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My Beautiful Bride ~ Episode 15 Recap

DoYoungOne episode before the end, My Beautiful Bride reached 1.094% in terms of ratings and the way the storyline progresses points towards an open ending. I guess it will be the best option since all this darkness could never be concealed within an hour’s time. Our characters have constructed a variety of defensive mechanisms and they have progressed to the point of changing yet without neglecting and always preserving the startup chime which led them to this point. The flow of events has already triggered the day of reckoning which is just a location’s coordinates away.


Jin Gi was inside Yoon Mi’s car where Hye Jung was and managed to escape while Do Hyung was running after him. A car stops by Do Hyung and the driver is no other than Joo Young. She urges him to enter her car, but he can’t let her be in danger. He will take care of Jin Gi on his own.


They are being watched and secretary Kim gets informed. President Kang finds it interesting that the bank guy doesn’t work for the police but he’s only being fueled by his feelings of revenge as he intends to hunt down Jin Gi to avenge Joo Young’s “death.” He definitely wants to meet him!


Do Hyung’s inside Joo Young’s car and he acknowledges how much she changed, but she points out she will change even more in the future. He recalls their interaction inside the bank that preset his working fate. Do Hyung emphasizes that he knows Joo Young and she knows him as well, that’s all that matters in this life, that’s all he needs .


Two cars block block their way, Do Hyung intends to take care of them so that she’ll be able escape. He takes care of the front and moves the car, Joo Young manages to escape and Do Hyung follows her with the other car. Shortly after, Do Hyung wants her to only think of herself and always take in consideration that he’ll be fine. Joo Young leaves with tears in her eyes as Do Hyung remains strong in front of her, he can only let his tears flow after she left as he’s being apologetic. He can’t let her be by his side for now, it would be too dangerous. All she has to do is wait for him a bit more until his return. Joo Young’s apologetic as well, she intends to grow stronger and be helpful towards him.

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President Kang gets informed that Do Hyung escaped and at this point he wants to know more about him. Jin Sook can’t believe that Yoon Mi and Hyeong Sik entered Jin Gi’s room but he managed to escape. Joo Young insists that they have to get him at all costs and Jin Sook approves of her fierce attitude. It’s a lesson learned. Jin Sook wants to know about her meeting with Do Hyung, but Joo Young doesn’t want to talk about it.


Do Hyung calls Yoon Mi on the phone and she can barely talk from the whole emotional shock she went through. He arrives at the hospital where Jung Yeon informs him that Hyeong Sik passed away. He visits Yoon Mi in her darkest hour and all she wants is to get Jin Gi, but she’s about to collapse. She reassures Do Hyung that she’s fine, but she eventually cries her heart out on her knees.

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Everyone’s in mourning at the police station and they leave white chrysanthemums on his memorial picture. Everyone pledges allegiance to Yoon Mi as all of them want to get revenge for Hyeong Sik’s death. The fact that Glove is dead and Jin Gi’s on the run means that the Shadows are weaker at this point, they have to strike their foundations before they grow stronger anew. Yoon Mi’s relentless this time, anything that has to do with loan-sharking must get investigated and if they find misconducts they should arrest everyone involved. If they can’t find any faults, creating evidence feels essential by now.


The mission progresses without remorse and “people” get arrested one after the other in order to find Jin Gi. Yoon Mi can only promise one thing to Hyeong Sik, that she will find Jin Gi and kill him. S Loan Sharking appears to be the next big thing and this will be the next target.


Jin Gi’s back in good shape and he even got a new suit. He’s glad that Hye Jung took him out of the hospital, even though it was just for the business’ sake. He lets her know that Hyeong Sik died because of her useless emotions and if she doesn’t want to meet him she should act smart. She breaks her glass on the wall towards Jin Gi’s direction as she can’t hold back her tears, but this was her last mistake as Jin Gi won’t forgive her the next time.


