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Oh My Ghost ~ Episode 13 Recap


Just like Yong Pal surpasses itself in terms of ratings with every passing episode, the same applies to Oh My Ghost when it comes to cable channel dramas. The 13th episode surpassed the 5% barrier and the drama found itself in 5.077%. After their emotional trials, all of our main figures found shelter deep within by realizing their actual feelings and reasons for staying behind. Bong Sun already knew she had feelings for Sun Woo for a long time now, but she revealed the whole truth. Sun Woo got to realize that he actually liked Bong Sun all along the way despite the fact that most of his memories were Soon Ae oriented, the essence was lying in Bong Sun’s very existence. As for Soon Ae, she got to find out that her grudge is not a virginal one and everything starts pointing towards Sung Jae’s direction before the whole truth gets exposed.


Bong Sun leaves Sun Woo behind and the cable car takes him back upwards as he was too lost in his thoughts. Once he’s back down he tries to find Bong Sun who’s crying her heart out on her way back home. Once he finds her he still can’t understand what she was talking about and he thinks she was playing a hidden camera prank on him, but she was more than serious and she’s at loss for words.


They’re having a conversation and Sun Woo tries to understand. He assumes that the moments he thought she was having a manic episode it was the ghost and most of the time he spent with her he was actually interacting with Soon Ae, including the lessons and the moments they got closer together. Bong Sun can only agree, but he still can’t believe everything she has to say, it’s too paranormal for him!

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Sung Jae recalls everything related to Bong Sun and everything points towards Soon Ae’s direction! Officer Kang’s back on duty and she’s no other than Ryu Hyun Kyung (The Lover’s Du Ri)! Of course, everyone’s cleaning up the restaurant except for the Sous Chef who’s always relaxing in times like these! The Sun Woo-Bong Sun couple is the hot topic of discussion and once Bong Sun appears Sous Chef tries to be nice!


The vibes in the kitchen aren’t the finest and once Sous Chef, accompanied by the “cameraman” Dong Cheol, “interviews” both Sun Woo and Bong Sun on their romantic story he senses Sun Woo’s tranquil wrath. Everyone tries to find out that may have happened and the whole ambiance doesn’t feel right. Only Seo Joon considers it their own life and he doesn’t want to partake in the gossiping inner circle.

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Soon Ae and Suhbingo try to find out possible reasons why Sung Jae wanted to kill Bong Sun. She tells Suhbingo that she met him concerning her own suicide case and after this he tried to kill Bong Sun. The only thing that makes sense is that Sung Jae’s overall attitude must have something to do with Soon Ae’s death. Suhbingo refers to the differences she spotted on his old and current pictures. His gloomy stare and dark personality lean towards an evil spirit possession. Evil spirits, once they possess a body, turn into a parasite living day by day with the host and from a point and on they become one entity. Soon Ae must warn Bong Sun to be careful from now on, but it’s not only that, if he’s really possessed by an evil spirit Sung Jae may be able to see Soon Ae.


Sous Chef and the rest, except for Seo Joon, would like to know if Bong Sun and Sun Woo had a fight and they give her a hard time, but Sun Woo managed to get her out of there. Only Seo Joon can notice that things are serious since Sun Woo’s mood betrays everything. Sun Woo wants to take her to the doctor, but Bong Sun restrains him from proceeding. She unveils her past concerning her shaman grandmother, the way she was living and how hard it was for her all these 28 years and she returns back to the restaurant.

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At that point Soon Ae visits her and tries to warn her, but Sun Woo is back trying to understand. What he refuses to believe is the fact that he wasn’t seeing herself all this time, but a ghost which had possessed her body. He won’t believe anything unless he sees the ghost and Bong Sun lets Soon Ae know that she told him everything. Soon Ae can’t believe she did that, but Bong Sun didn’t want him to confuse her with Soon Ae anymore. Sun Woo can’t see Soon Ae and for one more time he tries to see the ghost which is nearby. Soon Ae stands in front of Sun Woo and she tries to caress his face with Sun Woo sensing the instant cold.

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Shortly after Bong Sun lets Sun Woo know that she didn’t know what was going on in the beginning, but from a moment and one she granted Soon Ae the permission to possess her body. Sun Woo tries hard to understand her but he simply can’t. He’s out drinking on his own and he recalls a variety of events which point towards the ghost’s direction and everything starts making sense.


