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Oh My Ghost ~ Episode 14 Recap


The ratings only get better and the 14th episode achieved 5.450%, its the Oh My Ghost effect possessing a wider part of the audience every time it airs! We are left with a major cliffhanger as we’re unaware of how the drama’s going to flow during the next episode simply because Sung Jae’s quite unpredictable himself. The closer more people get to the truth he tries to hide the more his internal chaos expands forging an even stronger pounding core of negativity. I can only be certain about one thing, i can’t wait for Oh My Ghost’s last 2 episodes even though i’ll have to say goodbye!


Sun Woo returns back to his restaurant and Soon Ae’s brother came to find him and he’s actually enraged. He couldn’t stand seeing such a wonderful person as Bong Sun feeling that way and he actually hit Sun Woo who eventually rushed to find her. Bong Sun’s talking to her grandmother on the phone and she became aware that Sun Woo visited her. Sun Woo appeared and took her in his embrace! He was so worried about her and he could only obey his heart’s pulse which was leading him towards her direction! Bong Sun missed him and he’s certain of one thing. Before she got possessed she was already all over the place for him and he doesn’t want to lose her again!

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They are at the renowned swings and he’s noticed that she’s gotten weaker these days. He refers to the You Are My Sunshine blog and she’s surprised, but he’s got his own ways of finding out! Once she hears he got punched by Soon Ae’s brother she got concerned about Sun Woo, but it had its own impact upon him. It wasn’t Bong Sun with Sun Woo the previous time at the swings, it wasn’t her when he found her drunk at the motel and when she was trapped inside the storage it was the ghost as well! The one who caught the bike seat thief though was Bong Sun! Of course, the one who constantly wanted to do it with him was the ghost!

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He still can’t believe he had a love triangle with a ghost! He acknowledges that she had no confidence as she was so introverted and all of a sudden she became a brighter person. At first he didn’t like her real self because she reminded him too much of his past self, so he pushed her harder in order to wake her up. He admits he fell for the ghost and Bong Sun lets him know that the ghost liked him as well. At that point Bong Sun saw a ghost and Sun Woo who got scared leaned towards her to feel more secure! Even Bong Sun’s hand scared him and he even stopped his swing from moving to make sure a ghost isn’t there!


After Bong Sun left like this she can’t return at the restaurant right away and she will stay with Soon Ae’s family for a while. Soon Ae meets Bong Sun and she thinks that Sung Jae may had been involved in Eun Hee’s hit and run incident since officer Han obtained evidence of Sung Jae covering up for the culprit. Bong Sun mustn’t say anything to Sun Woo until they find more evidence, but she’s worried about Sun Woo and Eun Hee. Soon Ae pretends she’s not concerned about Sun Woo and tries to hide her feelings.

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Sung Jae’s aware that Soon Ae left Bong Sun’s body and he’s eager to find her! He also noticed that someone tried to pick his drawer’s lock, but he finds out nothing was missing and he’s glad to see Soon Ae’s diary in there! Sun Woo’s back in Bong Sun’s blogging world and he calls her right away! He’s worried about her and he misses her, but he shows it in his own way letting her know that he hasn’t forgiven her completely and she has to be apologetic towards him all the time! She’s curious about Sung Jae but she can’t support her flow of thoughts yet and she changes the subject! She wasn’t talking for a while, but as soon as he heard her breathing he was more than happy. Of course, our sleepyhead Bong Sun fell asleep! He called her once again but it wasn’t helpful either!

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Sous Chef wants to fill in Bong Sun’s position, but Seo Joon thinks it’s too early about something like that since Bong Sun could return anytime! Gradually everyone agrees that if she comes back everything will flow well but Sun Woo wants them to proceed with the interviews and hire someone with the right attitude and skills!


Soon Ae has possessed officer Kang’s body again and she found out the diary is missing from the drawer! Sung Jae’s curious about officer Han’s location but she can’t help him. Officer Han will have the fingerprint identification during the afternoon and Sung Jae scared him to death when he appeared! He eavesdropped his conversation and he’s getting ready for his next move!


The interview is a complete parody! It’s all about the interviewees’ age, relationship status and looks! Once the right person passed the gates she got instantly hired without any further questions! Cho Hae Jin is a part of the kitchen and everyone’s happy! She laid her eyes on Sun Woo ever since she noticed him! She doesn’t care about anyone else and she’s not that helpful either since she doesn’t know anything! Sun Woo kicked her out in his own way and the position is free again! Sous Chef won’t be interviewing anymore and Sun Woo will take care of everything on his own!


