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“Adolescence Medley” or “Puberty Medley” or “Medley of youth”, is a 4 episodes drama that aired on KBS2 during 2013 and anyone can find on KBS youtube channel to watch it with english subtitles.

It’s the story about Choi Jung Woo a high school boy, who because of his father’s job, has been moving and transferring school frequently. In his new school at the country side he stars in the wrong way. But he doesn’t care much, since he knows he is gonna move to Seoul soon. He makes everything at school a mess only to find out when he gets home, that his parents decided they will be staying.

Before I get to the spoiler section, for those who haven’t watched “Adolescence Medley” here are the reasons you should. This drama is short and cute. It differs from the typical kdramas, because the story is an everyday story. It’s realistic and makes you think of your high school memories. It has a nostalgic feeling and even when you don’t realise it while you watch it, when you have finished it would leave you with a warm feeling. Choi Jung Woo alone is a reason to watch the drama, the anti hero main lead portraying a typical boy in puberty, played by Kwak Dong Yeon, who gives an excellent performance. The scenery of the drama is beautiful.

-contains spoilers-

“Adolescence Medley” has the right amount of slice of life friendship high school and romance. I love how it shows the characters maturing through the four episodes especially the main lead, but Shin Young Bok and Im Deok Won too. The bullying story that turns into friendship, I wish all the bullies stories would end like that.

Lee Yeok Ho or else brown bear, is the only character that you would hardly find in real life. Cool mature and handsome. Well he has come to this point because he has lost his best friend (CNBLUE’S Lee Jong Hyun playing A Young’s brother Yang Young Woon) but he is the kind guy with the tough image that even let’s go of his love for Yang A Young, because he knows she sees him like a friend.

Yang A Young, is a likeable main female lead. We all knew a top student in high school that combined both smartness cute looks and cool attitude. It bothered me in the first episodes how she wasn’t that open like Choi Jung Woo and you don’t get to fully understand her, but after her story is revealed then you get everything.

The drama’s beginning is promising. How is Jung Woo going to get out of the mess he has made? Little by little things are getting in place. Poor Deok Won he makes all the good things and then he doesn’t take credits for that. He is more brave than Jung Woo, who becomes the cool boy of the school. Jung Woo in the start enjoys the spotlight, but when he becomes more mature he realises how important his friend is.

The love story is cute and meaningful, although it is short and the scenes between the main leads are not that many. Choi Jung Woo, who asks Yang A Young out in front of the class, just to make her life miserable and because he knows he will be moving out soon. A Young has gives Jung Woo many responsibilities to make him get used to the school. Jung Woo misunderstands and has other plans. When he finally stays at school and avoids A Young, she gets closer to him. They become an official couple and in the end is Jung Woo, who falls from head to toe for her. He even fights brown bear because he wasnt to impress her and of course because he is jealous of their relationship.

Why  did Yang A Young go out with him? It doesn’t makes sense how a smart girl like A Young replied positively to immature’s Jung Woo’s confession. But from what it seems, when she has left for Seoul and Jung Woo finds her diary with the sketches, she has always been in love with him since the first time he arrived in school, that is the “secret”. A Young has ben through a lot with her family, the loss of her brother and all the school pressure. She is not the type of girl who express her feelings. Seems like having quietly Jung Woon by her side was enough for her and it gave her a break from the pressure. But unfortunately she has to leave for Seoul, for a new beginning with her parents.

Everyone goes a long way to end up together in the music festival which is the place their youth will be remembered.

Many people were dissapointed by the ending, but for a 4 episodes drama, I think that was the best ending. The title shows what the story is about, it would be rushed to watch the lives of the students as adults. We get to see Yeok Ho at his grandfather’s memorial and the other students too. Choi Jung Woo becomes a teacher and he remembers A Young and her mails, after hesitation he writes her a cute mail asking her if she remembers him and that he has come to Seoul. In the end outside the school he is teaching, a girl calls him and it’s A Young, calling him the same way she did during their past days. Unfortunately we only get to see A Young’s back, but I think that is because the director and writer didn’t want to focus in the present, but their days of youth.

The acting was impressive, the actors portrayed the students simple and realistic. Kwak Dong Yeon stole the show, his character helped of course, funny and impulsive Choi Jung Woo, but the actor did great showing the change of Jung Woo too. Lee Se Young fit Yang A Yang perfectly, I have seen her in “I miss You” too, but her acting was different here and that is what makes a good actress, being able to change to the point that makes you thing is that really her. Im Deok Won was played by cute Kwak Jung Wook, I’ve heard he is playing the bad guy at “School 2013” and I really wonder how this cute face can look evil. Choi Tae Joon’s face seemed very familiar, like an actor I have seen in many dramas, turns out I’ve only seen him in Kara’s mv “goodbye happy days” but I want to see him in the new drama “All about my Mom” not only because he is HANDSOME but he is a nice actor too. Park Jung Min gave some funny scenes acting as Shin Young Bok. Bae Noo Ri had a small part playing Jang Hyu Jin, she was decent, I’ve started “Beloved you” with her but I’m still on episode two and I don’t think I’ll be watching more episodes soon. Yoon Park for some reason reminds me of the actor who played in “Playful Kiss” Oh Ha Ni’s friends with the one sided love and “Rooftop Prince” too, but he is not him. Yoon Park was annoying playing Lee Won Il, it means he did a nice job.

Have you watched “Adolescence Medley”, how would you score it ? For me being a strict judge I give it a 8/10.

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  1. September 1, 2015 at 8:11 am — Reply

    I loved this one! It’s a lovely little drama special! It’s beautifully shot too, showcasing the pretty countryside that underpins the nostalgia of someone reflecting on his youth. There’s some memorable funny bits too (like the ‘Almost Paradise’ moment LOL) and gosh, Choi Tae Joon! He’s yummy as the school jjang. He was in that daily Ugly Alert with Im Ju Hwan, I believe.

    • September 2, 2015 at 2:38 pm — Reply

      It was a nice drama and like I’ve said you have to finish it to recieve the feeling it gives gives. Choi Tae Joon is a handsome cool korean man, havent’s watched “Ugly Alert” I know Seolhyun was in it. He is playing in a drama airing now, only bad thing about his dramas, they have many episodes or else I would have aleady started a 16/20 episodes drama with him ; P

  2. nina
    April 12, 2017 at 5:18 pm — Reply

    just watched it now! it was so sweet and nostalgic and my heart ached when a young transferred
    the acting was superb (especially dong-yeon’s) and it was so great to see each of them mature and become friends

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