29 Sep 2015

Cruel City ~ Review

“The world is like a mirror. If you curse and spit at it, the world will curse and spit back at you. If you smile, i am sure the world will follow and smile back at you too. So don’t be serious and just smile, You’re pretty when you smile.”

28 Sep 2015

She was pretty episodes 1 – 4 ~ review ~ first impression

Hello Dramajjangers How many of you have watched the powerpuff girls? Do you remember in the opening, the story of how professor x created them? Like powepuff girls, some writers use the following ingredients to create a romantic kdrama. A rude chaebol , a poor heroine, a secret chaebol, the

27 Sep 2015

Rabbit and Lizard ~ Review

“You’re always there when i am in pain. And i don’t even know you.”

27 Sep 2015

We broke up ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers Like No Woori says in the drama “We broke up”, isn’t web dramas popular lately? Yes they are and there is nothing wrong with that. Web dramas have many advantages, they are short, they usually tell a cute story and they are the perfect thing to watch and

25 Sep 2015

Koinaka episode 9 ~ last episode ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers hisashiiburi, but exams period is over and here I am. Koinaka’s ending and like the whole dramas has been, was average.

25 Sep 2015

Yong Pal ~ Episode 16 Recap [TriAngle]

“It was a tragedy created by the 12th floor, By everyone’s desire for power, But this is the 13th floor. If i tear down the 12th floor, This place will also fall apart. I just want to climb down from here. You can be comfortable and enjoy the nice view

24 Sep 2015

Yong Pal ~ Episode 15 Recap [TriAngle]

“Just like i said i don’t want to have power over anyone, I don’t want to be weak in front of anyone either.”

22 Sep 2015

School 2013 ~ Review

“There is no flower that would bloom without being shaken. All the pretty flowers in this world, They all bloom while being shaken. While being shaken, the flower straightens its stem. There is no love that would leave without being shaken. Where is there a flower that would bloom without

18 Sep 2015

Bridal Mask ~ Review

“Of course, hitting a rock with eggs may seem reckless. A layer of egg will just break when it hits the rock. However, no matter how sturdy the rock is, it’s not alive. Eggs are alive, even though they are weak. Rocks will become sand in time. But there will

18 Sep 2015

Yong Pal ~ Episode 14 Recap [TriAngle]

“If there is no revenge, there is no justice either. But you will never understand me. Because you weren’t locked in darkness for three years. No matter how much i tried i couldn’t move a finger or an eyelid. You were never locked in that body. You’ve never prayed to