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DoYoungahMy Beautiful Bride closed its curtains by achieving its greatest ratings to date, 1.287%. It was a humble drama apocalypse all along the way and it’s just sad that not many people honored its blissful gloom. I don’t regret a single second i invested in My Beautiful Bride and if i could turn back time i would make the same “mistake” over and over again. If you haven’t been a victim of this drama’s dissonant yet so caressing world i urge you to watch it and find for yourself what you had been missing all this time. “Will you?”


President Kang is at the place which used to be Jin Gi’s lair and Do Hyung goes to meet him. Do Hyung wonders whether he killed Jin Gi or not and president Kang questions him if he’s disappointed he couldn’t avenge Joo Young’s death himself. President Kang refers to all the deaths that occurred around Jin Gi during his short-lived reign and the loss he had to suffer from the revenge he took on Do Hyung’s behalf by taking Jin Gi out of the picture. The reason why president Kang wanted to see Do Hyung is because he thinks they can become really good partners while Do Hyung remains silent and tries to maintain his wrath. President Kang doesn’t want an answer right away, there’s plenty of time for Do Hyung to think about it. Do Hyung points out that all these people died because of him and not because of Jin Gi emphasizing on the fact that president Kang is the man of many flaws since he was in charge of everything.

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He would never work with people like him and he’s loyal to his promise in making this world a place where Joo Young would be able to live safely which equals to the end of president Kang since he can’t be forgiven. President Kang compares Do Hyung an immature child who uses pure and naive words instead of taking into consideration the word which brought president Kang to the position he possesses nowadays; profit. He compares his loan-sharking world to the world of a bank where Do Hyung works at and the business of his mother who uses the law to make profit, the one and only word that matters since you either keep the wheel turning or get trampled under it. The answer to president Kang’s question was that Do Hyung will crush that wheel and president Kang himself since none of the aforementioned pathways is an option. The next time they meet Do Hyung himself will force a new verb in his dictionary; forgive. President Kang points out that Do Hyung reminds him of himself when he was younger and he wants director Kim to find the motive that will make Do Hyung move.

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Joo Young meets Hammer Head and she wants to find a way to meet president Kang, but he’s too afraid to do so. She doesn’t care how he will find president Kang’s position, but if he doesn’t this will mean the end of his loan-sharking business. Tae Gyu was on his way there and while she was leaving he recognized her! Hammer Head informed him that she’s from S Loan Sharking and that her name is Yoon Nae Il, but it’s hard for Tae Gyu to believe it.

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Joo Young meets Hye Jung who keeps drinking and drinking for the loss of love and money. All that’s left is alcohol, but Joo Young warns her that Min Sook won’t tolerate this behavior. Joo Young wants an answer to the reason why she met Do Hyung’s bank director since she kept ths meeting a secret from Jin Sook. Hye Jung refers to the loan, but she doesn’t know any further details. However, she’s well aware that the money will head towards president Kang’s direction. They transformed an existing small firm into a ghost company with falsified records and the money from the first loan were split.

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Do Hyung calls the inspection team and he wants more information on Seryo Construction’s loan process. Things don’t seem to be flowing well and Do Hyung warns them that if a problem occurs they will be under inspection too. Do Hyung searches the bank director’s office for more information, but when he was leaving the bank director caught him and demanded explanations. The bank director lets him know that no matter how hard he may try the loan will still get approved by tomorrow. The whole deal takes place in a much higher level than he would ever imagine so any possible attempt would be pointless.

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Do Hyung kept searching for evidence and while he was doing some further research he got informed by his colleague that the loan had been approved. The bank director and director Kim are quite happy and Do Hyung intends to trace where the money will be going every day until he finds there real destination.


The investigation on Yoon Mi keeps going on and the internal affairs officer can’t believe she wasn’t aware of Hyeong Sik’s wrongdoings. Yoon Mi is quite suspicious of this attitude and asks him directly if he got orders from the chief Hong. She doesn’t want to be taken lightly since she spent most of her time investigating in a wide variety of places and if he keeps up this pace she’s willing to teach him a few lessons since the head of their police station is a friend of hers. She lets him know that Hyeong Sik worked harder than most of the cops in the field and he did a mistake, but he paid for it. She won’t tolerate any further attempts to belittle Hyeong Sik’s name. She goes back to continue her own investigation and she wants him to report back everything she said.

