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“There isn’t anyone who sees his own darkest side under positive conditions.
I only realized what kind of person i was after falling into the depths of despair.
When things were so bad for me that i thought i would be better off dead…
That’s when true human nature unveiled itself.”


∠ ~ Shortcuts to success.


After president Jo’s trauma resurfaced it was up to Hae Jin to talk about business since Man Chool wants to partake in their company’s Oil Sand project. Hae Jin points out that Man Chool can fill in the position of an investor who backed out. In order to become a part of the project he must hand over 15 billion ₩ in cash, starting with 7 billion ₩ by the day after tomorrow. Hae Jin enforces Man Chool’s participation and president Jo’s sudden appearance could have ruined everything, but Hae Jin kept the deal of the spirit alive! Man Chool’s all in for this once in a lifetime opportunity!


Man Chool took out a loan from Heung Sam even though he was charging a pretty high interest for short-term loans. Man Chool was so certain of his forthcoming success he proceeded at all costs. A meeting took place between Tae Ho and Heung Sam who doesn’t only want to see Man Chool fall, he must never be able to make a comeback. Man Chool’s greed progresses things faster and Tae Ho reassures Heung Sam that he will get back the 5 billion ₩ he lost in the recent past. Back at the hotel, everything progresses as planned, the contracts got sealed and the money have been transferred. Man Chool, president Jo and Hae Jin are… partners!

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Congressman Moon arrived after Man Chool’s request, but Tae Ho had a backup plan. Since the situation got messed up, the Seoul fraud regional investigation unit appeared and arrested president Jo and Hae Jin. Tae Ho couldn’t have let them know of this part of the mission beforehand. In order to get them out safe and sound in case something unwelcome happened he needed their sincere reactions! Heung Sam is happy with the loan transfer and behind his bookshelves lies his personal… bank vault! Man Chool is enraged and destroys everything in his office, he wants his most faithful peasant to gather powerful and fully armed men to invade Heung Sam’s headquarters!

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∠ ~ Interaction crossroads.


Sergeant Bae enforces his own law on who will eat and who won’t and Na Ra tries to protect the people’s right to eat since she’s the one providing them food. He uses violence and Na Ra faints. There’s only one man out there to deliver justice at this very moment, Jong Goo! Sergeant Bae gets beaten up badly and alongside Crocodile and Poison Snake he went to meat Heung Sam to cry altogether. The strongest card was Mi Joo’s presence in Jong Goo’s life.

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Mi Joo doesn’t intend to keep spending her nights with customers anymore, she’s thankful towards Heung Sam for taking her under his protection, but she can’t lead this life anymore. Since they almost ruined his plan when she ran away with Jong Goo he knows how to pay them back. As long as all three are alive her scar will never heal and he enforces Mi Joo’s absence for the time being.

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Na Ra’s workaholic way of life made her collapse and she’s at the hospital with Jong Goo by her side. She’s well aware he’s dating someone, but he doesn’t invest in details! Even though Tae Ho is gone, he kept her words close to his heart and he’s trying to keep Tae Ho’s remain spirit alive by preserving the status he set. Na Ra knows that the woman he likes is Mi Joo and she points out that feeling apologetic and responsible for her is part of his overall affection, hence he doesn’t have to drown in gloom.


Jong Goo recalls the fire incident and visits that place. He notices Young Chil and enters their hideout. He Becomes aware that Tae Ho is alive and he wants to see him right away. He can’t believe he was in the shadows all this time while he thought he was dead. He’s being quite ironic talking about the CCTV cameras connecting the world of the living with the afterlife and he urges Tae Ho to meet him on the other side! Tae Ho visited Jong Goo the same night and he tried to explain about the matter of life and death mission he found himself in, but Jong Goo wants him to get ready for the next part of the training; punching!

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Tae Ho wants to find Heung Sam’s weakness in order to destroy him and Jong Goo delivers important information encrypted in boxing terms! All that matters is shortening the distance through force, then it’s all about the speed and accuracy of the blows and last but not least, he’s got only one chance to block and he should take advantage of it if he doesn’t want to lose the game. After a combat where all of Jong Goo’s words were put into practice his final lesson had reached the end. He let Tae Ho know that Na Ra was hospitalized due to overworking herself, but a part of the blame is on him too. Moments they shared overrun his mind and Tae Ho goes to visit her while she was asleep. He could only be apologetic and the next morning Na Ra woke up to find flowers by her side making her day begin with a smile.

