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Yong Pal ~ Episode 3 Recap [TriAngle]


“Even if the sky falls down, something good can still turn up.”


∠ ~ Redefining Yong Pal.


Tae Hyun performed his secret scalpel mission by saving the patient in critical condition and the day after he was introduced to the personnel of the 12th floor. Tae Hyun’s previous colleagues weren’t that pleased with the sudden turn of events, but they have to accept his transfer since the orders came from above. Tae Hyun met Cynthia Park (Stephanie Lee) who’s the 12th floor’s manager and she’ll be the one to explain to him how things work in a world of clients.


The redefinition of Yong Pal started taking shape once a client requested medical help. Yong Pal’s illegal nature is bound to change into a form of a more legal house call multi-service in terms of health. Things are not as innocent as they appear to be, the girl lying on the floor was hit by the idol who made the phone call in the first place and Tae Hyun’s skills could easily recognize that he’s found himself in a crime scene.


Major ethical dilemmas occur, but he has to save the girl’s life while having to remain silent about what happened. We all know that any place is the right place for him to perform a surgery and a hanger could easily be useful by holding blood and serum! Of course, the news would get reflected through a different and favorable angle towards the idol’s face who was presented as a hero who rushed to save the girl’s life!


Cynthia appears to be helpful towards Tae Hyun and she delivers important information on how to get close to Yeo Jin. Chief Surgeon Lee takes all the credit for the house call idea, but it’s Tae Hyun the one who’s truly being favored by the director for his skills. Except for the more than welcome amount of money he received for his services, his wish will turn to life as well! He will be able to meet Yeo Jin even though Chief Surgeon Lee would never approve it.


Tae Hyun doesn’t only have to change his mindset in order to be competitive in the world of the 12th floor. He will also have to advance his dress code since he will be in charge of the house calls, but the most important reason is the fact that he will enter Yeo Jin’s restricted area. The whole experience was more frightening than he thought it would be, but his new looks pace with his position’s demands and he can’t help it but feel kind of excited with all this extreme makeover!

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Tae Yong, among others, keeps looking down on him as he refers to him as a bellboy now that Tae Hyun’s looks have changed. Tae Hyun’s a human being too and he can’t stand this ongoing negative attitude. He started showing off about how great and stable his new position is while his previous colleagues are swimming in the vast sea of unawareness. It’s an attitude he would never approve, but he had to defend himself somehow. In the meantime, while Yong Pal has to set aside his nighttime “duties” for the time being, detective Lee feels determined to hunt him down even though he’s being ordered to let it slide for the time being and focus on capturing Doo Chul.


∠ ~ Fairytale/Nightmare.


It used to be a Romeo and Juliet oriented fairytale world in which the daughter of Hanshin Group fell in love with the son of Daejung Group, Hanshin Group’s greatest rival. Do Joon obeyed their father’s orders, but Yeo Jin was a more romantic person who didn’t necessarily abide to high society’s commitments. She would never follow her father’s rules as her heart was beating only for one person. One night she ran away with him in order to get secretly married, it was the night he passed away and Yeo Jin’s nightmare began as the fairytale had drowned in reality’s heartrending waters.


Yeo Jin’s technical coma is the epitome of solitude inside that prison within a prison which keeps nurturing her ongoing nightmare. The first prison is her body which keeps her among the living while she has no reason to do so without her loved one by her side. The second prison which keeps the first one safe has to be the high-tech room in which she spends her days. The coma feels like a glass room she can’t escape and the fact that she maintains her conscience makes things more devastating.


Three years ago she would had been more than pleased if someone had woken her up. One year later she could only dream of someone letting her die and nowadays she wishes to take out of the picture everyone involved one way or another in preserving her presence inside that glass cage. On the other side of the fence, Do Joon wants to keep his sister’s ongoing suicidal attempts and mental weaknesses a secret, but his wife, Lee Chae Young (Chae Jung An), gathers information behind his back and unveils it to her father and the rest of the company’s shareholders. Upon Yeo Jin’s shattered life a vicious power struggle takes place, a power struggle that gave birth to her nightmare back in the days and keeps preserving it at the present.


∠ ~ Epiphany.


Tae Hyun and Yeon Jin’s first indirect meeting took place outside of the operation room while she was secretly trying to take her own life and Tae Hyun prevented her. At that point he was unaware of her real identity despite his trained money-detecting sensors! Their proper meeting took place inside the restricted area. Tae Hyun realized that the girl he had helped was actually Yeo Jin, but when she heard his name the dome of her glass room finally opened up and shards of light embraced her. She felt surprised, could the name remind her of someone? Probably her loved one?

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◎ ~ Circular view.