Jin Gi appears in front of President Kang who wants to know why he killed Hyeong Sik, but Jin Gi considers it an accident. The good part of the story is that there were no witnesses, if only he knew that the whole police force is after him! Jin Gi promises that president Kang will get to see the money soon, but president Kang wants Jin Gi to go abroad once he finalizes this mission since a new director will be in charge. Jin Gi doesn’t like his decision, but he can’t disagree at this point.


Jin Gi calls the bank director and wants him to hurry. A week’s time is too late and he will make a request for a quick approval since time isn’t on his side. Jin Gi’s all alone and cornered, but he doesn’t intend to get silenced. He will give president Kang the money and he will use Hak Soo’s account before going abroad.


Secretary Kim is at the bank director’s office and he becomes aware that Jin Gi wants him to rush the loan approval. Secretary Kim wants him to stop all of Jin Gi’s accounts and transfer the money in the account he proposed. The bank director doesn’t want to find himself in trouble and he’s willing to comply, but he made it more than apparent that he wants his own profit as well!


Do Hyung gets informed that director Kim from Seryo Construction arrived a while ago! So, he’s not a secretary anymore! Do Hyung enters the director’s office and he doesn’t want any further introductions since he already knows who he is. Do Hyung is more than direct and asks him if president Kang sent him, but director Kim pretends he doesn’t know anything! Director Kim doesn’t reply directly, but he gives indirect answers such as Jin Gi undergoing an internal audit for an undue agreement he made. Director Kim was about to leave, but Do Hyung wants him to inform president Kang that there will be no additional loan while director Kim insists he will be seeing him again.


The bank director isn’t pleased with Do Hyung’s attitude, but Do Hyung urges him to stop before it’s too late, it’s his last warning, but he doesn’t take it seriously. The headquarters have already given their approval, but Do Hyung’s name is in there as well! The bank director thinks both of them are on the same boat but Do Hyung emphasizes on the fact he never approved of that loan.


Do Hyung follows director Kim and he becomes aware of it. He stops his car, buys two ice-creams and knocks Do Hyung’s window! Do Hyung’s very specific, he wants to know president Kang’s location and once he doesn’t receive an answer he wants director Kim to inform him that he will be visiting him soon. Do Hyung’s pissed off and he would like to beat him up right away, but he restrains himself.


He gets informed that Tae Gyu found Hammer Head and he meets both of them. Now that the Shadows are literally in the shadows Hammer Head returned back to “work,” but he doesn’t want to work with Do Hyung because he’s after president Kang. Hammer Head’s afraid of him like everyone else in the “business.” Do Hyung becomes aware of S Loan Sharking and gets their card. In the meantime, Joo Young expands her business. Tae Gyu’s aware that Glove was silenced, but he’s still concerned about Mi Sook’s fate and points out that Jin Gi may know what happened to her. Do Hyung can only be apologetic, but he doesn’t invest in details.

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Jin Gi checks his bank account but he finds out things are not working as expected! The bank director enters his car to find out Jin Gi was already in there! Fear’s all over the place, but the bank director tells him nobody visited him from Seryo Construction. Jin Gi threatens him with a jackknife and wants to know why he blocked his bank accounts to find out the bank director was ordered to do so. If he wants to survive he has to unblock the accounts and keep it a secret, his greatest card is the bank director’s daughter’s well-being. After Jin Gi left the bank director informed director Kim who let him know that they’ll take care of him soon. President Kang became aware of it and the smile upon his face was a menacing one!


Do Hyung goes to the headquarters, but he receives a phone call from his mother’s assistant who was aware of his presence there. He wants Do Hyung to think a bit more carefully on why nobody inspects Seryo Construction when the law and the cops are after them. Many great people are involved, he’s not there on behalf of his mother but he advices him to ask for his mother’s help if he really wants to win this fight. There’s a condition though, Do Hyung must inherit the family’s business after enrolling in law school and marrying the woman his mother likes! It’s something that would help Joo Young live again. Of course he didn’t go there out of his kind heart, it was his mother’s order!


