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My Beautiful Bride ~ Episode 13 Recap

YoonDoSikAlright, we’re talking about the perfect episode. The 13th one was utter bliss reaching higher and higher climaxing peaks; scene by scene. It had both types of feels, the silent ones lurking in the background, but it also possessed the volcanic ones that can’t be held anymore on the inside. It was story-progressing as well, but it also had a scent of eruptive and ongoing action once the valves of wrath were left wide open. Episode 13 keyword? Bastard!


A girl with a bicycle falls on Do Hyung and Glove was waiting in the shadows to stab him with a knife and get his revenge, but a car took care of him as Do Hyung protected the girl. It was Joo Young’s turn to help Do Hyung as she was aware of Glove’s plans. Glove is being placed inside the trunk and they leave before Do Hyung witnesses Joo Young’s presence any further.


The girl’s horrified and she’s crying in an apologetic tone since she was following orders! At this point he notices that she’s president Jo’s daughter, but she gets shocked even at the sound of her real name! Do Hyung promises he will never harm her, he knows how it feels to lose a loved one! He promises to take her to a safe place so that her torment will reach the end!


Yoon Mi’s still outside of the bar where Hyeong Sik and Hye Jung are. She becomes aware that Do Hyung was the one who beat up Jin Gi’s underlings! Hyeong Sik warns her that they messed with the wrong guy who intends to see it to the very end whether Joo Young is alive or not. He’s not just a bank guy, he’s wrath itself and Hyeong Sik wants her to inform Jin Gi to be careful.


Yoon Mi can’t believe that Hyeong Sik is the rat she had been searching for and wields in her hands a picture dear to her heart with her and Hyeong Sik. She decides to enter the building but someone’s right behind her. Hye Jung just got informed of her presence and it’s her turn to warn Hyeong Sik about Yoon Mi’s life. She urges him to run away from the backdoor since Yoon Mi will be arriving soon. As expected, by the time she arrived he wasn’t there. She could only bear witness of Hye Jung leaving with a sinister smile carved upon her face! At that point she recalls her face from the Shadows’ files and runs after her but it was too late.


Hyeong Sik’s watching from a close distance and he enters Hye Jung’s car. He wants to end his collaboration with the Shadows and begs her to let him go, but things don’t work like that in the underworld. In case she sets him free, she questions him if he thinks that everything will be fine with Yoon Mi and their love will live long and prosper. He avoids to answer but Hye Jung already knows he’s aware of the answer. Hye Jung wants one last favor once all this is over, she wants two plane tickets for her and Hyeong Sik and she lends him her car for the time being. His cries trespass nighttime’s harmony as he’s well aware there’s no turning back to how he used to be with Yoon Mi and the noose around his neck tightens.

bscap3127 bscap3123bscap3125 bscap3128

Yoon Mi visits the useless cop at the hospital to find out how the accident occurred, but he doesn’t remember anything since everything happened suddenly. She doesn’t reveal her flow of thoughts that Hyeong Sik did it on purpose, she says she just wanted to know if the culprit did something in order to escape, but nothing like that happened. Once a useless cop, forever a useless cop, he keeps victimizing Do Hyung whereas he covers up for Hyeong Sik and doesn’t reveal his thoughts in front of Yoon Mi!


Do Hyung informs Yoon Mi that he’s heading towards the police station with president Jo’s daughter. President Jo arrives and he can’t believe he can hold his daughter in his hands once again! The feels within that scene were tremendous and you could sense all of the threnody of the past and the harm these two people went through before Do Hyung rescued her from the Shadows’ fangs! Do Hyung can’t withstand the emotional climax in Joo Young’s absence and leaves silently.

bscap3136bscap3133bscap3135 bscap3137

President Jo follows him and he can only be thankful towards Do Hyung for bringing his daughter back. He can never be thankful enough, but Do Hyung is deeply apologetic for everything president Jo had to go through because of him and the bank he’s working for. Yoon Mi finds Do Hyung and he informs her on what happened to Glove. He’s got an assumption in his mind which could point towards Joo Young’s direction but he can’t be certain and he wants to know more about Jin Sook.

bscap3142 bscap3143bscap3144

Joo Young arrived at Jin Sook’s lair and she can only be thankful for all the help she received. Jin Sook finally opens up her cards letting Joo Young know that she’s using her in order to obtain more power as the ones with power will be falling one after the other. She urges Joo Young to use her as well in order to become stronger in this power-play so that she and Do Hyung will emerge victorious in the end.