Sung Jae appears and tries to unearth more information concerning Bong Sun. Sun Woo asks him if he believes in ghosts and Sung Jae points out he’s never thought about it. Sun Woo is still quite lost between Bong Sun being herself and someone else! Sung Jae’s back at his office and he’s quite certain that Bong Sun is Soon Ae by now!

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Bong Sun goes through her own cooking diary which is filled with Sun Woo and she kind of regrets letting Soon Ae possess her body. Sun Woo wonders why she let him know the whole truth, it’s something that torments him and he would prefer ignorance anytime. Bong Sun couldn’t lie to him anymore, but still Sun Woo breaks apart thinking he couldn’t even differentiate between Bong Sun and a ghost. The question that shatters him the most is when he tries to find out whether he liked Bong Sun or the ghost. Bong Sun’s feelings have always been real though, she went through all this because she liked him. Sun Woo will take his time to think as Bong Sun loses herself in her own tears for one more time.

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Bong Sun spends her time sitting on the bench with her only company being Sun Woo’s dog while he will spending the night at his mother’s place without investing in details! Soon Ae recalls the moment she tried to caress Sun Woo’s face, but she has to focus on Sung Jae and she must warn Bong Sun who has started packaging her belongings. She tears apart the Sun Woo oriented pages from her cooking diary. Our modern little Joseon Bong Sun leaves with the spear on her back. Soon Ae was too late and she noticed that Bong Sun had already left the restaurant.

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Bong Sun’s nowhere to be found and Sun Woo becomes aware that they can’t reach her on the phone. He goes to her room to find out all of her belongings have left along with her, except for the necklace he gave her. Eun Hee and Sung Jae became aware that Bong Sun had left, especially Sung Jae’s in deep thoughts and he wonders where the ghost could be! Bong Sun had slept at Soon Ae’s room since her father found her having passed out. Soon Ae’s brother is concerned as well and her father urges her to stay with them until she feels better. Sung Jae passes by the restaurant but he doesn’t please his nocturnal curiosity.

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Soon Ae’s by her father’s side and she talks to him about her current concerns even though he cannot listen to her! She finds out he was preparing some porridge for Bong Sun who had found refuge inside her room! Soon Ae lets her know she was trying to find her and she wonders whether she left the restaurant or not because of her. Bong Sun thought it was Soon Ae’s fault, but now it’s 50% for both of them and she’s glad she has a few memories with Sun Woo. Soon Ae informs Bong Sun that Sung Jae was the one who tried to kill her and she urges her to protect herself at all costs. At this point Soon Ae thinks that her grudge isn’t a virgin oriented one and she continues her investigation.

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Everyone’s working hard at the restaurant and for the first time Sous Chef noticed something correctly! Sun Woo’s not okay at all even if he pretends to be fine! And indeed, inside the storage room Sun Woo’s in his darkest hour. Officer Kang must be the police version of Bong Sun as she’s absentminded in her own way! Soon Ae arrives at the police station and possesses her in order to keep an eye on Sung Jae! She meets Suhbingo and lets her know that Sung Jae has her diary in his drawer and there must be a clue in there for him keeping it safe from others! Soon Ae tries to remember and all she recalls is herself asphyxiating underwater and some sort of music.

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The kitchen personnel try to recover Sun Woo’s mood and they want him to follow them! They eventually convince him and Sous Chef raises hell on earth in his own renowned way and a typical man-talk when it comes to women takes place! Seo Joon urges Sun Woo to never let Bong Sun go as she’s a kindhearted person who was always staring at his direction. Seo Joon would be disappointed if Sun Woo gave up on Bong Sun, both of them are people he likes and he definitely wants them to be happy; together.

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Soon Ae through officer Kang’s body tries to earn some time in order to investigate further and she lets everyone else go. She tries to open Sung Jae’s drawer but officer Han caught her. However, he’s curious if she’s having some reasons being suspicious of Sung Jae and they’re having a conversation about him. She presents a whatever excuse and he lets her know that he finds him suspicious as well and he informs her on the recent events which led him to the hospital. He already has some evidence and he waits for the results and the right timing to catch him. Sung Jae and the other police officer are at Soon Ae’s father’s restaurant and Bong Sun hides from him. Sung Jae noticed something as well, but he can’t search any further for the time being.