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The whole teams gathers inside the conference room and Yoon Mi informs everyone that the only one left is president Kang when it comes to the Shadows. He’s responsible for all the deaths around him and if they want to get closer to him they will have to find the new puppet that replaced Jin Gi. Potential fields of investigation have to be Hammer Head and Jin Sook of S Loan Sharking since president Kang will try to approach them to eventually expand his reign. However, Yoon Mi seems to be fully aware that Joo Young works in Jin Sook’s shadow.


Do Hyung finally met his mother and she’s well aware he’s boiling on the inside since he can’t take care of the whole situation on his own. She points out that all this is happening because he doesn’t have the law on his side just like his grandfather and eventually his mother always did. He asks her if she’s aware of the Shadows and he lets her know that they are the bosses behind the loan sharks and he informs her on their human trafficking, organ-selling and money-making activities and that the one in charge of this plague is president Kang. He accuses her that in the way she uses the law she eventually helps people like him. Do Hyung visited her as her son to ask for a favor since he’s willing to see this fight to the very end and reveal everything in order for justice to be served. She wouldn’t like her to side with them when he progresses his plan so that he won’t be ashamed of her. Last but not least, he lets her know that he’s going to find Joo Young no matter what.


His mother’s assistant can’t change Do Hyung’s mind, so he urges him to shake it up so that the whole world will hear the sound of his battle, then he’ll be able to win. Do Hyung meets Yoon Mi right away and they exchange information on the recent events. She also shows him a picture of Jin Sook with Joo Young who work under the S Loan Sharking moniker.


Tae Gyu lets him know that he saw a woman resembling Joo Young and everything becomes more apparent in Do Hyung’s mind even though he tells Tae Gyu he was mistaken. Do Hyung wants him to meet the bank director and he lets Yoon Mi know of his plan’s progress. The bank director’s not that pleased seeing him and he wants to talk to him somewhere else. Everything went according to plan and Yoon Mi appeared right on time when he was accepting Tae Gyu’s bribery! Not only the bank director gets arrested, but Tae Gyu as well since it’s his only chance to prove that he’s innocent concerning Hak Soo’s murder. Do Hyung is apologetic towards him, but it’s the only way for him to say everything they must know about Seryo construction.

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Do Hyung visits Hammer Head who reassures him that the girl in the picture is Nae Il; Joo Young. He contacts her on the phone and after a few moments of silence he can finally talk to her. Since Jin Sook was around she pretended he called the wrong number. She goes inside her room and calls him back and he lets her know that he’s well aware of everything, but he would never be able to hate her. His feelings were always love-oriented towards her. He asks him if he recalls the first day they met and he refers to the very first day they met back in high school. He tried really hard to not remember, but his heart always recalled. Joo Young finally finds out he remembered everything all along the way, but he pretended he didn’t because that’s what she wanted.

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Even if he told her he didn’t remember he was always diving in waves of remembrance, but he wanted to focus on the present. Had he told her he remembered everything he was afraid he would lose her and he would never be able to see her again. He’s apologetic, but he wasn’t trying to lie to her and Joo Young considers it her fault as both of them can’t hold back the tears. She misses the fact that they never got to reminisce about their past together. Do Hyung wants her to wait a bit more, all she has to do is to trust him. He also warns her that everything she’s been doing lately is dangerous and she shouldn’t get any closer to president Kang since everything’s almost over.

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Jin Sook was waiting for her outside of her room and she knows she was talking to Do Hyung. Jin Sook wants to know who she would choose if she had to pick one between her and Do Hyung. She thinks that Joo Young wouldn’t be able to go back to him since she has gone a bit too far.

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Tae Gyu’s behind bars and he’s disappointed with the way Do Hyung treated him as he feels betrayed. Hye Jung keeps drinking, but Yoon Mi appears and arrests her for her wrongdoings. Yoon Mi asks Do Hyung if he really wants her to go public with all the information and she gets the okay. Everything’s on the news and everyone becomes aware of Seryo Construction’s shady moves.

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Do Hyung’s mother wants her assistant to meet the bank director and resolve things quietly. If he reveals everything he will serve only two years in prison and he will get 200 million ₩. Do Hyung’s mother met president Kang who’s not pleased with the sudden turn of events since many people were sacrificed for him to reach that point and he’s not willing to comply. Do Hyung’s mother asks him if he wants to spend the rest of his life in jail and informs him that the ones in higher positions have ordered him to leave quietly. If he follows her orders he should think of it as her last present to him. President Kang asks her if it’s because of her son, but she lets him know that it has nothing to do with him since she was only following orders from above. As for being an average mother to president Kang’s eyes, she let him know that she’s well aware of everything he was doing with body trafficking, etc and this meeting was her final warning.

