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Oh My Ghost ~ Episode 11 Recap


Oh My Ghost managed to surpass the 4% barrier with the last two episodes, the 11th one reached 4.210% and the 12th one presented the drama’s most powerful ratings to date, 4.389%! The 11th episode was the one of sudden realizations for many of our figures, there were instant collisions and misunderstandings, but there was bliss and desperation always depending on the situation, the character and the interactions.


He places a travel tent outside of their rooms! It may not be a trip but it feels like one and he lets her know that he met Seo Hyeong who became aware that he likes someone else. He was finally able to put an end to that lasting story from the past and he asks Bong Sun to take responsibility for him; leaving him is not an option. Soon Ae through Bong Sun caressing his face and Sun Woo kissing her hand could only lead towards an affectionate kiss with both of them laying back inside the tent. Sun Woo takes the lead as he feels the urge to take their relationship to the next level of intimacy, but she runs away.


Inside the park, Soon Ae gets out of Bong Sun’s body and she pretends that she came out on purpose to talk to her. Bong Sun’s glad she’s gotten closer to Sun Woo, but she’s also worried about Soon Ae’s lessening time. At this point she’s not that afraid of ghosts and she actually has someone to openly talk about herself for the first time. Soon Ae points out that even if she’s gone Bong Sun won’t be alone since Sun Woo will be by her side, but Bong Sun’s afraid of losing him if Soon Ae’s brighter self is gone as well. Bong Sun’s glad she’s getting along with others at this point in her life, but deep within, Soon Ae’s apologetic towards her for staying for a few more days and having to lie to her.

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Sun Woo feels embarrassed and she accuses indigestion for running away, otherwise Bong Sun wouldn’t have refused his love’s offering! The trip is over and gradually sleep time arrives since she keeps pretending she doesn’t feel well! Sun Woo’s not that disheartened and he’s getting ready for the next time while doing push-ups! On the other side of the wall, Soon Ae’s apologetic, all she needs is a little more time.

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Sung Jae’s back home and his mother-in-law greets him! Eun Hee finds his overwhelming kindness adorable whereas her mother thinks bad boys are the most attractive of all! Sung Jae recalls all these talismans inside Bong Sun’s room and he’s actually enraged in front of the mirror, even his toothbrush felt his menace! The evil spirit unveiled a glimpse of itself!

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It’s Bong Sun’s turn to cook for the kitchen personnel for the first time and they can’t wait to taste her dish! Everyone’s praising her cooking skills except for Sous Chef who’s minimal in his approach! Sun Woo will be the last to express his opinion and he gives his strict thumbs up!

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Sun Woo and Bong Sun will head towards his interview’s location! It’s raining heavily and he takes her under his gigantic umbrella, he doesn’t really need her by his side for the interview, but he wants her by his side for all the reasons in the world! He wants her to be pretty and he takes her to a clothing store! Everything she tries is a no-no to his eyes until the bingo factor start popping up one after the other, once he starts clapping the mission is over! Of course, Bong Sun was daydreaming and reality’s about to take place and it’s quite different from what she expected!

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Sun Woo’s getting photographed and Bong Sun takes care of his make-up! The last question Sun Woo had to answer was about his ideal woman type! She has to be someone he can cook with, she should also be respectful towards the elders while still being small and cute and looking like a little puppy. She has to be a bit provocative too with half-moon shaped eyes! All this time he was presenting a mixture of Bong Sun and Soon Ae in terms of looks and personality and the reporter couldn’t help it but ask him if it’s about someone looking like his assistant, but he can’t openly agree!


Sun Woo’s mother gets informed by Seo Hyeong that Sun Woo rejected her and she can’t believe it! She’s glad she’s being favored by Sun Woo’s mother, but she wants to stay friends with Sun Woo since any other attempt would make things more awkward. On top of that, she didn’t betray Sun Woo’s little love secret! Sun Woo and Bong Sun are back and he doesn’t care if the journalist noticed the truth or not! He’s so enamored by her very presence he can’t easily let go of her hand! The rain flooded her room and she has no other option but to sleep in Sun Woo’s room!

