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Yong Pal ~ Episode 9 Recap [TriAngle]


“This is the Hill of Wind.
If two people who love each other kiss here,
They will return here again.
And if they come back here and kiss again,
They will never be apart.”


∠ ~ Elysian Fields.


Yeo Jin cherishes her freedom’s first morning at the church’s yard, but she’s afraid, afraid of losing Tae Hyun. He prepared breakfast for her and she pretends she can’t eat on her own since she’s too weak and she lets her eyes do the talking in order to convince him that she’s telling the truth! Of course, Tae Hyun didn’t fall for it and urged her to eat on her own in order to exercise her arms! Yeo Jin highly enjoys Tae Hyun’s cooking skills and she’s actually eating proper food for the first time after 3 years! Tae Hyun cuts it in small pieces for her to cherish it to the fullest!

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Tae Hyun’s always by her side holding her in order to exercise her feet and get used to walking. Eventually she decided to walk on her own, but once she was about to fall he rushed to take her in his embrace and encourage her! Suddenly they are too close and the overall ambiance is beautifully awkward! The priest appears thinking they were in the middle of something cute and scolds them for not appearing at the morning mass. He refers to Yeo Jin as Sophia and it’s time for her first confession after 3 years.

bscap4114bscap4110bscap4111 bscap4120

She unveils her sincere thoughts that she was wishing death to visit her enemies but God didn’t answer her prayers. The priest indicates that once you pray with hatred God answers with love and he asks her if she truly loves Ta Hyun. Yeo Jin thinks that she loves and the priest lets her know that her question has already been answered by God. Even though she’s afraid of losing him the priest urges her not to worry since everything’s already decided by God and what’s about to happen will happen. Loving Tae Hyun to a wider extent and asking for God’s grace is the only way to move on. The moment he asked her to love her enemies in order for their souls to be saved along with hers the answer was positively overburdened.

bscap4126bscap4128 bscap4130

Yeo Jin’s feet were swollen since she walked way too much and Tae Hyun took care of them. He made fun of her toes referring to the frog boy’s girlfriend’s name, Aromi, something that would become Yeo Jin’s nickname! Yeo Jin’s thankful towards Tae Hyun for taking care of her and he lets her know that if her recovery flows well they’ll be out of there soon. The place doesn’t really matter as soon as they are together and they started searching for a room right away.

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Tae Hyun found a team of kids and asked them to play with him, the bribe was too strong, ice-cream! Tae Hyun moves around with Yeo Jin on the wheelchair trying to protect her from the ball! The moment he threw the ball at a girl she fell and Tae Hyun had to treat her right away. It was the first time Yeo Jin played this game, but the important part of the story is that she had so much fun! She used to play tennis along with her brother when they were little kids. There was one time that the ball hit her and Do Joon got scolded by their father for not protecting Yeo Jin, it was something she couldn’t withstand she went crying into her room. Shortly after Do Joon followed her and both of them were apologetic towards one another. That was the last time she played tennis, but back then Do Joon’s heart was still pure and they had a good relationship.

bscap4145 bscap4163bscap4164

Now tell me, who else would put his butt on the line for his sweetheart?!

bscap4162bscap4166bscap4167 bscap4168 bscap4170bscap4172

Yeo Jin has never seen a creek in real life and since everyone will be going there Tae Hyun decides to follow them along with her! She’s so happy being there even though she’s sitting while Tae Hyun’s having so much fun playing around with the kids! Even though it’s slippery, Yeo Jin wants to walk and Tae Hyun will be by her side anew. Little Ali informed Tae Hyun on a beautiful location with great view and he took Yeo Jin there right away. Once again, she wants to walk and inside the woods Tae Hyun decides to piggyback her to relieve her feet. He doesn’t find her heavy at all even he makes fun of her weight at first, he used to piggyback his sister a lot and he’s used to it.

bscap4184bscap4180bscap4181 bscap4185 bscap4189bscap4191 bscap4194 bscap4195bscap4196bscap4193

Tae Hyun blames himself for his sister’s sickness. Back in the days, Tae Hyun would spend most of his time with her since both of their parents were working. One day she was sick and after they ate he gave her acetaminophen. It was their father’s pain reliever that had the potential acute liver failure to a child, but it looked like the medicine they were taking for fever. Tae Hyun ran to the local clinic and once the doctor witnessed the medicine he took her right away to the hospital. Poverty prevented his family from paying for his sister’s treatment, but it also turned his father into a drunkard eventually. That’s why he wanted to become rich, instead he became a criminal drowning in debt. The more he was trying to become powerful the more he was leaning towards a weakling’s direction and it’s probably because he didn’t know where he belonged to. Yeo Jin tried to ease his burden by saying that one way or another everyone’s weaker to someone else. She points out that Tae Hyun studied really hard to become a doctor who will be able to save his sister and wished she had a brother like him.