He calls Bong Sun right away to come back, but officer Han’s call didn’t let them finish their conversation. He wants to meet Sun Woo concerning Eun Hee’s accident and he doesn’t want him to say anything to Sung Jae. The fingerprint belonged to Sung Jae and officer Han can’t believe it. Sung Jae contacted him and he was right next to him! He’s wearing his murderous outfit and he notices the folder officer Han had. Sun Woo keeps waiting for him, but he’s already dead by now as Sung Jae threw him off a cliff along with the car and burned the files.

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Sun Woo goes to officer Han’s funeral and Sung Jae can’t give a proper explanation of what actually happened. Sun Woo recalls officer Han’s words and he doesn’t say anything to Sung Jae even though he’d want to. Sun Woo’s mother meets Suhbingo who gets informed that officer Han passed away in an accident and it’s not only that, he was in charge of Eun Hee’s incident. Sun Woo finds Sung Jae whistling while washing his hands and he can’t believe how relaxed he looks.

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Soon Ae informs Bong Sun about what happened and everything points towards Sung Jae’s direction. The moment to let Sun Woo know the truth has arrived and they have a plan in mind. Eun Hee’s devastated with the sudden turn of events and she can’t help it but think that something bad could happen to Sung Jae. At that point Sun Woo emphasizes on the fact that he’s there for her as she acknowledges she’s not as tough as she looks, but she’s doing it for him and their mother. Sun Woo urges her to be strong in order to be able to pretend, he will be by her her no matter what. He receives a phone call from Bong Sun who needs to see him and she lets him know that the ghost is by her side since it’s about an important matter.

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Soon Ae and Bong Sun sit face to face and Sun Woo right in the middle! Sun Woo becomes aware that it’s about Eun Hee’s hit and run incident and that Sung Jae may be involved. Officer Han’s accident doesn’t look like an accident anymore. Soon Ae refers to officer Han’s evidence and it’s the evidence Sun Woo never got to see. Bong Sun lets him know that Sung Jae may be involved in Soon Ae’s death as well. All this information overload drives him crazy, but for now Sun Woo must find Soon Ae’s diary.

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Sun Woo’s drinking and he can’t conceive that Sung Jae who meant so much to their family could actually be someone who has caused so much harm to them in the first place. He recalls the moment Sung Jae saved her life at the hospital’s rooftop and he was more than happy when Sung Jae proposed to his sister.


Sun Woo returns back to officer Han’s funeral and he lets Sung Jae know that he depends on him a lot. It was more than apparent that he wanted to unveil more of his thoughts, but he couldn’t. Sung Jae doesn’t seem that pleased! Sun Woo’s back and Bong Sun was waiting for him since she was worried, but since she’s pea-sized he would trust Stalker more in order to get piggybacked! Bong Sun’s playing with Stalker while Sun Woo’s lost in his own thoughts. He thought he would find some relief after everything went fine with Bong Sun, but more suffering emerges. She wants him to find inner peace and she imitates Kung Fu Panda! Every time she was going through hardships when she was younger she would go through the inner peace tactic to feel relieved! Whether it’s something good or bad, everything will pass and Bong Sun’s presence is so relieving. She opens up her arms to take him in her embrace with so much love and caring!


Sun Woo goes back home and since Sung Jae’s not there it’s the perfect timing. He wants his mother and Eun Hee to cook something for him and he goes inside their room. He finds Sung Jae’s suitcase and the diary eventually! He hides it, but Sung Jae’s back home! Sun Woo left in a hurry and Sung Jae feels alarmed.


Bong Sun’s at Soon Ae’s father’s restaurant and helps him. She’s almost like a daughter to him and she urges him to think of her as if she really was his daughter. She doesn’t recall her father since her parents passed away when she was young, but she hopes he was a person like Soon Ae’s father. She points out that Soon Ae didn’t seem like a person who would take her own life judging from a picture. She had called him the night she passed away, but what he received in the voicemail were just sounds. After that he received her message saying she was sorry, a message he could never delete.


Sun Woo and Bong Sun arrive at Suhbingo’s place and Soon Ae’s there as well. Bong Sun also brought her father’s cellphone with the voicemail and the message. Sun Woo’s the only one who can’t see Soon Ae and he feels out of the conversation! Suhbingo wants Soon Ae to possess her body and Sun Woo can talk to Soon Ae now! They notice the number she wrote down 3 years ago and through the voice mail they found out the remaining numbers since the different sounds of the buttons were representing a different number. Bong Sun points out it could be the plate number of a car and Soon Ae wants to participate in the high five part of the story but she’s left out of it!

