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Yong Pal ~ Episode 7 Recap [TriAngle]


“Well, you can’t see any stars in Seoul, but…
How does it feel coming out for air after three years?”


∠ ~ Yong Pal/Tae Hyun splendor.


Tae Hyun collapsed at the basement but he returned back on his own. The loss of blood weakens him even more as time passes by, but he’s willing to overexert himself at all costs. A shot of epinephrine and taking slight care of his wound will be enough for now and even if 10 minutes have passed he’s ready to operate Yeo Jin. The Head Nurse had already done everything she could and it’s scalpel time the Yong Pal way. In the meantime, the nurse has another “emergency x-ray” patient and tries to find Tae Hyun who keeps performing surgery even though he’s about to collapse without caring about his own wound. The more he’s about to collapse the more he recalls his promise towards Yeo Jin and since he can’t do something else he tries to revive her the traditional way.

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He can’t accept that Yeo Jin won’t wake up and as he’s losing himself in tears and with his sister’s words in mind and a wide variety of flashbacks that had their own impact upon him he keeps trying. Just like he already saved her life once, in the most crucial moment and while everyone was believing he won’t be able to revive her, the moment he collapsed Yeo Jin’s life signals appeared on the cardiograph. The patient on the next operating room passed away and at that point they replaced the deceased patient’s body with Yeo Jin. Tae Hyun’s undergoing surgery and while dreaming he found himself in an ethereal scenery where he met Yeo Jin. Once Yeo Jin woke up she got informed by the nurse that her name will be Kim Yeong Mi from now on and she will have to act as if she’s in a coma; easy mode! She gets informed that Tae Hyun’s in critical condition since he lost lots of blood, but he’s in the operating room now.

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∠ ~ Postmortem complications.


Inside the restricted area the moment of negotiations for a win-win situation has arrived. President Go who refers to pabuchimju: destroying the pots which used to make food and sinking the boat they would use to return back home. That’s what he did while Do Joon was dropping Yeo Jin’s stock to lower the inheritance tax and president Go contributed heavily in that area. The company is at the verge of collapse and the only way out is for Do Joon to enter president Go’s boat and share his pots. They have to join forces while they will make everyone believe Yeo Jin is still alive. Do Joon’s boiling with wrath and even though he wanted to throw the glass at president Go he has to maintain his civilized mask! He finally realized that president Go wanted Yeo Jin out of the picture and he achieved it without having blood on his hands!


Chief Surgeon Lee pretended to have brought Yeo Jin inside the restricted area! Once Do Joon acknowledged he brought back the decoy Yeo Jin’s menacing face appeared and it felt as if her bloodstained hand wrist-grabbed him! Chief Surgeon Lee will keep taking care of his “sister” while the security chief informs the Head Nurse that she must keep her mouth shut if she doesn’t want to become one of these dead bodies. The body with the unidentified etiquette she verified as Yeo Jin’s was the girl that had passed away, but the Head Nurse’s words were enough to convince him.

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Tae Hyun barely survived and on the bed next to him is Yeo Jin! Once the doctor tried to take off the bandages as he was impressed she was no longer on life support the nurse prevented him by saying that she’s a 12th floor patient from now on. Do Joon went to get informed on Tae Hyun’s condition and Yeo Jin became aware of the conversation. He became curious of the patient next to him but his assistant probably informed him that she’s the girl who was protesting at the Hanshin Group facility.


Do Joon went to meet Chae Young and both of them are pretending so well in front of each other as if nothing happened! The moment he tells her he loves her and she replies that she loves him too he can’t hold back anymore. He knows that she doesn’t feel anything about him, but the fact that he became Hanshin Group’s owner would condemn her by his side no matter what. Chae Young maintains her pretentious calmness and once he leaves she considers him pitiful for loving her while she will never love him back.

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Man Sik got caught and detective Lee overheard his Yong Pal oriented conversation with one of the inmates and he’s so ecstatic! He interrogates him right away and demands information about Yong Pal, but once he recalls Doo Chul’s threats he maintains his silence. However, once more information pops up to the surface he mentioned Hanshin Hospital and things have started getting a bit more complicated.


Chae Young finds more information through a nurse and she becomes aware that she was one of last night’s targets. She found out that Tae Hyun cared about her life and tried to protect her from president Go at all costs. Once she got informed that Tae Hyun’s in critical condition she rushed to visit him. Once she got informed that his condition hasn’t gotten any better she demanded special treatment at all costs if the doctors don’t want to lose their positions. Chae Young promises Tae Hyun that this is only the beginning of all she can do for him. Chief Surgeon Lee informed her that her presence makes the staff uncomfortable and she complied, but she also emphasized on the fact that he must save Tae Hyun no matter what.

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∠ ~ Imaginary constellations.


Late at night Tae Hyun finally woke up and he was staring at Yeo Jin. The relief in his eyes was so powerful as he was glad she was alive! He placed a lavender pot by her side and once she asked him who he was she was so happy to find out Tae Hyun had finally woken up! He plays Westlife’s Angel for her to comfort her fears and they find themselves once again at the ethereal scenery while the nurse is more than happy seeing both of them doing fine.