She goes to meet president Kang who compliments her! She’s well aware of his “project” while he thought he was too quiet. After looking into Do Hyung he became aware of him being her son. She wants him to leave her son alone and she expresses it in a straight forward “polite” way which sounded like an indirect threat. If president Kang mentions his name again she will be very “offended.” She differentiates the daily and night work shifts and emphasizes on the fact that hardworking people’s nighttime shouldn’t be disturbed by the likes of president Kang and their “projects.” Her assistant is concerned, but she doesn’t think Do Hyung won’t visit her since he’s intelligent enough even though he’s cold and stubborn. Despite the warnings, president Kang wants to see Do Hyungs and he wants director Kim to bring Jin Gi in front of him to end this relationship properly.


Jin Gi receives a phone call from director Kim who informs him that president Kang wants to see him at all costs. He recalls president Kang’s words and he’s not pleased at all, this time his pistol will accompany him. Joo Young meets Hye Jung and she’s there for only one reason, she wants Jin Gi’s location. Hye Jung doesn’t take her that seriously, but Joo Young reassures her that she intends to kill him while the whole police force is searching for him. Jin Sook’s there as well and slaps Hye Jung as she orders her to lead them to Jin Gi who’s already outside of president Kang’s hideout.

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Jin Gi wants to turn himself in and calls Yoon Mi who informs Do Hyung right away! Jin Gi intends to hand over the account he had with president Kang where all the money records from human trafficking can be found. However, he gets visited by director Kim while he was trying to take all money and evidence with him. There’s a fierce fight inside his office and Jin Gi fights as if there’s no tomorrow sending to the other side most of director Kim’s men, but he’s bound to fall and get paid with the same coin.

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President Kang finds him bloodstained and he wants to know why Jin Gi killed Hak Soo. It doesn’t matter right now since Jin Gi’s dying for the owner’s sake as a faithful dog, but president Kang points out Jin Gi never really stared at him with the eyes of a dog, so he should at least die like one.


Yoon Mi takes heed of Do Hyung’s words and she informs the homicide department that she’s on her way to Jin Gi’s office. President Kang becomes aware that Jin Gi called to turn himself in and he wants his men to silence him once and for all. Two officers from internal affairs want Yoon Mi to follow them, but the deceased Jin gi inside his car pauses the progress of their investigation.


The internal affairs officer wants to know whether it was revenge for Hyeong Sik’s death or not and personal questions start popping up, but she’s not there for Jin Gi’s murder, she’s under investigation for Hyeong Sik disclosing internal information. Do Hyung finds out about the investigation by Jung Yeon.


Jin Sook gets informed that Jin Gi’s no longer among the living and lets Joo Young and Hye Jung know as well. Jin Sook wants to meet president Kang since he’s the reason why she came back into this field. Jin Sook points out that this happened to her and Do Hyung because both of them were powerless. Going back to him doesn’t mean she’ll get powerful either and she will never put an end to the whole “business” unless she gets more power. Jin Sook will never let anyone put a nail on her forehead again like Glove did and she wants to work together with Joo Young emphasizing on the fact that she needs her in the quest for power that’s about to begin.


Joo Young’s once again in front of the mirror where she tried to end her own life. Do Hyung’s waiting for Yoon Mi’s investigation to be over and he receives a phone call from president Kang who wants to meet him.

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Thoughts: Do Hyung didn’t want Joo Young by his side at this very point, not because he doesn’t crave for her presence, on the contrary, he longs to be with her for all the reasons in the world! Even though up to an extent he was trying to find her in order to protect her by his side, at this point where everything leads above the Shadows where fear has a new shape the further away she will be from him the safer it will be. He needs to finish everything before he approaches her anew.


He has already noticed  she’s changed, but all that matters to him is the fact that he knows her and she knows him as well. It’s all Do Hyung needs, it’s all that counts, it’s all that was, is and will be important to him. The promise to start anew together in a faraway place where nobody will know about them burns even brighter as time passes by and the longing for a closure gets stronger so that they’ll be together, even though their future feels uncertain.