 bscap0110bscap0109  bscap0114bscap0113

Director Kim wanted to meet Do Hyung’s mother’s assistant. He was thinking of becoming the next president in president Kang’s place and he promotes his quiet way of solving things out. The assistant doesn’t want him to talk around about his intentions until he succeeds. Director Kim has already started his tour and he pretends to be Tae Gyu’s lawyer! He lets Tae Gyu know that the girl who passed away during the fire at the factory was Mi Sook and not Joo Young and he made him aware of Joo Young working for S Loan Sharking.

 bscap0116bscap0115  bscap0118bscap0117

Joo Young receives a phone call from Hammer Head who informs her that president Kang wants to see her. By the time she arrives she finds out Hammer Head and his men were beaten up and director Kim is there! A fight is about to begin, but she’s willing to comply in order to meet president Kang and she gets captured. Director Kim takes a picture of her.

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Do Hyung’s mother arrives at his house and she’s not pleased witnessing around pictures of Do Hyung and Joo Young. He saw the news and he’s thankful towards her, but at this point he received director Kim’s photo letting him know that president Kang is waiting for him. Do Hyung’s mother wants her assistant to follow him.

 bscap0126bscap0125 bscap0129 bscap0128bscap0127

President Kang’s surprised to find out Joo Young had been alive all this time and he’s pleased with the sudden turn of events since she’s the motive they had been searching for all this time. However, he informs director Kim that it’s all over and that he should set her free. Do Hyung’s on his way there while director Kim intends to sell her off to a wealthy old man.


Shortly after, Do Hyung arrives and he enters president Kang’s hideout after beating up his men one after the other and everything’s between Do Hyung and president Kang. Do Hyung thinks he would never be worth of learning the meaning of forgiveness. Yoon Mi is ready to arrest him, but before that Do Hyung has to find Joo Young’s location. Do Hyung will have to find director Kim first! Do Hyung’s boiling with anger and he can’t hold back his tears as his mother orders his assistant to take president Kang out of the picture.

bscap0137 bscap0141bscap0140bscap0142

Do Hyung leaves to find director Kim and that chickenhearted excuse of a man was hiding nearby! He can finally sit in president Kang’s seat and as expected, he’s hungry! I couldn’t stop laughing when he asked “will you?” in the exact same way as president Kang! He’s got some personality issues! He’s heading towards Jin Gi’s office, but Hammer Head was hiding and let Do Hyung know of Joo Young’s location!

bscap0146bscap0147 bscap0008

Do Hyung arrives and beats up everyone in a fierce battle and he’s more than glad he was finally able to find her! She can’t hold back her tears seeing him harmed, but all he wants is for both of them to go home together. One of the men he beat up tried to kill him, but Yoon Mi’s revolver was faster this time and saved Do Hyung’s life.

bscap0148bscap0149bscap0151 bscap0157bscap0156bscap0160

While Do Hyung and Yoon Mi were leaving Tae Gyu stabbed him for lying to him about Mi Sook and using him. Once again, he doesn’t receive an answer, but Do Hyung’s apology for one more time. The giant lies on the ground wounded and bleeding. Joo Young presses her hands against his wound as time flows in slow motion.


Do Hyung’s undergoing surgery and even then his world can only be filled with Joo Young. Dressed as a groom he welcomes Joo Young, his beautiful bride, in his life under the eternal vows of love. Along with Do Hyung’s final lasting tear through his kiss with Joo Young and the cardiac arrest that occurred i am pretty certain a bit part of the audience went through a cardiac arrest as well until he came back alive! The “?” on the cardiograph was heartbreaking for a while.


Joo Young’s by the pier in Incheon and Do Hyung appears on his bike! The answer to why he was looking at her was because he likes her and he intends to keep looking at her! Joo Young intends to do the same and happiness blossoms the way it should between them! On a side note, Jin Sook’s the new president and president Kang’s hideout will undergo changes to suit her taste! “Will you?”

bscap0199 bscap0197bscap0195bscap0011

I’d do anything for you, noona!


Thoughts: Where to start and where to end, what a drama! I am so glad i never gave up on My Beautiful Bride during the very first episodes where everything was kind of confusing. My patience was rewarded in the best possible way and i have no regrets, there’s only a sense of fulfillment floating all over the place and it’s always related to the flow of the drama throughout the episodes and the rewarding ending.


My Beautiful Bride was a victim, a victim of its own capabilities and the fact that it was a proper drama far away from idols and flowers, hence it wasn’t given the attention it deserved. It’s sad that people may watch a drama that is not worth their time simply because of a face while setting aside a drama that has the potential to make them enjoy its story, cinematography, acting and other parameters that make a drama worth watching. Enough with this paradox, let’s head towards My Beautiful Bride again.


