Death Note episode 6 ~ review.

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I was waiting for episode 7 of Death Note to come out, that way I could do a review for both episodes 6 and 7, but it seems like the subs are not out yet. You are only getting episode 6 now guys.

For those who have seen the movie “Desu Noto The last name”, everything would feel more familiar. Though they changed many things in the drama.

Misa get’s imprisoned for leaving traces at the letter she sent. She gets captured as the second Kira. L strongly believes she is connected to Light. Of course Misa doesn’t want to betray her love, she asks for Rem to end everything, but Rem erases her memories of the Death Note. Misa wakes up thinking she is a hostage of her stalker. This confuses L.

Light has to make his move. He wants to help Misa, that way he will take every suspicion on him away too. L has the answer right there. But Light will win this round.

He berries his Death Note, asks Rem to give Misa’s to a person with greed. If that person will use the Death Note, then they will think he is Kira. He then suggests they will hold him as a prisoner, giving an award worthy performance. L agrees.

The drama here defers from the movie. In the movie there was the tv hostess, who wanted to use the Death Note for her benefit and her show.Here we have a group of strong people who order the person, who has Misa’s Death Note and we don’t see his face, to kill.

Light wants to convince L he is not Kira, but first he has to be sure of that himself. He orders Ryuk to erase his memories too. He says if the Death Note is his fate, then he will find his way back to it.

Light’s game has confused L. He has to test him. We see detective Yagami, freeing Light taking him to an old store, for a moment the dramas makes us think, the detective is going to kill his son. But it was all part of L’s strategy. Wouldn’t Kira kill the person who points a gun at him? Even if he is his father. Kira might have killed him, but Light without memories doesn’t.

The email with the new Kira, Near sends without L knowing, to the team makes Light more innocent.

What is going to happen in the next episodes? Teru Mikami seems like he is going to make a move.

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