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Oh My Ghost ~ Episode 7 Recap


The 7th episode was the one i was routing for, the one which introduces Bong Sun and Soon Ae’s interactions to a more palpable level! The thin red line between Bong Sun’s restrains and Soon Ae’s relentless desires has been reached and both of them will work together to reach their own goals! Soon Ae craves for deliverance from her virginal chains in fear of becoming an evil spirit before embracing the afterlife whereas Bong Sun desires Sun Woo in her life more than ever before, especially now that the option of losing him once and for all started taking shape before her very eyes.


Bong Sun stands lost in front of Sun Woo since she recently regained her conscience and she’s unaware of what’s been going on! Sun Woo’s not pleased with her being late and Bong Sun’s back to her apologetic self making him quite worried! Bong Sun doesn’t recall anything that happened after the flour accident and she’s glad to find out everything went more than fine at the show. She was actually quite surprised to find a selca of hers and Sun Woo at her cellphone, but she doesn’t ask for more information since it would make her feel more awkward!

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Soon An thought she had escaped Suhbingo’s chasing crescendo, but she fell right into the wolf’s lair and Suhbingo took her back home making everyone around them question her mind’s consistency since they can’t see Soon Ae! Sun Woo’s lessons continue and he points out that food isn’t only for consumption! He wants Bong Sun to take into consideration a dish’s full background from each and every ingredient to the whole process until it appears right in front of her. It’s a form of art and cooking is like being a conductor of an orchestra in the kitchen! Bong Sun tries to read through the lines as he recalls Sun Woo’s prior attitude when he wouldn’t let her complete even a sauce whereas now he’s trying to help her invest right into cooking’s very heart and core.


Soon Ae’s under Suhbingo’s sleepless stare and letting her go in order to cleanse herself from her virgin grudge is not an option! Suhbingo’s surprised Soon ae found the man of vitality she’s been searching for and she can’t believe it’s Sun Woo whose mother has become her greatest customer! Suhbingo intends to send her far away in the afterlife, but Soon Ae’s not willing to go through the ritual’s painful departure even if pain will last for a moment.


Sun Woo would like her to be more powerful and stand out for herself, but Bong Sun gets attracted by a street musician’s guitar playing and singing! Back home, Bong Sun keeps up with her apologetic attitude and Sun Woo leaves right away since he doesn’t want to find himself in another manic episode filled with lust! I like it when the dual screen takes place presenting both of them inside their rooms. Sun Woo plays his guitar and sings while Bong Sun’s entranced by his interpretation, she’s always so adorable every time she’s by the wall lost in the beauty of the moment! She’s always more bright inside her room, she’s so safe all alone by herself and the change is visible.


The sleepyhead is back and Sun Woo intends to fix her fitness issues! She doesn’t even know how to ride a bicycle and Sun Woo can’t believe it! Teaching her how to ride a bicycle is a disastrous experiment driving Sun Woo nuts! They get some drinks after going through life’s teachings in finding some ₩ they were missing and then Sun Woo has to chase a thief who stole his bike’s seat with Bong Sun following as much as she can!

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Bong Sun’s the one to catch the thief as she immobilizes him with her teeth and Sun Woo takes care of the rest! Now the South Korean population’s major butt problems can be soothed as bike seats will be safe! Sung Jae can’t believe Bong Sun was the one who caught this butt-menace, but he also tries to invest more in the type of relationship Sun Woo and Bong Sun share.


Sun Woo wants Bong sun to forge a stronger body and breakfast is an important aspect! She even smiles more as she’s in a brighter mood and he’s actually so happy seeing her like this! Our cute Bong Sun enjoys his company, I love seeing her in a brighter mood outside of her room! So Hyeong arrives and she doesn’t seem that pleased with the fact that Sun Woo cares so much about Bong Sun and proves it with every sentence he utters. Her expanding interest towards his face seems to have turned into a sense of discomfort!

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Sous Chef and his assistants are so excited by So Hyeong’s austere yet charming image as a combination of her career life and her looks and the morning becomes interesting for all of them as fantasies parade one after the other inside their brain cells!


Suhbingo leads Soon Ae to the ritual place, she can’t let her cause more problems and she doesn’t intend to let her become an evil spirit in case she doesn’t take off the grudge within the remaining months. The ritual takes place as Soon Ae pleas Suhbingo to stop until an instant transformation of Soon Ae prevents the ritual from proceeding. Suhbingo was slightly hurt during the ritual and Soon Ae’s apologetic since she can’t understand what happened. Suhbingo lets her know that the evil spirit within has started making its appearance 3 years after she passed away and a few months before she gets fully consumed by it.