Do Hyung and president Kang’s verbal confrontation in the very beginning was essential. It presented the collision of two different worlds. Do Hyung’s universe was the one where purity of emotion does exist and preserving it to the fullest is a matter of life and death. He put his life on the line to protect the meaning seemingly idealist or naive words possess, words that have partially lost their meaning nowadays, but in Do Hyung’s dictionary they shine with the brightest of letters.


President Kang’s world was the one resembling a mire filled with negativity and blood for profit’s sake. It’s always about profit and it doesn’t matter how you acquire it as long as you achieve your ultimate goal. He wanted to affiliate Do Hyung because he could acknowledge his value and stubbornness when it comes to a higher cause, but president Kang’s cause was the lowest of the low and someone like Do Hyung would never want to prosper in a place where Shadows lurk and degrade human life countless times a day.


Do Hyung neither wants to keep the wheel rotating nor he intends to get trampled by the wheel itself. He intends to shatter it, it’s a part of his promise so that the world will become a place where Joo Young will be able to live without fear, but with passion for life. That’s when all of their stolen moments will be able to blossom and breathe anew under a brighter horizon.


Yoon Mi took care of the useless internal affairs officer who was ordered to make her life more difficult. She was well aware that what Hyeong Sik did was more than wrong, but apart for that he was an exemplary officer who lurked too much in the world of Shadows and he was unable to resurface without losing everything that was dear to him, Yoon Mi and his life as a police officer. He paid with his life for all the crimes he committed while protecting her and leaning towards the righteous side after 3 years of disclosing information.


We never received an answer to the reasons why he helped the Shadows in the first place and let’s take into consideration the fact that he was enraged towards Do Hyung and his family’s wealthy background that can achieve everything. I will stick to my arch assumption, since his mother was at the hospital and he couldn’t pay for her treatment, that’s why he started cooperating with the Shadows in order to be able to do at least that much for his mother’s health, but once you enter this world there’s never an easy way out.


Do Hyung’s mother had quite an important role during the ending episode of the drama. She may not have acquired Do Hyung’s cooperation as he was willing to see it to the very end by any means necessary, but she was always one step ahead of her own son. She definitely wanted to help him in order to remain alive in this power struggle, but she also wanted to preserve her own status by protecting the ones in higher positions and taking care of everything when it comes to the ones below. Once Do Hyung didn’t comply to her will, her assistant moved on with her side-plan by urging him to let everyone know of the whole truth by using the media as a powerful weapon and his mother moved on according to plan.


She was the illegally legal missing link between the higher grounds and the underworld and she took care of everything in a civilized yet threatening way. She’s someone whose presence and power would convince remorseless people like president Kang step back and set aside everything they had accomplished so far, even if the cost was far too great to reach that position. She was straight forward towards president Kang and his reign was over by the time she left his hideout.


Ko Sung Hee has a long way ahead, but she was definitely better and way more expressive than her role in the parody of a drama named Night Watchman’s Journal. She has progressed for sure and i am curious to find out which her next steps will be. Throughout the episode Joo Young was always trying to find a way to get closer to president Kang as a part of Jin Sook’s plan. She was determined to see it to the very end even though Do Hyung’s phone call seemed to have halted her advance.


It was a heartfelt conversation between two figures craving for one another in their lives, but the present was too ominous to be together. Do Hyung didn’t only warn her, but he explained everything in detail for her to wait for him a little bit more until they cross paths again once and for all. Joo Young became aware that he knew everything all along the way and even though he tried, he could never erase Joo Young oriented memories from his mind.


After all she was his whole life, how could he forget each and every moment they met and each and every word they exchanged? He could only pretend he didn’t remember since it’s something she wanted in order to rewrite her life. What hurt the most was the fact that under these circumstances they never got to reminisce about the past together as it was a common secret that everything began 3 years ago.


Everything progressed according to plan, Hye Jung and the bank director were arrested alongside Tae Gyu and everything was on the news. Tae Gyu felt betrayed by Do Hyung since he didn’t expect this turn of events, but it was the only way to protect him until he had confessed the whole truth that was needed for the case’s closure. Director Kim played really well his Tae Gyu card and made him feel completely used by Do Hyung to the extent of suddenly finding out that Mi Sook was no longer among the living. A desolate man’s mourning was used as a weapon by the most coward figure in My Beautiful Bride. It was the beginning of his foul ambitions and short vision’s end, especially after he kidnapped Joo Young and triggered Do Hyung’s massive rage.


