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Yong Pal ~ Episode 5 Recap [TriAngle]


“Did the lavender bloom in Provence?”


∠ ~Nurturing the awakening.


Tae Hyun may be yet another prison guard in her life, but his soul can be bought with money and her time gradually approaches. Offering him money was a powerful motive, but willing to save his sister made things much more specific. Tae Hyun rushed to his sister’s room and he treated his father like a legal guardian. So Hyun will last one or two months the most, but even hanging in there will be tough. She wants Tae Hyun to make up with their father, it’s her dying wish as she’s well aware things are not flowing well. Tae Hyun turning his face away to hide his tears as she was urging him to stop trying to prevent the inevitable was devastating.

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He considers his father a coward who keeps avoiding responsibilities, unlike Tae Hyun himself who’s willing to take responsibility for So Hyun all along the way. Cynthia has some great news and through her connections she managed to acquire a positive diagnosis from the US and a matching liver transplant is at hand! She’s glad she could be helpful even though she’s not aware all this is about Tae Hyun’s sister, but Tae Hyun’s hug sent shivers down her spine! So Hyun’s treatment is 2 billion ₩ away and as his sister’s words echo anew in his mind Yeo Jin’s proposal feels stronger.

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Yeo Jin’s still inside her glass prison and as she notices Tae Hyun’s presence you can sense her anxiety as she’s still unaware of his decision. He stops the drug from dripping and the light shines differently inside the glass walls. After 2 years she can finally dream. A convulsion occurs and Nurse Hwang enters the restricted area to find out everything’s flowing well with Yeo Jin. Tae Hyun pretends to be sleeping and Nurse Hwang wants to report him right away, but if she does she will have to report herself as well since it was her mistake Yeo Jin attempted suicide. Nurse Hwang is enraged, but she leaves since she has to maintain her temper for the time being. Chief Surgeon Lee was glad Tae Hyun kept Yeo Jin’s suicidal attempt a secret and he’s actually happy he took care of the nerve-shaking Nurse Hwang, but he shouldn’t provoke her too much either.

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Tae Hyun has decided to save his sister at all costs and Yeo Jin asks for his cellphone to progress the transaction right away. She doesn’t know the current technology and Tae Hyun informs her on how things work in the world of mobile phones. She’s too weak to mover hands and he places his cellphone within her palms. Her personal account is in Switzerland of course and once Tae Hyun checks his email the money had already been deposited. It’s an anonymous certificate of transfer, but without a password he can’t get his hands on the money. His sister’s treatment will start taking place the day she will leave the restricted area.


∠ ~ Weaving webs.


The shareholders request a court order for hospital visits, since it’s a war they attacked first. Chae Young has drank an ocean of alcohol and hangover has occupied her whole body, but this doesn’t mean she can’t overhear information. Do Joon becomes aware of the shareholders’ moves and he’s enraged. The secretary will make sure the request for a court order will get cancelled and the counsel team will prevent president Go from visiting Yeo Jin at the hospital. Do Joon orders Yeo Jin’s death right away but his secretary tries to restrain him since the plan they’d been working on all these 3 years will get ruined. Do Joon doesn’t intend to listen to anything he has to say and he breaks his glass on the secretary’s head! He’s got 48 hours to resolve the court order request or else he will follow Yeo Jin in the afterlife. The housemaid was spying on them and she informed Chae Young right away.

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Chae Young wants the shareholders to cancel the court order request otherwise Yeo Jin’s life will be in danger. Just like a brother could kill his own sister, a wife could betray her own husband and Chae Young talks to president Go in private. Her father may trust him, but she doesn’t trust him at all. He shouldn’t make things more dangerous than they already are for Yeo Jin because Chae Young’s double-edged knife’s direction isn’t certain for now, it could be Do Joon, it could be someone else. One thing is for certain, the days of trust are long gone and Chae Young urges her father to strike back first since they don’t intend to cancel the court order request. She doesn’t unveil all of her thoughts, but she wants to use Yeo Jin the way Do Joon does. Chairman Go progresses his own plan, he wants Chae Young out of the picture, the fact that she appears dangerous for his own ambitions turned her into his first target.


