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“They say that everyone is born with two wolves fighting within them.
One wolf represents greed, jealousy and pride
While the other one represents righteousness, sacrifice and morality.
Those two wolves fight inside the person’s heart until that person’s dying day.
The wolf you feed the most will be the one to win.”


∠ ~Corridors of betrayal.


Even though Tae Ho reassured Straw Cutter he never met Sergeant Bae for a duel and that he has nothing to do with his disappearance Straw Cutter still wanted Tae Ho to prove his innocence. The only way to do it was to finish the duel that was supposed to take place with Straw Cutter fighting on Sergeant Bae’s behalf. Heung Sam insisted Straw Cutter’s going against the rules by challenging a lower-ranking member, but Straw Cutter pointed out he’s just an occasional substitute and Tae Ho accepted the challenge. Even though his skills could never reach Straw Cutter’s monstrous power he intends to fight and win the duel for Heung Sam’s sake. Most and above all, he will fight for his own life and ambitions in order to become a reliable successor to Heung Sam.


Until Heung Sam finds the life insurance paper he can’t lay a hand on Straw Cutter, but after he does a house cleaning process within the Seoul Seven ranks feels essential. Straw Cutter became aware that Tae Ho’s fighting skills weren’t enough to beat Sergeant Bae and at this very moment Tae Ho feels like a piece of cake. Right before leaving, Jong Goo in his suit passed by Mi Joo’s bar to let her know of his intentions. Whether he finds Eun Ji in Busan or not, after he returns he will leave Seoul Station once and for all. He won’t ask her to leave with him, but he wants her to think things over once again until he comes back. He doesn’t want any promises, all he wants from her is to give it a second thought. Everyone’s concerned about Tae Ho and Hae Jin can’t believe he’s going to face Straw Cutter, everyone except for Na Ra who’s unaware of the latest flow of events. After a short duel with her grandmother she went by the flowerbed to wait for Tae Ho who never appeared because he was preparing himself for the forthcoming combat.

bscap2898bscap2889bscap2891 bscap2901

The night doesn’t flow easily for Straw Cutter and Tae Ho, the first one got alerted by a noisy cat and the second one was losing himself in nightmares. Heung Sam was in a like-minded state since an earthquake devastated Seoul Station in one of his nightmares. Since his favorite vinyl isn’t among the living there’s no proper nighttime balsam for his soul, but he can progress his own plans and he intends to take care of Crocodile and Poison Snake while Praying Mantis will keep an eye on Straw Cutter. If they don’t succeed Tae Ho will be a dead man. Heung Sam’s at Mi Joo’s bar waiting for Poison Snake and Crocodile to appear. She wants him to let her know of Eun Ji’s location and give Jong Goo the chance to start his life anew. Heung Sam refers to a recent conversation he had with Jong Goo who didn’t care about his own life, all he wanted was for Mi Joo to be set free. Both Jong Goo and Mi Joo are the people Heung Sam likes the most, but they are the people who want to leave his side the most at the same time.

bscap2902bscap2903bscap2904 bscap2914bscap2915

Praying Mantis took the letter. Tae Ho’s heading towards the duel location whereas Na Ra still tries to find him after she became aware of what’s going on. At the same time, Heung Sam orders Poison Snake and Crocodile to make things right if they want to repent. Jong Goo returned earlier than expected and he wants to duel with Straw Cutter. This isn’t the right timing to piss him off and once he recalled Jong Goo’s left side hadn’t recovered he delivered a powerful blow which left him bleeding on the ground. Straw Cutter doesn’t really want to take care of Tae Ho, but he has to in order to fight back Heung Sam’s ravenous greed and make him recall the trust and loyalty upon which Seoul Station was built.

 bscap2926bscap2925 bscap2927 bscap2930bscap2929

∠ ~Treachery’s jackknife.