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Tae Hyun takes her to the hospital’s terrace and once he takes the gauze off her head he urges her to open up her eyes. It was her first time seeing outdoors scenery and breathing some air in the open after all these years! She’s weak, but she gets on her feet no matter what and tries to walk! The emotional charge of the moment is immense while Tae Hyun is truly happy seeing her out there! She cherishes every second and she can’t hold back her tears! Once she stumbles and falls Tae Hyun rushes by her side asking her if she’s okay, but she can only be thankful!

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She may not be able to see the stars on the night sky, but he wants her to imagine them as he points towards constellations such as Pegasus and Aquarius. Cynthia appears and she’s glad he’s fine by now even though he lost way too much in the process. She got her reward from president Go and she intends to return to the US to study medicine. She won’t become a humanitarian doctor like Tae Hyun, but he’s certain she will become a great doctor in her field! He notices the girl who was sitting next to him and she urges Tae Hyun to bring her some coffee since he betrayed her!

bscap3151 bscap3157bscap3153 bscap3175

Cynthia sits next to Yeo Jin and urges her to hold on to him since the best out of many men out there! He lets her know that because of a woman he gave up a brave amount of money that would had been more than enough to save his sister. Once she lets him know that being naive is one of Tae Hyun’s weaknesses, but also one of his charms, he refers to Yeo Jin by her name and advises her to stay by Tae Hyun’s side if she intends to live a life in hiding. By the time Tae Hyun came back Cynthia had already left with Yeo Jin losing herself in her own thoughts.

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◎ ~ Circular view.


Yong Pal continues its bombastic course in the world of ratings with 19.2%, its second best achievement right after the magnificent 20.4%. Wednesdays and Thursdays are its very own playground and the throne must be such a lonely but so luxurious place! While other dramas can’t even dream of double digits Yong Pal keeps showing how double digits can glow!


Alright, Joo Won keeps proving nonstop and almost effortlessly what a great actor he is. He doesn’t have to invest in pompous facial expressions in order to deliver all the feelings that overrun his character. Just a slight movement of the lips and a particular warmth or agony in his stare are enough to express everything.


Of course, every time he has to bring to the surface all the tension within he’s simply exceptional and explodes all over the place with grandeur in order to depict the emotional charge of the moment. Joo Won portrayed Tae Hyun’s struggle in a highly representative way. You could witness the physical and emotional conflict Tae Hyun was going through while pouring his whole existence in order to save Yeo Jin.


Even though he was on the verge of collapsing while still losing blood he never surrendered. The use of flashbacks was overused, but they were there to reflect important stills of his life which had their own impact in his life. All that mattered was saving Yeo Jin’s life and preserving all of his promises. Trying to revive her the traditional way when everything else had failed was a desolate yet so filled with longing attempt in a massive moment of a soulful testimony.


I personally conceived Tae Hyun’s meeting with Yeo Jin at the ethereal scenery as an intermediate step between the world of the living and the afterlife. Tae Hyun was struggling to remain alive inside the operating room while Yeo Jin had barely survived and she was trying to maintain her current condition. Both of them were happy, Tae Hyun for saving her, Yeo Jin for having been saved and seeing such a warm and familiar face, the first one after her loved one passed away.


The power struggle just got real. Everything wet according to president Go’s plan. Even though he used pressure to eventually succeed he doesn’t have blood on his hands; directly. All of that burden falls upon Do Joon’s hands and his hallucination once he witnessed the decoy was highly representative of even the slightest sense of guilt.


If Do Joon hadn’t cooperated with president Go he would have lost everything and from a chairman he would had turned into a dethroned parody of himself. President Go was skillful and crafty enough to the extent of doing almost nothing, everyone else worked for him in their unawareness and he’s the great winner of the power struggle for the time being.


Do Joon has a thing with glasses, if the scale was balancing right in the middle he wouldn’t hesitate to break it on president Go’s head. The fact that the meeting took place inside the restricted area made the whole ambiance of the conversation even more sickening and shameless. Making everyone believe that Yeo Jin was still alive simply proves that a human life means nothing when it comes to wealth and power.


The fact that Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin were next to each another brought a personal sense of comfort. After everything they went through i was so relieved they were close even if Tae Hyun wasn’t aware of it. The Head Nurse and the “emergency x-ray” nurse played their own part in the story and they were essential in Tae Hyun’s absence. The first one started preparing Yeo Jin for her revival and eventually changed the bodies and reassured the security chief that the woman on the mortuary bed is Yeo Jin. The second one preserved the secret and protected Yeo Jin’s life, she’s not only indebted to Tae Hyun for saving the life of a patient in previous episodes, she also admires his skills and personality.


Chae Jung Ahn is exceptional as Chae Young, she’s pretentious to the extent of presenting a blissful state of ignorance while her radar keeps observing the surrounding environment! Her eyes are sharp, but her mind is sharper, she knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. When the circumstances aren’t helpful she enters her own defensive shell which is nothing less than another form of her offensive tactics.