∠ ~Redirecting the nightmare.


Tae Hyun reduced the drug dosage by half, Yeo Jin will be more conscious, but she has to be careful in order not to get caught. She’s so weak and every little move is a struggle, but she keeps causing fake alarms making Nurse Hwang run all the time, she even ruined her romantic intercourse with the toilet! Nurse Hwang noticed that her vein was bleeding and she’s aware Yeo Jin was doing this on purpose and starts breaking things. Tae Hyun restrains her and Chief Surgeon Lee changes the night shift personnel. Tae Hyun will be taking care of Yeo Jin during nighttime instead of Nurse Hwang!


Tae Hyun thinks that Nurse Hwang took good care of Yeo Jin during her coma, but Yeo Jin’s personal experience tends to differ. Tae Hyun should never forget that Yeo Jin is the only person who can save his sister, but she shouldn’t also forget that he’s the only boat that will take her to the outside world; and it’s not a cruise ship. Tae Hyun was about to leave, but Yeo Jin wants him by her side and more than most she doesn’t want him to turn off the lights. She wants him to be in contact with Chae Young. It’s not that she likes her that much, but her father used to work for her own father and since he’s looking for her he’s not in Do Joon’s side. Even though he’s a person Yeo Jin can trust, he’s weak and she relies in Chae Young’s unfulfilled greed while living with someone she doesn’t love. President Go works for her mother’s family, but he was an enemy of her father. He’s one of the people Yeo Jin wants to contact, but as soon as Tae Hyun got closer to her she felt quite uneasy! The first “romantic” awkwardness?

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As for everyone she would like to see, everyone she loved is dead because they loved her back. When Yeo Jin leaves the restricted area the first thing she would like to do is to to destroy that place along with everyone that kept her enchained in there. She would love to taste her mother’s soy bean stew, it’s the one Tae Hyun misses the most in his mother’s absence. She doesn’t have any friends since she’s locked up in there, but Tae Hyun doesn’t have friends either. Now that Yeo Jin, the Genie, is out of her bottle, he wants her to grant him the second wish. He wants them to be friends and starting tomorrow, her rehabilitation exercises will begin, it’s the only option in order to acquire the throne. The anxious Nurse Hwang was eavesdropping their conversation and she’s aware Yeo Jin has awakened!

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◎ ~ Circular view.


Rejoice, drama addicts! Yong Pal has reached 18% and 20% doesn’t feel that far away! While waiting for the subtitles of the 6th episodes it may have already acquired it! Yong Pal sets new personal standards with every passing episode, but it also shows its imperial grandeur when it comes to other weekly dramas’ ratings!


The moment Tae Hyun rushed towards his sister’s room after he found out her condition had deteriorated it was a heartrending moment. He stood still for a while in order to hide his agony and appear with his positive face in front of So Hyun. Trying to comfort her while shattering on the inside didn’t work.


If someone feels the end is near more than anyone else is So Hyun herself. She’s thankful towards her brother and she’s glad he was in her life all this time, she doesn’t want to keep seeing him tormented because of her, especially now that she gradually reaches the end of the line.


His tears were devastating as he turned his face away. Tae Hyun had already lost his mother in front of his very eyes, he can’t afford to lost his precious sister in the exact same way. Money are faceless, Yeo Jin made her offer more face-centered when she unveiled her intentions to save Tae Hyun’s sister.


He could only accept her offer no matter what as the weight of Yeo Jin’s words equals the weight of his sister’s well-being. It may be just numbers a phone call away to Yeo Jin’s eyes, but from Tae Hyun’s point of view the fact that he may see his sister healthy once again can’t be calculated by numbers or expressed with words. Only his tears know the weight of his burden.


Yeo Jin not letting Tae Hyun leave her side was the utmost expression of someone’s solitude. She didn’t want him to turn off the lights either. Loneliness and gloominess remind her of the time she spent in her glass prison, now that she’s awakened she can’t afford to embrace the same unwelcome conditions in her life.