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They reach the top of the hill and the piggyback session has reached the end! It’s the hill of wind once Tae Hyun mentions that it’s a hill related to lovers she kisses him right away and it was such a beautiful kiss with this ever-flowing green around them and the windmills! After the kiss reached the end Tae Hyun could finally let her know that if lovers kiss here and they come back they will kiss again. If that’s the occasion they will never get separated! Yeo Jin would like Tae Hyun to take her there tomorrow again and another beautiful kiss takes place before our very eyes! Once Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin came back he treated everyone to food and he can’t believe Yeo Jin who’s the rightful heiress to the throne actually eats this type of food!

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∠ ~ Conspiracies at the threshold of fear.


Chief Surgeon Lee wants to visit Yeong Mi and the nurse tries to restrain him, but she can’t do much and he eventually goes inside. She informs him that the mother of the patient came, but the security denied her daughter’s existence at the hospital. If anything occurs the nurse should inform him right away. And the patient was actually nurse Song enjoying her sleep! Life isn’t that easy on the 12th floor, especially after Chief Surgeon Lee found out that Nurse Hwang passed away during a hit and run accident and the driver’s nowhere to be found! Overran by fear he decides to meet the director who’s already aware of what had happened. Chief Surgeon Lee unveils his concerns but the director reassures him that nothing will happen to them as they are essential figures of the 12th floor. Nurse Hwang was silenced because she had started becoming dangerous and even though the director’s words sound relieving i can’t say that Chief Surgeon Lee felt better!

bscap4134 bscap4132bscap4131 bscap4135

A meeting takes place and president Go has become the director of reorganization! He wants to get rid of a few of Han Shin Group’s departments and transfer director Kim to the Han Shin Electric department. The secretary disagrees since it’s the company’s most powerful department right now, but that’s why president Go wants to sell it. If Do Joon can’t be the owner of Han Shin Group for the time being he can just raise his holdings in stocks. Do Joon appears to agree, but the secretary still disagrees on director Kim getting the position sincere there are more capable people among their ranks from Do Joon’s side, but president Go wants someone commonly accepted from both sides.

bscap4146 bscap4150bscap4149bscap4147

Chae Young passed the security with one majestic slap and entered the room. She’s curious if president Go earned a lot and asks him if her father will keep his position. The meeting got postponed since Chae Young wants to talk to Do Joon privately. She asks him directly on who will be the next in line and Do Joon asks her if she’s worried about Tae Hyun and if she’s in love with him. Of course she is since he’s her favorite toy for the time being, until she gets tired of him nobody can touch him, after all it’s part of their contract, but she’s also worried about Do Joon. He used to be naive when he was trying to marry her against her will, but now that he’s got blood on his hands she’s well aware he doesn’t intend to stop. Do Joon warns her that if she won’t stop talking he could kill her at some point, but Chae Young points out that if he had that courage she could have possibly loved him! As soon as he doesn’t touch Tae Hyun she doesn’t care about anything he does, but if something happens to him then he will have to kill her next. If that happens when Daejung Group will find out that Do Joon killed Sung Hoon on purpose! Chae Young calls her father to track Tae Hyun’s location and president Go’s actually happy that he won’t even bother to search for him since Chae Young will do so.

 bscap4156bscap4155 bscap4158 bscap4161bscap4160

The doll’s new nurse has appeared and she’s someone straight from Do Joon’s headquarters! Chief Surgeon Lee feels quite uneasy as he recalls Yeo Jin’s words and at some point he noticed a male nurse he had never seen before coming out of the director’s room. The moment he went inside he found out the director was dead and even though he tried to call for help he restrained himself since it could feel suspicious. Overran by fear, Chief Surgeon Lee took his passport and left from the hospital after trying to act as calm as possible in front of the cameras and the new nurse’s sleepless stare! Later on, the Head Nurse and the nurse find it odd that the director passed away due to a heart attack after Nurse Hwang had already died, it’s too much to be a coincidence and on top of that they can’t contact Tae Hyun either!

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∠ ~ Call of duty.