The drink Crocodile gave to Straw Cutter at the factory which was supposed to be the new duel location was poisoned and once Straw Cutter fought back Praying Mantis appeared with his favorite jackknife. He will take care of everything on his own whether it will be the fast and painless way or the drawn out and most painful way. Tae Ho’s on the rooftop waiting for Straw Cutter and he’s all alone by himself until he receives a phone call from Heung Sam letting him know that Straw Cutter won’t be able to meet him. The fight at the factory is fierce and no matter how hard Straw Cutter fights he’s already weakened by the “drink” and Praying Mantis has his favorite “friend” on his hands. It’s already a lost fight even though Straw Cutter fought like a lion and under any other circumstances Straw Cutter would have taken care of Praying Mantis.

bscap2934bscap2932 bscap2936 bscap2943bscap2946bscap2944

Right before inflicting the fatal blow on Straw Cutter, Tae Ho appeared and started fighting with Praying Mantis. Through their conversation Straw Cutter found out that Praying Mantis was the one who silenced Sergeant Bae under Heung Sam’s orders. Thanks to Tae Ho Straw Cutter’s life was spared. Heung Sam has already in his hands Straw Cutter’s life insurance but he’s not worried at all. After having been severely betrayed by everyone while the only one to save him was Tae Ho, Straw Cutter will suffer from immense shock and his mind will be in chaos. Even though Heung Sam was the one to inform Tae Ho on Straw Cutter’s location he didn’t expect that reaction. He’s much more stubborn and loyal to his choices than Heung Sam expected and he’s actually praising his capabilities in his own way.

bscap2950bscap2951 bscap2955 bscap2954bscap2953

∠ ~Cracked mirrors.


Tae Ho’s at the health center and he’s apologetic for not appearing when he was supposed to meet Na Ra, but what really concerns her is the fact that he promised he wouldn’t hurt himself or people around him, but he did. Na Ra’s enraged at Tae Ho’s attitude, but he points out he can’t keep watching the increasing number of people who plot his demise. Na Ra simply can’t keep feeling uneasy or being afraid of what could happen to him and urges him to keep a close eye on the wolf he feeds the most within his heart. Jong Goo’s by Straw Cutter’s side. He can’t believe Heung Sam has become this way and he intends to leave Seoul Station since there’s nothing left to protect there. Straw Cutter wants Jong Goo to stay at Seoul Station and do his best for old times’ sake.

bscap2963bscap2967 bscap2974 bscap2970bscap2971

Tae Ho arrives at the penthouse and Heung Sam points out that trust is what moves the world and no matter what the job is it must be entrusted in trustworthy people. Tae Ho believes that Heung Sam will let him survive even if he disobeys him and he points out that had Straw Cutter gotten silenced that way his reputation would had been harmed. It would had been a negative occurrence at the most crucial moment of the project since all that remains is for the final draft of the contract to get signed. While he was leaving he met Mi Joo and Tae Ho always has a way of setting her mind aflame! Both of them have the privilege of seeing Heung Sam anytime and since she gives the cold shoulder to Jong Goo while Tae Ho himself tries not to be so close to him either it’s something that makes them kindred spirits in a manner of speaking!

 bscap2977 bscap2980bscap2981bscap2976

Heung Sam gave Mi Joo Eun Ji’s address and with this Jong Goo can leave Seoul Station once and for all. Straw Cutter’s departure is fresh and his wish to do the best he can while staying behind echoes in Jong Goo’s mind. Mi Joo and Jong Goo are at the grandmother’s restaurant and Mi Joo informs him that she won’t leave with him. She hands him over Eun Ji’s location as her last gift to him. Jong Goo tore apart the address and informed her that he intends to stay at Seoul Station in an attempt to make things better. He wouldn’t like to find his daughter while being unable to take care of himself. Jong Goo will thank Mi Joo when he feels ready to find Eun Ji. As for now he doesn’t approve of Heung Sam’s greed in Seoul Station and he will try to awaken the good old Heung Sam.

bscap2986 bscap2994bscap2993bscap2987

Se Hoon and Jung Min arrive at Tae Ho’s hideout. Tomorrow the project will be officially announced and all essential figures will be present. Things had started getting interesting between Se Hoon and Tae Ho until Se Hoon’s phone rang and the ringtone was exactly the same as the song on Heung Sam’s vinyl. Jung Min thinks that Tae Ho’s plan is pathetic, but he tends to differ. He’s aware of her own plan trying to promote Se Hoon to her father’s eyes so that she’ll inherit the company. Once things got a bit tense he urged her to learn Se Hoon better and read through the lines. Jung Min and Se Hoon’s quarrel created a chasm between them while Tae Ho was making the ringtone and vinyl connection in his mind.


