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My Beautiful Bride ~ Episode 14 Recap

MBB14thEpThe 14th one was as important as the 13th episode. It beheld aspects that made us love the drama in the first place since we got to recall specific figures’ characteristics through the way they progressed throughout the episodes, but we also got to dwell deeper in the psyche of other characters. Redemption isn’t a given since not everyone atones for his crimes, but closure is always essential one way or another in order to leave the past behind for better or for worse. Action was mainly internal this time as it had to do with each and every figure’s emotional world and the way it was colliding with the ever-changing circumstances inside the murky waters of My Beautiful Bride as it steadily reaches the end.


Jin Gi’s about to take Yoon Mi’s life, but Hyeong Sik’s revolver is faster and leaves him wounded on the ground! Jin Gi got transferred to the hospital whereas Glove is at the police station! Yoon Mi gets blood out of her as she recalls all these traumatic moments that felt like an eternity. The burden of Hyeong Sik cooperating with the Shadows is more than she can bear. She pretends to be fine in front of him, but she wants to be alone for the time being.

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Do Hyung witnesses Yoon Mi’s darkest hour and comes to her aid. She lets him know that she found the rat inside the police force and he’s the one who let the Shadows know of Joo Young’s cooperation with the police three years ago. She has to find evidence in order to arrest him, but Do Hyung points out that Hyeong Sik wanted to kill Jin Gi in order to be free, but he didn’t do so even though he could. In any way, Hyeong Sik’s latest intentions and actions don’t erase everything he’s done so far. It’s Yoon Mi’s choice whether she arrests or forgives him.

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President Kang is aware of what happened to Jin Gi and secretary Kim shows another face, the one of silencing Jin Gi in case he survives. It’s something that makes president Kang thoughtful on whether he suddenly cares about Hak Soo having been murdered or wanting to take Jin Gi out of the picture. All that matters to president Kang is to get the loan and this means secretary Kim will have to protect Jin Gi at all costs.


Do Hyung lets Tae Gyu know that his name will be cleaned since Glove will testify against Jin Gi. He’s more than happy, but he can’t say that everything’s over! It’s a moment to be cautious, if the Shadows somehow seal Glove’s lips the truth won’t be told. The ones behind the Shadows are even scarier and they are the ones who wield all that money. If they want to achieve something they will possibly accomplish it. Tae Gyu hasn’t learned anything about Mi Sook yet and he’s left wondering what has happened to her as Do Hyung rushes to the police station.

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Hyeong Sik gets informed that Jin Gi’s surgery went well and Yoon Mi visits him inside his room. Do Hyung informs her that Glove is in danger and both of them rush to his aid. The orders have been given and Glove is officially a target. Once Yoon Mi arrived at the police station she found Do Hyung, but the news aren’t pleasant. Glove’s already being transferred after the chief received special orders!

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The car with which Glove was being transferred gets rammed and he gets silenced on the spot. On her way there, Yoon Mi receives the report that Glove is no longer among the living. Secretary Kim approaches Hyeong Sik, he doesn’t introduce himself, but he wants to become his friend.


After all they have the same goal which is no other than taking Jin Gi out of the picture. Hyeong Sik doesn’t want to comply and secretary Kim uses the promotion card and offers hm money as well. It doesn’t matter whether Hyeong Sik trusts him or not as long as they make a deal. He got the injection that will end Jin Gi’s life without leaving traces behind and he heads towards his room, but the police officer was unconscious and Hye Jung dressed as a nurse helped Jin Gi escape!


Yoon Mi becomes aware that behind Jin Gi and the Shadows lies president Kang who could be the one who silenced Glove. Yoon Mi gets informed that Jin Gi disappeared from the hospital and she watches the CCTV footage and she pretends she didn’t recognize Hye Jung.

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They go to Jin Gi’s office but they’re nowhere to be found. Do Hyung doesn’t think they’re back at the start, since the ones behind Jin Gi advanced with their own plan they have to hunt them down. He informs her on the loan transactions moving in the background and that’s why the highest level of the pyramid needs Jin Gi alive. Do Hyung points out they have to find Jin Gi before the loan gets transferred in order to prove his guilt and stop president Kang. Secretary Kim’s not pleased with the sudden turn of events and president Kang isn’t either as he orders him to find Jin Gi immediately.