Ali woke up the priest saying that his mother is sick and Tae Hyun recalled the moment when he was hitting the door of the clinic! All of them rushed to their house and Yeo Jin will remain in the car. The woman’s about to give birth and Tae Hyun considers it essential to take her to the hospital, but they don’t have legal papers with all the inhumane inconveniences which derive from it. Everything must take place inside that room and once Tae Hyun recalled his mother dying in front of his very eyes because she wasn’t a VIP patient he took the brave decision. Soon the whole room turned into a makeshift operating room and Yong Pal’s scalpel will do the talking. The anesthetic didn’t work to the fullest, but he decided since time was against them and after the c-section the baby came to this world.


Yeo Jin was relieved to find out everything was flowing well and she encouraged Tae Hyun with her smile. Things weren’t as easy as they appeared to be since the mother must get transferred to the hospital right now. There’s only one hospital Tae Hyun could go right away and it’s no other than the Han Shin Hospital. Yeo Jin will stay with the sister and Tae Hyun along with the priest will leave along with the mother. Yeo Jin’s afraid that something bad could happen to Tae Hyun but he reassured her that everything will be find and he will come back safe after saving the mother’s life and accompanying So Hyun to the airport. The sister believes that Tae Hyun is an angel sent by God and tries to calm down Yeo Jin while Tae Hyun’s agony is omnipresent as he stares at her from the wing mirror.

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◎ ~ Circular view.


Yong Pal fell quite a bit in terms of ratings during the 9th episode, but still, 17% is way too strong to be considered as something less than impressive. The 9th one was an episode with so many hugs, so many kisses, so much love, so much affection, many realizations and references, but there was so much fear as well. It was the fear of the unknown that was silently cracking their temporary paradise. The more this fear will be unveiling its contours the more specific yet more frightening it will start becoming.


Tae Hyun has definitely spoiled Yeo Jin with all this affection to the extent of craving for more! She was in a coma for 3 years, who wouldn’t miss all these warmhearted acts? Of course, Tae Hyun enjoys it to the fullest by making fun of her and eventually complying to her lovely requests to a wider extent each and every time, there’s no end to all this love!


The confession was a method for her to get to see inside herself at that point. The fact that it took her some time to answer on whether she loves Tae Hyun or not was necessary, love is a deeper bond, she doesn’t know him for a long time, but everything she receives and already feels resemble love. There’s also the fear of losing him, it’s a key part of Yeo Jin’s world, she was afraid to accept it through words since all the people she loved and loved her back ended up passing away. It’s something she can’t afford to see happening not only for her own sake, but for Tae Hyun’s life itself as well.


Learning to lover her enemies may be considered as a Christian value or noble idiocy; or even both. However, banishing negativity and hate from her life so that she will only care about loving the person by her side, but also being overran by love as a human being in general, would lean towards the direction of becoming a kindhearted person in order for love to prosper. Negativity never helped anyone and if she had to follow that path she would end up like a female version of Do Joon.


I think the priest wanted to prevent her from following the vengeful path and start thinking that, no matter what, all these people who caused major harm to her and her loved ones will eventually pay for their sins in the afterlife and their crimes in this life. Inside the confession box there was devoutness, fear and love at the same time. If one would like to compare it to her glass prison then the confession box was a narrow place where her prayers could be heard while inside her glass prison her curses would drown in silence.


The more Tae Hyun interacts with Yeo Jin the more expressive he becomes. It’s all thanks to Joo Won being humble yet highly representative when it comes to his facial expressions during the first episodes. His “defense” turned into an emotional pluralism which is no other than the presentation of his current internal world just like his previous minimal yet meaningful approach was highly representative of Tae Hyun back then. Yeo Jin has become an integral part of him and he doesn’t hide it because he doesn’t have to and because he doesn’t want to, it’s as simple as that!


Yeo Jin gets to enjoy so many things within just a few days it feels like she’s in heaven! All these earthly delights she’d been missing for 3 years in a row are happening before her very eyes, in front of these eyes that were secretly staring at the end since every time she would wake up she would think of taking her own life. Not anymore, the first morning she woke up at the church was her first morning of freedom and Yeo Jin breathes life after cleansing the nightmare within. She’s ready to embrace everything lively and vibrant.