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Sun Woo’s once again in Bong Sun’s room and it’s his turn to be by the wall until he notices the remains of the pages Bong Sun tore apart. He noticed something he recalls from the You Are My Sunshine blog and everything starts making sense. He goes through memories and the blog at the same time and he’s certain Bong Sun is the figure behind it. In the meantime, Bong Sun tries to write a farewell post at her blog and Soon Ae’s brother tries to make her feel better!

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Sun Woo went to meet Bong Sun’s grandmother as he thought she would be there. Bong Sun’s grandmother noticed all of his positive characteristics and she found him perfectly compatible with Bong Sun! Sun Woo praises Bong Sun and her grandmother informs him of her difficult childhood years when her parents passed away and she grew up with her without complaining. Sun Woo became fully aware that she can actually see ghosts as Bong Sun’s past passes before his very eyes. He can relate his lonely childhood years to hers and it’s yet another bond between them.

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Sun Woo returns back to his restaurant and Soon Ae’s brother came to find him and he’s actually enraged. He couldn’t stand seeing such a wonderful person as Bong Sun feeling that way and he actually hit Sun Woo who eventually rushed to find her. Bong Sun’s talking to her grandmother on the phone and she became aware that Sun Woo visited her. Sun Woo appeared and took her in his embrace! He was so worried about her and he could only obey his heart’s pulse which was leading him towards her direction! Bong Sun missed him and he’s certain of one thing. Before she got possessed she was already all over the place for him and he doesn’t want to lose her again!

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Thoughts: Sun Woo couldn’t take Bong Sun seriously no matter how hard he tried, he thought it was a prank while Bong Sun was more than serious. He paced with Bong Sun’s flow of thoughts in case he could understand, but everything was too paranormal for him to believe it. Bong Sun could only lose herself in tears and Sun Woo in his inability to comprehend the world of ghosts Bong Sun was referring to.


Sun Woo never gave up and tried to understand her, but at some point the doctor felt like the only option since he thought her manic depressive condition had started deteriorating. However, the one and only truth was the one Bong Sun was uttering even though it was hard for him to believe her.


She wanted to be sincere in front of Sun Woo, she couldn’t keep lying and the whole interaction between Bong Sun, Soon Ae and Sun Woo was powerful. Bong Sun was talking to a figure Sun Woo couldn’t see, but somehow he could sense its presence through the chair moving or by feeling the coldness on his face when Soon Ae tried to caress him. There was a ghastly sense all over the place he couldn’t explain.


In one hand, Bong Sun didn’t know what was going on in the beginning, but from a point and one she gave permission to Soon Ae to possess her body in order to help her get closer to Sun Woo while Soon Ae would still try to reach her own goal. On the other hand, Sun Woo found himself in an internal conflict eating him up alive as he questions himself whether he liked the ghost or Bong Sun and it actually hurts him to know he couldn’t differentiate between them.


Once Sun Woo could only go to his mother’s place to sleep in order to find some peace of mind and Bong Sun could only leave at that point after she tore apart the Sun Woo oriented pages of her cooking diary i have to admit that it felt like a heartrending goodbye. There was a silent distance being forged between them after the amounts of truth that came to the surface and both of them needed some space to breathe even though they were hurting within.


Bong Sun collapsed and she found shelter in Soon Ae’s father’s place where both father and brother took care of her. Sun Woo was passing part of his time inside her room by the wall where Bong Sun used to lurk to bear witness of him playing the guitar and feel closer to him in her own introvert way. When he wasn’t in her room or the kitchen, the dark storage room was bringing to the surface his most desolate thoughts.


All this time Soon Ae was gathering more information concerning Sung Jae through her insightful interactions with Suhbingo. Everything points towards the direction that Sung Jae’s possessed by an evil spirit and it’s a more horrific possession that the one of a ghost possessing a body. Once the first meeting takes place the evil spirit lives inside the host like a parasite and the more the connection gets stronger the more they act as one entity.