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She’s terrified but she can’t do otherwise! He can’t help it but keep staring at her in his shirt and he urges her to sleep on his bed. Even though she doesn’t expect anything and he’s not in the mood either, the scenes of the movie they’re watching are tempting enough and she’s trying to conceal all sensually arousing vibes! He gradually teleports himself right next to her on the bed and she throws him back on the floor with her screams! She wants to take things slowly since his words were precious to her and awkwardness reigns supreme!

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Sun Woo’s spending some time with his punch bag and he can’t comprehend her change of mind! Sun Woo’s mother arrives and that vicious cougar is hitting on poor Seo Joon! She wants to talk to Bong Sun! The moment she called her “mother” felt quite bizarre, but what’s even stranger is the fact that she gave Bong Sun the picture of one of her colleagues as her perfect match! Sun Woo comes out and notices what was going on and he takes his mother way! He’s not interested in anything she has to say and bids her farewell!

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Everyone’s working hard in the kitchen and the absentminded Sun Woo burned both the garlic and Seo Joon’s back! Bong Sun’s concerned about Seo Joon and takes care of his burn. He doesn’t want Sun Woo to know about it since he respects him a lot. He asks Bong Sun how’s everything flowing with her friend and her boyfriend and he becomes aware of their relationship progress! She keeps taking care of his burn and once Sun Woo hears Seo Joon’s painful screams he enters the storage room wanting to find out what’s going on! They don’t want to talk about his burn and they’re not that convincing! Sun Woo’s actually quite jealous and he can’t believe she was discussing personal issues when Seo Joon was going “uh” all the time!

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Everyone’s eating his popsicle, but Sous Chef is going through the second one! Seo Joon gives up his own so that Bong Sun will get to eat one too! Sun Woo notices it as everyone talks about the romantic vibes in the air and even though he tries not to, he eventually erupts breaking the congratulations moment to pieces! The restaurant’s full and everyone’s working hard! Bong Sun does the sweet eyes on Sun Woo but he evades her, he’s even slightly mad at Seo Joon! Bong Sun tries to calm him down inside the storage room and it’s more than apparent that he’s jealous and angry! She can’t tell him the truth and he eventually leaves since he doesn’t have anything to talk about it!

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Sun Woo’s not pleased at all with the way Bong Sun cleaned the clams and things get tense! He changes the special dish of the day and Bong Sun will have to go get the shrimps. The clams were actually clean, but Sun Woo’s jealousy is boiling! Bong Sun passes by Soon Ae’s father’s restaurant and he was actually calling his daughter’s number, of course he couldn’t reach her. He always calls her when he thinks of her and he still keeps dreaming of her answering the phone one day. He never cancelled his daughter’s phone plan and she becomes aware that her cellphone is missing. Her father believes it was a suicide and Soon Ae through Bong Sun’s body can’t believe it. She recalls herself suffocating inside the water and goes through her own diary. She finds three flight tickets and she was actually planning a trip for all three members of the family on her father’s birthday. Suddenly the option of taking her own life before the trip doesn’t make much sense, she took the diary with her and left.

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Bong Sun meets Sung Jae and she gives him Soon Ae’s diary! She says that she knew Soon Ae a long time ago since both of them attended cooking lessons and recently found out about her suicide. She shows him the tickets and she doesn’t think that the pieces fit together as she points towards the murder or accident direction. Sung Jae indicates that she texted her final words to her father back in the days and he still believes it was a suicide. Sung Jae refers to depression and he wants to keep the diary in case it helps him! Are the numbers he noticed from his car tag?


Sun Woo becomes aware of Seo Joon’s burn and he’s apologetic. He asks him if Bong Sun was putting ointment on his back inside the storage room and everything started making sense. Bong Sun’s back and he thinks she’s pissed off with him, but she has other things in her mind. Soon Ae gets out of Bong Sun’s body and she goes on a mission. Bong Sun’s happy to be around Sun Woo again! Sung Jae’s by the bridge where he made Soon Ae’s death look like a suicide and he’s playing with his jackknife; more negativity spotted!

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Suhbingo’s doing business with other ladies and suddenly Soon Ae’s ghost appeared out of nowhere concealing her tranquility! Since Suhbingo seems to be talking on her own the customers leave and Soon Ae lets her know that she took her own life, but it doesn’t make sense since people who take their own lives don’t stay back, unless they have unfinished business or a deep grudge. Soon Ae doesn’t recall her own death, but she can’t believe she still did that. She wants to find the whole truth as things just got more complicated.