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Jong Goo tries to find Mi Joo but he can’t reach her, the last place in search of answers is Heung Sam’s headquarters where he’s drinking with Tae Ho in a devout ambiance! Heung Sam points out that one’s real nature reveals itself in one’s darkest hour and Tae Ho is glad he was able to repay his debt, but he still has to take care of the interest as well and Heung Sam leans towards Tae Ho’s capabilities in business matters. Jong Goo arrives and all he wants to know is Mi Joo’s location. Heung Sam wants him to reevaluate his priorities since he let his emotions dwell too much in his world. Heung Sam urges him to find Mi Joo on his own and Jong Goo lets Heung Sam know that if he did anything to her this is the last day he will leave this world behind. Tae Ho gets in the way and wants them to stop, in order to push Jong Goo away he told him to wait for the moment they’ll duel. Jong Goo was leaving but he noticed Man Chool’s men entering the hotel.

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∠ ~  8 minutes of primitive hedonism and raw splendor – a baron, a boxer and a breed.


Heung Sam and Tae Ho don’t intend to surrender and they fight for their lives as if there’s no tomorrow because tomorrow never arriving for them was a very serious option. Both of them deliver brave amounts of pain even though they are outnumbered, but for this reason they are bound to fall no matter how hard they fight. Crowbars and jackknives do the talking, but seeing Heung Sam holding with his one hand his vinyl and with the other one fighting back even though he was stabbed and grabbing the knife with bare hands was a real pleasure to the eye; wounded, stylish and relentless.

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That’s when Jong Goo and his fists come into play and he cleans up the corridor in his own renowned way! Heung Sam and Tae Ho are watching one another’s back, but they are surrounded and they fight fiercely! Jong Goo joins them, all three are surrounded and bleeding. The orders are clear, Heung Sam must fall first! Jong Goo has been stabbed and Heung Sam lies on the floor, Tae Ho is the last man standing and he’s fighting for all three as one. Jong Goo holds out his hands for Heung Sam who gets stabbed once again and they try to escape through the elevator. Tae Ho was almost left behind in order to protect them, but all three managed to escape.

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The homeless invade Man Chool’s office seeking revenge, but he’s nowhere to be found. Heung Sam’s being hospitalized and Praying Mantis alongside Mi Joo had to return hastily to be by his side. Mi Joo’s surprised to see Tae Ho alive, but he informs her on Jong Goo’s location. She doesn’t seem to care because Praying Mantis is around, but we all know that deep within she’s dying to see him. Na Ra was the one to take care of Jong Goo’s wounds and she urges him to contact Mi Joo since he longs for her presence.

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◎ ~ Circular view.


I am really curious about the amount of Praying Mantis’ loyalty towards Heung Sam’s face and i can’t wait for his past to get revealed so that we’ll get to know why does Praying Mantis follow blindly Heung Sam’s orders. Heung Sam must had been of great help at some point in his life and from that moment and on Praying Mantis dedicated his life to Heung Sam.


Jong Goo remained in the past, it’s something that forged his seemingly careless shell, but deep within a very fragile core keeps burning. It’s always about Eun Ji and Mi Joo and the fact that he considers himself responsible for the accident which left its impact upon Mi Joo’s scars plays tricks on his mind and emotional world. He gradually progresses trying to leave behind and works on his emotional intelligence while still being aware that everything he’s dreaming of won’t be easy. The fact that Tae Ho was working with Heung Sam pissed him off more than his pretence to be dead.


Heung Sam left the past behind and stared at the future, each and every step he makes is always future oriented until he accomplishes his ultimate goal. There are times he recalls the past, not for the pain it inflicted upon him, but as one of the reasons that fueled his ambitions. The past means also revenge on the person who caused his father’s death and condemned his sons’ future back then. Could that man be Man Chool, chairman Wang or someone else who will appear in the near future?


Mi Joo’s world has become more burdensome ever since Heung Sam found out she’d been hanging more with Jong Goo lately. It’s a love triangle that will never progress the way she desires, by Jong Goo’s side, not as long as all three of them are still breathing. She had to obey Heung Sam’s orders and follow Praying Mantis in yet another escorting mission so that Jong Goo would remain safe.


Tae Ho’s searching for Heung Sam’s weakness which is no other than Se Hoon’s well-being, he’s quite close but he can’t read through the lines for the time being. Jong Goo’s advice was rather precious, Tae Ho’s got to force his presence in Heung Sam’s life, the closer the better while still being able to defend himself during fatal decisions and deliver fast and accurate blows on the right time. Under the mission’s completion and the fact that Tae Ho put his life on the line for Heung Sam, Jong Goo and himself the first step has been accomplished, inevitably he has forced his presence in Heung Sam’s inner circle.


