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Yong Pal ~ Episode 6 Recap [TriAngle]


“Nobody dies on my operating table.”


∠ ~ Maelstrom of promises.


A girl jumped off a high spot in one of Han Shin Group’s facilities to protest. Of course they would cover the incident and Cynthia alongside Tae Hyun arrived. Tae Hyun’s enraged with the fact they didn’t call an ambulance in the first place. It’s yet another moment when morals and reality’s harshest face collide in Tae Hyun’s mind. He diagnoses hemothorax and he cleans the area from the blood by any means necessary. Tae Hyun didn’t forget about her and later on he was concerned about the girl’s condition, she barely made it and it’s thanks to Tae Hyun’s skillful approach.

bscap1563bscap1568 bscap1574

President Go met Tae Hyun who gets informed that as soon as Do Joon maintains his chairman position accidents like that will keep occurring. He refers to the past and how he started from the bottom having a dream alongside Yeo Jin’s maternal grandfather. Now everything is about to get lost. He wants to take Do Joo out of the picture so that the company will be a place where salaried employees will be able to achieve their dreams. President Go intends to save Tae Hyun’s sister, but in return Tae Hyun will have to help him fulfill his dream by bringing him Yeo Jin. Cynthia became a part of the 12th floor through president Go’s connections and Tae Hyun’s contract was progressed in advance. Tae Hyun doesn’t believe in president Go’s words and most and above all he doesn’t find his intentions that pure, but Cynthia can’t really say anything.

 bscap1578bscap1580 bscap1586 bscap1589bscap1583

In the meantime, nasty things have started taking place on the 12th floor. The director informs Chief Surgeon Lee that Yeo Jin’s life will reach the end pretty soon. It’s all about the money and since she’s got a history of suicidal attempts it won’t be hard presenting her death as a suicide. What everyone’s unaware of is the fact that Nurse Hwang placed a camera inside the restricted area to inspect everything! Some not so innocent people arrived and Cynthia led them to their room, but they didn’t go unnoticed by Doo Chul’s underling. Chief Surgeon Lee notices that their plaster casts aren’t proper, but neither they nor Cynthia intend to work on that. Tae Hyun witnessed Chae Young’s photo on the table and everything became more suspicious.

bscap1653bscap1614bscap1631 bscap1635

Yeo Jin recalls Tae Hyun’s insight and she tries to move her feet, but Do Joon’s menacing words make her want to try harder if she wants to reclaim her throne. Tae Hyun informs Yeo Jin on his meeting with president Go, but he keeps asking her whether she trusts him or not. It’s not a matter of trust in this power struggle she found herself in, what matters the most is the fact that the power will go to the side she will favor in order to stay alive. She doesn’t want Tae Hyun to be so worried about her, but he indicates he’s worried about himself! If Yeo Jin gets out of there, he will get the password, so he shouldn’t worry that much! As for the reason why Tae Hyun keeps talking to her even more informally, it’s because they’re friends! Physical therapy takes place and Yeo Jin’s such a crybaby!

bscap1603 bscap1618bscap1617bscap1609

Chae Young’s in another room and it’s time for some physical therapy. Of course, she wants Tae Hyun to help her out! She’s well aware they’re being monitored and she wants him to act naturally. She knows he met president Go and she informs him on Do Joon’s intentions to kill Yeo Jin. President Go pressures Do Joon to do so through the court order request. If within these 48 hours president Go won’t withdraw the request Yeo Jin won’t be among the living anymore. Chae Young wants Tae Hyun to steal Nurse Hwang’s keys, take the elevator inside Yeo Jin’s room and meet her at the third level of the basement. She’s yet another person who promises that Tae Hyun’s life will change and the offer will be valid until the 48 hours deadline reaches the end.

bscap1667bscap1663bscap1665 bscap1668

∠ ~ The plan of the plan on the plan, oh, the plan! What’s the plan?


