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Oh My Ghost ~ Episode 12 Recap


The 12th episode made the emotional concerns of our characters more specific as the cracks within started broadening to a heartrending extent depending on the character’s progress, interactions, background and emotional world. It made the awakening and redefinition of one’s self more vibrant and this goes towards both Soon Ae and Bong Sun, but it was also about the utmost truth’s revelation in front of Sun Woo’s dazed eyes. Things have just started getting more perplexed as secrets get revealed, but these amounts of truth gradually prepare us for Oh My Ghost’s last weeks in the most representative way. Can the drama break the 5% barrier?


Bong Sun can’t neglect her feelings and for the first time in her life she’s going to think of herself as she starts heading towards his direction. All that matters is being close to Sun Woo’s heart and she hugs him as if there’s no tomorrow like the puppiest puppy she is! He hugs her back and bliss is all over the place as they complete one another!


Officer Han’s out of the hospital and Sung Jae greets and treats him to tofu! Officer Han thinks of severely punishing the culprit and as expected Sung Jae feels uneasy about it! They go to eat at Soon Ae’s father’s restaurant and Sung Jae pretends to be taking good care of him! Officer Han is disappointed that the last evidence to get Eun Hee’s hit and run culprit was lost, but Sung Jae urges him to forget about it. Officer Han can’t help it but stare at Sung Jae’s watch once again.


Sun Woo’s caring towards Bong Sun and he won’t let her carry heavy packages! He doesn’t want their relationship to get revealed and others might suspect them if he takes her to the market once again! She will pretend to be sick once she receives his signal! Bong Sun’s more lively self has started coming to the surface and Sun Woo actually likes it! He considers it the neutral state between Soon Ae’s explosions and Bong Sun’s introvert self! She’s so cute and blissful!


The thing is, Ji Woong overheard a part of their conversation and he informs everyone that Sun Woo and Bong Sun are dating! Sous Chef and Dong Cheol don’t believe him while Seo Joon remains silent! Sous Chef’s certain there’s something going on between Sun Woo and Seo Hyeong! He even bets that if Sun Woo and Bong Sun are together he will live his life as an eunuch and things have just started getting interesting!

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Soon Ae’s at Suhbingo’s house and she’s not in the mood for anything. Suhbingo would like to perform the ritual for Soon Ae and she intends to make it as painless as possible. Soon Ae doesn’t talk at all and she’s in deep devastation as the decisions lying ahead aren’t the easiest ones.


Everyone’s eating at the kitchen and Sun Woo exchanges texts with Bong Sun making Sous Chef curious about everything! His rants reach an end with a bowl-hit on the head! The signal has been given and Bong Sun pretends to have sprained her ankle! Ji Woong noticed that she was holding her left leg and while she was leaving she was grabbing her right one and it’s his turn to get multiple bowl-hits on the head by Sous Chef!


Bong Sun gets pretty and shortly after both of them are at the market as planned! He pretends to be strong and he wants her to touch his muscle, but she doesn’t feel in the first touch and tries to cover up for her mistake in order to make him feel better! He likes her when she has her hair down and his wish gets fulfilled instantly! Sun Woo finds a friend who opened his restaurant recently and he doesn’t like his attitude, it ruins his humble date and pushes him away in his renowned way! Bong Sun feels uneasy holding hands with Sun Woo and she’s afraid someone would recognize them, but he doesn’t care at all!

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He intends to make her wish come true, but even if Soon Ae likes blood sausage stew, Bong Sun doesn’t and she can’t take back what “she” said! He feeds her and she pretends to like it, but soon she has to use the restroom to get rid of it and encourage herself! The problem is that Sun Woo ordered more blood sausage stew and while he’s talking to Seo Hyeong on the phone she tries to cancel the order, but the waitress thinks she needs scissors! In the meantime, Sung Jae was moving the shadows!


Sun Woo’s thankful towards everyone for their hard work! The cooking show will be there tomorrow and everyone’s so excited, but he brings them down to earth! He wants Bong Sun to take care of the appetizer, eggplant with tomato sauce! Everyone’s surprised, including her, but she can’t do otherwise but comply to his orders! She lets Sun Woo know that she’s not ready yet, she’s afraid of messing up, but he has faith in her and tries to encourage her by bringing up the dishes she cooked during the show! Sun Woo doesn’t favor her, he definitely thinks she deserves a chance! Bong Sun will give it a shot even though she’s shivering on the inside!