Yoon Mi informs Do Hyung that Jin Sook had retired and she was the one Joo Young visited when she run away in the first place. If Joo Young is with her then she’ll be safe. Glove gets interrogated by Jin Sook while his shape isn’t the best one! I love Jin Sook, she’s always classy and dreadfully glamorous even when her words spit pain! In one hand Glove has to be truthful through his answers, on the other hand, the longer his replies the longer he will be able to live!

 bscap3150bscap3149  bscap3153bscap3152bscap3094

Look who we’ve got here, a valiant captured rebel! You’re not an unjustly imprisoned political activist, you are a phlegm of society’s most abhorrent womb so comply to the orders you were given. She pays him back in the exact same way he intended to harm her back in the days when he was searching for Joo Young, she places the pin on his forehead and she urges Joo Young to keep watching! Suddenly, right before hammering his head Glove is apologetic! Jin Sook wants to know who told him to get Joo Young and the answer can only be one, Jin Gi.

bscap3156 bscap3155bscap3154 bscap3157

Hye Jung’s back at Jin Gi’s lair and he’s not at his finest either, it’s because he can’t contact Glove even though Hyeong Sik let him escape. Jin Gi thinks that Glove went after Do Hyung to get revenge. He’s not concerned about Glove, but about everything he knows! He receives a phone call from Glove, but it’s Jin Sook talking from the other side of the line! She immediately reveals her identity and then he recalls who she is! She directly accuses him of Joo Young’s death and Glove will be her insurance money. He urges her to come and get the insurance money or he will be the one to deliver it, but Jin Sook plays president Kang’s card on whether he’s aware or not of his wrongdoings! Glove mentioned a lot of things he shouldn’t have and she’s well aware that Jin Gi’s relationship with Hak Soo wasn’t the best one. Jin Sook wonders what will happen to Jin Gi if president Kang finds out about his betrayal which led to Hak Soo’s murder! Her exact location is inside Jin Gi and she warns him that his end feels near! Jin Gi feels like a silent volcano ready to awaken from slumber for the last time!

bscap3162bscap3163bscap3161 bscap3165bscap3164

Jin Sook orders his men to take Glove someplace else, but Joo Young’s worried he will inform Jin Gi that she’s still alive. Jin Sook calms her down letting her know that Jin Gi thinks Glove is a traitor to him and he will try to take him out of the picture even if she lets him live. They throw him in the middle of the road and leave!

 bscap3167bscap3166 bscap3168

Do Hyung asks Yoon Mi if she knows what caused the accident when Glove escaped, he’s well aware she suspects someone and he lets her know that the longer it takes to find the rat the harder it will be for them to move on with their plan. Yoon Mi’s shattered on the inside and she calls Hyeong Sik, but he doesn’t answer.

 bscap3170bscap3169 bscap3172

Do Hyung is back at the parking lot and he relives the moment of the car which saved his life and kidnapped Glove. Do Hyung’s back home and he goes through all the information he has gathered so far. The bell rings and it’s no other than Hyeong Sik who wants to drink with him. Do Hyung doesn’t want to drink but he’s eager to find out the reason why Hyeong Sik wanted to see him. He considers Joo Young’s loss an unfortunate incident and he’s apologetic as he wants to find out whether Do Hyung’s plotting revenge or not.

bscap3173 bscap3179bscap3178

He wants to work with Do Hyung in order to get Jin Gi together and set Yoon Mi aside. Do Hyung points out he doesn’t know anything about revenge since he works for a bank! However, he wants to know who Jin Gi is and wonders if Hyeong Sik found about him through Yoon Mi! Now everything makes sense in Do Hyung’s mind since Hyeong Sik betrayed himself and Do Hyung asks him directly if he was the one who informed Jin Gi that Joo Young was the police informant! Hyeong Sik tries to explain himself, but there’s no time for that since Do Hyung grabs him from his shirt! He will never forgive him, but Hyeong Sik doesn’t want to be forgiven, he wants to end everything and urges Do Hyung to simply use him. Do Hyung wants him to tell Yoon Mi the whole truth, it’s the only way for him to bring a closure to his actions, the rest is in Yoon Mi’s hands. Hyeong Sik gives him more information to Do Hyung before leaving.