Do Hyung meets his colleague whom the bank director holds in the palm of his hand. His colleague was selling desperate people to loan sharks and he can’t afford to get investigated. However, before leaving he lets Do Hyung know that Song Jin Interior has already finalized the procedure of the loan contract and the bank director is aware of everything since his colleague’s wife is pregnant and he couldn’t take the risk of remaining silent.

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Yoon Mi meets Hyeong Sik and she wants to know about Hye Jung, but he pretends he doesn’t know her. She refers to the past and the police officer, Hyeong Sik, who caught her parents’ murderer. She praises the police officer her high school eyes witnessed back then and she urges him to become like that once again, it’s something that shatters him, but both of them are hurting.

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Yoon Mi asks Do Hyung how he survives day by day even if he doesn’t know how Joo Young’s doing. It’s not like he can endure the pain, he’s going through a hard time and it hurts, but he finds some peace of mind knowing that Joo Young is thinking of him somewhere out there. He can’t betray her and that’s the reason why he has to endure all this pain, because Joo Young is in a like-minded position.


Joo Young thinks that she has no right to go back, but Jin Sook says that Do Hyung doesn’t care about anything that happened, all he cares about is Joo Young who still hates herself for Do Hyung thinking so highly of her while she doesn’t deserve it. She can’t rewrite the past since Do Hyung knows everything. She’s lost the will to fight back for what they shared for all the revelations’ sake, even though Do Hyung would leave with her to a far away place any time so that nobody would know them and start anew.

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Joo Young tells Jin Sook that she’s not aware whether Do Hyung knows about him being her first love since high school, but Do Hyung remains utterly protective towards Joo Young in front of Yoon Mi, telling her that he met her three years ago for the first time. He keeps lying to himself and to everyone in case Joo Young returns so that he will pretend he doesn’t know just like Joo Young would like to believe so. Do Hyung gives Yoon Mi a picture of Hye Jung, the one Hyeong Sik gave him.

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Jung Hwa got the pictures from the CCTV footage proving that Hye Jung helped Jin Gi escape and handed them over to Jin Sook who’s aware of everything by now. They have to find Hye Jung at all costs if they want to get Jin Gi. Joo Young takes the elevator to follow Hye Jung’s steps and she notices Do Hyung’s colleague! He’s in a meeting with the bank director and Hye Jung who appear to be working for Song Jin Interior!

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Joo Young wants Jin Sook’s men to wait a bit while Do Hyung’s colleague calls him on the phone letting him know that the bank director thinks he’s on his side by now. Do Hyung gets informed on the latest events and heads towards their location. Yoon Mi receives a phone call from Joo Young who lets her know of Hye Jung’s location! Hyeong Sik appears inside the room and he wants to take Hye Jung with him, but the bank director takes her side. Eventually she follows him and he wants to know Jin Gi’s location!

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She pretends she doesn’t know anything and Hyeong Sik intends to arrest her if she keeps acting like this! If he lets her finish this business she thinks it’s going to be the end, but he thinks otherwise since the course they’ll to run afterwards will have no end; a hopeless attempt to escape the ever-bleeding wounds of the past.


Do Hyung arrives and meets his colleague who lets him know of what happened. Yoon Mi just found Hye Jung and she arrests her right before leaving. Hyeong Sik’s on his way to Jin Gi’s location and Yoon Mi rushes to overhaul him. A fight erupts Inside Jin Gi’s room and Hyeong Sik gets knocked down, it’s not only Do Hyung’s privilege getting hit on the head! Jin Gi keeps stabbing Hyeong Sik and leaves him bloodstained on the floor!

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Yoon Mi finds Hyeong Sik in a lake of blood on the floor. She’s in shock trying to help him and struggles to encourage him! He finally remembered her face back when he first met her and he can’t possibly say why he didn’t recall all this time. He doesn’t want her to hide her pretty face with her hair from now on as she cries her heart out.

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Hye Jung witnesses Jin Gi leaving and she tries to hide, but he notices her and points the gun at her without proceeding to a distant quietus. Do Hyung prevents Jin Gi from leaving and his men try to earn some time for him to escape! Jin Gi’s inside Yoon Mi’s car where Hye Jung is and manages to escape with Do Hyung running after him. A car stops by Do Hyung and the driver is no other than Joo Young; heart attack.