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Sung Jae heads towards the restaurant while Bong Sun has started the dish’s preparations. Sung Jae’s ready to make his next move, but he and his jackknife remain outdoors as soon as Sun Woo appears and gives her instructions. Sung Jae wields the jackknife within his palm and cuts it right away out of anger!

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Soon Ae’s still on the floor and she doesn’t give a rat’s tail about everything Suhbingo has to say. Sun Woo’s mother arrives and as soon as she starts talking about Sun Woo, Bong Sun and the dead person fortune they leave right away. Soon Ae writes something on the floor with her fingers and utters how much she misses Sun Woo as her tears found their way out.


Bong Sun keeps cooking and she’s not satisfied with the outcome! She keeps trying and the ghosts have started approaching her again in Soon Ae’s absence! Hours pass by and she eventually burns her hand, she’s so stressed she finally explodes for the first time and it feels relieving! She encourages herself and works harder until she succeeds!

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Sung Jae returns back home and Eun Hee notices his harmed hand as he pretends he was trying to stop a fight! She’s concerned about him and tries to touch him to see if his hands is okay, but once again he becomes abrupt and almost violent towards his wife who can’t recognize him. He’s apologetic and Eun Hee points out that he can express his frustration in front of her every now and then.


Everything’s flowing well at the restaurant and the eggplant sauce appears to be a success, everyone’s happy about it except for Sous Chef’s typical self! Sun Woo gives his secret thumbs up and Bong Sun is truly happy she did well! Sun Woo always helps her in any way he can by praising and encouraging her in private without neglecting his affectionate side!


Seo Hyeong and the rest of the crew arrive with Sous Chef making things kind of awkward, but could that be a relationship in the making between those two? The director is a piece of cranky disharmony without manners and the more he orders Bong Sun around the more he pisses off Sun Woo and once he gets asked if he’s caring that much about her because he’s dating her the answer is affirmative! Everyone’s in shock and Seo Joon didn’t say anything all this time because they wanted to keep it a secret. It’s time for Sous Chef to live as an eunuch!

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Soon Ae has agreed to partake in the ritual for the dead, all she wants from Suhbingo is to not hurt her that much. Suhbingo holds her in her embrace and promises her to do her best so that she’ll ascend to heaven as painlessly as possible. Tomorrow’s the day, all she wants is to visit her father one last time. The shooting has reached the end and Seo Hyeong thinks Sun Woo was quite cool and romantic. She wants to treat him and Bong Sun to drinks!

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Now that everyone knows she’s Sun Woo’s girlfriend they run to help her at all costs, except for Seo Joon of course who doesn’t want to partake in this parody! Sous Chef seeks redemption for the past and tries to befriend Bong Sun by monopolizing her time until Sun Woo appears. She wasn’t the only one who was surprised, he was surprised with himself as well, but it didn’t feel right revealing the truth without consulting her first. She’s fine with it as soon Sun Woo’s fine and he’s happy about it! The moment she gave him the lollipop Sous Chef gave her he threw it away; hilarious!


Bong Sun’s praising words raise Seo Hyeong’s morale and she can’t help it but find her adorable through her sincerity! She accepts her defeat and enjoys Bong Sun’s company! Sung Jae calls Sun Woo on the phone asking him to pick up Eun Hee since he’s having an emergency! Eun Hee can’t believe the fact that Sun Woo has actually changed and she’s very happy everything’s flowing well between him and Bong Sun. He wants her to keep it a secret from their mother for the time being.

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Soon Ae utters her final heartfelt solicitations urging her father to treat himself better from now on, she can’t help it but lose herself in tears. She also wants her brother to awaken himself and take care of their father. The more she stares at them the more her flowing tears suffocate her and the moment to leave has arrived. She notices Sun Woo on the show and for one last time she wishes to see him before departing from this world.

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Bong Sun and Seo Hyeong keep drinking and they’re having some great fun together! Seo Hyeong thinks Bong Sun’s quite unique and refers to her great mood swings! Bong Sun agrees that Sun Woo fell for her because of that and points out that it must be one of her charms since she can’t invest in more depth on what really happened! She wants Bong Sun to make Sun Woo happy and the more they interact the more she likes her!