Everyone misinterprets Tae Hyun’s need for money into lust for wealth that knows no boundaries. He’s a misunderstood figure keeping his overburdened background to himself. A no matter what economically successful life would take care of his debts and he would be able to support his sister to the fullest. If there’s something he can’t trade for money, except for his love for his sister, is his conscience as a doctor. Cynthia’s appearance in his life was a powerful boost, but we all know it’s not going to be for free since she’s the manager of the 12th floor.


Yong Pal’s transformation brings his prior nighttime nature to a brand new level. He may not be dealing directly with criminal minds, but the crimes remaining in the shadows are equally great as everything gets sacrificed in the altar of money. High society is too shiny to be shaken by such incidents and silence has a price. Tae Hyun doesn’t only have to change his mindset and the way he intercepts the ethical dilemmas that cross his path, he will also have to fight with himself in order to avoid becoming someone he never was in the first place.


Having his own office, a brand new car, a new dress code and an advanced level of enticing benefits related to money he will have to be cautious in order not to be absorbed by the world that became a part of his life. It’s always about the clients’ world which consists of members which are South Korea’s economical elite and their friends. One of his greatest concerns is the truth he will be witnessing day by day, a truth he will have to bury deep within in order not to find himself in any further trouble.


His relationship with Chief Surgeon Lee will probably deteriorate since Tae Hyun’s ambition to meet Yeo Jin was successful whereas Chief Surgeon Lee makes mistakes one after the other. His position could be in danger any time, but he holds Tae Hyun within the palm of his hands as he’s well aware of his Yong Pal identity. I am really curious how their relationship will progress and chances are high Yeo Jin will be the eye of the storm between them.


Tae Hyun appears to be a most welcome ray of light in Yeo Jin’s glass prison where the nightmare outnumbers her day by day and loneliness reigns supreme. The beginning of their interactions could point towards a beneficial relationship for both of them with Yeo Jin being a strong economical ally by Tae Hyun’s side while he will be helping her to accomplish her goal which is no other than taking out of the picture everyone who played his/her own part in keeping her enchained in that room. Yong Pal continues its relentless course as it keeps setting new records! The 3rd episode reached 14.5% in terms of ratings and the question is if it will manage to surpass the 15% barrier! Alright, i am more than ready for the 4th episode!


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Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. August 13, 2015 at 7:47 pm — Reply

    I enjoy your recaps/reviews of Yong Pal. So far it’s still going very strong. I hope it doesn’t take a turn somewhere and disappoint, as “Mask” did for many viewers. Joo Won is amazing in this role. He clearly defines his moral and ethical dilemas with just a twitch of his eyebrows and little facial expressions. And even though she’s mostly comatose now, Kim Tae Hee is doing a great job. I always liked her.

    You made an interesting point about the end scene. I assumed that it’s a ray of light and hope for her, because she’s finally hearing a new name. Perhaps someone she can get on her side. But we’ll see!

    I loved how the director shows us her imprisonment in her mind. And there’s amazing food symbolism. Like the gaping, writhing fish being eaten alive as Tae Hyun begs on his knees and is accepted into the dark VIP world. And this creepy nursemaid, who eats in front of a comatose body, blood red veal, wine and those red lips. Bunch of greedy vampires they all are, sucking the life out of this woman. Can’t wait for episode 4!!

    • August 13, 2015 at 11:15 pm — Reply

      Thank you so much Lady G! It keeps remaining intriguing since you can’t predict the way it will flow! Hope so too, if it turns out to be disappointing i will do something bad, like smoking a cigarette lol. Joo Won owns here, he’s the neutral face that doesn’t emerge in feelings easily, but when he does facial expressions you can notice how he feels or what he’s going through, it’s kind of odd, but he delivers the feelings in his own way! The presentation of KMH’s glass prison was awesome, it’s a hi-tech room but to her it feels like a place she can never abandon, unless she receives some help, something not easy. It’s either the fact she heard a new name of a person who could possibly help her or his name resembles the name of his loved one, if i am correct we never got to know his name, i may be mistaken of course, but i don’t recall it being mentioned somewhere. KMH in that situation looks like a vampire in deep slumber, but even when she tries to take her own life she still looks like a vampire! And everyone around her is a money-sucking vampire so i love your comparison to the vampire sphere! I can’t wait for the subs, argh! It even surpasses 16% the 4th ep, which is the next target? 20%? O.O Is it a new revelation in daily week dramas?!

  2. August 16, 2015 at 7:23 pm — Reply

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  3. Qy
    August 17, 2015 at 3:53 pm — Reply

    I just read your review for episode 3 and I really admire your talent on how you describe this drama. It’s so well done and I can’t agree more. The ending of this episode made me so eager to know how their relationship will evolve and I’m so ready for the romance will play out between the two of them.

    • August 17, 2015 at 7:06 pm — Reply

      I deeply appreciate your words, thank you so much! 🙂 Me too, i am looking forward to what will happen once she wakes up and how their relationship will flow and progress! It’s time for the sleeping beauty to turn into a living beauty! 😀

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