Jong Goo’s back at his base to find Tae Ho practicing there. Straw Cutter was thankful towards Tae Ho and he left behind the key to the locker without any further details since he wanted Tae Ho to find the answers on his own. However, Tae Ho learned something interesting from Straw Cutter, the less he knows about Heung Sam the longer he can stay by his side and he doesn’t intend to betray him. Jong Goo informs him that Straw Cutter wasn’t the one who killed that man 5 years ago but Heung Sam. It’s something that made Tae Ho have some second thoughts on Heung Sam’s real face behind the mask.


◎ ~ Circular view.


The 10th one was the episode of redefinition, house cleaning, disappointment, betrayal and awakening. There were so many feels i don’t know from where to start and where to end, but the most important ones came from characters you never expect they’d leave such an impact upon you.


Heung Sam’s greed is all over the place, the more his conquering campaign progresses the more ruthless he becomes. If one has to crack his empire he will have to strike its weak foundations and the only one to do it is Tae Ho. He gradually puts the pieces together and if he wants to emerge victorious he will have to go after Se Hoon. Heung Sam’s greatest passion eventually betrayed a few secrets that were bound to remain in silence.


Na Ra’s desire to keep Tae Ho and people around him safe from harm burns brighter with every passing episode. Given the circumstances and Tae Ho’s choices even though he promised not to he’s bound to walk upon the road he keeps constructing day by day with his decisions. Even though he wasn’t ready he decided to accept Straw Cutter’s challenge.


Deep inside, Tae Ho knew that Heung Sam won’t leave him all alone, but he had no other choice but to accept the challenge in the first place. It was a matter of honor, but he also wanted to prove himself worth of Heung Sam’s trust and make sure he will be treated as a worthy opponent if and when that moment arrives. If Tae Ho can’t overcome obstacles thrown his way he won’t be able to reach the top of the hierarchy.


Jong Goo didn’t want to pressure Mi Joo. If she’s not willing to follow him it will be a respectable decision, but he wanted to give her a second chance just in case she changed her mind. Mi Joo watching him leave was a heartrending scene, it felt as if she was preparing herself for the last time she will watch him walking away.


The presentation of our figures’ nighttime was once again exceptional and tormenting in its very own way. Straw Cutter was expecting Praying Mantis and he couldn’t be at ease, Tae Ho’s forthcoming end was all over the place in his nightmares, but Heung Sam’s dream world wasn’t that elegant either. Seeing Seoul Station collapsing before his very eyes was a very palpable scenario and protecting Tae Ho and taking Straw Cutter out of the picture while maintaining the “unity” within the remaining ranks of Seoul Seven was something that must be done.


Heung Sam acknowledges that the more he was securing his own wealth and power the more he was nurturing a menacing environment within the Seoul Station. The only two people he likes and trusts are Jong Goo and Mi Joo, they are the less threatening and their past is deeper, all they want is one another’s well-being while sacrificing themselves for one another. And that’s the reason why they are the people who want to leave Heung Sam’s side. All three together can’t co-exist in one man’s penthouse heaven while all the outskirts are perishing in the flames of hell. Heung Sam is like a sane and overambitious version of Nero in his own Rome in a manner of speaking.

bscap2913Jong Goo tried to protect Tae Ho but his condition would never let him enter a proper duel in order to postpone the inevitable. The real reason in Straw Cutter’s Tae Ho hunting season wasn’t Tae Ho himself. Taking Tae Ho out of the picture would be a proper demonstration of everything Heung Sam forgot to preserve and an immense blow upon Heung Sam’s greed as Tae Ho is the leading brigade of his plans. It was his only chance to remind him the good old days when loyalty and comradeship were walking hand in hand and Seoul Station wasn’t a one-man business and one man’s ambition, but a brotherhood where backstabbing wasn’t even an option.


Once again, Na Ra was the last one to find out what was going on and it shatters her within when we get into consideration how much she cares about Tae Ho. All these critical news turn her into the last recipient because the man who suddenly became a part of her life cares for her and would never want to put her in danger.


Straw Cutter would be able to take down Poison Snake and Crocodile one after the other in one blow respectively. Crocodile is the sliest one and Poison Snake always falls for his tricks, there’s still a sense of loyalty within him, but his companion isn’t the finest and the urge to silence Tae Ho is strong, but what is stronger is their own life. They would do just anything to keep on living even though they caused all this mess in the first place. The moment Straw Cutter noticed what was going on his stare was utterly representative of everything that had already started collapsing deep inside.