Seo Hyeong insists to take Bong Sun back home but she wants to return on her own. Bong Sun wonders whether people are naturally selfish or not and in case one has enough problems if it’s fine if he wouldn’t have time to think about others. The answer is positive since it’s all about human nature. She’s apologetic towards Seo Hyeong, the ghost and Sun Woo and she intends to turn a blind eye this time.


Bong Sun’s returning back home on her own and she’s singing all along the way as she tries to encourage herself that everything will be fine and questions herself if she’s ever been happier in her life than she is right now. She recalls her childhood years when she was lonely and everyone was badmouthing her leaving her all alone by herself. It’s indeed the happiest period of her life.


Soon Ae witnesses Bong Sun returning back home and Sung Jae tried to kill her with a car, but Soon Ae saved her by pushing her away. Soon Ae tries to leave but Bong Sun wants to talk to her. She wonders if she came to see Sun Woo, but she replies negatively. Soon Ae’s is glad Bong Sun didn’t become her junior in this intermediate ghost life and Bong Sun’s thankful, but also apologetic. Soon Ae wouldn’t like her to be apologetic since she’s the one who possessed her body without asking for permission and urges her to be happy at all costs.


Soon Ae was leaving and she noticed the car which tried to kill Bong Sun but the fact that on the driver’s seat is Sung Jae makes her thoughtful. Sung Jae’s enraged and punches the horn scaring someone who demands explanations. Bad decision, Sung Jae’s dragging him from the head in a narrow road and chokes him to death(?) with his foot.

bscap0929 bscap0934bscap0933

Soon Ae’s back at Suhbingo’s place and she wants to postpone the ritual’s date. She wants to invest more on Sung Jae since the vibes she receives are quite negative and she lets Suhbingo know that Sung Jae tried to kill Bong Sun. Both Sun Woo and Bong Sun are back home and he wants her to make him her own fried rice! He decided to start eating rice since she’s a rice type of a person and he’s actually impressed with its taste! Sun Woo notices that she’s not okay, but she lets him know that she’s just tired.


They go for a walk and he takes her to Namsan, a place Soon Ae wanted to visit and he refers to everything he wants to turn to life for her! He doesn’t usually pay attention to what other people have to say, but she’s special to him and he recalls everything. Bong Sun’s lost in her own thoughts but she paces with his flow. They take a selca with the night city view and he’s always enamored by her presence, he can do anything with her.


When his old classmates came to the restaurant it was the most embarrassing and loneliest moment in his life, but he was grateful to her for comforting him with her pancake while discussing with him. When he was usually sad he was hiding and was keeping it all inside, but having her by his side was enough to console him.  Bong Sun can’t help it but think it wasn’t her, but Soon Ae. It’s something that keeps bothering her to a devastating extent while Sun Woo is thankful for everything and takes her in his embrace.

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They’re on their way back down and he lets her know that they will go on a cruise the next time. Bong Sun tells him it’s not her the one he likes but a ghost. She lets him know that she can see ghosts and that she was possessed by one. The person he liked was the ghost who possessed her body, not herself as she is now. She’s apologetic and can’t hold back her tears as Sun Woo doesn’t know what to say as he didn’t completely understand what she meant. Time can only stand still between them and once she apologizes for one more time she leaves as the cable car takes the lost in thoughts Sun Woo back upwards!

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Thoughts: The episode started from where the previous one ended. Bong Sun wants to protect, preserve and progress the feelings she has for Sun Woo; always by his side. His caring, affection and always filled with love attitude can only reach higher peaks and he always proves it with both words and actions. He also tries to protect their relationship by not revealing the truth, one step at a time and the time they share together is only theirs.


Sun Woo’s feelings are expanding all over the place, but the fact that he gives her more chances in cooking terms isn’t only because he loves her but because he can see through her progressing cooking skills. Bong Sun might had felt quite uneasy in the first place, but she tried hard all night long until she was successful. She doesn’t want to let Sun Woo down but she also wants to be true to herself.


The fact that she exploded was mind-awakening and nerve-soothing, it could take her tension away so that she would emerge victorious. All this time she was keeping everything bothering her on the inside, but letting all out was quite relieving. She got to appreciate the art of partially getting rid of a burden so as to move on. The recipe itself was a success through Bong Sun’s hands, but her real reward was Sun Woo’s opinion which could only be positive since she did more than fine!


Eventually the secret was revealed, it’s not something Sun Woo wanted to do at that very moment, but the pressure the director was putting Bong Sun through was too much. The director’s dissonant and arrogant attitude couldn’t go unnoticed and Sun Woo would protect Bong Sun at all costs because she’s his one and only girlfriend.