It’s not only Soon Ae that keeps learning more about Sung Jae, it’s Sung Jae himself that finds out more about the Bong Sun-Soon Ae relation and even if he was searching for the possessed Bong Sun up to an extent, his real target appears to be Soon Ae herself since he’s well aware that she has left Bong Sun’s body. However, for someone like him who hides all evidence and stays close to people related to his wrongdoings i can only think that Bong Sun’s still in danger in case Soon Ae talked to her about anything he tries to hide all these years.


And that’s right, Bong Sun’s aware of who tried to kill her and Soon Ae already warned to stay away from him at all costs until she finds more information. Bong Sun used to accuse Soon Ae for everything that went wrong, but with a clearer mind she can put the blame on both of them since she let her possess her body and move on according to plan.


What relates Soon Ae to the world of the living isn’t the virginal chains she was trying to break all this time, it’s the violent way she passed away and the pieces of the puzzle steadily come together. She recalls she was asphyxiating underwater, but her diary has a clue that will lead her to more explanations. My arch assumption was that the number inside her diary is Sung Jae’s car number and that she was the only witness to Eun Hee’s hit and run incident. I still support it to the fullest.


Bong Sun has people who love her, one of them being Seo Joon who respects Sun Woo as well and he played his own part in opening up his eyes to see the whole truth. Another one has to be Bong Sun’s grandmother where he could find out the actual truth about Bong Sun’s background. It’s not like she hid it from him since she let him know how hard everything was, but coming straight from her grandmother’s mouth it had more dynamics since she didn’t have any reason to lie to him.


I had stated before that Sun Woo’s past was in the same vein as Bong Sun’s hurtful childhood and adolescence. Both of them were lonely back in the days, Sun Woo forged a tough shell and hid his fragile self in there in order to forget, but he could only forget once he was able to forgive. Bong Sun was never able to forge such a shell and her introvert self prevailed, it’s only when Soon Ae entered her life and she got closer to Sun Woo that she got to open up a bit more reaching a point when she could openly confess her feelings towards him and be sincere.


Last but not least there has to be Soon Ae’s brother. I am not quite certain whether he likes Bong Sun for who she is or because he could sense a powerful resemblance to his sister every time she was being possessed by Soon Ae, but the fact that he cares about her as if she was Soon Ae points towards the second direction. Sun Woo’s interaction with him was powerful and the slap he received was mind-awakening and was the missing link between the aforementioned interactions and going to meet her right away.


One of the most heartfelt revelations has to be the fact that Sun Woo found out the You Are My Sunshine blog owner’s identity who is no other than our lovely Bong Sun. He didn’t only get to notice how hard-working she had been all this time in order to advance her cooking skills, she was also keeping close to her heart all these moments she treasured with him.


Sun Woo could only take her in his embrace by simply following his heart’s tempo which was leading him towards Bong Sun’s direction. Both of them missed one another, but through all these interactions and personal thoughts he got to realize that the person he loved was no other than Bong Sun herself. Everything started before she was possessed by Soon Ae, it’s just that Soon Ae fastened up the pace of them getting closer together.


Most of their common memories were not that many compared to the time he spent with Soon Ae, but they beheld the very essence of their relationship, without this meaning that Soon Ae wasn’t there for him when she wasn’t trying to throw him on a bed and make the whole situation doable. If there’s something Sun Woo could wish for at this very moment was that he would never want to lose her again and the emotional charge of the moment was most and above all sincere and filled with love in a mutual tone.


I was glad to see Ryu Hyung Kyung from The Lover in Oh My Ghost, for some weird reason i can’t explain she paces perfectly well with the drama and she’s like the police officer version of Bong Sun, that’s why Soon Ae could easily possess her body in order to progress her investigation in a faster pace. She won’t be alone, officer Han will be by her side and their united forces is a stronger fist leading towards the dark side of Sung Jae’s moon.


Min Soo remains quirky as hell and he always makes an awkward situation even more delirious for everyone around him! His thoughts were always out of place as he couldn’t read between the lines, but during the 13th episode he was quite spot on when he noticed Sun Woo’s attitude which was revealing that nothing was fine. The whole kitchen personnel had its own impact in keeping Sun Woo’s mood to a welcome level and he gradually walked upon the path he had to.


I hadn’t realized that Oh My Ghost will close its curtains in a week’s time until i found myself waiting for the subtitles of the 14th episode. I will have to call Suhbingo to perform a ritual because saying goodbye to Oh My Ghost will be tough.


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