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Thoughts: Yoon Mi was reliving the scene at the docks in not so bright colors, the blood on her hands and face was palpable proof of what happened and it wasn’t just a nightmare. The gunfire and Jin Gi’s words keep echoing violently, they keep reminding her of Hyeong Sik’s guilt and the hospital’s mirror may look just fine, but her internal mirror lies shattered as the reflection of someone she treasured was blackened in ongoing blinks of an eye.


She can’t face Hyeong Sik for the time being, everything feels so real that reality itself devastates her. However, Do Hyung would stand by her side in his own laconic yet meaningful way, he didn’t go there to caress her ears with soothing words, he went to comfort her with doses of reality and that he intends to let her take care of Hyeong Sik in her own way, forgiving or arresting him is within the palm of her hands and he doesn’t want to interfere no matter how much he’d want to since he’s a part of the plague that expanded above his and Joo Young’s lives.


It’s the least he can do for all the help she offered him wholeheartedly all this time. He’s well aware that Hyeong Sik could have easily killed Jin Gi on the spot, but he didn’t do so. Setting himself free was less important than saving Yoon Mi’s life and not becoming an obstacle in her investigation in a more palpable way for the first time all these years.


Jin Gi is needed, otherwise president Kang would have exterminated him a long time ago. Without him the loan transaction won’t be complete and it’s a crucial moment for the ones dealing with the tremendous amounts of money above the Shadows. Secretary Kim finds himself on a crossroad, in one hand he has to keep Jin Gi safe in fear of president Kang, on the other hand he wants to erase him from the surface of the earth since he let him down. Hyeong Sik would be the most ideal person to do this since both of them would have their own profit from the end of this chapter.


Even if Hyeong Sik eventually agreed Hye Jung was one step ahead and her loyalty was proven. She may not had been trusted by Jin Gi that much, but she was the most stable right hand he could ever have under his possession. Through Tae Gyu’s inside information and personal experience Do Hyung became aware of the real power of the ones having the upper hand in the corridors of the underworld. And he was right, before taking extra measures Glove had already been silenced and if the chief of the police department received special orders for Glove’s transfer imagine how truly powerful are the ones above the Shadows.


Do Hyung can finally entrust all of his information to Yoon Mi, he’s well aware that Hyeong Sik won’t be that much of an obstacle anymore and he refers to the whole economical background moving under transparency’s radars. The bank director holds Do Hyung’s colleague tightly, but he can’t betray Do Hyung even though he revealed pretty much everything since he had no other choice. Threats show no remorse when it comes to a “higher cause.” However, Do Hyung’s colleague will have to act as if he’s by the bank director’s side to conceal all suspicion while still helping Do Hyung.


Since he couldn’t recall the last time he asked him about it, under the burden of the new circumstances Yoon Mi considered it essential talking openly to Hyeong Sik about the girl who was inspired by his sense of duty, but also talking about Hyeong Sik himself back in the days about how much that girl admired him and eventually loved him.


She can’t believe he forgot everything he preserved back in the days and became a shadow of himself, if there’s only one wish in her mind, then it would for him to return back to these days of purity when no blank spots were being reflected on the mirror of his soul. The days of innocence are long lost, but traces of memories still linger and they hurt the most at the present.


Yoon Mi’s internal devastation makes her ask Do Hyung how he copes with his daily struggles in Joo Young’s absence. It’s all about his promise that he will make this world a better place where Joo Young could live as herself under the same sun without having to hide in the shadows in order to stay alive. He can neither betray his vow nor Joo Young herself who’s somewhere out there thinking of him and going through her own struggles.


It’s all about entwined lives in parallel universes given the circumstances. Had he told he wasn’t hurting on the inside it would be an immense lie, but hope and this ongoing fight to the very end outweighs the struggle within. He’s very consistent in his own emotional inconsistency under the burden of the events and he easily gets back on track no matter how unbearable living may seem at times.


Joo Young still runs away from herself while thinking she’s running away from Do Hyung for his own well-being. Her greatest enemy is no other than her own self while still thinking low of her reflection in the mirror. She’s way too enclosed in a weary envelope where it’s too dark to read the lines and even darker to read through them.