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So Hyeong can’t take off her mind Sun Woo’s caring attitude towards Bong Sun. She doesn’t care about other men as everything points towards Sun Woo’s direction. Sous Chef wants to hang out with his assistants who try to deny his invitation, everything goes on until they notice Sun Woo’s knife is damaged and fear overruns the whole kitchen! Bong Sun will be keeping an eye in case Sun Woo appears while Sous Chef whets the knife! Sun Woo notices that his knife is a few centimeters shorter and as soon as he receives a phone call Sous Chef tries to whet and shorten another knife so that the comparison won’t betray him!


So Hyeong lets Sun Woo that the editing went just fine and Bong Sun’s shooting turned out well, the production team’s also positive on keeping Bong Sun as Sun Woo’s assistant and he’s pleased to hear that. She asks him directly if she should meet another man and she’s not quite happy to hear that she could proceed if she wants to! Her attitude isn’t dripping honey anymore as she’s disappointed by his approach on her feelings.


Bong Sun’s lessons go on and it’s time for her to taste different types of salt and oil in order to know when and where to use each and every one of them! Our lovely Bong Sun’s actually really happy with Sun Woo taking care of her! On her way out she finds Sung Jae who wants her to be his eating buddy once again! It’s been some time since Bong Sun visited Soon Ae’s father and brother and there she is passing by them, but she doesn’t recognize them since Soon Ae hasn’t possessed her body! She’s actually surprised with their short-lived interaction and they can’t believe she was acting like a completely different person!


Bong Sun and Sung Jae are eating and he lets her know that she looks like a completely different person every time he sees her! She doesn’t want to invest in everything going on and she refers to her great mood swings and her tendency to forget things easily. He expresses his interest in her own condition and refers to the fact that he’d been like this many times as well. He probably wants to unearth more information, but Bong Sun can’t open up her mind on what’s really going on.


Sun Woo can’t believe it’s so quiet on the other side of the wall until he receives an urgent phone call from his mother! Of course it was a decoy for him to appear and Sung Jae along with Eun Hee join them! She wants him to be careful of water this year and he should never skip wearing his talisman underwear! She tries to check on him and chases him all over the place! This woman never learns, she will understand once she remains penniless!


Soon Ae’s afraid on the floor and not in the mood for anything as she wonders whether she will become an evil spirit or not. She finds her chance to escape, it’s not like Suhbingo was caught off guard, the ongoing interaction with Soon Ae made her sympathetic towards her even though she never wanted to. She deeply wishes Soon Ae will be able to resolve her grudge, but her decision has its own impact upon her business, it doesn’t feel right meeting Sun Woo’s mother now that she let Soon Ae go after her son.


So Hyeong’s at the restaurant on a date with her colleague’s junior and the kitchen personnel have already started talking about her jealousy-evoking plan until Sun Woo orders them to keep working instead of talking! So Hyeong asks Sun Woo’s opinion on the guy she met! He thinks he could actually be a nice guy and she expresses her discomfort at the way he replies back! Bong Sun was eavesdropping their conversation and she witnessed all this emotional awkwardness.

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Soon Ae’s determined to cleanse herself from the grudge in order to embrace the afterlife! She forces her presence in Bong Sun’s life and keeps chasing her all over the place driving her crazy! She tries to possess her body and Bong Sun evades her successfully until Soon Ae notices that Bong Sun actually likes Sun Woo! It’s the perfect chance for Soon Ae to ask Bong Sun to help each other! Soon Ae will dispel her grudge and Bong Sun will have Sun Woo by her side, it’s the ghost’s most powerful card at this very moment! She also uses So Hyeong’s presence in Sun Woo’s emotional world, but Bong Sun doesn’t think this is the right thing to do.

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Soon Ae’s father is taking a walk and she’s walking by his side expressing all of her concerns while replying to his questions. The fact that she can’t see her is disheartening enough. Cooking lessons move on and Sun Woo teaches Bong Sun how to cut tomatoes! Holding his hand felt like silent bliss overrunning her very soul and essence!

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Sun Woo finds So Hyeong drunk out of his restaurant! She asks him if it’s fine for him if she sees another man and expresses her jealousy when it comes to his caring attitude towards Bong Sun who’s overhearing their conversation. So Hyeong forces a kiss on Sun Woo who’s left speechless while Bong Sun can’t believe what just happened.

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Soon Ae’s eating and drinking with her ghost buddy at a funeral. She can neither possess the girl Sun Woo likes nor convince Bong Sun to cooperate with her. Giving up feels like an option in this desperate moment, but her dream to do it still haunts her and the ritual feels too painful as an option. At the end of the day Bong Sun’s lost in her own thoughts as she recalls a variety of memories ever since she became a member of the restaurant’s kitchen. Suddenly Soon Ae’s words start echoing in her mind and rushes to find her! Soon Ae spreads instant cold in people’s lives and she’s pleased to find out Bong Sun was searching for her! She can’t believe Bong Sun actually accepted her offer! It’s the moment when Soon Ae, the manic episode, got embraced by Bong Sun, the depression!

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