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Oh My Ghost ~ Episode 8 Recap


The 8th episode set the basis by specifying the direction of everyone’s feelings, but it’s not always easy for one’s heart’s compass to choose between the manic episode explosion (Soon Ae) and the catatonic tranquility (Bong Sun). The collaboration between Soon Ae and Bong Sun is forged upon a tighter bond and the plan they came up with progresses, but when there’s a body fueled by two very different souls things may get complicated. Not only for the one falling in love with Bong Sun/Soon Ae, but also for those sharing the body.

In one hand, Soon Ae will get used to being among the living and it won’t be easy adjusting even further to a world she doesn’t belong to and she’s bound to leave behind once and for all in a few months. The more she feels the greater the hurt will be for our quirky ghost and the emotional countdown has already began. On the other hand, the more Bong Sun relies upon Soon Ae’s extrovert temperament the more she loses her own self in someone else’s lead. She could lose everything which ties her to reality and being an introvert herself will make things far worse. I am highly looking forward to the way this quirky love triangle will evolve, because hurt lies ahead and all three figures deserve happiness or cleansing.


The deal was made, Soon Ae will turn her dream to life in order to be set free of her virginal chains and Bong Sun will have Sun Woo by her side! Soon Ae’s so excited she hugs Bong Sun and goes crazier than ever before! She considers their common operation the very beginning of a meaningful friendship and she shows Bong Sun her father inside his restaurant as she delivers more information about her daily life in the past! Bong Sun is curious to find out how Soon Ae passed away, but there’s no answer since Soon Ae doesn’t recall anything related to her death.

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It’s a promise, from this point and on Bong Sun and Soon Ae will be united in one body until they fulfill their desires! This ongoing “fighting” aspect of the scene was bliss! It doesn’t matter if Bong Sun looks like as if she was running around happily on her own, she runs and jumps around holding hands with Soon Ae as if they were friends for years and for the first time we witness her so alive and breathing in the outside world!

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The next morning the sleepyhead is no longer among us and Sun Woo thinks she’s under the manic spell for one more time! She wants to find out if men are most aroused between 10:00-11:00 am as she’s staring between his legs! Now that Soon Ae got Bong Sun’s approval she will be relentless and it makes more sense that Sun Woo locked his door for one more time!


So Hyeong’s back at work and she can’t believe she kissed Sun Woo last night! Major awkwardness floats all over the place, but she doesn’t call him while Sun Woo is in a like-minded mood. The kitchen personnel and especially Sous Chef are more than happy since vacation starts tomorrow and they’ve already started making plans! Bong Sun’s once again in her explosive extrovert self and everyone becomes aware of it!


Sous Chef’s vacation plan got ruined and everyone’s trying to avoid him because they know he will stick to their own plans! Since nothing progresses he asks Sun Woo if he would like all of them to go on a team building event the following days! The others can’t really disagree since Sun Woo approves and the happiest one has to be Bong Sun/Soon Ae who will try to progress her own plan!

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So Hyeong’s talking to Sun Woo over the phone and they arrange a meeting. Bong Sun was eavesdropping and she decides to follow him around, but he notices her and she explodes! Awkwardness reigns supreme on So Hyeong’s behalf and Sun Woo leads the conversation with almost whatever as he tries to make the whole ambiance more relaxing!

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Soon Ae appears full of happiness at her father’s restaurant, but her brother remembers the moment she ignored them! She doesn’t care that much and she’s glad her father is still going to the mineral spring! She still tries to hide a few things that would betray her real identity and she lets them know that she’ll go on vacation with the rest of the restaurant team making her brother quite protective all of a sudden!

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Sun Woo and Sung Jae are drinking s and he still wonders if something’s bothering him! Sun Woo is burdened by the thought that his sister’s hit and run offender is still out there and wonders if they’ll ever catch him. Sung Jae urges Sun Woo to forget about it since years have passed and there’s no proper evidence. I can’t help it but think that Sung Jae’s involved in that incident and for some weird reason it could possibly involve Soon Ae as well.


Soon Ae’s out of Bong Sun’s body and informs her on the forthcoming trip! It’s the ideal chance to move on with their united plan and act like cheetahs of love! Soon Ae’s still concerned about him meeting So Hyeong and Bong Sun enters the game like a boss! She thinks that Sun Woo must get a separate room from the others, this will give them the chance to seduce him without being concerned about the others’ presence! They shouldn’t let him drink that much so that he would at least be able to walk! Soon Ae’s surprised by Bong Sun’s proposals and she concurs!

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The whole team has arrived and they’re pleased with the scenery, but the daughter of the neighbors notices that another girl is inside Bong Sun! The mood is bright for everyone and Seo Joon can actually be Bong Sun’s imaginary boyfriend in the role of her personal bodyguard! Nothing’s better for a team of chefs and cooking assistants on vacation, without the kitchen’s pressure they can do wonders for their own pleasure! Sun Woo intends to start a competition, the winner’s dish will be a part of next month’s menu and there will be a day off in addition!