Do Hyung’s furious threnody in front of president Kang in order to find Joo Young’s location was boiling all over the place. His distress was so immense he could only cry in order to get rid of all this unrequited tension within. Hammer Head played his own part as a deus ex machina and Do Hyung delivered welcome amounts of pain, but he received quite a few powerful blows as well. He wasn’t at his finest since his mind was diving in Joo Young oriented depths more than ever before, he couldn’t afford to lose her at the very end, but he took care of everyone on his way in order to save her.


When Joo Young’s revolver was fast enough to save Do Hyung’s life, Tae Gyu’s jackknife was faster. His blurry mind could only think of Do Hyung as someone who deserved punishment, that’s when director Kim lost any right to become the president, but i am more than glad Jin Sook’s elegance held the scepter of the Shadows. At least things are going to get a bit classy on the surface while all that stench will keep nurturing itself in the outskirts of life! In the end, Do Hyung may not had crushed the wheel, but he shattered a few of its easily replaceable cogwheels. The circle never ends, only the faces change and eventually the masks.


The titan may had embraced the ground after Tae Gyu’s powerful blow and the “?” on the cardiograph sent us to hell and back, but i loved the scene. Do Hyung didn’t see his life passing before his very eyes while his pulse was getting weaker and weaker. It was always about his wedding with Joo Young, a kiss and the end could follow. But he was stronger than death because love was his everlasting motive and this is what kept him among the living so that he would be able to treasure Joo Young’s presence in his life.


We had to wait for 16 whole episodes to witness Kim Moo Yul’s brightest smile, but it was worth the dystopia and the devastation inside My Beautiful Bride’s craters. Do Hyung’s smile was his reward, but it rewarded the audience as well in the most exemplary way as it was depicting everything that passed and most and above all, everything that lies ahead for him and Joo Young! The fact that the ending was by the piers of Incheon was a wonderful idea, it brought the most beautiful closure. It was the place she went to after she disappeared from his life and it’s where he found her again.


My Beautiful Bride was Moo Yul’s personal business and he proved it all along the way with his unerring interpretation in such a physically and emotionally demanding role. He surpassed any possible expectations concerning Do Hyung’s presentation to the extent of making himself an irreplaceable and integral part of the drama itself and its success.


Most of the villainous figures were presented in an exemplary way with their own characteristics by the actresses and the actors behind them and president Kang’s “will you?” can become legendary already. I liked Lee Si Young’s interpretation and role, after all she wasn’t the main figure since the drama was Do Hyung oriented. Given the circumstances and the fact that her investigation was always being held behind by Hyeong Sik’s actions everything started gradually rolling after she put her trust in Do Hyung and his intentions. She was helpful in her own way as she was heading towards her unavoidable hurt given Hyeong Sik’s background. Lee Si Young’s expressive stare was always representative of the emotional depth of the circumstances.


I loved My Beautiful Bride for all the thick darkness through cracks of light, it was delightful in its overall gloominess. There was tension all over the place and explosive fight choreography, but there were soothing aspects and a sense of eloquent yet heartrending romance along with moments that would let the story flow. The drama owes a lot to its soundtrack for entrancing the scenes with tremendous amounts of feels and eventually completing them in an unerring way. Another key factor has to be the cinematography through which the world of My Beautiful Bride was depicted, the closeups were delivering the characters’ internal world in a more vibrant way whereas the angles and perspectives were completing the whole scenery. It’s one of these dramas you watch only once since it won’t possess the same dynamics the second time, but the whole time you spent with My Beautiful Bride throughout its 16 episodes was all worth the journey and the destination!


Home is where the heart is.


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  1. August 12, 2015 at 7:00 pm — Reply

    Thanks for the great recaps. Bride was such a fine example of kdramas noir. Great acting, directing, music, etc…

  2. August 12, 2015 at 7:03 pm — Reply

    Thanks for your recaps.
    Bride was a great example of kdrama Noir. Great acting , directing, music….

    • August 12, 2015 at 7:13 pm — Reply

      You’re very welcome and thanks a lot for commenting as well! 🙂 Definitely agree, it had the full package which rewarded us in the end! I became curious about the next OCN drama and found out it’s going to be Cheo Yeong 2, but i haven’t watched the first season 😛

  3. August 12, 2015 at 7:42 pm — Reply

    Cheo Yeong 2? Is there an English title?