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Sun Woo hopes that Sung Jae won’t be involved in Eun Hee and Soon Ae’s cases. Bong Sun supports him, but she will have to meet Soon Ae’s father once again to say goodbye. Sun Woo returns back to the restaurant to find out Eun Hee was with So Hyeong who’s shocked with the latest events as well. Eun Hee leaves them alone and Sun Woo lets her know he wants to quit Chef vs Chef, he can’t tell her the reason for now, but once everything becomes clear he will let her know. He’s apologetic and she’s understanding.


Soon Ae’s at the police station where officer Kang’s crying her heart out and officer Han tries to console her. Once she gets out Soon Ae finds the right moment to enter her body and there she is back in the right shape! The thing is, she doesn’t know her password but she managed to find it and the car number belongs to Sung Jae! She informs Bong Sun right away and she wants her to let Sun Woo know the whole truth!


Sung Jae overheard her conversation and grabbed officer Kang from her neck asking her who she really is! Soon Ae could finally recall that he was the one who hit Eun Hee with his car and she actually remembers herself unconscious in his bathroom. The moment he took care of officer Kang he stared right behind her to witness Soon Ae and he was actually pleased she finally appeared! His pleasure is immense while Soon Ae’s eyes depict all the horror and suffering!

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Thoughts: The scene at the swings was an extension of truth where Sun Woo found out specific moments he thought he was with Bong Sun he was actually with Soon Ae. His emotional world at that moment was actually quite complex. Bong Sun used to remind him of his childhood years when he was so lonely and the fact that he was pressuring her from time to time was because he wanted to awaken her and maker stronger in her surrounding environment.


He admits that Bong Sun’s change towards a brighter person while he was unaware of the ghost possession was heart-awakening, but he wasn’t the only one who liked the ghost in his unawareness, Soon Ae liked him too. It’s one of these rare love triangles in the world of the absurd where everybody loves everyone, even though ghosts and Soon scare Sun Woo now that he’s aware of their presence! The moment he pretended he wasn’t scared but every environment stimulus could be a potential ghost’s presence was hilarious, but he found comfort by Bong Sun’s side!


Talking to her on the phone until Bong Sun eventually fell asleep was the perfect description of Sun Woo’s longing for her in his life. He can’t live without her and his childlike behavior betrays him anytime! Even her breath over the phone was soothing enough. Even though sometimes he tries hard not to depict how badly he’s fallen for her he simply can’t hide it and he gets more mellow as time passes by!


The gradual progress of Soon Ae’s investigation was changing anytime since the events were progressing in a faster pace than expected. At first they thought Sung Jae was covering up for the real culprit, but the more curious Sung Jae was becoming the more he was holding close to officer Han and he was one step ahead all the time. The appointment he arranged with Sun Woo never took place because Sung Jae was keeping an eye on him and managed to sent him in the afterlife in order to keep his mouth shut once and for all.


At officer Han’s funeral the urge of Sun Woo to openly talk to Sung Jae was immense, but he couldn’t, there was something holding him back, especially after he witnessed Sung Jae’s relieved attitude while he was washing his hands. It didn’t resemble the mood of a human being in mourning for his colleague’s loss.


That’s why he rushed to see Eun Hee because the vibes didn’t feel right and the horizon suddenly started to darken. He had to be by her side in case something goes so very wrong in the near future. Sun Woo knows she will be desolate in case Sung Jae’s involved in her hit and run incident.


Eun Hee wanted to end her own life after the accident and Sung Jae was the one who kept her among the living and gave a reason to be happy again and move on with her life. Even though she pretends to be strong Eun Hee never forgot the accident that shattered all of her dreams, but Sun Woo wants her to be strong in order to pretend she is. She will be needing more strength than she would ever imagine and her brother will be by her side.


Sun Woo went through information overload, especially after he found out that Sung Jae may not only be involved in Eun Hee’s hit and run incident, but also in Soon Ae’s death. The fact that officer Han’s accident may not had been an accident at all was alarming enough. However, the information that rang a bell was when Soon Ae mentioned officer Han’s secret investigation, it’s something she couldn’t know since only Sun Woo was aware of it.


Everything feels like a bad nightmare or a conspiracy theory in Sun Woo’s mind, he deeply wishes everything will be an immense lie and everything will flow well. He can’t afford to see his sister devastated once again because if she tried to end her own life once, she might as well try it anew if everything concerning Sung Jae is true. He can’t believe that the person who meant so much to his family was actually the one who caused so much harm to them in the first place.