At this point everyone works hard and Sun Woo relaxes! Ji Woong notices Bong Sun’s upgraded knife skills and she gives all the credit to the teacher that shall not be named, a teacher silently feeling pleased nearby! Min Soo and Seo Joon are the two finalists and according to Sun Woo the winner is… Min Soo, leaving everyone else at loss for words! Excessive drinking is a must after food and this is what this quirky company does accompanied by the sound of the guitar! Sun Woo acknowledges everyone’s hard work and limited time and he’s thankful for them being there with him!


Sun Woo goes to buy more alcohol and while everyone else is having fun playing BigBang’s “Loser” Bong Sun finds the chance to escape! Sun Woo rides the bike with Bong Sun on theback and she can’t stand the fact that he’s too slow. She takes charge of the situation making Sun Woo scared on the back of the bicycle! Night has fallen and they’re walking back as they’re enjoying the course among the woods! Soon Ae always dreamed of having her own restaurant and Sun Woo supports her all the way, but she can’t possibly explain the reason why she can’t achieve it anymore. She tied his shoelaces in the exact same way as hers and according to her point of view they have become a couple by now! Her seductive mission has already began until So Hyeong appeared right in front of them ruining Soon Ae’s plans!

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Eun Hee and Sung Jae are about to leave and her mother greets Suhbingo who will keep her company! The more Suhbingo keeps staring at Sung Jae the more frightening it gets since she starts sensing tremendous amounts of power! Sung Jae and Eun Hee are at her friends’ meeting who talk about the present and the past and the fact that Eun Hee would had been a successful ballerina had that accident not taken place. All of them think that the culprit behind the hit and run incident should be punished and Sung Jae’s not that pleased with the flow of the conversation. He’s probably the one behind it and he scratches the car of one of her friends, he’s got some serious issues, his very presence is a crime against positivity!

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Back at the vacation site, everyone’s drinking and having fun except for Seo Joon who was carried away! There’s a silent tension between Bong Sun and So Hyeong and the tie between them in the game wasn’t helpful either! Bong Sun insists that Sun Woo should head towards his own room as the chief in command! So Hyeong would like to go on a walk with Sun Woo but Bong Sun insists that he’s tired and he should go back to his room! Things aren’t flowing as expected and Bong Sun will sleep with So Hyeong in the same room! The tension between them grows as time passes by and their jealousy is more than apparent! Each one of them watches over the other’s moves in order not to approach Sun Woo! Night passes by and sleep isn’t an option no matter how sleepy they may feel! Bong Sun was stronger and she invades Sun Woo’s bed!


She tries to find any excuse to stay there! Sun Woo doesn’t intend to stand still and takes her out, but falling on the sofa is yet another chance to seduce him! He’s lucky enough to find out that Chae Hee went missing and they split to search for her! Bong Sun finds her talking to ghost kids and Chae Hee runs away with Bong Sun following her. Once she entered the refrigerated storage Chae Hee locked her up and returned to her parents! It’s Bong Sun now who went missing and Sun Woo tries to find her!

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Inside the refrigerator it’s already quite freezing and Soon Ae decides to leave Bong Sun’s body in order to find a way out. Soon Ae tries to take off the lock but it won’t work. However, she found the lighter she dropped when Bong Sun fell and the fireworks around her will be helpful. Everyone’s woken up in order to find Bong Sun since two hours have passed. Sun Woo notices Bong Sun’s fireworks and all of them rush to help her! Soon Ae enters Bong Sun’s body anew and hits the door to reveal her location!

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Sun Woo was so worried he hugs her the moment they find her! He shouts at her because he cares, he takes off his jacket to warm her and then he piggybacks her back home! Everyone thinks that Sun Woo went a bit overboard and they present a few logical explanations, but Seo Joon already knows what’s in the making!

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The moment of departure has arrived and the neighbors bid them farewell! Chae Hee’s glad Bong Sun got out of the storage refrigerator, but she also wishes that the ghost will get out too! Sung Jae’s colleague has a present which isn’t really a present for him! He requested the recovery of the CCTV which recorded Eun Hee’s accident! The vibes on the horizon feel ominous!


So Hyeong wonders whether Sun Woo creates obstacles between them because of Bong Sun or not, but she takes the question back before receiving and answer. Sung Jae’s colleague finally got the CCTV footage, but oddly enough his car won’t work! The moment he tries to fix the problem he gets attacked and my mind can only point towards Sung Jae’s direction!


The more time it takes for Sun Woo to return the more Bong Sun goes crazy and she’s actually glad he’s back! Another lesson takes place but it doesn’t seem to work this time and Sun Woo’s more lenient on her. Bong Sun wants to know the reason why Sun Woo was so angry when he found her inside the refrigerator, but she doesn’t receive the answer she’s been craving for! Bong Sun tries to clean up the kitchen and she filled the whole place with water! Something inside Sun Woo has already started changing and a silent emotional tension between them is being forged! He pulls her close to him and kisses her! Kiss and bliss and while it was taking place Soon Ae actually surrendered and left Bong Sun’s body so that she’ll treasure the magic of the moment, but the sadness in her stare is omnipresent. What a scene and a whole universe of feels for an ending!

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