    • August 12, 2015 at 7:44 pm — Reply

      Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong (made a mistake before, baptized it into Yeong instead of Yong 😛 ) is the tile of the first season.

  4. Y
    August 13, 2015 at 12:35 am — Reply

    It was great, but I’m still shipping the cop with the groom in my perfect world😀.
    This drama is different , just like wild romance. I’m becoming a fan of Li Si Young’s acting.

    • August 13, 2015 at 12:40 am — Reply

      I’m shipping them too, i loved the sadness in her eyes, it paces really well with Do Hyung, they would make a great couple anytime!
      This drama reminded me that i must finish Valid Love sometime soon, it’s always the Si Young effect! 😀

      • Y
        August 13, 2015 at 12:49 am — Reply

        It would have been a perfect ending but the groom has an unshaken character. Must be really great and lucky to be loved like that. For me , that kind of love would feel like a burden , don’t have the confidence to return that kind of devotion I’m too selfish.

        • August 13, 2015 at 12:57 am — Reply

          Yup, the groom would follow her even in the afterlife to bring her back if that was the occasion! XD “Must be really great and lucky to be loved like that.” It must be! And the good part of the story was that he wasn’t forcing his love upon her, he set sail unconditionally on his own “journey” to make her life better. You would make a great first lead constantly pushing a second lead away! XD It always depends on the person in the way he/she conceives it when it comes to love, whether he/she receives or offers it or both.

  5. Cheetah
    August 13, 2015 at 4:52 am — Reply

    Thanks for recaps. I like to read you. (I don’t comment because English isn’t my first language. I can read, but it’s some difficult for me write correctly.) Today I decided to leave a short comment.

    I really enjoyed this show. Great story, acting, directing and the music. It’s a full package.
    Are you watched Bad Guys? It’s very good too.

    • August 13, 2015 at 10:56 pm — Reply

      You are welcome and thanks so much for your comment cheetah! 🙂 It’s pretty much appreciated and you can comment any time you feel like doing so, it doesn’t matter if English isn’t your first language, it ain’t mine either, if you want to express yourself just do it! 🙂 Definitely agree, full package for our eyes only! Haven’t watched Bad Guys but i will give it a shot since you propose it! I just want my drama schedule to be a bit more gentle on me! XD

      • Cheetah
        August 16, 2015 at 9:04 pm — Reply

        Thank you !!!
        Bad Guys is an OBC drama with great actions scenes, a lot of blood, excellent cinematography and four actor that eat the screen.

        • August 17, 2015 at 1:02 am — Reply

          Will watch it soon, i’m currently watching Cheo Yong because the ghost theme intrigued me, the 2nd season made me do it in order to watch it too! After i finish Cheo Yong s1 i will probably watch Bad Guys! Loved that line “four actor that eat the screen” there must be LOOOOOOTS of action in there! Hope they won’t eat mine, can’t afford to buy a new one right now! XD

      • bmore
        August 16, 2015 at 9:25 pm — Reply

        Loved Bad Guys! That series definitely needs a sequel!

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          I keep it close in my plans! ;D The absence of good rom-coms turned me into a gangster lol

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  7. Newbie
    August 13, 2015 at 9:20 am — Reply

    Thank you for your recaps of this wonderful drama.

    MBB had everything a really good drama needs. Fast paced plot, some nice twists, good acting. Kim Moo Yeol and his physique owned this part.
    But I must admit, that as of ep 14 the quality started to lessen a tiny bit, because the writer used those shenanigans I dread (stupid cops losing suspects, and even the final, a littel forced climax of Tae Gyu stabbing Do Hyung and his ‘death’), but that’s just me and my personal standard. Maybe I’d see it differently had I marathoned it?
    So overall the drama isn’t without blemish towards the end, but I’m complaining on a very high level, it is still a damn good show, most definitely one of the best this year.

    So, thanks again for your time and our discussions.

    • August 13, 2015 at 11:02 pm — Reply

      You are very welcome and thanks a lot as well for commenting and sharing your thoughts!! 🙂 Cops are a big problem in dramaland, they’re usually useless no matter in which department they belong to, but this time i could forgive them because the drama was Do Hyung oriented. The only i would never forgive was that young cop dude (i won’t even search his name) XD Truth be told i wasn’t expecting this Tae Gyu stab! I personally fell for the scene because it had so many feels to my eyes, Do Hyung being apologetic for not letting him know that Mi Sook had passed away in the fire and Tae Gyu just stabbing him because he felt betrayed all this time while he had put his trust in Do Hyung. Mi Sook was his last vanguard and he was expecting to see her alive. Right before the stab it was Do Hyung’s cleasing, right after the stab it was Tae Gyu’s condemnation, it also led to that will-he-make-it scene during the surgery! I think it’s one of the best this year as well, you blame it during the end, i blame it during the beginning because it was confusing my mind way too much! XD It is i who is thankful for reading the recaps and expressing your thoughts! 🙂

  8. aitor
    August 13, 2015 at 2:13 pm — Reply

    Thanks for recap! If I could back time, I also would make the same “mistake” of watch this drama over and over again!