Trying to convince Tae Hyun that she can’t eat on her own in order to feed her was her blissful and positive “greed” for affection, the more the merrier! She wants to walk so much she can never get enough of it now that she’s in the outside world! And Tae Hyun’s always by her side or nearby watching carefully each and every step she makes, but he also examines the ground to make sure she won’t fall and in case she does he’s always ready to rush to her aid before she hits the ground! As for her feet? He will always take care of them full of love and humor to brighten her day!


Tae Hyun’s eyes are dripping honey every time he stares at her and her eyes are shining full of life by simply staring at him! They live in a fairytale within a fairytale pounding with love inside the heart of a nightmare which is no other than reality. From the majestic surrounding environment of the monastery to the creek and from there inside the woods for him to piggyback her on the top of the hill. Tae Hyun is the epitome of unconditional love, he’s the guru of such a precious state of the heart!


The Hill of Wind was quite symbolic. It’s all about the wind which fuels the mutual flames of love burning on the inside but also chasing away the clouds of fear. Yeo Jin taking the initiative on a kiss before she would find out the magic that hill hides wasn’t only because of the longing to feel his lips anew, she also wanted to make sure to already seal that magic with that kiss before even listening to the complete sentence. She was certain it would be something beautiful, something she needed to hear, but still, she wanted to feel it first. She wanted it to start taking shape before she even knew about it. Reality is too cruel and since they were on a fairytale place it should be preserved to the fullest! Her longing to go there tomorrow to complete the promise which was sealed with the first kiss in order for them to be together forever was immense. Another kiss right after the first one never hurt anyone, on the contrary!


Tae Hyun accusing himself for his sister’s condition brought to the foreground many reasons why he wanted to become rich. Becoming a doctor was the first step since his childhood mistake deprived his sister of a normal and happy life, he wanted to help other people in order to cleanse himself for this unwanted “crime” of the past. Becoming rich was the utmost goal because poverty didn’t let his family treat his sister back in the days and the sickness progressed.


Because poverty and the circumstances turned his father into a drunkard who would cause more problems to his family. Because poverty turned him into Yong Pal, a criminal with a debt background. Becoming rich was the only way out to run a normal life for the first and finally be able to offer his sister the life he “stole” from her in his unawareness while he was trying to help. Instead of becoming rich he became a weakling, he didn’t have the know-how, he only had the urge that was becoming more greedy as time was passing by and he reached the opposite outcome.


Yeo Jin stood by his side, or to be more precise by his piggybacking shoulders, at that moment of weakness and showed him the bright side of things. He worked hard in order to become a great doctor no matter what lies in the background and he also tried his best to save his sister. She may not have been treated yet, but it’s something in the making. Not many men open up the corridors of their burdens while piggybacking the woman they love, but Tae Hyun can!


Through Yeo Jin’s own story we got to know that Do Joon wasn’t like that in the past. Yeo Jin’s overprotective father who was neglecting the fact that Do Joon was also his son and not a peasant forged a monster thirsty for everything he was missing, love and affection. However, the lack of both of them turned into thirst for wealth and power since he couldn’t have the first ones. The only way to do it was to harm the one who received love and affection, the one who was wielding the key to the scepter, Yeo Jin. All the childhood love turned into hate in order for him to make Yeo Jin devoid of everything she had treasured so far. His painful childhood years and the sickening ambition followed him like a curse in his love life and his greatest fear turned to reality. The woman he loved would never love him back.


Do Joon has become president Go’s underling after he fell into the web he created on his own and the spider he used to be transformed into the fly. President Go progresses his plans one after the other and the fact that he was referring to the secretary that Chae Young will find Tae Hyun for them may prove that the secretary isn’t really loyal to Do Joon but he pretends to be in order to secretly work for president Go. Let’s not forget that Do Joon has broken a glass upon his head and the secretary played an important part on convincing Do Joon on various aspects before attempting to take Yeo Jin out of the picture. Such underlings have loyalty as soon as their master treats them well, once Do Joon passed the thin red line and succumbed to violence i can easily imagine why he could be working for president Go in order to ruin Do Joon. Of course, this is only an assumption.


Chae Young was elegant, combative and classy as always. Tormenting Do Joon’s mind is her specialty. She knows he loves her, she also knows that he’s aware of the fact that she will never love him back, it’s her greatest weapon and she keeps inflicting major blows one after the other upon his mood. He’s the one who stole the life she was dreaming, either real love or being by a powerful man’s side, probably the second or a combination of both but Do Joon was never that powerful man in the past and right now he’s under president Go’s major influence. Had he been more combative and insightful in his moves he may had aroused the contours of her heart, but time has passed and it’s not possible anymore. She also knows how to protect herself and the ones she wants to protect, her father and Tae Hyun.