Straw Cutter was the last proud lion of Seoul Seven with deep belief in loyalty. He had to be prevented from roaring otherwise Heung Sam’s empire would get ruined. Praying Mantis is fast and a silent assassin, but he’s no match for war machines like Straw Cutter who use only their hands. Without his jackknife Praying Mantis is like salad without vegetables, but he’s more than skilled in his own field. He would never be able to take care of Straw Cutter without the effect of the drink. I can’t wait to find out the reason why the person his serves inside the penthouse is his own god on earth.


Tae Ho’s presence saved Straw Cutter from the fatal blow. He didn’t want anyone to interfere in his personal affairs and if this was his own duel he wanted to preserve righteousness to the fullest. His mind is sharper than his fists and he knows that, that’s why he uses it according to plan. He used the circumstances according to his favor and presented his decision to save Straw Cutter as an attempt to maintain Heung Sam’s name unsoiled right before the project contract getting sealed.


Heung Sam already knows by now that if Tae Ho becomes his opponent he will be the strongest one, not physically but mentally. He may be upgrading his fists from time to time, but his real power lies within his brain and ambitions, the are inseparable parts of his personality and that’s how he strikes. Tae Ho keeps hunting high and low and Se Hoon through Jung Min is the pathway he intends to walk upon. Hunting down Heung Sam directly won’t profit him at this very moment, delivering an indirect blow on Se Hoon will make things more interesting.


Just like Heung Sam predicted, Straw Cutter’s shock was heart-shaking the moment he realized there was nothing left to protect at Seoul Station as it doesn’t feel like home anymore. It wasn’t only about Praying Mantis’ stabs, he was stabbed in the back both by Crocodile and Poison Snake who lured him in their own plan to eventually try to get rid of him. On top of that, the number one of the Seoul Seven for whom Straw Cutter put his life on the line and went to jail on his behalf was the one behind everything. There wasn’t any sense of brotherhood left to preserve and loyalty was long lost.


Jong Goo took Straw Cutter’s last wish into serious consideration. He has to fight for the beliefs that brought all of them together in the first place. If he has to use force, he will, but it will be with be fueled by love in order to make Heung Sam the one he used to be, not the one he became. He can’t afford to meet his daughter if can’t even take care of himself simply because he won’t be able to offer her nothing more than a troublesome life. Mi Joo’s devastated since she can’t protect Jong Goo even though she tried. She can’t change his mind, if she could she would had done so a long time ago. Na Ra will play her own part while bringing together the pieces of the paper Jong Goo tore apart.


If there’s something Tae Ho learned from Straw Cutter then it has to be the fact that the less he knows about Heung Sam the longer he can stay by his side. What he doesn’t know is that ignorance isn’t bliss in that very specific occasion and for one more time the weight of his words wasn’t relevant to the weight of his thoughts. He may possess skills and ambition, but he lacks experience on how things work at Seoul Station. He’s learned quite a few things throughout the episodes, but the fact that he’s being benefited by Heung Sam as his most favorite card at the moment prevents him from reading through the lines as he’s solely focused on his own plan and danger unawareness lurks in the corner.


Jong Goo’s always there to bring him back to reality even though he’s not always successful. The moment he found out that Heung Sam was the one who killed that man 5 years ago must have rang a bell. Heung Sam has many limbs and for every limb he wears a different mask, a mask who acknowledges every single limb’s weaknesses and plays accordingly on his very own multilevel chessboard.


“Like a lion unafraid of a noise,
Like the wind being unable to get caught in a net,
Like a lotus not tainted by fear,
One should be solitary on one’s path, a rhino’s horn.”


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Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. August 26, 2015 at 9:23 pm — Reply

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  2. bmore
    August 26, 2015 at 9:43 pm — Reply

    Again…it is going to be an everLasting long week! I was tense and stressed through this week’s Last episodes. Half the time I don’t know which is stressing me more…what is going on, or the knowledge that with every ticking minute, which at the end only seems to have Lasted a second, yet another episode is gone and I must now wait an interminable time for the week to pass!

    I don’t quite know what to make of the entrance and precipitous exit of Number 3. It seemed too anticlimactic for me. He’s here and gone in the blink of an eye? This is a character and an actor who have too much presence to Last such a short time. Too much led up to his appearance for him to disappear this quickly. It does not feel right, so will he be back? Time will tell I guess.