 bscap3181bscap3180 bscap3182 bscap3184bscap3183

Do Hyung becomes aware of Hye Jung’s part of in the Shadows’ course and goes to meet Tae Gyu who’s glad that Do Hyung’s fine! He has a task for Tae Gyu, he must find Hammer Head who went into hiding after Glove visited him! Do Hyung is working out to get ready for the battle lying ahead in which he wants to unveil the full capacity of his strength.

bscap3190bscap3191bscap3192 bscap3195bscap3196 bscap3197bscap3199

His bank colleague informs him that Seryo Construction deposited money to an interior designing company and a further investigation takes place. Glove keeps wandering around and pays someone to take him out of there by boat! Jin Gi’s underling gets informed and Jin Gi wants to see him getting buried with his own eyes after he asks him a few questions! The man who betrayed Glove gets kidnapped by Jin Sook’s men and Joo Young wants to know with which boat Glove will leave. Jin Sook gets informed and she’s quite certain Jin Gi will head there himself!

bscap3203 bscap3202bscap3200bscap3204bscap3205bscap3206

Jin Sook arrives at the police station and she wants to talk to Yoon Mi. Jin Sook points out that Joo Young is dead even though Yoon Mi thinks otherwise alongside Do Hyung. Yoon Mi became aware that Jin Gi’s after Glove and Jin Sook let her know of his exact location. She’s heading towards there and she informs Do Hyung right away! He wants his colleague to keep searching for more information, but the bank director wants to talk to him. He’s well aware that Do Hyung’s colleague was working behind his back and he’s not that pleased.

bscap3210bscap3213 bscap3211bscap3219bscap3220bscap3225

Do Hyung’s heading towards Glove’s location and the plan is to find him before Jin Gi does. Jin Gi’s already there with his men and the party is about to begin! Joo Young’s part is over and she’s heading towards the opposite direction of Do Hyung. Jin Sook informs Joo Young that Do Hyung knows she was alive all this time and that he wants to make the world a safer place for her to live in! He’s already there and he notices Jin Gi’s men searching around! He takes out of the picture Jin Gi’s men one after the other! His promise to exterminate the Shadows for Joo Young’s sake overruns his mind and he moves on according to plan so that Joo Young will be able to live again.

 bscap3230bscap3229 bscap3226bscap3232bscap3235bscap3236bscap3237

Glove is aware of what’s going on and tries to escape, but Jin Gi’s men noticed him and they’re after him along with Do Hyung who appears in shards of light in the thick darkness! He breaks Jin Gi’s underlings to pieces one after the other as if there’s no tomorrow. He’s untouched by their fists and Glove thinks Do Hyung will help him escape! Jin Gi becomes aware of what happened and rushes to find Do Hyung who’s already beating up Glove! He wants to know who’s behind Jin Gi, but Glove wants Do Hyung to help him escape and he will answer to all of his questions! Do Hyung will take him out of there if Glove answers and he gets to know that President Kang is the one weaving the spider’s web, but also that Jin Gi was behind Hak Soo’s murder.

bscap3239 bscap3240bscap3241bscap3244bscap3245bscap3246

Yoon Mi arrives as well and she receives a phone call from Do Hyung who got Glove’s confession. Jin Gi’s still searching around, but Yoon Mi is about to arrest him for Hak Soo and Jang Ho’s murders! He pretends to be complying to her orders, but one of his men immobilizes her. Jin Gi can’t believe that the warnings he gave to Hyeong Sik didn’t work. The only reason her let her live all this time was because she was Hyeong Sik’s girlfriend. Jin Gi’s about to kill her, but Hyeong Sik shoots him on his right shoulder saving Yoon Mi’s life! What an ending!

bscap3250 bscap3251bscap3248bscap3253bscap3258bscap3257bscap3259bscap3261bscap3263

The question is, where did Jin Gi’s underling went to in the last scene of the episode? Abducted by aliens? Became food fish willingly? Pressed the stealth button on his suit? Farted that hard to become a space rocket? Questions, questions!