It was a great surprise to almost everyone since they couldn’t see it coming or at least not getting revealed that way, but Sun Woo had to protect Bong Sun at all costs and she understood why he did that. Something one could expect from this revelation was that the attitude of specific people like Sous Chef would change towards Bong Sun in order to get favored and not get punished for their attitude prior to that moment!


Bong Sun’s sincerity towards Seo Hyeong could only upgrade her morale since it was flowing straight from the heart without having to lie to earn her trust. Sincerity is one of Bong Sun’s ultimate characteristics and alcohol helped her open up her cards in order to express her concerns. Questioning the selfishness of her emotions since she can only think of herself for the first time in her life was a great internal collision for a person like Bong Sun who felt the urge to let it all out. As for the happiest period of her life, she’s experiencing it at the present, but she can’t be as happy as she’d love to.


Soon Ae was following the code of silence during the episode and she wasn’t in the mood for anything as she was thinking all alone by herself while taking into consideration all the possible outcomes. She eventually agreed to go through the ritual as long as Suhbingo can make it as painless as possible. One thing that shouldn’t go unnoticed is Suhbingo’s approach on Soon Ae, she treats her like her only child as she’s always concerned and affectionate in her hour of need.


The urge to see her father for one last time was of major importance. Her heartfelt solicitations inside the restaurant were devastating to the extent she couldn’t stay for long. As soon as her silent requests were expressed she had to leave, but Sun Woo’s presence on the screen was making his absence even greater, the need to see him changed her priorities, but it was a beneficial change for Bong Sun since Soon Ae saved her life from Sung Jae’s hit and run attempt.


Sung Jae’s criminal mind keeps officer Han close to him like he always does with people whose lives and/or families were affected by his violent actions. He wants to be aware of everything so that he’ll be able to always be one step ahead. He tried to silence Bong Sun with his jackknife, but the timing wasn’t right. The second time Soon Ae was there, but he satisfied his negativity by probably exterminating the enraged passer by who dared shout at him!


Soon Ae’s aware of the evil lying within and she postpones the ritual date until she finds more information because many things don’t feel right about Sung Jae. Poor Eun Hee, she loves him so much and soon enough the image she adored will shatter before her very eyes once the whole truth will be revealed.


Soon Ae was more than glad Bong Sun didn’t become her junior in this intermediate ghost life. One could think of Soon Ae as a selfish ghost, but saving Bong Sun had a twofold meaning. She can only be thankful towards her for all the feelings she could treasure while possessing her body, but she also wants her to be safe and sound so that she will always be by Sun Woo’s side. Bong Sun being happy at all costs is among Soon Ae’s sincere wishes even though she hurts on the inside, but Bong Sun herself can only be thankful for helping her be by Sun Woo’s side and for keeping her among the living.


She’s also apologetic for only thinking of herself lately, but it’s not an apology Soon Ae could accept since she’s the one who possessed her body without consulting her first. Even though Soon Ae denied being there to see Sun Woo, it was a sincere conversation between two figures that helped one another to an extent they can’t fully recognize at this very moment since the emotional burden is far too great, but the purity of their words was shining.


Sun Woo wants to become as Bong Sun friendly as possible, but the more he tries the more Soon Ae oriented he becomes through the wishes he fulfills and the ones he’s willing to turn to life in the near future. Nobody can blame him, he’s not aware of everything going on in the background, but he did notice and adore Bong Sun’s brighter self, it felt like an intermediate step between Bong Sun’s introvert nature and Soon Ae’s explosive energy.


It was more than apparent that throughout the episode Bong Sun was losing herself in thoughts even more. The more Soon Ae was making her appearance in her absence through Sun Woo’s thoughts the more disheartening it felt since most of Sun Woo’s memories were filled with Soon Ae when she had possessed Bong Sun’s body. They are not Bong Sun’s memories and Sun Woo’s happiness doesn’t derive from her, but from the ghost that had the same face and body as her and a brand new and totally different personality.


Even though Bong Sun decided to think of herself for the time being, the way the storyline was progressing was eating her up alive. Bong Sun couldn’t hide her sincere side from Sun Woo, she would never be able to keep it a secret and her confession was essential at that point so that both of them would stop living in a dream within a lie. She had to burst the bubble for both of them no matter how hurtful it would be even though Sun Woo was unable to comprehend and read through the lines.


