trust a man who would do just anything to save his sister. The fact that the pyramid worker “cleansing” has began made Tae Hyun useless to him, but the fact that Chae Young favors him makes the urge to vanish him from the surface of the earth even more urgent.


While Tae Hyun’s life was the key to his sister’s treatment and survival, Tae Hyun’s silent death was the key to Do Joon’s success far away from Chae Young’s suspicions. If she can’t prove Do Joon murdered Tae Hyun she can’t use the Daejung Group card since she will emphasize on trying to find Tae Hyun. Then she will become an easy target for Do Joon and gradually the violent puzzle will be complete.


Tae Hyun’s death will take place after Yeo Jin’s funeral since it would look too suspicious silencing him at this very moment and after his sister left for the US. It’s not like he can run away as he’s under surveillance 24/7. The last thing Tae Hyun could do right before leaving Do Joon’s household was to remind the secretary how disposable he is and once the right moment arrives he will perish.


Tae Hyun entered the clinical ambiance of the restricted area for the first time after the night he saved Yeo Jin’s life. It’s where everything began and it was the right place for the first closure. The first letter he wrote was a lie, he wanted to reassure her that everything will be fine in order for her to stop worrying. It was a letter which would devastate Yeo Jin sooner or later as she would be expecting him to come back but Tae Hyun would be nowhere to be found. It’s something Tae Hyung would never want.


The first heartbreak was inside the car as Tae Hyun was accompanying his beloved sister to the airport. He knew he had some time so he could withstand the heartrending explosions. He was definitely worried he wouldn’t be around to take care of her in her hour of need during her treatment, but his wish for her to live well was more important.


The second and most important heartbreak was at the airport. This time he couldn’t hold back his tears as it was the last time he would see her alive. He tried hard to not awaken his volcanic eyes, but the eruption could not be prevented. However, he hid the reason behind his tears and transformed the fact that he may be seeing her for the last time into pure concern for her treatment process and the hardships she may be facing in his absence. The fact that he would never be able to witness his sister’s most beautiful smile after her full recovery when all life would appear right in front of her was the most devastating part of the story.


He also prepared her for his permanent absence and prevented her from calling him on the phone since he would be unable to reply. Even though she may feel lonely and sad with obstacles lying ahead she should never forget that she’s living for herself, it’s a precious gift she acquired and she should never throw it away even if she would never see her brother again. He’s well aware her beautiful smile will crack the moment she will find he won’t be around and she wants her to persevere and move on.


If there was something i wanted, it was a hug. But it would be too devastating for Tae Hyun who knew what was lying ahead. Time stood still for him the moments he was staring at her walking away and passing the gate to reach the plane. And a quote from another drama; “the memory of someone’s appearance from behind is supposed to last for a very long time.” Tae Hyun’s time on earth would be limited, but remembering his sister leaving would equal an eternity’s duration even for a few days.


Even though Tae Yong appeared for a little while, his sickening stare at the thought of not acquiring the position was immense. He could possibly afford losing it to anyone else except for Tae Hyun who was always more skillful and he was everyone’s first option under difficult operations. What he was unaware of were the reasons why Tae Hyun struggled to become an exemplary surgeon and most and above all why he found himself in the corridors of the underworld as Yong Pal. Jealousy was boiling within and detective Lee was the only way to take Tae Hyun out of the picture, or at least he thought so.


Tae Hyun’s second letter was also a lie; up to an extent. He wanted to make Yeo Jin believe that he would never return. But he didn’t want her to have expectations, if he should shatter her longing he should do it in one blow even though he didn’t believe in some of the things he wrote. He had to protect his sister’s treatment at all costs but he also urged Yeo Jin to leave behind the painful past once and for all, it would be the only way to march towards a brighter future; in his absence. Even though Tae Hyun’s past was overburdening, it wasn’t a burden to Yeo Jin. Both of them were easing each other’s struggles and there would be more light with every passing day. It was the letter of a moribund trying to hide the forthcoming end, the only sincere parts were his wishes and his encouragement to live long and prosper without him since he wouldn’t be around.


The Head Nurse who had overheard Tae Hyun’s conversation with the priest was a deus ex machina figure. She revealed important aspects of the past Yeo Jin wasn’t aware of and she restored her father’s image in her heart. He may had been the one to put her in her glass prison as a dying man’s megalomaniac expression of love, but it would be for a limited period of time and the fact that he was refusing to continue his treatment pointed towards the direction that he wanted Yeo Jin’s torment to reach the end sooner. The only person he would like to see while on his deathbed was no other than Yeo Jin and the fact that he mistook the Head Nurse for his daughter clearly depicts the craving to take Yeo Jin’s image encrypted on the retina of his eyes with him in the afterlife. That was the one and only purpose of the glass prison and even in a hallucinating way he received it.


The Head Nurse returned the embrace and the fact that her father loved her while still being apologetic to their rightful owner and the impact of the whole scene was both devastating and insightful to Yeo Jin’s heart. I am not quite certain, but if i conceived it well there’s another part of her father’s last words we didn’t get to see yet and it played its own part in Yeo Jin’s return. The moment she believed that God had refused to listen to her prayers it was the moment she decided to take life in her own hands instead of living in the backwater hoping for the best.


Even though Tae Hyun’s Yong Pal identity was at fault it was with a reason, it’s the same reason he’s willing to die for. He masterfully preserved his doctor status concerning his twofold duty, saving a patient’s life at all costs and under any circumstances without taking into consideration any other aspect and the fact that a patient’s confidentiality is protected by the law and his vow as a doctor. The moment detective Lee told him that he sold off his sister Tae Hyun’s stare was as if he could take his life right away and detective Lee’s ironic face drastically changed once he sensed the dynamics of his eyes. I will say it once again, in the most crucial moments, whether they are filled with tension or bliss, Joo Won’s eyes do the talking and the message is delivered. It was the stare of someone who eventually sold his own life after all these debts so that he sister can finally get treated and a detective’s instant ecstasy couldn’t tarnish the utmost sacrifice.