Thoughts: The 13th one was an exceptional episode in many aspects, even the less than secondary figures were fantastic, especially president Jo’s daughter. The actress’ interpretation was so vivid you could go through the suffocation of the moment, but she could also regenerate the whole torment she went through all this time. The tension was so real that even hearing her name could point towards a most unwelcome direction since the person standing in front of her could bring her back to the hellish environment she had found herself in.


Everything was exceptional, her silent yet horrified self, her spasms in fear and her emotional explosion under the sudden realization that she’s free at last and she can be with her beloved father far away from harm. The scene at the parking lot in combination with the family reunion at the police station was truly powerful. President Jo was thankful, but Do Hyung deeply knows the sense of loss when it comes to a loved one, he could only be apologetic for his own attitude and on the bank’s behalf as well.


The whole scene was so moving he decided to depart in the first place since he couldn’t truly participate in the whole emotional climax in Joo Young’s absence, life will become life again once they are together anew. Until then, he can only fight back everyone who deprived them of the gift of mutual happiness. There’s an ongoing blight up to an extent during the episode and it’s not only about Do Hyung. Yoon Mi’s devastated as she can’t believe that Hyeong Sik is the rat she longed to capture, but she can’t hold back either from her sense of duty and the trust she put upon Do Hyung.


The same applies to Hyeong Sik as well, his sins have returned to visit him and the cost is more than he can bear. He knows he can’t turn back time, he can’t go back to when everything was blooming between him and Yoon Mi. It had already started losing its essence from the moment he started diving deeper in the world of Shadows to the extent he couldn’t resurface in his arch purity.


Soon we’ll find the reasons why he did what he did in the first place, but i think it was about his mother’s condition, he couldn’t pay for her hospital bills, but the Shadows could. His scream inside Hye Jung’s car was heartrending, it felt as if his soul was departing from his body. That scream was the chasm between what he once was and he shall never be again.


Jin Sook finally showed her real self, we all knew she would never be that unconditional towards Joo Young to the extent of leaving behind her underworld retirement! She uses Joo Young in order to obtain more power now that the powerful ones collapse one after the other so that she can reign supreme! She’s not ingrate towards Joo Young though, she may be using her for her own reasons, but she lets Joo Young use her too in order to be able to live in a world where being by Do Hyung’s side won’t be a curse anymore. However, i will still keep an eye on her for the moment when Jin Sook won’t need Joo Young anymore.


You have to love Jin Sook’s attitude, she’s the living proof that we need more women like her in action/suspense/mystery dramas! She’s fearless, elegant, frightening and always classy even when she’s threatening someone! Even the way she wields the hammer has a grandeur of its own as it paces perfectly well with her radiant yet so dreadful characteristics as a figure!


Jin Gi’s reign collapses, especially after Glove was captured and Jin Sook found out everything Jin Gi had been doing all this time! Jin Gi was living in fear of president Kang while dreaming of dethroning him anytime soon, but the sudden presence of Jin Sook and the fact that she knows everything concerning Joo Young’s witch-hunt, Hak Soo’s murder and president Kang’s unawareness made him feel looked down more than any other time in the past. He lost the consistency of his dreadful mind and he was bound to fall inside his own trap, setting aside all the plans he was making, in order to get revenge from Glove for his betrayal.


It was more than apparent that Hyeong Sik wants to protect Yoon Mi even at the cost of revealing his shady identity to Do Hyung. He didn’t want to get revealed, but putting emotion over rationality and the fact that he was in a rush to progress his own plan to get rid of his past didn’t work and Do Hyung put together all the pieces of the puzzle and got to read through the lines.


Do Hyung may had been in turmoil wanting to beat Hyeong Sik up for revealing Joo Young’s cooperation with the police force to Jin Gi back in the days, but he dealt with the whole subject quite well. Yoon Mi trusts him and it’s his turn to present a more palpable sense of trust upon her. She deserves to know the truth from Hyeong Sik’s mouth and she will be the one to deal with him accordingly.


Glove’s attempt to escape was the beginning of the end and the main clue of the overall operation from all sides. Glove was just a scapegoat, the real person right in the eye of the storm was Jin Gi who would definitely want to see Glove go down with his own eyes. Jin Sook’s confession to Yoon Mi was a crucial point, but she also protected Joo Young’s deceased status since the field isn’t clear yet.