Chief Surgeon Lee and the director enter the restricted area. The plan will be finalized tomorrow and Chief Surgeon Lee must be prepared for everything, after all Yeo Jin won’t feel pain in her comatose condition. Inside her glass prison, fear overruns Yeo Jin and she can’t hold back her tears. Nurse Hwang becomes aware of their plan and she can’t afford the news! By the time they get out of the restricted area she stabs the director many times with a scalpel! Chief Surgeon Lee is the next target, but the security guards restrain her as she keeps shouting that Do Joon intends to kill his sister! The director gets transferred to the operating room, but Tae Hyun found Nurse Hwang’s keys!


Tae Hyun’s worried about Yeo Jin and asks her if she’s hurt, even though she pretends to be okay she shivers in fear. She’s crying her heart out as she informs him on their plan to take her out of the picture. He reassures her than nothing like that will happen because nobody dies on his operating table. He wants her to put her trust in him and takes her in his embrace to soothe her fear and discomfort.

bscap1686 bscap1688bscap1689

President Go doesn’t intend to withdraw the court order request and Cynthia intends to inform Tae Hyun on yet another plan, but he has to already become a part of the plan in order to hear it. Whether Yeo Jin’s dead or alive, as soon as Tae Hyun hand her over to president Go he will be paid in cash; he agrees. At 2 am, with the excuse of urgently transferring a patient, a helicopter full of their people will land on the roof. When Tae Hyun receives the signal he will have to go to the restricted area, put Yeo Jin on a stretcher and get ready to escape. The electricity on the 12th floor will be turned off and the emergency alarm and the CCTV will stop. He will have 3 minutes to transfer her to the helipad until the power gets restored.

bscap1702bscap1701 bscap1700

Tae Hyun informs Yeo Jin on the plan and he really wants to know if she trusts president Go, she trusts his volition and she can’t help it but pace with the flow. Even though she’s shivering, what she’s really afraid of is sleeping forever inside the restricted area. She doesn’t want Tae Hyun to care too much about her as he may end up getting hurt. He emphasizes on the fact that he’s already full of scars, so he doesn’t mind yet another one. Tae Hyun informs her that she will get transferred to the OR and the person who will take the lead is no other than himself and not Chief Surgeon Lee. Tae Hyun informed the Head Nurse on his plan that will make Yeo Jin look like dead inside the OR. He also wants Chae Young to start getting ready.

bscap1711bscap1715 bscap1719bscap1717bscap1718

Chief Surgeon Lee gets ordered to proceed. He puts something in her drug and after breaking his glass Yeo Jin opens up her eyes! He falls on the floor in fear as Yeo Jin keeps calling him a murderer. She warns him that one day he will die by Do Joon’s Hands as well, but he doesn’t seem to care that much and proceeds according to plan cutting her neck. Yeo Jin’s about to get transferred in the OR, but Cynthia announces the execution of Plan B. The lights go out and the plaster cast “patients” appear. A fight erupts between them and the security guards as the “body” is in the middle of the storm! The security chief tries to kill Yeo Jin, Tae Hyun restrains him and gets shot! Cynthia tears up her skirt and enters the chaos! She’s actually skilled in martial arts as well and she eventually becomes the owner of the revolver! Doo Chul rushes to help Tae Hyun who leaves alongside Cynthia and “Yeo Jin.” The only way out is through the restricted area’s elevator.

bscap1725 bscap1729bscap1727bscap1736bscap1748bscap1742bscap1745bscap1746bscap1750bscap1751bscap1752

∠ ~ The thin red line.


Chief Surgeon Lee had hidden the real Yeo Jin and Tae Hyun along with president Go’s men took the decoy! President Go is about to leave with “Yeo Jin,” but Do Joon arrives with his men. The Head Nurse is inside the OR and she recalls Tae Hyun’s plan to stop her heart and make them believe she’s dead, he would lower her body temperature before the hypovolemic shock and he would induce an artificial cardiac arrest with potassium. Tae Hyun’s not there and she starts lowering Yeo Jin’s body temperature while the procedure moves on.

bscap1765 bscap1768bscap1769bscap1767

Tae Hyun tries to move “Yeo Jin” towards Do Joon’s place and it gets revealed that Do Joon was in contact with him. Cynthia points the gun at Tae Hyun who stops proceeding. The Head Nurse injected potassium to progress the cardiac arrest and Chief Surgeon Lee believing it’s all over announced Yeo Jin’s death. Do Joon’s secretary was witnessing the procedure and informed the chairman right away. The power struggle seems to reaching the end once Do Joon announces Yeo Jin’s death in front of everyone. Tae Hyun finds out a doll was lying underneath the sheets all this time and he can’t believe his eyes while the Head Nurse covers Yeo Jin’s body with the funerary sheet.

bscap1774bscap1775 bscap1790bscap1784bscap1785bscap1781 bscap1780bscap1793

◎ ~ Circular view.