    • August 13, 2015 at 11:02 pm — Reply

      You are very welcome and thanks a lot as well, it was probably the most welcome “mistake” of the year! ^-^

  9. bmore
    August 14, 2015 at 12:52 am — Reply

    The MUSIC-seldom is there a drama where the OST so perfectly meshed with and heightened the feelings as this one did!!! OMG! Stay by Steelheart and Days and Moon by Elsa Kopf …just the first few notes and my heart clenches. The Concept-Thank you again OCN for your willingness to jump the gap and present dark, violent, realness in Kdrama. It is a giant leap into the future and absolutely necessary for bringing in a wider audience to Kdrama. The cinematography was outstanding, drawing me into the feelings and fear and passion and fright of our characters and story. The Casting! The effort that Kim Moo Yeol put into his part was astounding! I hope many people will watch for him in future projects and support him. It was his breakthrough role, the role of a lifetime perhaps, but I am more than willing to watch for even better things from him. I hope with all my heart he is given the chance.

    Despite the small irritants here and there (how many hits CAN a head take?) and the fact that Go Sung Hee still has a ways to go, I loved every other aspect of this show. Some suspension of belief or reality had to go hand in hand with watching this, and, once you let go of that, you could believe in our Bank Guy Superhero and just hang on for the ride. Everyone needs heroes. Do Hyeong is that hero. He believes in Good winning over Bad and was willing to fight to prove it. Against all odds he won…of a sorts. There will be those who complain about what was not said or not done or not resolved, but guess what? In real life, everything won’t end up with answers, won’t end up tied in a pretty bow. The bad guys are all still out there, for every one you get rid of another will fill their place. All you can expect or hope for is one victory. Not over everything, but that one that is most essential in your life to fight or die for. Do Hyeong, even if he lost or died at the end of all this, would still have won, because he was the living breathing example of fighting for the right thing, that thing most important to him, that thing that made his life worth living. By his own strength, his own power he accomplished it.

    I know a lot of us were frustrated with the police, but….they work in the dark, not knowing who they are chasing, relying on criminals to inform them with lies and half truths, and having what little progress they make pulled out from under them by dirty cops informing on them. Still, it gets tiresome, this continuing theme in kdramas. I really liked Lee Si Young in this role…so different from her role in Valid Love, or others before. She is very versatile, and I hope she continues to pick projects like these…not the star or the pretty girl or the big box dramas, but roles like this that require her to stretch as an actress. She was absolutely beautiful in this. That scene in the hospital, before she collapses, her face was just breathtaking!

    I am so very happy I decided to watch this drama. So very disappointed that so few did. So very happy there is this page where someone like you shared my enthusiasm for what this show was. I too harbored the secret desire that Do Hyeong would end up with Yoon Mi. But I also knew that would not be consistent with the man Do Hyeong is. If a second season would have been possible (but given the ratings I’m sure not), I could see Joo Young being drawn back into that underworld that she has never really been able to escape from. Would she eventually go willingly? Or would some terrible event make her return to exact vengeance and then swallow her up there forever. I have a scenario in mind. Then DH and YM would team up once again to fight The Forces of Evil. We would learn more of his mother and her involvement. Learn where Sec. Kim is working in his battle to take back what Jin Sook has taken, as he must still be. See more of that unnamed Assistant of DH’s mom….who was underused in this. (I wonder who he is? He is not listed in the casts). Ah well. It lives on in my imagination for the moment. But with all the other dramas that will drag me (protesting and unhappy) from the world of My Beautiful Bride, I know I will soon put it aside to enthuse about yet another drama. It’s my world. So happy to have it!!

    Thanks again for taking on this drama and loving it too. You know how happy it makes one to have at least one other person validate their love of a show! We can’t all like the same ones, but it’s a joy when we find one to love together! See you on Last! Keep Assembly in mind. I will be starting Yong Pal and Mrs Cop this week also.