She refers to him as her favorite toy and it’s partially true, she likes playing around and he could be of great help to her ambitions in the future, but the fact that Tae Hyun pushes her away when it comes to intimacy and emotion makes her want to get closer to him. Hints of love are secretly staring from a safe distance as well and the more he occupies her mind the closer she wants to get to him. Last but not least, she could ruin overnight Do Joon and president Go’s plans since she’s well aware that Do Joon killed Sung Hoon on purpose and at this unstable moment Daejung Group would be too much of an opponent. Do Joon would be directly affected, president Go indirectly, but there would be damage, that’s why she became president Go’s first target a few episodes ago.


Fear overruns Chief Surgeon Lee’s life after his interaction with Do Joon at the emotionally unstable dinner. The director didn’t believe him and he paid with his life. One after the other the workers of the pyramid get silenced along with the forbidden secrets they know. The new nurse is in the vein of Nurse Hwang, it feels like they came out of the same womb, but she’s more sickening since she lacks that weird and “multifaceted” obsession Nurse Hwang was inflicting upon Yeo Ji. Chief Surgeon Lee’s greatest fears have turned to reality and he knows he’s next in line, all he could do was to escape from the 12th floor!


The pregnant woman reminded Tae Hyun of his mother and Ali of the moment he was desperately searching for help and because he’s Yong Pal he turned the room in an operating room by all means necessary. He performed the c-section to save the child, but saving the mother in that condition wasn’t something he could achieve. She needed proper hospital treatment and Han Shin Hospital was the only option since there are people who will help him silently.


Yeo Jin’s concerns are justified, but also Tae Hyun trying to chase away her fears was essential. Deep within he knew it’s not going to be easy and dangerous situations may occur given the circumstances, but he has to save that woman, he owes it to his vow as a doctor and in a manner of speaking to his mother after the connection he made in his mind. He also has to see his sister leaving for the US, he owes it to himself and his sister. Staring at Yeo Jin from the wing mirror was a sign that things may not go as expected and it may take more time to see her again, he wanted to keep her image, even a distant one, in his mind and eventually his heart.


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Kwon Sang Seung

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    If one would like to compare it to her glass prison then the confession box was a narrow place where her prayers could be heard while inside her glass prison her curses would drown in silence.

    I love this phrase of yours! Keep up the lovely recap….

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        I am glad you reviewed this show fairly, taking note of the OTP’s genuine adoration for one another rather than beat around the bush. It’s great to see two mature adults falling in love fast and knowing what they want and making the best of their time together….

        • September 3, 2015 at 7:20 pm — Reply

          I am physically and mentally preparing myself for another all-nighter recap process, i hope i can make it! One thought ran away from my mind concerning the 9th ep because they were tough hours, but i will include it on the 10th one XD
          I think it depends on the role, i have watched half of Naeil’s Cantabile but couldn’t finish it because i had in mind the J-version of Nodame Cantabile, Joo Won was sharper there, at least halfway through! Gaksital is in my near future plans!
          Yong Pal has its flaws, but it has a certain fairytale aura which makes you very forgiving, if someone decides to see it as a modern fairytale then it’s pretty strong, just like one can’t be harsh on a fairytale, i can’t be harsh on Yong Pal either!
          This OTP is adorable, they can’t live without each other and it only gets stronger 😀 Yup, exactly, “two mature adults falling in love fast and knowing what they want and making the best of their time together” it’s not always necessary drama-wise to wait 15 episodes for the couple to get together! XD

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        Trainwreck Cantabile was terrible, maestro! Joo Won and Shim Eun-kyung made me cringe.

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      Thank you so much for your words, they are truly appreciated! 😀 Even if it’s pompous in the atmosphere (12th floor, Do Joon’s house, majestic landscapes, etc) – something i personally like in Yong Pal – the screenplay isn’t blabbering, but meaningful, there aren’t unnecessary lines which could be there just to be told. All fairytales have their own parts which either don’t make immediate sense or leave it in the imagination of the one reading/watching and since Yong Pal is a modern form of a fairytale in the shape of a drama i have decided to enjoy the ride for what it is without perplexing things without reason, things like “how could this happen so fast?”, “when did he/she find the time to get there?”, etc, it would ruin the joys of watching!

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      The kiss was kind of majestic in the overall ambiance, so much freedom and so much love during that scene!

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