Bong Sun gets informed by Sun Woo that there will be no cooking lesson today and she’s disheartened! By the time she appears he gives her flowers and says he forgives her, how about being apologetic for the misunderstanding dude?! Except for the flowers he also got a necklace for her and a ring for him since he doesn’t like couple things! Bong Sun’s at loss for words but she’s actually so happy! He takes her in his embrace and what a beautiful scene!


Soon Ae’s on her way back and she can’t wait to see Sun Woo to feel better! Instead, she witnesses Bong Sun and Sun Woo’s cute moment where both of them confess how much they like each other. By the time he tries to kiss Bong Sun the evil spirit emerges and Soon Ae tries to enter Bong Sun’s body, but she can’t and she throws her away! Bong Sun can’t explain what happened as Soon Ae’s losing herself in fear and runs away. She can’t believe what she just did and later on Suhbingo’s words on evil spirits’ nature echo once again in her mind.

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Sun Woo’s fallen asleep and Soon Ae’s by his side. Bong Sun woke up and found a letter by her side in which Soon Ae is thankful for everything, but also apologetic for leaving without saying goodbye. Staying in her body is not an option since her feelings for Sun Woo will be growing and she’s afraid she won’t be able to keep her promise. She’s certain everything will work out between Bong Sun and Sun Woo and she sincerely wants her to be happy. She urges Bong Sun to do her best to love while still being alive, not only others, but herself as well.

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Bong Sun tries to find her as she’s well aware that Soon Ae had started liking Sun Woo. Soon Ae’s back at Suhbingo’s place and Sun Woo had a nightmare! His dog’s barking and he finds out Bong Sun’s not in her room. Bong Sun receives a phone call from Sun Woo and he was actually on the other side of the road! Bong Sun can’t neglect Sun her feelings and for the first time in her life she’s going to think of herself as she starts heading towards his direction. All that matters is being close to Sun Woo’s heart and she hugs him as if there’s no tomorrow like the puppiest puppy she is! He hugs her back and that very scene was so blissful!

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Thoughts: Soon Ae couldn’t proceed to the next and final phase through Bong Sun’s body because she can’t say goodbye yet. All she wants is a little more time, the feelings she developed towards Sun Woo’s face are too strong to be set aside. It is selfish since she’s not the owner of Bong Sun’s body, but her feelings are her own, even though there’s an expiration date to her presence on earth.


She had to lie to Bong Sun, but she also lied to Sun Woo as well, even indirectly. She feels apologetic towards both of them, but she can’t do much for the time being since she’s being driven by her pounding emotions. On the other hand, Bong Sun’s blissful in her own introvert and cute way. She’s not afraid of ghosts anymore, but they don’t visit her either. Soon Ae is precious in her own way, she’s the only “person” Bong Sun could ever open up her soul and she’s more than glad. In addition, she would never be able to earn Sun Woo’s heart on her own without Soon Ae’s extrovert explosions. She can only be thankful towards Soon Ae who’s silently apologetic.


Sun Woo doesn’t intend to give up as the roles have been reversed, he’s the one who wants to do it whereas Soon Ae through Bong Sun’s body refuses! He prepares himself with push-ups, but it’s not bound to be as easy as it appeared to be when he was refusing while he was being besieged! When Bong Sun had to sleep inside his room due to her flooded room the amounts of fear overrunning her were immense and Soon Ae successfully dodged him! His only way out of all this sensual tension was his punch bag!


Bong Sun has her chance of cooking for the first time for the whole kitchen personnel and everyone was happy about the way her dish tasted, but the greatest reward was Sun Woo’s approval! During the interview, Sun Woo definitely needed Bong Sun by his side, her very presence would make the whole process even more enjoyable and she would still encourage him in her own way! However, the ideal type of a woman he presented during the last question of the interview was a woman having the looks of Bong Sun and the personality of Soon Ae.


It makes perfect sense, he might had known Bong Sun for some time now, but it was after Soon Ae possessed her that he got to notice her differently. It was something that redirected the feelings he had for Seo Hyeong towards Bong Sun’s face as his internal world went through drastic emotional changes and the feelings that were developed were something sincere and fresh, something which was making his life’s essence blossom.