    • August 14, 2015 at 11:21 pm — Reply

      I loved this thought-emotion explosion! The OST did a great work in skyrocketing the feels of each and every scene! Both storyline and cinematography were completing one another and especially the cinematography factor was painting with the most representative of colors the story’s scenery!
      Kim Moo Yeol poured heart body and soul into this role, i can’t imagine My Beautiful Bride with someone else as the lead, it’s just unimaginable! It would feel as if the drama never happened!
      Do Hyung’s head could take as many hits as it wants to, it can become an urban legend or something XD He’s definitely super hero with his own ideals in good overcoming evil and he succeeded to the extent of making this world a place where he can live with Joo Young and i definitely agree, for every emptied position there will always be another bad guy to fill it in and i am glad Jin Sook ( <3 ) did so hahaha!
      He was willing to take it to the very end for love's sake and even in moments before death it was love that saved him, the love that was waiting for him on this side. He's a hero that was rewarded in the end even though he could have died at some point while preserving his ideals.
      Drama police will be drama police, but i loved both police ladies in this one, the younger officer had the potential to become the officer Lee Si Young was presenting and i am glad you loved her here, me and my lovely noona Si Young have birthday on the same day <3 Every time she was breaking apart she was exemplary, especially at the hospital, you could sense the shattering within!
      It was the best "mistake" we did lately watching this drama! 😀 We ended up becoming a part of the chosen few that managed to watch it and get overrun by shivers down our spines and we don't regret it at all!
      I am very thankful for sharing your wonderful thoughts throughout the drama in the recaps, it would be too lonely without your presence too! XD
      Yups, Do Hyung's character would never let him end up with anyone else except for Joo Young! But we had our secret ship, a submarine to be more precise xD
      Write the scenario and present it to OCN!!!! XD Especially now that Jin Sook is in charge of the Shadows it could had been easy for Joo Young to be drawn back in the dark side under circumstances. Do Hyung's mother is too dark, the missing link between the Shadows and the higher ups. But she seemed unaware of human trafficking, as a woman she would never approve it i presume, so i guess the like-minded lines towards president Kang were sincere. Did we ever get to know her assistant's name? I think it was never mentioned anywhere!
      You are very welcome and thanks a lot for all your thoughts throughout the ride! We had plenty of Valid Love for My Beautiful Bride! Somehow it feels odd i won't have to wait a few more days after the episodes have aired to come out with subs :/ Probably tomorrow i will finish a review in the making about Last's 5th ep and eventually the 6th one will follow. Gotta catch up to be ready for the 7th and 8th one who are on their way to air! I have already caught up with Yong Pal, i have to watch the first 4 eps of Mrs Cop to write a first impressions article! I need to inject more time in time aaaaaargh!

      • bmore
        August 15, 2015 at 12:00 am — Reply

        ugh….darn think just dropped my comment. ah well, I was just blabbing away anyway! I have finished 5 & 6 on Last and the preview shows all hell breaking loose next week, so no let up on that story at all! I will see you there next.

        I will decide on Yong Pal or Mrs. Cop after watching the next ep of Assembly…hoping it is subbed! What a great show that is!

        • August 15, 2015 at 12:29 am — Reply

          I was curious about Assembly, but somehow Mrs Cop, Yong Pal and Last felt more intriguing in terms of storyline, should i reconsider about it? XD But then again, i am also watching The Time We Were Not In Love, so i could reconsider any time XD

      • bmore
        August 15, 2015 at 12:32 am — Reply

        Time…another one I stuck with for the stars and probably should have dropped. Assembly is a highly recommended one. Not your ordinary kdrama by a long shot. Like Misaeng, never expect such a topic to have any interest. Yet every week I can hardly wait for the next episode. It’s pretty darn terrific. Add it to the list for someday anyway.

  10. Fatima
    August 14, 2015 at 4:18 pm — Reply

    Ok. Can i just say that the thing he said about cushing the wheelwas exactly what danaerys (if i spelt that right) said in game of thrones. I love it. This made me feel as if they both had that same no nonsense spirit.

    • August 14, 2015 at 6:53 pm — Reply

      I don’t watch Western shows, including Game of Thrones, so i can’t really say XP But i am glad what Do Hyung said brought such vibes to you, i will keep the “i love it” factor as a more than good sign! 😀

  11. bmore
    August 15, 2015 at 12:02 am — Reply

    I have only see the 1st season of Thrones, which was stunning, and I want very badly to see the remainder. I’ve read all the books and survived! That is one series more than worth watching. As was Lord of the Rings.

  12. yarden
    February 17, 2016 at 2:58 pm — Reply

    i didn’t understand the end of this drama , does Do Hyung’s died in the end

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