    With many dramas, the middle episodes tend to become muddled with filler material or have reached a point where they have let go of so much of the story that any tension has ceased to exist and we are just hanging on for the predictable ending. Not Last! How can they think to end this in only 6 more episodes? It seems we have not even begun to know these people. And worse, that as soon as we do this will come to a far too abrupt ending. I am nowhere near done wanting to spend more time in this world nor to know much more about about our characters. Everyone seems to be getting short shrift in their story development now because my appetite to know more about all of them is escalating and the drama is unable to feed my need. I want an entire episode telling me about Praying Mantis! I want the development of the relationship between Tae Ho and Na Ra to have much more time. They seem to have left out something there….it’s one of those things I feel about so many things in this show…all the things that we are not seeing and not knowing and having to infer. It’s a technique…but it takes some getting used to. Also, what is Tae Ho thinking regarding his feelings about his ex, especially in light of his developing feelings for Na Ra? I know he must be thinking something, but there is still a feeling of disconnect from his character since we are not privy to his inner struggle in any really intimate sense. We ‘know’ it, but I don’t ‘feel’ it with him. It’s a unique take on a lead character.

    I also want to know more about HS and his brother…their growing up years, what turned HS into the man he is. All of this is hinted at, but I long for a more personal rendering. I am far too used to normal Kdrama development and this drama is outside of that norm. I’m having trouble adjusting. And then there is Jong Goo and Mi Joo. We have really spent more time with their history than anyone else’s. Still so much unknown about their stories too. Can 6 episodes really tell me all the things I ‘want’ to know while adequately developing the ongoing story regarding the Scam and the internal strife and fight for power in this world? I don’t know. I will have to hang on to my faith in this writer. His comic book series lasted a whole year, so he is, of necessity, having to cut out entire sections I’m sure. Still….we should have had at least 20 for this one! 🙁 I know…I’m being greedy. I just hate giving up on terrific shows though. I’m still praying for a Misaeng sequel…and Assembly is currently leaving me euphoric after every episode–you must put it on your List!) sigh. A WHOLE FRICKING WEEK!!!!!!

    • August 27, 2015 at 6:15 pm — Reply

      I loved this, everLasting! Truly, weeks feel like that until episodes come out with subtitles, somewhere around late on Mondays or early on Tuesdays!
      Everything worked just fine with Straw Cutter for me, he came, he saw, he tried to conquer for the good old time’s sake, but he couldn’t before the whole scenery was beyond him, he delivered so many feels at the end after all this devastation and the fact that nothing felt like home anymore at Seoul Station and most and above all, he wasn’t welcome. 2 Episodes of Straw Cutter in full grandeur in order to get a glimpse of the past that justifies his present were more than fine for me, got everything i wanted from such a character and the way he was connected to others. And through him, some things progressed as well. Maybe he will come back and he’s more than welcome, maybe he won’t and it’s fine for me.
      Definitely agree on many dramas’ middle ground episodes, but indeed, it doesn’t happen with Last! It has that sparkle that turns the craving for more episodes into an addiction and that addiction wants MORE episodes than the already ones having been programmed to air, we want more than 16 episodes!
      I definitely understand your appetite to get to know them more! I want so too! However, i like how the director-writer duo work in order to offer peripheral information through all these interactions, it isn’t only the information we receive face to face, there’s always something more that is left to our wild imagination! 😀
      About his ex, i think she had remained as an obsession which was related to his thirst to obtain power once again, the way he progressed and the way he interacted with Na Ra though had its own impact in setting aside his “feelings” for Jung Min, that’s how i see it, kind of, time shall tell! 😀
      Se Hoon was adopted abroad and when Heung Sam had the money he brought him back under a new identity. They lost everything the moment their father died and as time was passing by HS wanted to become number 1 so that people would never look down on him as a homeless person. We also get hints of HS’s gradual progress into what he is now, i personally don’t want much more of the past with his brother as his father’s death and the surrounding information in how hard he tried, even murdering someone, to bring his brother back with a brand new name that wouldn’t relate them directly so that he would be safe was fine for me. But a bit more can come to the surface any time, especially when Tae Ho’s vinyl-ringtone assumptions become palpable truth.
      I have lots of faith in the writer, i really love how the stories are being projected and one way or another we will get to know lots of things within 6 episodes, but i deeply hope the number of the episodes will grow in numbers! 😀
      I must find time for Assembly, i will probably dl it once it finishes airing as a whole package! 😀