One thing is for certain, this wasn’t the end, it was only the beginning of an emotional process towards the truth where feelings will shine differently and in a more pure tone or will have to get silenced once and for all depending on the occasion. As the 12th episode was the one where secrets came to the surface, we should start getting ready for a more truthful approach on each and every one’s feelings in the last four episode of Oh My Ghost’s delightful journey!


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    I’m sorry, I’ll take my time to read your recaps on this drama this week-end, but as I’ve dropped this drama I’d like to know…do you see where this drama is going? 1) Like, did Bong Sun’s depression was mentioned and explained? I couldn’t understand how she could be so lethargic even though she didn’t sleep a lot. She couldn’ve taken vitamin pills or coffee. If anything she could have chosen to work at night, not during the day.
    2) So Soon Ae will own Bong Sun’s body in the end? What do you think? I don’t get the purpose of Soon Ae…is she supposed to cheer up Bong Sun or teach her a lesson like how to get a man?
    3) What do you think will happen if Soon Ae definitely leaves Bong Sun’s body? Bong Sun will eventually go back to her own self…she’ll look crazy (schizo) to her boss’ eyes…

    Sorry, I just don’t get the drama. Maybe I’ll keep watching.

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      I don’t know where this is going to, truly!
      1) Bong Sun’s depression wasn’t mentioned anywhere as far as i recall, i may be mistaken of course, but she’s a deep introvert whose past was ghost-oriented since her grandma is a shaman and people were avoiding Bong Sun. The fact that she’s without energy during the day is because she can barely sleep during nighttime because ghosts approach her. Also, she loves cooking, but she can only practice it after work, nighttime again. So during the day her energy is drained.
      2) If Soon Ae owns Bong Sun’s body in the end it will mean that Soon Ae turned into an evil spirit and she didn’t ascend to heaven. The purpose of Soon Ae in the beginning was to get rid of her virginal chains, as episodes passed by and she has developed feelings for Sun Woo it has gotten a bit more difficult, the evil spirit has also made her appearance within her. I think her reason of staying back is to find the truth behind Sung Jae since she’s well aware that he has turned into an evil person. But she’s delivering her own lessons to Bong Sun in order to appreciate life more and become more of an extrovert. 🙂
      3) If Soon Ae leaves Bong Sun’s body… that’s a bit tough, but Bong Sun has already become stronger, especially in the way she expresses herself. She has openly shown her feelings towards Sun Woo, but she also confessed that all this time he was loving a ghost, not the real Bong Sun. There will be a part of the old Bong Sun in herself, but there will also be a new more expressive part as well. Through Soon Ae she learned how to become more expressive.
      I don’t know if i helped you :/ But there’s no need to say sorry for anything! Thanks for expressing your thoughts and presenting your questions and i hope i was helpful up to an extent 🙂

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        I see, thanks a lot ! 😀
        1) But yes, I understand that Bong Sun was tired because of ghosts annoying her…still, why does she train (cooking) instead of sleeping when she can’t keep her job as a waiter? Why her shaman mother didn’t help her get rid of the ghosts at night? lol
        2) It makes sense! I guess I don’t give a sh*t about Soon Ae’s virginal chains xD It’s about Korea’s belief on virgin young women dying too soon…
        3) OK, I get it. So Soon Ae’s purpose was to help her be more expressive, attractive to her boss and keep her job. Awesome 🙂

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          You’re welcome! 😀
          1) Because she loves cooking and that’s when she can openly train herself, i know it sounds kind of silly, but that’s the truth! 😀 As for why her shaman grandmother didn’t help her get rid of the ghosts, this i do not know, maybe she couldn’t because Bong Sun was an introvert and had no friends, so it was more tempting for the ghosts! XD You can see it as a plothole or an unwelcome charisma to see ghosts XD
          2) But if you continue you may find out that the virginal chains ( XD ) aren’t the ones that keep her among the living ^-^
          3) Yup, while still progressing her own sensual plan! 😀 But things have changed! 😀

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      You’re very welcome and no problem about the late reply, all that matters is if you had some great time during your vacation! 🙂 Hope you will enjoy Oh My Ghost and that you won’t be disappointed ^-^
      My co-author writes about Koinaka and me about Last and you’re always welcome to write and ask anything, annoying “annoying” or not! XD

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