The fact that he prevented his tears from falling in front of her was of utter importance to Do Hyung. He wanted her to keep in her mind his uncrackable image and think that he will be fine up to the very end no matter what. Once Joo Young left he had all the time in this world to unveil his fragile side. It felt like a silent goodbye for a weird reason, but it was only the vibes the scene was evoking for now.


Joo Young doesn’t intend to leave him on his own and that’s why she progresses with S Loan Sharking in order to get stronger and weave her own web in the underworld, a web where she will be the spider and the rest will be the flies. As time passes by she gradually becomes more relentless and Jin Sook by her side is a great observer and teacher. Taking Jin Gi out of the picture was Joo Young’s one and only goal up to that point.


Hyeong Sik’s death was a traumatic event for the homicide and missing persons departments. Yoon Mi was a ghost of herself and her devastation was ever-breathing in the surrounding ambiance even though she was trying to remain strong as her urge for revenge was burning on the inside.


Both departments pledging allegiance to her was essential for the grandiose operation against the Shadows in order to capture Jin Gi; dead or alive. On a side note, Hye Jung truly loved Hyeong Sik even though she knew it would never blossom and the news of his death broke her apart.


Jin Gi’s time started running out once president Kang started getting ready to silence him after accomplishing his final and most important task; finalizing the loan transaction. His replacement had already been found and it was no other than secretary Kim who became a director in director Seo’s place. He progresses his own ambitions by vanishing Jin Gi’s options one after the other.


The verbal confrontation with Do Hyung was inevitable. Even though director Kim was maintaining his calm, his discomfort was more than apparent while Do Hyung was being straight forward regardless of the bank director’s presence. He’s willing to stop the loan transaction at all costs in order to ruin Seryo Construction and president Kang’s plans for good.


The loan-sharking world isn’t as easy as Do Hyung thought it would be and since S Loan Sharking is gradually taking over the underworld the cooperation with Hammer Head didn’t progress, but he got aware of S Loan Sharking with the hints point towards Joo Young’s direction.


However, we had already noticed that Do Hyung was gradually growing fond of Tae Gyu since he’s not really that much of a bad guy, he was just someone who made the wrong decisions and the circumstances forged his loan-sharking essence. Do Hyung can’t let him know yet that Mi Sook passed away, he probably hopes the burned body wasn’t hers and she will appear.


Do Hyung’s mother made a grandiose appearance through her assistant who forced all the necessary information upon Do Hyung. If he wants to emerge victorious while still be protected he will have to inherit his mother’s company, enter a law school and marry the woman she will pick for him in exchange for her superior help.


During the meeting with president Kang she appeared more frightening than expected and she enforced upon underworld’s nighttime her indirect threats in a civilized manner as the night of the day she is. However, things just got more interesting for president Kang who wants to meet Do Hyung at all costs after this degrading interaction!


The fact that Jin Gi’s accounts were blocked was the beginning of the end. He could feel it as he was recalling president Kang’s words and he was willing to turn himself in, but that would mean he would take everyone else down with him. He fought for survival like a wounded lion and he took many with him, but soon he was out of the picture as he was outnumbered. It’s always a jackknife for a jackknife and a crowbar for a crowbar since there’s no honor in the underworld, just remnants of bribed loyalty.


Yoon Mi is being investigated by the most useless department in drama police’s chronicles, the one of internal affairs. If most of the cops on the field are useless then imagine how indescribably whatever the ones behind an office may be! They couldn’t have known that Hyeong Sik was disclosing information in order to investigate Yoon Mi, so probably someone of those “important” people behind the Shadows made his move in order to prevent Yoon Mi from proceeding with her own investigation.


Joo Young will be of great help with her temperament and evolution and Jin Sook’s well aware of it. She wants her by her side and she enforces her presence with the grandeur of power Joo Young will possess in the future while still reminding her how precious power may be as it was the lack of it which led Do Hyung and her to this point.


On the sharper edge of the knife, president Kang wants to meet Do Hyung who can’t wait to confront him right away! I can’t be certain to find out how the drama will end, but i can’t wait to watch the 16th episode, that’s all i know!


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