The 8-minute scene inside Heung Sam’s headquarters was a violent rough diamond of old school beating up. No revolvers involved, just crowbars, jackknifes and anything the surrounding environment may bless you with, including your own physical force. You rarely witness such an excessive vulgar display of power within dramas nowadays. It was pure bliss and Last lives up to any personal expectation! Jong Goo protecting Heung Sam with his back inside the elevator while trying to pull Tae Ho back in was a glimpse of comradeship on his behalf.


Now that things calmed down i can look forward to Tae Ho appearing in front of Na Ra once again and find out how my beloved couple, Mi Joo and Jong Goo, will progress under the sudden turn of events. And let’s not forget the drums of revenge that are already pounding!


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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

elles viennent
autres et pareilles
avec chacune c'est autre et c'est pareille
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est autre
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
-Samuel Beckett-


  1. August 18, 2015 at 5:06 pm — Reply

    Stopping by quickly to say how much I love the quotes you use to open your recaps/reviews 🙂

    • August 18, 2015 at 5:18 pm — Reply

      Thanks a lot, i am so glad you enjoy them!! 🙂

  2. August 18, 2015 at 8:33 pm — Reply

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  3. bmore
    August 18, 2015 at 8:53 pm — Reply

    2 episodes a week are NOT enough for this drama! Clicking on the first one, I am full of anticipation, settling in for the ride. As it ends, in the blink of an eye it seems, I dread clicking on the second episode since I know that in seemingly a very few moments, my time with these people will be at an end yet again for a WHOLE WEEK and I am 2 more episodes closer to an end I am already dreading….for more than one reason.

    I do have to say, I found the ‘plan’ to acquire Lone Shark Jung’s business to be a little too simplistic and that, though greed plays a big part in his and all of these people’s driving forces, a man like him, who has spent so many years in this business and reached the wealth and power he has could not be caught so quickly and easily. He should have been more suspicious and should have been more distrusting of such a ‘great deal’. Whatever. His ending is near now and we will be on to the next plot.

    It is hard for me to see my sweet sweet In Woo from Glorious Day playing such a horrible monster as Praying Mantis. Like everyone else that lives in this drama , he is no cardboard background character. There is a story behind him and I’m sure we will soon hear it…and I’m betting it is pretty horrific to have turned him into such an irredeemable creature.

    Just finished ep 8 and feeling down already. I have a feeling of doom over me now. Anxious to see what you have to say.

    • August 19, 2015 at 1:44 am — Reply

      I know! And we have to wait more time until they get subbed! It’s a paranormal process which makes the torment greater! The plan’s simplicity didn’t bother me that much to be honest since the core was there, they could have made it more complex, but it would take a bit more time. I think they wanted to show that greed blinds and Man Chool was blinded by it, it’s something which led him to his own demise. He didn’t pay attention to the signs and he fell for the bait and he turned into… organs. XD
      Praying Mantis is the real shit! XD He’s Heung Sam’s eyes! If Heung Sam told him to die right away he would do so, he would even take himself to the factory, perform surgery on himself, place the organs in the boxes and then die happy! I really want to find out the origins of this loyalty or… horrific transformation as you said! Now i wanna see episode 9 >.> Let’s invent a drama time machine! 😀

  4. August 18, 2015 at 10:12 pm — Reply

    I’m so in love with this drama! And to think that I almost missed out on it and only bothered to watch the first episode on day because I was bored. I like all off the character for one reason or another. I even enjoy watching the bad guys, which is rare for me since I tend to hate Kdrama bad guys. But here it seems like everyone has a back story, so I like learning more about them and why they act in certain ways and do these bad things.

    And that 8 minute fight scene was just epic. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how great that was.

    • August 19, 2015 at 1:48 am — Reply

      Dramas you start in boring days just to watch the first episode usually turn into blissful torments since you wanna keep watching! 😀 You don’t expect anything and once you find that drama sparkle in there you keep watching!
      Yup, the bad guys have distinctive personalities and you can differentiate them from one another, they offer a wide variety of villains which makes it even more interesting. The one i wanna find out about his past is Praying Mantis, want to see from where all this bling loyalty derives from!
      I’ve watched that fight scene quite a few times by now, it’s pew pew laser! Other dramas which involve action don’t have 8 minutes of fight scenes as a whole within 16 episodes and here we had a full blast of 8 minutes in a row in the same episode! XD *prays for more chaos*

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