We were able to witness Sun Woo’s jealousy to the fullest! Everything started from a humble “uh” misunderstanding and his anger exploded all over the place, especially towards Bong Sun’s direction! Once everything got solved he wouldn’t stand still, but he didn’t apologize either in a direct way! As a renowned chef and a not so expressive person up to recently he doesn’t necessarily know how to handle such awkward moments, but he did forgive Bong Sun!


His actual apology didn’t come in words because he couldn’t lessen his pride for he was too ashamed of the recent events, but he did apologize in his own way by offering her flowers and a necklace! The most pure part of the scene was taking her in his embrace and smiling as if there’s no tomorrow! He did find happiness and bliss in Bong Sun’s very presence!


The scene possessed a twofold meaning. It wasn’t only the beauty of the moment, it was also the wrath of Soon Ae’s evil spirit making a more palpable appearance. The potential evil spirit gets fueled by Soon Ae’s purity of emotion, the more greedy she gets the more the evil spirit gets empowered.


I am not sure whether she wanted to possess Bong Sun’s body or push it away, but everything points towards the second direction just like when she was being driven by kind intentions she could slightly interact with the world of the living. Her not so gentle intentions could also be depicted in a more palpable and violent tone through an instant of physical strength.


Soon Ae hadn’t realized before how much power an evil spirit may possess, but she found out in the first place how dark things may get if she won’t ascend to heaven. It was a frightening feeling, frighting for herself, Bong Sun and Sun Woo as well. Her decision to leave without saying goodbye wasn’t an easy one, but the sudden realization of the lurking evil made her vanish from Bong Sun and Sun Woo’s lives.


Her letter was sincere and heartfelt. She urged Bong Sun to keep loving and living and do everything a filled with love person can do while still being on this earth. It may be too late in the future and every moment counts, it’s something she came to realize after everything was over and it hurts the most at the present. She wants Bong Sun to trust and love herself for who she is and it’s the ultimate truth.


If you don’t love yourself, how can you sincerely love to the fullest someone else and get loved back? If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to love you? Soon Ae before leaving wanted to open up Bong Sun’s eyes and drive her to a glade of realization she was afraid of embracing so far because she wasn’t confident in herself.


She can still be her lovely introvert self, but without degrading herself. If Soon Ae wants something more from her then it’s to love Sun Woo to the fullest and stay by his side. She’s well aware that Bong Sun can support him to the fullest with love, a sense of love she will be receiving back. It’s a heartrending moment for Soon Ae and everything she was gradually building all this time suddenly collapsed. She doesn’t know when she started having feelings for Sun Woo, but it happened in the process, it’s the same for Sun Woo as well, he didn’t notice when the change within started taking shape, but it did and the flame within was too raging to get soothed from a moment and on.


Bong Sun’s realization of how important it is to be able to express herself was essential. She could think of herself and her own feelings for the first time whereas all this time she was neglecting herself, except for when she was inside her safe heaven, her room, a place where she could be herself, smile and feel. It’s emotional payback time for Bong Sun who’s transforming herself into an extroverted introvert with her puppy hug, a hug which was completed by Sun Woo’s embrace.


Sung Jae’s evil spirit made its first official appearance at the present and the victim was his toothbrush! He simply hates everything whether it’s alive or not! Soon Ae had already found out she had committed suicide but such a lively person with such an important task lying ahead, her father’s birthday, would never commit suicide, especially after having already prepared a family trip she was highly looking forward to. She thought that visiting Sung Jae would be of great help and indeed it was. Sung Jae received tremendous amounts of help through Soon Ae’s unawareness and the fact that she had written down a number in her diary points towards the direction that she was a witness to the hit and run incident of Eun Hee. I think it’s Sung Jae’s car’s number. The only way to prevent her from talking was to silence her. Since Soon Ae was asphyxiating inside the water, she was still alive inside his bathroom, but she was unconscious. He wanted to make it look like a suicide and the fact that he had her cellphone proves that he was the one who sent the message to her father. Being in charge of the case was quite helpful in closing it in a fast forward pace with all the “proof” he created. But once he gets caught and probably exorcised, what will happen to the real Sung Jae hiding underneath the surface as the evil spirit is in charge of his body for so many years?


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