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Oh My Ghost ~ Episode 5 Recap


Oh My Ghost is a thief, a thief of minds and hearts in the vast kingdom of dramas. Without realizing it you’re already a prisoner of its twofold world, the one of earthly introversion and the one of unearthly pleasures. Somewhere in the middle these two worlds collide and the outcome of the impact is being reflected masterfully in the universe of Oh My Ghost.


The 5th episode was a stepping stone between Bong Sun’s reality and Soon Ae’s ethereal presence in the world of the living. It clearly presents the conflict between an introvert’s nature and a naughty ghost’s desires with a common starting point at the present, Bong Sun’s body. Soon Ae’s without a body and Bong Sun’s back in the game. The problem is she can’t recall anything “she” did during the past two weeks and it’s more than she can bear at this very moment. The whole unwelcome situation for an introvert like herself could mean only one thing, awkwardness, major awkwardness!


Running away in order to get her pieces together was essential. Remembering nothing makes the world feel way more of a foreign place than it already was to her eyes. Her grandmother is her only refuge in her darkest hour, a shaman grandmother who had already noticed the different vibes that were pointing towards a ghost possession direction. Since the ghost tried to possess her once it will most probably try again. Avoiding direct eye contact and pretending she doesn’t notice it are the only way out. In case things don’t flow as expected she will have to go through a face to face confrontation with the ghost pointing out that its plans won’t blossom.


Bong Sun spent the whole night on a bench since she couldn’t stay anywhere. On top of that, the following morning there was an information overload! Except for being possessed by a ghost, she also found out she was Sung Jae’s ramen friend and that her colleagues treat her in a more lively way whereas something like that would never happen in the past! Everyone easily notices that something’s not right as Bong Sun bid farewell “her” extrovert explosion and welcomed back her good old sleepy, absent-minded yet always apologetic self!

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In the meantime, before Bong Sun’s reappearance Soon Ae was already anxious due to the body’s absence! You have to love the invisible interactions between Sun Woo and Soon Ae at the restaurant and soon enough she forgot about Bong Sun and the naughty ghost was losing itself in Sun Woo’s presence! The man of vitality has taken over her airy senses and the unseen kisses towards his direction were quite hilarious! Sun Woo is a grandiose temptation before her very eyes, but she can’t do anything with him! Possessing another body feels essential and the ultimate target has to be So Hyeong since Sun Woo has always loved her. Sadly enough for our ghost, it’s not something she can achieve. The day for Bong Sun’s return had arrived and our ghost was more than happy, but Bong Sun appeared cautious in the surrounding environment in case the ghost returned!

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You know all hell’s going to break loose once you find out it’s going to be a very important day at the restaurant and delicate customers will be there! In one hand there is our sleepyhead Bong Sun, on the other hand there is Soon Ae who’s astonished by Bong Sun’s return! Their first interaction wasn’t successful, it was pure lunacy with Soon Ae trying to approach her with her non-stop talking and Bong Sun unsuccessfully trying to avoid her and eventually making everyone think that something’s not right with her!


This was only a glimpse of the discomfort Soon Ae can bring in Bong Sun’s life. It’s not only when she possesses her body, but also when she’s nearby making her look as if she’s next in line for the asylum. If Bong Sun can’t necessarily deal with the living, then imagine how hard it may be when she has to encounter a ghost nobody around her can see, a ghost that’s not willing to let her be at ease and move on with her silent life. The epitome of this collision was the fact that Bong Sun set a fire at the restaurant’s storage. Soon Ae makes Bong Sun look dangerous to others and she’s not willing to give it a rest until she achieves her own goal.

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Sun Woo may be living in his own restricted universe, but he cares about his employees. After the misunderstanding was solved he brought back the Sous Chef and he even let Bong Sun stay at the restaurant when she had nowhere else to go. He took her to the hospital when she fainted and stood by her side and now that things got awry for her he’s willing to help her even more. He takes her to the doctor who’s got a twitch in his eye which is no other than his deceased grandma’s wrongdoing, but only Bong Sun can see her! All that matters to Sun Woo is Bong Sun’s restoration and welfare even though the doctor believes she’s bipolar manic depressive! Sun Woo lets her sleep in the room right next to him even though it’s risky, but the good part of the story is that Bong Sun doesn’t remember what happened between them and Sun Woo doesn’t want her to recall!

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He even made her cabbage porridge using her own recipe from the blog unaware that the figure behind it is our adorable Bong Sun who gets acclimated in her new environment and she can be her safe and lively self on her own. Sun Woo’s supportive comments always brighten Bong Sun’s face with a smile and Sun Woo’s almost enamored by her love for food and he’s happy talking to her as both of them share the same passion for cooking. I’m really looking forward to the moment their blogging identities will be revealed to one another, the arch shock and awkwardness will be powerful enough!

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Soon Ae’s intentions aren’t only to fulfill her naughty journey, ever since she met her father her unfinished business got even more complicated. She can’t leave her father’s side and when she’s not around Bong Sun she’s close to her father even though she can’t interact with him. He gets overly emotional in his daughter’s absence, especially now that one of her friends is getting married. He’s got his own struggle with the restaurant and his son doesn’t intend to work making things even worse for him. Drinking is his comfort, but he’s not at his finest lately. He sleeps inside his daughter’s room with her picture placed there where the heart lies as Soon Ae lays back next to him.


Soon Ae recalls she had some hidden money and once again, just like when she saved the baby from the baseball, she can interact in a more palpable way with the world of the living for a faint amount of time. She manages to take the tape off her diary so that the money will be easier to be found, but her happiness wasn’t bound to last for long once she found out her father had collapsed on the floor. Not finding a compatible body to possess could point towards only one direction, Bong Sun.


I am really curious about Lim Ju Hwan’s weirdo character, Sung Jae. There’s lots of darkness lying inside his body and he’s quite a misanthrope to say the least as he hides behind the respectable face of a seemingly kindhearted police officer. Suhbingo may be taking advantage of others’ situations and pockets and Sun Woo’s mother is one of these people, but she’s got a charisma as she’s able to see ghosts. She’s not that much of a swindler compared to other “shamans” and she actually noticed there’s something odd about Sung Jae. He may appear as the same person, but something’s different. It was more than apparent when he found Soon Ae’s father unconscious on the floor and he didn’t give a rat’s tail to help him.


Bong Sun has to get ready for filming, but she doesn’t recall anything from the recent past! It’s not easy exposing herself to the public eye since she majors in introversion! She doesn’t feel at ease at the show plateau and it doesn’t get easier since chefs and assistants will switch positions in order to complete the team’s recipe! She’s twice a shadow of herself and once Bong Sun notices Soon Ae she loses the world underneath her feet. Anxiety takes over and during the first mistake she leaves the plateau as the desolate side of Soon Ae begs Bong Sun to help her father. Once Bong Sun’s off guard Soon Ae rushes to enter her body.

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