Warning: all the pictures that follow have been carefully chosen to pace with my flow of thoughts and they are related to each and every paragraph and character. In case you mostly see Stephanie Lee you’re either hallucinating or there’s something wrong with your eyes. There’s always the chance of loving her to the moon and back; with or without oxygen.


Yong Pal made it happen, the canons of SBS were already roaring and the drama emerged victorious for one more time as it reached 20.4% with its 6th episode. It only marches forward and we have yet to find out how many other peaks it may reach. Whether it gets extended or not, let’s hope that our beloved cast won’t collapse!


The more episodes pass by the more Tae Hyun finds himself between ethical dilemmas and strict rules. However, while still abiding to the second factor, he does his best for the patients’ lives while maintaining his silence and preserving his purity of essence as a doctor. One can witness though that as time passes by he tries even harder to control his boiling rage for the ongoing injustice.


Everyone wants to contact Tae Hyun for his own and his sister’s well-being. Of course, it’s Yeo Jin oriented and the violent playground is a power struggle chessboard where everyone tries to either befriend or annihilate the queen. Some characters will benefit if she’s alive, some others will have their own profit whether she’s alive or dead; under circumstances. Do Joon will progress his own reign once she’s out of the picture.


President Go is as dirty as Do Joon, it’s just that the first one wants to become the chairman whereas the second one has already occupied the throne. Chae Young’s thoughts are still cloudy and not so clear to read through the lines, but everything points towards the direction that she and her father need Yeo Jin alive at all costs.


Almost half of the episode was a plotting web and everything was changing scene by scene. Yeo Jin was in the eye of the storm and Tae Hyun right at the center of telecommunication signals inside an information overload cloud. Even though he tries to hide it, Tae Hyun deeply cares about Yeo Jin not only as his patient, but her story is traumatic enough to make him care even further. His sister’s treatment remains his top priority and that’s what fuels him to the fullest.


Tae Hyun was trying to partake in all the plans at the same time in order to become aware of everyone’s intentions as much as possible since he couldn’t possibly know everything going on in the background. Whichever the occasion, he was armed and ready to pace with the flow and work things out.


Yeo Jin’s uncertainty and fear should had been and were taken for granted because this was the utmost truth. Even though she was trying to hide it her stare and shivering hands would betray her. Deep within she knew that the only person she could really trust was Tae Hyun and placed all of her hopes upon his communicative and shrewd skills. His hug was the most soothing place she could find herself in before the crucial moment.


Nurse Hwang was addicted to Yeo Jin’s very presence. Everything was Yeo Jin oriented and she could never afford to lose her. Her obsession was so immense she could only try to protect Yeo Jin at all costs after her arch emotional breakdown which shook her once and for all. If someone could ever decide to end Yeo Jin’s life, given the signs on the horizon, then it would be only Nurse Hwang, everyone else was an intruder inside her sinister heaven.


Cynthia is president Go’s dedicated underling, his executive right hand progressing each and every plan. She’s skillful in pretty much everything she does, including martial arts and wielding a revolver. She’s smart, sexy, plotting, combative and beautiful, a lethal yet so charming combination i would never resist. I am really curious about her background with president Go, except for money, but i’m also eager to find out how her interactions with Tae Hyun will tickle her seemingly guarded personality.


The fight choreography in the dark which was presented through night vision was quite interesting. Literally all hell broke loose and the 12th floor turned into a serious amusement park of violence and action where the most powerful clients, in their absence, started showing their cards one after the other.


As expected, with so many spies and so many plans there was excessive information leaking and everything was changing second by second through the ongoing action. Do Joon appeared to be the most plotting of all as he used each and every information he received to his favor and managed to achieve his one and only goal, taking Yeo Jin out of the picture. Or at least he thought so.