  3. Maina
    August 26, 2015 at 11:15 pm — Reply

    hahaha… I love your review, I love your comment cause I LOVE THIS DRAMA TOO! Too long to wait for next week!!!
    I just finsh PUNCH : I feel so bad! I LOVED it too and what about MY BEAUTIFUL BRIDE? So intense! I want more dramas like that… PLEASE!
    Maina 🙂

    • August 27, 2015 at 5:58 pm — Reply

      Thank you so much, Maina! Punch is within my soon-to-watch plans! 😀 My Beautiful Bride was one of the best 2015 dramas so far, it was simply exceptional! It had that something, or maybe, these so many somethings! XD

  4. Maina
    August 28, 2015 at 8:53 pm — Reply

    If you have not watched PUNCH yet, it is a BIG SHAME! hahaha… 😀
    Take a big breath, you will need it during the 2O episodes! you won’t regret it! A masterpiece, believe me! And you will see the “coming of age” of maturity of the main actor Kim Rae-won (sorry I’m french, I hope you understand what I want to say).
    Please, if you know more fantastic dramas like that, tell me 🙂
    thank you very much,

    • September 1, 2015 at 2:05 pm — Reply

      XD Truth be told, i am not feeling ashamed since there are so many dramas around and so little time XD BUT both you and bmore have convinced me more than enough to watch it in the near future, you should know that you’re raising my expectations and that’s a good thing ^-^ I definitely understand what you want to say so you don’t have to emphasize on it, just speak freely! 🙂 If i think of something i will let you know ^-^ Was marathoning Road Number One these days and i loved it, it wasn’t as perfect as Comrades, one of my favorite dramas, but it was a great watch for sure! 😀

      • Maina
        September 1, 2015 at 9:05 pm — Reply

        Road Number One? I have it on my computer, so I’ll watched it this next WE ( I have so many dramas to watch too, I’d need years and years!)
        Comrades??? I even did’nt know it, I’ll have a look, thank you VERY much 🙂

        • September 2, 2015 at 12:55 am — Reply

          I had it on my plan to watch list for a long time too and started watching it on Friday night, by Saturday i had watched 10 eps, 9 eps on Sunday and the last one on Monday! XD Have finished a review, all that remains is to put the screencaps in there, but i am bored LOL In case you start either of them i hope you will enjoy it ^-^ Comrades is comradeship bliss, you are very welcome Maina! 🙂

  5. Maina
    August 28, 2015 at 8:55 pm — Reply

    About LAST : juste one more thing: I am a VERY BIG FAN of “Praying Mantis” 😀

    • September 1, 2015 at 2:06 pm — Reply

      I am too! He looks like a serpent with that stare! He’s highly representative as Heung Sam’s right hand and a silent assassin!

      • Maina
        September 1, 2015 at 8:57 pm — Reply

        yes, yes, yes… the character of Praying Mantis in the drama is stronger then in the webcomics…
        I guess the actor will win an award for a supporting role… or someting like that…

        • September 2, 2015 at 12:54 am — Reply

          Have you read the webcomic? :O Or you’re reading along with the episodes not to spoil yourself with what will happen next? XD He deserves an award, you rarely find such a great presentation of such a cold character who hides hints of emotion!

          • Maina
            September 2, 2015 at 6:04 pm

            yes yes… but I am not going to spoil your joy! The webcomics is great to!
            Poor Kim Hyung-Kyu (Praying Mantis)! He is so unknow I haven’t anything about him on youtube BUT BUT… he has played in “Intimates Enemies” (2015 that I haven’t seen yet), and his character is a… Praying Mantis like (I had a look on the trailer)
            Poor Praying Mantis 😀 😀 😀

          • September 2, 2015 at 8:28 pm

            Woo, you’re steps ahead in terms of storyline Maina! 😀
            It’s the third time in a row i find Hyung Kyu in a drama, the first time was with My Heart Twinkle Twinkle and the second one with My Love Eun Dong but didn’t really notice him! XD It’s different here in Last though! Wasn’t aware of that movie until you mentioned it! :O He will always be Praying Mantis in our eyes! XD

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