Sung Jae’s not the one who brought the light in Eun Hee’s life, he’s the one who hid her sun and presented her a lamp in the shape of a sun to conceal all suspicion. The least Sun Woo could do was to meet Sung Jae anew and stare at him in the eyes letting him know how much he depends on him. He wanted to feel secure and sense the bond which was relating them all these three years before all this information came to the surface.


Sun Woo would feel rather lost in his own thoughts just like when he met his classmates, but just like Soon Ae was by his side back then, Bong Sun could only stand by him and make him feel at ease. She infused hope in his world and for better or for worse everything will pass. There are times you crave for someone’s presence in your life, the one who will tell you that everything will be fine and Sun Woo needed it. Bong Sun offering it; wholeheartedly.


The more Bong Sun interacts with Sun Woo the more she can open up her heart and she gradually leaves behind her introvert self without setting aside her eloquent loveliness and heartwarming essence. She progresses into a more healthy Bong Sun who can be a part of the world without feeling all alone by herself.


Urging him to find his inner peace and letting him know it always worked in the past whenever she was feeling emotionally pressured and the world was asphyxiating was just a glimpse of her love. She wanted to see him feeling soothed and nothing can be more soothing that the most sincere hug of the person you love and loves you back! I don’t think there’s a person out there who would deny this magnetic hug!


After Sun Woo got Soon Ae’s diary Sung Jae felt even more alarmed, but the strong team consisting of Bong Sun, Soon Ae, Sun Woo and Suhbingo whenever she wasn’t possessed by Soon Ae eventually found the whole truth. The number she had written down and the number she was trying to deliver through her voice message which was depicting one number for every different button sound was presenting a car number. Through officer Kang’s body Soon Ae managed to find out that it actually belonged to Sung Jae and she had the time to inform Bong Sun!


Lim Ju Hwan is doing an unexpectedly exceptional work as a villain. He’s got two faces, the one which secures his seemingly kindhearted approach on life and his sense of duty as a police officer and the one only he and his victims know. All the abhorrent truth hides behind his smile which is the perfect hideout for the beast within.


Sung Jae wanted to see life depart from officer Kang’s body through her eyes and as if nothing really happened he was ecstatic to witness Soon Ae right behind officer Kang’s lifeless body! It was as if he was witnessing one modern world wonder right after the other in a row! He’s as lifeless as death can be and he finds pleasure in the bleakest of emotions. One’s suffering is his own pleasure and it must had felt exceptionally entrancing witnessing one life leaving this world behind and then having the chance to meet again one of his old victims! The gluttony to kill her for a second time is there.


Soon Ae’s stare was utterly representative of the fear within and except for her devastation one could witness a vast question mark being carved all over her face, why is he doing all that and why did she have to leave this world so early? However, experiencing death one more time through officer Kang’s departure everything became clearer. Soon Ae could recall distinctive moments before her death because she could relive the moment under different circumstances. It wasn’t the light at the end of the tunnel some people believe one can see right before leaving this world, but it was an epiphany of her life’s most gruesome and final moments.


At this moment i can’t help it but wonder, was Eun Hee’s hit and run incident really an accident Sung Jae tried to cover up at all costs by any means necessary or he hit her with his car for some other reason? If that’s the case, could there be more victims as well? One thing is for sure, he’s one of the most sickening villains in the world of dramas given his twofold presentation which makes him quite exceptional! What will happen to Sung Jae if he gets cleansed by the evil spirit? And the questions still remains, monsters are made or born?


Sun Woo’s interactions with Soon Ae were quite fantastic dare i say! He was still afraid of the ghost’s presence, but he was a gentleman letting the ghost sit! He also felt quite lonely when he couldn’t interact face to face with the ghost whereas Bong Sun and Suhbingo were doing just fine! He must had felt like the real ghost of the conversation since he was the only one who couldn’t partake! Needless to say that Suhbingo, after she got possessed by Soon Ae, was quite priceless trying to look cute and take part in the team’s excitement for the outcome of the investigation!


Last but not least, the interview was the brightest example why Min Soo will always be a Sous Chef and he must never open up his own restaurant! He would end up in a kitchen filled with models and he would have to do the cooking all alone by himself! The interview was the most quirky presentation of a part of a man’s world showing that relationship status, looks, age, etc do matter even though they shouldn’t. I could go on forever but the drama doesn’t ask for it. Just because it glitters it doesn’t mean it’s gold.


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