Maybe, just maybe, Tae Hyun will have the last word on this. Joo Won definitely needs some rest after physically and emotionally surpassing himself during the first 6 episodes. I hope it will happen especially now that Tae Hyun’s been shot, but first he must save Yeo Jin! That doll was probably Kim Tae Hee’s stunt double for the extreme scenes!


Tae Hyun’s future is quite uncertain as he’s been used and fooled up to an extent, but he also betrayed a wide variety of plans to find himself on ground zero where his only option is to save Yeo Jin at all costs. How will he escape from that basement hell? Will they just let him walk away after the outcome of the recent events?


I don’t have extended medical knowledge, but Yeo Jin is wounded and bleeding all this time and he also has to perform the surgery and hide Yeo Jin! I can’t help it but think that it’s way too difficult for someone like Yeo Jin to survive. She’s got a weak immunity system and she’s with a slit and sewn throat. On top of that, her heart doesn’t beat anymore.


This apparent death condition can’t lost for as many minutes as the writer wants to unless the Head Nurse will try to revive her on her own while waiting for Tae Hyun’s appearance to do the rest concerning the operation. Ι pledge allegiance to the forces that will abrogate the law of gravity, but most and above all, let’s trust these hands.


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Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. bmore
    August 21, 2015 at 6:57 pm — Reply

    LMAO….Thanks for the “warning”. You are too funny.

    • August 21, 2015 at 7:50 pm — Reply

      XD You’re welcome and thanks a lot! 😀 Stephanie Lee <3

  2. August 22, 2015 at 6:38 am — Reply

    Yes thanks for the Stephanie Lee warning! LOL. Wow this episode was a real shocker! So much going on my head spun. I can’t believe they put both leads in extreme peril like that by the end. But my Tae Hyun is so Daebak, he will save Yeo Jin within the few minutes (with Head nurse’s help) AND sew himself up right after. And Yeo Jin will not even have a scar for the rest of the drama. haha. My other theory is that poor Tae Hyun can’t trust anyone in the hospital, except maybe Mr. arrogant glasses on the lower floors. Tae Hyun may need his frenemy’s help to fix the wound and not ask questions. We should see him again.

    And wasn’t that gangster super cool? I knew he’d somehow help Tae Hyun, pay a favor for a favor.

    Don’t kill me, but i almost felt Cynthia jumping into the fight scene was a bit cheesy. I’m not a martial artist, but her moves looked a little bit clumsy to me. Maybe you’re too busy drooling to notice, I can understand. LOL. But I give all actors credit for trying to learn whatever they must learn for a role.

    I don’t trust her, but I believe she’ll waver in her feelings for Tae Hyun. I also questioned her relationship with President Go, even wondering if she’s his daughter. We’ll see. She has many layers.

    This hospital is really the pits, at least the 12th floor is…Everyone just lets Nurse Hwang walk down the 12th floor with a bloody hand and scalpel, then when she stabs the doctor, there’s not a stretcher in sight. And isn’t it hilarious that you don’t see more than 2 clients staying in the rooms, nor any visitors, but when the gangster barge in, all of a sudden it’s crowded as a subway and they have to push and shove everyone out of the way?

    Nice screen caps of the romantic Head hug! The new Kdrama trend created by Joo Won that you’ll see copied in the next bunch of dramas. heehee.

    I hope that the writer realized how exhausted Joo Won was and wrote in that shooting scene so he CAN rest up for the next episode. Because really, they need to start developing Yeo Jin’s step-brother a little more. Right now he’s just some greedy villain. A cardboard one. Everyone’s raving about Jo Hyun Jae in this drama but I have yet to be impressed by the character. I don’t think it’s his fault at all though. This drama is still the Joo Won show.

    And what’s with this director and his obsession with shattered glass? He loves breaking whiskey glasses. I cringed when that secretary got one smashed on his head. Looked very real. I guess it’s a representation of the very fragile world these characters live in, where lives and truths can be shattered instantly.