Yeo Jin and Tae Hyun are so much alike and an inseparable duet in extension when seen through opposing prisms. Yeo Jin has money, Tae Hyun doesn’t. Yeo Jin could never buy friendship, but Tae Hyun couldn’t acquire it since he never had anything. Both of them are lonely with their own burdens that were plaguing their lives all these years.


Both of them have to break from that prison which is no other than the restricted area with Tae Hyun saving his sister’s life and Yeo Jin reclaiming her stolen time, throne and life. What seems like a journey’s end for Tae Hyun after his sister will get treated is another journey’s beginning, the one to help Tae Hyun at all costs because it’s the synonym of his sister’s life.


You have to love Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won’s chemistry, both of them are shining through the darkness of their characters as they forge a glade of mutual renewal. Joo Won is stellar, but so is Kim Tae Hee. As much as Joo Won was reflecting Tae Hyun’s multifaceted character Kim Tae Hee through Yeo Jin’s comatose rigidity and glass room presentation was forging in silence just a glimpse of what we witnessed during the 5th episode.


Most of the female figures in Yong Pal are strong and determined with distinctive personalities. Of course i’m referring to Stephanie Lee who’s the midnight sun of my heart bringing to the surface Cynthia’s figure in a highly representative and natural way. You have to love her English accent! Chae Jung Ahn is also doing an exemplary work as Chae Young as a multi-scheming figure with definitive goals.


Nurse Hwang has to be one very unique figure. She either unveils all of her rage upon the sleeping beauty or treats her gently as if she was taking care of a living yet so lifeless doll. Yeo Jin felt like a stuffed animal Nurse Hwang could treat in any way she liked any time she was feeling like doing so just because she wanted to and had the power to do so. Apparently, except for the fact that she’s probably in debt as a credit card service keeps contacting her, she has way too many complexes!


She can’t do without Yeo Jin’s presence in her life. After she got paused from her nighttime shifts which were her sickening playground she lost the world underneath her feet. All this anxiety was threatening enough to unveil her unwholesome personality. She’s like a psychic vampire draining the remaining energy off Yeo Jin’s body in order for her to feel alive. She will probably be the first one Yeo Jin will take out of the picture as a “reward” for her “services.”


Yong Pal already owns in terms of ratings, the acting is topnotch and the ambiance it evokes is enthralling. It has the potential to become a drama chieftain if the storyline remains intriguing and challenging, as for now, it maintains the whole package and roams around dramaland like there’s no tomorrow!


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Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. bmore
    August 20, 2015 at 8:34 pm — Reply

    I like this Stephanie Lee A LOT! She is a baby in the acting world, but her beauty and charisma will mean more parts for her I’m sure. I hope she slowly builds a great resume.

    • August 20, 2015 at 8:54 pm — Reply

      I love her SO SO SO much! Her dimples make my heart dimple with love! 😀 Indeed, she’s got only one more drama in her newborn career, something tells me i will watch it! 😀 So much beauty and so much charisma, i want all the best for her <3

      • August 22, 2015 at 6:04 am — Reply

        She’s so pretty and cute with the dimples. I melt with dimples on the men myself – Oh Ji Ho, Ji Jin Hee, Hyun Bin, Lee Sang Joon, Choi Jin Hyuk, Hyun Bin, to name a few! Woo hoo!

        Okay, maybe you know, Mr. Kwon, because it’s nagging me – is Stephanie Lee in any way, shape or form related to actor Phillip Lee? When I first saw her I thought wow, she could be his sister! Then I looked her up, there’s nothing connecting them, (but that could be on purpose) they’re both Korean American born in Boston, same name, though Lee is very common. What do you think? Someone also suggested they could be cousins. They both have striking, unique, but similar looks, with the eyes AND dimples.