However, she let Joo Young know that Do Hyung was aware of her being alive all this time in combination with his plan which is no other than cleansing the world from the Shadows so that the sun will shine upon her anew. A villain with a developed sense of conscience is always welcome in the mire of My Beautiful Bride and that is no other than Jin Sook! There’s one thing among others that makes me curious, how much is the bank director involved in this whole mess?


Do Hyung was prepared for everything and he took down Jin Gi’s men one after the other without remorse. All of them are to blame for ruining Do Hyung’s ultimate essence of life and revenge is a dish best served cold, sometimes as cold as a mortuary bed. He managed to get Glove’s confession and it’s one of these moments you easily notice that loyalty doesn’t exist in underlings like him. Once their lives are in danger they would always break and they would even betray their own mother in order to survive. “People” like Glove are the opposite of old school villains like Hak Soo, he was a major asshole, but his loyalty would never get questioned.


Yoon Mi was so close to arresting Jin Gi, but he always manages to escape, or at least he thought so. It was rather hurtful to hear the whole truth about Hyeong Sik from Jin Gi’s mouth while she was lying harmed on the ground moments before losing her own life. But Hyeong Sik would never let her pass away like that, he always tried to protect her even though he was severely involved in the world of the Shadows. It was something he couldn’t escape anymore, but the least and most he could do was to protect Yoon Mi and he preserved this to the fullest.


It’s always about timing, it may sound like a cliche, but such dramas without timing would have never existed or they wouldn’t be that interesting since pretty much everyone could die anytime without any suspense shimmering on the horizon. A commenter here presented an idea i hadn’t thought of and i wanted to share it with you. It’s about president Kang being Do Hyung’s stepfather and it could actually make sense now that we know that his mother is involved with Seryo Construction and has profit out of all these life insurances.


If this is true it also makes sense that Jin Gi was always letting him go and never ordered anyone to take him out of the picture even though he ruined his plans multiple times. Could it be he was aware of the aforementioned assumption and he didn’t want to enrage president Kang even more? And from where does president Kang’s interest in Joo Young derive from? Could it be a request from Do Hyung’s mother?


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  1. bmore
    August 4, 2015 at 6:36 pm — Reply

    Terrific recap and commentary! Interesting the idea about Kang being in his family. I have questioned in my mind since his mom was first introduced how much she and her husband would be involved in this. I’ve always suspected their deep involvement would come from the bank end of the spectrum and we would discover them hand and glove with the Shadows as their financiers, money launderers, and bookkeepers. That they would also be the head of the Shadows would be no stretch from that point. Too bad for Jin Gi that he picked a bank owned by DH’s family to hide his business dealings. If it’s so, Kang will, of course, have known all along exactly everything Jin Gi was doing! Moo Yul’s body is RIPPED! It is very obvious he has not just put his heart and soul into this Part of a Lifetime! Since he is a superhero lead in this, I found it interesting that in this scene he is dressed in a traditional superhero uniform, yet it is his Clark Kent/Bank Guy uniform that he wears when he assumes his superhero personna (sans tie) and walks out of the mists into battle! LOVED that scene! Love bloody vengeance. He is no namby pamby fighter. He gives back what was given and blood and death will follow.

    Only one more week to go. I wonder if they could already be considering Season 2? In which case, it is realistic to assume there would be no reunion of our couple at the end of this. I have been turning over a scenario in my head of the most realistic ending for this. Them being happily together is a possibility, but fairytale endings of happily ever after, of wife in an apron with babies and daddy off to work, seem too facile for the dark reality of the world these two have spent way too much of their lives in. Perhaps in superhero fashion they will be together in the end, using their powers to overcome the darker forces? Or, in my mind, and more realistically, DH is doomed to lose his love. She will stay in the Shadow world, gaining in power and using what is still good in her to control the level of the evil she will end up embracing. Season 2 will see him becoming ever more involved in fighting evil, growing closer to Yoon Mi, but unable to ‘see’ her, nor her him, due to the pain of both their losses. But. Time will tell.

    SO glad I stuck with this show. I totally agree with you that this episode was definitely the pinnacle of the entire drama so far and I suspect I may have to use that description for one or more of the upcoming episodes too. This show is similar to Punch in the emotional clenching I live with through each episode. Perhaps not AS intense as that drama, but close.