    • August 22, 2015 at 7:38 am — Reply

      Oooh forgot to add my theory on Nurse Hwang! I found it interesting that the director made it a point to have her character say, “How dare you kill my baby!” Now it could just be that’s she’s crazy, but what if Nurse Hwang is Yeo Jin’s real mother? Or maybe a surrogate mother because the rich mother (whom we NOTHING about except that she’s the one with the money) couldn’t have children? That would make her say so. And think about the level of care she’s given Yeo Jin. Even the best paid nurse wouldn’t do that much. I don’t think.

      Or she could just be considering Yeo Jin a doll that she nurtured. Maybe the Nurse lost her own child and it drove her mad?

      I believe she knows many family secrets that Yeo Jin needs to find out as the drama progresses. Right now we don’t know whether she was dragged to prison – probably not, because she might tell all, or put in a mental hospital. I vote for Mental Hospital.

      • August 24, 2015 at 9:10 pm — Reply

        Both options could be real, but taking into consideration all the sickening vibes around her, Head Nurse found meaning in being around Yeo Jin, she’s her everything ever since she started working there. But there might as well be a weird mother story hiding in the background. But indeed, we haven’t even seen her rich mother yet, we know that people work for her rich family, but she’s nowhere to be seen o.O I vote for mental hospital both for the secrets she knows and her own brain as well XD Yeo Jin attracts her like a magnet, she can’t live without her, the moment Chief Surgeon Lee changed the night shift to Tae Hyun she lost the world underneath her feet, she was shaking and time wasn’t passing by! I think she’s overly obsessed with being close to Yeo Jin, taking care of her and doing whatever thingsshe does.

    • August 24, 2015 at 9:05 pm — Reply

      You’re welcome! XD I’ve already started her debut drama with the seonam girls high school investigators XD I did it solely for her! <3 Isn't my love true? 😀
      Tae Hyun has the potential to be performing surgery with one hand on Yeo Jin and with the other one on himself, then he will sew both of them in a like-minded way, he will take her somewhere safe and then he will rest XD
      Ah, yup, that duderino with the glasses or even his previous supervisor surgeon, both of them are not very fond of the 12th floor. But yup, the glass duderino is more to be trusted than anyone else, except for the Head Nurse.
      Yup, Man Chool had the real swag in there, especially after Tae Hyun got shot he put his life on the line just like Yong Pal did for both of them!
      Nah, i want kill you, of course it was cheesy! But it was Cynthia <3 When she tightened the tie on that bad guy's neck she was so sexy though XD
      Cynthia is not to be trusted for now, but THAT hug had an impact upon her and the fact that she jumped in to save him was important. She has many layers indeed and i love Cynthia-oriented onion characters <3 Stephanie Lee i meant XD
      Hahahaha, within a few seconds all hell broke loose while only the corridor was filled with president Go's men XD The fight scene was a bit hilarious and i couldn't take it to the fullest seriously, not even Cynthia's part xP
      That head-hug was so cute <3 It had so much affection and powerful "it's going to be alright" vibes! It definitely has the potential to become the new drama-hug trend! Once a success then pew pew laser, it's everywhere!
      Do Joon must progress as a character, he's too one dimensional for now and i don't understand why the actor receives so much praise in Yong Pal, he hasn't done anything yet XD That glass on the head scene was awesome thought! Joo Won must rest after taking care of Yeo Jin and himself!
      I liked your presentation! Both the world all of the characters live in is as fragile as a glass, but it can shatter any time as easily as a glass. There's no remorse, things just flow forward at all costs and the fragile ones have to find the way out and eventually shatter those living in glass towers and commanding one way or another their lives. I can't wait for the next episode O.O

  3. August 22, 2015 at 6:44 pm — Reply

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  4. August 24, 2015 at 6:15 pm — Reply

    You are right. They will put her in mental hospital coz they dun want her blabbing away their nefarious plans.

    Love your take on the hands. There’s something so sweet about kim tae hee that her younger co stars are happy just holding her hands…

    • August 24, 2015 at 9:14 pm — Reply

      The mental asylum is the only place she can babble as much as she wants to without anyone taking into consideration everything she has to say, especially after the doctor in charge of her will be someone under Do Joon’s command.
      They are hands made of magic! 😀 They evoke some softness even by simply staring at them, imagine holding them! 😀 Gladly enough, Wednesday’s not so far away as we speak! Thanks a lot for your comment! 🙂

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