If your plans don’t blossom and you can’t break your opponent by force, break his moral and that’s what she did with Do Joon. He really loves her, even Yeo Jin was aware of it when they were talking about Chae Young the night before Yeo Jin’s nightmare began. Chae Young was always staring at wealth and power and loving Do Joon was never an option. No matter how hard he tries he will never acquire her heart and both of them are well aware of that.


Chae Young finds him just pitiful, Do Joon can only think of some sort of narrow-minded revenge like keeping her enchained by his side for the rest of her life now that his status got upgraded to the one and only chairman of Hanshin Group. She’s his Achilles heel, but his real problem for now is president Go. One thing is for certain, nothing flows well in his life and it’s the outcome of his own arrogance and senseless plots.


Chae Young became aware that Tae Hyun did everything that was passing from his hands to protect her from harm. It’s something she deeply appreciates as he’s probably the first person who sincerely cared for her all this time. Tae Hyun becoming aware of all the plans going on, even though he seemingly ended up without a reward, he earned much more than expected because he was able to protect very specific people at all costs, Yeo Jin and Chae Young.


Demanding the best treatment towards Tae Hyun was only the beginning of how she intends to help him as a part of her gratitude and further plans. Even if she doesn’t know how it feels to love without receiving love back , something tells me she will find herself in a Do Joon oriented condition if she invests emotionally on Tae Hyun and these are the signals my radar receives.


Doo Chul and his underling are hilarious figures and they mainly work as the humorous factor of Yong Pal, but they are a deus ex machina form in the ranks of the drama as well. Their real torment is the nurse who should never be a nurse, but fate had a different opinion for all three! On the serious side of events, even though Man Sik couldn’t directly inform detective Lee on Yong Pal’s identity due to Doo Chul’s threats, he managed to give a hint to the police force which is no other than Tae Hyun’s hospital.


The first thing Tae Hyun did once he regained consciousness was to see if Yeo Jin was fine and he was more than glad seeing her in the next room. The combination of his slight yet so meaningful smile with his stare did the talking and the lavender pot was a part of the “did the lavender bloom in Provence?” aspect of the story. Westlife’s Angel was a highly representative choice as the lyrics were pacing perfectly well with Yeo Jin’s condition and Tae Hyun in extension in a manner of speaking since both of them are so much alike through a different angle of the same prism. Kim Tae Hee’s smile while the rest of her face was surrounded by gauze was heartwarming and a strong symbolism of hope pounding right inside the heart of gloom.


Cherishing the outside world for the first time after three years was like discovering a new form of life. Kim Tae Hee was exceptional in her presentation as Yeo Jin embracing just a slight part of everything she was missing all this time. Her struggle to walk even though she was so weak and the tears caressing her face was the perfect portrayal of her recalling what living was like. She was almost like a child learning how to walk and feeling rewarded with tears of joy!


She could only be thankful and Tae Hyun was so happy he was able to keep his promise. Trying to open up an imaginary horizon right in front of her very eyes even though the constellations weren’t visible was a metaphor that there are so many things worth living for out there, things she will rediscover even though she can’t see them at this very moment.


I am devastated now that Stephanie Lee is leaving Yong Pal. She wasn’t only highly expressive and representative of Cynthia’s role, she made Cynthia and eventually Yong Pal even more intriguing with her very presence and acting even though it’s only her second acting attempt. Cynthia was a sharp and competitive female character that deserved airing presence in the next episodes. If you only take into consideration her immense surprise when Tae Hyun hugged her there were so many side-stories which could derive from that, not necessarily emotional involvement, but that too! Stephanie Lee will be severely missed from Yong Pal’s universe and if you will miss her too, please, check her on Seonam Girls’ High School Investigators, she’s magnificent!

bscap3145 bscap3159bscap3171 bscap3200

Even though Tae Hyun betrayed Cynthia’s part of the plan she got her reward from president Go and she’s about to follow her own path in life. Alright, Tae Hyun leaving her alone with Yeo Jin to bring Cynthia some coffee while he was still recovering was a bit obscure, but okay. Yong Pal has plenty of such moments and on top of that, it’s a drama which makes me quite forgiving in a few aspects that don’t make much sense!


Cynthia needed some time with Yeo Jin. She was well aware of who she really was, but she wanted to make her realize Tae Hyun’s sacrifices in order to save her life. She will keep the fact that she’s alive a secret, after all Cynthia has nothing to do with that case anymore and she got what she wanted. Under these circumstances she worked as a deus ex machina that would unfold before Yeo Jin’s eyes just a glimpse of what Tae Hyun sacrificed for her to be able to be alive and fueled by hope at this point in her life. Yeo Jin questioning herself on what did she do was a brave step back into reality. I haven’t watched the preview of the 8th episode because i wanted to keep the surprise factor alive, so i won’t invest in any related thoughts, but i am definitely looking forward to the next episode!


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