Do Hyung doesn’t care about her past as he was always trying to keep it hidden, just like her. Joo Young was hiding it out of shame, Do Hyung out of love. Even now, he keeps protecting her letting Yoon Mi know that he met her 3 years ago for the first time. If this is what Joo Young wants him to believe, this is what he believes in for she is his one and only utmost truth. Even though he knows everything, he chooses to forget because it’s all about Joo Young and the only past that matters is the one they cherished together, starting 3 years ago.


It’s all about love’s unconditional purity and both of them struggled in the past. Do Hyung for his nonexistence in the contours of life, Joo Young for having been forced to live there where life withers. It was then, 3 years ago, when Do Hyung stopped just breathing and he started living, but it was also then when Joo Young, fueled by her unparalleled love towards Do Hyung’s face, that she struggled to cleanse the past so that she could be with him without any shame. My Beautiful Bride has many broken figures who love and are being loved while still being dependent upon others for their own well-being turning into a solitary road.


Regardless of secretary Kim’s offers, Hyeong Sik wanted to put an end to Jin Gi since it would mean the end of the Shadows. He’s more fueled by his conscience’s request to make things right rather than finding another “ally” in the mire of the underworld. His short conversation with Hye Jung was powerful and emotionally fortified, it’s probably one of the strongest ones in the drama and it’s filled with honesty. There are brave amounts of truth and truth hurts sometimes.


There will never be an end unless they put an end to this. Otherwise they will always be on the run trying to leave behind an ever-hunting past which is encrypted in their wounds that will neither get healed nor cease bleeding. The further you run away the longer the distance, but as we’ve already witnessed in Joo Young’s situation, the longer the distance the greatest the impact once the predator re-spots its victim.


Whenever Hyeong Sik acts in a rush while being overwhelmed by emotion things get awry and this time the impact was far greater than he would ever expect. Even when he’s not in a good shape, Jin Gi’s murderous mind is always tempted by crime as it’s his survival instinct in the world he keeps living in.


The fact that he kept Hyeong Sik close to him while stabbing him numerous times was to show that personal matters are being solved from such a close distance, but it also proves that the closer one gets to such “people” the closer to the end they get at some point in their lives. Jin Gi’s soul’s temperature is such that he’s emotionless, he only cares about himself and he’s always ready to commit the greatest crimes in order to survive as he’s loyal only to himself.


Dead or not, we are bound to find out, but i hope Hyeong Sik won’t pass away, at least not until he reveals his reasons why he cooperated with the Shadows all this time. I understand that he couldn’t get out after a point and on, but we’re still missing the very beginning when he had an option to maintain his sense of duty.


One thing is for certain, his love for Yoon Mi was always real and he could finally remember the high school girl who was afraid of the world after her parents passed away, the girl that was hiding her face with her hair, but she grew up to become a fine young lady and a dedicated police officer.


Jin Gi’s smile while he was escaping proved that someone like him will never show remorse, not even for the slightest crime he ever committed. I am curious about Hye Jung’s fate since Jin Gi already showed his intentions, but she’s the only person he can have by his side at this very moment.


Joo Young and Do Hyung’s meeting was a pleasant surprise in such dreadful moments, there were waves of longing under their different perspectives and i am looking forward to the swansong of the drama in a few days! I won’t make any predictions this time, anything could happen after this psychological episode. Let’s start gathering signatures for a second season!


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  1. bmore
    August 5, 2015 at 7:10 pm — Reply

    Another emotional roller coaster of an episode. Excellent recap and insightful comments. My heart was heavy and I shed tears as I watched what was Hyeong Sik’s inevitable end. Many years in prison or death, there were no other options for him. I do not think he survived. Jin Gi’s vicious stabbing made that near impossible. I too vote for season 2. I cannot see defeat for an organization as powerful and long lived as the Shadows in just 2 more short episodes. It is excellent fodder for Do Hyung’s AND Yoon Mi’s return next season (PLEASE GODS OF KDRAMA HEED OUR CALL!!!) 🙂 This will be but a bump in the road and some housecleaning for the Shadows. Realistically, this drama should exit with an open end to that matter. As to IF there is a reunion of Joo Young and Do Hyung at the end of this, I wonder if the ending will be him introducing himself to her anew once again? Or a sad parting? My heart is heavy but my head is buzzing awaiting the final 2 episodes. I am going to hate leaving these people behind. I want to stay with them in their world a while longer.