        • August 24, 2015 at 8:44 pm — Reply

          I leave all them to you, i will stick to Stephanie Lee, it’s a fair deal, don’t you think? 😀 😀
          Hm, i don’t seem to find any further connection, but you never know! There’s a slight resemblance, but i do think that Phillip Lee has more western characteristics, something that doesn’t apply to my lovely Stephanie 😀 They could be undercover family even though Lee is too common xD

      • August 22, 2015 at 6:10 am — Reply

        Oops, said Hyun Bin twice in my dimple comment. Well, one for each gorgeous dimple. haha.

        • August 24, 2015 at 8:53 pm — Reply

          Hahaha, double the dimple triple the excitement! XD

  2. August 21, 2015 at 1:42 am — Reply

    This brought a smile to my face. The women in YP ttly steal the light. We’ve got some great female characters and I love that. I can’t even say that they were written less than awesome. Plus the actresses are killing it!

    • August 21, 2015 at 1:46 am — Reply

      Both the actresses are performing a great work and the characters are intriguing to say the least, with the actresses breathing their own air into their roles! It’s good that the female figures are combative in their own way, one way or another! 😀

  3. August 21, 2015 at 7:25 am — Reply

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  4. August 22, 2015 at 6:05 am — Reply

    Joo Won and those eyes! Those tears. My heart really broke for Tae Hyun in ep. 5. I cried a bit. Mr. Potato Head does not come with Sad eyes. But Joo Won does! LOL.

    I truly wonder if his sister will make it or not. I want her to, really, but I have a feeling her character is non-essential to the rest of the story coming up and she’ll die despite his best efforts. She’ll be more in the way. And it’d be so easy for the baddies to dispose of her because they all know she’s the reason Tae Hyun is taking such risks. Unless they just keep her tucked away in the hospital. They could always use her as a pawn to capture Tae Hyun later on. They may have the dad take care of her for the rest of the drama to show his repentance toward his family.

    Did you happen to see Cynthia’s ipad message? It was in English and obviously from Google Translate! If a Hospital sent me a message like that, I’d think twice about going there. haha!

    I don’t think Chae Young was drunk in that scene at all. Her eyes were full of clarity. She’s a real sneaky one, and we continue to see this in episode 6. Nurse Hwang, as we’ll see later, is nutty as a fruitcake. Yeo Jin only briefly mentions how she was tortured by her in so many ways. Even if she took tender, loving care, I can imagine Nurse Hwang’s mood shifting as she’s combing her hair, then all of a sudden she’s yanking it. Or maybe doing crazy things with the makeup on her face. Poor Yeo Jin probably felt so violated by this woman – remember she’s the only one to clean up all the gross stuff, wash her down, make sure she doesn’t have bed sores, etc.

    I have more to say, at least theories on the nurse, but I’ll put it on the episode 6 review. 🙂

    I love how you describe the budding friendship/love between Yeo Jin and Tae Hyun. They have a very natural chemistry. I like that Tae Hyun is the friendly leading man, the one who will warm her soul. He doesn’t try to talk her out of her revenge, at least not yet. He just listens and attempts to make light of the situation for her.

    I’m having a bit of a blast on the Yong Pal Facebook group, as I watch I post comments throughout. LOL. So much deep discussion going on. I’ll try to bring some here too. Off to read ep. 6!

    • August 24, 2015 at 8:52 pm — Reply

      Joo Won’s tears were feels-bliss! I want his sister to make it as well, but i do agree that her character will be of no importance from a moment and on, she will either or get treated and she’ll get out of the picture and if she lives Joo Won will be calling her on the phone once per 3 episodes or something xD
      Hahaha, yup, that was priceless, google translate does “wonders” in hospital-communication, it was like spam mail you’d never open XD
      Drunk or not, her antennas are always wide open when it comes to Yeo Jin information, she doesn’t miss anything and when she does there’s the housemaid to become her ears!
      I don’t want to imagine what Nurse Hwang was doing to Yeo Jin… Her whole privacy was violated by a coco-nut!
      Tae Hyun takes things slowly while talking to her more like a friend, he keeps the “difficult” thoughts to himself and progresses according to the generic orders she gives him. He knew she was frightened so he tried to make things as easier as possible for her.
      You’re YongPaling yourself to the fullest! XD

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