    • August 4, 2015 at 9:30 pm — Reply

      Thanks a lot for your words for one more time! Yup, that idea was really interesting and if that’s the occasion something tells me Do Hyung could possibly not know that president Kang is his stepfather since he never attended the marriage of her mother! President Kang probably knew every move he made, hence the ongoing “you will?” every time Jin Gi was giving big promises XD
      Moo Yul is doing a tremendous work! He’s a living terminator! Heart, body and mind have been put in this drama on his behalf! Loved the French “sans” in “sans” tite! Yup, while he was inside his car going at the docks he took off the tie and he was ready in his bank guy suit to seriously kick their asses! And this time they didn’t even get to touch him with a finger! He brought them down one after the other unaffected by everything that would appear on his way!

      I can’t wait for the subs of the 14th ep! It’s the only bad thing with OCN dramas, subs come out a few days later :/ A 2nd season would own! Joo Young could actually become Jin Sook’s right hand and she’d take the lead eventually whereas Do Hyung would take the Shadows off the surface of the earth and he would turn into an avenger fighting against the deep state of crime in his beautiful bride’s absence from his life! If there will be season 2, season 1 would be the one which changed their lives forever!
      I’m so glad as well for both of us diving deep in MBB’s world, the only sad part of the story is that not many people are watching it :/ Maybe they will after it finishes airing in a dark marathon ride.
      “this episode was definitely the pinnacle of the entire drama so far and I suspect I may have to use that description for one or more of the upcoming episodes too.” I agree to the fullest with this sentence! This drama is so surprising it can offer at least one more perfect episode in the 3 eps remaining! Haven’t watched Punch though! But i watched White Christmas, i think you’re the one who put the White Christmas spell on me to watched and it was so awesome! Hopefully enough a review will follow within the days!

      • bmore
        August 4, 2015 at 9:48 pm — Reply

        I too am very discouraged at the ratings. I was so very happy to see though, on a recent Couch Kimchi request for what dramas people are watching and favorites, that My Beautiful Bride was listed by several! So hopefully the word will continue to spread. But will the people who count in making decisions about things like that know even if so?? 🙁 Yes, it was I who recommended White Christmas to you and KNEW you would appreciate it! What a CAST! I will definitely watch for your review. I know I will find it fascinating to re-see that drama through your eyes and your perspective. You absolutely must find time for Punch one day…the title is descriptive and perfect for what that drama does to your heart, soul and mind. Phenomenal acting, Superb writing, between Misaeng and Punch it is difficult to say which I found ‘better’ as the drama of the year for me so far. For shear emotional overload, Punch outweighs and outclasses all comers though…IMO! 😉

        Currently starting Last. Through 2 episodes. Terrific. Greatly enjoying it. Wonderful cast of characters.

        • August 5, 2015 at 12:01 am — Reply

          Good to know that, the more the people watching it the more blissful for our MBB cast who’s working hard!
          At first glance White Christmas felt like a new actor/idol festival, but it was SO much more than that, i was SO surprised and actually loved it beyond repair for its twisted world!
          Hm, will take Punch into consideration as well for the near future! Last is in my plans, if i can write a first impressions article within these days i can start writing from the 5th ep and on! Mrs Cop feels interesting too, haven’t started it yet though! Aish, i want more time! XD

          • bmore
            August 5, 2015 at 12:24 am

            I feel for you on the time issue. I have nothing but time…and there is still not enough of it where All Things K are concerned!! 😉 Also waiting on Mrs. Cop. I have decided, in the interest of HOPING that I will retain some memory of people places and things in a drama that I need to have at least 4 episodes in a row posted before I start watching in order to maintain any kind of continuity. You will love Punch. I am dying to watch it again…but I am honestly afraid it might ACTUALLY kill me if it do!

          • August 5, 2015 at 12:41 am

            Totally, there’s never enough time when it comes to k-things, we should be granted multiple lives to withstand the blissful burden of always wanting to watch more and more! XD That’s what i usually do lately as well, i want at least 4 eps to witness the arch core of the drama to the fullest, then everything unfolds ep by ep in the renowned way, week by week! Something tells me i will get punched by Puch! 😀

  2. August 5, 2015 at 6:09 am — Reply

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