Tae Yong’s efforts were devoured by a torrent the moment he witnessed Tae Hyun inside the hospital. Orders from high above had left Chief Surgeon Lee to die all alone on a hospital bed, but Tae Hyun’s return will be a lifesaving vehicle. Yeo Jin’s return at the hospital was an intriguing twist bound to make everyone insane! There’s an interesting week lying ahead with Yong Pal’s 11th and 12th episodes as Yeo Jin’s presence will turn the tables upside down in everyone’s lives while Do Joon and president Go are getting ready for her funeral, Tae Hyun’s extinction and Chief Surgeon Lee’s death. Most probably nothing of that will happen and the chessboard will become more interesting!


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Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. September 4, 2015 at 4:36 am — Reply

    Wow…. You are fast! Wonderful!
    Yes the return of Yeo Jin to the hospital is a good twist. It’s kind of boring making her sit and wait in the church.
    Chief nurse may have said something to prompt her into going back to the hospital
    So far the episodes have been faithful to the concept of forgiving, loving enemies etc so I think her going back has to do with loving Tae Hyun and saving him, because that’s the only thing she could do for him. She lost her dad who kept her away out of love and she doesn’t want to Yong Pal to do the same for her at the cost of his own life. Perhaps she perceived that as God’s answer to her. That her forgiveness for her father knowing the truth has set her free from hate so now she needs to confront the truth to save tae hyun.
    I don’t know whether it’s motivated by revenge as well but her return probably stirs from her decision into doing the right things this time. She has to walk the thin line that divides vengence and justice so I hope the writer pulls off this task in keeping the balance: faith in God, hope for the future and love vs hate.

    • September 4, 2015 at 1:46 pm — Reply

      Yeah, i was so glad she returned to the crime scene! 😀
      I am really curious about the part of the conversation between the head nurse and Yeo Jin we didn’t get to hear! It must had made Yeo Jin make the final decision and head towards the hospital.
      Great point “She lost her dad who kept her away out of love and she doesn’t want to Yong Pal to do the same for her at the cost of his own life.” She doesn’t want to relive the same story twice and at this point the burden will be greater, she would lose Tae Hyun just like her father, but at the same time she would lose the man she loves, it would like losing losing both her father and Sung Hoon one again but at the same time!
      Under such circumstances the thin red line between revenge and justice is actually very thin, she will be tempted by revenge, but i think justice will win since she would never want to become like president Go, Do Joon and the likes! “faith in God, hope for the future and love vs hate.” Definitely agree! Thanks a lot once again for your insightful comment Shuerei! 🙂

      • September 5, 2015 at 3:56 am — Reply

        Thanks for staying up to recap this. It’s a lot of sacrifice and I (we) really appreciate it.
        Talking about sacrifice, the show has tons of it. There are evildoers in the world like do joon, president go, chief doctor and medical director … Even tae Yong …

        But tae hyun stood out coz he never loses focus on the most important need even though it may include sacrificing certain wants. He wanted to ensure his sister is safe but he need to get Yeo Jin out. Now he wants to be with Yeo Jin but he needs to save the mother and child and to send his sister to the US.

        Can’t wait for next recap on ep 11 and 12…. Hope you have a good rest till the recaps.

        • September 6, 2015 at 7:26 pm — Reply

          You’re very welcome Shuerei chingu!
          Indeed, all fairytales have their own evildoers who are willing to bring down our main figures one way or another, but i hope that love will eventually prevail!
          Certainly agree, Tae Hyun takes one step at a time, but that step is the most important at that moment he chooses to move on. He always weights all circumstances and his priorities are always specific without neglecting the ones he must look forward to in the near future. Every episode feels like a Tae Hyun decision while Yeo Jin started entering the game in a more powerful way by the end of the 10th episode!
          Can’t wait for the next 2 episodes! Even though in a week’s time i have 2 exams i will try to make time for the recaps!

  2. Charlene
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    As always fantastic review.

  3. udomania
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    quite interesting the secretary also have apart to play in helping yeo and tae regain authority of hasmin for his life to preserve. also Lee will plus for yong pal

    • September 4, 2015 at 1:48 pm — Reply

      You’ve got a strong point, i thin the secretary will play an important role if he wants to survive and probably in the future he will head towards Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin’s direction. Chief Surgeon Lee never expected that Tae Hyun would be the one to save his life, but he will and their relationship will become more intriguing! The funny thing is that the secretary here was a secretary in My Beautiful Bride too not a while ago! XD Thanks a lot for your comment!

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    Yes kwon…. The ending is awesome.
    She is definitely back!
    The scene was very dramatic and amusing at the same time. Everyone was dropping jaws – tae Yong coz he didn’t expect Yong pal to be back from the police station. Nurses coz they saw a walking “miracle”, tae hyun coz he least expected her to be there…

    • September 6, 2015 at 9:11 pm — Reply

      And i was dropping jaws from laughter, she really looked like a super hero in gauze XD That determined stare! XD I was so happy Tae Yong lost the world underneath his feet when he noticed Tae Hyun back, he definitely has inferiority complex!

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    Sorry are you kwon or hana kimi?
    What exams are you having soon?
    Hope u would pass with flying colors!

    • September 6, 2015 at 9:13 pm — Reply

      Kwon ;D Hope so too, i have studied for them before so i have to study in quality not quantity, but this time i want to pass them once and for all in order to get my bachelor degree! Thank you so much! 😀

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