    • August 6, 2015 at 8:54 am — Reply

      Thanks a lot for one more time!! I also think he didn’t survive, i kept it as an option just in case, but yes, either years in prison or death were the only options for him at that point. Yup, with all these connections from high state officials who are involved for sure the Shadows and especially the ones above them can’t get brought down in just two episodes, unless Do Hyung transforms in RoboBank, something like RoboCop lol Why do i ship Do Hyung and Yoon Mi for some weird reason? It’s an awesome idea, Do Hyung reintroducing himself to start anew, he could easily reboot his mind to abolish all these memories if Joo Young wants to (but always keep a backup file just in case XD ). Yup, it’s one of these dramas you want to cherish its company for a while more and if not and even better, with a second season 😀 Are the kdrama gods listening?

  2. Newbie
    August 5, 2015 at 7:45 pm — Reply

    As you know, I really love this show, but watching the moronic cops losing important prisoners left and right in this ep I got a liiiiittle angry with our writer. Come on writer-nim, you’re far better than that! Show real policing, not lonely cops without proper back-up entering the lion’s den or the umpteenth overpowered cop in the hospital. *yawn*

    • August 6, 2015 at 8:44 am — Reply

      Of course i know you love the drama ^-^ Truth be told, it doesn’t bother me much since i usually refer to them as useless cops, the most real cops which are Do Hyung level usually appear in movies, in dramaland we have the lowest of the low! But in a drama like My Beautiful Bride you expect some real police activity, but it falls within the boundaries of i’m-a-cop-only-in-the-papers XD If there wasn’t Do Hyung it would be like Gotham without Batman! 😛 Only Yoon Mi and the other girl save a bit the situation (and Hyeong Sik when he shot down bang bang Jin Gi), but it usually is useless cops of lonely cops XD The fact that there was only 1 protecting Jin Gi was lol indeed 😛 You have the head of the Shadows and you let him being guarded by a police patrol or something dude? If Hye Jung hadn’t taken him away from there he could have easily escaped on his own 1 day later if he could stab Hyeong Sik in his hideout 😛

  3. Y
    August 6, 2015 at 3:37 am — Reply

    I’m kind of annoyed at the bride. You can’t start your life on lies. It’s always good to lay it all out then work from there. Simple , no drama and less complication. Sorry I’m replying as if this drama is real life.

    • August 6, 2015 at 8:48 am — Reply

      I understand what you mean, the bride has remained kind of stable in her arch beliefs which were the reason why she ran away, she only progressed a bit with the “swag” attitude as S Loan Shark, but other than that she moves around the same motive. I guess the writer wants to keep the i don’t want him to know-i pretend i don’t know anything motive XD Nah, there’s nothing to be sorry, you’ll reply in any way you feel like! 🙂

    • August 6, 2015 at 11:43 am — Reply

      I agree; I mean, I can get that it’s her coping defense mechanism but when shit has hit the fan so much, perpetuating it only puts in danger both herself and HM. Lay it out all in the open and work together to tackle down all the issues. We’re taking about dangerous noble idiocy right here.

      • August 6, 2015 at 11:46 am — Reply

        Jin Sook tried to make her mind straight, but she didn’t even listen to the classy mistress of the underworld, i would have shot his beautiful bride right away had i been Jin Sook in another life, but then Do Hyung would come after me XD Dangerous noble idiocy for sure: “i love you, you love me, i can’t be with you and you may die trying, i will cry my lungs out” 😛

  4. August 6, 2015 at 6:34 am — Reply

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  5. Y
    August 9, 2015 at 5:23 am — Reply

    Looks like in episode 15 I’m joining you in shooting the bride and maybe others are falling behind me to do it too! Noble idiocy to the max.
    Is it just me , because I’m shipping the female cop with the groom . She puts on her big girl pants and do what is supposed to be done. I like that in her character.

    • August 9, 2015 at 12:42 pm — Reply

      Haven’t watched the 15th one, but the more noble idiocy factor make the struggle so real! XD I ship our big girl pants cop with the terminator too, they would have Robocop babies! XD

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